Tennis TOP5. Players Hate Each Other


  1. #ultrabarqueros / Barqueros de Ultramar

    #ultrabarqueros / Barqueros de Ultramar17 hours ago

  2. my customers

    my customers2 days ago

    It is badminton not tennis

  3. Qta

    Qta9 days ago

    haha the badminton players, they fight like they are gay.

  4. Mostlikely

    Mostlikely10 days ago

    Badminton players won the whole episode :P

  5. Zoran Petrović - Šane

    Zoran Petrović - Šane10 days ago

    NO! Everyone hates Murray, whoever that was!

  6. I am Who I am

    I am Who I am19 days ago

    Badminton is some real shit. That's a "sport" for the squad.

  7. pp312

    pp31219 days ago

    Wow, that was some horrible...whistling.

  8. Trevis Grntftaut

    Trevis Grntftaut19 days ago

    Tennis, golf or sport like that is bullshit for rich assholes...

  9. msanna4

    msanna419 days ago

    Bouchard is overrated.

  10. an 147

    an 14719 days ago

    Nadal really is a tennis clown.

  11. Leo Lazcano

    Leo Lazcano20 days ago

    "that is a black card", oh, thank you, i didn't realyze

  12. Candice Dickson

    Candice Dickson20 days ago

    That punch was crazy

  13. Sowjanya Kothapalli

    Sowjanya Kothapalli20 days ago

    Where did you get the picture of woman in the end? It looks really cool!!

  14. Peter Hernandez

    Peter Hernandez21 day ago

    Moral of the story: There is not a fiercer sport then badminton

  15. RawLu

    RawLu21 day ago

    Spoilt Rotten Million Dollar Babies, the lot of them...


    JOSE R ROJAS21 day ago

    10:35, quien es la modelo?

  17. Christopher Lalrindika

    Christopher Lalrindika22 days ago

    Bouchard is the prettiest girl I've seen in ages

  18. Joe J Herrington

    Joe J Herrington24 days ago

    Nice clickbait with the badminton lol

  19. Elder Fidelis

    Elder Fidelis25 days ago

    Fuck ya, badminton rocks!

  20. sysispgm

    sysispgm25 days ago

    Hewitt rude american fucker

  21. Uva Tinta

    Uva Tinta26 days ago

    I dont like Murray, he is an example that how much British people has lost the good taste....

  22. Fedor

    Fedor26 days ago

    5:00 kangaroo in Chela's head just on time

  23. Leteca Tiina

    Leteca Tiina27 days ago

    Who the fu*k is Rosol?

  24. Karsten Link

    Karsten Link27 days ago

    THAILAND!!! Absolutely typical for those creatures! I am living in Thailand and trying to follow the daily news. THAI men have such a short fuse. A shame for all men in the world. The country is nice. But THAI males are ticking bombs! Tourists - don't consider coming to THAILAND! Stay safe - go somewhere else! The corrupt THAI police will cover everything up and blame foreigners for crimes in provinces where they have never been. Be careful.

  25. krishnamraju pericherla

    krishnamraju pericherla28 days ago

    Final chase was awesome

  26. Jem Aguilar

    Jem Aguilar29 days ago

    The ending was the only good one

  27. Chris Lawson

    Chris Lawson29 days ago

    New sport let them box after a match get it out of their system or mma.

  28. Sumit Verma 333

    Sumit Verma 333Month ago

    Badminton change to hurdle race ☺☺☺

  29. bill schneider

    bill schneiderMonth ago

    He's talking about my mommy. He hits me with the ball. Whiny lil fucking spoiled ass bitch.

  30. Juan Carlos Peretz

    Juan Carlos PeretzMonth ago

    jajajajaja la del badmington. The Best fight.........

  31. Ruprecht Mboy

    Ruprecht MboyMonth ago

    Murray is such a wanker. Glad he's retiring soon.

  32. Thanh Mai

    Thanh MaiMonth ago

    I never thought that tennis players are so I do :)

  33. Lee Fox

    Lee FoxMonth ago

    Goner have to start going down the baders

  34. 957master

    957masterMonth ago

    квадратная челюсть бушар больше подойдёт бульдогу:)

  35. Valden 7

    Valden 7Month ago

    Murray, Soderling, Rosol...all bitter impotent brats who are bitter for having the miss fortune of living under the shadow of the big 3.

