The Auction Corvette BOGS DEEP For 1,000hp... Can the Junkyard Engine Do It??


  1. 龙一

    龙一Day ago


  2. Dj Dose

    Dj DoseDay ago

    Those welds look like shit.. did a 2 year old do them..

  3. Bruce J.

    Bruce J.Day ago

    Love that Dyno Testing man. Nothing better.

  4. Vice Grip Garage

    Vice Grip Garage2 days ago

    I don't even understand what's happenin - which makes me like it even more. Vice Grip Garage needs some turbo action!

  5. Ed Lockrow

    Ed Lockrow2 days ago

    At 2:53 look at the side of ruby. Dale is with you.

  6. tsl515076

    tsl5150763 days ago

    james is wise enough to plug the one ear closest to car

  7. John Wood

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  8. Fast monkey Fast

    Fast monkey Fast3 days ago

    Who remembers them saying they were goin to keep the hood on Ruby

  9. travis henderson

    travis henderson4 days ago

    can someone tell me how he fits in a vette. Im 6ft4 and can hardly sit in one :(

  10. Jack_Gallivan

    Jack_Gallivan5 days ago

    Ruby sounds better than Leroy

  11. bernaed godspeed

    bernaed godspeed5 days ago

    Peru's Inca kola are doing a barbecue endorsement the Young indigenous people prefer it.

  12. AJ G

    AJ G5 days ago

    when u gonna drive the beast down the street? I wanna see u pull up to some stop lights next to a grandpa & some punk ass kid in his wanna be fast ricer, & of course blow their doors off on green!

  13. Eric Marquis

    Eric Marquis5 days ago

    gahhhhhh the down rev on the dyno killin me smalls killin me haha good work though

  14. Ryan Hetry

    Ryan Hetry6 days ago

    I wonder if like a nice i5 with a SSD and a dedicated graphics cards would make that Dyno software work ok without being so laggy. You could build something like that for maybe $400 on the high side.

  15. Shaun Werning

    Shaun Werning6 days ago

    Excellent video! Little bit of Mothers Mag Polish and a clean rag will clean those yellowed headlight covers on Ruby right up!

  16. David Williams

    David Williams6 days ago

    Hearing loss central

  17. Eric Duggins

    Eric Duggins6 days ago

    Is Jeremy his dad? I swore he said "Dad look" when he showed him the 1001 hp

  18. C Vogelheim

    C Vogelheim7 days ago

    Its not really a junkyard engine anymore though!!!

  19. Sundar Pichai

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  20. Timothy Walker

    Timothy Walker7 days ago

    An HP curve that flattens or dips at the end is volumetric efficiency issue (Though your torque curve would show it better, as it would be peaky). Could be that you're using factory exhaust manifolds or it could be your cam. Try retarding your cam a few degrees?

  21. WolfKingJS54

    WolfKingJS547 days ago

    When are you going to drive the Dale Truck again

  22. Unintended Consequences

    Unintended Consequences7 days ago

    120db - "Painful. 32 times as loud as 70 dB".

  23. Elijah Campbell

    Elijah Campbell7 days ago

    Talk weetos.

  24. Nick Arnold

    Nick Arnold7 days ago

    I love seeing that wastegate tractor flap fly open and stay there! So sick! You guys make me laugh every day.

  25. Pat Lecuyer

    Pat Lecuyer7 days ago

    Wtf is dat shit you call wdee .Its squirrel piss round these parts

  26. nigel002

    nigel0027 days ago

    You guys need some hearing protection for real. It’s all cool to not wear it and it might be uncomfortable at first but I work everyday in 110db and wear earplugs all day. Nothing is worth losing your hearing over. Just think about all the things you would miss just for a few minutes of fun. Not worth it guys

  27. mii car

    mii car7 days ago

    rub some Deet bug juice on them headlights to clear up the clouds!

  28. RATTL3R186

    RATTL3R1868 days ago

    I can see the hot dog roller hooked to one of the spare motors within a week .lol

  29. Para Scale Modeling

    Para Scale Modeling8 days ago

    I know you guys are young and don't give a shit, but FFS put on some ear defenders. you thank me in a few years

  30. Ken R

    Ken R8 days ago

    Buggati Veyron territory 1,001 horsepower

  31. Wijibo

    Wijibo8 days ago

    Texas Speed: This engine is good for 700 horsepower. Cletus: 1200 horsepower you say.

  32. Atanas Tripzter

    Atanas Tripzter8 days ago

    So did you guys figure out the afr difference?

