Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers rare look inside Model 3 factory


  1. Nelly Vöhringer

    Nelly Vöhringer4 hours ago

    Always transparent and competent! That's the reason for us to buy a lot of this cars for our rental company!

  2. Russell Lee

    Russell LeeDay ago

    If Mr. Musk was trying to change the world he would sell his cars for $1,000 a piece knowing it would generate tens of millions of sales and put the company in the black. Also extending the range with more battery power, and offering a charging ability using the home's 110 volt outlet. Altogether this would better the lives of the people of the world. Instead this car is a baited hook requiring a $100,000 down payment to be able to 'rent' it for life in having to 'pay' to recharge it at Tesla-only stations. This car is rental bait for those blind enough to fall for it. Elon the fake.

  3. Bernie Bernstein

    Bernie BernsteinDay ago

    That's funny the paid big oil reporter was trying to get a reaction from doing this hit job piece on him Elon was just like yeah uh huh ok.

  4. trick49

    trick492 days ago

    hes a machine

  5. Adriana Adnan

    Adriana Adnan2 days ago

    So amazing.its time to make micro back up office studio bed n shower baby.about time. N breath.u've done it!

  6. Eleonora Marko

    Eleonora Marko2 days ago

    I don't like him , just the way he spoke about Nikola Tesla, shame on him .

  7. Kim Kline

    Kim Kline3 days ago

    I'm really digging this guy

  8. Rob Tully

    Rob Tully4 days ago

    A true leader -- taking fault for his company, zero excuses, optimistic, humble and leading from the front.

  9. Josh Roake

    Josh Roake4 days ago

    Should I go all in long and hold for four years.?

  10. The Outlaw

    The Outlaw6 days ago

    1:40 Is my man tearing up on camera?

  11. Joe Cashmere

    Joe Cashmere7 days ago

    Dude will not quit I love Elon determination if he loses it all today he's the types to laugh it off and get back on his horse a guy like that you can't stop it's impossible

  12. MICHGO1

    MICHGO18 days ago


  13. MrMdaeu

    MrMdaeu11 days ago

    As a specialist who can analyze, estimate, forecast, predict etc, my problem with this company is that it hires/fires hundred from sales team, periodically. For me this is an indication of something not right: maybe a way to hide the true income and expenses?

  14. sam guapo

    sam guapo11 days ago

    Today is 7/6/2018 People are questioning his ability to maintain a 5000cars/week production. During this videos filming, people were questioning Tesla's ability to produce 2000cars/week. I guess they aren't questioning 2000 now. I guess when he hits 8000cars/week people will question him being unable to make 100,000cars/week. People.

  15. Adriana Adnan

    Adriana Adnan11 days ago

    I yurve yuh elon duck quack quack

  16. Don Deano

    Don Deano12 days ago

    Trisha looking mf

  17. ivy S

    ivy S12 days ago

    i almost choked on my own trachea when i heard tesla got bankrupt

  18. Dana Pearson

    Dana Pearson13 days ago

    Just ordered mine... best f'n choice I've ever made! Luv that man...putting it all on the line to save our species...

  19. Guruprasad Pai

    Guruprasad Pai13 days ago

    The interview says, Tesla introduced the M3 as a mass produced vehicle to middle class consumers. How can any middle class family afford a $45K and upwards car in today's day? That's not an affordable price in my book.

  20. Kimberly Sikorski

    Kimberly Sikorski14 days ago


  21. Joachim Voldseth

    Joachim Voldseth14 days ago

    And now they have reached 5000 a week!

  22. Fiji Tongan

    Fiji Tongan15 days ago

    Does Elon even sleep?

  23. Bratley Bonard

    Bratley Bonard15 days ago

    American made cars are back, folks. This time we'll do our best to never let it go. Let's support American made Tesla cars. It's for our country and for us all.

  24. Maria Aquos

    Maria Aquos15 days ago

    No emission of CO2 and no use of even a drop of oil. What else we want from Tesla! Go Tesla. We're here to fully support you.

  25. Niki Terrance

    Niki Terrance15 days ago

    It was April fools' month and Elon's face expression was priceless :)

  26. 1848

    184815 days ago

    if my math is right they make a full car in just 5 minutes, that's pretty good.

