The Batman (Robert Pattinson) - Official Camera Test Teaser - Reaction!


  1. Tyrone Magnus

    Tyrone Magnus7 days ago

    ATTENTION: The music had to removed in part of the video because it they claimed my whole video just for that portion of music...

  2. The DNW

    The DNW2 days ago

    @Ken Stockman It takes place during his 2nd year as batman. Officially they haven't stated whether or not it is in the "Worlds of DC/ DCEU" So it could end up being a prequel.

  3. kano punk

    kano punk5 days ago


  4. IanSucks

    IanSucks6 days ago

    Just wanna throw this, apparently he's young.. He's a younger Bruce Wayne. The bat symbol isn't even really a bat symbol, they're pistols. He might look like the apocalyptic batman I think. With a motor cycle for a bit, just being a ground lvl hero.

  5. Dawit Teshome

    Dawit Teshome6 days ago

    @Ken Stockman hey Ken this is actually a reboot my director Matt Reeves

  6. Bruce Yami

    Bruce Yami6 days ago

    Ken Stockman it’s said that it has nothing to do with JL or DCEU or Matt Reeves was fighting to keep Batman out of it!! Soooooo

  7. Nathan Gray273

    Nathan Gray273Day ago

    I honestly dont know whats so great about m.k

  8. Joshua Lerch

    Joshua LerchDay ago

    He looks like The Gimp from Pulp Fiction. Horrible.

  9. Kaimas 100%

    Kaimas 100%3 days ago

    wel well learn use edit programs

  10. Phennessy Burts

    Phennessy Burts4 days ago

    Apparently he's been training with jujitsu teacher that worked with John Wick so I'm very curious about the fighting now

  11. Kevin's 3D Creations

    Kevin's 3D Creations4 days ago

    First 3D Model and Print of new Batsuit symbol -

  12. rockondahiya

    rockondahiya5 days ago

    Ben Affleck's first look was an instant win for me , but in this case its not the same .

  13. The BlackBox Pocast show

    The BlackBox Pocast show5 days ago

    Calling it now , It will be a piece of CRAP , I have my reasons , don't care whatever you call me or say

  14. The Mad Titan

    The Mad Titan5 days ago

    Suit is perfect in my opinion, the only thing is that hopefully the suit has a grey and blue color scheme instead of fully black because that kinda bores me.

  15. Dakota Jones

    Dakota Jones5 days ago

    Tyrone watch the LIGHTHOUSE good performance by rob P.

  16. Deepak Thapa

    Deepak Thapa5 days ago

    I am excited baby. 😍😍😍😍

  17. Carl Valdez

    Carl Valdez5 days ago

    Finally, a detective batman😃. Because of that stealth type suit.

  18. Boen Chesterton

    Boen Chesterton5 days ago

    Battinson is gonna be awesome

  19. Deb Roy

    Deb Roy6 days ago

    After 2:47 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  20. Big Flabz

    Big Flabz6 days ago

    Wait... no one thinks this is flashpoint batman? I mean think about it. The shoulder pads looked awfully uppish like the suit Thomas Wayne wore plus the chest piece looks like a gun and Thomas wasn’t against using a gun making it convenient to have it pop out when used. Plus the red can signify more of an importance to it being Thomas than Bruce since they’re switching it up. All just speculation but something to think about because the “my parents died I’m Bruce Wayne and I need to get past that” has been done to death.

  21. Jack Queen

    Jack Queen6 days ago

    Not sure if anyone's said this yet, but the bat symbol on his chest is supposedly made from the gun that killed his parents

  22. Tobias Walker

    Tobias Walker6 days ago

    I work out too, every day if I can. Tyrone if I may ask what exactly is your routine? I bike a mile or two and I use the Abdoer 360. Lost 50lbs in 6 months

  23. Primordial Remnant

    Primordial Remnant6 days ago

    Reeves is a smart filmmaker that cares about story and character he won't disappoint. Greig Fraser, who Reeves worked with on Let Me In is doing the photography.. I'm so fucking in.

  24. Sadaniel Guss jr

    Sadaniel Guss jr6 days ago

    Looks OK. But I'll wait for fan boying out.

  25. J B

    J B6 days ago

    I'm giving this a chance and I hope it's really good

  26. sanie

    sanie6 days ago

    Secret of success was the badass villain... really badass villain!

  27. Ghost Spirit

    Ghost Spirit6 days ago

    He look like a pussy

  28. Irvin Al

    Irvin Al6 days ago

    1:50 I'm so glad you love and recognise Kevin Porter! :D

  29. Matt RS

    Matt RS6 days ago

    I think he looks cool as hell actually.. Good reaction Tyrone. I'm a big fan.

