Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers rare look inside Model 3 factory


  1. Jahn Kaplank

    Jahn Kaplank2 hours ago

    Elon Musk is the future entrepreneur blueprint.

  2. Sentino Brigante

    Sentino Brigante2 hours ago

    Some media claimed also that Tesla employes got no salary anymore.

  3. Macky Mode

    Macky Mode18 hours ago

    It's a bad sign when the CEO is micro-managing to an extent of sleeping over in a conference room. It means the CEO doesn't have enough trustworthy subordinates to allocate the workload. Bad sign for Tesla.

  4. Toby W

    Toby WDay ago

    “Management by wandering around”

  5. oSJme

    oSJmeDay ago

    Tesla should hire some "Factorio" Experts, they would fix their conveyer belt problems in hours :D

  6. Ingolf By

    Ingolf ByDay ago

    Elon looks tired

  7. roozbeh karimi

    roozbeh karimiDay ago

    Elon is just as well a genius as absolutely cool. 😎

  8. Vincenzo Petrillo

    Vincenzo PetrilloDay ago

    She is so mean!! Leave Elon alone he is the greatest mind of our time!

  9. RustyCowboy27

    RustyCowboy27Day ago

    He’s the GOAT. I love that people doubt him when he’s continuously proved them wrong every time.

  10. whoo else

    whoo elseDay ago

    I heard a lot of racism goes on in his company so i wouldnt spend my money on his stuff.

  11. bobbg

    bobbgDay ago

    On a personal note, I sent him an Email when he was just starting his sports car devision he personally answered it. And explained he was trying to earn enough money to launch a affordable car anyone could buy. I'd like to see this taken a futher step cars that cost less then 10k to buy made of plastics and fiberglass, no fancy electronics just a basic people mover. These types of car could be made as ownership rentals. You keep and use it but if your on a long trip you can pull off to a swap station change cars with a full charge, or swap your power pack and finnish your trip. Swap stations could be all over. You could pay an anual fee for use of the service, you dont have to matain the car its all done for you. This could work for any model any where in the world. No more renting cars when you fly from one state to the other or international travel.

  12. bobbg

    bobbgDay ago

    Is Elon Musk a Robot?

  13. TheFreePantheist

    TheFreePantheist2 days ago

    5:00 No wonder his credit status got downgraded lol

  14. Mama Bear Lioness

    Mama Bear Lioness2 days ago

    Face the fury eyes front

  15. Anthony Mariani

    Anthony Mariani2 days ago

    I really hope these giant auto makers trying to get a piece of the cake like Porsche don't push Tesla out. Tesla took the risk and pioneered this all electric charge station ecosystem with auto pilot. They deserve the success.

  16. Som T

    Som T2 days ago

    I don't hold him to his lack of achievement in keeping up with his promises. Not everything is under our control and things will sometimes go not as planned. But it's the fight that matters and Elon is nothing short of that. You could tell from his face, he's quite sleep deprived and deteriorating. Yet, he keeps fighting. He's definitely a great leader in our modern day world, one who's worth following.

  17. kurikuraconkuritas

    kurikuraconkuritas2 days ago

    I think this interview was made because of that april fools joke.

  18. Vignesh Sivakumar

    Vignesh Sivakumar2 days ago

    He needs to play *Factorio*

  19. Peter Gibbons

    Peter Gibbons2 days ago

    It’s nice to see a successful man be stressed on camera once in a while. Good for him.

  20. Andrew Novitsky

    Andrew Novitsky2 days ago

    lighten up

  21. Jeffrey Twoey

    Jeffrey Twoey2 days ago

    You can tell he hasn't been sleeping

  22. Carlos Suarez

    Carlos Suarez3 days ago

    The truth is computers will never have a mind of their own.... Even complex machine learning algorithms will never produce a self-conscious machine.

