Teens React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Nickelodeon Edition)


  1. B Perry

    B Perry28 minutes ago

    Does drake bell remind anyone else of tom

  2. Crazy Kyky

    Crazy Kyky5 minutes ago

    B Perry I have thought that ever since he’s been on the show 😂

  3. lol ok

    lol ok39 minutes ago

    When BTR came i lost it-

  4. Faith Perkins

    Faith Perkins46 minutes ago

    I watched all of these shows growing up, except sponge Bob sqaurepants... HUG ME MY BROTHA!!

  5. Legend Destroye

    Legend Destroye50 minutes ago

    Might have screamed when Big Time Rush came on, I wasn't expecting & it made me so happy :D

  6. Kalyn Ulbrich

    Kalyn UlbrichHour ago

    Zoey one oh one and Drake and Josh were prob the only only shows I didn't watch

  7. Wolf Master

    Wolf MasterHour ago

    Farley odd parents

  8. Bea Laine Dollesin

    Bea Laine DollesinHour ago

    3:28 she really looks like Tori😍💕

  9. Ayeeka .williams

    Ayeeka .williamsHour ago

    I lost to EVERY song and am damn proudd !!!!

  10. Ryuko Matoi

    Ryuko MatoiHour ago

    Am I the only one thinking that Drake Bell kinda looks like Tom from FBE?

  11. Ayeeka .williams

    Ayeeka .williamsHour ago

    Omgg yessss !!!!crap indeed 2:44

  12. Ayeeka .williams

    Ayeeka .williamsHour ago

    Omgg u speak myyy mine troyyyy 2:48

  13. Oh Sadie

    Oh SadieHour ago

    Do a try not to sing along (Disney theme song edition like that’s so raven, Lizzie McGuire)

  14. Fire and Rain plays!

    Fire and Rain plays!Hour ago

    Is nobody talking about how Troy looks like t-fue??

  15. lol ok

    lol ok38 minutes ago

    Long lost twin

  16. Jay M

    Jay M2 hours ago

    Did Marly dye her hair?

  17. Lorenzo van Willingh

    Lorenzo van Willingh2 hours ago

    As 23yo man I can say that I loved and sang the intro of every one of these shows. Drake and Josh being the only one I always tried to sing on key

  18. Megan Kingsbury

    Megan Kingsbury2 hours ago

    I lost to all of these songs

  19. Zeyad Attia

    Zeyad Attia3 hours ago

    Nobody: Morgan A: my childhood ❤️

  20. Ellie Rabi

    Ellie Rabi3 hours ago

    Mikaela look like Victoria Justice.💆🏼‍♀️

  21. Kittty_Angel kawaii

    Kittty_Angel kawaii3 hours ago

    Where is Sam & cat

  22. bro jack unicornemily

    bro jack unicornemily6 minutes ago


  23. Aubrey Harris

    Aubrey Harris3 hours ago

    Honestly the victorious one made me cry

  24. Aubrey Harris

    Aubrey Harris3 hours ago

    I still watch I Carly to this day

  25. Ayeeka .williams

    Ayeeka .williamsHour ago

    On teen nick right ??

  26. yo it's me lovely

    yo it's me lovely3 hours ago

    is is just me? or does mikaela looks like victoria justice?

  27. Ayeeka .williams

    Ayeeka .williamsHour ago


  28. MultiTYSON007

    MultiTYSON0073 hours ago

    I'm sure you guys are planning this already but please do cartoon network shows next

