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  1. FBE

    FBEYear ago

    Happy Saturday! Enjoy the final Teens React episode for 2017! Thanks for the support all year long, and tune in tomorrow for one more video before we say goodbye to 2017! Thanks for long time support, and more recent viewers - from all of us at FBE, Happy New Year! - FBE Team PS We re-launched the FBE2 channel with daily vlogs and more! Subscribe!

  2. Michael Pauta

    Michael PautaYear ago


  3. Zaimary 123

    Zaimary 123Year ago

    FBE why dont do rap song`s

  4. game player25 240

    game player25 240Year ago

    FBE teens react to shane dawson please

  5. hope ali a

    hope ali aYear ago

    React to i can ride my bicycle

  6. Erin Moeller

    Erin MoellerYear ago

    FBE mikaela, you can song pretty well

  7. Dorjee Dinglow

    Dorjee DinglowYear ago

    Leyla is so cute 😂 2:49

  8. Son Goku

    Son GokuYear ago

    Jaxon is the real MVP

  9. Uchiha Sasuke

    Uchiha SasukeYear ago

    It's hard to believe that the youngest one has the best music taste.....

  10. Jakub Różański

    Jakub RóżańskiYear ago

    Cuz he likes take on me? Yea what a great taste

  11. 아미ゼイネブ

    아미ゼイネブYear ago

    7:03 omg

  12. Tala Arezoumand

    Tala ArezoumandYear ago

    They only listen to it once but we listen to each song a couple times it's wayyyy harder ughhh

  13. Defne Gürdal

    Defne GürdalYear ago

    Do more videos this tipe

  14. Matthew Wall

    Matthew WallYear ago

    Jackson is just superior

  15. Damir Berikov

    Damir BerikovYear ago

    Ice, ice, baby :)

  16. Crazy Erica

    Crazy EricaYear ago

    You should do another one with the same people

  17. Aliyah TV

    Aliyah TVYear ago

    You know girl you can't mess with me If you wanted to these isnensive these is rer buttom THESES Gucci hagab

  18. Crimson Finish

    Crimson FinishYear ago

    OMG I love Jaxon now

  19. Cannelloni

    CannelloniYear ago

    Why Jaxon WHY!?!?!?!

  20. TotoCezar Mimi

    TotoCezar MimiYear ago

    4:33 liza vibes anyone??

  21. AtotehZ

    AtotehZYear ago

    Nice one Jaxon. If I were to pick my favorite song it would probably be by, perhaps Muse, perhaps Guns 'N Roses, perhaps Foo Fighters or a rock/pop band named 'Dizzy Mizz Lizzy'.. but I think the most catchy ones in a broader audience would be by Muse.

  22. Elin Jernberg

    Elin JernbergYear ago

    Try not to RAP Challenge with teens react

  23. JackJumper

    JackJumperYear ago

    We need something new. How about "try not to sing along to remixes"

  24. đìñâřà

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  25. John Richter

    John RichterYear ago

    Try not to sing challenge with shape of you Fame on Fire cover

  26. Ladosligese

    LadosligeseYear ago

    Kardy or Kardi B whatever .. is that music ?

  27. Silver Shadow TV

    Silver Shadow TVYear ago

    Ladosligese nope

  28. Nathan Wilkin

    Nathan WilkinYear ago

    Ladosligese no

  29. TheGamingAsian

    TheGamingAsianYear ago

    The youngest teen chooses the oldest song........makes sense

  30. Zaynab Editz

    Zaynab EditzYear ago

    TheMCGamer289 - Minecraft and More! 😂

  31. morgvy [video editor]

    morgvy [video editor]Year ago

    Omg react to Rose and Rosie😍

  32. Ty Weiss

    Ty WeissYear ago

    i only failed on the lazy song

  33. Laaibah Xx

    Laaibah XxYear ago

    Same I love Bruno

  34. Camden Disney

    Camden DisneyYear ago

    bruno mars is my favorite

  35. darri produce

    darri produceYear ago

    9:05 i like everyones choice its really cute except jaxons Jaxon: no one can beat take on me This vid is hilarious

  36. Tyler macca Howard

    Tyler macca HowardYear ago

    Are Anna and Rae sisters

  37. Avi Joseph

    Avi JosephYear ago

    Jaxon is the only one with great music taste

  38. Ashley Lopez

    Ashley LopezYear ago

    Jaxon : "YOU'RE MEAN!! YOU'RE MEAN!! NOOOOOO" me too...

  39. Ashley Lopez

    Ashley LopezYear ago

    Jason : "YOU'RE MEAN YOU'RE MEAN NOOOOOO" me too...

  40. Jennifer Bullett

    Jennifer BullettYear ago

    Seriously I would lose this challenge.

  41. Reading With K

    Reading With KYear ago

    Anyone else here just for singing along and dancing?

