Teen Vs. Adult: Breakup Survival Kits



    QUEEN IU12 hours ago

    Well since I'm single, I'm just waiting for my friends to break up, so I can do this .

  2. Lisa’s Dream World

    Lisa’s Dream World17 hours ago

    Avalon’s laugh though.

  3. Mirjam Flatz

    Mirjam Flatz2 days ago

    Her voice is so adorable. She would be a great voice actor in my opinion

  4. Ella Elly

    Ella Elly3 days ago

    My Version Of A Breakup Kit🙌 Phone Pillow Blanket Hair Mask Face Mask Candles Makeup Palette Starbucks Coffee

  5. CloudTae

    CloudTae5 days ago

    So when is Avalon signing up to be a Disney character cause I'm waiting

  6. Lady Squee

    Lady Squee7 days ago

    She sounds like a cartoon character

  7. Joshey vlogs

    Joshey vlogs7 days ago

    So does Avalon work there now?

  8. 3lla

    3lla8 days ago

    Most of the time high pitch voices make me cringe but hers I love it.It feels so welcoming and comforting.

  9. Maui Sanchez

    Maui Sanchez9 days ago

    "Take that coffee, and then BOOM!"

  10. Mary Smoot

    Mary Smoot10 days ago

    Avalon’s voice is so cute, like, I can’t

  11. amazonalexa 00

    amazonalexa 0011 days ago


  12. Julia Guereca

    Julia Guereca11 days ago


  13. Emma jay

    Emma jay12 days ago

    Avalon sounds like Rosanna Pansino😂💘

  14. Andaramurti Anindita

    Andaramurti Anindita12 days ago

    Avalon is soo cutee😆

  15. Trista Maxwell

    Trista Maxwell13 days ago

    Avalon sounds like my grandma

  16. Big Guy Little Girl

    Big Guy Little Girl13 days ago

    Avalon = Disney princess

  17. Ramona

    Ramona13 days ago

    Is Aavalon a fairy

  18. valen XD

    valen XD13 days ago

    4:15 dead😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Firee Moonx Plays

    Firee Moonx Plays14 days ago

    Avalon has a higher voice than me and I haven't even got my period yet

  20. noot noot

    noot noot14 days ago

    Avalon is too cute she reminds me of my friend

  21. FastBreak 383

    FastBreak 38315 days ago

    That gurl sounds like marzia (pewd's gf) so cuteee!😍

  22. Nikki Hanson

    Nikki Hanson15 days ago

    Avalon reminds me of rosanna pansino. that cute quirky personality and always smiling you know?

  23. Prettykenter9 Hello

    Prettykenter9 Hello15 days ago

    Avalon is annoying

  24. Juli Gannon

    Juli Gannon16 days ago

    Avalon is a real life anime girl and I love it 🥰

  25. Aileen Marie

    Aileen Marie16 days ago

    This video is so pure and cute! I hope destinee is doing ok.

  26. Khadija Javed

    Khadija Javed17 days ago

    Avalon sounds like a cartoon. She should be a voice actress 😸😸

  27. Sophia KLEIN-lUCE

    Sophia KLEIN-lUCE17 days ago

    Starbucks Tissues Sims 4 Jane the Virgin And last but not least..... Music!

  28. Fandom Representative

    Fandom Representative17 days ago

    Avalon is absolutely amazing. I aspire to be her level of Disney princess esque awesomeness

  29. Pearl_the_crystal _gem

    Pearl_the_crystal _gem17 days ago

    3:14 that voice edit is golden 😅

  30. Kaitlin Melissa

    Kaitlin Melissa17 days ago

    Avlon is so adorable! I adore her. You can just tell she has a badass side though and I dig it.