  27. Nalva 1776 Trump 45th MaybeLLine-inc

    Nalva 1776 Trump 45th MaybeLLine-inc16 days ago

    The oil companies must be plotting his dead wish

  28. Nalva 1776 Trump 45th MaybeLLine-inc

    Nalva 1776 Trump 45th MaybeLLine-inc16 days ago

    That facility should be manufacture in Detroit.. The home of automobile

  29. Nalva 1776 Trump 45th MaybeLLine-inc

    Nalva 1776 Trump 45th MaybeLLine-inc16 days ago

    I can manufacture a even better car with tax payers money.. I can even send a model to the noon, all with tax payers money..

  30. gogo hero

    gogo hero17 days ago

    "I like it cold..." oh man

  31. latengocomoburro

    latengocomoburro22 days ago

    5:12 I do not understand why the media always tries to find the negative in things. This stupid woman is trying to question Elon Musk like if she was the grand inquisitor. *YES YOU SHOULD LIGHTEN UP!!!*

  32. Young Simba

    Young Simba22 days ago

    Genius at work

  33. 路过人

    路过人22 days ago

    Elon, my hero! Go Musk!

  34. Joe Dwyer

    Joe Dwyer24 days ago

    Musk haters are either jealous or weak. He is in the grind and I believe he will survive it with strength and resilience.

  35. Danny Reed

    Danny Reed24 days ago

    The robots are programmed so if you stand around too long they pick you up, spray paint you and bolt you in place.

  36. tuj

    tuj24 days ago

    Keep it up Elon. Plenty would have already given up.

  37. Forrest's Auto Reviews

    Forrest's Auto Reviews24 days ago

    I just reviewed this car and it's truly amazing!

  38. Marcus Yakira

    Marcus Yakira24 days ago

    Over-promise and Under-deliver

  39. John Rambo

    John Rambo26 days ago

    If an April Fools offended you...please leave the Planet. Hint hint thats you uppity interviewer lady

  40. Nguyễn Hữu Vương

    Nguyễn Hữu Vương26 days ago

    Look at those red eyes we can understand that he stays up too late and he has been thinking for so long

  41. Mnn bere NORM

    Mnn bere NORM26 days ago

    musks april joke i so amazing

  42. Christopher Jalkson

    Christopher Jalkson27 days ago

    I like the fact that he is brutally honest with this interview. I'm a fan.

  43. Jeffrey Vuong

    Jeffrey Vuong28 days ago

    Fun fact: Elon's salary is $34k. However he only accepts $1. The rest goes into his entrepreneurial endeavors.

  44. William Jones

    William Jones29 days ago


  45. Fred Pinczuk

    Fred PinczukMonth ago

    Like him or the brand (or not), the fact that he would sleep right on the production floor planning room say's a lot about the man.

  46. Josue Galvez

    Josue GalvezMonth ago

    Ellon Musk you are the best man , 😂😂 April fools . His cars are the future my children will drive your cars.

  47. William Kwan

    William KwanMonth ago

    Elon should slow down and see his own health before the cars

  48. Gilmar Aparecido Pedroso de Morais

    Gilmar Aparecido Pedroso de MoraisMonth ago

    Se eu pudesse pelo menos trabalhar uma empresa desta, eu já estava bem satisfeito!!!

  49. Gilmar Aparecido Pedroso de Morais

    Gilmar Aparecido Pedroso de MoraisMonth ago

    Puxa que legal, mas infelizmente não tenho um carro lindo como esse!

  50. Random Ness

    Random NessMonth ago

    This Model 3 is going to make history like Henry Ford's Model T. An electric car affordable to the masses.

  51. 钟季平

    钟季平Month ago

    Do you have WeChat? I want to learn English with Americans. Of course, I can also teach Mandarin.

  52. most heaviest mann

    most heaviest mannMonth ago

    So this is something cool. Tesla is doing something amazing. Even though there have been claims of union busting at the Freemont plant, and even though they seriously need to get the cars out of the door, even if the company does go bankrupt, they've done something remarkable. They've gotten people excited about the electric car again. Furthermore, Elon musk is a visionary. He is willing to be honest, and dedicate himself 100% to his product. You don't ever see that in 2018

  53. César De la Hoz

    César De la HozMonth ago

    "rare" interview? Why is it that CBS calls every interview related to Elon Musk as rare? They did the same thing when they interviewed SpaceX CEO. It's time for CBS to hire smart people.