  29. Eloisa Blackaby

    Eloisa Blackaby3 hours ago

    08:53 Spongebob Squarepants AHH F*CK MY LIFE

  30. Taylar Mazon

    Taylar Mazon4 hours ago

    Wheres danny phantom

  31. Caleb Bost

    Caleb Bost2 hours ago

    Taylar Mazon I agree where the fuck is Danny phantom


    DEAD CLAW4 hours ago

    #NotifactionSquad Hello

  33. julia karvonen

    julia karvonen4 hours ago

    when he said “realize” instead of realign 😂


    DEAD CLAW4 hours ago


  35. livingbaum xx

    livingbaum xx4 hours ago

    Hey Cosmo, Cosmo und Wanda

  36. Cwazy Chicken

    Cwazy Chicken4 hours ago

    Who else was singing along to all of these

  37. Morelia Valdez

    Morelia Valdez4 hours ago

    Mikeala looks like Victoria 😭💜 or is it just me? Lol

  38. Hunar Mehndiratta

    Hunar Mehndiratta4 hours ago

    Can we just agree that Drake and Josh was the best ever sitcom

  39. meekahzbae

    meekahzbae5 hours ago

    dang. now i really miss every single one of those aaaaaAAAAAaaaaaaaAaaaA

  40. Rollies Ruby

    Rollies Ruby5 hours ago

    hmm i wonder where is Sam and Cat

  41. Mari Villarreal

    Mari Villarreal4 hours ago

    Like no


    DMT ARCHER5 hours ago

    Oooo can you guys do this but in anime edition???????

  43. Rhino Gaming - ROBLOX

    Rhino Gaming - ROBLOX5 hours ago

    Omg how did no one know Zoe 101! That was the jam!

  44. cookieman

    cookieman5 hours ago

    Shit was never on Nickelodeon

  45. Moonlit

    Moonlit5 hours ago

    the amount of people thinking that it's 'realize'' instead of 'realign' upsets me

  46. PathlessLeek53 !

    PathlessLeek53 !5 hours ago

    Moonlit I know

  47. Yessy Dlt

    Yessy Dlt5 hours ago

    9:57 when she gets in another upgraded generation shes going to react to this and say that laugh what was that :)

  48. Clover _xy

    Clover _xy5 hours ago

    Mikaela looks like Tori

  49. Maja Gade

    Maja Gade5 hours ago

    I love to see “Try NOT to sing” videos because I am singing as loud as can when the people who react to it can’t😏Don’t judge🙈

  50. König Gloria

    König Gloria5 hours ago

    Jaxon is have a good voice

  51. BS Gohan

    BS Gohan6 hours ago

    Wtf is zoey 101 Like if you dont know it too

  52. Sabre snowleopard aj

    Sabre snowleopard aj5 hours ago

    +Áutumn MSP yep exactly

  53. Áutumn MSP

    Áutumn MSP5 hours ago

    BS Gohan one of the best shows ever

  54. Cassie C

    Cassie C6 hours ago

    It’s realign not realize

  55. Lauren Harkin

    Lauren Harkin6 hours ago

    I lost. To every single one. And I'm not even ashamed.

  56. Kamilah Townsend

    Kamilah Townsend6 hours ago

    OMG i haven’t watched big time rush in sooooooooo long

  57. Haley Fry

    Haley Fry6 hours ago

    how did they not know zoey 101??

  58. jenas crafts

    jenas crafts6 hours ago

    I love zoey 101

  59. Gabrielle Alexis

    Gabrielle Alexis7 hours ago

    The fact that some of them didn’t know Zoey 101, I’m offended. And I still watch all of these shows ALL THE TIME!

  60. Brianna XO

    Brianna XO7 hours ago

    The lack of excitement and knowledge of zoey 101 hurt me.

  61. shasiela z.

    shasiela z.7 hours ago

    Is it bad that i still watch some of these when I’m bored??

  62. shasiela z.

    shasiela z.7 hours ago

    I’m about to watch all these fire shows

  63. Sabre snowleopard aj

    Sabre snowleopard aj7 hours ago

    Man I miss these GOOD SHOWS....

  64. The mcpayne family Yay

    The mcpayne family Yay7 hours ago

    I only lost on spongebob

  65. KD

    KD7 hours ago

    i lost at Zoey 101 not sorry

  66. Never trust a man in a hat

    Never trust a man in a hat7 hours ago

    Has anyone realized that Troy was in season one of master chef jr

  67. shasiela z.

    shasiela z.7 hours ago

    Never trust a man in a hat no wayyy is that actually him?!?!? 😱😱😂😂 I’m freaking out rn!

