Tesla 2018


  1. Javier De La Rosa

    Javier De La Rosa19 hours ago

    Una marca nueva no puede empezar siendo mas cara que la moyoria de los coches piensen con la cabeza, si teneis dos dedos de frente , puesto que no es una marca conocida , quien va a comprar un tesla habiendo otros coches mas baratos y con mas prestijio como bmw y mercedes por ejemplo que son conocidos no nos tomen pelo corrijan el precio de cada uno de sus coches y no nos jodais , nosotros también podemos hacer lo mismo

  2. Abhinav Nagar

    Abhinav Nagar19 hours ago

    What's that at 1:05 ???

  3. DanTheMan_FPV

    DanTheMan_FPVDay ago

    0:14 is that the model y??


    STEVE CEDILLOS2 days ago

    Tesla Is the best

  5. Noslin Sevla

    Noslin Sevla2 days ago

    excelente!!! venham para o Brasil!!

  6. Christoffer Allan Zacarias

    Christoffer Allan Zacarias4 days ago

    Why doesn't Tesla expand to Detroit, Michigan? Production costs will drop for Tesla because Detroit specializes in making cars.

  7. David Spálenský

    David Spálenský5 days ago

    Whats the name of this song


    NOOB GAMER4 days ago

    David Spálenský "Don't fall asleep"-Siege

  9. TG professional

    TG professional6 days ago

    U can make tesla logo in centre of tyre in such a way that when tyre rolls it looks only straight somewhat rolling and front car logo have lights inside it and it started glowin night.. ..

  10. MrSchweppes

    MrSchweppes6 days ago

    Very cool video!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Make more like this!

  11. Miled Ben Dhiaf

    Miled Ben Dhiaf6 days ago

    I love Tesla✌️😍❣️✨👍👍👍

  12. josafa tavares de melo tavares

    josafa tavares de melo tavares8 days ago

    For this vehicle to be more efficient Tesla shoud add in its series items photovoltaic cells in the ceiling as well as see possibility of generators in the hubs and during the baking and this l think, Plus the car is AMAZING.👍👍👍👍

  13. Fra Tre

    Fra Tre8 days ago

    someone must do a parody of this , it s will be famous. with bads guys alcholic and bad face with poor's materiels and destroy cars with a lot of pollution. and a the end, "notjing is better than tesla..." soory i don t speak english.

  14. sami parkar

    sami parkar9 days ago

    The comet that ended the dinosaurs (ICE's)

  15. Savagenerdherd 28

    Savagenerdherd 289 days ago

    We have a 2016 Model X and a 2013 Model S

  16. xjantsix

    xjantsix10 days ago

    god tesla model x is my mf dream car now! untill y comes out!

  17. Seiika

    Seiika11 days ago

    Music name pls ?

  18. Dank Dino

    Dank Dino14 days ago

    1:29 - Roadster.

  19. hyökkäyshulilupteri

    hyökkäyshulilupteri14 days ago

    I want one so much theyre so fast they dont cost much to drive around with and they are bad ass

  20. Alvin Lam

    Alvin Lam16 days ago

    668 oil company employees disliked this.

  21. Евгений Жека

    Евгений Жека16 days ago

    Wanna this car, but my salary 200$, so soon ( 200 years) i buy one car

  22. omar pereira

    omar pereira16 days ago

    Que sonho , quem sabe um dia ....

  23. News Alternative Energy World

    News Alternative Energy World17 days ago


  24. George Fargus

    George Fargus17 days ago

    love how she says holy shi then it ends with the tesla T. just beautiful

  25. Mark Plott

    Mark Plott19 days ago

    Congrats to Tesla on Making 5,000 Model 3 in 7 Days and 2,000 Model S and X as well. Great Job guys.

  26. Nora I.

    Nora I.20 days ago

    It is my new favorite motivational video. *I swear, one day I will buy my own tesla*

  27. Jk channel

    Jk channel21 day ago

    Now this is 100% American

  28. Potato on Fedora.

    Potato on Fedora.22 days ago

    C I N E M A T I C B A R S

  29. MrBCftw

    MrBCftw22 days ago

    aspect ratio in this video 99999999:0.000001

  30. motorsupplies

    motorsupplies22 days ago

    Hi Elon I’m a nobody I have little education but I have heart, I’m going to build the j engine and put in an electric powered plane and fly non stop around the world to show the world you can have an energy from something natural and almost no environmental impact only ware on magnetics 😎 I will make it. I just can’t understand why people like you have not.

  31. ZenCityFilms

    ZenCityFilms24 days ago

    01:33 Reminded me of the 1st time I rode a roller coaster. "Holy S***!"