  54. Joe D

    Joe DMonth ago

    "I like it cold" Reminds me of the monster in stranger things

  55. Yong he

    Yong heMonth ago

    Drove model 3 for 3 weeks, best car ever! truly overturn the entire industry like iPhone, many people (parts, dealers, sales, gas station, repair shops, even smog check station) are going to lose jobs and media losing ads money because of Tesla...

  56. Louise Jones

    Louise JonesMonth ago

    I love Tesla model 3

  57. number1fansince

    number1fansinceMonth ago

    Just look at the man. He obviously is very passionate about his product. I can see a hard working face when I see one and tbh the car is truly amazing. Why do people not want an America car company built buy Americans to succeed.

  58. Andre Kirsch

    Andre KirschMonth ago

    In CA we still have the 30% tax credit until dec31 2018. get a solar quote today Andre@lasolargroup.com

  59. Vincze Szilard

    Vincze SzilardMonth ago

    Where can the full interview be found?

  60. Filmmakers and filmmaking

    Filmmakers and filmmakingMonth ago

    Awesome. .. superb .... excellent models.... it's the present .... in the future u will get models with more advanced performances .... Advantage ... Elon musk is god

  61. Melvin Teruel

    Melvin TeruelMonth ago

    Great job Elon and all u people working in Tesla factory's thanks a lot to bring future not more gasoline smoke

  62. Karl oSecker

    Karl oSeckerMonth ago

    I want Musk to adopt me

  63. PrincePhase

    PrincePhaseMonth ago

    A billionaire who sleeps on a couch is a genius in work. No time for even his own family. If your boss does this to himself then you're lucky to have a job not yet replaced by a robot

  64. Kiki Kokos

    Kiki Kokos2 months ago

    I would love me a tesla hat just like elon’s 😎

  65. conservative personnel

    conservative personnel2 months ago

    hope things go good for this guy

  66. JJ Youmans

    JJ Youmans2 months ago

    I give Elon a lot of credit for his honesty regarding the problems he and the company are facing. Not many CEOs in his position would take this kind of heat as well as he is.

  67. The Truth

    The Truth2 months ago

    Elon Musk’s ego got in the way of logical thinking. He thought he could reinvent the wheel and have robots do everything. Mark my words. His semi will never get produced by 2019.

  68. Itzmee_Albert

    Itzmee_Albert2 months ago

    Elon Musk sounds like a character from Mortal Kombat


    ROBERT LYMER2 months ago

    This is how he sorts problems out. His staff don't feel what he does. He is so driven to make things work. He will not sleep if he goes home. Just have a rest at work then carry on fixing. Good on him. I do feel what he does as I run my own business.

  70. Darcy O'Queef

    Darcy O'Queef2 months ago

    The most useless cars are Hybrids. Go electric or petroleum.

  71. Против Глобал

    Против Глобал2 months ago

    "You think this level of automation is easy? Or cheap?" Wayne Knight in Jurassic Park.

  72. Singing Jigglypuff

    Singing Jigglypuff2 months ago

    Hes just tryin to raise enough money to get as far away from skynet as he can before the awakening.

  73. Ahmad Dwiki-Pradany

    Ahmad Dwiki-Pradany2 months ago

    mass selling easter egg, lol XD

  74. 路过人

    路过人2 months ago

    Elon, gets a good couch! It will worth every penny! Rest well to have energy and good health. Please take care of yourself!!

  75. matt matthew

    matt matthew2 months ago

    The problem I think with elon/tesla, is one, time/production times, and also the hype train, its funny to put it that/this way, but the one big issue is saying here's the model 3, now wait 5years, the hype is dead in 5years/after 6months, honestly, making customers wait at all kills the wow factor allot, I know that's sad, but its true, its hard to get things done fast and right, but thats how you can sell allot of product, by letting the customer hear about the product and then saying heres your car, but I realize that this is hard todo, if not impossible, with out lots of space/warehouses/workers.

  76. Julia L

    Julia L2 months ago

    sexy man

  77. Prince Adam

    Prince Adam2 months ago


  78. Travis Warren

    Travis Warren2 months ago

    Made in the USA too!

