Tesla 2018


  1. TECH

    TECH7 hours ago

    Tesla got some good editing

  2. Codex has bad name

    Codex has bad nameDay ago

    Tesla's marketing is incredibly effective. Not only by style of their advertisements or Elon Musk's naturally influential personality. Also their ability to create ongoing excitement for a car brand pushing towards the steep edge of the future. Well done Tesla.

  3. alien boyz

    alien boyz2 days ago

    Awesome....music is kick @ss. I must have watched this video 1000 times. Sweetness!!!

  4. Sajjad Khan

    Sajjad Khan3 days ago

    Dum Tesla

  5. Max Coughlin

    Max Coughlin4 days ago

    I’ve watched this an unhealthy amount of times...

  6. D. C.

    D. C.6 days ago

    the transport of energy s the key to the future although the future is collapsing because of ignorance

  7. Robert G

    Robert G7 days ago


  8. Martin Woods

    Martin Woods8 days ago


  9. Fortnite Noobs

    Fortnite Noobs9 days ago

    10 months later the model y Is coming 🙃

  10. Sannanymous

    Sannanymous9 days ago

    aiiiieeeee, tooo wide for my eyes.... that model y be stretched... right?

  11. Dark Forester

    Dark Forester9 days ago


  12. Golden Retriever

    Golden Retriever10 days ago

    I wonder what Tesla 2019 would be like

  13. Quality Antics

    Quality Antics15 days ago

    why is the screen so small!

  14. Filip Kremla

    Filip Kremla22 days ago

    VERY GOOD :)

  15. KJ Van Roy

    KJ Van Roy23 days ago


  16. Sabi Abraham

    Sabi Abraham25 days ago

    IS there gonna be a Tesla 2019 video??

  17. Galaxy Abu

    Galaxy Abu27 days ago

    Can i have 1 for free?

  18. Александр Соколовский

    Александр Соколовский21 day ago

    Galaxy Abu yeah sure

  19. Elon Musk _

    Elon Musk _28 days ago

    1 000 000 times better than youtube rewind 2018!

  20. DassVeryGood

    DassVeryGood29 days ago


  21. gypsydanger

    gypsydangerMonth ago

    2025 is when I will buy the roadster.

  22. Andy Slye

    Andy SlyeMonth ago

    Already preparing my body for the "Tesla 2019" video.

  23. Aryaman Verma

    Aryaman VermaMonth ago

    Holy- *Tesla logo*

  24. Andrei Andrei

    Andrei AndreiMonth ago

    Можно смотреть бесконечно)

  25. Jose Cristopher Gonzalez Morales

    Jose Cristopher Gonzalez MoralesMonth ago


  26. Nicolas Tirris

    Nicolas TirrisMonth ago

    Goodbye to the dinosaurs of GMH, Ford and all the rest that said it couldn't be done! Long live Tesla and Elon Musk!

  27. Μανος Δρυγιαννακης

    Μανος ΔρυγιαννακηςMonth ago


  28. Random Viewer

    Random ViewerMonth ago

    They need sensors on the doors to detect if something's there if ppl use the remote just like how elevator door detects things I really love the features of Tesla's cars but they need door sensors..

  29. James B

    James BMonth ago

    Random Viewer they have them

  30. Erik Scott

    Erik ScottMonth ago

    Great Video for Presentations

  31. Destroy The Web

    Destroy The WebMonth ago

    Imma start mining bitcoins rn so when I'm 18 I can buy a Tesla.

  32. Itsuchi2

    Itsuchi22 months ago

    Cannot wait for *Tesla 2019* to drop!

  33. Saori Kimura

    Saori Kimura2 months ago

    You guys are amazing!!

  34. dangster boi

    dangster boi2 months ago

    Linus tech tips at 0:58


    DARKNINJAMonth ago

    That's not him

  36. Rupesh Patel

    Rupesh Patel2 months ago

    This Tesla referral link will get you six months of free Supercharging on Model S, Model X or Model 3: ts.la/rupesh7821

  37. highlights Bottle flip nbanflnhl

    highlights Bottle flip nbanflnhl2 months ago

    No one will buy anything but a Tesla if they use my newly designed energy source. I would go into specifics but i want to offer the concept to tesla first.

  38. Kaveesha Weerasinghe

    Kaveesha Weerasinghe2 months ago

    Tesla sucks

  39. randomideas 779

    randomideas 7792 months ago

    OMG!! Tesla looks so sporty and fun to drive!!!😘😍😂

  40. gadan

    gadan2 months ago

    Where’s “Tesla 2019”.