  23. Brad Hayden

    Brad Hayden3 days ago

    a old guy at fab shop always use say don't forget calculate the contour of the earth.he was ship builder

  24. Brad Hayden

    Brad Hayden3 days ago

    solar powered sand buggy

  25. Brad Hayden

    Brad Hayden3 days ago

    how bout 4*4 pick up truck

  26. helin iplikçi

    helin iplikçi3 days ago

    Because I'm 24, I'm very embarrassed to say this for a 46-year-old man, but he's so attractive to me.

  27. Ocean Medical Clinic

    Ocean Medical Clinic3 days ago

    TESLA has no auto-pilot. Just paying for hype. All other companies (BMW, Mercedes, Lexus,etc) have better auto-pilot than Tesla

  28. Orion Lopez

    Orion Lopez3 days ago


  29. DIOSpeedDemon

    DIOSpeedDemon3 days ago

    I can Smell the Desperation all the way thru this Computer and I am 12 states away. ..

  30. Pranav Peddinti

    Pranav Peddinti3 days ago

    elon is great

  31. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins3 days ago

    He's honest as to his obstacles, when he gets back on top we love him for his honestly and resiliency. He cares, he's not in denial and he's passionate. There is nothing negative about this interview, if anything it is passionate. Having worked in manufacturing it is NOT glamorous and .... and that's it. Just be honest, passionate, and prove em wrong and all is well.

  32. Bret Lambky

    Bret Lambky3 days ago

    Looks like you need a little lean manufacturing training. Along with some quality engineering. I’ll be happy to help.

  33. Mickey Bitsko

    Mickey Bitsko3 days ago

    Perhaps he should show people around the Model Three that they ordered years ago.

  34. emboltic

    emboltic3 days ago

    Its all trial and error it happens to everyones ideas/visions. Elons vision will be the future just wait.

  35. Dilly Pickle

    Dilly Pickle3 days ago

    3:28 "I Like It Cold!!!"

  36. John Rambo

    John Rambo3 days ago

    This guy has a work ethic that is so impressive that it is a bit funny. I can just imagine walking into the conference room and seeing one of the most rich and intelligent men on the planet, sleeping on a couch. And he's so chill with it that it cracks me up.

  37. Liam Hackett

    Liam Hackett3 days ago

    hes goin bust.

  38. Solexx X

    Solexx X3 days ago

    As usual the media is ragging on Tesla. Tesla will some day be the worlds largest automaker.

  39. Ian Sanderson

    Ian Sanderson3 days ago

    Elon musk is the bomb. He does not need to change anything about his process.

  40. iPhone SEA

    iPhone SEA3 days ago

    Who came here from go-fund me

  41. Walt Thizzney

    Walt Thizzney3 days ago

    Showers on site

  42. Gray Farmer

    Gray Farmer3 days ago

    Oohhh you mean the factory that Elon Musk can't run because he's bankrupt?

  43. Jesus A.

    Jesus A.3 days ago

    Come on Elon! I’m waiting for the future!

  44. Marc

    Marc3 days ago

    He is the Edison/Ford/Hughes of our time. He is changing the world.

  45. Sir Kevin

    Sir Kevin3 days ago

    Elon Musk is a fraud

  46. ricgreen1

    ricgreen13 days ago

    Correction: The Model3 was unveiled in 2016, not July 2017.

  47. St. Beautifulemkcus

    St. Beautifulemkcus3 days ago

    One shift ??? 400 a day ?

  48. St. Beautifulemkcus

    St. Beautifulemkcus3 days ago

    I work in marriage at a GM plant .

  49. 666dynomax

    666dynomax3 days ago

    And meanwhile at the ford and g.m plants............ Crickets


    POWERSZ VLOGSZ3 days ago

    Lol good job my man and yes its really obvious


    POWERSZ VLOGSZ3 days ago

    L9l hes trying to troll the MEDIA

  52. Charles Lawrence

    Charles Lawrence3 days ago

    I love this guy

  53. Gr8ceful Gr8ceful

    Gr8ceful Gr8ceful3 days ago

    I'm impressed... Felt he was quite open and honest about what his concerns are.