  30. Co

    Co6 days ago

    Yes...2020 i want more of the "reaction" channels

  31. DC comics for life

    DC comics for life6 days ago

    You know if you can make your voice like really deep. You could pull of a kratos accent

  32. Josh Hubbard

    Josh Hubbard6 days ago

    So sick of Super Hero movies... 😴

  33. Malik Ford

    Malik Ford6 days ago

    I honestly didn’t like Ben as Batman

  34. Mrcancer 123

    Mrcancer 1236 days ago

    Really the guy that played twilight is going to be batman wtf unsubscribed


    KHILADI THE GAMER6 days ago

    DC = Dark Cinema. 🤘 Okay

  36. Reynaldo Lopez

    Reynaldo Lopez6 days ago

    React to The Green Knight

  37. Stephen Sharma

    Stephen Sharma6 days ago

    Magnus: iS HE gOiNg tO bE bAd asS thAN AfFlEcK batMaN Me: did you say badass or batass

  38. Walter White

    Walter White6 days ago

    The bat symbol was apparently made out of parts of a gun. Fans everywhere are starting to quickly theorize that this gun could be none other than the gun that killed his parents-- Which would be a detail lifted *straight out of the comics.* If that's true then it just fucking adds to the aesthetic, I think it looks sexy!!!

  39. Rawal

    Rawal6 days ago

    2:53 😂

  40. Alex Graham Wyss

    Alex Graham Wyss6 days ago


  41. Guy Bermudez

    Guy Bermudez6 days ago

    If it's around year 2, will it be based off Long Halloween?


    OMEGALAH6 days ago

    I can’t wait for what Riddler and Penguin and going to be like against Battinson. 😯

  43. Scarlet Pumpernickel

    Scarlet Pumpernickel6 days ago

    He kinda looks like Daredevil in the mask area, to me I don"t like the helmet. It isn't bad but the forehead looks too pushed forward and the nose not pointed out enough. Other than that it looks beautiful

  44. mercurywoodrose

    mercurywoodrose6 days ago

    yeah, im glad you are not hating on it. i think its about the feeling being conveyed. i feel tragedy, pain, seriousness, maybe a little madness. i was crying thinking about what turned him into this. he really isnt that different than Joker.

  45. Jorge Funes jr

    Jorge Funes jr6 days ago

    Robert Pattinson is going to be amazing as Batman

  46. daGameMaster21

    daGameMaster216 days ago

    I love the Christian Bale impression . Had me rolling XD

  47. Dustin The Dick Show

    Dustin The Dick Show6 days ago

    Hammerfists, incoming!

  48. Doonastar

    Doonastar6 days ago

    Batman has a eating disorder??

  49. Shay

    Shay6 days ago

    This is the type of music that would play as Batman stalks a thug down in an alley way and then beats him to a bloody pulp.

  50. Zach Holden

    Zach Holden7 days ago

    I believe he is gonna be the greatest 💯

  51. Ghosst

    Ghosst7 days ago

    People are saying that the Bat symbol is made out of the gun that killed his parents

  52. SAIYAN GOD8803

    SAIYAN GOD88037 days ago


  53. MR.CHAD6X3 *******

    MR.CHAD6X3 *******7 days ago

    There are a lot of really good actors in this film. If they can just make a proper script for it. They really need to snag Phoenix though, because no one can pull off the same vibe he has with the Joker at this current moment

  54. Sam Porter

    Sam Porter7 days ago

    I absolutely love it the Armour totally reminds of the Arkham series and I love the simplicity of the cowl given its very early on in his crime fighting Pattinson's jaw line fits perfectly for the cowl hes repeatedly proven what a talented actor he is and with Matt Reeves directing this film is looking to be something special cannot wait

  55. DJ ONE Channel

    DJ ONE Channel7 days ago

    YES, he will be ruthless and YES, gonna be the BEST Batman ever. Just look at who's directing

  56. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker7 days ago

    I think he looks great.

  57. U Gonna Chit

    U Gonna Chit7 days ago

    I'm hyped for Rob's Batman

  58. JT CFC

    JT CFC7 days ago

    Why does Batman’s face look like he’s been smoking crack for years wtf 😂

  59. lightning9

    lightning97 days ago

    New batman movie - Batman gets the Corona virus..fights baddies with bat soup..😎

  60. Fabian Rampage

    Fabian Rampage7 days ago

    Sounds Like The Hateful Eight Intro Song

  61. OfficialDjSyko

    OfficialDjSyko7 days ago

    Here comes the Daredevil comments

  62. Larry Jackson

    Larry Jackson7 days ago

    Missed out on the “Batman Beyond” approach IMO... that would’ve been 🔥🔥!! I love Batman like the next person but we need a fresh storyline and a break from DC’s only hope lol

  63. kevin084life

    kevin084life7 days ago

    Giving me Daredevil vibes

  64. Getrudes Segura

    Getrudes Segura7 days ago


  65. Raiden Uchiha

    Raiden Uchiha7 days ago

    Can we get a "hhahhaa haha woooooo! " a silent one doesn't quite cut it!