Teens React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Nickelodeon Edition)


  1. 1dew

    1dew2 months ago

    you can tell half the people dont know the lyrics

  2. Brainyecore

    Brainyecore2 months ago

    that moment when Icarly and Victorious had a crossover show!^^

  3. TonbErin

    TonbErin2 months ago

    Please do Cartoon Network!!!!

  4. Seryn Gordon

    Seryn Gordon2 months ago

    I was more of a Cartoon Network fan 😂

  5. Mac's world

    Mac's world2 months ago

    Mikaela looks like Victoria

  6. Hannah Horne

    Hannah Horne2 months ago

    Please do try not to sing dreamworks

  7. Iris B.

    Iris B.2 months ago

    4:03, Ariana didn’t get her start in Victorious, she’s been doing broadway and musical productions since she was basically 6 years old. Both her and Liz have been doing well before Victorious even happened.

  8. Hannah Horne

    Hannah Horne2 months ago

    I Carly victorious big time rush Sam drake and josh and cat etc are my favorite I hate spongebob

  9. Jarad Wrld

    Jarad Wrld2 months ago

    Y’all saw Morgan head bop at 4:00

  10. EO FC

    EO FC2 months ago

    I am younger than Tyler and I watch every episode of icarly

  11. Jayne Helene

    Jayne Helene2 months ago


  12. Arleen Landron

    Arleen Landron2 months ago

    You should do Disney Channel throwback shows

  13. ClarityxShine.

    ClarityxShine.2 months ago

    I'm confused. I find it so easy not to sing along..? o-o I don't see how it can be that hard..

  14. Adriana Cruz-Soto

    Adriana Cruz-Soto2 months ago


  15. Brittany mcdaniel

    Brittany mcdaniel2 months ago

    Fairly odparents still air and new episodes

  16. Joshua Krogman

    Joshua Krogman2 months ago

    My whole childhood in one video

  17. Marcay

    Marcay2 months ago

    Troy looking a bit like Tfue... what are u not telling us troy?

  18. Ibtisam Yare

    Ibtisam Yare2 months ago

    4:01 How did he NOT know Ariana GRANDE did victorious!!!!! She was the star of show and we ALL know that

  19. Yassiry Garcia

    Yassiry Garcia2 months ago

    Loren Stitles 😂 comment 10/10

  20. Loren Stitles

    Loren Stitles2 months ago

    ThEy WeRe AlL StArS

  21. Savvy XD

    Savvy XD2 months ago

    Do cartoon network shows

  22. Sydthel4me

    Sydthel4me2 months ago

    i almost crieddd, so nostalgic ;(

  23. X crook X

    X crook X2 months ago

    I lost every single one and i dont care. They played my favorites and im happy. This is the one challenge i will always fail because its so much fun

  24. Itoku44

    Itoku442 months ago

    When zoey 101 popped on the screen I almost screamed!!!

  25. Abbie Xxx

    Abbie Xxx2 months ago

    Do Disney channel

  26. Fidel Ostorga

    Fidel Ostorga2 months ago

    That last guy playing try to sing along challenge. Dude it's not that hard

  27. rilly kid

    rilly kid2 months ago

    I still watch most of these shows

  28. Annelise Mesa

    Annelise Mesa2 months ago

    i flopped so hard 😂

  29. Mariah Mendez

    Mariah Mendez2 months ago

    Who else thinks Mikaela looks like Tori\Victoria

  30. Devin Giles

    Devin Giles2 months ago

    FBE, how about have the Teens react to the Try Not to Sing Along Challenge - Disney Channel Edition? That will be a tough challenge for them. I have some suggestions. 1. Wizards of Waverly Place (Theme song) 2. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (Theme song) 3. Hannah Montana (Theme song) 4. Good Luck Charlie (Theme song) 5. That So Raven (Theme song) 6. Shake It Up (Theme song) 7. Phineas and Ferb (Theme song)

  31. kawaii peace

    kawaii peace2 months ago

    zoe 101 was disney

  32. Bust It For A Real One Cuz I'm A Cactus

    Bust It For A Real One Cuz I'm A Cactus2 months ago

    @kawaii peace when? I've never seen a nickelodeon show on disney channel o.o

  33. kawaii peace

    kawaii peace2 months ago

    @Fidel Ostorga oh I guess your right but they played it on disney channel a lot

  34. Fidel Ostorga

    Fidel Ostorga2 months ago

    No it wasn't

  35. Deyla InWonderland

    Deyla InWonderland2 months ago

    7:12 bro its not realize its realign....

  36. Mystiic

    Mystiic2 months ago

    Who else was waiting for another i Carly show after she went with her dad on that plane 😭😭

  37. Bustin Jieber

    Bustin Jieber2 months ago

    Me.. ;-; I'm still waiting ;-;

  38. vernon cheung

    vernon cheung2 months ago

    I miss icarly x'(

  39. Deandre Hawkins

    Deandre Hawkins2 months ago

    Those all were some good shows

  40. lila long

    lila long2 months ago

    The funniest out of context quote: “I once bought a rooster and I named my rooster poof poof”

  41. Insanity 64

    Insanity 642 months ago

    The only song I didn’t sing/move to was the big time rush song. Otherwise I lost every other song

  42. jeremiah flores

    jeremiah flores2 months ago

    mikaela looks like victoria justice

  43. Exotic Rule

    Exotic Rule2 months ago

    morgan=\•_•\ no eyebrows bahahaha

  44. Zoey Jean

    Zoey Jean2 months ago

    I agree do this with Disney channel shows too!

  45. Lil Young dagger dick

    Lil Young dagger dick2 months ago

    It’s actually “it’s gonna take some time to realign” not realize drake bell Said it

  46. Marks

    Marks2 months ago

    If you added Danny phantom, and showed to college kids, they could not withstand

  47. Colin Young

    Colin Young2 months ago

    Thank god Danny Phantom wasn't in here

  48. Kaylea Murphy

    Kaylea Murphy2 months ago

    It’s realign

  49. Topaz Malcolm

    Topaz Malcolm2 months ago

    Victorious got me. Spongebob Squarepants is my all time favorite Nickelodeon show

  50. do you. mean

    do you. mean2 months ago

    Im 11 i know all of these show!!!!! Note: except zoe 101

  51. Adele Stefanowicz

    Adele Stefanowicz2 months ago

    You should totally do this again but with Disney Channel shows from the same era

  52. Luis Tiburcio

    Luis Tiburcio2 months ago

    This Challenge with college kids it would be perfect And amazing!!!

  53. Lilly Briones

    Lilly Briones2 months ago

    Anybody gunna bring uo tyler looks like josh from drake & josh

  54. vivi garcia

    vivi garcia2 months ago

    Not @ how they all said “realize” instead of “realign” for drake and josh

  55. Stella O'Brien

    Stella O'Brien2 months ago

    2:41 100000000000000000% agree

  56. Shanna Birli

    Shanna Birli2 months ago