The Bachelor Colton Underwood & Cassie REVEAL ALL


  1. ashley ashley

    ashley ashley9 days ago

    I only watched the first episode of the bachelor and I can’t be bothered to watch this. Can someone tell me what happened lmao

  2. Sydney Kong

    Sydney Kong9 days ago


  3. Ani Imastounian

    Ani Imastounian16 days ago

    So much fakeness and uncomfortable feelings, ew

  4. NovaTurient

    NovaTurient17 days ago

    The way she keeps looking at the ring box in his hand like "Get it away from me!!!" LOL. Watching these two is still cringy as hell. They're like 2 awkward 14 yr olds. Why did I watch this?

  5. sarah kelly

    sarah kelly17 days ago

    Ladies never settle for anything less than A Colton. The bar is set.

  6. masala kinkela

    masala kinkela23 days ago

    Why most of your bachelors are white dude??

  7. Dan Sharov

    Dan Sharov29 days ago

    They look like a good couple. She's laughing cause she's nervous. That's a good thing. I'm disappointed to have to weigh in on this but I didn't watch the show and the hate here is just ridiculous.

  8. Tami Pe

    Tami PeMonth ago

    Brokeback Mountain...she should've went with her first mind 😂😂😂

  9. briana nimeh

    briana nimehMonth ago

    I love cassie

  10. Tamara Murad

    Tamara MuradMonth ago

    I giggle whenever I’m nervous and I would be too on live tv so chill out people. You guys are just making yourselves look pathetic at this point with all this hate, I mean I didn’t not like Cassie, in the beginning I was all for her but she just annoyed me with how she couldn’t let herself feel or make up her mind BUT thinking rationally and realistically -how do you do that with only 2 one-on-one dates in the matter of weeks in the filming process? That’s why majority don’t last after this sadly, but so far now from what I’ve seen on social and MReporter videos of them or other interviews they seem really happy, so I’m not going to be salty about it, it’s not my life, they don’t effect me lol so I wish them the best.

  11. cowsrock1q

    cowsrock1qMonth ago

    She is so shy and cute, not used to being on live television. I love it!

  12. Megan Olsen

    Megan OlsenMonth ago

    Colton seems so happy and zen and then Cassie is just like “I have to continue this...oh crap”

  13. Seth Yearwood

    Seth YearwoodMonth ago

    Well, they didn't get engaged yet, so they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

  14. Tick Tock Gator pit

    Tick Tock Gator pitMonth ago

    I still don’t understand women. The Bachelor is literally the show that answers the question "How much wine do you girls have to drink to think the guy making out with twenty different women seems like he'd make a good husband?"

  15. [π] MybelovethChild [π ]

    [π] MybelovethChild [π ]Month ago

    She laughed 79 times to be exact ugh 😒

  16. Lynn Tapella

    Lynn TapellaMonth ago


  17. Karen grace Alcazar

    Karen grace AlcazarMonth ago

    Calean Tiongson the next bachelor ....👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  18. Kylie Houghton

    Kylie HoughtonMonth ago

    they are so beautiful

  19. Ana Carolina Moraes

    Ana Carolina MoraesMonth ago

    Gold digger right there, but of modern times. Instead of just money, she’s also looking for fame 🙄 and I kinda like Colton, but is he jus dumb, gullible or an actor? Because seriously... 🤦🏻‍♀️



    How about a Thank you



    A ring i would be jumping of my seat and be grateful

  22. Charly Bryant

    Charly BryantMonth ago

    Cassie reminds me of Debra Messing in Along Came Polly. Watch out for those scuba instructors, Colton

  23. Skyee Swift

    Skyee SwiftMonth ago

    I was watching this whole video..SMILING AND LAUGH LIKE CRAZY

  24. detailsmove

    detailsmoveMonth ago

    Jimmy so annoyed he's gotta do this

  25. Rekha Chandra

    Rekha ChandraMonth ago

    He jumped the fence for her, but seems like she's not into him What will he do when she says no, since she gave back the ring.

