1. Bryahna Holcomb

    Bryahna Holcomb11 minutes ago

    Yaasss Grayson! Great job... sh*t he does better than me and and I’ve been doing makeup for a long time now 😂

  2. Zoe Fiona

    Zoe Fiona12 minutes ago

    1- Grayson 2- Emma 3- Ethan

  3. mimi

    mimi19 minutes ago

    haha grayson won and he even used some of the wrong things

  4. Savannah Woods

    Savannah Woods42 minutes ago

    James looks scared to touch them😭💀

  5. Alexa Arredondo

    Alexa Arredondo45 minutes ago

    grayson and emma did good💘

  6. Abigail Wanjiku

    Abigail WanjikuHour ago

    Is no one gonna point out that Emma and James did the finger thing at the same time. And I didn’t like how they ( Grayson and Ethan) were yelling at him I would’ve cried 😂😂

  7. Caylee Werchowski

    Caylee WerchowskiHour ago

    E did really good

  8. Cassandra Bellin

    Cassandra BellinHour ago

    if this isn't the best squad ever seen on the freaking Milky Way I don't know what is

  9. Pastel Wish

    Pastel WishHour ago

    Ethan: wait im not supposed to eat that much?! Me: how dumb can you be..... i mean im the same as Ethan.

  10. Pastel Wish

    Pastel WishHour ago

    Grayson looks like Manny Mua with makeup

  11. Leah Pulley

    Leah Pulley2 hours ago

    Omg I loved this 😂

  12. Jacy Kay

    Jacy Kay2 hours ago

    I think Emma’s was the best actually... look at her eyeshadow!!

  13. Kayla Reinink

    Kayla Reinink2 hours ago

    Omg i love this video i laughed so hard😂😍😍

  14. VIP Vicky

    VIP Vicky2 hours ago

    Grayson looks hot

  15. Rael Beauchard

    Rael Beauchard2 hours ago


  16. Rael Beauchard

    Rael Beauchard2 hours ago

    Ethan kinda scared me idk y like he seemed so mean 😂😂 but I still love him but I will ALWAAYSSS love gray 😍♥️♥️ he is so sweet

  17. sara toma

    sara toma2 hours ago

    Tbh Grayson did the best😂😂😂😂😂

  18. I love Yoo

    I love Yoo2 hours ago


  19. Alora Lily

    Alora Lily2 hours ago

    Did any one else hear James call ethan babe💚❤️💜 22:44

  20. Samantha Gutierrez

    Samantha Gutierrez2 hours ago


  21. Hadley Volg’s

    Hadley Volg’s2 hours ago

    I think Emma did the bestn

  22. Reece Sterrett - Taylor

    Reece Sterrett - Taylor2 hours ago

    Omg I have that mirror

  23. nut meg

    nut meg3 hours ago

    g o t i t

  24. mr jerry

    mr jerry3 hours ago

    oh james definitely has a crush on grayson *_shitttttt_*

  25. elsa violet

    elsa violet3 hours ago

    You should do a series of how to look sister snatched by using products from different drugstores (because I am sister saving for college). Like you could do target, Walgreens, cvs, Walmart. This has probably definitely been done but like if i could achieve James Charles level chiseled brows with what I have available, my heart would melt.

  26. Connie Weaver

    Connie Weaver3 hours ago

    Emma look like she was talking to her and at the end

  27. Harmonie Sunshine

    Harmonie Sunshine3 hours ago

    Idiot fucking vids

  28. Connie Weaver

    Connie Weaver3 hours ago

    Grayson did very well and emma looked fireeeeeeeee

  29. xxAmeyalzixx

    xxAmeyalzixx3 hours ago

    Ethan: Flashback Mary she was cute James: oOoOoh Ethan: just kidding

  30. Skylahslife

    Skylahslife3 hours ago

    I think Grayson should always wear makeup bc he looks cute with it on 😍😍

  31. Isabella !

    Isabella !3 hours ago

    Who else thought Emma did better

  32. Elly Simonson

    Elly Simonson3 hours ago

    but Grayson did pretty good

  33. Elly Simonson

    Elly Simonson3 hours ago

    Ethan looked so scary lol

  34. Chanelle Lane

    Chanelle Lane3 hours ago

    I think Emma won😂😂😂

  35. Løyal YT

    Løyal YT3 hours ago

    Emma is sister slay ♥️😱

  36. Evie Ferrey

    Evie Ferrey3 hours ago

    Grayson Looks The Best!

