Testing Flex Shot - As Seen On TV


  1. the blazing blaziken

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  2. Aphro

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  3. Peculiar

    Peculiar11 days ago

    Pretty kool huh?

  4. Jeff D.

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  5. Sir Shabaz

    Sir Shabaz13 days ago

    There u go he poped it boom!

  6. dzigra

    dzigra13 days ago

    " I popped it... BOOM! "

  7. LivingCheese

    LivingCheese15 days ago

    I have to say, it looks like Venom from the Marvel comics.

  8. wavedashing irl

    wavedashing irl18 days ago

    he looks so sad in comparison to other videos

  9. Captain Aesthetic

    Captain Aesthetic18 days ago

    Wear adidas.

  10. Sean Hogan

    Sean Hogan19 days ago

    I sawed this bout in half!!!!

  11. J Coco

    J Coco20 days ago


  12. AirsoftSlo

    AirsoftSlo20 days ago

    L Le Let Let i Let it Let if f Let it fu Let it ful Let it full Let it fully Let it fully d Let it fully dr Let it fully dry Let it fully dry! Let it fully dry Let it fully dr Let it fully d Let it fully Let it full Let it ful Let it fu Let it f Let i Let Le L

  13. Hannah Groll

    Hannah Groll20 days ago

    All I can think of when he says the word layers is “Onions have layers. Ogres have layers” 😂

  14. Diego Halbeck

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  15. Brian Callada

    Brian Callada21 day ago

    Is that Venom? Inside a can? 😂

  16. Devilboy / Neon Recall

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  17. Nerxop Gaming

    Nerxop Gaming22 days ago

    it's like 3d pen

  18. legogamingjojo

    legogamingjojo22 days ago

    But you didn't shoot a boat with a cannon and repair it with flex shot

  19. McDoogle

    McDoogle23 days ago

    Isn’t that just silicon

  20. Manu_YT XD

    Manu_YT XD23 days ago

    That looks like Venom from Marvel

  21. saucedimus yt

    saucedimus yt24 days ago

    I sawed this topperware in half!!!

  22. HotChocolate275

    HotChocolate27525 days ago

    Venoms nut in a can

  23. Cammy Dough

    Cammy Dough26 days ago

    Did he just finger a bucket...

  24. jack pokrywka

    jack pokrywka26 days ago

    Can someone confirm that this is the symbyote from Spider-Man?

  25. Trampoline21tricks

    Trampoline21tricks27 days ago

    “Let me feel it” *intense breathing*

  26. Husky vlogs

    Husky vlogs28 days ago

    Venom will take over

  27. Coyote Two

    Coyote Two29 days ago

    They ye ghoe. Eye poppt et!

  28. DaReal Fizzie

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  29. William Boyd

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  30. jan_ 428

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  31. komakozeee

    komakozeeeMonth ago

    you have to apply it the way you do with caulk spread it evenly with your finger to prevent anyholes or ssptos you might miss

  32. salah edd Bouchina

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  33. Captain Sar

    Captain SarMonth ago

    Or you could just buy a new plastic bucket with 3$...

  34. N N

    N NMonth ago

    It takes like a week to dry all the way it says on the package

  35. Tahneek Binte Kayum

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  36. Avner Galvez

    Avner GalvezMonth ago

    It looks like the thing that turns Spider-Man into venom

  37. Cal Alexander

    Cal AlexanderMonth ago

    Couldnt flex tape just do this lol

  38. Toby L

    Toby LMonth ago

    Love how he puts as seen on tv

  39. gosleepyourself ::

    gosleepyourself ::Month ago

    Wouldn't silicon done the same? Even better i think

  40. s pykall

    s pykallMonth ago

    Kinda fails?

  41. Skittish Crew

    Skittish CrewMonth ago

    Juust little bit over the hole Boom Does it hold Yes its holds Naice

  42. Samuel Nava

    Samuel NavaMonth ago

    “Wow look at that so cool “Heavy breathing “

  43. Muhammad Luqman Hakim

    Muhammad Luqman HakimMonth ago

    Just seal your neighbour's door and BOOM!! nice prank😂😂

  44. sagerette

    sageretteMonth ago

    Looks like normal silcone that you can buy from the hardware store... works the same way. Probably cheaper and you get a bigger tube.

  45. crittenhouse8270

    crittenhouse8270Month ago

    I think it says it takes 24 hours to dry

  46. VArsitiii

    VArsitiiiMonth ago

    Looks like AHHHHHH

  47. VArsitiii

    VArsitiiiMonth ago

    its steeel sticky

  48. Jeff Peppard

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  49. Matthew Bach

    Matthew BachMonth ago

    It’s really stitchy

  50. Мария Михова

    Мария МиховаMonth ago

    ordinary overpriced silicone.

