Testing Flex Shot - As Seen On TV


  1. Kevin Mejia

    Kevin Mejia2 days ago

    6:41 is funny

  2. Adan Lam

    Adan Lam21 day ago

    The person who made flexseal look like John from what would you do

  3. Azfar Zaim

    Azfar Zaim27 days ago


  4. Derriku Senpai

    Derriku SenpaiMonth ago

    Weird flex but ok

  5. Kyle Roebke

    Kyle RoebkeMonth ago

    Let it dry

  6. T-Series Is GAY

    T-Series Is GAYMonth ago


  7. 이지연

    이지연Month ago

    are you russian? why you talking like...

  8. JM Gonzalvo

    JM Gonzalvo2 months ago

    I think ot takes 1 day to dry or maybe alot of hourt

  9. Roberto Martinez

    Roberto Martinez2 months ago

    can you do one with the flex shot tape?

  10. Marin Marinovski

    Marin Marinovski2 months ago

    To show the power of flex shot I cut this bucket in half

  11. I Dunno

    I Dunno2 months ago

    6:47 so it kinda passed

  12. Pendertuga

    Pendertuga2 months ago


  13. da chrispy

    da chrispy2 months ago


  14. cute baby hair marshmallow

    cute baby hair marshmallow2 months ago


  15. Juan Galeana-Rojas

    Juan Galeana-Rojas2 months ago

    I can taste colours my favorite is purple

  16. Juan Galeana-Rojas

    Juan Galeana-Rojas2 months ago

    Do u drink

  17. Makala belcher

    Makala belcher2 months ago

    It looks so ugly just bye another bucket

  18. ToasterInYourBath

    ToasterInYourBath2 months ago

    SaW a boAt In HaLf

  19. jumpinioannis

    jumpinioannis2 months ago

    How's Putin

  20. Om Khond

    Om Khond2 months ago

    Please make video on flex tape

  21. Ric P. Tizor

    Ric P. Tizor2 months ago

    5:56, when u turn the faucet

  22. chris k.

    chris k.2 months ago

    Venom's cum.

  23. That random dude

    That random dude2 months ago

    I was gonna fire a cannon to my boat but there goes my dreams of doing that.

  24. Rehan Khan

    Rehan Khan2 months ago

    I mean come on man be honest about every product you review I've seen so many videos of yours, you always trying to bdbdhdhdhdhshdheueuehehshehdhdhdhdhshsnslslsksksksskskjssjsjjsjsjssjjssjsjsjsbxbx

  25. Floris Polak

    Floris Polak2 months ago

    It looks like venom

  26. Arlo 2

    Arlo 22 months ago


  27. Joshua Wang

    Joshua Wang2 months ago


  28. Fortnite Clips

    Fortnite Clips2 months ago


  29. Carson  Brown

    Carson Brown3 months ago

    2:56 is Shrek

  30. Cory_ Wallace09

    Cory_ Wallace093 months ago

    ‘’Splits boat’’ that’s a lot of damage

  31. armik_fox

    armik_fox3 months ago


  32. Puppyluvv Viles

    Puppyluvv Viles3 months ago

    Lol. Love this guy!!! It's so cute when he gets excited, "WOW, So cool!!!". 😉

  33. Game Linked

    Game Linked3 months ago

    That's a lotta damage

  34. Mak Ern

    Mak Ern3 months ago

    Sir, your tests are irrelevant flex seal claims that flex shot or other of their products gain maximum strenghts after 7 days and you let them dry for 3 hours can you repet this test?

  35. Eric San21

    Eric San213 months ago

    His English gets worse every video

  36. Universe LT4

    Universe LT43 months ago

    Venom was here

  37. Not An Average Noob

    Not An Average Noob3 months ago

    3:35 that’s what she said

  38. Kevin Nguyen

    Kevin Nguyen3 months ago


  39. silver _ speare

    silver _ speare3 months ago

    They put the bucket side ways

  40. Ritz Villanueva

    Ritz Villanueva3 months ago

    NOW THAT'S ALOT OF DAMAGE! Can i get likes pls

  41. Francis Munez

    Francis Munez3 months ago

    Wait a little mistake i see look guys he didnt put too much and he didnt let he dry it a bit

  42. Charlie Dunn

    Charlie Dunn3 months ago

    Should have sealed the bucket from the inside.

  43. Salty the Shark

    Salty the Shark4 months ago

    I love how I understand only about 20% of what he is saying

  44. Boba Jet

    Boba Jet4 months ago

    It should come with all kinds of shapes and sizes of bits of plastic, rubber, and lether etc in a toolbox, i seen better versions where you weld plastic, good product anyway or use a plastic melt welder, looks like a drill

  45. Run Way

    Run Way4 months ago

    (:It's cumming now :)

  46. Tarmo Kaupal

    Tarmo Kaupal4 months ago

    In Russia flex shot seals you.

  47. Guus van Emmerik

    Guus van Emmerik4 months ago

    The only poeple who buy this are youtubers...

