1. Kawaii Potato

    Kawaii Potato16 hours ago

    What kind of martial arts is this? I do Tae Kwon Do, it’s Korean, this looks TKD and Chinese martials. (Edit) I see the Korean flag

  2. Michelle Mendoza

    Michelle Mendoza16 hours ago

    Y’all be looking like bad bitches yessss 😂😂😂

  3. Ashy_bear Luni

    Ashy_bear Luni17 hours ago

    I’m lucky I’m a black belt

  4. Whet

    WhetDay ago

    (after one gruesome fight) ”Feelin’ better?” *with total confidence* ”Much better”

  5. Whet

    WhetDay ago

    Hey! Stop it.

  6. Olivia Gil-Doherty

    Olivia Gil-DohertyDay ago

    matt leave big nick alone 3:44

  7. Nila WOW

    Nila WOWDay ago

    "You raised these three?!?"

  8. Jessjet64

    Jessjet64Day ago

    Mariah and heath are literally the sweetest couple and it warms my heart how much they support eachother 😭

  9. And I Oop-

    And I Oop-Day ago

    Liza, as an Aries to an Aries, this looks very stress reliving!

  10. This Stitch Drawz

    This Stitch DrawzDay ago

    Mariah and Liza is a duo we need more of. 💛

  11. Anel Lorenzo

    Anel Lorenzo2 days ago

    I know karate and I'm 8 years old you know but I'm still the best of it

  12. Jaden &Taylor

    Jaden &Taylor2 days ago

    Liza: ahh ahh ahh Me: laughing* Me: I fell bad for her mom when she was a baby and wanted milk

  13. gemar ml

    gemar ml2 days ago

    Hi my name is kenzie and can I get a Shout out plssssssssssss

  14. Leonardo DiCaprisun

    Leonardo DiCaprisun2 days ago

    Zane's secretly a Kung Fu master lmao

  15. Claire

    Claire2 days ago

    can you guys try gymnastics next!

  16. thegreenplantruler

    thegreenplantruler2 days ago

    I feel like Mariah could become a master fast if she put time and a lot of effort into it

  17. from A to Zlime

    from A to Zlime2 days ago

    I want to be friend 's with liza so bad

  18. madison j

    madison j3 days ago

    I do dive rolls in dance class, it’s pretty fun!

  19. madison j

    madison j3 days ago

    instructor: like a tiger roar. Mariah: Hey how are ya!

  20. siri

    siri3 days ago

    1:46 this part was satisfying cause his kicking and yelling matched with the music too lmao

  21. Charlie Ho

    Charlie Ho3 days ago


  22. G4lileo

    G4lileo3 days ago

    Awww it’s not fun without david!!!☹️

  23. blue mango

    blue mango3 days ago

    Liza is just getting her aggresion out

  24. Araz Laleh

    Araz Laleh3 days ago

    She punch She throw Most importantly She came from a mother from another father 😂

  25. Nb21 B

    Nb21 B3 days ago

    When you kick, make sure to keep your fists up🤛

  26. MixedRome

    MixedRome4 days ago

    2:10 when you put too much clothes in the washer

  27. Ieva Bakutyte

    Ieva Bakutyte4 days ago

    You’re our talented little brown girl

  28. Amilia True

    Amilia True4 days ago

    0:34 *even her love was too much*

  29. Idk Anymore

    Idk Anymore4 days ago

    I feel like zane did most of this stuff.... But only when he was drunk....

  30. Tiffani Wells

    Tiffani Wells5 days ago

    you should of had Erin and Carly there to learn those high ninj kick. So the next time David scares Erin i'd like to see her drop kick

  31. Korelle B

    Korelle B5 days ago

    the boards they use are so much thinner than the boards we use at tests it’s so funny

  32. Frank Applebaum

    Frank Applebaum6 days ago

    This is some solidly below average content. Why do people like you

  33. Georgios Faklamas

    Georgios Faklamas5 days ago

    Frank Applebaum sint nobody ask you bum hoe. Most probably no one like you and because of your weak personality you put hare into others because you secretly hate yourself

  34. ms keeps

    ms keeps6 days ago

    I just recently watch vlog squad videos. But I like Liza's version tho. And mariah is definitely my favorite. 😍

  35. Danny Fluffy

    Danny Fluffy6 days ago

    From someone who teaches karate......................I HATE YOU ALL. Like seriously I could beat all of you guys up.

  36. oliviacalm down

    oliviacalm down4 days ago

    Danny Fluffy sure sure buddy

  37. peach rose

    peach rose6 days ago

    Bro Peter Michael and George shooketh

  38. xoxo. miaaa

    xoxo. miaaa6 days ago

    Lmaoaoa I never realized how short Liza is lmaoaoaoao I love her so much bro😭😭❤️

  39. Jonathan Ramnath

    Jonathan Ramnath7 days ago

    *Don't try this at home.*

  40. Jordan Dawson

    Jordan Dawson7 days ago


  41. Jordan Dawson

    Jordan Dawson7 days ago

    It sounds like people were getting murdered in there

  42. Ann mairue Kekei

    Ann mairue Kekei7 days ago

    Zane Mastered this

  43. Black_White Øthęr

    Black_White Øthęr7 days ago

    4:46 lmao I died watching this

  44. Cindy Hendrickson

    Cindy Hendrickson7 days ago

    Instead of a full on entertainment it's a try not to laugh videos this ie amazing!

  45. Christine Lazarus

    Christine Lazarus7 days ago

    There’s more yelling than talking

  46. Nathan Derouen

    Nathan Derouen8 days ago

    matt king really got his click bait face 5:08

  47. Alyssa Gomez

    Alyssa Gomez8 days ago

    I need to know what app she uses for the end of the videos 😭😭😭😭

  48. Alyssa Gomez

    Alyssa Gomez8 days ago

    I need to know what app she uses for the end of the videos 😭😭😭😭

  49. Alex Reggis

    Alex Reggis8 days ago

    You should try capoeira!

  50. Owen Davenport

    Owen Davenport8 days ago

    Zane is low key fye

  51. Tootsie Megagirl

    Tootsie Megagirl8 days ago

    This is zanes thing. Im honestly so shocked and proyd of how good he was in this. When they did the acrobatics, the 80s dances and the ballet, he wasn't the best at them but in this he *excelled* and I'm so happy

  52. elizabeth kirtley

    elizabeth kirtley9 days ago

    “Stop it” L O L.