1. FBE

    FBE7 months ago

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  2. Bladedassassin44 Gaming

    Bladedassassin44 Gaming6 months ago

    FBE omg


    TOTO_ KITTY6 months ago

    FBE omg I was just watching some vids and I stumbled upon the Godzilla 2 trailer coming out next year I was shook and also it was with Millie Bobbie brown anyways can u do a reaction vid I if u can

  4. Ahnya Christieson

    Ahnya Christieson7 months ago

    FBE You should try skateboarding IRL.

  5. Cheif David

    Cheif David7 months ago

    FBE hi

  6. ᗪᑌᗩᒪ YT

    ᗪᑌᗩᒪ YT7 months ago


  7. Kayleigh McDonough

    Kayleigh McDonough6 months ago

    why do you have a badazzeled potato

  8. Janet Reid

    Janet Reid6 months ago

    You have to use a knife of some sort (not a peeler) and to get the best results you should cut towards you (with a thimble)

  9. Janet Reid

    Janet Reid6 months ago

    I used to cut soap like that when I was like 5.

  10. Kristina Stewart

    Kristina Stewart6 months ago

    Lol'' Why do you have a badazzled potato''

  11. Simon Smith

    Simon Smith6 months ago

    I like poking slime and that green foam that is wet an d Waters is coming out they are my favourite and I am not in to soap but I do like it

  12. Steph Ss

    Steph Ss6 months ago

    2:26 now I get it... your generation is so sensory depraved because you're not out experiencing the world. Your witnessing it through devices. No wonder asmr and these visual stimulation videos are so popular. Get unplugged more...please.

  13. sotiris lazaris

    sotiris lazaris6 months ago

    Who's the girl in 1:48??

  14. HiImNot AYoutuber

    HiImNot AYoutuber6 months ago

    3:50 Hi welcome to Chilli's

  15. Alexander Hernandez

    Alexander Hernandez6 months ago

    Aaaaaaa we got a ps4 player!!! Tsk si tsk get out my lobby!

  16. King Sisyphus

    King Sisyphus6 months ago

    Jordan... mmmm

  17. Galaxia 168

    Galaxia 1686 months ago

    *B E D A Z Z L E D P O T A T O*

  18. Maria Genesis Hiso-an

    Maria Genesis Hiso-an6 months ago

    GalaxyOtaku Chan i want that as my nickname

  19. Samvliet

    Samvliet6 months ago


  20. hylwa_ bts trash

    hylwa_ bts trash6 months ago

    You could make soap yourself

  21. fat mama

    fat mama6 months ago


  22. Natasha

    Natasha6 months ago

    How are these kids satisfied?

