The Art of Groin Pulling. Trying Martial Arts!


  1. Shane & Bianca

    Shane & Bianca33 minutes ago

    I really miss her old content😢

  2. Shauna O'Rourke

    Shauna O'RourkeHour ago

    *Liza Koshy has entered the chat*

  3. Jessica Olsen

    Jessica Olsen4 hours ago

    I am thirteen and I am a red belt

  4. jermione

    jermione6 hours ago

    6:45 who is liza talking to? who is filming them? I swear i hear David's voice. Aw

  5. Assia Zerrad

    Assia Zerrad5 hours ago

    I really hope it was David i never see them together anymore it's making me sad

  6. Ronaldo Fan

    Ronaldo Fan6 hours ago

    Ffs Heath ❤️😂😂

  7. Logan Johnson

    Logan Johnson6 hours ago

    Dude this track kinda slaps Anyone know where I can get this music??

  8. ابن البيداء

    ابن البيداء6 hours ago

    Liza this is not how a break work

  9. StiffStuff

    StiffStuff6 hours ago

    Im impressed Liza! :D

  10. Rock3 Knock3

    Rock3 Knock37 hours ago

    Zane: did.....did I brake it?

  11. Scarlett Spratt

    Scarlett Spratt9 hours ago

    U should do a Helga version of this

  12. Kgrosvenor05 Gaming

    Kgrosvenor05 Gaming9 hours ago

    Zane is Kung fu panda

  13. MISSChloeJ

    MISSChloeJ11 hours ago

    This is Timmy 👶🏼 🤚🏻 💩💩💩 👣 Please like idk what I did Also 1👍=1age up for Timmy 👇🏼

  14. Arielle Schmidt

    Arielle Schmidt11 hours ago

    Those boards are so thin...I broke ones thicker when I was a white belt. Sorry, Im flexing, I love you Liza

  15. alondra pérez

    alondra pérez12 hours ago

    Why is she still making MReporter videos?

  16. robin crean

    robin crean15 hours ago

    Every single one of you should do it for real! Xoxoxo

  17. RoyalDuchess

    RoyalDuchess15 hours ago


  18. Overlordx78 Overlordx78

    Overlordx78 Overlordx7815 hours ago

    We need a vid with daviddddd

  19. Adrianna Green

    Adrianna Green16 hours ago

    Mariah and Liza wow! How did God make two people so talented ??/

  20. Elsha L

    Elsha L16 hours ago

    I love when all the goofballs of the vlog squad collab 😭💕💕

  21. A.j Dove

    A.j Dove17 hours ago

    As someone who does martial arts, i can say one thing- Liza is a fast learner

  22. COLD Anthony k

    COLD Anthony k18 hours ago

    She act she attac and she will break yo back

  23. Renatta Rivero

    Renatta Rivero18 hours ago

    I want to go to that studio since liza set foot in there

  24. Desmond Walker

    Desmond Walker19 hours ago

    Hey Liza I love your vids they’re really hilarious 😂

  25. Cinthya Rivera

    Cinthya Rivera19 hours ago

    Zane always turns out to be so good at everything😂🥵

  26. danny a

    danny a20 hours ago

    Everyone: HEEEEY matt: STOP IT 1:37

  27. stan queen

    stan queen20 hours ago

    hey liza, if you and david get back, you would hit 20M subscribers hehehehhee

  28. draculamins

    draculamins22 hours ago

    Dollar store????

  29. Eden Owens

    Eden OwensDay ago


  30. i don't care that you broke your elbow

    i don't care that you broke your elbowDay ago

    The queens back.