  36. James Richards

    James RichardsMonth ago

    Bouchard and sharapova. Tough one to solve. I suggest naked mud wrestling

  37. John San Juan

    John San Juan2 months ago

    My Favorite, Jimmy Connors vs. John McEnroe! In Chicago Tournament!

  38. Chris Redig

    Chris Redig2 months ago

    Ouai ça c'est sur nhoa t'avais pas compris comment il jouait... Lui et les autres

  39. Niall Aston

    Niall Aston2 months ago

    The pictures Badminton 😂😂😂

  40. cabby quid

    cabby quid2 months ago

    gaston gaudio VS mago coria final wimbledon

  41. christian primig

    christian primig2 months ago

    everyone is on steroids and i am not surprised motherfuckers

  42. Эйс Вентура

    Эйс Вентура2 months ago

    Где перевод бля

  43. lutfi ramly

    lutfi ramly2 months ago

    there is something wrong with the thumbnail

  44. markycupko

    markycupko2 months ago

    People watching that badmiton match paid one ticket but they got one extra for mma match

  45. Richard Calisi

    Richard Calisi2 months ago

    badminton reallY????????

  46. Richard Calisi

    Richard Calisi2 months ago

    bouchard fuckin sucks!!

  47. Harry Suggett

    Harry Suggett2 months ago

    Murray and Del Po are friends?!

  48. Joe505 Mc

    Joe505 Mc2 months ago

    “It was a big win for me because....I’m going to lose most of my other matches as I am fucking shit.”

  49. Asher Kolodny

    Asher Kolodny2 months ago

    Nadal doesn’t hate people. Everyone just hates Nadal

  50. Pelzon P

    Pelzon P3 months ago

    more action in badminton...

  51. ComunidadAérea

    ComunidadAérea3 months ago

    What about Serena? Serena-Sharapova, Serena Vs World

  52. Elizabeth Farrell

    Elizabeth Farrell3 months ago

    wonderful. 😃

  53. Brian Glass

    Brian Glass3 months ago

    Maria and Serena should start a new tennis league and they should call it the CTA...Cheaters Tennis Association

  54. John Williams

    John Williams3 months ago

    Where is the whistling from?

  55. Daniel Berrios

    Daniel Berrios4 months ago

    Gonzalez vs Blake

  56. arMizIzi TH

    arMizIzi TH4 months ago

    ความอัปยศ แห่งวงการ แบตมินตัน ไทย ไห้ตายเถอะโรบิ้น 😫😫😫

  57. TheMoonchild1969

    TheMoonchild19694 months ago


  58. player 1

    player 14 months ago

    Similar badminton situation happened here in the philippines. Exhibition game between the chinese and the malaysians but an even worse fistfight.

  59. Pablo Mariano

    Pablo Mariano4 months ago

    Juan martin the big dick del potro...

  60. M. Kundacek

    M. Kundacek4 months ago

    Rosol je srac !

  61. Александр Тарадымов

    Александр Тарадымов4 months ago

    На матче Дель Потро и Маррея нет болельщиков)))

  62. Josh Gambino

    Josh Gambino4 months ago

    European people are like "my word what a brutal lolly wopping!" then start searching for cricket fights

  63. onebadmoto

    onebadmoto4 months ago

    What a bitch at the end. Running wtf? Fight

  64. Atty Bong

    Atty Bong4 months ago

    funny, the last part was not tennis ... it was BEDminton .. game for the sissies .. lol

  65. Garrett1111

    Garrett11114 months ago

    Connors is the biggest pussy to have ever lived

  66. Russell

    Russell5 months ago

    Murray is such a dick, everyone hates him

  67. ChRis Butcher

    ChRis Butcher5 months ago


  68. chris correa

    chris correa5 months ago

    “Ive never seen this before, I’ve never seen this before” I wish the other commentator just came out and asked “have you ever seen anything like this before?”

  69. al todds

    al todds5 months ago

    I can't believe they have this in Badminton

  70. Bob Loblaw

    Bob Loblaw5 months ago

    I had no idea that badminton was so edgy.

  71. Tomás Di Santo

    Tomás Di Santo5 months ago

    What Bouchard did was really unnecesary, because “meldonium” the drug that Sharapova was detected was prohibited a month before she didn’t pass the doping. She was anything but a cheater. Bouchard... more in the court and less in the press conference...