  37. Georgia Wiersma

    Georgia Wiersma4 hours ago

    We can all agree that Emma looks the best!!❤️❤️

  38. PopSugarCooki

    PopSugarCooki4 hours ago


  39. Valeria Villalobos

    Valeria Villalobos4 hours ago

    i subscribed and gave u a thums up

  40. Mia Martinez

    Mia Martinez4 hours ago

    Emma looks like a queen, she won for me

  41. Melinda Perry

    Melinda Perry4 hours ago


  42. Brianna Jaimes

    Brianna Jaimes4 hours ago

    wow Grayson did really good

  43. I rärë I xx

    I rärë I xx5 hours ago

    🔆 Your channel is always so bright

  44. Priscilla In A Nutshell

    Priscilla In A Nutshell5 hours ago

    Why were the dolan twins so relatable when they fought 😂😂

  45. Ashlee Moore

    Ashlee Moore5 hours ago

    Ethan: 10.5 Grayson: 10.5 James: 10 Emma: 10.5 no offense shister James you look bomb

  46. Shaye Mcintyre

    Shaye Mcintyre5 hours ago


  47. Juan Landa

    Juan Landa5 hours ago

    Grayson won!!:)

  48. Sophia Rueda

    Sophia Rueda5 hours ago

    6:18 is me when I sneeze and mess up my mascara 😂😂

  49. Bobby Blue

    Bobby Blue5 hours ago

    Ethan looked the best😂

  50. Ally Fields

    Ally Fields5 hours ago

    straight up emma won wth james

  51. Aniya Haire

    Aniya Haire6 hours ago

    i think they all did good but why can ethan do a better wing than most girls ? 😂 also my list goes emma , ethan , gray but i love you guys 💗💗

  52. Taylor Griggs

    Taylor Griggs6 hours ago

    Ethan did better!!!!!

  53. birdwithabrokenwing

    birdwithabrokenwing6 hours ago

    I did not expect this to be so addictive and fascinating to watch- they all did so good but Grayson was a really surprisingly and deserved victory- I’m seriously shook that a straight guy who’s never done his own make up could pull that off ❤️

  54. Jaye Madison

    Jaye Madison6 hours ago

    Grayson used all the wrong brushes, but he actually looks bomb. Emma looks pretty too.

  55. birdwithabrokenwing

    birdwithabrokenwing6 hours ago

    8:08 Omg if he’d baked with the blush it would have been hilarious 😂

  56. Angelica Abreu

    Angelica Abreu6 hours ago

    Meant Grayson sry

  57. Angelica Abreu

    Angelica Abreu6 hours ago

    15:38 Ethan becomes cleopatra

  58. Hannah Lee

    Hannah Lee7 hours ago

    James is the mom😂

  59. Cindy Victoria

    Cindy Victoria7 hours ago


  60. owlsrocks345 owens

    owlsrocks345 owens7 hours ago


  61. Shrek Ellie

    Shrek Ellie7 hours ago

    Emma got 8/10 Grayson got 10/10 and Ethan got 3/10. GRAYSON WON In my book

  62. Ayla Crowl

    Ayla Crowl7 hours ago


  63. Sanaa's World

    Sanaa's World7 hours ago

    U guys need to do more vids together!!!