  79. Ricardo Ellison

    Ricardo Ellison2 months ago

    Well no great wonder why Elon can't even begin to meet his production goals!...just look at how slowly all this automation is assembling these vehicles!

  80. numbersix100

    numbersix1002 months ago

    When Honda and VW decide to start making electric cars on a large scale Tesla will struggle. Honda and VW both make about 100,000 cars a week. They both know how to mass produce cars.

  81. Jeffrey Chang

    Jeffrey Chang2 months ago

    Hi, Republicans can repeal and replace Obamacare.

  82. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Alejandro Rodriguez2 months ago


  83. J M

    J M2 months ago

    I can't stand her, how can someone in her position not be able to take a joke? Who's she of ALL people to say that it wasn't funny? Unreal! The media makes me want to rip my hair out, I can't watch that crap anymore.

  84. cityhustleHD

    cityhustleHD2 months ago

    I used to work at the Tesla Factory in Fremont Ca, building the Model 3 assembly line. The pay was $18 an hr, & the work was exhausting, 12 hr shifts 6 days a week. But I’m proud to be part of that experience

  85. Dave Tone

    Dave Tone2 months ago

    That was great! As an owner of a few shares, this was a terrific look and interview, and renews my fait in this incredible pioneer, Elon Musk, a true *Tesla* of our time.

  86. Chris Duane

    Chris Duane2 months ago

    Impressive guy, but why did his mother give him a name that sounds like a gay man's cologne?


    KK THOTHE2 months ago

    Accidents happen.... darn thing caught on fire .... we will do everything to make sure that the victim is as comfortable as possible... Amen ... That's just how we are. Immensely remorseful!!!!!!!!!! Now!..... .GO Save some Martians, Elon!!!


    KK THOTHE2 months ago

    In spite of all this Elon to make up for it you could make a giant humanitarian effort to Mars to save those beings from the meager existence of their lives with just around 2 to 3 % oxygen in their atmosphere....Stop the Cannibals too ! Yuck! They don't have enough water either, bb....And its cold....brrrrrrr!

  89. Every Elon Musk Video

    Every Elon Musk Video2 months ago

    Tesla is gonna make it!

  90. Kevin Colt

    Kevin Colt2 months ago

    to everyone with half a brain out there,.... its time to buy, enjoy the dip.. ps: u can not stop elon, elon stops u.

  91. john michael dellariarte

    john michael dellariarte2 months ago

    You go Elon! Wishing you the best!

  92. fred a

    fred a2 months ago

    Jeezus kriste. All that taxpayer cash and they still can’t make it work? Wtf they must need more of our money. Idiots

  93. Lerum Lae

    Lerum Lae2 months ago

    *We are with you - and we love you Elon*

  94. pete b

    pete b2 months ago

    ELON!!! All we wanted was an affordable EV with decent range. That's it. Period. I don't care if it's semi autonomous or anything close. I just wanna drive to work in a friggin EV, not a technological master piece. Get some rest dude. You look wrecked. Take care of yourself. We need guys like you.

  95. Ash Taylor

    Ash Taylor2 months ago

    Reading his book... Nothing but inspirational. Keep going Elon use that inner Agoge.

  96. bryan morlock

    bryan morlock2 months ago

    The thing is.. You will respect your boss more if they are putting the time in as well. I know I would. Props to Elon for sleeping there and working on things

  97. Cool & Quiet

    Cool & Quiet2 months ago

    those glasses are comical.

  98. Chris Duane

    Chris Duane2 months ago

    Oh well, her entire style and presentation is stupid.

  99. Cool & Quiet

    Cool & Quiet2 months ago

    referring to Gayle's glasses.

  100. Chris Duane

    Chris Duane2 months ago

    OSHA required PPE.

  101. CrYm1n4l

    CrYm1n4l2 months ago

    Someone needs to play more Factorio

  102. Thomas Wepfer

    Thomas Wepfer2 months ago

    These CBS fools are still uploading interlaced video to MReporter, you can see the comb effect very clearly in this video...... That's pretty bad....

  103. Kimberly Brown

    Kimberly Brown2 months ago

    I used to be a production manager at a machine shop we made Transmissions A-Arms spindles. now I own a car dealership. it would be an honor to come and work for you.. Elon