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Taylor Swift - Delicate


  1. dvei49

    dvei493 hours ago

    Taylor "Mob Rule" Swift.

  2. Arohi Dixit

    Arohi Dixit3 hours ago

    She did it all without shoe

  3. dvei49

    dvei493 hours ago

    Why couldn't she pronounce the words clearly, instead of mumbling incoherently? Doesn't understand most of the words she's singing. Might as well be a foreign language she's singing.

  4. ́ ́

    ́ ́4 hours ago

    Bye Bye Big Machine Records 😿👋😭

  5. Dat Llama

    Dat Llama4 hours ago

    I don’t get why pop is so popular

  6. Manny Bee

    Manny Bee7 hours ago

    Delicate: like Manny would give it up...all Mexicans and others need to stop their voice over blown heads tho. ^.^

  7. April Sweet

    April Sweet7 hours ago

    love love all of her songs

  8. Aditya Teja

    Aditya Teja7 hours ago

    Love you taylor swift 😍😘

  9. Quyền Huỳnh Trung

    Quyền Huỳnh Trung8 hours ago

    Chị ơi em muốn say: ilove you

  10. karylu Alis

    karylu Alis8 hours ago

    Like si no sabes que dicen los comentarios jjajjajjajja Jaajaajaajaa

  11. Ken The corgi

    Ken The corgi8 hours ago

    Let’s just take the fact that Taylor is not wearing shoes the hole time Lol 😂

  12. Maurice Turner Brown

    Maurice Turner Brown9 hours ago

    You hate your job all of your rich friends you hate every one to the bigger end nothing turns out right there's no in sight you hate your life

  13. Sergio Perez

    Sergio Perez9 hours ago

    Taylor swift sucks ass she is dum

  14. Sarah Martinez

    Sarah Martinez9 hours ago

    I heard this song on my radio and I didn't know the name of this song and I loved it so I typed Taylor Swift on MReporter and I clicked this song Delicate to check out the song and this was the song I didn't know the song name!😅😅😅💖

  15. canal doidela

    canal doidela10 hours ago

    Love Taylor Swift delicade

  16. Amar Hassan

    Amar Hassan10 hours ago


  17. seness1

    seness111 hours ago

    Stupid video


    EL_DY- DELAGENTELINDA12 hours ago

    Te AmO TayloR SwifT!!! 😘❤😍😘❤😍😘❤😍


    EL_DY- DELAGENTELINDA12 hours ago


  20. Mac Beth

    Mac Beth12 hours ago


  21. Dream

    Dream12 hours ago

    0:54- 1:01 Me

  22. They're burning All the witches

    They're burning All the witches13 hours ago


  23. Ayato and Yui Sakamaki

    Ayato and Yui Sakamaki13 hours ago

    Her silly side can NOT be deny

  24. Granny Granny

    Granny Granny13 hours ago

    Her reputation is OP today YASSS and Tay Tay knows the way way

  25. Blair Thomas

    Blair Thomas13 hours ago

    She's so sweet in this video!

  26. kayla maclean

    kayla maclean14 hours ago


  27. kayla maclean

    kayla maclean14 hours ago


  28. Brianna_Playz _Roblox

    Brianna_Playz _Roblox14 hours ago


  29. zaz

    zaz14 hours ago

    who is listening in year 29496??? ?? ??

  30. boy Paite

    boy Paite15 hours ago

    Love love love

  31. Scaler 2.0

    Scaler 2.015 hours ago

    We are doing this dance for school !

  32. John Cragmile

    John Cragmile16 hours ago

    Which demagraph you like better West or Taylor?

  33. Leah Neberieza

    Leah Neberieza16 hours ago

    i remember her singing this at tour. it was so much fun! i wish i could see her every day, that is the dream.

  34. Jessica Deniseee

    Jessica Deniseee16 hours ago

    *Maddie Ziegler*has joined the chat.