  23. Kenli Kay-Romero

    Kenli Kay-Romero6 months ago

    Why do you have a badazzled potato

  24. Lil Chicken Sandwich

    Lil Chicken Sandwich6 months ago

    Teens react to Keke Do You Love Me

  25. Hailey Buchanan

    Hailey Buchanan6 months ago

    6:33 true

  26. Jayden johns

    Jayden johns6 months ago

    I got chillis Hi Welcome to Chillis

  27. The AchievedHunter

    The AchievedHunter6 months ago


  28. Queen LAYLA

    Queen LAYLA6 months ago

    Do teens reacting to formal foam

  29. ꧁༺•WhiteWolfTheJess•༻꧂

    ꧁༺•WhiteWolfTheJess•༻꧂6 months ago

    Ms Wolf it’s floral foam, not formal foam

  30. Lubid

    Lubid6 months ago


  31. Snowflake wolf

    Snowflake wolf6 months ago

    U can make your own soap

  32. Jollette Correa

    Jollette Correa6 months ago

    “Why do you have a bedazzled potato” 😂😭

  33. N8yi

    N8yi6 months ago

    this isn't satisfying at all

  34. Øøf .Æšťhëťïč

    Øøf .Æšťhëťïč6 months ago

    Can u guys do where people can't experience asmr

  35. Vlogger Tube

    Vlogger Tube6 months ago

    “I can watch this all day” says to the guy watching this 10:00 at night

  36. Actual_ Trash

    Actual_ Trash6 months ago

    Vlogger Tube it’s 1:45 where I’m at

  37. StateNova L MCPE

    StateNova L MCPE6 months ago


  38. shannon Findlay

    shannon Findlay6 months ago

    Why is it so satisfying

  39. GD LkokamiLP

    GD LkokamiLP6 months ago

    not really

  40. K Grand

    K Grand6 months ago

    Teens react to Cuco

  41. mark lepka

    mark lepka6 months ago

    Could you do flora foam

  42. Huckle Knuckle

    Huckle Knuckle6 months ago

    I love ASMR I fell like I meditated just by watching the corner video

  43. TheNewMeme

    TheNewMeme6 months ago

    Make them play fnaf ultimate custom night

  44. Potato Izzy

    Potato Izzy6 months ago

    I thought they were called soap carving o.o

  45. Denise Garcia

    Denise Garcia6 months ago

    So me 0:19😂😅

  46. Ashlyn

    Ashlyn6 months ago


  47. SUNNYTextsYT

    SUNNYTextsYT6 months ago

    It's crazy to see the react kids all grown up! How many years has it been?🤔

  48. AvavMarie

    AvavMarie6 months ago

    Make them react to frozen paint mixing

  49. Henry Marlatt

    Henry Marlatt6 months ago

    WE DONT HAVE SHORT ATTENTION SPANS *remembers the good old days of vine*

  50. J J

    J J6 months ago

    We are board because we have no ideas to keep ourselves sane and not destroy things for fun even though we do that but with many small satisfactying things

  51. Harper2123

    Harper21236 months ago

    I love this but I think it would be very wasteful!

  52. Jay Stallion

    Jay Stallion6 months ago

    Harper2123 re-heat and place in a mould

  53. Viewing With Telly

    Viewing With Telly6 months ago



    SXPREME6 months ago

    1:48 - 1:53 CLOSE UR EYES AND LISTEN

  55. Lovely ¡

    Lovely ¡6 months ago

    If i did this i would have to hand ;-;

  56. Slapjaw

    Slapjaw6 months ago

    New faces?

  57. Aeryn Koon

    Aeryn Koon6 months ago

    Teens react to SUPERNATURAL PLEASE

  58. Jenie Fine

    Jenie Fine6 months ago

    4:02 you can always melt the soap then shape it and reuse it 👍

  59. Izzy101

    Izzy1016 months ago


  60. Sarah Tennant

    Sarah Tennant6 months ago


  61. Lael Lindstrand

    Lael Lindstrand6 months ago

    Potato 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

  62. Lael Lindstrand

    Lael Lindstrand6 months ago

    Lol dazzled potato

  63. Jennifer Borland

    Jennifer Borland6 months ago

    At 0:12 made me crack up

  64. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster6 months ago

    4:31 .... Are potato chips completely free? No. Are soap vids free? Yes

  65. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster6 months ago

    FredTGF soap is not free but soap vids on MReporter is free

  66. FroggityHoppity

    FroggityHoppity6 months ago

    UNICORN Pham but you have to buy things. Nope

  67. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph Joestar6 months ago

    Jokes on you, I'm still gonna cut my wrists

  68. TheBoizBackHome _

    TheBoizBackHome _6 months ago


  69. Lavion_45

    Lavion_456 months ago

    Joseph Joestar I hope you’re joking

  70. bts_j.m.

    bts_j.m.6 months ago

    1:47 D-DID HE JUST?!?! Anyways great video

  71. Izzy101

    Izzy1016 months ago

    Your Mr messeks

  72. TheBoizBackHome _

    TheBoizBackHome _6 months ago

    Izzy101 look at me!!

  73. Izzy101

    Izzy1016 months ago

    Your Mr messeks!!!!!

  74. TheBoizBackHome _

    TheBoizBackHome _6 months ago


  75. Maryam A

    Maryam A6 months ago


  76. Maryam A

    Maryam A6 months ago

    As I grow up Yeah I get that,but she just seems like a genuine lazy person.

  77. Jenie Fine

    Jenie Fine6 months ago

    Dude calm down everyone has the own opinion 😃

  78. Salty Floof

    Salty Floof6 months ago


  79. Little Fighters

    Little Fighters6 months ago

    Mimilikes A lol

  80. Jackie Hamilton

    Jackie Hamilton6 months ago

    The heck are these things now?! 😂😂😂😂

  81. Norma Garza

    Norma Garza6 months ago

    floral foam

  82. Mariscos Lorenzo

    Mariscos Lorenzo6 months ago

    Its soap carving

  83. Mariscos Lorenzo

    Mariscos Lorenzo6 months ago

    Hey teens 11 year old here is so satisfying

  84. G Ø D Į Ë

    G Ø D Į Ë6 months ago

    Mariscos Lorenzo true

  85. AngieYaz

    AngieYaz6 months ago

    Every dang instagram trend is ASMR now *Not that I have a problem with it*

  86. Lazy Fox

    Lazy Fox6 months ago

    I love soap Owo

  87. Guilherme Gil

    Guilherme Gil6 months ago

    On every video alberto is complaining bruh chill a sec

  88. i'm the one I should love

    i'm the one I should love6 months ago


  89. Mlg Doge

    Mlg Doge6 months ago

    You wanna feel mine ;) 4:25

  90. TostiMya

    TostiMya6 months ago

    do you want her to touch your SoAp?

  91. Shahed 22

    Shahed 226 months ago

    Who else thinks the black girl kind of looks like china from ant farm

  92. emily wallace

    emily wallace6 months ago

    Shahed 22 she kinda does

  93. bts lover

    bts lover6 months ago

    Teens react to Sam and Colby vines plz

  94. beatlongass

    beatlongass6 months ago

    Such a waste of soap...

