Tennis TOP5. Players Hate Each Other


  1. ComunidadAérea

    ComunidadAérea4 days ago

    What about Serena? Serena-Sharapova, Serena Vs World

  2. Elizabeth Farrell

    Elizabeth Farrell10 days ago

    wonderful. 😃

  3. Brian Glass

    Brian Glass11 days ago

    Maria and Serena should start a new tennis league and they should call it the CTA...Cheaters Tennis Association

  4. John Williams

    John Williams27 days ago

    Where is the whistling from?

  5. Daniel Berrios

    Daniel BerriosMonth ago

    Gonzalez vs Blake

  6. arMizIzi TH

    arMizIzi THMonth ago

    ความอัปยศ แห่งวงการ แบตมินตัน ไทย ไห้ตายเถอะโรบิ้น 😫😫😫

  7. TheMoonchild1969

    TheMoonchild1969Month ago


  8. player 1

    player 1Month ago

    Similar badminton situation happened here in the philippines. Exhibition game between the chinese and the malaysians but an even worse fistfight.

  9. Pablo Mariano

    Pablo MarianoMonth ago

    Juan martin the big dick del potro...

  10. M. Kundacek

    M. KundacekMonth ago

    Rosol je srac !

  11. Александр Тарадымов

    Александр ТарадымовMonth ago

    На матче Дель Потро и Маррея нет болельщиков)))

  12. Josh Gambino

    Josh GambinoMonth ago

    European people are like "my word what a brutal lolly wopping!" then start searching for cricket fights

  13. onebadmoto

    onebadmotoMonth ago

    What a bitch at the end. Running wtf? Fight

  14. Atty Bong

    Atty BongMonth ago

    funny, the last part was not tennis ... it was BEDminton .. game for the sissies .. lol

  15. Saint Lou II

    Saint Lou IIMonth ago

    Dude. Badminton is dope. 😂

  16. Garrett1111

    Garrett1111Month ago

    Connors is the biggest pussy to have ever lived

  17. Russell

    RussellMonth ago

    Murray is such a dick, everyone hates him


    HÅKAN ERICSSON2 months ago


  19. chris correa

    chris correa2 months ago

    “Ive never seen this before, I’ve never seen this before” I wish the other commentator just came out and asked “have you ever seen anything like this before?”

  20. al todds

    al todds2 months ago

    I can't believe they have this in Badminton

  21. Bob Loblaw

    Bob Loblaw2 months ago

    I had no idea that badminton was so edgy.

  22. Tomás Di Santo

    Tomás Di Santo2 months ago

    What Bouchard did was really unnecesary, because “meldonium” the drug that Sharapova was detected was prohibited a month before she didn’t pass the doping. She was anything but a cheater. Bouchard... more in the court and less in the press conference...

  23. Bob Loblaw

    Bob Loblaw2 months ago

    3:26 When Connors went for his haircut, he chose to go with "The Kramer".

  24. Steven Garcia

    Steven Garcia2 months ago

    Defend yourself man! And your teammate... defend your teammate. Buncha girls

  25. Juan Andrés BSC

    Juan Andrés BSC2 months ago

    Nadal de mierda.

  26. Marko Max

    Marko Max2 months ago

    Nadal is just a spoiled cry baby with dirty A-hole (which he is...)

  27. Dan Man

    Dan Man2 months ago

    Badminton rivalries are so much better. Who knew?

  28. J M

    J M2 months ago

    It's all that pent-up tension from handling a shuttlecock all day long

  29. Victoria Marz

    Victoria Marz2 months ago

    la puta madre que te pario murray ♥

  30. oscar fonseca

    oscar fonseca2 months ago

    Weakest films ever

  31. DerfLrak

    DerfLrak2 months ago

    5:00 the kangaroo in the head

  32. Bob

    Bob2 months ago

    Andy Murray is such a pompous fuckwitt.

  33. ECEZC University

    ECEZC University2 months ago

    05:01 A kangaroo jumped on his head. 😅

  34. Mariano Freyre

    Mariano Freyre2 months ago

    Everybody remembers that fat woman screaming in Murrays Games, his mom. His ugy mom.

  35. Dakers11

    Dakers112 months ago

    song @10:38 please, anybody know?

  36. Alexander Y

    Alexander Y2 months ago

    Where is Bitchard now in 86 WTA rank???


    KAKA BABUDA2 months ago

    The badminton guy shouldn't have run away, he should've fought back. That wouldn't be a problem right since the other person attacked first

  38. Robert Ramos

    Robert Ramos2 months ago

    Why is the arena empty for Murrray vs Del Potro??

  39. Robert Ramos

    Robert RamosMonth ago

    Tobias Laisisjajaiaihs Only now but not at that time

  40. Tobias Laisisjajaiaihs

    Tobias LaisisjajaiaihsMonth ago

    Julio K delpotro number 3 in the world

  41. Robert Ramos

    Robert Ramos2 months ago

    Oh yea, 5:32 does show Murray is only ranked 16th, and Del Potro unranked.

  42. Julio K

    Julio K2 months ago

    Del po was unknown

  43. Lawrence L.

    Lawrence L.2 months ago

    I can't take feuds between women seriously...they are just bickering about some silly reason.

