1. Neh Misré

    Neh MisréHour ago

    "Its an attainable look yknow what I'm sayin-" *James's facial expression*

  2. Jordan Prentice

    Jordan PrenticeHour ago

    19:45 You're Welcome 🤣

  3. NatalieOutlet Fan page

    NatalieOutlet Fan page2 hours ago

    I keep forgetting James is a guy

  4. Leah Cohen

    Leah Cohen3 hours ago

    Sister stressed

  5. cherry Bomb

    cherry Bomb3 hours ago

    Low-key shipping James and Ethan

  6. gia stewa

    gia stewa3 hours ago

    13:24 my favorite part of this video!

  7. Daniella Flores

    Daniella Flores4 hours ago

    OMG I could not stop laughing this was so funny 😂😂😂

  8. TheConcho75

    TheConcho754 hours ago

    They actually didn't do that bad at all

  9. Claire Richaud

    Claire Richaud4 hours ago

    James: tilt your head so like you have access to it Ethan: so i have ACcess to it, i have unlocked ACcess to my EYElid 😂😂😂love them so much

  10. Donavin Saldana

    Donavin Saldana5 hours ago

    I wass dead when grayson wass mad bc of his eyeliner and he is like blaming it on james ( who thinks james likes one of the dolan twins

  11. Jill Cowan

    Jill Cowan5 hours ago

    emma did the best. she is bomb

  12. Lynda Reynoso

    Lynda Reynoso5 hours ago

    Grayson did do good

  13. Monica Esquivel

    Monica Esquivel5 hours ago

    graysons was the best

  14. Maryssq Inguanzo

    Maryssq Inguanzo5 hours ago


  15. 88jewelz

    88jewelz5 hours ago

    I'm in love with grayson

  16. kykybeauty 2006

    kykybeauty 20065 hours ago

    It has me sister shook

  17. kykybeauty 2006

    kykybeauty 20065 hours ago

    Chill Ethan!!!! And why is Grayson surprisingly good at this

  18. Bella Ray

    Bella Ray5 hours ago

    I think i know who the dominant twin is....

  19. Sebas Vlogs

    Sebas Vlogs6 hours ago


  20. kay kay

    kay kay6 hours ago

    Yall should make a MReporter channel called sister squad plz do because yall look good as a sister squad and plz give me a shoutout cuz I done everything to get a shoutout I subscribed,turned on notification bell and everything and 8 want to be in the sister squad so much love yall bye sisters

  21. Kendall Falk

    Kendall Falk6 hours ago

    Ethan is a MOOD this whole video 😂

  22. Katlyn Lambright

    Katlyn Lambright6 hours ago

    anyone else think emma did the best?

  23. Anayah Chaudhri

    Anayah Chaudhri6 hours ago

    Ethan legit looks like a different person @ the end

  24. Vu Ton

    Vu Ton6 hours ago

    I’m sister sad that Ethan didn’t win

  25. Sydnie Bostick

    Sydnie Bostick6 hours ago

    Ethan Is My Mood,...,But all of the Sisters did good

  26. Cool dog

    Cool dog7 hours ago

    Him eating the powder though!!!!

  27. Cadence Gilbert

    Cadence Gilbert7 hours ago

    Emma did the best

  28. Nicole 123

    Nicole 1237 hours ago

    I think Emma she look so good I give her a 10000000000000 she is better then me

  29. Olivia Atkinson

    Olivia Atkinson7 hours ago

    Emma: sister help Me in my head: ummmm…... sister save

  30. Alfa Wolf

    Alfa Wolf7 hours ago

    Emma did really good tho🤔

  31. Cielo Luna

    Cielo Luna7 hours ago

    why does Grayson look like a f***ing hot chic this whole vid? *thinking why self doesn't look that good*

  32. Hope Caesar

    Hope Caesar8 hours ago

    We have a stressed shishtar

  33. Cadence Teal

    Cadence Teal8 hours ago

    ethan getting pissed at everything geeks😂

  34. Jocelyn Montalvo

    Jocelyn Montalvo8 hours ago

    The way James is looking at Ethan at 22:40 OMG AND THEN HE CALLS HIM BABE AND HE KEEPS TOUCJING ETHAN AHH

  35. Savannah And Ariya

    Savannah And Ariya8 hours ago

    I think Emma won :(

  36. Its KK

    Its KK8 hours ago

    13:02 Emma's eyeshadow looked crazy

  37. Nitara Lovergine

    Nitara Lovergine8 hours ago

    I think Emma did the best

  38. alima raymond

    alima raymond8 hours ago

    Sister saving not sister help.

  39. Sophia Woodward

    Sophia Woodward8 hours ago

    literally my favorite video by James I think this made me laugh so hard I can't.

  40. MissGiraffe Girl

    MissGiraffe Girl8 hours ago

    I think... Emma=8.5 Grayson=8.75 Ethan=6 -I think Emma did sooooo GOOD 😍

  41. alima raymond

    alima raymond8 hours ago

    Ok Ethan. Was sister stressed

  42. alima raymond

    alima raymond8 hours ago

    Sister stressed

  43. TheTrueGirlyGirl 101

    TheTrueGirlyGirl 1018 hours ago

    1. Emma 2. Ethan 3. Grayson

  44. Maria Miranda

    Maria Miranda9 hours ago

    EMMA won👍

  45. Angie vlog channel

    Angie vlog channel9 hours ago

    Emma 10 grayson 9 Ethan 5

  46. Josie Allen

    Josie Allen9 hours ago

    I think Emma did the best

  47. Reyleigh Hess

    Reyleigh Hess9 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that the brushes they were using were James’ brush set?!?!?!