  26. Love &Love

    Love &LoveMonth ago

    Omg they are both so shallow. Like all she can do is giggle. No depth at all. They don’t even know how many times a week they see each other. So for sure they are not a couple. 100%

  27. Manel Dias

    Manel DiasMonth ago

    Cassie really seems still not there completely. When is she going to genuinely tell that she truly loves Colton? Is she appearing on these shows for simply for publicity or what? This is very confusing to me.

  28. Baseball City

    Baseball CityMonth ago

    Jimmy wants Cassie's Sister Michelle Randolph to get rid of her boyfriend "Gregg Sulkin" so that she can become the next Bachelorette in 2020.

  29. Mack-S-01

    Mack-S-01Month ago

    I picked Cassie the moment they were introducing everyone!

  30. Hannah Hildebrant

    Hannah HildebrantMonth ago

    For those asking why Cassie went on the show if she wasn't ready to get engaged, you often just don't know these things until they're right in front of you. Maybe she DID think she was ready but then when the time came, she may have realized it was all happening too quickly and too soon. I mean we are talking about a lifelong commitment here. It's not that she considered leaving because she didn't care about Colton, she considered leaving because she DID. She thought he deserved an engagement at the end of his journey and didn't think she'd be able to give that to him so soon. Hence why they are taking things at their own pace and not the demands of reality TV which is very admirable. Also, Cassie laughing is more genuine then it is fake. She's not an actor or a singer who's use to that kind of attention from a crowd. Wishing them both many years of happiness!

  31. Sam A

    Sam AMonth ago

    I'm your dad how dare you go on TV you're going to be grounded remember that one time I told you not to go on TV I can't believe my daughter


    Y0UNG DAGGER DICKMonth ago

    I thought he ran away in the episode?Why are they together now like the show is a play.

  33. David Cardona

    David CardonaMonth ago

    Fake it until you make it Cassie....

  34. Anza

    Anza2 months ago

    Everyone's saying she's acting weird, but she's obviously just incredibly nervous. And that's ok. It's not like they're famous actors or musicians who do talk shows regularly.

  35. beltop5

    beltop52 months ago

    When I was 18 an older woman was giving us girls advice. She said that she had tons of suitors in her day and she chose her husband. She said “All you have to do is laugh at everything they say.” Now I believe it

  36. Deanna Campbell

    Deanna Campbell2 months ago

    Isn’t he from Vegas? I wanna be on his show 😍

  37. Jade

    Jade2 months ago

    There’s was a woman literally faking an accent just to make him like her more. HOW DID SHE NOT GET PICKED!?

  38. mike b

    mike b2 months ago

    The Bachelor and ABC plays all the contestants in the name of ratings....they thrive on people being hurt...better ratings....Harrison is not innocent fact he is the main culprit

  39. Haley

    Haley2 months ago

    they are so PRECIOUS

  40. Patty Kerman

    Patty Kerman2 months ago

    im only here because of noel

  41. brown barbie

    brown barbie2 months ago

    This girl is not that into him. I know because I'm the same way with my current boyfriend. I like him and I have fun with him and I like the attention, but I don't know if I'm in love with him. He says hes in love with me and yeah he does act like it. I broke up with him several times just cause I wasnt sure and hes always still here trying to be with me. Shes just young and so am i. Idk what I want I know she doesn't. Hes more into me than I am into him. Sometimes its just like that .

  42. fvcdsfvd dfvdfvdf

    fvcdsfvd dfvdfvdf2 months ago

    He's more into her than $he i$ into him.

  43. QueenD

    QueenD2 months ago

    Best batchelor couple

  44. mbasilasad

    mbasilasad2 months ago


  45. Whitney Messer

    Whitney Messer2 months ago

    She does NOTTTT love him omg

  46. Katharine Hanlon

    Katharine Hanlon2 months ago

    Cassie and Colton are a cute couple

  47. cassie elaine

    cassie elaine2 months ago

    the constant laughing...............................