  41. Wakib Zamal

    Wakib Zamal2 months ago

    Make alon musk run for u.s presidentship

  42. Jerryl Drope Delgado

    Jerryl Drope Delgado2 months ago

    Tesla Is A Hyperspeed! YOu Know What? Ill Just Buy Tesla Instead.

  43. y1neo

    y1neo2 months ago

    Who is she!.....’33 seconds ??

  44. Legion

    Legion2 months ago

    Bad ass right!

  45. Ipak Malla

    Ipak Malla2 months ago

    Tesla is not open booking for our Country Nepal. I am big fan of Tesla motors. i want to visit Tesla production lines.

  46. Musi A

    Musi A2 months ago

    I like how at the end the woman is like holy shi- and the telsa logo finishes here sentence for her😂

  47. Teslafaninsight

    Teslafaninsight2 months ago

    Horses running above gigafactory unique

  48. Nolex Dead Agency

    Nolex Dead Agency2 months ago

    SpaceX / elon musk viewers watch this


    RHIANN GACUSAN2 months ago



    DARKNINJAMonth ago

    Tesla is an American companie Out of Fremont Cal.


    DARKNINJAMonth ago

    What the hell do you mean Japan

  52. Saad Chaudhry

    Saad Chaudhry2 months ago

    Such an awesome hype vid. Looking forward to the next one in 2019, preferably with more of the roadster "holy sh*t!" moments, haha.

  53. AJ STUDD

    AJ STUDD2 months ago

    Can anybody tell me the name of music used?

  54. 何忠豪

    何忠豪2 months ago

    holy shi Tesla

  55. Do primeiro ao ultimo

    Do primeiro ao ultimo2 months ago


  56. 코스모틱 CosmotiC

    코스모틱 CosmotiC2 months ago

    ×××× ××

  57. Jack Rollan

    Jack Rollan3 months ago

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  58. Jungle Jim

    Jungle Jim3 months ago

    How about installing a fire suppression system in your lithium battery toys? And make people aware how dangerous lithium is. It explodes with exposure to oxygen. The fire cant be put out with water or foam.etc. HOW ABOUT TESLA PAYS FOR EVERY FIRE TRUCK WORLD-WIDE TO BE INSTALLED WITH THE PROPER CHEMICALS TO FIGHT LITHIUM FIRES???

  59. Khalifa Mohammad

    Khalifa Mohammad3 months ago


  60. Jojisvacation

    Jojisvacation3 months ago


  61. epic

    epic3 months ago

    I wish Elon musk and tesla would get into real self-sustainability by open sourcing their technology and designs, instead of continuing to perpetuate commercial licensing or patenting and hoarding human technology. That's not very self-sustainable now is it Elon? !DA

  62. Tikho

    Tikho3 months ago

    +epic patents.justia.com/company/tesla Could've just googled it yourself like a normal person but okay.

  63. epic

    epic3 months ago

    +Tikho you have a link to those public patents?

  64. Tikho

    Tikho3 months ago

    Um...the patents are public...

  65. Welly

    Welly3 months ago

    Tesla guys and girls...I know your R&D dept is geared up to automobile batteries...do you think there could be a spin off here...making smaller batteries for other products...or car body paint that can convert sunlight in to stored energy like solar panels...

  66. taufik encnew

    taufik encnew3 months ago


  67. Itsuchi2

    Itsuchi23 months ago

    Here for my weekly viewing.

  68. yeee mee hehe

    yeee mee hehe3 months ago

    Black bars are just a bit too much


    DARKNINJAMonth ago

    +Mridul Sasikumar its gonna be the opposite

  70. Mridul Sasikumar

    Mridul Sasikumar3 months ago

    Our phones in the future are gonna be like that

  71. Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa3 months ago

    It's ultra-wide format.

  72. Rob Bob

    Rob Bob3 months ago

    This is why I pray to our lord and saviour Elon Musk. (Full name: Elongated Mustkrat.)

  73. GreensAndBeansGaming

    GreensAndBeansGaming3 months ago

    How long till self charging cars?

  74. 「Nifty Thrifty」

    「Nifty Thrifty」3 months ago

    713 Diesel car-buyers disliked.

  75. Karl Themel

    Karl Themel3 months ago

    Nicola Tesla is the role model, not Thomas Edison. Nicola Tesla has been abused by people like Thomas Edison.

  76. JunkBoat

    JunkBoat3 months ago

    i’m waiting for Tesla 2030

  77. Mr. D BOI

    Mr. D BOI3 months ago

    Still grabs you by the

  78. sunsolarman

    sunsolarman4 months ago

    Hello Tesla, when are you going to build a commercial cargo van with a solar roof? Are you going to compete with Mercedes esprinter? Best!!

