Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers rare look inside Model 3 factory


  1. Angelo Perez

    Angelo Perez5 hours ago

    My God in Heaven is awesome! Glory to him

  2. Jubenal Espinoza

    Jubenal Espinoza3 days ago

    Hes a good man he cares about the economy

  3. superman4ever1986

    superman4ever19863 days ago

    Genius. The thing about people like that is that people will always criticize. There vision is beyond the present.

  4. Rajesh  Kumar

    Rajesh Kumar4 days ago

    Elon ur making history...d legendary car companies are already in stress..d indefinable man ..I am watching him closely since his entry..d pain he is gng through is humangous ... people have to support him..love musk from India ...we r waiting........

  5. bLitzKrieg

    bLitzKrieg4 days ago

    started with paypal now were here, i remember when he was getting his mclaren, looks like some of those lines brushed of on tesla

  6. Torjus HT

    Torjus HT4 days ago

    A car crash made the news, amazing. Just one question...why?

  7. Titedie

    Titedie4 days ago


  8. Mark Williams

    Mark Williams5 days ago

    This guy is a beast mode!

  9. Dark Matr

    Dark Matr5 days ago

    I really hope the media makes him look better now instead of hating. Elon is the best

  10. Thuperman

    Thuperman5 days ago

    Next, Iron Man

  11. ichdichhasserwasser

    ichdichhasserwasser5 days ago

    Lol I love this guy, so modest

  12. Javier Gabriel

    Javier Gabriel6 days ago

    And then they kicked him off as chairman. After all hes done.

  13. Chaosdude341

    Chaosdude3416 days ago

    Elon is the GOAT.

  14. gblueslover2

    gblueslover26 days ago

    Henry Ford went through tough trial and errors too... This guy is nothing SHORT of amazing. American ingenuity at it's FINEST. We are witnessing REAL CHANGE here for the better🙂😎

  15. Maleick Fleming

    Maleick Fleming6 days ago

    Elon about to bring on a lot of the people GM is laying off and have them and their experience lead the way

  16. Wabzy

    Wabzy6 days ago

    pblished 13 of april.... ofc this doesnt mean anything ;p

  17. 0Guiltyone0

    0Guiltyone06 days ago

    all these little news networks always seem to try to make him look bad..

  18. talin nalo

    talin nalo7 days ago


  19. Backwoods Boyz

    Backwoods Boyz7 days ago

    I think it is funny how he came up with the business and just because he smokes weed, the board is trying to get him canned.

  20. Shourov Chakma

    Shourov Chakma7 days ago

    Calling Elon a genius or super genius is seriously less describing words. This man is behind Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI ,PayPal and what not ??!!! I mean each of them alone is responsible for changing the history of humanity. And he alone is the brain behind all of them!!!!

  21. Mohammed Abu-Serrieh

    Mohammed Abu-Serrieh8 days ago

    Elon Musk... The Best man I know

  22. Charles Celange

    Charles Celange8 days ago

    I love how all the comments are about positivity it's something you don't see all the time

  23. rokid bay

    rokid bay8 days ago

    tesla will fail sooner or later.

  24. Design Office

    Design Office19 days ago


  25. Kunal Gupta

    Kunal GuptaMonth ago

    Elon is incredible

  26. ModestDavid

    ModestDavidMonth ago

    So when's the lower class and middle class going to get an electric car that not only the rich can afford? Like seriously it doesn't need to be named Tesla nor does it have to be ridiculously fast like the teslas, you really don't need all that power anyways unless your in race compitions so why not make a less powerful electric motor if cost is an issue? Electric should be taking over by now as long as that technology has been out now but we still getting cars that run on gas in 2018?

  27. Sheka Kargbo

    Sheka KargboMonth ago

    I want to Be Like You Man

  28. Ventsislav Velev

    Ventsislav VelevMonth ago

    Critics are JOKE haters... When they reach the level of Elon Musk they can speak .. otherwise they can just SHUT THE FK UP!

  29. Toreshammere Celt

    Toreshammere CeltMonth ago

    I can’t stand that woman. I don’t know why she just strikes me as insincere. Elon is Great.

  30. bigbangnone

    bigbangnoneMonth ago

    As a design lead, I have been called into companies to implement design and manufacturing processes at all gates of development..... and yes I have seen the same mistake.....bean counter managers who have no experience get rid of good people and buy very expensive conveyor belts and other automation upgrades that often do not work. And don't get me started on the process for determining the correct level of automation..... There are allot of criteria to consider: - Variation of future models - Updates to current models - Cost of manpower and hardware / tooling / Software upgrades at the plant site (assemblers / automation Eng.) Screwing up on the above trade-study can greatly reduce your profit margin :-/ The goal is to optimize / balance the heterogeneous environment in order to stabilize the safety, profit, reliability, function, and performance. If you had someone like on your team, your customers will return for the future gen models.