  48. black paw

    black paw2 months ago

    this is what happens when people are famous purely for their looks


    JAMES GILMORE2 months ago

    I hope they prove all you haters wrong . Because I see LOVE in cassie with Colton. She even said it on the batchlor that her love for him has changed after he left the other girls and they got time to know each other . You once that hate are probably in a relationship that your not happy with and wish for other people not to be happy . Cassie said there so much alike in every witch way even when it comes to cooking

  50. Tommy Capps

    Tommy Capps2 months ago

    So on the DOCA trap set for the Trump supporters JIMMY BOY allows NO comments! What happened Jimmy Boy were the truthful, fact filled comments to much for your scam program! You are a pervert interested in what people do in their bedrooms, which I thought looney liberals wanted everyone to STAY OUT of! You all are a bunch of hypocrites!

  51. shakuni

    shakuni2 months ago


  52. Eva Philly123

    Eva Philly1232 months ago

    She looks like Sharon Stone.

  53. Jacob Brown

    Jacob Brown2 months ago


  54. Anh Tang

    Anh Tang2 months ago

    Can Colton and Cassie name their kid Carrie so it could be Carrie Underwood pls

  55. Alex Fiona

    Alex Fiona2 months ago

    Every time the word “engagement” is said Cassie nervously laughs and looks at Colton and it makes my heart squirm.

  56. Jay Keats

    Jay Keats2 months ago

    I feel really weird about this, she still seems so unsure

  57. A Ninna

    A Ninna2 months ago

    They look related. Litterally the same features.

  58. m ily

    m ily2 months ago


  59. Konad B

    Konad B2 months ago

    Cassie... Cassie..., why were you even in that show? You should have just continue your study. First of all to get speech pathologist and therapy course is not easy. Plus, this career is very lucrative and you are still very young to get marry. Just don’t distract yourself with all this kind of thing. It is beautiful now but later part it might not be what you expecting. It is better to have a good career and a partner who has proper career too.

  60. VINO9411

    VINO94112 months ago

    Cassie gave it up almost as fast as Molly did Trump!

  61. Janoue Martin

    Janoue Martin2 months ago

    she was ready to accept the ring

  62. sarah kelly

    sarah kelly2 months ago

    2mil watched this bf me.😔All The Negative(thumbsup) Comments is a Bot.

  63. Kelly Downey

    Kelly Downey2 months ago

    I’m confused as to why there’s so much hate on this video they’re a beautiful couple and seem really happy together

  64. Carls Jr.

    Carls Jr.2 months ago

    This vid made me uncomfy and Kirpa deserved more thx for coming to my TED talk

  65. nothing at all

    nothing at all2 months ago

    Best couple ever

  66. skï

    skï2 months ago

    OK at the end of the show.!!! OK.. you can give me my ring cassie hahah Haha hah..

  67. shades by syd

    shades by syd2 months ago

    cassie doesn’t deserve that hunk of love and hotness

  68. Jewel

    Jewel2 months ago

    Is she ok????

  69. Shi Qiu

    Shi Qiu2 months ago

    While shes laughing HAHAHAHAHA.... my eye is on Colton’s neck😂

  70. liv irwin

    liv irwin2 months ago

    why is everyone hating on her? If i was her i would laugh the whole time too lol. And not only that, but Colton also picks who he wants and they seem happy. Y'all are probably just jealous that they are both happy and the girl you wanted to win didn't.

  71. Mary Quite Contrary

    Mary Quite Contrary2 months ago

    Can't wait for these two to break up and fade into obscurity

  72. hermionnie L.

    hermionnie L.2 months ago

    I can't take my eyes of coltons neck.

  73. Jordin Masters

    Jordin Masters2 months ago

    That should be tayshia with Colten not fake rude Cassie but he will make the right decision soon

  74. Mary-Anne B

    Mary-Anne B2 months ago

    i still get the sense she is just kind of going along for the ride. will see if it lasts when the hype dies down.

  75. lula0975

    lula09752 months ago

    Y'all, Cassie is me if I ever had to do an interview "hehehe" "hehehehe" "hehehehehe"

  76. Calvin Mngatana

    Calvin Mngatana2 months ago

    I swear I was so in love with them until I watched this interview

  77. Ladonna Simmons

    Ladonna Simmons2 months ago

    Jimmy said to them, "Aaah I'm just trying 2c if I can detect any sign of uuum trouble" LOL Jimmy knows it's going downhill with them he just doesn't wanna say it & hurt Colton feelings!