  68. Doctor Dubstep

    Doctor Dubstep7 hours ago

    wow that eary 2000s rock

  69. Rohit Parida

    Rohit Parida7 hours ago

    What do they get when they win?

  70. Doctor Dubstep

    Doctor Dubstep7 hours ago

    never seen most of these shoes but the beats in the songs man it's hard not to bop

  71. that1_boii_terrence

    that1_boii_terrence7 hours ago

    Ofc the first person on screen is my wife Aiko

  72. Trisha Shegryn

    Trisha Shegryn7 hours ago

    My favorite nikolodeon show is zoey101 and Sam and cat

  73. SaikuronTempest

    SaikuronTempest7 hours ago

    It's fine for those who lost the challenged THEY LET THEIR CHILDHOOD SINK IN NO SHAME RISE YO HANDS IF YOU HAVE NO SHAME!✋🏾

  74. Olympia Maria Hurricane

    Olympia Maria Hurricane8 hours ago

    When drake and josh came on I was like THANK LORD FOR THIS SONG

  75. Adam Zekiros

    Adam Zekiros8 hours ago

    Troy looks like Tfue

  76. Jan Jan

    Jan Jan8 hours ago


  77. Gloria Cruz

    Gloria Cruz8 hours ago

    This should have been adults react. I’m telling you, the 19-24 demographic would’ve lost every single one

  78. Julyan Derosia

    Julyan Derosia8 hours ago

    I missed victorious Sam nd cat and iCarly

  79. Gloria Cruz

    Gloria Cruz8 hours ago

    For the People who didn’t experience Zoey 101... a moment of silence for them please😔

  80. Olivia

    Olivia8 hours ago

    I would have been out first video 😂

  81. BrIaNnA Velasquez

    BrIaNnA Velasquez8 hours ago

    Olivia and icarly 😂😂😂

  82. BrIaNnA Velasquez

    BrIaNnA Velasquez8 hours ago

    Olivia same lol 😂😂

  83. Eabha Casey

    Eabha Casey8 hours ago

    OMG I MISS ZOEY 101 so much

  84. Eabha Casey

    Eabha Casey7 hours ago

    Omg yahhhh omg

  85. XXXTENTACION onfroy

    XXXTENTACION onfroy7 hours ago

    I cant belive none of them knew zoey 101 there older than me andi remember it

  86. anele kala

    anele kala8 hours ago

    You don't call my icarly crap🙁

  87. Rainbow unicorn S

    Rainbow unicorn S8 hours ago

    anele kala he was saying the shows now are crap

  88. Justin Ganz

    Justin Ganz8 hours ago

    I went to a high school like Hollywood Arts and it was so fun

  89. Marley Lopez

    Marley Lopez9 hours ago

    bruh 2 PPL DIDN'T KNOW ZOEY 101 LIKE WTTF!!!

  90. park toothless

    park toothless9 hours ago

    I used to have the fattest crush on jade from victorious PHEW

  91. Youki Overkleeft

    Youki Overkleeft9 hours ago

    “Wait I did not know Ariana Grande did this” what

  92. Emma Connolly

    Emma Connolly8 hours ago

    Youki Overkleeft that’s what I was thinking😂

  93. JoeWaylo Gaming

    JoeWaylo Gaming9 hours ago

    My Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, etc. died when they started cancelling the good shows. Flintstones, Jetsons era. CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!!!!!

  94. hey moon

    hey moon9 hours ago

    not ashamed to admit i still often watch some of these shows like man,, nostalgia

  95. Shaheer Mudassar

    Shaheer Mudassar9 hours ago

    We all do

  96. Magmaboy x8

    Magmaboy x89 hours ago

    hey moon who does not. I bet you even play Minecraft and watch old videos for nostalgia like me.

  97. Cameron Lacey 10L-87

    Cameron Lacey 10L-879 hours ago

    Is it only me but does mikaela look like a person from victorious? Like jade?