  31. Kid Cameron95

    Kid Cameron95Day ago

    I want a third season

  32. Kid Cameron95

    Kid Cameron95Day ago

    Why did you have to die in freakish 😭😭😭😭😭

  33. Sydney Robinson

    Sydney RobinsonDay ago

    where’s david ? :’(

  34. LAXFREAK9878

    LAXFREAK9878Day ago


  35. Angel _face2000

    Angel _face2000Day ago

    Aka Hollywood 🤣

  36. Sailing Gypsychristine

    Sailing GypsychristineDay ago


  37. Sophia Cowan

    Sophia CowanDay ago

    Liza has been gone so long I actually not even kidding forgot she even existed

  38. Camilla

    CamillaDay ago

    I miss the old videos

  39. Shahad Al-Khaja

    Shahad Al-KhajaDay ago

    omg liza i missed these videos i love u girl u inspire all of us

  40. extraa abbyy

    extraa abbyyDay ago

    happy my girl is back but to bad its every other wensday😢

  41. Besties 3691

    Besties 3691Day ago

    Is it just me or does everyone want the old Liza who posts funny short videos every Wednesday

  42. lili rose

    lili roseDay ago

    hey liza how is taco doing

  43. E.T Extra tomato sauce

    E.T Extra tomato sauceDay ago

    I wish I could meet u but i live in Australia

  44. Maddy Pierce

    Maddy PierceDay ago

    i like this squad better. i’m glad she found people that make her happy.

  45. Samuel Brent

    Samuel BrentDay ago

    Your using the weekes wood at the start so why you guys getting happy

  46. Monika Cavlovic

    Monika CavlovicDay ago

    So good!!!!

  47. rani louise

    rani louiseDay ago

    I almost pulled my hamstring just watching this ahahahah

  48. kaiser

    kaiserDay ago

    the sad thing is that she isnt funny anymore and doesnt make good content rip......

  49. Nduta Katuta

    Nduta KatutaDay ago

    *I lack flexibility but am in good shape*


    MR.BITE_SIZEDDay ago

    When did Zane Become a Kung Fu Master?

  51. Tiara Llorente

    Tiara LlorenteDay ago

    Yow when you comin back queen



    This lady can attack

  53. Susan Brown

    Susan BrownDay ago

    Why does heath look like Sal from impractical jokers

  54. Finlay Lerpiniere

    Finlay LerpiniereDay ago


  55. Jenna Reyes

    Jenna ReyesDay ago

    Liza somethingelseyt said ur name in his music video called I am something else.U should see it

  56. Martha Gomez

    Martha GomezDay ago


  57. Martha Gomez

    Martha GomezDay ago

    I JUST SAID THAT.......

  58. Maha C

    Maha CDay ago


  59. ur lil homie

    ur lil homieDay ago

    First day of kuk sool won and their already doing rolls and breaking boards 👏 btw I'm yellow belt

  60. Maha C

    Maha CDay ago


  61. Asahi Riku

    Asahi RikuDay ago

    Welp... im keeping my balls away from her from now on...

  62. jepoiy c

    jepoiy cDay ago

    liza is natural💖

  63. Athena Watts

    Athena WattsDay ago

    i didn't know sean lew taught martial arts

  64. Alex Dillon

    Alex DillonDay ago

    Yay another wenzzzzzzzday with Lizzzzzzaaaa

  65. Emily Reeve

    Emily ReeveDay ago

    Climate change - it’s serious. No matter what that orange faced ignorance moron says about it it’s really serious. Animal can’t stand the heat, precious species are dying out the huge ice glaciers are melting, forest fires, flooding. Focal fuel, is killing our planet. Destroying the gorgeous coral reef. If we don’t change our ways it will only get worst we need more wind farms, solar panels, maybe even electric cars, stopping wasters of our food. Innocent animal dead and gone. The fight to stop this, starts with us. It’s now or never soon or will be to late it’s in our hands we can do this. We have to do it together. Get this out to everyone you know please. You hilarious girl!!!

  66. Lucas Silva

    Lucas SilvaDay ago

    Finale after a year we get a real Visio that isn't a music video or Lisa on demand

  67. rosario reyes

    rosario reyesDay ago

    as a martial artist, this hurt me inside but also made me laugh

  68. Jordynn Gozjolko

    Jordynn GozjolkoDay ago

    I like how the teacher looks very unimpressed the whole video

  69. Deadpool

    DeadpoolDay ago

    Has time for all these people instead of David

  70. JackGamer3456

    JackGamer3456Day ago

    I want Liza on Demand Back

  71. Sad Queen

    Sad QueenDay ago

    I do taekwondo 🥋

  72. Anthony Hardy

    Anthony HardyDay ago

    where’s kwisten????

