Terry Crews Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  1. Nathan McDermott

    Nathan McDermott56 minutes ago

    Terry Crews looks like Terry Jefforts

  2. Catherine A.J.

    Catherine A.J.Hour ago

    Love this guy.

  3. Yoex VZ

    Yoex VZ7 hours ago

    Terry Crews has the best smile in the world. Always positive 😁

  4. Elijah H

    Elijah H10 hours ago


  5. John Baker

    John Baker15 hours ago


  6. Giovanni Garcia

    Giovanni GarciaDay ago

    He said "idk!! I don't know!" Lmao

  7. BoredArmour

    BoredArmourDay ago

    *Even my wife has crush on him* *Terry*

  8. cactipoke

    cactipoke2 days ago

    “Why is Terry Crews famous?” “I don’t know!!!! :D”

  9. Connor H

    Connor H2 days ago

    Bro he obviously didn’t wanna do this😂

  10. Coral McNaughton

    Coral McNaughton3 days ago

    I still wish we had CrewsFist. "RISING UPPERCUT! METEOR STRIKE POOOOWEEEER!"

  11. Evernight

    Evernight3 days ago

    Does Terry Crews sing Thousand Miles while driving?

  12. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne3 days ago

    Its like the vegan question offended him lmaoo

  13. oswaldo adrian

    oswaldo adrian3 days ago

    Looking for thoose comments that terry replied

  14. Hazwithy

    Hazwithy3 days ago

    He's a national treasure

  15. Ormi Ader

    Ormi Ader3 days ago

    No one googled about Old Spice or they filtered it out?

  16. zin Alexzender

    zin Alexzender3 days ago

    He and rock are my favorite

  17. Waddup Grooch

    Waddup Grooch3 days ago

    Who else came to the comments to find terry crews’ comment?

  18. Juan Cena

    Juan Cena3 days ago

    did you find it?

  19. TigressClaw

    TigressClaw4 days ago

    780 thumbs down are vegans.

  20. Paradox

    Paradox4 days ago

    Terry crew actually left a comment here

  21. Ya Moms

    Ya Moms4 days ago

    Is Anyone Gonna Bring Up that he's the father in everybody hates Chris??

  22. Henry Brown

    Henry Brown4 days ago

    3:50 yes

  23. Audi Malvin

    Audi Malvin4 days ago

    That vegan reaction

  24. denise gingnagel

    denise gingnagel5 days ago

    Tiny terry 😂❤️

  25. Charlie Drums

    Charlie Drums5 days ago

    Terry Crews is the best actor/human tbh

  26. Just Another Person

    Just Another Person5 days ago

    Anyone come for the undercover thing?

  27. Yvonne Flores

    Yvonne Flores6 days ago

    Terry crews really looks as if he hasn't aged

  28. KIDD Expo

    KIDD Expo6 days ago

    He sounds like he was talking to a kindergarten class

  29. Casual Gamer

    Casual Gamer6 days ago

    Crackdown was actually the best game on xbox 360

  30. non_officials music

    non_officials music6 days ago

    Terry Crews is just like Terry Jeffords!!!!!!

  31. non_officials music

    non_officials music6 days ago

    I mean like he acts as terry Jeffords but his real personality is like terry jeffords

  32. Courtney Michelle

    Courtney Michelle6 days ago

    The way he said “I don’t know” made my heart melt😂

  33. Megan Murray

    Megan Murray7 days ago

    at 1:03 i thought he was going to say “terry crews loves yoghurt” and honestly that would’ve been iconic

  34. Black Lotus

    Black Lotus7 days ago

    Wait, wait ! So, that paint of captain Holt is maded by Terry ?

  35. Victor Lugosi

    Victor Lugosi7 days ago

    "African American hall of fame" 😒😒😒😒 ffs

  36. J-Ben Beluso

    J-Ben Beluso7 days ago


  37. J-Ben Beluso

    J-Ben Beluso7 days ago

    Terry Loves Yoghurt!!!

  38. Ross DiamondThief

    Ross DiamondThief7 days ago

    OH MY GOD!!! Terry Crews is a granddad!!! God I’m old

  39. Celeste Orsini

    Celeste Orsini7 days ago

    I just love this guy is so sooooo funny and nice, people! He is really nice!

  40. alongfortheride84

    alongfortheride847 days ago

    Terry Crews kind of looks like a VERY buff, bigger Charlie Murphy, that's about it.

  41. dane f.

    dane f.7 days ago

    The B99 crew should do this

  42. Jose Hernandez

    Jose Hernandez7 days ago

    I've never expected this guy to talk so.. sweet

  43. The Mexican King

    The Mexican King7 days ago

    He's such a nice person it. Makes me emotional

  44. Samantha Wu

    Samantha Wu7 days ago


  45. moonlight

    moonlight7 days ago

    oml we must protect him at all cost.

  46. Alexander Skladovski

    Alexander Skladovski7 days ago

    Does Terry Crews knows about platinum spice?

  47. RougeRobin 101

    RougeRobin 1017 days ago


  48. x_mehek x

    x_mehek x7 days ago

    *Anyone else just look at him and remember him in White Chicks?? He was so funny😂💓*

  49. White Tiger

    White Tiger7 days ago

    I love Terry Crews

  50. scottyboy

    scottyboy8 days ago

    terry i love u even if ur not vegan

  51. Molly Antonio

    Molly Antonio8 days ago

    He sounded like he was speaking to children

  52. Procyon

    Procyon8 days ago

    Boring questions. T Crews made the best to make them funnier.