  54. Mgtow Cushite

    Mgtow Cushite3 days ago

    Elons problem isn't the fact that his product sucks. His problem is that his investors are forcing him to build his product from a simulated best case scenario situation. Not only is it dangerous to exclude human evaluation from your creation, you essentially are building your item from a cost benefit analysis. When you are building/producing from a technical point of view, it leaves the personal/human element out of the equation. If your product is intended for human consumers, ideally you would need human evaluation on all phases of development. Machines/A.I. can only build through specs that are based off of scenarios that are rational...from a numbers game, which can lead to calamity. If you build from the view from a father who has to transport his wife and children's point of view, then you have a safe product. I hope one day he can avoid the MSM ideals and go toward the ways of tesla.

  55. ssan3257

    ssan32573 days ago

    How can a little boy like this be so damn rich? He is not impressive. His face looks like it is being pulled apart - is that a bad face lift?

  56. MrBgklug

    MrBgklug3 days ago

    Those glasses are terrible, glad she didnt wear them on the tour

  57. Engineer 314

    Engineer 3143 days ago

    “Most automated factory” a certain president isn’t thrilled

  58. Gianluigi Mariano

    Gianluigi Mariano3 days ago

    He’s so awkward and intelligent. My idol

  59. Dotkid 617

    Dotkid 6174 days ago

    Jewish Illuminati Puppet. Nikola Tesla’s work can only be perfected by Nikola Tesla 😎.....

  60. Lisa Glass

    Lisa Glass3 days ago

    Dotkid 617 Elon Musk Is From Africa.. Wtf Are You Talking About??

  61. John Doe

    John Doe4 days ago

    From billionaire wiz-kid to now working at the factory and sleeping in the break room. I didn't realize it had gotten so bad.

  62. JZ

    JZ4 days ago

    Long live Elong Musk!

  63. GLaDOS

    GLaDOS4 days ago

    TOO MANY ROBOTS. This is not luddism. It must take days to spot a bug or malfunction.

  64. nuke018

    nuke0184 days ago

    everyone knows Tesla will bankrupt

  65. southchum101

    southchum1014 days ago

    Tesla is a flop.

  66. Catlily Holmes

    Catlily Holmes4 days ago

    Is Elon Musk okay?

  67. Ace Money

    Ace Money4 days ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-dfL-7uZEEwA.html you won’t regret it👍🏾

  68. Yahya Khan

    Yahya Khan4 days ago

    I wanna see Elon on undercover boss...... 😂😂

  69. Standing Pineapple

    Standing Pineapple4 days ago

    What a man!!!

  70. DJZ

    DJZ4 days ago

    Excellent interview!

  71. DJ King Gersh

    DJ King Gersh4 days ago

    "420" - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - DJ King Ger$h - Full Album - Coming 4/20 mreporter.net/v/video-MyQOtKjlZVc.html

  72. Branimae _

    Branimae _4 days ago

    Elongated muskrat

  73. Ruchik Animations

    Ruchik Animations4 days ago

    Mr. elongated muskrat, are you in league with zucc

  74. William Salazar

    William Salazar4 days ago

    Elon Musk got hair transplant. Amazing what money can do to a person’s image.

  75. captiantim1

    captiantim14 days ago

    call me would love to work on the production line.

  76. bobrobert1123

    bobrobert11234 days ago

    This company would not survive without government subsidies

  77. windaller

    windaller4 days ago


  78. Zane Glenn

    Zane Glenn4 days ago

    I hope Tessa succeeds just b/c of Elon.

  79. Anna Shimova

    Anna Shimova4 days ago

    Spoof on Uber...has this happened to you guys with your drivers? mreporter.net/v/video-pvqym2N_XMM.html

  80. Theshiznitman

    Theshiznitman4 days ago

    Can he not have a sofa bed delivered and in his office in 2 seconds?