  32. Mike Siggers

    Mike Siggers24 days ago

    Pickup should have a dumping bed. "Dump truck"

  33. Laszlo Tisza

    Laszlo Tisza24 days ago

    Tesla should put on TV for a AD

  34. De kat

    De kat24 days ago

    Give us more Videos like these!

  35. Eduardo Henrique

    Eduardo Henrique27 days ago


  36. Josef M.

    Josef M.28 days ago

    Messed up.

  37. An Indian CarGuy

    An Indian CarGuy28 days ago

    I really want to experience the acceleration of the roadster 2.0 :O

  38. sp

    sp29 days ago

    How much does it cost earth to build a tesla car compared to a petrol car?

  39. Robert Oleary

    Robert OlearyMonth ago

    Space race? @elonmusk

  40. Noothless

    NoothlessMonth ago

    Epic shit going on there! Keep it up Elon!

  41. Flaming Bird

    Flaming BirdMonth ago

    Teslanomics was in the roadster!

  42. Julien Oppenheinmer

    Julien OppenheinmerMonth ago

    C'mon Elon, you can do it.

  43. Wong MR

    Wong MRMonth ago

    Awesome!~ Tesla Forever!

  44. Daniel Larsen

    Daniel LarsenMonth ago

    Is that car underneath the drape the model Y (SEXY)😅😱

  45. Dj_Woomy 2005

    Dj_Woomy 2005Month ago

    Keepin it pg

  46. rihab and Raaifa's toy reviewer channel for you

    rihab and Raaifa's toy reviewer channel for youMonth ago

    Pls send the link to the app you made MReporter

  47. Sierra LVX

    Sierra LVXMonth ago

    1:38 Ben?!?

  48. BA Beebe

    BA BeebeMonth ago

    lol look at my picture

  49. BA Beebe

    BA BeebeMonth ago

    its the same

  50. Emaad Dar

    Emaad DarMonth ago

    If you broke the replay button I have more for you. 0:00, 0.00, 0.00 0:00, 0.00, 0.00 0:00, 0.00, 0.00 0:00, 0.00, 0.00 0:00, 0.00, 0.00 0:00, 0.00, 0.00 .

  51. Robert Tatar

    Robert TatarMonth ago

    I want to buy a tesla

  52. rihab and Raaifa's toy reviewer channel for you

    rihab and Raaifa's toy reviewer channel for youMonth ago

    For the once who got more than 3,000,000 sub on MReporter present them a tesla model X this car company has created MReporter

  53. rihab and Raaifa's toy reviewer channel for you

    rihab and Raaifa's toy reviewer channel for youMonth ago

    Only the car guy

  54. Ca Te

    Ca TeMonth ago

    RIP, news.google.com/stories/CAAqbAgKImZDQklTUmpvSmMzUnZjbmt0TXpZd1Nqa0tFUWplcnZ6R2pJQU1FZG12R3FWcEhrTzNFaVJGYkc5dUlFMTFjMnNnWVc1dWIzVnVZMlZ6SUd4aGVXOW1abk1nWVhRZ1ZHVnpiR0VvQUFQAQ?hl=fr&gl=FR&ceid=FR:fr

  55. Adam Rubiks

    Adam RubiksMonth ago

    I am riding a bicycle

  56. Tristan L.

    Tristan L.Month ago

    Amazing. Props to the people that directed/shot/edited this.

  57. Lade nach

    Lade nachMonth ago

    i believe in Tesla. Stocks ordered :)

  58. Sahil

    SahilMonth ago

    model y ) 0:16

  59. Tesla Model X

    Tesla Model XMonth ago

    Hey nice making Tesla! My name is Tesla Model X :D

  60. Tyler

    TylerMonth ago

    Let's see if you guys actually make the roadster when you say you will. Sorry musk, I think you're way too ambitious right now.



    holy shiTESLALOGO

  62. trump The toaster

    trump The toasterMonth ago

    DEJA VU 1:24

  63. Yogesh Raj

    Yogesh RajMonth ago

    Love the BG music

  64. Lade nach

    Lade nachMonth ago

    greetings from germany :) Tesla > VW

  65. Jeff De Loose

    Jeff De LooseMonth ago

    The Seige - Don’t Fall Asleep (thank me later)

  66. Роман Мавроян

    Роман МавроянMonth ago

    I see this - yeah, 2018! I look around - hi, 90s...

  67. Mary Zharikova

    Mary ZharikovaMonth ago


  68. ルシードジアン

    ルシードジアンMonth ago

    1:25 that shot tho' the drift and the drama... Majestic yet wild

  69. Michael Budd

    Michael BuddMonth ago

    Can't wait to have my own!