  48. EmDieLess

    EmDieLess4 months ago

    why is taras shaking so much

  49. Johnn Moreno

    Johnn Moreno4 months ago


  50. jezzermeii

    jezzermeii4 months ago

    Have a bath in flex shot lol

  51. Quick History WB

    Quick History WB4 months ago


  52. naveen sheoran

    naveen sheoran4 months ago

    Its VENOM in a bottle

  53. Criss Arias

    Criss Arias4 months ago

    Yo did taras just flex on us???

  54. Kent Smith

    Kent Smith4 months ago

    That's look like venom

  55. lowground

    lowground4 months ago

    Thats a lot of damage!

  56. the inspiration  channel the inspiration channel

    the inspiration channel the inspiration channel4 months ago

    but you have to wear gloves

  57. Elvis Natal

    Elvis Natal4 months ago

    I knew they were liers.

  58. Blink8533

    Blink85335 months ago

    They used flex tape on the bucket

  59. fix mix

    fix mix5 months ago

    Its look like an avalance now hahahaha. So satisfying to see that

  60. Lavyn O

    Lavyn O5 months ago

    Huge failed product.

  61. Jacob Herfa

    Jacob Herfa5 months ago

    It even works Underwater!

  62. Razi Jr

    Razi Jr5 months ago

    Isn't that just silicone?

  63. Oliv7715

    Oliv77155 months ago

    9:32 dealing with virgins like

  64. Cogitore

    Cogitore5 months ago

    Keep getting the Venom trailer

  65. Chuper Cabra

    Chuper Cabra5 months ago

    4:09 i thought that was flex tape clear 😂

  66. School Reviewer

    School Reviewer5 months ago

    0:30 dog licking genitals in background

  67. Jonathan Flores

    Jonathan Flores5 months ago

    They go

  68. TheRJY Games

    TheRJY Games5 months ago



    MESO HANO5 months ago

    Used it on my tub

  70. BML3

    BML35 months ago

    1:30 ( close your eyes )

  71. ッkazap

    ッkazap5 months ago

    flex tape on the inside and flex glue on the outside dry for 24 hours

  72. Raul Gonzalez

    Raul Gonzalez6 months ago

    is it me or did anyone else didn’t understand word he said?

  73. pupiniastewart

    pupiniastewart6 months ago

    Bucket pimple.

  74. Drunken Sailor

    Drunken Sailor6 months ago

    Now that's a lotta damage.

  75. goldenfire64

    goldenfire646 months ago

    There's a dog stalking you

  76. Megan Enderson

    Megan Enderson6 months ago


  77. Daniel99oslo

    Daniel99oslo6 months ago

    06:43 Oh looks like it kinda failed. Kinda failed?

  78. gruesome

    gruesome6 months ago

    3D pen confirmed

  79. Great Cornholio

    Great Cornholio6 months ago

    The black flex shot looks like venom goo

  80. Jhenkar M. S.

    Jhenkar M. S.6 months ago

    That's just thar


    SUB TO PEWDIEPIE6 months ago

    Put one layer of each flex item on top of each other.

  82. Karl Rayne

    Karl Rayne6 months ago

    You kind of need to wait 10 hours for the stuff to dry

  83. mikey sanchez

    mikey sanchez6 months ago

    I think you need to let it dry for 7 days like flex seal

  84. Lethality112

    Lethality1127 months ago

    To show you how powerful Flex Shot is - I SAW THIS BUCKET IN (a relatively short) HALF

  85. JamEpix

    JamEpix7 months ago

    *”Wassup Erybody Welcome To My Larbtori Where Savty Is Numbe One Prorty.”*

  86. JJW1010

    JJW10107 months ago

    Dr. Phil swift

  87. Tara Tricky

    Tara Tricky7 months ago

    Isn’t flex shot just a liquid version of flex tape

  88. Doge

    Doge7 months ago


  89. Burazeeer

    Burazeeer7 months ago

    Putin 1 by 1

  90. Annie Leonhart

    Annie Leonhart7 months ago

    " *Phil Swift quote* " 1k likes

  91. McMuffinYT Geometry Dash

    McMuffinYT Geometry Dash7 months ago

    T H I C C

  92. Francis Doucet

    Francis Doucet7 months ago

    Love your videos. But what in the world is he saying at the start lol?

  93. Mart kenyon

    Mart kenyon7 months ago

    What a jackass. Waits barely a few hrs for it to dry.

  94. Shmop JuiceBox

    Shmop JuiceBox7 months ago

    Soo much water wasted😅

  95. Noah Lyholm

    Noah Lyholm7 months ago

    Whatsup evrebody welcom bak to my lababatorary

  96. WonderfulFilms

    WonderfulFilms7 months ago

    Why didn’t you blow holes in a boat?

  97. Jason Vigil

    Jason Vigil7 months ago


  98. Spidermanpal 123

    Spidermanpal 1237 months ago

    Guy from flex seal :hey let’s make a enhanced super glue along with our other seal products :marketers *claps*

  99. teh

    teh7 months ago

    This is just a glorified version of Flex Seal

  100. KING. SEAN21

    KING. SEAN217 months ago

    Let it dry like acctually dry