  48. hopel 14

    hopel 149 hours ago

    James called Ethan babe

  49. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown9 hours ago

    Grayson: 9.5/10 Ethan: 7/10 Emma:8.5/10 James: 10/10

  50. Phoebe Thumm

    Phoebe Thumm9 hours ago


  51. The Everything World

    The Everything World9 hours ago

    when Ethan made the pizza joke i almost peed myself

  52. The Everything World

    The Everything World10 hours ago

    I died when grayson used the big brush for his eye shadow

  53. Grace Avila

    Grace Avila10 hours ago

    Emma did good so did Grayson though.

  54. Xxxriplove15 Loved

    Xxxriplove15 Loved10 hours ago

    Buy Ethan some chocolate

  55. Grace Avila

    Grace Avila10 hours ago

    You gotta blend emma

  56. Kaitlin Andrade

    Kaitlin Andrade10 hours ago

    idk why I'm late but I think........uhhh James did the best! XD for real I pick Emma not bc shes a girl bc the GLITTER ON FLEAKKKKK

  57. Vison_ Ultra

    Vison_ Ultra10 hours ago

    Grayson won

  58. Kinley Porter

    Kinley Porter10 hours ago

    james 100-100

  59. Kinley Porter

    Kinley Porter10 hours ago

    emma 9-10. grason 5-10. Ethan 2-10 :)

  60. wcgmdgnegegn Channel

    wcgmdgnegegn Channel11 hours ago

    i think grayson won

  61. Fuck Off

    Fuck Off11 hours ago

    Ethan was a stressed sister the whole time 😂

  62. MaKenzie Dowd

    MaKenzie Dowd11 hours ago

    1:09 sister salty

  63. Elizabeth Chavarrin

    Elizabeth Chavarrin11 hours ago

    I think Grayson did the best

  64. potatopaisley Life

    potatopaisley Life11 hours ago

    E 3/10 G 8/10 Emma 10/10

  65. Ella Mack

    Ella Mack12 hours ago

    Ethan is very on edge 😂😂

  66. Nessa T

    Nessa T12 hours ago

    I think Emma did the best make-up

  67. Emilie Mae

    Emilie Mae12 hours ago

    Love that


    KPOP_BTS_ARMY _12 hours ago

    Ethan: 6/10 Grayson: 9/10 Emma: 10/10 Emma did the best in my opinion

  69. Khloe' Diggs

    Khloe' Diggs12 hours ago

    I think Emma won becuase of her eye shadow but out of the twins Grayson won

  70. Bianei Lazos

    Bianei Lazos12 hours ago

    Emma !!! Looks beautiful 😍

  71. Nora Hernandez

    Nora Hernandez12 hours ago

    I think that you did good jobs look really good on were every body in the video's

  72. Victoria Lopez

    Victoria Lopez12 hours ago

    Grayson won period

  73. Clarita Brown

    Clarita Brown12 hours ago

    "You ruined my winged liner!" -Grayson

  74. Isabel Gaytan

    Isabel Gaytan12 hours ago

    Grayson won 🙈

  75. Addi B

    Addi B13 hours ago

    Grayson is kind of good at makeup

  76. Gabby12

    Gabby1213 hours ago

    *GoT iT*

  77. Laxus Dreyar

    Laxus Dreyar13 hours ago

    Ethan eating the powder XD I'm dying.

  78. Jason Haygood

    Jason Haygood13 hours ago

    I think Emma won

  79. Meg Andalis

    Meg Andalis13 hours ago

    You guys are awesome!!!!! 2nd video watched more to go! :)

  80. Kaitlyn B

    Kaitlyn B13 hours ago


  81. Vera Timmers

    Vera Timmers13 hours ago


  82. Hannah Hiatt

    Hannah Hiatt13 hours ago

    7:48 I’m dying! Ethan’s face though!

  83. Emma P

    Emma P14 hours ago

    Why does Emma match the wall color 😂 IM DEAD 💀

  84. Andy McGreal

    Andy McGreal14 hours ago


  85. Sienna Grillo

    Sienna Grillo14 hours ago

    Emma won

  86. Kiley Harlow

    Kiley Harlow14 hours ago

    Gray did the best like if you agree

  87. Angie Wong

    Angie Wong14 hours ago

    James: I love how hard your trying Me: *dead*

  88. magic piano player

    magic piano player14 hours ago

    Eathen looks like his on his period 😂😂😂😂😂

  89. Sadie Egan

    Sadie Egan14 hours ago

    Ethan should have won. hands down he did the best

  90. Winnie Liang

    Winnie Liang15 hours ago

    Lol imagine the Dolan twins on their periods 😂

  91. Arianna Grand Cheese

    Arianna Grand Cheese15 hours ago

    Did anybody else hear at 22:43 James said look at me and look down babe! Edit: it was super quite so you have to listen like put your ear to the speaker like if you heard it

  92. Hailey Carreon

    Hailey Carreon15 hours ago

    I like Emma’s just her eyeshadow was too strong so I have to go to Grayson but if Emma had more calmer eyeshadow then her

  93. Lë łė

    Lë łė15 hours ago

    Ethan looks the best in my opinion

  94. Aubrey. Davisson

    Aubrey. Davisson15 hours ago

    I HONESTLY think emma won 100% like 10/10

  95. Maria Sultana

    Maria Sultana15 hours ago

    gray did so good im 💕💘💖💗💓

  96. Amanda Daniela

    Amanda Daniela16 hours ago


  97. abel elizondo

    abel elizondo16 hours ago

    i think emmas makeup is the best

  98. Alina Downey

    Alina Downey16 hours ago

    Ethan: “I look rosy” James: “do you” Ethan: “mhmm”

  99. The life of Allyson

    The life of Allyson16 hours ago

    I loce you vid so much jame you r a Profeson

  100. Catherine Arriaza

    Catherine Arriaza16 hours ago

    Emma won 4 me