  44. Lawrence L.

    Lawrence L.2 months ago

    Tennis you have an outlet or release...but with badminton players they are somewhat tightly enclosed, waiting to explode with the right ignition. Kind of like the same situation with outcasts being picked on. You never see a member of the football team or basketball team do a mass shooting.

  45. Jean Ducheamps

    Jean Ducheamps2 months ago

    Tennis top 5 who hate eachother, shows thumbnail of badminton douches. Clickbait and unsub

  46. 1024 -

    1024 -2 months ago


  47. Plutot Crever

    Plutot Crever2 months ago

    I agree with Bouchard. AND I still appreciate Sharapova spectacular, huge competitive skills. But I get that the WTA took a financial decision. Not just a sport decision.

  48. EdThan VerCoala

    EdThan VerCoala2 months ago

    Why is their a Badminton video in a video about Tennis. .

  49. alex brown

    alex brown2 months ago

    im a scot and andy murry is hated in his own country because he is a sour faced prick

  50. Todor

    Todor2 months ago

    Badminton or UFC

  51. Molon Lave

    Molon Lave2 months ago

    Eugene Bouchard is hot as hell, I don;t care if she at times act like a bitch. I love her!

  52. Thermophile

    Thermophile2 months ago

    Sharapova is a cheater. But she is Russian, it is their tradition :)

  53. Marcus Morrison

    Marcus Morrison2 months ago

    "There's no more mens doubles" ha ha, a bit extreme methinks LOL.

  54. Ashee Baggan

    Ashee Baggan2 months ago

    Please any one tell me the whistle song is?

  55. mad dog

    mad dog2 months ago

    Andy Murray is such a Queen

  56. You have only One Life!

    You have only One Life!2 months ago

    8:10 doping. Maria; Mirbosi! Isus Christus lupit ipja ochen amin. Slava Boko:D P.s. Johannes 14:6 bazaluista i mirbosi. Maranatha!

  57. My art channel

    My art channel2 months ago

    Noone hates Kate Russell. He’s a fantastic actor like in Blade Runner and Mistery Island.

  58. Enuki

    Enuki2 months ago

    one more add

  59. The World Tv

    The World Tv2 months ago

    Why hating each other? It's just a game. And this must bring peace obviously... By #TheWorldTv

  60. Debbie Webbie

    Debbie Webbie2 months ago

    Poor Nadal got so picked on. Funny how those guys are nowhere in sight today but he’s still number 1.

  61. Republika Srpska 1

    Republika Srpska 13 months ago

    The legend says last guy still running

  62. Len Welch

    Len Welch3 months ago

    Bouchard is a total bitch. Sharapova made an honest mistake.

  63. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano3 months ago

    Jeany Bouchard is a cunt

  64. Rodoljub Dmitrovic

    Rodoljub Dmitrovic3 months ago

    9:30 She is a whore and reporter also,they hate Maria because she is from Russia,what a idiots.👎

  65. Jj J

    Jj J3 months ago

    Mma batminton

  66. Chun Wong

    Chun Wong3 months ago


  67. Jonny Blade

    Jonny Blade3 months ago

    Murry was standing at the back of the court, hardly telling him or even speaking loud enough to be heard??

  68. Bobba Rockersons

    Bobba Rockersons3 months ago

    Bouchard is a cry baby

  69. Bobba Rockersons

    Bobba Rockersons3 months ago

    Murray is a bitch

  70. Hthegoat

    Hthegoat3 months ago


  71. Darius Pour

    Darius Pour3 months ago

    I can't believe that badminton guy in yellow ran like a scared little girl. He ought to blow his Fucking brains out for being such a COWARD.

  72. sandal prince nayak

    sandal prince nayak3 months ago

    Both thailander whopping each other's ass .....

  73. kevin cosgrove

    kevin cosgrove3 months ago

    Soderling should complain about Nadal constant butt picking it's fn ridiculous

  74. MEW875

    MEW8753 months ago

    Hewitt has always been a racist since his birth...

  75. MJ F

    MJ F3 months ago

    Nadal is the biggest baby EVERRRRRR!!

  76. Christina Harrell

    Christina Harrell3 months ago

    I love Nadel but too play against him with him and his little issues would be aggravating

  77. Jaylen Martin

    Jaylen Martin3 months ago

    weather error involved secret as much rescue me point.

  78. JRobertPals

    JRobertPals3 months ago

    This is why Rosol won’t be any good. His career is fucking stupid quit the game.

  79. Da K

    Da K3 months ago

    Whats up with the chill bill whistling tho??

  80. mychoclabwinston

    mychoclabwinston3 months ago

    Tennis players are such pre-madonnas, its tennis hit the ball over the net, tennis should be down graded to women only, wait, kids only, then you grow up and play a real sport

  81. oskrrr92

    oskrrr923 months ago

    try playing the game and then u can talk

  82. Radim Mynář

    Radim Mynář3 months ago

    oh the battle of asian players at the end... Is it normal yet? I like that it is all not about my tennis guys :) no matter Delpo doesnť like Andy, I love both, you re great, after career you will be the best friends I think so dudes ;)

  83. Tnc 4

    Tnc 43 months ago

    Bouchard and Anna ivonovic hottest tennis players by million miles ever have been ever will be

  84. DJ Swami

    DJ Swami3 months ago

    What a piece of shit that Hewitt was ..

