1. Gintaras Lukosevicius

    Gintaras LukoseviciusHour ago

    girls win

  2. Maritza Hernandez

    Maritza Hernandez2 hours ago

    Grayson did the best! like how does he do it so well?

  3. Devyn Bell

    Devyn Bell2 hours ago

    I think Emma won! She looks fabulous!!!

  4. mishi354

    mishi3542 hours ago

    23:06 James is in heaven

  5. Natalia Penaloza

    Natalia Penaloza3 hours ago

    13:26 sister sparkle

  6. G Slite

    G Slite3 hours ago

    OM Goodness Grayson is liking his lips!!

  7. leila sabarros

    leila sabarros3 hours ago

    Grayson doing a great job with all the wrong brushes

  8. Roblox Adventure

    Roblox Adventure3 hours ago

    I think emma did the best

  9. Lore Sabbe

    Lore Sabbe3 hours ago

    20:36 *you're welcome*

  10. Kaydence Myers

    Kaydence Myers3 hours ago

    So now we are gonna use the blunch

  11. Lydia Hayes

    Lydia Hayes4 hours ago

    Emma did the best

  12. Alivia Gerrard

    Alivia Gerrard4 hours ago

    I’ve never seen James a foundation shade so close to his actual skin tone till now😂

  13. Mikayla Johnson

    Mikayla Johnson4 hours ago

    16:19 awww it’s a pretty beast

  14. Rosheen Doc

    Rosheen Doc5 hours ago

    22:02 pause and look at Emma and Grayson 😂

  15. Abigail Laney

    Abigail Laney5 hours ago

    At 23:14 James said I love you to Grayson!!!!!!!

  16. Maria Gu

    Maria Gu5 hours ago

    When you are a girl who is used to makeup and its so funny to see ethan and grayson’s reaction 😂😂

  17. Victoria Lanch

    Victoria Lanch5 hours ago

    I needed a min to hear what you said cause that’s not English that’s #Miranda Sings Hahahahahahahaah

  18. SLIME Is the best

    SLIME Is the best5 hours ago

    I’m a #sister squad love you James

  19. Avery Adams

    Avery Adams5 hours ago

    7:46 kills me of E

  20. Alolika A. Dutta

    Alolika A. Dutta8 hours ago

    Emma literally looks the best.

  21. joana-thz

    joana-thz8 hours ago

    emma is actually pretty with makeup lol

  22. Rayna Falch

    Rayna Falch9 hours ago

    Emma did so good :)

  23. Lilly-Anne Sherwin

    Lilly-Anne Sherwin10 hours ago

    10/10 for all of them

  24. Ellie Low

    Ellie Low10 hours ago

    Emma did the best

  25. I will have Grayson After I will get Ethan

    I will have Grayson After I will get Ethan10 hours ago

    8:19 remember when Kendall screams at Ashley in dance moms? *Grayson sounds just like her*

  26. Cameron Tweddle

    Cameron Tweddle13 hours ago

    Emma won

  27. Mag Azcarate

    Mag Azcarate14 hours ago

    the fact that they did it at the same time and they weren't seeing each other 7:12

  28. Mason Liddle

    Mason Liddle15 hours ago

    Does Emma know it’s now Halloween XD

  29. Sheyla Jaime

    Sheyla Jaime15 hours ago

    Bro the way Ethan put on lip gloss

  30. Meg Emm

    Meg Emm15 hours ago

    9:11 why do i find it so adorable that james is just distracted by the table? what is my issue?

  31. Meg Emm

    Meg Emm16 hours ago

    i love how james and emma both pointed their fingers at the screen simotainiusly when they said getting political

  32. Aridiy freshgirl

    Aridiy freshgirl16 hours ago


  33. McKenna Pruit

    McKenna Pruit16 hours ago

    Am i the only one who thinks Emma's makeup looks the best lol

  34. Kayla Rose

    Kayla Rose16 hours ago

    not gonna lie Emma's looked really good

  35. J Meratz

    J Meratz17 hours ago

    why does grayson look like kris jenner?? haha

  36. CR Filmsss

    CR Filmsss17 hours ago

    In my opinion Emma won , Gray lost, and E was rated correctly

  37. Ya Boi Alex

    Ya Boi Alex17 hours ago

    7:12 I'm sister shook. Was that scripted

  38. Shister Msp

    Shister Msp18 hours ago

    The dislike is him getting mad...

