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Taylor Swift - Delicate


  1. золот. золот.

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  2. missjuliej302

    missjuliej30249 minutes ago

    Hi evry one im talar swift 2cuson

  3. RebeccaMaria

    RebeccaMariaHour ago

    I love how crazy happy Taylor seems.. happily crazy 😝

  4. David Pourau

    David PourauHour ago

    Pretty sure shes the youngest successful artist she already has albums out!

  5. David Pourau

    David PourauHour ago

    Hey Taylor Swift, If you're reading this Grace Vanderwaal is soon to be the next you! :O

  6. Wįťć& Ťæÿľœŕ

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  7. Dino

    DinoHour ago

    This song is so sexual. This generation smh

  8. Sam Gaylican

    Sam Gaylican2 hours ago

    wow! amazing! I love Taylor Swift!!!!! Yasss

  9. ingrid varadinkova

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  10. dhiraj pradhan

    dhiraj pradhan2 hours ago

    This is so lovely that this become my favorite song of 2018...

  11. Muzammil Khakwani

    Muzammil Khakwani3 hours ago

    the step she does at 3:29 is just awesome

  12. – A

    – A3 hours ago

    Do you miss me , Bitch Kiss 😘 -A

  13. I love tay swiftie

    I love tay swiftie3 hours ago

    Delicate #5 on Billboard Hot #100❤

  14. Nick Cruz

    Nick Cruz2 hours ago

    +I love tay swiftie #25 this week. Delicate never hit the Top 5 or the Top 10. Delicate peaked at #12.

  15. Jeff Alison

    Jeff Alison4 hours ago

    300 milion view 😃😃😃

  16. Na Ree

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  17. ray star

    ray star4 hours ago

    I love this song.. it has a good motive: we just lost ourselves running after money and fame... But you need to find yourself first..

  18. Zaafira Ambreen

    Zaafira Ambreen4 hours ago

    1:00 is literally meee

  19. Chia Jing Heng

    Chia Jing Heng4 hours ago

    Just watched a REACT video which featured this song. A bunch of parents were required to listen to modern music and see if they knew the song title and the artist. Most of them enjoyed the song, but when the artist was revealed to be taylor swift, a few of them were so disappointed at themselves and one of them even said she hated herself for loving a taylor swift song. I was like, what is your problem?? such a typical hater

  20. Nick Cruz

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  22. Tiana_ DIY

    Tiana_ DIY5 hours ago

    This such a wired video but I love 😂😂 0:59 has me 😂😂

  23. Chia Jing Heng

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  24. Dj Pollard

    Dj Pollard6 hours ago

    Think she might be the hottest girl on earth, leave her be..or call me on it.

  25. Valar Dohaeris

    Valar Dohaeris6 hours ago

    She is so adorable in here

  26. Ayan Khan

    Ayan Khan7 hours ago

    This dace is rediculous😵😒

  27. Miyabi Sakura

    Miyabi Sakura7 hours ago

    this song was so comfortable. so glad i came back. i havent listened for the last couple of years because her music was really really boring and didnt feel like she was being herself. this was so good.

  28. MikeMike 1025

    MikeMike 10257 hours ago

    Hello, Hello

  29. brarz Khush

    brarz Khush8 hours ago

    Delicate has jumped 4 spots on Billboard Hot 100 this week! #25 Taylor Swift - Delicate [+4] {27 weeks , peak(#12)} Delicate *Refuses to die 😎

  30. Count Mee

    Count Mee8 hours ago

    Where is your derssing? I d't need you b'c you highest price you need.but you will lose.emi'm said you will lose.pc

  31. Butch Magnus

    Butch Magnus8 hours ago

    What a Lovely Song

  32. Polo Jacobo Leyva

    Polo Jacobo Leyva8 hours ago

    Vamos por esos 300 millones SWIFTIES!!

  33. Marissa Partridge

    Marissa Partridge9 hours ago

    My reputations never been worse. Thanks.

  34. Marissa Partridge

    Marissa Partridge9 hours ago

    I realize it might just be you. If I could look in your eyes.....

  35. Marissa Partridge

    Marissa Partridge9 hours ago

    Your fan club loves to fuck with me.

  36. djdkdmme ldld

    djdkdmme ldld9 hours ago

    Taylor dancing with the rain gives me years of life

  37. Sara 사라 Bro

    Sara 사라 Bro9 hours ago

    Do y'all even remember the song safe and sound cause that's still my favorite Taylor swift song

  38. Immer Panmei

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  39. LikeSoTotallyGay

    LikeSoTotallyGay10 hours ago

    0:54 Introducing, Violet Chachki!! :P

  40. Mekdes Alemayehu

    Mekdes Alemayehu10 hours ago

    Sweet Taylor your songs are super super super...super Rich in every good music measurement.