  85. Phillip Strickland

    Phillip Strickland3 months ago

    I like at 7:00 where the commentator says they should have it out like ice hockey and put the rackets down and punch on lol classic

  86. Jimmy Gallant

    Jimmy Gallant3 months ago

    Yes, let them settle it like they do in hockey!

  87. Cheezeburger Walrus

    Cheezeburger Walrus3 months ago

    The funny thing is those dudes fought EXACTLY how you would expect badminton players to fight lol

  88. Деревенский Счастливчик!

    Деревенский Счастливчик!3 months ago


  89. PAlive La

    PAlive La3 months ago

    A nice counter punch would have flattened the badminton guy.

  90. Kenneth White

    Kenneth White3 months ago

    Pure THUGGERY!

  91. Vendrix

    Vendrix3 months ago

    rosol and soderling are assholes

  92. Helen Hanahoe

    Helen Hanahoe3 months ago

    Ahhhhh, seeing Mc & Conners going at it takes me back to the days when tennis players had personalities...... I thought Sampras was a robot, but he was a coked-up Louie Spence compared to a certain Mr.Federer. Good old Roger, even born in one of the Worlds dullest countries. It helped to have such a bland start in life, but it was Roger's incredible hard work & 100% commitment that enabled him, not just to reach adulthood utterly devoid of any personality whatsoever, but also to reach adulthood completely devoid of any & all traces of emotion. Unfortunately, after one of his grand slam victories, fatigue led to the one blemish in his professional career. Cameras caught him grimacing (slightly) which under extreme examination could be interpreted (by less than one person in a billion) as a smile. Roger was understandably devastated by this unrobotlike inexplicable split second of near humanity. Despite the incident being utterly out of character, Roger took the most extreme & drastic measure to insure there would never be a repeat. After scouring the earth, he negotiated terms successfully to enter a union of marriage with the universally acknowledged most unexcitable & unexciting, permanently miserable, hopelessly dull & colder than Hoth- female. As is befitting such a fucking inhuman robot as Federer, her face exactly resembled a smacked baboon's arse. What's the fucking point in competing at something if you're just as fucking miserable when you win as you are when you lose?? Miserable, bland, emotionless, stupid-fucking-blazer-wearing-who-then-fails-to-win-that-year, joyless, eternally-vanilla grumpy bastard.....

  93. Denzel Zogo Andela

    Denzel Zogo Andela3 months ago

    The other member of the Thai double team is a pussy. How are you going to watch on and do nothing while your teammate is getting tag-teamed?

  94. beno jojo

    beno jojo3 months ago

    Rosol looks like he is suffering from mental illness..

  95. Thrilla from Manila

    Thrilla from Manila3 months ago

    Why couldn't that last bit happen on the ATP Tour? Donald Young vs Ryan Harrison

  96. Carol Morris

    Carol Morris3 months ago

    Oh my soul, just watching the itcy-bitsy little shorts which Mac and Connors played in had me lol. Yes, I was an adult when they were fashionable but thank goodness they are over. Nullifys all the anger in any of these matches. 😂😂😂

  97. JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs

    JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs3 months ago

    Well, so compare to those badminton players at the end, tennis players are still polite..😀😀😂😂

  98. montanadoctor

    montanadoctor3 months ago

    Bouchard has it all. If she can improve her serve, she’ll win a Major. She’s much prettier than any other woman in the WTA.

  99. YNWA

    YNWA3 months ago

    montanadoctor unfortunately, the way u look does not mean u will win a major. Dumb comment

  100. den525

    den5253 months ago

    To be fair even Australians hate Hewitt!! It's so un-Australian to celebrate with a come on when your opponent hit his shot (looking like a winner) into the top of the tape and out, show some fucking class! I would serve into him and spit at him as well.

  101. john Baldock

    john Baldock3 months ago

    Pussy's playing a PUSSY Game!!

  102. Christian brown

    Christian brown3 months ago

    song at very start?

  103. Robert L. H.

    Robert L. H.3 months ago

    Nadal is a mf and very bad sportive guy

  104. Isco Alarcón

    Isco Alarcón3 months ago

    Robert L. H. LOL

  105. YNWA

    YNWA3 months ago

    Robert L. H. Not really no. In fact, he is one of the most sporting guys. Stop being an idiot

  106. Alex Coman

    Alex Coman3 months ago

    the video was good but having in the title 'tennis' and using the thumbnail from a badminton match to get more views made me hit the dislike button

  107. nords16 nords16

    nords16 nords163 months ago

    Fucking nadal

  108. Prakash Chawla

    Prakash Chawla3 months ago

    last fighting made my day

  109. shihlin1

    shihlin13 months ago

    Bouchard said she was gonna kick Sharapova's lying ass in the locker room, so we're not sure if that's happened.