  39. The Invisible1

    The Invisible118 hours ago

    *Eat that makeup sister*

  40. Clorox Bleach -

    Clorox Bleach -19 hours ago

    Yo I love the sister squad but why is Emma’s only a 6 I’m low key mad

  41. Ella Mikala

    Ella Mikala19 hours ago

    Grayson is so frickin focused lmfao YAS

  42. Adele Razor

    Adele Razor19 hours ago

    16:18 me when I see my crush with another girl

  43. Janany Satheeskumar

    Janany Satheeskumar19 hours ago

    Ik im so uninformed but to get this straight; Ethan and Emma are dating ? The Dolan Twins are straight?

  44. Aalina Salgado

    Aalina Salgado19 hours ago

    Grayson did the best

  45. Tania Ayala

    Tania Ayala20 hours ago

    This was the first video that I watched that had the Dolan twins in it

  46. Kaylyn Railer

    Kaylyn Railer20 hours ago

    I think Emma was the best

  47. Beth Boardman

    Beth Boardman21 hour ago

    emma honestly looked sister snatched af i would give her a 9

  48. {ҌӀՄҼҌҼɾɾՎ }

    {ҌӀՄҼҌҼɾɾՎ }21 hour ago

    7:46 20:40 - 😆 😆 😆

  49. Izzy Simpson

    Izzy Simpson21 hour ago

    Grayson:7/10 Emma: 8/10 Ethan: 7/10

  50. Katie Robinson

    Katie Robinson21 hour ago


  51. Nutella Spread

    Nutella Spread21 hour ago

    Emma’s is good though 😍😂

  52. Zanira Rani

    Zanira Rani22 hours ago

    Emma looks great

  53. Zanira Rani

    Zanira Rani22 hours ago

    Grayson is actually good

  54. Laurie Allen

    Laurie Allen22 hours ago

    james shoudle not where a crop top like in this video

  55. T and T Mach

    T and T Mach22 hours ago

    Emma’s look on fłëêk !!

  56. Julie Valladolid

    Julie Valladolid23 hours ago

    Im not even half ways throught the video and I cant stop laughing.. Im loving it I just hope my boss doesn't come yelling at me to be quiet lmao

  57. Luna Garcia

    Luna Garcia23 hours ago


  58. Maddy Thepkome

    Maddy Thepkome23 hours ago

    Wtf Emma did amazing, if anything she either got first or second.

  59. Lindsey Malpica

    Lindsey Malpica23 hours ago

    Low key I think Emma did better in my opinion

  60. Rubex 2EG1

    Rubex 2EG1Day ago

    Grayson's is actually good

  61. Emily Edwards

    Emily EdwardsDay ago

    13:26 😂 nothing needed to describe this 😂😂

  62. uncle Jacks buttermilk pancakes

    uncle Jacks buttermilk pancakesDay ago

    Damn, Emma is so pretty

  63. Avery Knight

    Avery KnightDay ago

    I think Emma won

  64. Ellie Marshall

    Ellie MarshallDay ago

    Grayson didn’t win his was the worst!!!