  51. w3st peyton

    w3st peytonMonth ago

    Compare this to silicon

  52. Dinosaurmojo54

    Dinosaurmojo54Month ago

    Reminds me of venom

  53. SuperDario719

    SuperDario719Month ago

    *bottom of bucket falls off* “It kinda failed” “Kinda failed” KINDA!?!?!? 😂😂😂

  54. Shayna Chapman-Moore

    Shayna Chapman-MooreMonth ago

    looks like symbiote when its wet lel

  55. Half Star Films

    Half Star FilmsMonth ago

    Read the instructions then do your experiments.

  56. Rahman kc

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  57. Emmanuel Pagan

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  58. should i get it

    should i get itMonth ago

    if it dried more I'm confident it would work

  59. TheGreatPapyrus //Undertale Amino username\\

    TheGreatPapyrus //Undertale Amino username\\2 months ago

    *I S A W E D T H I S B O A T I N H A L F !*

  60. Video Game Monster

    Video Game Monster2 months ago

    Or use silicone glue which works way better and is much stronger

  61. bad plays by me

    bad plays by me2 months ago

    It looks like the stuff form venom

  62. Carlo Lim

    Carlo Lim2 months ago


  63. GHZ5

    GHZ52 months ago

    Flex tape, we are venom XD

  64. Powerstroke Strong 903

    Powerstroke Strong 9032 months ago

    You can buy tubes of liquid rubber at auto parts store for about half the price ask for windshield sealer

  65. LilSykho

    LilSykho2 months ago

    Basically silicone seal with a different name and branding

  66. Linda Kennedy

    Linda Kennedy2 months ago

    Looks like it works good. I would by it.

  67. Paul W

    Paul W2 months ago

    T H I C C

  68. dodoman0

    dodoman02 months ago

    You need to be more patient and just give it a day to dry lel

  69. Holly Willis

    Holly Willis2 months ago

    It does stay let dry for 7 days

  70. Holly Willis

    Holly Willis2 months ago

    Love the dogs in the background 😍😍

  71. Captain Clemont

    Captain Clemont2 months ago

    You imbicile, you need to wait for at least 24 hours for it to dry completely.

  72. Olivia Morales

    Olivia Morales2 months ago

    I see it coming Let me feel it 😂🤣😂🤣

  73. Kaiya Webb

    Kaiya Webb2 months ago

    Love this guy !! Your funny

  74. Fallen Avabel

    Fallen Avabel2 months ago

    *B O O M*

  75. Floydy

    Floydy2 months ago

    *I S A W E D T H I S B O A T I N H A L F*

  76. milfhunterX

    milfhunterX2 months ago

    If only the titanic would of had this stuff on board.

  77. Roman Felsted

    Roman Felsted2 months ago

    A Thicc layer

  78. mizan rahaman

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  79. Jais schot channel

    Jais schot channel2 months ago

    Thats a lotta water

  80. michael bradford

    michael bradford2 months ago

    Wat up wi silicone gun

  81. The Azure Dragon

    The Azure Dragon2 months ago

    Liked the video. Boom.

  82. Dennis Chen

    Dennis Chen2 months ago

    Ahhhh! You changed your logo!?

  83. Dylan 1221

    Dylan 12212 months ago

    Do one on flex glue

  84. Ingrid Vik

    Ingrid Vik2 months ago

    Lawsuit assumption strip none dose shortage willing therapist casual location.

  85. karthick siva

    karthick siva2 months ago

    Mother fucker

  86. kr4zyy

    kr4zyy2 months ago

    "It's so sticky"

  87. B Rabbit

    B Rabbit3 months ago

    You've gone from Crazy Russian Hacker, to Crazy Russian Product Reviews. What happened to your original content?

  88. Max’s Trip Reports

    Max’s Trip Reports3 months ago

    That’s some *THICC* pva

  89. Max’s Trip Reports

    Max’s Trip Reports3 months ago

    I love seeing Luke and Hugo just roaming about in the garden behind

  90. Ikramul Hoque

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    T H I C C

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  94. BestAbsoluteGrimm

    BestAbsoluteGrimm3 months ago

    Or you can us caulk, lol

  95. katie castle

    katie castle3 months ago

    welcome to my labtorrory

  96. Dillatory Plays

    Dillatory Plays3 months ago

    Looks like symbiote tho

  97. MineBlox 751

    MineBlox 7513 months ago

    I'm gonna use this when I get shot haha

  98. That guy

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    What up ervybodi welcome bac to mybatoiny and today....


    TONY CONCEPCION3 months ago


  100. stevie williams

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    let dry...'''...