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  1. In My mind

    In My mind10 hours ago

    Every body hates Chris

  2. Domonique Wright

    Domonique Wright14 hours ago

    His constant optimism and bubbly attitude low-key makes me feel like he’s being held hostage behind the scenes

  3. tmwk666

    tmwk66615 hours ago

    Terry Crews and the Rock should do a comedy together.

  4. The Joker

    The Joker16 hours ago

    "What does terry crews eat" *terry loves yoghurt*

  5. Un-fun-knee TV

    Un-fun-knee TV20 hours ago

    Is nobody shocked to hear he's in crackdown 3

  6. 12 13

    12 1322 hours ago

    compare this terry crews with the spice ads terry crews

  7. giboron

    giboronDay ago

    5 kids wow that a lot of kids now I know y he dues so mush

  8. Lakela Deangelis

    Lakela DeangelisDay ago


  9. Flying Pig123

    Flying Pig123Day ago


  10. Remzy

    RemzyDay ago

    “Is Terry Crews in blackish?” “Nooo, Terry Crews is black but not in blackish.” Bro I was dying

  11. Jibex Games

    Jibex GamesDay ago

    His Ego Is So High He Speaks In Third Person

  12. Bruno Ramos Solis

    Bruno Ramos SolisDay ago

    Omfg when did Terry Crews was on Crackdown 3?!

  13. grace

    graceDay ago


  14. Paige Ronald

    Paige RonaldDay ago

    His teeth are perfect wtf

  15. your mum

    your mumDay ago

    Terry loves yoghurt

  16. Jelisaveta P.

    Jelisaveta P.Day ago

    His face when the question is he married came *_____* priceless

  17. Arthur Capucho

    Arthur CapuchoDay ago


  18. Magga Anna

    Magga Anna2 days ago

    Terry loves yoghurt

  19. nstorm390

    nstorm3902 days ago

    Terry Crews is like the polar opposite of what he know him as. Super nice guy and polite. Lol

  20. matcha ogura

    matcha ogura2 days ago


  21. Jaxson Percoats

    Jaxson Percoats2 days ago

    Why hasn’t terry crews been in a marvel movie

  22. Andrew01234567 gaming

    Andrew01234567 gaming2 days ago

    y'all remember white chics

  23. Jade Cheung

    Jade Cheung2 days ago

    is Terry crews Spanish? no

  24. John Baker

    John Baker2 days ago


  25. Epic Wolf

    Epic Wolf2 days ago

    3:49 I love it!

  26. Arieson

    Arieson2 days ago


  27. Sanaaya Hamilton

    Sanaaya Hamilton3 days ago

    Terry crews played Julius in Everybody hates Chris

  28. Alice Grohs

    Alice Grohs3 days ago

    we need one with Andy now.

  29. NoOne ByNoOne

    NoOne ByNoOne3 days ago

    Old spice Body wash guy?

  30. NoOne ByNoOne

    NoOne ByNoOne3 days ago

    Sorry,I love in a sinkhole

  31. loran franken

    loran franken4 days ago

    Terry Crews might be my favorite person alive

  32. Katrina O'Brien

    Katrina O'Brien4 days ago

    Man, he is just so likeable.

  33. Rebekah Simpson

    Rebekah Simpson4 days ago


  34. Karly Morton

    Karly Morton4 days ago

    What does Terry Crews eat? Me screaming: YOGURT

  35. Angga Pratama

    Angga Pratama5 days ago

    Such a lovely guy

  36. Guilty Pigeon

    Guilty Pigeon5 days ago


  37. miranda kenny

    miranda kenny5 days ago

    He’s got an 8 year old granddaughter and he’s 8 years younger than my mum and I’m 16..

  38. Way too many fandoms

    Way too many fandoms5 days ago

    God created this man to play terry jeffords I mean-

  39. Will Lees

    Will Lees5 days ago

    - terry crews loves desserts - terry loves yogurt

  40. Hannah Meaker

    Hannah Meaker6 days ago

    terry is the greatest!!!!!

  41. Babis Venetis

    Babis Venetis6 days ago

    Legit I got the new old spice ad before this video

  42. -92-

    -92-6 days ago

    I love Terry Crews.

  43. ci ci

    ci ci6 days ago

    He is terry jeffords

  44. ci ci

    ci ci6 days ago

    B D E

  45. ci ci

    ci ci6 days ago

    Nine nine!

  46. Daniela Vásquez

    Daniela Vásquez6 days ago

    He is such a good person❤️

  47. jimmy zheng

    jimmy zheng6 days ago

    I am waiting for the powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  48. BlackFalconZ850E77

    BlackFalconZ850E777 days ago

    You're awesome in *Crackdown 3!* They should make a movie with you as the main star! I would definitely see it!💯

  49. Allisson Diego

    Allisson Diego7 days ago

    He looks annoyed

  50. Trend Bleach

    Trend Bleach7 days ago

    Terry loves yogurt

  51. Juk Jo

    Juk Jo7 days ago

    who doesn't love this man?

  52. Igor Vinícius

    Igor Vinícius7 days ago

    Cada papelzinho desse custa R$0,25 centavos

  53. Marcy Ross

    Marcy Ross7 days ago

    He warms my soul

  54. Lexi Belle

    Lexi Belle7 days ago

    he looks so weird with a shirt on

  55. Marcelo dos Anjos Antonio

    Marcelo dos Anjos Antonio7 days ago

    If Terry's in it, I vote it up.