  31. Solbergpp

    SolbergppMonth ago

    waiting for the day tesla design an electric superbike

  32. Relic

    RelicMonth ago

    I thought it was Volt not Bolt

  33. Silent Epsilon

    Silent EpsilonMonth ago

    There are both models. The Volt is a Hybrid electric where a gasoline engine runs a generator to recharge the batteries that run the electric motors. The Bolt is 100% electric only, no gasoline engine on board.

  34. Duke Temz

    Duke TemzMonth ago

    ”It’s April fools, people should like lighten up ok.” That's a nightmare quote for stockbrokers

  35. emrah kama

    emrah kama2 months ago

    clever elon musk

  36. funkylee2010

    funkylee20102 months ago

    Everyone should back this man to make a better world 🌎

  37. Leroy Jenkins

    Leroy Jenkins2 months ago

    Not sure how anyone could dislike Elon Musk, he's incredibly humble in the way he speaks and he works "like a dog".

  38. Teemu M.

    Teemu M.2 months ago

    "It should be pretty obvious that I am not going to joke about bankruptcy if I think it is remotely real." This is how me and other nerds think. Being socially incompetent and personally creative and rebellious, that is a tactical mistake and will cause in being excused away by the society.

  39. ferkemall

    ferkemall2 months ago

    See i told you kids what happens when you smoke joints ,look at this guy !

  40. jerrypl2007

    jerrypl20072 months ago

    Wall Street is trying to control Tesla.

  41. paareki

    paareki2 months ago

    A man ahead of his time.

  42. MuffinMan0521

    MuffinMan05212 months ago

    3:39 she telling Musk that she's in the mood...

  43. Samir Vahabov

    Samir Vahabov2 months ago

    ELON MUSK No; 1 ........................

  44. Will Mart

    Will Mart2 months ago

    Can you be my boyfriend? Lol

  45. xcou

    xcou2 months ago

    He seems so cool and down to earth

  46. Bongz 4 Life

    Bongz 4 Life2 months ago

    Best job in the world and doin his best


    CRSOLARoCOM2 months ago

    I would change the nose of the model 3 asap Elon ... make it look a little better.. 2019 models

  48. jok325635

    jok3256352 months ago


  49. August Biernbaum

    August Biernbaum3 months ago

    Dafuq is she wearing

  50. Jason Ingram

    Jason Ingram3 months ago

    The American dream: Elon has incredible intellect and ambition. He's unstoppable. If you can afford it, the American thing to do is BUY TESLA STOCK NOW and hold it. It's about a better cleaner world using renewable sustainable energies.

  51. Cee Los

    Cee Los3 months ago

    This guys a genius

  52. Henry R

    Henry R3 months ago

    *Claims spending night after night in the factory to barely meet production goals is "sustainable"* Yeah, right.

  53. Ted Shirai

    Ted Shirai3 months ago

    Luv the new 3! Let’s make Tesla great again! Go Elon!

  54. bobby skully

    bobby skully3 months ago

    It’s crazy how he kind of talks like a robot.

  55. DU 20Austin

    DU 20Austin3 months ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-UXh13J2LlXs.html?t=6s elon getting high too bad the stock price is not

  56. Sojiro 176

    Sojiro 1763 months ago

    Love his attitude towards everything!

  57. Run The Atlas

    Run The Atlas3 months ago

    I hope he takes care of himself. That's a hard business

  58. Nova BigStar

    Nova BigStar3 months ago

    People need to realize electric cars HAVE to be the future. The pains Tesla are going through are inevitable and necessary for our country, technology and the world. A car industry built on fossil fuels HAS to be phased out.

  59. Bill A

    Bill A3 months ago

    At 0:40 "What's the hardest part, pre-marriage, marriage, post-marriage?" ... Errr, the divorce you silly! Tsk tsk

  60. Seth Addict

    Seth Addict3 months ago

    1,000,000 views "rare"

  61. Soso Mama

    Soso Mama3 months ago

    6:10 and why the fark would he lie about that? What the heck? He’s not a journalist okay?

  62. Erik

    Erik3 months ago

    I believe every word Gayle says. I'm an Oprah lemming.

  63. Miss Controllerism

    Miss Controllerism3 months ago

    In musk we trust

  64. issaciams

    issaciams3 months ago

    I really want Tesla and Elon Musk to succeed!!!