  79. Lyre Group

    Lyre Group4 months ago

    Tesla is giving away 100 Tesla Model 3 to a 100 people who will be chosen from the first 5000 members to join by subscribing this MReporter Channel. BE AMONG THE FIRST 5000 MEMBERS. mreporter.net/block-UCNQcIYfmKmyIxGjRPQKGnLg

  80. Lance Hondrade

    Lance Hondrade4 months ago

    Demons roar, Teslas soar.

  81. memetheif_5

    memetheif_54 months ago

    is that the final look for the roadster interior?

  82. B787 Dreamliner

    B787 Dreamliner4 months ago

    Wait? I have new siblings?

  83. Young Yun

    Young Yun4 months ago

    Love Tesla!!!!!

  84. hotrizzle15

    hotrizzle154 months ago

    Performance Model 3 is a BMW Hunter/Killer

  85. Shashank gupta

    Shashank gupta4 months ago

    amazing video, i want to work in Tesla now!

  86. SEC G

    SEC G4 months ago


  87. Toaster Ghost

    Toaster Ghost4 months ago

    dear Tesla please make a model m motorcycle thanks Tesla I love your electric cars

  88. Jake DuRapau

    Jake DuRapau4 months ago

    Who else would gladly accept the Tesla semi as a daily driver?

  89. John Smith

    John Smith4 months ago

    I ordered a roadster 6 hours after the intro last Nov. 2017 The Model S I drove is faster than my Porsches. Can't wait to blow by ANYTHING on the road. ANYTHING!!

  90. Sniping Duck

    Sniping Duck4 months ago


  91. Heinrich Bestbier

    Heinrich Bestbier4 months ago

    The soundtrack is by a band called "The Seige" this is the instrumental version , the original is even better , great band:mreporter.net/v/video-vPBR2C4jUDo.html

  92. Andrew anderson

    Andrew anderson4 months ago

    Ford says Talk doesn’t get things done. Building does. I guess we know who’s talking and who’s building.

  93. Handsome Beluga Whale

    Handsome Beluga Whale4 months ago


  94. ThirtyFour34

    ThirtyFour344 months ago

    Holy Shi - Tesla logo Demonetized

  95. sboomb

    sboomb5 months ago

    Come on Elon, tomorrow is the day..Destroy the shorts..Long Tesla!!!

  96. Albert Tan

    Albert Tan5 months ago

    It's 2018 turning to 2019 and the world is still in the amazement of coplanar cars.

  97. Max KrayZ

    Max KrayZ5 months ago

    Wish I could afford a tesla

  98. Smart fresh

    Smart fresh5 months ago

    I have a model x

  99. Smart fresh

    Smart fresh5 months ago

    I know

  100. Nora I.

    Nora I.5 months ago

    You're lucky...

  101. Eduardo Knoch

    Eduardo Knoch5 months ago

    So cool!!!! Congratulations again Tesla :D

  102. Jf Crevier

    Jf Crevier5 months ago

    Nicolas Tesla would be very proud

  103. TfGamess

    TfGamessMonth ago


  104. Mayra Esparza

    Mayra Esparza5 months ago


  105. Mayra Esparza

    Mayra Esparza5 months ago

    The car of my dreams ❤❤❤❤❤

  106. Mayra Esparza

    Mayra Esparza5 months ago

    Whats his name on 0:34?

  107. Legion

    Legion4 months ago


  108. Legion

    Legion4 months ago

    Her name

  109. Mayra Esparza

    Mayra Esparza5 months ago

    Not 1:34 its 0:34

  110. Legion

    Legion3 months ago

    Her I am a girl.

  111. Mayra Esparza

    Mayra Esparza5 months ago

    1:34 tbh he looked cute af

  112. Legion

    Legion3 months ago

    I am not a boy

  113. Legion

    Legion4 months ago


  114. Mayra Esparza

    Mayra Esparza5 months ago

    The car of my dreams ❤❤❤

  115. not sure

    not sure5 months ago

    I want a Tesla but I'm poor... Hope to get one before i die

  116. Saifu Nazer

    Saifu Nazer5 months ago

    tesla come in India,kerala...

  117. Robinhood Bulls

    Robinhood Bulls5 months ago

    I really like Elon Musk.

  118. f.c rap

    f.c rap5 months ago


  119. Aditya Rudra Pandey

    Aditya Rudra Pandey5 months ago

    1:34 Go ROADSTER!

  120. LarryDEpic Gamer

    LarryDEpic Gamer5 months ago

    Can't lie this whole production gave me goosebumps.