  31. Clocobear 29

    Clocobear 2917 days ago

    I love jazzy so much

  32. Stella

    Stella18 days ago

    Avalon acts like Rosanna Pansino

  33. Mr Stroodles

    Mr Stroodles18 days ago


  34. Felicia B

    Felicia B18 days ago

    Avalon is so cute lol

  35. Comet Wolf

    Comet Wolf18 days ago

    Avalons voice is super hightoned but i love it

  36. Jess S.

    Jess S.19 days ago

    4:16 I need that laugh as a ringtone omg made me smile so much

  37. Kitty Royale

    Kitty Royale19 days ago

    Avalon’s voice is so annoying

  38. ? ¿

    ? ¿19 days ago

    Avalon’s laugh is so cute-

  39. xx gachacherrycolaxx

    xx gachacherrycolaxx19 days ago

    Avalon is the cutest thing *EVER!*

  40. Margaret Butterworth

    Margaret Butterworth20 days ago

    avalon is the sweetest girl ever! she’s so cute🥰

  41. Presley Hucks

    Presley Hucks20 days ago

    4:16 omg 😂 I cant with this girl

  42. Presley Hucks

    Presley Hucks20 days ago

    4:05 meeeee ☕️ 😂

  43. TheSugarylez

    TheSugarylez21 day ago

    Avalon's voice is my favorite.

  44. karen yess

    karen yess22 days ago

    Avalon's voice omg sooooo cutie

  45. i. k.

    i. k.22 days ago

    can people stop commenting on her voice.... i mean she can’t control it and she probably felt self-conscious about it earlier so when she reads these comments she’s not gunna feel bette about herself.

  46. Comet Wolf

    Comet Wolf18 days ago

    I actually think it's so cute

  47. i. k.

    i. k.22 days ago


  48. Erica Marley

    Erica Marley23 days ago

    Avalon is so cute and pure!

  49. Oudrey Tjikongo

    Oudrey Tjikongo23 days ago

    Avalon has a job already

  50. danirows183 CLI

    danirows183 CLI23 days ago

    My break up kit includes one thing. Air. Because I couldn’t care less when a guy breaks up with me. Lol 😂

  51. Aoife Ak

    Aoife Ak23 days ago

    SHE 👏 IS 👏 NO 👏 TEEN 👏

  52. Alyssa Romero

    Alyssa Romero23 days ago

    That girls voice is so aggravating

  53. Lucille Grabe

    Lucille Grabe24 days ago

    2:32 literally the most adorable voice ever "I found the candle section!!"

  54. joannna alfaro

    joannna alfaro24 days ago

    Avalon is third-wheeling

  55. Karina Green

    Karina Green25 days ago

    To all the ppl that are confused on how old the “teen” and “adult” are: here you go! :) Teen: Avalon: recently turned 20 yrs old. bday - feb 11 1999 Adult: Jazzmyne: 28 yrs old. Bday- October 28th, 1990

  56. Brylee Smith

    Brylee Smith25 days ago

    Oh. My. Gosh. Avalon. Is. So. Southern.

  57. Bryanna Wells

    Bryanna Wells25 days ago

    avalon's voice is so cute

  58. Hedda Linde

    Hedda Linde25 days ago

    Elmo has entered the chat Avelon has entered the chat Elmo has left the chat

  59. Danielle W

    Danielle W26 days ago

    Ugh I couldn't even get through 3 mins of this. That girls voice is nails on a chalkboard

  60. Amerikita81 yahoo com

    Amerikita81 yahoo com27 days ago

    Me during a break up: 1-200 bags of hot Cheetos and Doritos 2-in n out burgers and fries 3-sweatpants 4-iced coffee 5-My phone

  61. KS Vineyard

    KS Vineyard27 days ago

    Pls have Avalon become a member of buzzfeed

  62. phxnets

    phxnets27 days ago

    my survival kit: • skincare - facemasks, • candles, • fluffy blankets, • pyjamas, • tv, • FOOD.

  63. Lil Liah

    Lil Liah9 days ago

    Right 💯

  64. Kylie Salinas

    Kylie Salinas27 days ago

    My breakup kit Face mask Hair mask Candles Oreos Makeup Money More food Netflix My cats

  65. Some random Girl passing by

    Some random Girl passing by27 days ago

    I don't even know what break up kits are are having exes is...or even having a bf....guess I am single #singlesquad4ever

  66. E.C Lee

    E.C Lee29 days ago

    I swear if I hear one more Schmidt’s deodorant ad I will explode.