  70. Wojciech D

    Wojciech DMonth ago

    Nice ad. When are you going to make your cars user repeairable?

  71. [CPU] Sandalphon

    [CPU] SandalphonMonth ago

    1:39 aye Ben is in the trailer!

  72. Eli Geidel

    Eli GeidelMonth ago

    Model Y is that you???

  73. Bob Jones

    Bob JonesMonth ago

    TESLA SPACE CAR CRUSHES NOBEL PRIZE LAUREATE mreporter.net/v/video-hj5PdWZ_fBA.html

  74. sai deep

    sai deepMonth ago

    Is it 18:9 or 27:9

  75. RightWingKing

    RightWingKingMonth ago

    I want Tesla to become an amazingly powerful competitor in the auto business. Elon has a passion for this and I support him all the way!

  76. Jorge Resendiz

    Jorge ResendizMonth ago


  77. KickBackNinja07

    KickBackNinja07Month ago

    Meanwhile I’m in a crappy Suzuki wagon and failing maths

  78. Tabula Rasa

    Tabula RasaMonth ago

    At least you have a car.



    El mundo esta cambiando y la transicion a la movilidad electrica deber ser extremadamente rápida para que podamos vivir en un mundo limpio libre de contaminación. Tesla inició y allanó el camino hacia esa transición y ahora le siguen todos los demás. Tener un planeta limpio es una misión que nos corresponde todos y el que no se preocupe por ello no merece vivir en él.

  80. RyanLeeCameron

    RyanLeeCameronMonth ago

    I love Tesla and plan on getting the model x soon, but I'm also obsessed with the music.

  81. Byung Goo Kang

    Byung Goo KangMonth ago

    마지막 부분은 로드스터 인가봐요. 위에 오픈 이되어 있는거 보니 왕 부럽네요.

  82. Tariq Moalin

    Tariq MoalinMonth ago


  83. Tariq Moalin

    Tariq MoalinMonth ago


  84. Tariq Moalin

    Tariq MoalinMonth ago


  85. Tariq Moalin

    Tariq MoalinMonth ago


  86. RUPTEUR65

    RUPTEUR65Month ago

    excellent !!!

  87. Only The Best 1984

    Only The Best 1984Month ago

    May I ask a question? From experience, I know if you put to much force behind an electric motor, it heats up and smokes. Will you be having any motor rewind stations or are we going to run through Tesla cars like condoms?

  88. djt2412

    djt2412Month ago

    I like this vid a lot because it shows the people of Tesla. So much focus on the product (fair enough) but individuals working hard at building quality products is a great thing to see :)

  89. Anand

    AnandMonth ago

    The music 😍😍

  90. Ri7awii

    Ri7awiiMonth ago

    Anand it's from the Seige check em out

  91. Alphie Och

    Alphie OchMonth ago

    What's under the cover 0:15

  92. PS4 gaminghd

    PS4 gaminghdMonth ago

    Hopefully coming soon.

  93. PS4 gaminghd

    PS4 gaminghdMonth ago

    Tesla Model Y

  94. Anuruddha Thuduwawaththa

    Anuruddha ThuduwawaththaMonth ago

    in ELON we trust !

  95. João Mangalhão

    João MangalhãoMonth ago

    Wow where could I get a Camo Tesla like the one at 1:15?

  96. A M

    A MMonth ago

    What is this song plus you rock!!!!!

  97. Abdallah Dajani

    Abdallah DajaniMonth ago

    This makes me happy

  98. Wave

    WaveMonth ago

    elon niggas

  99. aditya kumar

    aditya kumarMonth ago

    Sustainibility is the future

  100. Shock Shock

    Shock ShockMonth ago

    No more antics Elon, Clam Down Keep On Twitt......,Oh no Sorry, Keep On Making Model 3! BTW this is for you. mreporter.net/v/video-8-NXmMsed64.html

  101. Sp 19

    Sp 19Month ago

    I want to see Tesla involved in USA 🇺🇸 militarily defense program. They have such talented engineers.

  102. Content Deleted

    Content DeletedMonth ago

    Holy Sh- **cuts to the outro**

  103. The Treinser

    The TreinserMonth ago

    Elon musk is king

  104. strayk9

    strayk9Month ago

    Tesla this is future!👍

  105. Mike Roerig

    Mike RoerigMonth ago

    Loved the video but I want more. How about a 2 hour version of this video. Everything about it was positive, cool, powerful, beautiful and inspiring. No wonder Tesla doesn't need to run tv commercials.

  106. Thebuisnesskappa

    ThebuisnesskappaMonth ago

    This is so cliche it hurts

  107. laa. weasley

    laa. weasleyMonth ago

    capo plaza approved👌