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Taylor Swift - Delicate (Vertical Version)


  1. Cherish Parkhurst

    Cherish Parkhurst3 hours ago

    Lovin the lyrics

  2. Eliza Souza

    Eliza Souza3 hours ago

    Aaaaah, muito linda❤❤☕

  3. Hugo Pereira

    Hugo Pereira3 hours ago

    I love you

  4. Ujjwal Tyagi

    Ujjwal Tyagi4 hours ago

    Perfect .......


    JASIM IQBAL5 hours ago

    Cool best of luck Tay

  6. Raju Beniwal

    Raju Beniwal5 hours ago

    i love u swift

  7. Animation Minis.

    Animation Minis.5 hours ago


  8. chocolate gm

    chocolate gm5 hours ago

    Omg is she doing musically?

  9. Indu Rani

    Indu Rani6 hours ago


  10. Proud Slav

    Proud Slav7 hours ago

    Oh, Taylor.... men who wouldn't like you for you are either blind or stupid. 💗💋💜 You are an ANGEL, inside and out 😍😍😍😍

  11. Hi im

    Hi im9 hours ago

    I love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Mr Gill

    Mr Gill9 hours ago



    MEENU BAWEJA10 hours ago

    Love you Taylor Swift 😘😘

  14. noorie Kathuria

    noorie Kathuria10 hours ago


  15. Kekhrieseto Zutso

    Kekhrieseto Zutso11 hours ago

    i love this song 😘 the lyrics are 👍💘 so meaningful

  16. Einav Herman

    Einav Herman12 hours ago

    Why it looks like she cried?...

  17. Kim Lingat

    Kim Lingat12 hours ago

    you're so gorgeous I can't say anything to your face💖

  18. chimchim no jams

    chimchim no jams12 hours ago

    yeay new lock screen wallpaper

  19. Dan Animations

    Dan Animations13 hours ago

    *says this sarcastically* Taylor, your music is terrible.

  20. kasiulka klokol

    kasiulka klokol14 hours ago


  21. Valeria Alexandra

    Valeria Alexandra14 hours ago


  22. RaJon Price

    RaJon Price15 hours ago

    I’m not even scared to say it. This shit really does something to me, and she FUCKING KNOWS IT. That’s the thing! 😩😩

  23. Pavilion

    Pavilion15 hours ago

    The reputation is real That’s why she is in a forest

  24. C in dy w/o Bryhzan Sky

    C in dy w/o Bryhzan Sky16 hours ago

    I like Taylor very much .Shes a great song written .Mentor to all young girls to believe in their self .I like the song . Good job .

  25. Andres Hernandez Santander

    Andres Hernandez Santander16 hours ago

    Excelent song and i love de esenary

  26. Emilio Senn Morán

    Emilio Senn Morán16 hours ago

    i love the video but it could have been so much better if taylor just looked straight to the camera all the time instead of the screen

  27. Georgina Jaramillo

    Georgina Jaramillo16 hours ago


  28. Diana Garcia

    Diana Garcia17 hours ago

    I’m gay

  29. Rachael Connolly

    Rachael Connolly18 hours ago

    I was at your concert on Friday it was so much fun I am 8 years old

  30. Aslam Ahmed

    Aslam Ahmed18 hours ago

    Love you like my first love...

  31. Frety Eco

    Frety Eco18 hours ago

    I wish taylor swift could reverse age and have the same mind like back then and make some kick ass songs when she was in her teen years and early and mid twenties

  32. rafaela barros

    rafaela barros20 hours ago

    I LOVE U

  33. 羅春美

    羅春美20 hours ago

    I love it.

  34. Alex NewG

    Alex NewG20 hours ago

    how retarded u should be to shoot vertically in 2k18?

  35. Daniela Fernández

    Daniela Fernández21 hour ago


  36. Alexsandro Machado

    Alexsandro Machado21 hour ago

    Cause i like you

  37. Malk المفضلة

    Malk المفضلة21 hour ago

    I live you

  38. AYA Godes

    AYA Godes21 hour ago

    Nothing happens here. The first video is much better.

