Terry Crews Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  1. Todd Odom

    Todd Odom10 minutes ago

    Terry Crews is my spirit animal.

  2. Sincerely Defiant

    Sincerely Defiant23 minutes ago

    I love this guy. Also, another overwatch fan!

  3. Some Artist

    Some Artist51 minute ago

    When you see him in Brooklyn nine-nine, you can never see him as anyone else. “TERRY LOVES LOVE”

  4. Lou Dessus

    Lou DessusHour ago

    such a blessing in our lives

  5. bill seemore

    bill seemore2 hours ago

    His art is amazing. He also seems like he would be fun to get a drink with.

  6. CsStoker

    CsStoker2 hours ago

    3:49 I love this guy

  7. Ricky Bobby

    Ricky Bobby3 hours ago

    Did he say he played for the Green Bay Packers? I can't find any evidence of that

  8. Khalil Ls

    Khalil Ls3 hours ago

    "You think I'm playing ?"

  9. 嘆サー・ティック・ザ・ティチェスト

    嘆サー・ティック・ザ・ティチェスト3 hours ago

    I’m a little let down that he didn’t yell through the entire video.

  10. How to get the Peace Yeah

    How to get the Peace Yeah4 hours ago

    Seriously why doesn’t Terry Crews voice Doomfist

  11. Fireblue

    Fireblue4 hours ago

    Been looking at his teeth the entire time

  12. Kev-Oh

    Kev-Oh4 hours ago

    1:01 “Terry loves yoghurt!”

  13. Senior Kek

    Senior Kek4 hours ago

    watch at 1.25x speed

  14. kevin dellatore

    kevin dellatore6 hours ago

    Terry Crews is in Deadpool 2 for like 4 minutes.

  15. Sherman Choo Pro Wave Trader

    Sherman Choo Pro Wave Trader7 hours ago

    i enjoy terry crews movies... feels like a fun, funny buddy to hang out with...

  16. Kauvana

    Kauvana8 hours ago

    "Even my wife has a crush on him! That's crazy." Hahahaha

  17. Nitachi神

    Nitachi神9 hours ago

    Why Does terry crews die in dp2 😂😂😂😂

  18. Matthias Toh

    Matthias Toh10 hours ago

    Terry Crews is an international treasure

  19. Sunny Day

    Sunny Day11 hours ago


  20. emanuel L M

    emanuel L M11 hours ago

    Sos un genio!!!

  21. TheVybeTV

    TheVybeTV12 hours ago

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  22. Jay R

    Jay R13 hours ago

    why he retire football?

  23. Giraffe Man

    Giraffe Man14 hours ago

    Not one Old Spice Question?

  24. Giraffe Man

    Giraffe Man14 hours ago

    Give this man an Oscar

  25. ArielV Souza

    ArielV Souza17 hours ago

    Grande Homem!!

  26. Sincerelyy Eccentric

    Sincerelyy Eccentric17 hours ago

    I love him :) he’s so kind.

  27. Noir OW

    Noir OW18 hours ago

    Terry crews is in deadpool 2 for about 5 minutes lol

  28. Salma Speaks

    Salma Speaks18 hours ago

    everybody hates chris...

  29. The Sledgen

    The Sledgen18 hours ago

    Im kinda scared just by the way he’s acting

  30. Broby

    Broby18 hours ago

    Terry loves the love

  31. André Cittadin

    André Cittadin18 hours ago

    "why is Terry Crews famous" Well, in Brazil, i'm pretty sure it's because he is chris' father in everybody hates chris

  32. e bear

    e bear18 hours ago

    he was good in Deadpool and everybody loves Chris.

  33. Hwelse

    Hwelse19 hours ago

    Gotta love how nonchalantly he tosses the cards away. It's even better that WIRED emphasized it at 2:04.

  34. Juan Sosa

    Juan Sosa19 hours ago

    My man terry doesn't even have "pull out" in his vocabulary.

  35. Luna XO

    Luna XO19 hours ago

    I really enjoyed this interview he seems really nice and genuine 👍👍

  36. Vothana VONG

    Vothana VONG19 hours ago

    Power!!!! Love u man :)

  37. Isaac Dailey

    Isaac Dailey19 hours ago

    His forehead is winking at me....

  38. MatrixGaming

    MatrixGaming19 hours ago

    They should have terry voice a new overwatch character. If blizzard doesn’t I’m throwing old spice grenades in their offices.

  39. yode akinwande

    yode akinwande20 hours ago

    He was underused in Deadpool 2

  40. Daniel L

    Daniel L21 hour ago

    Terry Crews !!! I LOVE THIS MAN !!!

  41. Person ification

    Person ification21 hour ago

    He is amazing :)

  42. El Luisda

    El Luisda21 hour ago

    Love this guy

  43. Zero Izanagi

    Zero Izanagi21 hour ago

    Not gonna lie, I would love to see voice actors like Johnny Yong Bosch do this

  44. PidamosPizza

    PidamosPizza22 hours ago

    an awesome man

  45. Frescopino

    Frescopino22 hours ago

    This man is a gift to the world.

  46. Christiaan Paulsen

    Christiaan Paulsen23 hours ago

    I love this guy, Terry you rock!!

  47. the Higgy

    the Higgy23 hours ago


  48. RandomFortnitePlayer 68

    RandomFortnitePlayer 68Day ago

    Why is terry cruise not voicing doomfist lol

  49. Est' Tiishu

    Est' TiishuDay ago

    Love him!

  50. Alain Bruno

    Alain BrunoDay ago

    Good actor 👍

  51. jay

    jayDay ago


  52. Ayelen Maldonado

    Ayelen MaldonadoDay ago

    He's a gigantic teddy bear !! I love him !!

  53. DisgustingHobo

    DisgustingHoboDay ago

    I don't understand how can Terry Crews look so likable and frightening at the same time?

  54. Mira Bella

    Mira BellaDay ago

    He's so happy

  55. DOTAchilles

    DOTAchillesDay ago

    why do ya sound like you speaking to little kids

  56. Joshua Nico Llido

    Joshua Nico LlidoDay ago

    why do you love yogurt so much?

  57. Arielle Barrios

    Arielle BarriosDay ago

    I love this man

  58. Grayson Jefferson

    Grayson JeffersonDay ago

    Terry crews is,,, the embodiment of the cool uncle

  59. Comet Cracker

    Comet CrackerDay ago


  60. Casey Siefert

    Casey SiefertDay ago

    Legit this is the happiest auto complete interview I have ever seen cuz Terry is just such an upbeat guy

  61. Rebecca

    RebeccaDay ago

    Gawd, I didn't think I could adore him more. I was so wrong.

  62. Amadou Ndiaye

    Amadou NdiayeDay ago

    Love terry crews

  63. mahmoody

    mahmoodyDay ago

    he sounds kinda like samuel l. jackson lol xD

  64. HappyComfort

    HappyComfortDay ago

    Very Cool! One of the best and funniest! :D You go Mr. Crews!!!!

  65. Ciel

    CielDay ago


  66. Amir Tv

    Amir TvDay ago

    Lol the questions people ask 😂

  67. OniPotart

    OniPotartDay ago


  68. lars nielsen

    lars nielsenDay ago

    he need to be in a big movie whit a bigger role than the one in deadpool 2

  69. Rodney Hill

    Rodney HillDay ago


  70. Rodney Hill

    Rodney HillDay ago

    Overwatch died because he didn’t voice Doomfist and we’ve been waiting years for crackdown 3

  71. kimbianajones

    kimbianajonesDay ago

    terry crews has the purest energy i've ever seen. he's like if superman was real.