Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers rare look inside Model 3 factory


  1. Eric Anderson

    Eric Anderson15 hours ago

    Great interview. I love looking at the Tesla factory at the old Numi plant,. even if its a year ago.

  2. Matt Garcya

    Matt Garcya4 days ago

    3:14 I wonder what software are those on the screen

  3. Michael Ray

    Michael Ray8 days ago

    He’s a crook

  4. M R

    M R8 days ago

    Hahaha the April Fools was hilarious 🤣

  5. Zaidoun Khalid

    Zaidoun Khalid8 days ago

    I would pay to work for Tesla.

  6. South Of Heaven

    South Of Heaven10 days ago

    Oprah Winfrey after 15 years of Centrum complete from A to Zince.

  7. Above Da Beast

    Above Da Beast12 days ago

    Blessings..keep grinding it will all work out

  8. Zak Vince

    Zak Vince18 days ago

    Whenever Tesla's stock goes down watch this video.

  9. Rainy Days

    Rainy Days18 days ago

    Kim me getting kicked off stage

  10. Tim N

    Tim N20 days ago

    Elon is the man!

  11. 1735mike

    1735mike23 days ago

    What a man. Genius. Very rare. Probably one of the most smartest men on this planet.

  12. Per Owe Johansson

    Per Owe Johansson26 days ago

    Gona be fun the day we have a reviev from Potus Drumph behind bars in a NY jail for life...no wigs alowed and a soft stay in a paid by the US ppl resort with a 1 h walk the wlak every day - Elon is the King,,,,just a smart person in it self and his way of thinking...waoooo


    XGALARIONMonth ago

    He's not a business man, he's an engineer

  14. Elina Hadzhimincheva

    Elina HadzhiminchevaMonth ago

    Somebody send a comfortable couch to Elon... His mind is so busy, he does not come to that 😱

  15. weeeeeeeeeee0

    weeeeeeeeeee0Month ago

    ThiS is CoOle ElOn

  16. eukaryotic 070

    eukaryotic 070Month ago

    This is not a good couch

  17. bella

    bellaMonth ago

    Its 2-2019 saw the firey 🚗 car. Its so small why dont you build a big car . some people like big.and it should flout.

  18. Life Piece

    Life PieceMonth ago

    Charging stations please, people want electric cars.

  19. moose mooser

    moose mooserMonth ago

    This man's dedication and passion might just make Tesla a world leader soon


    RICHARD WATTSMonth ago


  21. Luke Fisher

    Luke FisherMonth ago

    The guy's a friggin' genius who has VW, Merc and GM running scared


    RICHARD WATTSMonth ago


  23. KillerWhiteSharky

    KillerWhiteSharkyMonth ago

    elon musk = total fraud !

  24. Cookie Mite

    Cookie MiteMonth ago

    and my former english teacher calls him a lunatic, says that he should put all his money to feeding children. well, then elon will brush people like my former english teacher off with a middle finger no problem. Its clockwork

  25. stephen Kobby

    stephen Kobby2 months ago

    Nothing is impossible

  26. Rob

    Rob2 months ago

    He’s a strange dude - and his cars do not work in harsh colder weather - if you live in NY forget this car

  27. Kent anderson

    Kent anderson2 months ago

    Build Global people Countries 1st Global Online FUTURE COUNTRY . www.futurevisionaries.com

  28. mrrmsfucker

    mrrmsfucker2 months ago

    I still support Elon Musk. Don't let USA down and the westcoast as well. 👍

  29. New Mula

    New Mula2 months ago

    Elon is a GOD! #TeamTesla

  30. Carlos Merighe

    Carlos Merighe2 months ago

    From what I have seen on many MReporter videos, Teslas are poorly built. More than one video mentioned that even the door handle broke, and the price of a new one is very high, something like $800. The issues are endless.

  31. wakem

    wakem2 months ago

    He gonna recolonize our time

  32. Zes

    Zes2 months ago

    no such thing as rough or creativx or absolux or boring or not, cepit, do, be, can do, be any no matter what and any be perfectx infinx interesx

  33. James Shanks

    James Shanks2 months ago

    A young woman who works on the model 3 production line had an idea on how she could make the production line more efficient. So she mentioned it to the production line manage who told her to put it in writing and she handed him her idea in writing roughly 5 hours later saying maybe we could try it in a week or so. She about dropped to the floor when the line manager said no not in a week. We'll try this tomorrow on the production line and they did and it improved efficiency just as she said it would. She got a nice chunk of coin and was told " any more ideas? Speak up right away ". True story but it illustrates it's not just Elon finding ways to improve the production line. Cheers!

  34. Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smith2 months ago

    Elon Musk is a liar.

  35. Tang Dalis

    Tang Dalis2 months ago

    Hi My Idol. i Like him so much, Who the same with me? Please reply to me thanks.

  36. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith2 months ago

    Apple needs to buy Telsa and infuse the company with funds. Double the size and perfect the production process, Also put the Apple OS in the operating system!

  37. Wagner Lima

    Wagner Lima2 months ago

    put captions

  38. bpru

    bpru2 months ago

    Gail, I loved your visits with Elon Musk! Very well Done!