  41. Angy Nikki

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  42. Yaniz R

    Yaniz R11 hours ago

    Lyrics to this song don’t go with the video

  43. TheAmazingJAJ

    TheAmazingJAJ12 hours ago

    This song is amazing. Alexa, stop playing Despacito.

  44. Wendy Elise

    Wendy Elise12 hours ago

    I found this the day you left me. I'm so glad I did. I thought I was going to take my life but I'm still here. Doing better every day.

  45. Allesa Cara

    Allesa Cara12 hours ago

    Every time I hers this song I always sing

  46. Lauro Arjona

    Lauro Arjona13 hours ago

    Hi guys! I made a cover of Taylor on you MReporter channel. I hope you like it and support it. It’s short but I loved it 💕

  47. Almighty

    Almighty13 hours ago

    Hermoso video

  48. Toneia Lazell

    Toneia Lazell13 hours ago

    I love the rain scene!! I did one in my music video too!! Yessss Taylor Swiftin’ ❤️

  49. Maxwell Toure

    Maxwell Toure14 hours ago

    Sometimes I feel invisible

  50. Terillthegamer YT

    Terillthegamer YT14 hours ago

    1:45 what the hell is she doing

  51. Bri M

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  52. Asaf Kopla

    Asaf Kopla15 hours ago

    All those cat food analogies.

  53. MayJ 77

    MayJ 7715 hours ago

    hi my name is “Becky” and my cat’s name is Dibbles and I have a snake called Karyn. Oh whale imma go to bed now

  54. Eleanor Dawson

    Eleanor Dawson16 hours ago

    One of her best and most honest videos ever. She's such a cutie.

  55. Nick Cruz

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  56. Liliana Bazylyuk

    Liliana Bazylyuk16 hours ago

    DA BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Darman Zebua

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  58. Marlene Alex

    Marlene Alex16 hours ago

    T Ta Tay Tayl Taylo Taylor Taylor s Taylor sw Taylor swi Taylor swif Taylor swift Taylor swift😍 Taylor swift Taylor swif Taylor swi Taylor sw Taylor s Taylor Taylo Tayl Tay Ta T ❤️

  59. Adi Monte Negro

    Adi Monte Negro17 hours ago

    En esta canción expresó todo taylor, como quiere un minuto sin Prensa tan siquiera

  60. Yong Cheng Liu

    Yong Cheng Liu17 hours ago

    Take a photograph=driven to distraction=ship 失魂落魄(拍照)=shi,hun,luo,po,=chuan =船=传播 By CIA ,色鸡,Me too game

  61. Viktoria Ivanova

    Viktoria Ivanova17 hours ago

    The Beeeeest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Adélie_ 236

    Adélie_ 23617 hours ago

    Elle est juste incroyable !

  63. Ilhan Kaya

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  64. Every ones Fan

    Every ones Fan19 hours ago

    the reality of the world many few will understand this song

  65. José Rosario

    José Rosario19 hours ago

    lol.. I just noticed that on second 1:39 that girl with the two guys looked at Taylor.. Not criticizing, just pointing a little detail (?)

  66. Amelia Flynn

    Amelia Flynn19 hours ago

    so funny

  67. Ece Sağlam

    Ece Sağlam19 hours ago

    Taylor ne yapıyosun sen jxndjxndjx

  68. Lisa Biglin

    Lisa Biglin19 hours ago

    I love the belly that you're doing. It seems like it's very similar to Chandelier by Sia. Very nicely done.

  69. mx r

    mx r20 hours ago

    271, 004, 268 v

  70. Ngọc Mai

    Ngọc Mai20 hours ago

    Hay quá ad oi 😙😙 🇻🇳

  71. Reputation vid's

    Reputation vid's20 hours ago

    Do you believe this girl is the zombie from LWYMMD

  72. mal faery

    mal faery20 hours ago

    This video is basically abt Taylor being her silly and funny self and escaping from her normal routine and the guards and all the stuffiness of being a celebrity good for her

  73. Alan Thicke

    Alan Thicke21 hour ago

    omg I love your songs

  74. Cheng Zheng De

    Cheng Zheng De21 hour ago

    Stream SHAKE IT OFF plsss !! 😘😘

  75. First Last

    First Last21 hour ago

    She is sooooo fat in this video

  76. Funny Bones

    Funny Bones20 hours ago

    She looks more sexy now

  77. Adam Melot

    Adam Melot21 hour ago

    Love her! She is so damn classy and different from all the rest!