  35. LIBRIAN Sana

    LIBRIAN Sana17 hours ago

    Taylor should really bring more like this freedom dance in her videos... Which looks soo perfect and real... Love u taylor... Love from pakistan

  36. Kunal Mehta

    Kunal Mehta17 hours ago

    This is heer. Kunal is my father. Love u Taylor

  37. André

    André18 hours ago

    The old Taylor Swift isn't dead. Her "new self" just keeps on telling everyone that she is. But in reality, she's still there; watching us while being invisible. Because the moment she ripped off her dress, that immediately took me back to the Red era. And I know that's *her.* *THE* Taylor Swift that we know.

  38. M – M

    M – M18 hours ago

    *I Love This Song So Much*

  39. priya raman

    priya raman19 hours ago

    Keep watching to cross billion views people!!!

  40. Twang Zel

    Twang Zel19 hours ago

    I love taylor swift😍😍😍😍

  41. Josh Berkowitz

    Josh Berkowitz20 hours ago

    Taylor you goofy mofo. I love u

  42. Thương Nguyễn Thị

    Thương Nguyễn Thị21 hour ago

    Delicate is currently out of the chart. Push streaming harder so this chick can comeback the game.

  43. Iara Colt

    Iara Colt22 hours ago

    Can i get 13 likes?

  44. Quyền Huỳnh Trung

    Quyền Huỳnh Trung22 hours ago

    Vui quá trời tao cười tao ỉ* hahahaha Yêu chị taylor swift

  45. Lg Mayes

    Lg Mayes22 hours ago

    Being invisible is a gift in a crowd sometimes.."isn't it, isn't it?" Or even when alone...

  46. Durga devi

    Durga devi22 hours ago

    one question always strikes in my the piece of paper came into her hands in the last scene whereas there was no paper there when she was dancing in hotel/ train/rain????

  47. Jadson Oliveira

    Jadson Oliveira22 hours ago

    1:41 Quando sua mãe lhe dá dinheiro/ When your mother give for you money

  48. rhenz celetaria

    rhenz celetaria23 hours ago

    I love her so much since i was a kid 😊😊

  49. Ashif Karim

    Ashif Karim23 hours ago

    Whats your next video after delicate plzzzz release it 😊

  50. Jafar Mulla

    Jafar Mulla23 hours ago

    She is beautifulllllllllll😍

  51. Ti Phan

    Ti Phan23 hours ago

    yêu 😍

  52. Raju Kumar

    Raju KumarDay ago

    Love this song

  53. Fan girl

    Fan girlDay ago

    4 minutes of Taylor goofing around lmao. She's adorable.

  54. Mark Entila

    Mark EntilaDay ago

    yeh! that's true so cute when he was in the mirror

  55. Eian BTE

    Eian BTEDay ago

    1:25 u wanna smile don't ya?

  56. Noah Struck

    Noah StruckDay ago

    We need to str**m more guys....400M pls

  57. americanfella

    americanfellaDay ago

    Please like this comment if you're here before 1 billion views.

  58. Matthew Wong

    Matthew WongDay ago

    go and watch antant tv u will find out what is fucking truly rubbish

  59. Mark Entila

    Mark EntilaDay ago

    i like the song of my favorite international singer OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  60. Mark Entila

    Mark EntilaDay ago

    i support taylorrrrrrrrrr swift I love

  61. Kawaii Kitsune

    Kawaii KitsuneDay ago

    An artist that can be true to themselves will never be forgotten.

  62. William Eliezer

    William EliezerDay ago

    This ain't for the best my reputation's never been worse, so You must like me for me We can't make Any promises now, can we, babe ... but you can make me a drink :)

  63. Lacuna Daica

    Lacuna DaicaDay ago


  64. Lucas Swiftie 13

    Lucas Swiftie 13Day ago

    TS7 is coming 💚💚

  65. Charlotte Olivia Reyes

    Charlotte Olivia ReyesDay ago

    0:55 best part

  66. Illn Incomplete

    Illn IncompleteDay ago

    Of course its delicate I guess we cant but we have to wait for it and maybe then.