  65. Randy Severino

    Randy Severino4 months ago

    The reason Electric cars have not been mainstream is that it is very expensive to manufacture and the electricity still needs to come from somewhere and it is difficult to store. there is no free lunch. I saw this coming years ago. . the reason Elon Musk was somewhat successful is that he had billions of dollars to play with from the sale of Pay pay and getting investors hooked on an Idea. The only thing keeping electric cars alive are the government subsades. don't forget that 3 drops of gasoline are equivalent to a stick of dynamite!! that is very hard to beat in terms of energy storage. I know gas is dirty, but it packs more energy in one gallon than any other thing available right now.

  66. mike dundee

    mike dundee4 months ago

    Mainstream is dumb. Stupid presenter. People eternally stuck inside the box saying they like outside the box. Yeah right.

  67. Smart European Investors

    Smart European Investors4 months ago

    Can't really decide between Elon Musk VS Jeff Bezos.. What do you guys think?

  68. bill nipp

    bill nipp4 months ago

    Ok but dont just throw them together now to pump them out faster Gungho!

  69. Kriptiik

    Kriptiik4 months ago

    I really love this company and it inspired me to make a song about it ... Listen to "Tesla" in my channel !!!

  70. vivid color

    vivid color4 months ago


  71. Iriss Abyss

    Iriss Abyss4 months ago

    5:31 that uncomfortable smile that everyone can relate to

  72. anantha ramayya

    anantha ramayya4 months ago

    april fools great

  73. Pasha Pasovski

    Pasha Pasovski4 months ago

    Just the fact he used Tesla and not Edison, makes him real, in my eyes!

  74. frank odonnell

    frank odonnell4 months ago


  75. Eltryan

    Eltryan4 months ago

    Today Telsa produces 5000 tesla model 3 per week.

  76. Noel

    Noel4 months ago

    Great Visionary ! All hail Tesla 👍💪

  77. craig black

    craig black4 months ago

    Whys he not happy 2k cars a week is crazy for a car so high tech tesla is no ford

  78. Deadpool Lee

    Deadpool Lee4 months ago

    Man a lot buttsuckers in the comments. Look at all the failures the owners talk about.

  79. James Sempy

    James Sempy4 months ago

    there is a housing shortage in the area. could be robots looking for flats to rent ??

  80. captiantim1

    captiantim14 months ago

    Changing the world 1 car at a time , I would never doubt this man's passion for innovation

  81. tokenjoy

    tokenjoy4 months ago

    Elon Musk interviewed by an idiot.

  82. kwang-won Chung

    kwang-won Chung4 months ago

    People are going to be talking about Elon a 100 years later...

  83. SteveTheFlyer

    SteveTheFlyer4 months ago

    Old news

  84. Minarose

    Minarose4 months ago

    yes it was funny!



    If you're look to get into the stock market and your look for a solid money maker buy in TESLA

  86. Mark S

    Mark S4 months ago

    Take away the government subsidies and Tesla goes away. I say stop the subsidies!

  87. antonio volpe

    antonio volpe4 months ago

    I would be honored to work for Elon

  88. Elon Musk Motivation

    Elon Musk Motivation4 months ago

    Elon for President 🚀

  89. Frankie Garc

    Frankie Garc4 months ago

    Tesla rocks 👍👍👍👍

  90. Just Me

    Just Me4 months ago

    Love Tesla he is good for the planet and I love this new tehnologi👍👍👍 aspeciale this electryc cars maybe I will have one on the future!!!

  91. TheJammer765

    TheJammer7654 months ago

    This man is a visionary. I am so thankful for his contribution to society. His company may not be perfect but its made such an impact that its moving the industry toward EV.

  92. Tutu Tutu

    Tutu Tutu4 months ago

    I really don't think people understand that he's stressed because he knows it's possible. Isn't that the reason why he's WORKING HARD. C'mon! Basics! ladies and gentlemen, basics.

  93. Kalpna Pachauri

    Kalpna Pachauri4 months ago

    he is dying to change the fortune of the wold. but for whom ? those who don't understand what revolutionary figure he is.

  94. eDrive

    eDrive4 months ago

    just the future electric transportation.

  95. BetHer2Game

    BetHer2Game4 months ago

    Honestly, Elon is the CEO of the people and millennials

  96. Nucci604

    Nucci6044 months ago

    We just hit 7000 a week a few weeks ago ;) and the momentum is going well.

  97. DR Ir M

    DR Ir M4 months ago

    Musk is an arrogant guy Shame on you and all those shareholders of his projects

  98. Michael Choe

    Michael Choe5 months ago

    Tesla has a good problem. People are literally giving money to Tesla, but they're unable to take it fast enough

  99. che Guevara

    che Guevara5 months ago

    My respects and admiration for this man.

  100. Jose M

    Jose M5 months ago

    i gott your back

  101. Nelly Vöhringer

    Nelly Vöhringer5 months ago

    Always transparent and competent! That's the reason for us to buy a lot of this cars for our rental company!