  95. CyberHack Al

    CyberHack Al7 months ago

    react to shazam and aquaman

  96. charley loves noodle

    charley loves noodle7 months ago


  97. Lillian Benbrook

    Lillian Benbrook7 months ago

    I love it

  98. Alex Kulik

    Alex Kulik7 months ago

    3:31 LoL

  99. Crystal Gray

    Crystal Gray7 months ago

    1:50 to 1:53 asmr 😂😂😂

  100. Kyle Leonard

    Kyle Leonard7 months ago

    So satisfying

  101. Young Daggerybn

    Young Daggerybn7 months ago

    Wtf do you have a bedazzled potato

  102. Michael Jackson fan

    Michael Jackson fan7 months ago

    0:10 y do u have a bedazzled potato😂😂

  103. Fuzzy Puppy paws

    Fuzzy Puppy paws7 months ago

    It is the most clean and rare potato. So magical and enchanted.

  104. Reaction girl

    Reaction girl7 months ago

    1:13 how is it gross

  105. Ida Krongaard

    Ida Krongaard7 months ago

    Plz do teens react to Danish Music

  106. Taliyah Moore

    Taliyah Moore7 months ago

    Dude said he gin buy soap one day has he never bathe before😂🤣

  107. Taliyah Moore

    Taliyah Moore7 months ago

    I realize that but it’s just a joke🙃😐

  108. goth gf

    goth gf7 months ago

    Taliyah Moore people don’t always use soap. people usually use body wash

  109. I’m a Unicorn

    I’m a Unicorn7 months ago

    3:49 I hear someone walking in Minecraft

  110. Moon The Giraffe 2

    Moon The Giraffe 27 months ago

    Its like someone breaking gravel

  111. Shaylah C

    Shaylah C7 months ago

    React to floral foam in water, crushing it, running over it, dry and frozen

  112. Holy Bangtan

    Holy Bangtan7 months ago


  113. *jungshook*

    *jungshook*7 months ago

    Holy Bangtan ayyyyy bts aRmYyYYyY

  114. Hunter Of Hunters

    Hunter Of Hunters7 months ago

    Holy Bangtan I was just about to say this.

  115. Jakob Larsson

    Jakob Larsson7 months ago

    Jordan 😍

  116. Gerald Burns

    Gerald Burns7 months ago

    Why where they using a badazled potato

  117. Jakob Larsson

    Jakob Larsson7 months ago

    Jayka 😍

  118. zwixxx

    zwixxx7 months ago

    1:03 i thought it was some auto tune or something

  119. AkaineAki.

    AkaineAki.7 months ago

    What!!?? So you've never bought so soap before????

  120. goth gf

    goth gf7 months ago

    body wash is a thing lmao

  121. AkaineAki.

    AkaineAki.7 months ago

    One of them said one day I'll buy soap and do this

  122. Malachi Alle

    Malachi Alle7 months ago

    Animegirl Milly wot?

  123. FridgeHacks4Wifi

    FridgeHacks4Wifi7 months ago

    Ooh i got chillies

  124. Pusheen Geek

    Pusheen Geek7 months ago

    1:23 XD me too

  125. Emma 22

    Emma 227 months ago

    You need to try to react to ice eating its so satisfying they eat thin ice!! THE CRUNCH😻

  126. Temaster Shiloh

    Temaster Shiloh7 months ago

    Why do you have a bedazzled potato?

  127. J Gaming

    J Gaming7 months ago

    It's bizarrgoes!

  128. HiphopTamizha Avi

    HiphopTamizha Avi7 months ago

    Play at 1:46 and close your eyes and tell me wat u feel

  129. Kailyn Brown

    Kailyn Brown7 months ago

    HiphopTamizha Avi jelly jelly jelly I played it like thousand times XD

  130. ii 8seashells ii

    ii 8seashells ii7 months ago

    HiphopTamizha Avi XD I see what u did there

  131. Chewy Dawg

    Chewy Dawg7 months ago

    It’s like smegma

  132. Χρύσα Παστελου

    Χρύσα Παστελου7 months ago

    Τeens react to ROADTRIP TV

  133. Emirald Crystal

    Emirald Crystal7 months ago

    1:43 when she asked where they get the soap where I went to like this out door place thing I saw like nice soap designs

  134. Qwerty Gaming

    Qwerty Gaming7 months ago

    Soap: Mr Stark I don't feel so good.

  135. juliana alvarez

    juliana alvarez7 months ago

    ...bedazzled potato... potato

  136. Madina Jahangiri

    Madina Jahangiri7 months ago

    Jaca has a. Really asmr voice

  137. Aishwarya Chopra

    Aishwarya Chopra7 months ago

    OoO tHaT oNeS sO sMoOtH (its ok we’re all teenagers right now😂)