  33. -sysdλta

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  34. Max Rensel

    Max Rensel8 days ago

    Holley make you guys hide the hptuners banner?

  35. Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin8 days ago

    You guys are gonna be in hearing aides before you're 40 if you keep this up.

  36. Space Emperor Karl

    Space Emperor Karl8 days ago

    Jeremy looks like such a proud dad XD I love it!!!!!

  37. N Hodgson

    N Hodgson8 days ago

    Patiently (not patiently!) waiting for all the weekend's shenanigans to show up! I can't wait to see how the event went!

  38. christopher peterson

    christopher peterson8 days ago

    That duck tape gotta go...

  39. Ed Tuller

    Ed Tuller8 days ago

    Congrats Guy's on 1019 HP Job well Done !!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Micheal E Robinson

    Micheal E Robinson8 days ago

    Hey guys check out this full send tater chip

  41. Bike Life_93

    Bike Life_938 days ago

    4:25 was the best. thanks guys!!

  42. Issac Stuckhardt

    Issac Stuckhardt8 days ago

    Jonesing for the next video. 🤯

  43. High Velocity

    High Velocity8 days ago

    It's just like a Bugatti Veyron. LOL LOL

  44. Bugzcat Vlogs

    Bugzcat Vlogs8 days ago

    Good job guys keep it up and let her rip tater chip

  45. selym _

    selym _8 days ago

    leroy got new wheels

  46. spyke0511

    spyke05118 days ago

    I bother you guys about earplugs all the time. Just get some of those over the ear kind that will save your poor ears for when you’re old! Please?

  47. Kevin Weiland

    Kevin Weiland8 days ago

    lol, uncle sam is light work!

  48. j carrico

    j carrico8 days ago

    Where is the new video ?

  49. hagerhog118

    hagerhog1188 days ago

    I need new video brothers!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Shadow The Dubstep Wolf

    Shadow The Dubstep Wolf8 days ago

    You should race itsjusta6 in Ruby

  51. N Nolen

    N Nolen8 days ago

    It sounds significantly more tame for some reason....

  52. That Dad Life

    That Dad Life8 days ago

    Put it in the warmer till theres room lol

  53. 504Productions

    504Productions8 days ago

    I liked the sound decibel sign.

  54. R3cK17 Rick

    R3cK17 Rick8 days ago

    *I woke up in a LS Bugatti*

  55. Wea Rtd

    Wea Rtd8 days ago

    8:42 headphone warning

  56. Kirk Claybrook

    Kirk Claybrook8 days ago

    Show us ya tater chips

  57. rekotcher

    rekotcher8 days ago

    can't wait for the cleetus and cars video

  58. Joe M3

    Joe M38 days ago

    Its something weve never done but we can figure it out. James: theres always nitrous🇺🇸

  59. Greg Hall

    Greg Hall8 days ago

    You said there was going to be a video on Sunday what happen cleater Get you freedom videos on check 🚘🚀🏁 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  60. Kirk Claybrook

    Kirk Claybrook8 days ago

    Yeah I've gotten so used to near daily videos I'm worried summink has happened

  61. Glenn Cox

    Glenn Cox8 days ago

    Show me ruby running a 7 or someone’s getting a hi five to the face!!!! 🤣

  62. Robert Brooker

    Robert Brooker8 days ago

    What the hell cleetus you told us you were going to drop a new video today it's now past 1 a.m. and no video has been posted

  63. Robert Brooker

    Robert Brooker8 days ago

    I need my fix man

  64. Philip Kidd

    Philip Kidd8 days ago

    Where's the side by side y'all bought

  65. DAWGFAN1978

    DAWGFAN19788 days ago

    Can't wait for all the video from the track this weekend

  66. Ashton Bailey

    Ashton Bailey8 days ago

    The new DB meter is cool. My truck has a system in it and does 154db no hearing protection required lol.

  67. Lucas Hankins

    Lucas Hankins8 days ago

    Let’s see Ruby at track brother! You’re killing me Cleetus

  68. BlitzH2R

    BlitzH2R8 days ago

    wheres the cleetus and cars video?

  69. Michelle Katauskas

    Michelle Katauskas8 days ago

    You should get a mini Side by side for the track and for ripping

  70. Junior 249

    Junior 2498 days ago

    1,019 HP.....WOW!!!! Nice Job guys...hope she rips at the track.