  67. lara lara

    lara lara29 days ago

    That girl’s voice doesn’t sound age appropriate 😬 and she’s weird 😒

  68. Bunny Llewellyn

    Bunny Llewellyn29 days ago

    This is so cute and so sweet!

  69. Georgia The person

    Georgia The person29 days ago

    Avalon surely had the better one

  70. Alicia Gooch

    Alicia Gooch29 days ago

    Avalon is a literal disney princess

  71. Crystal Vivs

    Crystal VivsMonth ago

    Why does avalon laugh sounds like rosanna pansino? :3

  72. Leia Jiang

    Leia JiangMonth ago


  73. Big Guy Little Girl

    Big Guy Little GirlMonth ago

    Avalon is basically a Disney princess

  74. Aaliyah Ibrahim

    Aaliyah IbrahimMonth ago

    Avalons voice is sooo adorable

  75. piper penny

    piper pennyMonth ago

    is that avalon girl even a teen oof

  76. Jeremiah Flores

    Jeremiah FloresMonth ago

    I thought the mirror in the thumbnail was a cupcake..

  77. savannah gutierrez

    savannah gutierrezMonth ago

    how old is avalon

  78. Look at my profile pic from your charger hole

    Look at my profile pic from your charger holeMonth ago

    oh my god avalon is such a smol bean😍 * cries in bisexual *

  79. Aye sha

    Aye shaMonth ago

    Her voice sounds like Pinocchio 🤥

  80. Leah Watson

    Leah WatsonMonth ago

    Avalon is a gem

  81. Self Titled

    Self TitledMonth ago

    I am so gonna make these for friends that are going through breakups. Like if this is what I should include: Chocolate Blanket New PJs Face Masks Scented Candles Just wanted 2 know since girls are difficult creatures 😂😂

  82. dog. care

    dog. careMonth ago

    Why she act like she is a 2 year old?

  83. dog. care

    dog. careMonth ago

    Love this

  84. summer2011leggo

    summer2011leggoMonth ago

    There no way that's her voice! Oof getting through this video is going to be ROUGH!

  85. Kayan Yousry

    Kayan YousryMonth ago

    Y is Avalon more mature than half of us???

  86. you're my tear

    you're my tearMonth ago

    the kids voice is actually like rosana pansino

  87. Avery Boekweg

    Avery BoekwegMonth ago

    Avalon is so cute.

  88. ramsidepp

    ramsideppMonth ago


  89. Xia Wagner

    Xia WagnerMonth ago

    Avalon’s voice is SoOO cUtE

  90. Mollie Weil

    Mollie WeilMonth ago

    Avalon looks so sweet

  91. maddiepretty09

    maddiepretty09Month ago

    My breakup kit even though ive never been through one: Get over him or her

  92. Blink on Fire

    Blink on FireMonth ago

    Her voice doesn’t sound real (avalon)

  93. sabrinazd219

    sabrinazd219Month ago

    Avalon sounds like Ro from nerdy nimmies

  94. Queen Lizzy

    Queen LizzyMonth ago

    Avalon’s voice is so cute!!😊

  95. Abby Hollingshead

    Abby HollingsheadMonth ago

    Avalon is freaking adorable!!!! Her voice is insane.❤️😍

  96. Bree Grainger

    Bree GraingerMonth ago

    Why is Avalon’s voice so high pitched anyone else thinking this?

  97. Bree Grainger

    Bree GraingerMonth ago


  98. hi !

    hi !Month ago

    Bree Grainger cause it’s not real ):

  99. emma progler

    emma proglerMonth ago

    Is Avalon ok? 😂😂😂😂

  100. D. Lastbreath

    D. LastbreathMonth ago

    Wait, so , no cake?.

  101. lin

    linMonth ago

    it’s took me 2 seconds to fall in love with avalon

  102. mariamonkey20 yt

    mariamonkey20 ytMonth ago

    Avalon kinda sound like a anime girl/rosanna pansino/voice changer from snapchat >.

  103. Ellie

    EllieMonth ago

    Can they get a teen that is less annoying

  104. sOawsome Cool 1234

    sOawsome Cool 1234Month ago

    My name is destiny


    ERIN GRAHAMMonth ago

    Avalon is litterly a princess he voiceeeee