  73. Emma Sookram

    Emma SookramDay ago

    Ahaha love it

  74. Theresa Henry

    Theresa Henry2 days ago


  75. Aladdin Alexander

    Aladdin Alexander2 days ago

    Liza getting excited and yelling with them 😂😂

  76. Marija Botic

    Marija Botic2 days ago

    I want David in here

  77. Isabel Pflughoeft

    Isabel Pflughoeft2 days ago

    ⚠️Warning headphone users⚠️

  78. Unwated Baee

    Unwated Baee2 days ago

    Liza,, I miss your old content

  79. Idontevenknow Anymore

    Idontevenknow Anymore2 days ago

    Ok just saying thanks for posting this on my birthdate Ùwú

  80. Cheyann Lacrue

    Cheyann Lacrue2 days ago

    I literally can’t stop laughing lol

  81. TheVoltageKid

    TheVoltageKid2 days ago

    Will there ever be a Season 2 for Liza On Demand

  82. Amaya’s World

    Amaya’s World2 days ago

    I didn’t know she started posting again

  83. Tia Stamatopoulos

    Tia Stamatopoulos2 days ago

    Don’t fuck with Liza it Mariah

  84. Kuroki-sama

    Kuroki-sama2 days ago

    4:46 really crushed my soul...lmao...omfg

  85. Kuroki-sama

    Kuroki-sama2 days ago

    *watching her videos to know if she have good vids* "Did you pull your peepee?" Me: omfg this is it

  86. ketchup minaring

    ketchup minaring2 days ago

    i miss her old videos :-(

  87. Marvel Wolf CJ

    Marvel Wolf CJ2 days ago

    KISS OF DEATH!!!!!☠️☠️☠️

  88. harli13

    harli132 days ago

    martial arts is so stupid, i did it for 2 years because my parents forced me. in all that time i didn't learn how to throw a punch, how to get rid of the fear of throwing a punch, how to block punches and kicks, anything. i learnt how to do routines of punching and kicking but it was more dance. if you want to learn self defense the best is boxing, kick boxing, krav maga and grappling/wrestling.

  89. INTJ SUN

    INTJ SUN2 days ago

    Love the video, also that is definitely a Wes Anderson red, ok byeee lol

  90. Mila Z

    Mila Z2 days ago

    This would have been so fun with Lily Singh 😁

  91. 박리아

    박리아2 days ago

    They are doing Taewondo. But the BGM is chinese style

  92. augusttl

    augusttl2 days ago


  93. Lucy Ryder

    Lucy Ryder2 days ago

    Matt shouting at children made my day

  94. M L

    M L2 days ago

    5:57 Mariah hitting the woah

  95. Human Gacha potato

    Human Gacha potato2 days ago

    Is this kung fu or karate

  96. Emiliano Tordilla

    Emiliano Tordilla2 days ago

    Will their be more of Liza koshy you tube videos?

  97. Kerms Wife

    Kerms Wife2 days ago

    The way he slapped George’s head and it bounced 😂😂 IM CRIIIENN

  98. Chelsea Sawyer

    Chelsea Sawyer2 days ago

    Was that girl at the start Liza doing the split kick ???

  99. Morgan jeffries

    Morgan jeffries2 days ago

    And at 5:31 I realized why my dads feet were so mangled 🤣

  100. MOZZY

    MOZZY2 days ago

    I miss the old Liza, you know the wendzzdays with Liza and all the sketches not stupid MReporter premium episodes

  101. Little Sunflower

    Little Sunflower2 days ago

    I want videos like ur old the video!but happy that ur back! 😊

  102. LaVerl Winters

    LaVerl Winters2 days ago

    The name