  71. Chris Baylor

    Chris Baylor8 days ago

    I need to see Jeremy shave his beard.. Just to see what he looks like

  72. Wyatt Havens

    Wyatt Havens8 days ago

    Cleetus this is you ripping the hellcat Miata

  73. matt ober

    matt ober8 days ago

    You should wrap the underside of the targa top with an American flag

  74. Kade Quale

    Kade Quale8 days ago

    Imagine twin turbos

  75. Bob McBobberson

    Bob McBobberson8 days ago

    The guys should all yell at the decibel meter and see who is the loudest

  76. j b

    j b8 days ago

    Been 3 days and I must be hooked...I’ve checked 5 times for a new vid to see what ruby ran at the strip

  77. SaDedrick Brown

    SaDedrick Brown8 days ago

    j b check around noon-1

  78. DJ Statyk

    DJ Statyk8 days ago

    Cooper: 533 Cleetus: PERFECT! Cooper:......That was lame.....

  79. Bugzcat Vlogs

    Bugzcat Vlogs8 days ago

    Ruby has all boost

  80. lukeslowalker

    lukeslowalker8 days ago

    Alright let's make sure we touch every square inch of them - Cooper 😂

  81. GormyGorm

    GormyGorm8 days ago

    Wait what is this about James' WD40 trick?

  82. Flat4Buggy 2

    Flat4Buggy 27 days ago

    Apply WD-40 to hot stainless steel to turn it a golden color.

  83. Lance

    Lance8 days ago

    Hope everything is OK. Really looking forward to that track outing. Let that Tatter Chip Rip!

  84. The Charged

    The Charged8 days ago

    cleetus and cars - cleetus destroys neighbor

  85. Canadian cowboy

    Canadian cowboy8 days ago

    You guys should set up a camera above the dyno to get a top view of the cars during a FULL PULL!!!!!!!! would be really cool to see :)

  86. Sh1tty Ep3

    Sh1tty Ep38 days ago

    Cooper you read my mind on them just touching all the taquitos 😂

  87. Joey Graw

    Joey Graw8 days ago

    Please get new headlights and a bumper cover for Ruby!

  88. Ryan Williams

    Ryan Williams8 days ago

    Good job !!!!!!!!

  89. J G

    J G8 days ago

    Upload Cleetus n cars already, IM FIENDIN'

  90. Joe Truitt

    Joe Truitt8 days ago

    Congratulations on the 1019+ horses. I see a 6 second car there. Do you think that you should keep the smaller turbo inline with the new big turbo so the horse power can faster to get to and the new one can make shore that it can go all the way. Like they do with diesel engines

  91. Lowcruzr24

    Lowcruzr248 days ago

    123db and no hearing protection... Your ears will be ringing 24/7 in 10 years.

  92. Budget Audio

    Budget Audio8 days ago

    when you put new rods and bearings and piston rings in an engine can you still call it a junkyard engine?

  93. Flat4Buggy 2

    Flat4Buggy 27 days ago

    and the block has been machined as well. It's not a junkyard engine anymore. It's a rebuilt engine. That being said, they probably title it the way they do for views.

  94. Crap Box Cars

    Crap Box Cars8 days ago

    When is the dale truck ganna wake up from that huge nap!?!?

  95. LiveLaughLove

    LiveLaughLove8 days ago

    hurry up and post the next video!!! I keep checking, dying to see cleetus and cars!!!!!!

  96. Jarod Burton

    Jarod Burton8 days ago

    Bog that bitch deep in the 8s👌👍💁 btw y'all are the best

  97. Chris Miller

    Chris Miller8 days ago

    What's going on with Ruby? Going through withdrawals... want to see 8 sec deep with the new turbski!!!

  98. avery gentry

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  99. Christopher Polanco

    Christopher Polanco8 days ago

    Where’s the dale truck? Did Cletus break it? Last dale truck centric video was 6 months ago

  100. Sh00terMcGee

    Sh00terMcGee8 days ago

    ol ruby is almost keeping up with leroy soon hes gonna need 2 86's

  101. Tom G

    Tom G8 days ago

    Ya'll gonna wait around until I have to go to work to post the next video and I won't be able to watch it until tomorrow dang it tighten up guys I need my Cleetus fix

  102. Braeden Faludi

    Braeden Faludi8 days ago

    Ruby needs Lambo style doors, or gull-wings

  103. W S

    W S8 days ago This seems like a great way to avoid low oil pressure damage.

  104. dachba

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  105. Daniel Murphy

    Daniel Murphy9 days ago

    Guys once your hearing is gone you can't get it back. I lost mine just riding a lawn mower