Tesla 2018


  1. Alex the sceptile Gaming

    Alex the sceptile Gaming2 hours ago

    Just got model x

  2. Vishwa Bhai

    Vishwa Bhai4 hours ago

    Make Tesla unit,#chennai, India

  3. King ppp

    King ppp7 hours ago

    Tesla Roadster 2020 interior looks crazy 1:05

  4. Bagels4Purchase

    Bagels4Purchase8 hours ago

    What service work would you ever need on one of those?

  5. Leviathan Tice

    Leviathan Tice12 hours ago

    My guess is the model s gen two is under that sheet.

  6. the rooster

    the rooster14 hours ago

    Soros owned tesla can now go screw it's globalist self


    THE SPLAT PLAYZ20 hours ago

    this is awesome

  8. fachrul fachrulrizal

    fachrul fachrulrizalDay ago

    Please come to Indonesian

  9. madhes

    madhesDay ago

    What is that music track??!



    Ending..! 🙌🏼 holy SHI... T.

  11. Jorge Alonso Zafra

    Jorge Alonso Zafra2 days ago

    Quiero uno, y un tejado fotovoltaico

  12. Sirusdark

    Sirusdark2 days ago

    LinkedIn brought me here... :D

  13. Andy Valdivia

    Andy Valdivia2 days ago

    That .... Was EPIC

  14. Yashua Fradkin

    Yashua Fradkin2 days ago

    This is America

  15. Jerry Man

    Jerry Man2 days ago

    You give us a 1080p video where half of the video is just black bars. xD

  16. William Wesemann

    William Wesemann2 days ago


  17. Cloud Jordan

    Cloud Jordan3 days ago

    Please next time include your SpaceX Project with your TESLA IN THE SPACE SHIP

  18. Devon Kabus

    Devon Kabus3 days ago

    the new apple

  19. aniq naseem

    aniq naseem3 days ago

    Tesla have u seen the new Mercedes benz

  20. Filipus Adendum

    Filipus Adendum3 days ago

    Tesla 2018 = *Bankruptcy*

  21. Sputter Stop#92

    Sputter Stop#923 days ago

    Model $ rules!

  22. Amey

    Amey3 days ago

    pls. launch in india we need you tesla!!!!!

  23. Isaac E.

    Isaac E.3 days ago

    The music makes me want to plan a bank heist

  24. carlos quijano

    carlos quijano3 days ago

    gasoline Cars with keyless start systems are so dangerous that they have already killed 28 people

  25. Andrei Cesmegi

    Andrei Cesmegi3 days ago

    I didn't get the car engine noise towards the end of the video... What was that? What is wrong with the video editor? Come on man, let go off old habbits... this is not a V8. This is future right here in the present. This is present, let the past at the past!

  26. Caprano

    Caprano3 days ago

    electric cars would be good for the environment

  27. Connor Knapp

    Connor Knapp3 days ago

    Wow that’s all

  28. stock fish

    stock fish3 days ago

    what's all the hate? #lol media ( starlink coming at you ) :))

  29. vawlkus

    vawlkus3 days ago

    I want that song for my playlist

  30. yolofungamez

    yolofungamez3 days ago


  31. Porche Mcghee

    Porche Mcghee3 days ago

    You people made the best and safest teslas

  32. Charlie Lainez

    Charlie Lainez3 days ago

    I'm going to work so hard, to get the Tesla Roaster, doesn't matter how many years I have to save up I'm getting it. Mark my words.

  33. Roberto Roque

    Roberto Roque3 days ago

    Nice video my brother in the video💯💪👍🙏

  34. ka feu

    ka feu3 days ago

    The only one advertsiment, that i klicked more than 5 times. Greetings from Germany

  35. SylvainOz

    SylvainOz3 days ago

    Petrol lobby, sorry you have lost!

  36. CubiX

    CubiX3 days ago

    What kind of aspect ratio is that xD my screen is 21:9 and i still see gigantic black bars, wtf ?!

  37. TheVideoGameGuy1

    TheVideoGameGuy13 days ago

    *Tesla needs to make an electric bus*

  38. Alan Foster

    Alan Foster3 days ago

    Several companies already making (and selling them). Better for Tesla to focus on the semi.

  39. Azenix

    Azenix3 days ago

    Why are there just floating wheels in the background at 1:17?

  40. Jakub Dvořák

    Jakub Dvořák4 days ago

    Song: "Don't Fall Asleep" - The Seige

  41. mj k

    mj k4 days ago

    Congratulations on the million views 🤩👍

  42. CabooseEcho

    CabooseEcho4 days ago

    Elon will be the equivalent to Albert einstein when I have kids

  43. Coco Coco

    Coco Coco4 days ago

    Legends has it that this video was made electric...