  56. Camille Kelly-Sides

    Camille Kelly-Sides8 days ago

    I only known Terry bc he was on Everybody hates Chris

  57. Kevin Cho

    Kevin Cho8 days ago

    does terry crews know about platinum spice

  58. heyitsmarkisaaa

    heyitsmarkisaaa8 days ago

    Why does he sound like that

  59. Natalie Rantisi

    Natalie Rantisi8 days ago

    he sounds happy and not angry!! WTF!!

  60. ninjapistol

    ninjapistol8 days ago

    I never knew Terry Crews did football

  61. Ethan Ton

    Ethan Ton9 days ago

    terry LOVES yogurt

  62. Quadraxis

    Quadraxis9 days ago

    I've seen some of Terry's drawings and let me tell you, the man is GOOOOOD with a pencil and brush.

  63. CheesecakeLasagna

    CheesecakeLasagna9 days ago

    He's such a walking sunshine!

  64. Aubrey Martinez

    Aubrey Martinez9 days ago

    He seems like such a sweet man

  65. Music56370

    Music563709 days ago

    what a lovely man

  66. Giulia Cardoso

    Giulia Cardoso9 days ago

    For me is weird seeing him chilled out like that, I'm used to seeing him as Terry Jeffords aka The Abony Falcon

  67. Team Of Joy

    Team Of Joy9 days ago

    Terry crews love yought

  68. Brontosaurus rex

    Brontosaurus rex10 days ago

    Nine Nine?

  69. c.sagan

    c.sagan10 days ago

    Man what that positivity, this is not normal at all,he is supper energetic I'm nineteen yrs old and if compared to him I would looks like an old man

  70. andriod man the gamer

    andriod man the gamer10 days ago

    Terry crews looks like triple h

  71. MovieBuff

    MovieBuff11 days ago

    i luv this man

  72. suelen Ramos

    suelen Ramos11 days ago

    I love his vibe ❤️

  73. BumbleBuzz

    BumbleBuzz11 days ago

    This guy is sunshine personified

  74. Nike Fan

    Nike Fan11 days ago

    Wait u played for the redskins? Thats cool! Cause I live in Maryland\Virgina!

  75. Amélie Desrochers

    Amélie Desrochers11 days ago

    he looks so sweet tho

  76. Vtr Gott

    Vtr Gott11 days ago

    i love him haha

  77. MissFlauschig

    MissFlauschig12 days ago

    I love that he sometimes speaks in third person like Terry Jeffords

  78. KIZER YT

    KIZER YT12 days ago

    Terry is awesome

  79. Roadblock501 Wargaming

    Roadblock501 Wargaming12 days ago

    Terry loves yoghurt

  80. Amber Lynn

    Amber Lynn13 days ago

    Terry Crews is a beautiful human being.

  81. Daniel Jenkins

    Daniel Jenkins13 days ago

    Terry Crews is the realest person ever. I loved everything he was in. All his interviews are real and he seems like just a great guy in general! Be the solution not problem! Peace out!

  82. firestar fan

    firestar fan13 days ago

    I'm not surprised there was somthing about doomfist

  83. Now That's a supply DROP!

    Now That's a supply DROP!14 days ago

    What does terry crews eat -yoghurt

  84. Love and YouTubers in Tea

    Love and YouTubers in Tea14 days ago

    *is Terry Crews related to Eddie Murphy*"well were both black but we are not related"😅😂😅😅💀

  85. Love and YouTubers in Tea

    Love and YouTubers in Tea14 days ago

    *is Terry Crews in blackish* "No I am black but not in blackish" 😅😅😅😂😂😅💀

  86. Μανώλης Γεωργόπουλος

    Μανώλης Γεωργόπουλος15 days ago


  87. Marvin Rainey

    Marvin Rainey15 days ago

    How do people get 3.3k likes i wish many people could like my comment

  88. Yami Bones

    Yami Bones15 days ago

    He's frikken cute!!!

  89. mommy2bda

    mommy2bda15 days ago


  90. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson15 days ago

    My boy 😂😂

  91. Joe Luis

    Joe Luis16 days ago

    is Terry Crews really cheap and know the cost of everything?

  92. samantha

    samantha16 days ago

    terry crews loves deserts terry loves yogurt

  93. A fairly priced lukewarm basket of chicken wings

    A fairly priced lukewarm basket of chicken wings16 days ago

    never change, you sweet prince

  94. Angel 3.0

    Angel 3.016 days ago

    I love terry

  95. Anonymous

    Anonymous17 days ago


  96. Yeesh, Stop man

    Yeesh, Stop man17 days ago

    Terry's art is REALLY good!

  97. Bah Gein

    Bah Gein17 days ago

    Question is, does he use old spice products?

  98. semjaavria

    semjaavria17 days ago

    Still want that Terry Crews waze

  99. Dhamar Sa

    Dhamar Sa17 days ago

    He is so lively i love him

  100. ItzAdix_YT

    ItzAdix_YT17 days ago


  101. Pig Mask# 4847282

    Pig Mask# 484728218 days ago

    I’m used to terry crews in old spice yelling POWAH!!!!!!! It’s kinda weird not hearing or seeing him yell out POWAH!!!! It’s just so calm