  98. Leona Böhm

    Leona Böhm10 hours ago

    Icarly,Victorius,Big time rush, why can't nickelodeon play this again

  99. cutaestkookie

    cutaestkookie10 hours ago

    totally missing Danny Phantom

  100. TheElisabethMaria

    TheElisabethMaria11 hours ago

    Back when Nickelodeon was pure?? Have you heard of Dan Schneider?

  101. Veronique Jessica

    Veronique Jessica11 hours ago

    I would’ve failed to every song they played 😂😭

  102. Tristan Kilafwasru

    Tristan Kilafwasru11 hours ago

    8:53 SpongeBob SquarePiss Ah F**K MY LIFE 👨‍🎓💥🔫 I JUST COMMENTED AND I ALREADY GOT 1 LIKE

  103. GotBangTeez

    GotBangTeez12 hours ago

    I’m sure ya’ll can understand that my 22-year-old ass instantly lost as soon as iCarly came, and then *all of the iconic series* Man do i miss those series a lot of the time 😔

  104. homestuck powers

    homestuck powers12 hours ago


  105. ThatDopeArtist 17

    ThatDopeArtist 1712 hours ago

    Mikaela: I used to watch this show all the time... Victoria Justice: *i think we all watched this show all the time*

  106. Galaxie Lilly Chan

    Galaxie Lilly Chan12 hours ago

    Hello I think I’m dyeing because we’re I live it 3:23 and I fell horable cause I’m sick

  107. James Carroll-Linden

    James Carroll-Linden12 hours ago

    “I didn’t watch this show to much” - Tyler. It’s because you were 6 when it came out 💀

  108. _Trixie _

    _Trixie _12 hours ago

    Were was fresh prince of bell air

  109. kaylee calderon

    kaylee calderon13 hours ago

    mikaela looks like victoria justice dang

  110. cartoon lover

    cartoon lover13 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice she called icarly iconic lol

  111. P C

    P C13 hours ago

    Is it me or does Troy look like tfue like if u agree

  112. Magmaboy x8

    Magmaboy x89 hours ago

    P C yeah. And he sounds like him. Maybe he is tfue son.🤔

  113. elina nam

    elina nam13 hours ago

    VICTORIOUS!!!!ICARLY!!!!!!BIG TIME RUSH!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤟🤟🤟🤟❤❤❤❤❤❤

  114. Angelina Rybakova

    Angelina Rybakova13 hours ago

    Gosh I knew all of them . Childhood memories coming up 😭

  115. Mikael Kofoed

    Mikael Kofoed14 hours ago

    For me it would be iCarly

  116. Olga Gradillas

    Olga Gradillas14 hours ago

    I want to be on react 😭💔

  117. Magmaboy x8

    Magmaboy x89 hours ago

    Olga Gradillas who doesn’t? I mean it would be hard but fun.

  118. Angie Hernandez

    Angie Hernandez14 hours ago

    They should react to Bad Bunny!!!

  119. euniseuuu_

    euniseuuu_14 hours ago

    I sang to every single one. 😂😂😂

  120. Just Emily

    Just Emily14 hours ago

    *Anyone else feeling really nostalgic?*

  121. Big Chungus Yeets Wigs

    Big Chungus Yeets Wigs14 hours ago

    how tf do they not know Zoey 101? They are an insult to human society

  122. Lizzy

    Lizzy8 hours ago

    Big Chungus Yeets Wigs i knew it was on the channel. I just never was interested to watch it. I was too busy trying to watch victorious, big time rush, victorious, and fairly odd parents. I’m pretty sure the same for them

  123. Rippkai Starnes

    Rippkai Starnes14 hours ago

    I never watched drake and josh...😕

  124. 120Orion

    120Orion10 hours ago

    you missed out big time.

  125. Jaleesa Moncur

    Jaleesa Moncur14 hours ago

    Wow 😟

  126. Hallee Johnson

    Hallee Johnson14 hours ago

    Realign. Not realize.