  67. Jakia Davis

    Jakia DavisDay ago

    AHHH SHES SO CUTE 💕🤧❤️😍😍

  68. Mia M

    Mia MDay ago

    I really love this song, I like how she's chill 😂❤

  69. Juliane Ornelas

    Juliane OrnelasDay ago

    Perfeita 🎶💕💕

  70. Anh Khoa Nguyễn

    Anh Khoa NguyễnDay ago

    Taylor’s new house Republic Records Goodbye BIG MACHINE RECORDS

  71. better times

    better timesDay ago

    Sir i want to be assigned the responsibility of greatness. Yo be the right hand in of creation. I want the honor of creating Americas ethereal garden. Bold beautiful and becoming. A master architectural master piece of peace.

  72. Ella Hatch

    Ella HatchDay ago

    Lol 1:42 she looks consipaited

  73. MORI

    MORIDay ago

    Taylor Thanks for all the songs you have given us. There was times in my life that i just had a Hands frees in my ears and walked with my hands in my pocket in rain and all the way growing up for more than 5 years... I love you for being there for me when i had nothing, no one, it was just you advising me through your music to find my way and be something more than i am. Thanks. I hope i meet you someday but we are too far away and it might never happen. I just wanted to thank you and i know you will never see this but it's ok :)

  74. Anna Mcmurrough

    Anna McmurroughDay ago


  75. Hansumi wordl

    Hansumi wordlDay ago

    no se porque me recuerda ha DANI HOYOS ;V

  76. Adrian Troy

    Adrian TroyDay ago

    Hit like if you believe "reputation" will win Best Pop Vocal Album and Delicate will have an Grammy award too!

  77. Dianeli Moo

    Dianeli MooDay ago

    Taylor Swift es la Mujer más ermosa del mundo🌏

  78. sblocco telefono Mallardo

    sblocco telefono MallardoDay ago

    Taylor swifg

  79. Unknown Person

    Unknown PersonDay ago

    Nov 2018???? Taylor i am your biggest fan from Pakistan😇❤

  80. T S

    T SDay ago


  81. shamol chowdhury

    shamol chowdhuryDay ago

    So cool! Love how she's just having fun!

  82. TotallyNotSomeWeirdo

    TotallyNotSomeWeirdoDay ago

    I watched this from the Without Music MReporter channel and I almost died from laughter. Love this music video and song!

  83. Trippy Master

    Trippy MasterDay ago

    November 2018??

  84. Natasha Sweeney & Paul Daley

    Natasha Sweeney & Paul DaleyDay ago


  85. PePe `

    PePe `Day ago

    Novembro alguém?💦

  86. Rohan Jerath

    Rohan JerathDay ago

    Can't get this song out of my head! cuz it's delicate! ❤💕😍

  87. Joe Bear

    Joe BearDay ago

    you mess that video up juts a little bit but I love it for sure

  88. Raul TV

    Raul TVDay ago

    1:36 this is a mistake that woman look at the Taylor

  89. Jan Kowalski

    Jan KowalskiDay ago

    Cudna piosenka pokazuje taylor twoje uczucia 😘💖👍

  90. Minerva Ayet

    Minerva AyetDay ago

    I love so much this song. I lisent all the days in my life❤

  91. Poonam Kumari

    Poonam KumariDay ago

    Taylor Swift are you amazing... this song is very nice...

  92. Christian ChimChim

    Christian ChimChimDay ago

    I miss my baby❤❤ I love u taylor💜💜

  93. bebe canales

    bebe canalesDay ago

    Im gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandeliiieeerrr..

  94. They're burning All the witches

    They're burning All the witchesDay ago

    OMG TS7 Is Coming 😱😏😩 I Need Mv I Did Something Bad Getaway Car And Don't Blame Me

  95. Raphael Bulcão

    Raphael BulcãoDay ago

    delicate is aging like the finest wine

  96. Chihiro Shun

    Chihiro ShunDay ago

    I'll wait your comeback, bad beetch, love you

  97. Joe Bear

    Joe BearDay ago

    smooth operation I am

  98. Dara Wadee

    Dara WadeeDay ago


  99. Nick Cruz

    Nick CruzDay ago


  100. bongani richard

    bongani richardDay ago

    I love taylor swift

  101. Check It Out!

    Check It Out!Day ago


  102. Sangeeta Atray

    Sangeeta AtrayDay ago

    November 2018 anyone??