  39. Elnaz D

    Elnaz D22 hours ago

    I stopped talking to one of my friends because she didn’t like Taylor and made fun of me for liking her

  40. Elnaz D

    Elnaz D22 hours ago

    *me likes Taylor more every time I see her face*

  41. Elnaz D

    Elnaz D22 hours ago

    I love u Taylor

  42. Alexander Flores

    Alexander Flores23 hours ago

    My favorite artist taylor swift !!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Risky Frederik

    Risky FrederikDay ago

    Tay Tay

  44. Johnny elphick

    Johnny elphickDay ago

    The new swift has her music off the charts , But just wondering what made her change that some hear the music. But when singing from the heart and the words sound good. But she must have been effected with some one or media that I hear in her music. Hope she is ok. If you read this Tay. There is many life s you changed and just because you took the time to visit them. Like that Turlock ca, girl you stopped the bulling the girl was facing because her disability . Remember you are the role model for our youth

  45. Víctor Arteaga

    Víctor ArteagaDay ago

    Sometimes is like you are the only star in the sky.

  46. Tulay Kesn

    Tulay KesnDay ago


  47. thevamps_greek_vampettes thevamps

    thevamps_greek_vampettes thevampsDay ago

    I love you Taylor!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  48. B.T.S

    B.T.SDay ago

    Acaba de salir y ya hay un chingo de vistas y comentarios :v

  49. Raquel alexys

    Raquel alexysDay ago

    You can meet me in the back. . .

  50. A Z

    A ZDay ago

    False! It's not vertical!

  51. Mohamad Ahmad

    Mohamad AhmadDay ago

    The only enemy now 😃😃😍

  52. Hoai Anh Lai

    Hoai Anh LaiDay ago

    Taylor you are my Queen

  53. Ms. Mondaze

    Ms. MondazeDay ago

    I love u Tayyyyy! 😘

  54. Sushma Jha

    Sushma JhaDay ago

    Congratulations for getting 30+ million subscribers.

  55. simon fowley

    simon fowleyDay ago

    I’m going to see her in a. Concert!!!!can’t wait 😁😁

  56. Leidy Holly

    Leidy HollyDay ago

    I love this song and she looks so cute and perfect here.

  57. erinchohope

    erinchohopeDay ago

    Havana vertical or delicate vertical?

  58. taylor amanda aguilar

    taylor amanda aguilarDay ago

    alguien habla español o castellano creo que no pero igual amo tu musica taylor soy tu fans numero 1

  59. Yudha Beng

    Yudha BengDay ago

    Dammm So CUTE!!!!!

  60. Haj S

    Haj SDay ago

    I don't understand how people find faults in her. All her songs resonate a real and good person. I guess goodness everyone doesn't get. So when you tell me you like or love her, I know you appreciate goodness and a good person at some level atleast.

  61. Froggy Boi

    Froggy BoiDay ago

    Your fave would never

  62. hermanos ramirez

    hermanos ramirezDay ago

    hola Taylor como se tu novio

  63. Sarah

    SarahDay ago

    This is for the best I listen to Taylor Swift everyday so That means I’m a Swiftie. I can’t make Any rumours bout’ Taylor Swift But we can hate Katy P. (Sorry Katy Perry Fans) Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that I’m a big big fan. Cause I know that your funny and... Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that I’m a big big fan? Cause I know that you’re funny and.... Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift TAYLOR SWIFT The End 😁

  64. Victeur Lee

    Victeur LeeDay ago

    Sarah how poetic!😝👍👍👍👍

  65. Leilanie Paeste

    Leilanie PaesteDay ago

    you're so gorgeous ♡

  66. Mikaelly Dany

    Mikaelly DanyDay ago

    Oh Good Good Good Taylor Like You!!

  67. Shailesh Barmase

    Shailesh BarmaseDay ago

    Love you Taylor

  68. phaula manalo

    phaula manaloDay ago

    U are the best singer ur sooo coool i love this song

  69. lê nguyễn

    lê nguyễnDay ago

    Omg i love you so much

  70. sham al mousa

    sham al mousaDay ago

    may 15th is my birthday it is my birthday on the 15th of may!!!!!!!

  71. sham al mousa

    sham al mousaDay ago

    I​ love your songs congrats on 30M subs!