  39. badeldorado

    badeldorado2 months ago

    Wall Street scam. Invest in junk stock and who gets wiped out financially first.

  40. Jutta Klara Schroer

    Jutta Klara Schroer2 months ago

    Love that guy...and they HAVE to be successfull...

  41. Nice Blonde Girl

    Nice Blonde Girl3 months ago

    The most productive African is white man Elon Musk

  42. Nice Blonde Girl

    Nice Blonde Girl3 months ago

    'fatal crash' from the semi-autonomous system eh ? Not surprised - Auto driven vehicles are too dangerous among a psycho idiot level population that we so often have in America

  43. jeff wackenthal

    jeff wackenthal3 months ago

    Incredible that he' has not a team to tell him,he went wrong with all these robots!!

  44. MobileLegendsNoob

    MobileLegendsNoob3 months ago

    Silent killer

  45. Vadim Golubov

    Vadim Golubov3 months ago

    HELLFIRE IS REAL many unbelievers have seen it and God allowed them to come back to tell about it plz REPENT before its too late because you dont know when youll die. Only JESUS can save you from satan making you his property and taking you with him to were he's headed ETERNAL HELLFIRE

  46. BlackMarket DIY

    BlackMarket DIY3 months ago

    “Young man”. WHY DOES EVERYONE PRETEND ELON IS LIKE SOME 23 YEAR OLD PHENOM. HE’S 47. HE’S ALMOST 50. Don’t really get why they couldn’t just make it like an EXTREME HOV Lane (that’s what it’s called in NY anyway... carpool lane, I mean) and just let people who have 2 or more people be allowed to ::gasp:: drive themselves through it. Or something. They’d have to have some way to be sure only some people can go in.... I suppose they’d make it like a tunnel or bridge and have it be $12-$15 “round trip” (in that you only get charged in one direction- again- this is how it is where I live, in NY) and that way only people who were really in a rush would use it. But even still... I think most people would pay the money in order to go 5 miles in 5 minutes instead of 35.... so I still feel like they’d have to find a way to reduce how many cars were allowed in.... and obviously they couldn’t make it only a certain kind of car, or a ton of money, because people would flip out about it being classist. So maybe a charge AND only for carpoolers? Who knows. I DO appreciate the cars being on a cart, on a track, like this, rather than being “self driving” or having to HAVE TO be a Tesla or something.... I think, especially given that that kind of technology in itself is nothing new AT ALL, there really WOULDNT be many accidents if that were used, aside from the occasional freak accident.

  47. pablosquit1

    pablosquit13 months ago

    Elon should start a business selling sleeping bags or inflatable mattresses

  48. Jeff

    Jeff3 months ago

    he should hire more workers instead of doing everything himself

  49. Voltronic 81

    Voltronic 813 months ago

    Here is a recent Wired Magazine news story about Elon Musk’s leadership at Tesla apple.news/Aoyo5CK-_Qv6gZlDyZLyoqQ

  50. Angelo Perez

    Angelo Perez3 months ago

    My God in Heaven is awesome! Glory to him

  51. Jubenal Espinoza

    Jubenal Espinoza3 months ago

    Hes a good man he cares about the economy

  52. superman4ever1986

    superman4ever19863 months ago

    Genius. The thing about people like that is that people will always criticize. There vision is beyond the present.

  53. Rajesh  Kumar

    Rajesh Kumar3 months ago

    Elon ur making history...d legendary car companies are already in stress..d indefinable man ..I am watching him closely since his entry..d pain he is gng through is humangous ... people have to support him..love musk from India ...we r waiting........

  54. bLitzKrieg

    bLitzKrieg3 months ago

    started with paypal now were here, i remember when he was getting his mclaren, looks like some of those lines brushed of on tesla

  55. Torjus HT

    Torjus HT3 months ago

    A car crash made the news, amazing. Just one question...why?

  56. Titedie

    Titedie3 months ago


  57. Mark Williams

    Mark Williams3 months ago

    This guy is a beast mode!

  58. Dark Matr

    Dark Matr3 months ago

    I really hope the media makes him look better now instead of hating. Elon is the best

  59. Thuperman

    Thuperman3 months ago

    Next, Iron Man

  60. ichdichhasserwasser

    ichdichhasserwasser3 months ago

    Lol I love this guy, so modest

  61. Javier Gabriel

    Javier Gabriel3 months ago

    And then they kicked him off as chairman. After all hes done.

  62. Tristian Bangert

    Tristian Bangert3 months ago

    Elon is the GOAT.

  63. gblueslover2

    gblueslover23 months ago

    Henry Ford went through tough trial and errors too... This guy is nothing SHORT of amazing. American ingenuity at it's FINEST. We are witnessing REAL CHANGE here for the better🙂😎

  64. Maleick Fleming

    Maleick Fleming3 months ago

    Elon about to bring on a lot of the people GM is laying off and have them and their experience lead the way

  65. Wabzy

    Wabzy3 months ago

    pblished 13 of april.... ofc this doesnt mean anything ;p

  66. 0Guiltyone0

    0Guiltyone03 months ago

    all these little news networks always seem to try to make him look bad..