  78. Hơn Bùi

    Hơn Bùi22 hours ago

    Delicate 😍

  79. Rafi Aldora

    Rafi Aldora22 hours ago

    *270,952,624 views* 📈 *2,785,339 likes* 🎉 *182,886 dislikes* 👊

  80. Missmethinksalot1

    Missmethinksalot122 hours ago

    Loving the beat to this. Slow burn in terms of how I fell in love with how it sounded. Can anyone recommend songs with similiar soft crescendo style music?

  81. Umi kazama

    Umi kazama22 hours ago

    My sweet heart girl ❤️

  82. Umi kazama

    Umi kazama22 hours ago

    Love you tay.....

  83. krithika m

    krithika m22 hours ago

    Sep 18 8:00 2018

  84. jhade vlogs

    jhade vlogs22 hours ago

    R.I.P replay button

  85. Arjun Ts

    Arjun Ts23 hours ago

    She is going old

  86. saeed masoud

    saeed masoud23 hours ago

    Bad words, bad acting, bad meaning

  87. Funny Bones

    Funny Bones20 hours ago

    Bad blood +

  88. Kieu Oanh Bigo Show

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  89. Gigi Kiki

    Gigi KikiDay ago

    *kiki do you love me*

  90. TJ Scott

    TJ ScottDay ago

    There you go kids, even Taylor Swift needs some me time. Can you fuck off now?

  91. R3M3M0Dz

    R3M3M0DzDay ago

    new sia?

  92. SK Doudou

    SK DoudouDay ago

    Guys Go vote for Taylor for the AMAS 2018!! She is nominated for 4 categories :D Go SWifties

  93. Will Ritter

    Will Ritter4 hours ago

    I'd be honored if some fans of Taylor's 1989 album would check out my acoustic piano & vocal cover of BLANK SPACE on my channel in tribute to the queen. Live acoustic with no autotune. Thanks and keep on swifting.

  94. Legend XD

    Legend XDDay ago

    1:44 wtf... Now thats some illuminati shit.

  95. Kechon TKamwaingatetaake

    Kechon TKamwaingatetaakeDay ago

    W😍😍😍😍😍😍w so lovely en love it I like your🎤🌃🎬📷🎥🎧💿🍀🎶👸Taylor Swift

  96. jhade vlogs

    jhade vlogsDay ago

    love the last part

  97. Sayed Hasanat

    Sayed HasanatDay ago

    What a song this is my fvrt song 😍😍

  98. Loren Gray Musicallys

    Loren Gray MusicallysDay ago

    830 5:42 pm

  99. Chia Jing Heng

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  100. donna easty

    donna easty21 hour ago

    They are playing it on multiple stations in Australia due to her touring here next month. I got such a shock when I heard it on the radio,just wasn't expecting it.

  101. Chia Jing Heng

    Chia Jing HengDay ago

    Thomas O'Mahony thats the point

  102. Thomas O'Mahony

    Thomas O'MahonyDay ago

    no your nation is nothing but a sattelite state of the eastern bloc

  103. Nick Cruz

    Nick CruzDay ago

    YES!!!!! Getaway Car will be a worldwide single soon!

  104. I am the choosen

    I am the choosenDay ago

    0:50 - 1:02 *she was doing like Trump* lol😂

  105. I am the choosen

    I am the choosen2 hours ago

    +Thomas O'Mahony 😊

  106. Thomas O'Mahony

    Thomas O'MahonyDay ago

    love for trump

  107. Mac Beth

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    *3M LIKES 300M VIEWS*

  108. MaddisonAllen Logan

    MaddisonAllen LoganDay ago

    Isn't it. From Zach.

  109. Comrade Lesbean

    Comrade LesbeanDay ago

    I love this video, she looks so genuinely happy 💖

  110. CanYouBeMy FRIEND?

    CanYouBeMy FRIEND?Day ago

    We need to bring getaway car in billboard top 10 when its officially released we can..we can..yeah..still have patience?..

  111. Nick Cruz

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  112. Ginger Swift

    Ginger SwiftDay ago

    100m✔️ 200m✔️ 300m❓❔

  113. sierra loves all humankind

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  114. NaingHtoo Aung

    NaingHtoo AungDay ago

    Love you so much Taylor 😍😍😍

  115. Omega_65

    Omega_65Day ago

    This song is so good. Didn't know it was Taylor Swift