  53. Revuer mac

    Revuer mac8 days ago

    terry crews is literally the happiest upbeat person on this world and he is SO cute

  54. Raymel peoples

    Raymel peoples8 days ago

    forgot he played football

  55. El MiR0

    El MiR08 days ago


  56. tsatsral tsatsa

    tsatsral tsatsa9 days ago

    Omg He's adorable!!!

  57. zeinawali shaheera

    zeinawali shaheera9 days ago

    This just proves Terry Crews and Terence Jeffords are the same person

  58. ainshah maznan

    ainshah maznan2 days ago

    +Jeremie Lizotte yogurt

  59. Jeremie Lizotte

    Jeremie Lizotte3 days ago

    Terry loves deserts

  60. Aurora hemingway

    Aurora hemingway9 days ago

    He seems like the nicest person ever. He is just so awesome

  61. Gabriel Agnor

    Gabriel Agnor9 days ago

    Bruh...he smiles too much 😂

  62. The Various Gamer Tag

    The Various Gamer Tag9 days ago

    The interview is po.po.po.po.po.po. POWER

  63. jlxox J

    jlxox J9 days ago

    Lmaooo why goes he look like the neck guy

  64. A jar of pickles

    A jar of pickles9 days ago

    Terry totally strikes me as the kind of guy I would go out and get a beer with. He just seems so nice

  65. Gabriel Dinamarca

    Gabriel Dinamarca9 days ago

    Terry crews is Canadian confirmed

  66. J-HopeIsMyHope

    J-HopeIsMyHope9 days ago


  67. BapBop

    BapBop9 days ago

    Where’s his son Chris?

  68. snow flower

    snow flower10 days ago

    he's so pleasant :)

  69. SimOnly TV

    SimOnly TV10 days ago

    Anybody remember everybody hates chris?

  70. yee

    yee10 days ago

    I love how Terry speaks in third person sometimes like his character

  71. KawanCx

    KawanCx10 days ago


  72. Jeffery Lopez

    Jeffery Lopez11 days ago

    I honestly think this guy has the patience to be a kindergarten teacher and a loveable personality to match.

  73. Zoe 000

    Zoe 00011 days ago


  74. Ryker Gacha HD

    Ryker Gacha HD11 days ago

    " Terry loves yoghurt " Brooklyn 99 quote

  75. bibboy4

    bibboy411 days ago

    I thought he would say that he is doing the euro training as workout

  76. Pineapple God

    Pineapple God11 days ago

    I believe finding someone who hates Terry Crews or hating him is impossible Please dont prove me wrong humanity, Terry Crews doesnt deserve ANY hate

  77. ilikeapples

    ilikeapples12 days ago

    is this terry crews or terry jeffords?

  78. Yusuf Gazi

    Yusuf Gazi12 days ago


  79. Spuddy7

    Spuddy712 days ago


  80. Bear Bear

    Bear Bear13 days ago

    Is Terry Crews the nicest person in the world? YES

  81. Mlg trek 334

    Mlg trek 33414 days ago


  82. Honey Tha

    Honey Tha14 days ago

    Terrys love love

  83. Trent Korb

    Trent Korb14 days ago

    Terry Crews is Awesome.

  84. Jangtan

    Jangtan14 days ago

    Terry loves love 💜💜💜

  85. Leonardo.

    Leonardo.14 days ago

    What a nice guy.

  86. Engipeer

    Engipeer15 days ago

    I thought he likes yogurt?

  87. Mel

    Mel15 days ago

    I am sick in bed and I’m in so much pain yet watching this made me smile throughout. Thank you, Terry!

  88. musicalavocado

    musicalavocado15 days ago

    b99 just took terry crews' personality and put it onto terry jeffords

  89. Ju Muniz

    Ju Muniz16 days ago

    terry crews loves desserts and terry loves yogurt have the same energy

  90. Teddy Tanjaya

    Teddy Tanjaya16 days ago


  91. CachorroFANTASMAautista

    CachorroFANTASMAautista16 days ago

    ele tem 2 empregos?

  92. KingDaCobra

    KingDaCobra16 days ago

    Looks like he was drunk during thos

  93. Erick GS

    Erick GS16 days ago


  94. ci ci

    ci ci16 days ago

    This man is human sunshine

  95. Zqta

    Zqta16 days ago

    Is terry crews doomfist?

  96. AMV Animefan147

    AMV Animefan14716 days ago

    Haha..such a nice guy.

  97. Y E E

    Y E E17 days ago

    Terry looves yogurt

  98. Danielle Rivera

    Danielle Rivera17 days ago

    He’s just a wonderful human being.

  99. Harby Franco Fernandez

    Harby Franco Fernandez17 days ago

    I really hope the dude's not faking, coz this moment alone makes him the happiest reptilian alive

  100. Ian Bradley

    Ian Bradley18 days ago

    Oh wow, I was going to make a joke on a previous Terry vid about Mr T being the original Mr C. I'm of that era and if I were 10 in the street and scared I'd run straight to Mr T. I'm doing that weird shoulder bump thing you do when you're in a music video or can't think of anything more to add.

  101. Ian Bradley

    Ian Bradley18 days ago

    One of my favourite people. I let MReporter slurp my data for access to people like you :)


    QADIR ROCK THE BIG GUY18 days ago

    Did he smile all the time

  103. Ishan Dhingra

    Ishan Dhingra18 days ago

    "9" "9"

  104. Thomas Burkhalter

    Thomas Burkhalter18 days ago

    Where in Deadpool 2 is this man