  81. guy3480

    guy34804 days ago

    Yo elon can i get a trip to mars before ww3? I aint about it tbh

  82. the Professor

    the Professor4 days ago

    It's too bad someone who's visualizing and building our future has to deal with the numbnuts that only see today's profit margin. Take off the blinders and get some vision Wall Street.

  83. iamAX 830

    iamAX 8304 days ago

    Sleeping on narrow sofa and or the floor is super inspiring ,hard worker, he loves what he doing is seen

  84. Tech Genez

    Tech Genez4 days ago

    Congrats Your Video is Featured on TechGenez.com

  85. TheMrMeff

    TheMrMeff4 days ago

    He needs to update his assembly machines to assembly 3s and inserters to stack inverters. Perhaps get some speed 3 beacons also.

  86. Dancehall Daily

    Dancehall Daily4 days ago

    She can get it that's all I'm going to say

  87. 4c1dr3fl3x

    4c1dr3fl3x4 days ago

    Hahahaha, bless you Elon. Way to troll EVERYONE. Now take a nap, dude. We can't afford to have you brainfried, and you look like you just had a 2 week Vegas bender.

  88. AgeDrain

    AgeDrain4 days ago

    You say you doin' work, but you're asking where the couch at How you doin' work when you asking where the couch at? -NF

  89. fatboy19831

    fatboy198314 days ago

    3:40 Hmmmmmm..

  90. Юрий Коваленок

    Юрий Коваленок4 days ago

    How many it is necessary to have the likes of MReporter to buy a Tesla car X-model?



    Sleeping on the couch to make sure his business succeeds. That's why this guy is worth billions.

  92. BeUnotATVrobot

    BeUnotATVrobot4 days ago

    we should call a car, Brainwashed TV Robot, after everybody, because that's what we're turning into

  93. sho942000

    sho9420004 days ago

    This guy is such a hack. The love for him and Tesla is cult like. Tesla makes garbage and Musk doesn't have the first clue how to build a automobile. 15 years and Tesla has yet to turn a profit. Tesla is a disaster.

  94. luis gaspar

    luis gaspar4 days ago

    I don’t know about all the critiques here, but for this company(Less than 10yrsOld?) to achieve what is has, that speaks a ton. To build cars at such a scale and at the same time working its space programs, it’s remarkable . I think the work it’s done in such a small time speaks for itself on how remarkable this company is.

  95. Tech Stream

    Tech Stream4 days ago

    There's a chemistry between those two

  96. Gabriel Land

    Gabriel Land4 days ago

    He's going to need to market to the low end buyer at some point or his business is going to fizzle

  97. Two Niner

    Two Niner4 days ago

    I just sat in a Model 3 yesterday, the car is incredible! My first impression is that the paradigm of transportation has changed forever. There's a revolution about to occur before our eyes in automobile manufacturing, design, & maintenance. The design aesthetic of the Model 3 surpasses and is unlike any other vehicle I've been in: a spacious interior with ample legroom and headroom (I am 6'4 and sat in the front seat while by chance another 6'4 person sat behind me with no issues), a full battery each morning with 310 miles of range, panoramic roof, over the air software updates, and all powered by the solar panels on the roof of my house. Goodbye oil cartels, oil barons, and oil changes. These are fascinating times we live in!

  98. Odelia S

    Odelia S4 days ago

    someone straighten Elon's back pls


    GODJOEY4 days ago

    "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God." Mark- 10:25

  100. nick_98

    nick_984 days ago

    He knows he has to go back out on the PR campaign because his company is failing

  101. gtq838

    gtq8384 days ago

    It should be noted musks goal was never stated to be 5000 cars january 1. It was originally 5000 at end of 2018... 2018 still has 9 months. His second goal was 10000 per week by 2020. Ultamately he will acheive because people will keep backing an honest intelligent innovator. The nay sayers be damned.