  78. RaQuan Ward

    RaQuan Ward2 months ago

    What’s the name of the song and video of that rocking roll band that performed this week they was outside they dope...... I can’t find it

  79. Brian Hilton

    Brian Hilton2 months ago

    Those two are as fake & plastic as Hollywood, & Jimmy wants Colton more than Cassie does!

  80. Callie Shann

    Callie Shann2 months ago

    Worst bachelor ever. Vapid, bland, inarticulate, and ends with a girl looking for her 15 minutes of fame. Orchestrated. Each season gets less real romance, and more millennials looking for IG fame. There was no real chemistry between Colton and any of the contestants, though some of the ladies tried hard. This is the last season I'll by on ITunes. This was not worth it.

  81. Joan Marie

    Joan Marie2 months ago

    I'm starting to feel bad for this guy could you imagine how his parents must feel........ Colton is a big kid he looks happy I hope Cassie is being genuine there's nothing like being young and in love....... I really hope it works out it would be great to see them so happy

  82. Aaabbb Aaabbb

    Aaabbb Aaabbb2 months ago

    Was he really a virgin?

  83. Bella Bee

    Bella Bee2 months ago

    The bachelor/bachelorette are dumb shows but I can’t stop watching it.

  84. brad cruise

    brad cruise2 months ago

    Why do white people kiss in public??????

  85. Athena

    Athena2 months ago

    Well damn... jimmy can your wife tell me who I’m going to end up with? She should just start a business and make stacks💰

  86. Ruth Mutombe

    Ruth Mutombe2 months ago

    To me it won't last but Im not god.....

  87. Alex Ski

    Alex Ski2 months ago

    Once the hype dies down and the interviews stop she’ll leave him

  88. xVvix xnNix

    xVvix xnNix2 months ago

    R they bearding for each other?🤔

  89. Trebor Magmathon

    Trebor Magmathon2 months ago

    This kind of show is giving guys a hard time getting a date, I mean who can compete with that show. Every women in America now thinks that a date consists of getting whisk away in a private helicopter to an Island somewhere for a dinner for 2 and a Island excursion complete with hot oil rubs and sweat nothings. Lol My wife loves this show and I hear about it constantly. Plus I watch it sometimes with the sound down and input my own commentary.

  90. Lindsey

    Lindsey2 months ago

    I think colton would be too afraid to propose to her because she would probably say no and run away again. Kind of sad that he has to worry about being rejected more than once by his own "girlfriend"

  91. Angeliquelovely

    Angeliquelovely2 months ago

    Colton is not in love with Cassie he's in LUST

  92. Shreeya Chand

    Shreeya Chand2 months ago

    what's better than this. white people being caucasians.

  93. Kat F

    Kat F2 months ago

    Does colton have a fake tan

  94. Edward Yurchick

    Edward Yurchick2 months ago

    If they do marry. Divorce is imminent. All fake.

  95. FIFI

    FIFI2 months ago

    She love Fame !! Her goal to be famous !!

  96. FIFI

    FIFI2 months ago


  97. Amy Kemp

    Amy Kemp2 months ago

    10:01.... I see You jimmy

  98. Jasmine Shockey

    Jasmine Shockey2 months ago

    Did Anybody Know that Cassie Randolph learned a lil bit of Sign language

  99. Nia Dugay

    Nia Dugay2 months ago

    If yall watch the show you’d see that Cassie broke up with Colton because she thought he NEEDED a MARRIAGE at the end of the show that she wasn’t ready for. I’d like to see all of you get engaged within a couple of months. She had every reason to let him go because she wanted him to get the ending she thought he wanted. She wanted what was best for him, it doesn’t mean she didn’t love him. Just because the bachelor didn’t end how all you guys wanted, you’re hating on a woman who just NEEDS MORE TIME.

  100. Thevioletdreams

    Thevioletdreams2 months ago

    Literally no one: Cassie: hahahahahahahahahahaha......hahaha