  44. Subhash Bayireddy

    Subhash Bayireddy4 days ago

    The music is dope.

  45. Shahab Jaberansari

    Shahab Jaberansari4 days ago

    This is the most badass video from the most badass green company ever!

  46. HQMix

    HQMix4 days ago

    This bubble burst will be so sad :/

  47. tbyte

    tbyte4 days ago

    Can't stop watching it ffs :)

  48. Dylan Maggott

    Dylan Maggott4 days ago

    Would like to see how Porsche's mission e will compete with Tesla.

  49. Dylan Maggott

    Dylan Maggott3 days ago

    Alan Foster I'm guessing it will be priced just above the panamera

  50. Alan Foster

    Alan Foster3 days ago

    Will be interesting to see the mission e pricing.

  51. krunal patil

    krunal patil4 days ago

    Now roadster is faster than chiron


    CODMASTA5 days ago

    I really hope Tesla gets bankrupt for some reason. I hate seeing the world ditch real cars, and start using gay electric toys. Yeah i know change is inevitable, but nothing will ever come close to the noise and feel of a real gasoline/diesel car.


    CODMASTA3 days ago

    i know, thats why i said change is inevitable. but still, a car doesn't even come close to what riding a horse feels like. That's why people still race and ride horses. It just makes me sad seeing the world going away from real cars, and instead prefer driving electric toys

  54. Alan Foster

    Alan Foster3 days ago

    Substitute "horse" for "car".

  55. The5GIO5

    The5GIO55 days ago

    Prefer anime music

  56. HeHe7331

    HeHe73315 days ago

    Music: The Seige

  57. reshma kumari

    reshma kumari5 days ago

    tesla v100

  58. ghostrider_200

    ghostrider_2005 days ago

    The seige

  59. antony kolony

    antony kolony5 days ago

    ...Chris Brown-Fine China

  60. Daniel Spajic

    Daniel Spajic5 days ago

    what song is this?

  61. Gab Formoso

    Gab Formoso5 days ago

    Please become a main brand here in the Philippines. I rarely see Tesla cars here.

  62. Dylan C.

    Dylan C.5 days ago

    I'm about ☝☝ close to shipping Tesla and Goolge.

  63. NickGrifStudios6000

    NickGrifStudios60005 days ago

    Elon is making so cool stuff

  64. Abide Serene

    Abide Serene5 days ago


  65. I'LL do THAT?

    I'LL do THAT?5 days ago

    Why is Tesla all and all better then i am.

  66. Emina

    Emina5 days ago

    Will get one one day!

  67. Martin Chow

    Martin Chow5 days ago

    Tesla please make a motorcycle. It would the the dopest thing to ride.

  68. Liam Davidson

    Liam Davidson5 days ago

    Am I the only one to notice this? Tesla ISN'T verified on MReporter yet... 🤔

  69. Chirpy n Sleepy

    Chirpy n Sleepy5 days ago

    I thought the roadster wasn't gonna come out till 2020?

  70. Alan Foster

    Alan Foster3 days ago

    Correct. This is an early pre-production model.

  71. Syna-/-matic

    Syna-/-matic5 days ago

    They should've put a shot in the end with Elon musk standing with his arms crossed in front of the roadster and semi other than that this is fucking amazing!!!!

  72. Syna-/-matic

    Syna-/-matic5 days ago

    To all the critics out there...

  73. epSos.de

    epSos.de5 days ago

    Thx Tesla for *making the air cleaner* for all of us. Let's ditch the air pollution faster !

  74. Batvolle

    Batvolle22 hours ago

    Elegant Biscuit I agree that we need to go to 100% renewable energy but even if its 100% from coal you are still better of with an electric vehicles than with a petrol car

  75. Batvolle

    Batvolle22 hours ago

    Orçun Altundağ lithium batteries can be recycled I know americans don't know what it is, but it still exists and is pretty good.

  76. Elegant Biscuit

    Elegant BiscuitDay ago

    It’s only cleaner if your energy comes from renewables or nuclear, which even if it does, only accounts for a portion of electricity generation. If your utility uses mainly coal or gas generators, then I got news for ya buddy. Don’t get me wrong it’s a huge step forward, but idiotic and baseless statements like yours just makes you look like an uneducated fanboy.

  77. Aurastyz Mead

    Aurastyz MeadDay ago


  78. Filipus Adendum

    Filipus Adendum3 days ago

    He/she is another victim of musk's *propaganda*

  79. Tj Carter

    Tj Carter5 days ago

    Dan Mace should have shot and edited

  80. Vaibhav Sakharwade

    Vaibhav Sakharwade5 days ago

    Tesla is Best...

  81. Guido M

    Guido M5 days ago

    I Love it and Must have one