  64. Cindy Victoria

    Cindy Victoria7 hours ago


  65. Natasha Rieger

    Natasha Rieger7 hours ago

    ethan was giving so much *sister sass*

  66. sophia Bruzzese

    sophia Bruzzese7 hours ago

    why can ethan and grayson do better makeup than me

  67. Peachy Playz

    Peachy Playz7 hours ago

    Ethan: Hey James, your powder tastes good! :D James: Wanna try more :) Ethan: SURE (Who literally thought they were acting like kids xD)

  68. mincake

    mincake7 hours ago

    grayson actually being more beautiful than all of the girls

  69. jexkins

    jexkins7 hours ago

    the lighting makes everything look ten times better

  70. Kristina Rose

    Kristina Rose7 hours ago

    Emma 6 1/2 Ethan 7 Grayson 9

  71. Sami Rose

    Sami Rose8 hours ago

    "iM gOnNa RiP yOuR eYeLaShEs OfF WITH MY TEETH"

  72. JxP Madness Madnessji

    JxP Madness Madnessji8 hours ago

    1st Ethan 2nd Emma 3rd Grayson

  73. Desiree Huggan

    Desiree Huggan8 hours ago

    Yay James is with his husband!!! (Gray) but Ethan is just yelling and is so sister stressed

  74. Belinda p

    Belinda p8 hours ago

    Me and Ethan have the same phobia 😥

  75. Nancy Healey

    Nancy Healey8 hours ago

    Sister james is crushing on sister grayson😮😮😮

  76. Belinda p

    Belinda p8 hours ago

    9:55 James is me in class using my phone and Ethan is the girl next to me 😂😂💞 sml for them

  77. Madisn Grif

    Madisn Grif9 hours ago

    Ethan definitely

  78. Fiona Lou

    Fiona Lou9 hours ago

    I think Emma looks the best!!

  79. Fayvw

    Fayvw9 hours ago

    7:13 😝

  80. indira singh

    indira singh10 hours ago


  81. Manal Dawoud

    Manal Dawoud10 hours ago

    The tweens have quit a temper

  82. -Kristyn_15-

    -Kristyn_15-10 hours ago

    13:24 James: Sister Sparkle! Emma: Sister SpaRya Kal James: ooo hated that Emma: wHAT tHAt wAs reALLy gOod 😂 💗

  83. Vacation Store2

    Vacation Store210 hours ago

    ethan screams too much

  84. louisa and jack Cowlishaw

    louisa and jack Cowlishaw10 hours ago

    19:45 that mouth click tho 😂💓

  85. It's Me Allison

    It's Me Allison11 hours ago

    well... in my opinion emma looks kind of like loren gray which is BEAUTIFUL BC she is looking like the most gorgeo s ,pretty , pationate , beautiful girl in the WORLD so i give her 9999999999999999999/10 but for grayson or whatever is his name .... he looks very good and pretty in that makeup im living for it !

  86. Music Pop

    Music Pop11 hours ago

    James I luv you so much babe btw we can all agreee that Grayson looked the best

  87. Dolantwins Super fan

    Dolantwins Super fan12 hours ago

    James:it tastes so good try it Ethan:it’s so good James:wait how much are you eating? Ethan wait your not suppose to eat that much??? Me:OMFL It’s me birthday in 2days so happy

  88. Txcoo Ccp !

    Txcoo Ccp !12 hours ago

    Ok but why was gray so good

  89. Abigail Manneh

    Abigail Manneh12 hours ago

    James really likes grayson

  90. Abigail Manneh

    Abigail Manneh12 hours ago


  91. Only Kenzie

    Only Kenzie12 hours ago

    For the first 20 seconds Grayson is just like wtf are y'all doin 😂😂

  92. Alexis Kurtz

    Alexis Kurtz13 hours ago

    wtf emma won

  93. maria

    maria13 hours ago


  94. Justme

    Justme13 hours ago

    Is it just me or gray and james have the hugest crush on each other and they argued like a married couple , I can’t help it seriously

  95. Luna watches

    Luna watches13 hours ago

    *Emma being the fourth wheel for 25 minutes*

  96. Chloe Mok

    Chloe Mok14 hours ago

    The original boy like James Charles will be so handsomee

  97. Miche

    Miche14 hours ago

    Did someone else realized that Emma and Grayson were holding hands😍

  98. Phoebe Robarge

    Phoebe Robarge15 hours ago

    i think emma won

  99. Jayde McB

    Jayde McB15 hours ago

    Grayson won

  100. Taylor Asterr

    Taylor Asterr15 hours ago

    why the hell do i ship Grayson and emma