  65. CJ Madness

    CJ MadnessDay ago

    In my opinion I think that Emma did the best ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  66. Grace Picciano

    Grace PiccianoDay ago

    I think Emma won for sure

  67. Ava Stoddard

    Ava StoddardDay ago

    Emma is sister short lol

  68. r0wieee

    r0wieeeDay ago

    1:05 SISTER SALTY🧂 9:14 SISTER SAVE IT🦸🏻‍♀️

  69. Gabrielle Cynthia

    Gabrielle CynthiaDay ago

    lol i got an eyeliner commercial as they were doing eyeliner

  70. Emma Donovan

    Emma DonovanDay ago

    James: let’s do a warm smoky I look Emma: (looking very confused)

  71. Emma Donovan

    Emma DonovanDay ago

    James: you know how my brows are very sharp Grayson: ummmmm James: yes you do

  72. Emma Donovan

    Emma DonovanDay ago

    James: “no your going to look like flash back marry” Ethan: “flash back marry she was cute” James: “oo☺️” Ethan: “just kidding”

  73. Lozzie Swimmer

    Lozzie SwimmerDay ago

    James just had to give Grayson a 9, purely because he likes him ugh

  74. Stella Ragan

    Stella RaganDay ago

    I love how at 11:00 they both say they ate makeup i love the sister squad

  75. ineedfwendsYT

    ineedfwendsYTDay ago

    I ship Grayson and James (Jayson or Gaymes) 🥰

  76. Alejandra Colón

    Alejandra ColónDay ago

    is Ethan on his period?😂💀

  77. It’z Blushing Panda!

    It’z Blushing Panda!Day ago

    Grayson and Ethan done there makeup better than Emma 😂

  78. Kiwi Killer

    Kiwi KillerDay ago

    Ethan: 9/10 Grayson: 7/10 Emma: 9/10

  79. Olivia Elea

    Olivia EleaDay ago

    the twins look so weird with make up

  80. Teodora Jankovic

    Teodora JankovicDay ago

    I think Ethan's makeup is the best

  81. Ella Conway

    Ella ConwayDay ago

    I think Gray won

  82. GGVibes_Stux

    GGVibes_StuxDay ago

    My brother:smash or pass the Dolan twins me:SSSSSSMMMMMMMAAAAAASSSSSSHHHH al the way

  83. Eva Smart

    Eva SmartDay ago

    Omg. Grayson is soooo good

  84. Pat Black

    Pat BlackDay ago

    How did Grayson not notice he had the wrong brush for the eyes?! xD

  85. Pat Black

    Pat BlackDay ago

    "He's feeding me powder" xDDD

  86. Pat Black

    Pat BlackDay ago

    Oh my god, Ethan is so lost :'D

  87. callie paige

    callie paigeDay ago

    GRAYSON!!!! I LOVE THE SISTER SQAUD SOOO MUCH. im going to be the sister sqaud for halloween 2019

  88. Lizzy_plays Hernandez

    Lizzy_plays HernandezDay ago


  89. Elsie Hanson

    Elsie HansonDay ago

    I love that grey is so happy at the very beginning and looks depressed after

  90. Ashlyn P G

    Ashlyn P GDay ago

    Grayson - 9.5 Emma - 8 Ethan - 7.5 P.s I love all you guys so much

  91. Magali

    MagaliDay ago

    nahhhhh emma got cheated, ethan’s contour was a big oof and graysons only looks good because he didn’t actually do the eyeshadow correctly 😂

  92. Emely Laughs

    Emely LaughsDay ago

    20:37 is the monster I see when I have sleep paralysis

  93. ابن الناصريه ستايل

    ابن الناصريه ستايلDay ago

    تم ةلشتراك ردها

  94. Moira Percival

    Moira PercivalDay ago

    What texture is the wall... Styrofoam 😂😂

  95. Jaxon Brooks

    Jaxon BrooksDay ago

    "We love a pink tip." XD 😂

  96. Kassondra Baylis

    Kassondra BaylisDay ago

    I'm not sure why this video doesn't have more likes. Love it ❤

  97. Aubrie Williams

    Aubrie WilliamsDay ago

    “Oh I’m not supposed to eat that much”~Ethan

  98. Addison Stricklett

    Addison StricklettDay ago

    1.) Emma 2.) Grayson 3.) Ethan

  99. Thomas Rhett lover

    Thomas Rhett loverDay ago

    Eathan is a mood

  100. Ricky George

    Ricky GeorgeDay ago

    Gray is 1000000000000000000000000 in my opion