THE BATMAN First Look Teaser Trailer (2021) Robert Pattinson


  1. JoBlo Movie Trailers

    JoBlo Movie Trailers8 days ago

    See the first footage revealed of Robert Pattinson as Batman in the Batsuit reveal by director Matt Reeves! #TheBatman

  2. Victure highbaugh

    Victure highbaugh8 days ago

    Did not expect this too come out

  3. Rudy Juarez

    Rudy Juarez4 days ago

    Detective Comics Batman meets Arkham Origins Batman.

  4. ShAkIB MiRzA

    ShAkIB MiRzA4 days ago

    Wow 👌

  5. Neolizer

    Neolizer5 days ago

    Darth Waner

  6. Gardo Poop

    Gardo Poop6 days ago

    soundtrack is a copy of darth vader imperial march music...

  7. Александр Иванов

    Александр Иванов6 days ago

    Что то мудаковатый получился бэтмен !!!

  8. Lauty Arias

    Lauty Arias6 days ago

    That's a weird Daredevil

  9. Julius Vinh

    Julius Vinh6 days ago

    why do they always have to cast English actors and actresses for Movies nowadays , American actors and actresses are not good enough for Hollywood ? I am really surprised...


    REHAN LEE6 days ago

    ☣️ Corona Hijab virus


    REHAN LEE6 days ago

    ☝️First shadow ✔️

  12. christojavi

    christojavi6 days ago

    20 21 whaaaaaat?

  13. Will Fong

    Will Fong6 days ago

    his suit kinda looks like the Daredevil but that's the red for ya

  14. Undeadstein

    Undeadstein6 days ago

    so this is red sky batman, only true fan get this joke.

  15. Nightmare Edge

    Nightmare Edge7 days ago

    Should of been night wing instead his face just does not yell batman... May be Edward cullen but I just cant picture it....

  16. matt kylie

    matt kylie7 days ago

    Ohh 😧 look out Joaquin Phoenix

  17. Spaceball one

    Spaceball one7 days ago

    I hope the forehead looks better than it does here

  18. Gino Lorenzo

    Gino Lorenzo7 days ago

    bad actors for these parts

  19. zawo ngendo

    zawo ngendo7 days ago

    Reminds me of bullseye in Daredevil season 3

  20. Nikown

    Nikown7 days ago

    glad there is a season 4 for Daredevil.

  21. Alan Sharpe

    Alan Sharpe7 days ago

    Really hoping that the music for this is part of the film's Batman theme.

  22. Reischa Parker

    Reischa Parker7 days ago

    It was too dark...

  23. SpyengoEen

    SpyengoEen7 days ago

    Fire your marketing department. Every single one of them.

  24. iSurvived 76

    iSurvived 767 days ago

    So Edward, being immortal, decided to fight crime. I mean, the music sounds like something out of Twilight too.

  25. Professorofmagicalcreatures

    Professorofmagicalcreatures7 days ago

    Looks badass

  26. Tanmay Gaming

    Tanmay Gaming7 days ago

    2021!! WTF

  27. Hua Jay

    Hua Jay7 days ago

    you must be kidding me WHERE"S MY Cleft(ass) chin ?

  28. Максим Станкевич

    Максим Станкевич7 days ago

    from the outside it looks like a robocop, but there is something fascinating about it

  29. ta 427

    ta 4277 days ago

    Looks like a 12 year old found his dads Batman suit

  30. The JcraftShow

    The JcraftShow7 days ago

    Not a trailer dumb ass

  31. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman7 days ago

    Mask sucks

  32. Casshern

    Casshern7 days ago

    Daredevil looks cool!

  33. King BiBiK

    King BiBiK7 days ago

    IMO its bad to be honest.

  34. Matthew

    Matthew7 days ago

    I've been waiting for a Daredevil film for forever, too--so glad it's finally here! The costume looks SPOT-ON!

  35. Keatonskeetin

    Keatonskeetin7 days ago

    Where the bat ears be

  36. Malco Esso

    Malco Esso7 days ago

    Daredevil! Is that you?😆

  37. Casshern

    Casshern7 days ago

    Daredevil looks cool!

  38. Dan 0808

    Dan 08087 days ago

    I can't see anything

  39. Gui Santos

    Gui Santos7 days ago

    That suit... Reminds me a lot of Arkham games. :)

  40. spartan2498

    spartan24987 days ago

    Gotham by Gaslight costume+Arkham series costume =shit costume.

  41. TheSnoozeFox

    TheSnoozeFox7 days ago

    People need to go and watch Patinsons other films such as Goodtime and The Lighthouse, he will make a fantastic Batman. Bale wasn't even that good anyway, he was a great Bruce Wayne but in costume he looked kind of stupid

  42. AJ lawless

    AJ lawless7 days ago

    looked like a daredevil scene with all that red

  43. sergy albert

    sergy albert7 days ago

    Daredevil lol

  44. GHKS57

    GHKS577 days ago

    "What if I'm not a superhero. What if I'm the bad guy"

  45. Origami Help Desk

    Origami Help Desk7 days ago

    The gay Batman

  46. jdogsful

    jdogsful7 days ago

    this was a bad idea

  47. TheBattMann14

    TheBattMann147 days ago

    Yoo were gonna get riddler and stuff in this it’s gonna be lit

  48. TheBattMann14

    TheBattMann147 days ago

    Hyped af!

  49. Effin Casual's

    Effin Casual's7 days ago

    I love the bat symbol without the head,looks like the bat a rang

  50. Effin Casual's

    Effin Casual's7 days ago

    To much bottom face showing

  51. Talal Qaboos

    Talal Qaboos7 days ago

    Title mistake. Its Netflix Daredevil season 4 teaser 😈

  52. Bacchus Quintilis

    Bacchus Quintilis7 days ago

    i dont like it.

  53. Ailidh

    Ailidh7 days ago

    y think, I managed to see Drogon or was it viserion?

  54. burtonrules123

    burtonrules1237 days ago


  55. Michael Challis

    Michael Challis7 days ago

    I like how the logo is a batarang, I guess?

  56. Susi Lemar

    Susi Lemar7 days ago

    ☆Happy☆ Valentine's Robs Lookn guapo! Batman cool Vid thanks Love y'all! Cheers! ⭐FoREVer!!!⭐ Hope it's All Cool Rad Mov!

  57. goldspider78

    goldspider787 days ago

    Awful thin batman... Return Afflek and Snyder, please.

  58. SophiaLOV3

    SophiaLOV37 days ago

    Oh look more Batman stuff! /s I am over batman now, just sick of seeing him at this point because he does zero for me anymore, I'm so burned out on Batman properties.

  59. Irresponsible Adulting

    Irresponsible Adulting7 days ago

    scary and moody I like it

  60. Irresponsible Adulting

    Irresponsible Adulting7 days ago

    it's all happening today

  61. Matt Trustain

    Matt Trustain7 days ago

    Just as shit as I thought it was going to be