1. FBE

    FBE11 months ago

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  2. Stormie Lewis

    Stormie Lewis10 months ago

    you guys need to do a react to starset! They so deserve it!!

  3. BBY. DIN3RO

    BBY. DIN3RO11 months ago

    Have elders react to her

  4. Benjo Tribugenia

    Benjo Tribugenia11 months ago

    Teens react to Lauv please or Bazzi.

  5. Enrique solis

    Enrique solis11 months ago

    You should react to Sniper j

  6. Annoyed Flower

    Annoyed Flower11 months ago

    FBE oh hell naw! Yall better make them react to see me in a crown!

  7. 23ko10

    23ko1010 months ago

    College kids react to pantera

  8. mydickisinyourmouth yeaa

    mydickisinyourmouth yeaa10 months ago

    React to 8D TUNES

  9. EmmaHunnyy

    EmmaHunnyy10 months ago

    React to Zara Larsson

  10. Daisy Rodriguez

    Daisy Rodriguez10 months ago

    Teens or college kids react to Hayley Kiyoko!

  11. theAssaulty

    theAssaulty10 months ago

    Adult react to Avenged Sevenfold

  12. jenjerx

    jenjerx10 months ago


  13. Polar Icr

    Polar Icr10 months ago

    I think she’s up next in the rap game

  14. witch oncer

    witch oncer10 months ago

    Teens react to la Rosa de Guadalupe 😂 pleaseeeeee 😂😂😂

  15. Kkkk Bye

    Kkkk Bye10 months ago

    4:33 her voice is very beautiful she almost sounds like billie

  16. Andre Armen

    Andre Armen10 months ago

    Guys do Teens react to Lil Baby 🔥

  17. Lost_kane_

    Lost_kane_10 months ago

    She reminds me of melanie martinz a lot

  18. qttmia 09

    qttmia 0910 months ago

    Lost_kane_ OMG ikr

  19. angelina xuannn

    angelina xuannn10 months ago

    react to Lauv plzzzz~

  20. Areen Asad

    Areen Asad10 months ago


  21. Waha

    Waha10 months ago

    lyrics mediocre, voice mediocre. Honestly so overrated.

  22. Andrea Medina

    Andrea Medina10 months ago

    Mediocre billie? Hahahahahahaha

  23. Can't Relate

    Can't Relate10 months ago

    k screw you

  24. heh he

    heh he10 months ago

    Lmao no

  25. Benny Biggums

    Benny Biggums10 months ago

    The style appeals to emo kids for some reason

  26. Waha

    Waha10 months ago

    You're* and you know nothing about me, so don't @ me sis

  27. Pandaa

    Pandaa10 months ago

    Old heads react to Playboi Carti

  28. Pandaa

    Pandaa10 months ago

    bruh at 2:16 really said “My Stummy Hurt”

  29. Chritina Bold

    Chritina Bold10 months ago

    You know darius is kinda cute

  30. Gaby Lopez

    Gaby Lopez10 months ago

    Why does her voice remind me of Lana del Ray like the lyrics are so deep but the voice is so soft😻😻 I’m in love

  31. Elmer Blanco

    Elmer Blanco10 months ago

    Can you do teens react to lil peep

  32. uwushihawa hanzōwō

    uwushihawa hanzōwō10 months ago

    billie is Daddy

  33. shellay

    shellay10 months ago

    Silent Kitten she’s a girl tho lmao

  34. Itz Ari

    Itz Ari10 months ago

    "13-18" but im 12

  35. abigail guardado

    abigail guardado10 months ago

    im 20 and i vibe to this all the time!

  36. Raven Soul

    Raven Soul10 months ago

    Teens music taste dissapoint me. Seriously?

  37. Jess Marsh

    Jess Marsh10 months ago

    i will never hear bellyache without instantly hearing “my shtummy hurt” so thanks for that dude 😂

  38. Hayle Miller

    Hayle Miller10 months ago

    She's sooo amazing how old is she??

  39. Jana Calibo

    Jana Calibo10 months ago


  40. WhyDon'twe_ kiing

    WhyDon'twe_ kiing10 months ago

    16 or 17 I'm not sure

  41. hi_itsmehhh

    hi_itsmehhh10 months ago


  42. Devon Chaboya

    Devon Chaboya10 months ago


  43. Andre Montoya

    Andre Montoya10 months ago


  44. Joanne Ibironke

    Joanne Ibironke10 months ago

    I love her, I'm so glad they finally reacted to Billie Eilish.

  45. zedd

    zedd10 months ago

    she's a queen

  46. Selene Young

    Selene Young10 months ago

    I’m only eleven almost twelve and I can still relate to some of her music

  47. Mendes Army

    Mendes Army10 months ago

    I’m 12 same here

  48. Ben Clepper

    Ben Clepper10 months ago

    In what ways

  49. Rulo6000 -

    Rulo6000 -10 months ago

    Yikes ima be real with you. I thought I was smart as an 11 year old or at least equal to an adult, but I can tell you your understanding of things is gonna change a lot, I'm 19 now

  50. Colton Cramer

    Colton Cramer10 months ago

    Selene Young I bet

  51. haley monk

    haley monk10 months ago

    lmfaoooo he said my stummy hurt lmfaoooo

  52. Caroline Rothman

    Caroline Rothman10 months ago


  53. Bean Boi

    Bean Boi10 months ago


  54. an1rad *

    an1rad *10 months ago


  55. Daniii Urie

    Daniii Urie10 months ago

    Generations react to 8D

  56. Banter pickles

    Banter pickles10 months ago

    Scott disick isn’t a teen why is he in the video

  57. tess Bel

    tess Bel10 months ago

    Declan next please

  58. tess Bel

    tess Bel10 months ago

    I just ducking love billie eilish so much

  59. iria Carreira García

    iria Carreira García10 months ago


  60. Andrew Nisipeanu

    Andrew Nisipeanu10 months ago


  61. Lewis Cakebread

    Lewis Cakebread10 months ago

    Is this poppy singing?!😱😅

  62. sophielovesdodie

    sophielovesdodie10 months ago

    Moo truuu

  63. like an eyelash but I’m eilish

    like an eyelash but I’m eilish10 months ago

    No it’s an beautiful 16 year old singing like the beautiful angel she is ❤️

  64. sophielovesdodie

    sophielovesdodie10 months ago

    Lewis no

  65. Mikey Edwardsen

    Mikey Edwardsen10 months ago


  66. ItsArianna

    ItsArianna10 months ago

    I love Billie Elish like her music is just good vibes and a e s t h e t i c a l l y just amazing...also I’m Jair like every song...IM BREAKING OUT SINGING EVEN THO I SUCK😂💀

  67. emma victoria

    emma victoria10 months ago

    “at yourS oCHean eyes”

  68. King

    King10 months ago


  69. Hollyxoxo 3

    Hollyxoxo 310 months ago

    Why teens most know who she is the Average adult most likely won’t know who she is

  70. Brianna Random

    Brianna Random10 months ago

    They should play Roblox. XD

  71. like an eyelash but I’m eilish

    like an eyelash but I’m eilish10 months ago

    Brianna Guerra no..

  72. Marnus van Zyl

    Marnus van Zyl10 months ago

    Don't care for this. I mean it is better than most pop songs nowadays but there is no breaking of ground happening here.

  73. MadAboutHatter

    MadAboutHatter10 months ago

    Teens adore Billie Eilish for 11 minutes