  42. BigSplash FTW

    BigSplash FTWYear ago

    I didn’t sing the entire time... that was easy!!! Edit: the last one was hard though

  43. Alex My

    Alex MyYear ago

    I lost at love on the brain

  44. Skylaaa Moreno

    Skylaaa MorenoYear ago

    Ngl Jaxon is really cute.

  45. Legendofthe_dark

    Legendofthe_darkYear ago

    If I was on here I would have suggested lie by Jimin (bts also basically EVERY OTHER SONG BY THEM) and a MCR song

  46. Raging Chicken

    Raging ChickenYear ago

    So many cute girls 😄

  47. Josiah Games

    Josiah GamesYear ago

    Talk on me was in my 5th grade concert

  48. Brody Edgar

    Brody EdgarYear ago

    Do I get a shoutout? Pls?

  49. BernyTheDino

    BernyTheDinoYear ago

    When Jaxon is such an idol at 14

  50. vene marchan

    vene marchanYear ago

    React to CNCO

  51. Robert_27

    Robert_27Year ago

    how do people like that first song T_T

  52. Gio

    GioYear ago


  53. Robert_27

    Robert_27Year ago

    well good for u lol.

  54. marisa catherine

    marisa catherineYear ago


  55. olivia patrick

    olivia patrickYear ago


  56. Shoo K

    Shoo KYear ago


  57. Amazing Abbzter

    Amazing AbbzterYear ago

    Ølivia Grace YES!!!!

  58. Kaila Raye

    Kaila RayeYear ago

    I’ve never actually heard the first song... but I’m glad I haven’t... won’t listen again... but I did win this challenge

  59. Gio

    GioYear ago

    *_Kaila Raye BRO WTF_*

  60. CNCOwnerbyheart Daniela

    CNCOwnerbyheart DanielaYear ago

    React to CNCO

  61. Missy Graci

    Missy GraciYear ago

    I love ice ice baby

  62. Nadia H

    Nadia HYear ago

    I️ like all these songs

  63. rachel nalod

    rachel nalodYear ago

    teens react to dolan twins

  64. Angela Phan

    Angela PhanYear ago

    Jaxon has great vocals! 👌🏻 🤣 The others had really great reactions as well!!!

  65. naruto fan

    naruto fanYear ago


  66. naruto fan

    naruto fanYear ago

    They NEEEEED to

  67. Kira K.

    Kira K.Year ago

    Rap doesn’t affect me at all 😁

  68. The Psychic Sorcerer

    The Psychic SorcererYear ago


  69. naruto fan

    naruto fanYear ago

    Purring Animations yes finally someone who dont listen to rap!

  70. Lucija Došen

    Lucija DošenYear ago

    Please make teens react to balkan music👌🏻

  71. Niya Odom

    Niya OdomYear ago

    *screeches* JAXON!!! Whyyyy?!?Neyooo, I’m *SORRY!*

  72. Ashlyn Tipton

    Ashlyn TiptonYear ago

    Someone get Jaxon a record!! The boy can sing!!

  73. Cailiegh Quail

    Cailiegh QuailYear ago

    I did not sing.

  74. nat xoxo

    nat xoxoYear ago

    could you please make teens react to the Dolan twins ? please ! Bromieomies like this comment !

  75. grace blackburn

    grace blackburnYear ago

    jaxon has grown up so much omg

  76. Andrea Fernandez

    Andrea FernandezYear ago

    I love these episodes! Can you do more?

  77. Katie Robinson

    Katie RobinsonYear ago

    I’ve never seen Jaxon before but he’s my new favourite

  78. Andrea Fernandez

    Andrea FernandezYear ago


  79. Andrea Fernandez

    Andrea FernandezYear ago

    Katie Robinson He was in kids react. Now he’s a teen, so he’s in teens reacts

  80. Kirsty de Paor

    Kirsty de PaorYear ago

    I freaking love Jaxon!!

  81. David D

    David DYear ago

    1:54 I have the same shirt (idk y but just wanted to point that out) Oh and btw like this cooommmeeennnttt

  82. Sydney Hall

    Sydney HallYear ago

    am i the only one who finds the ramen noodle ad satisfying to listen to? xDD

  83. Tinikqua Williams

    Tinikqua WilliamsYear ago

    8:24-8:28 when my mom goes grocery shopping😂😂

  84. Lexi West

    Lexi WestYear ago

    Lost on ice ice baby

  85. Christian Dyrmann

    Christian DyrmannYear ago


  86. Satoshi Uchiha

    Satoshi UchihaYear ago

    Yep I only knew the last song soo....that challenge would have been a piece of cake 😎

  87. Xenia B

    Xenia BYear ago

    Jaxon was like *Its my turn to shine*

  88. LexiReviews

    LexiReviewsYear ago

    Teens try not to sing hsm/Disney songs


    GACHA LEAHYear ago

    My song is believer

  90. Derya Yumurtaci

    Derya YumurtaciYear ago

    love on the brain omg so harddd

  91. Derya Yumurtaci

    Derya YumurtaciYear ago

    teens react to turkish food teens vs food!!!!! pls

  92. KBella

    KBellaYear ago

    miss independent was such a nostalgia slap to the face

  93. Musical. ly battles

    Musical. ly battlesYear ago

    I know just 1st and 2nd song.