  72. Bob Loblaw

    Bob Loblaw5 months ago

    3:26 When Connors went for his haircut, he chose to go with "The Kramer".

  73. Steven Garcia

    Steven Garcia5 months ago

    Defend yourself man! And your teammate... defend your teammate. Buncha girls

  74. Juan Andrés BSC

    Juan Andrés BSC5 months ago

    Nadal de mierda.

  75. Marko Max

    Marko Max5 months ago

    Nadal is just a spoiled cry baby with dirty A-hole (which he is...)

  76. Dan Man

    Dan Man5 months ago

    Badminton rivalries are so much better. Who knew?

  77. J M

    J M5 months ago

    It's all that pent-up tension from handling a shuttlecock all day long

  78. oscar fonseca

    oscar fonseca5 months ago

    Weakest films ever

  79. DerfLrak

    DerfLrak5 months ago

    5:00 the kangaroo in the head

  80. Bob

    Bob5 months ago

    Andy Murray is such a pompous fuckwitt.

  81. ECEZC University

    ECEZC University5 months ago

    05:01 A kangaroo jumped on his head. 😅

  82. Mariano Freyre

    Mariano Freyre5 months ago

    Everybody remembers that fat woman screaming in Murrays Games, his mom. His ugy mom.

  83. Dakers11

    Dakers115 months ago

    song @10:38 please, anybody know?

  84. Alexander Y

    Alexander Y5 months ago

    Where is Bitchard now in 86 WTA rank???


    KAKA BABUDA5 months ago

    The badminton guy shouldn't have run away, he should've fought back. That wouldn't be a problem right since the other person attacked first

  86. Robert Ramos

    Robert Ramos5 months ago

    Why is the arena empty for Murrray vs Del Potro??

  87. Robert Ramos

    Robert Ramos4 months ago

    Tobias Laisisjajaiaihs Only now but not at that time

  88. Tobias Maniera

    Tobias Maniera4 months ago

    Julio K delpotro number 3 in the world

  89. Robert Ramos

    Robert Ramos5 months ago

    Oh yea, 5:32 does show Murray is only ranked 16th, and Del Potro unranked.

  90. Julio K

    Julio K5 months ago

    Del po was unknown

  91. Lawrence L.

    Lawrence L.5 months ago

    I can't take feuds between women seriously...they are just bickering about some silly reason.

  92. Lawrence L.

    Lawrence L.5 months ago

    Tennis you have an outlet or release...but with badminton players they are somewhat tightly enclosed, waiting to explode with the right ignition. Kind of like the same situation with outcasts being picked on. You never see a member of the football team or basketball team do a mass shooting.

  93. Jean Ducheamps

    Jean Ducheamps5 months ago

    Tennis top 5 who hate eachother, shows thumbnail of badminton douches. Clickbait and unsub

  94. 1024 -

    1024 -5 months ago


  95. Plutot Crever

    Plutot Crever5 months ago

    I agree with Bouchard. AND I still appreciate Sharapova spectacular, huge competitive skills. But I get that the WTA took a financial decision. Not just a sport decision.

  96. BattledoreDistrict A99

    BattledoreDistrict A995 months ago

    Why is their a Badminton video in a video about Tennis. .

  97. alex brown

    alex brown5 months ago

    im a scot and andy murry is hated in his own country because he is a sour faced prick

  98. Todor

    Todor5 months ago

    Badminton or UFC

  99. Thermophile

    Thermophile5 months ago

    Sharapova is a cheater. But she is Russian, it is their tradition :)

  100. Marcus Morrison

    Marcus Morrison5 months ago

    "There's no more mens doubles" ha ha, a bit extreme methinks LOL.

  101. Ashee Baggan

    Ashee Baggan5 months ago

    Please any one tell me the whistle song is?

  102. mad dog

    mad dog5 months ago

    Andy Murray is such a Queen

  103. You have only One Life!

    You have only One Life!5 months ago

    8:10 doping. Maria; Mirbosi! Isus Christus lupit ipja ochen amin. Slava Boko:D P.s. Johannes 14:6 bazaluista i mirbosi. Maranatha!

  104. My art channel

    My art channel5 months ago

    Noone hates Kate Russell. He’s a fantastic actor like in Blade Runner and Mistery Island.

  105. Enuki

    Enuki5 months ago

    one more add