  67. talin nalo

    talin nalo3 months ago


  68. Backwoods Boyz

    Backwoods Boyz3 months ago

    I think it is funny how he came up with the business and just because he smokes weed, the board is trying to get him canned.

  69. Shourov Chakma

    Shourov Chakma3 months ago

    Calling Elon a genius or super genius is seriously less describing words. This man is behind Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI ,PayPal and what not ??!!! I mean each of them alone is responsible for changing the history of humanity. And he alone is the brain behind all of them!!!!

  70. Mohammed Abu-Serrieh

    Mohammed Abu-Serrieh3 months ago

    Elon Musk... The Best man I know

  71. Charles Celange

    Charles Celange3 months ago

    I love how all the comments are about positivity it's something you don't see all the time

  72. rokid bay

    rokid bay3 months ago

    tesla will fail sooner or later.

  73. Design Office

    Design Office3 months ago


  74. Kunal Gupta

    Kunal Gupta4 months ago

    Elon is incredible

  75. Sheka Kargbo

    Sheka Kargbo4 months ago

    I want to Be Like You Man

  76. Ventsislav Velev

    Ventsislav Velev4 months ago

    Critics are JOKE haters... When they reach the level of Elon Musk they can speak .. otherwise they can just SHUT THE FK UP!

  77. Toreshammere Celt

    Toreshammere Celt4 months ago

    I can’t stand that woman. I don’t know why she just strikes me as insincere. Elon is Great.

  78. bigbangnone

    bigbangnone5 months ago

    As a design lead, I have been called into companies to implement design and manufacturing processes at all gates of development..... and yes I have seen the same mistake.....bean counter managers who have no experience get rid of good people and buy very expensive conveyor belts and other automation upgrades that often do not work. And don't get me started on the process for determining the correct level of automation..... There are allot of criteria to consider: - Variation of future models - Updates to current models - Cost of manpower and hardware / tooling / Software upgrades at the plant site (assemblers / automation Eng.) Screwing up on the above trade-study can greatly reduce your profit margin :-/ The goal is to optimize / balance the heterogeneous environment in order to stabilize the safety, profit, reliability, function, and performance. If you had someone like on your team, your customers will return for the future gen models.

  79. Solbergpp

    Solbergpp5 months ago

    waiting for the day tesla design an electric superbike

  80. Relic

    Relic5 months ago

    I thought it was Volt not Bolt

  81. Silent Epsilon

    Silent Epsilon4 months ago

    There are both models. The Volt is a Hybrid electric where a gasoline engine runs a generator to recharge the batteries that run the electric motors. The Bolt is 100% electric only, no gasoline engine on board.

  82. Duke Temz

    Duke Temz5 months ago

    ”It’s April fools, people should like lighten up ok.” That's a nightmare quote for stockbrokers

  83. emrah kama

    emrah kama5 months ago

    clever elon musk

  84. funkylee2010

    funkylee20105 months ago

    Everyone should back this man to make a better world 🌎

  85. Leroy Jenkins

    Leroy Jenkins5 months ago

    Not sure how anyone could dislike Elon Musk, he's incredibly humble in the way he speaks and he works "like a dog".

  86. Teemu M.

    Teemu M.5 months ago

    "It should be pretty obvious that I am not going to joke about bankruptcy if I think it is remotely real." This is how me and other nerds think. Being socially incompetent and personally creative and rebellious, that is a tactical mistake and will cause in being excused away by the society.

  87. ferkemall

    ferkemall5 months ago

    See i told you kids what happens when you smoke joints ,look at this guy !

  88. jerrypl2007

    jerrypl20075 months ago

    Wall Street is trying to control Tesla.

  89. paareki

    paareki5 months ago

    A man ahead of his time.

  90. MuffinMan0521

    MuffinMan05215 months ago

    3:39 she telling Musk that she's in the mood...

  91. Samir Vahabov

    Samir Vahabov5 months ago

    ELON MUSK No; 1 ........................

  92. Will Mart

    Will Mart5 months ago

    Can you be my boyfriend? Lol

  93. xcou

    xcou5 months ago

    He seems so cool and down to earth

  94. Bongz 4 Life

    Bongz 4 Life5 months ago

    Best job in the world and doin his best


    CRSOLARoCOM6 months ago

    I would change the nose of the model 3 asap Elon ... make it look a little better.. 2019 models

  96. jok325635

    jok3256356 months ago


  97. August Biernbaum

    August Biernbaum6 months ago

    Dafuq is she wearing

  98. Jason Ingram

    Jason Ingram6 months ago

    The American dream: Elon has incredible intellect and ambition. He's unstoppable. If you can afford it, the American thing to do is BUY TESLA STOCK NOW and hold it. It's about a better cleaner world using renewable sustainable energies.

  99. Cee Los

    Cee Los6 months ago

    This guys a genius

  100. Henry R

    Henry R6 months ago

    *Claims spending night after night in the factory to barely meet production goals is "sustainable"* Yeah, right.

  101. Ted Shirai

    Ted Shirai6 months ago

    Luv the new 3! Let’s make Tesla great again! Go Elon!