  94. aidil.f Afrino

    aidil.f AfrinoYear ago

    I think "try not to headbang" is harder

  95. Clamfaced

    ClamfacedYear ago

    Does Jaxon have any personality flaws? I swear he's like the coolest one.

  96. ieqami yusra

    ieqami yusraYear ago

    Pls do reaction to nekomimi device ..

  97. Roccontrolz22

    Roccontrolz22Year ago

    Alberto 💜

  98. DerpyNerdy

    DerpyNerdyYear ago

    My fav song is bellie jean is not my lover aughh

  99. •BabyGigi•

    •BabyGigi•Year ago

    MechanizedMCPE but the kid is not my son!

  100. Niya Odom

    Niya OdomYear ago

    She jus-ah girl, who, thinks that I, am-the-one

  101. Mauro Garcia

    Mauro GarciaYear ago

    Jaxon is the ideal little brother, that music taste, you lit.

  102. Naomi Neko

    Naomi NekoYear ago

    the only good ones are "Take on me" and "vanilla Ice" to me

  103. Riley M

    Riley MYear ago

    all of you at least sang or danced

  104. JayTee Vlogs

    JayTee VlogsYear ago

    Why do people like Cardi B’s song so much?

  105. rotting peaches

    rotting peachesYear ago


  106. adlerzwei

    adlerzweiYear ago

    JayTee Vlogs I didn't even know her until two weeks ago. 😂

  107. Rewge

    RewgeYear ago

    JayTee Vlogs ikr

  108. FaZe_MEMES4

    FaZe_MEMES4Year ago

    Ya why

  109. salma ali

    salma aliYear ago

    they have to choose Michael Jackson's song cuz i love michael soo much

  110. salma ali

    salma aliYear ago

    doo this episode again cuz it's soo funnyy and challenging tho.

  111. PVTDICK

    PVTDICKYear ago

    I like the Minecraft take on me better

  112. Black Rose

    Black RoseYear ago


  113. Ethan Prasad

    Ethan PrasadYear ago

    Do another try not to sing challenge

  114. ⁠

    Year ago

    ik only 2 songs, nice

  115. Keven Bernal

    Keven BernalYear ago

    Lyric breakdown of Strawberry Swings by Frank Ocean.

  116. Shivam Mishra

    Shivam MishraYear ago

    React to machine gun Kelly 27

  117. chloe delfin

    chloe delfinYear ago

    Do the try not to rap chalange please ☺️

  118. Blue Fox

    Blue FoxYear ago

    0:20 #relatable

  119. Audrey W.

    Audrey W.Year ago

    It’s 2 in the morning and I just burst out singing “Take on Me” so thanks 😂

  120. Jaden's Music Works

    Jaden's Music WorksYear ago

    6:05 Damn, I was just listening to it, and it's great!

  121. Amy C

    Amy CYear ago

    My parent are going to send you guys at FBE an email to see if I qualify for a spot on kids react. I am going to turn 11 on April 10. And I hope I can get a spot on kids react

  122. Lauren Jauregui

    Lauren JaureguiYear ago

    prank lion tru 👀

  123. Lauren Jauregui

    Lauren JaureguiYear ago

    Amy Chihuahua okay? 💀 idgaf

  124. Mariel de Leon

    Mariel de LeonYear ago

    Lauren Jauregui hallo 5h or lauren fan..this person is so pressed..they need allysus

  125. Lauren Jauregui

    Lauren JaureguiYear ago


  126. Sofia Sanchez

    Sofia SanchezYear ago

    🙏🏻 Please have Elders react to 'Harry Styles' self titled Album

  127. Devin Hill

    Devin HillYear ago

    Elders react to the movie "Bruno"

  128. Mursal Bakhtiar

    Mursal BakhtiarYear ago

    Saw cardi * click* 😭😂😂😂

  129. Jaden's Music Works

    Jaden's Music WorksYear ago

    Mursal Bakhtiar me too!



    I never lose heavy metal (metallica or avenged sevenfold) ;-) :-)

  131. vaulthunter 253

    vaulthunter 253Year ago

    What about reacting to the Eurythmics

  132. El mundo de Milena según Milena

    El mundo de Milena según MilenaYear ago

    he was 10 when he was a kids react and now he is 14 wth how old is kids react