Tattoo Artists Critique Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and More Celebrity Tattoos | GQ


  1. Nikki Wallace

    Nikki Wallace7 hours ago

    Chris Nunez............Yes Lord....:P

  2. Papa.Silver

    Papa.Silver17 hours ago

    Oliver never holds back Nunez lately has bein a little laid back but still being honest love them both tho

  3. Mechkarov

    Mechkarov21 hour ago

    4:15 oof indeed

  4. Matilde Ruivo

    Matilde RuivoDay ago

    Where is Chester Bennington or Oliver Sykes??

  5. UmmRuqayyahYasmin

    UmmRuqayyahYasminDay ago

    I love their honesty !!!☺️

  6. Caroline Elenora

    Caroline ElenoraDay ago


  7. Chris Elphick

    Chris ElphickDay ago

    Only one I disagree with is Chris Brown's, I like his tats. Each to their obviously though. Agreed on the rest

  8. SavanahDaBanana

    SavanahDaBananaDay ago


  9. Sarah LeGeek

    Sarah LeGeek2 days ago

    "purest example of... you just dont care anymore" dfgkdnbd lol

  10. Lee Yahh

    Lee Yahh2 days ago

    4:16 Oof

  11. Williams Family

    Williams Family2 days ago

    People are reading the Culture of Critique

  12. Ayumi Saito

    Ayumi Saito2 days ago

    just do some native check if you want get tatoo using languages that you don't speak/understand. i've seen bad ones many times. like, it's supposed to be saying mysterious or something but actually saying, weirdo, or strange... and this example is still fairly ok one. i've seen worse. even if you don't plan to travel to overseas and think that no one will understand so it's ok, you don't know when you meet someone who can actually read the language.

  13. Liyau_Is_Great_2Day :3

    Liyau_Is_Great_2Day :32 days ago

    Justin Bieber = roasted by mustache guy lol

  14. Ruf Anal

    Ruf Anal2 days ago

    Mustache guy not holding back

  15. NTH THN

    NTH THN2 days ago

    mustache guy. My God. :/

  16. Jasmine Kakao

    Jasmine Kakao2 days ago

    4:15 oof

  17. oooBUBU7ooo

    oooBUBU7ooo2 days ago

    I wouldn't complain if this got a two hours long sequel

  18. venska

    venska3 days ago

    “i think it’s better done in henna- because it goes away”

  19. Shantel More

    Shantel More3 days ago

    That mustache 😂😂

  20. GETn2UNED

    GETn2UNED3 days ago

    😭😭😭😭😭😭 Oliver got me dying

  21. House Lord

    House Lord4 days ago

    Man i Will not suporte this. Are coming to and trying to make a group of suporters have you idea. Making critics about you groupy ideas... If someune do something os because He want, you can criticise but make people belive in that cause naa.

  22. L Frost

    L Frost4 days ago

    I wonder what would they think of lil peep tats

  23. anthea kingg

    anthea kingg4 days ago

    This was fun. lol

  24. Shay Barfield

    Shay Barfield5 days ago

    "Littered with garbage...." lmao Luv u Oliver!

  25. InYoGrillCHEEZE

    InYoGrillCHEEZE5 days ago

    Chris Nunez is one of the worst "tattooist" in the world.

  26. c k

    c k5 days ago

    oliver peck...savage af but also deeply thoughtful. it also made me super happy to see Chris Nunez genuinely geeked over Zac Efron's tattoo. watch ink master, sleeper of the last decade

  27. JOON

    JOON5 days ago

    i wish i knew about the healing process in the hands before i got this cross tattoo on my finger because now it just looks like the letter T

  28. Summer Standing

    Summer Standing5 days ago

    I think they should retitle this “guy chewing stick roasts celebs”

  29. Jay Mike

    Jay Mike5 days ago

    That’s a nice watch

  30. Jeremy Voel-Pel

    Jeremy Voel-Pel5 days ago

    Justin's tats are dope, that guy is hating just because it's jb. That's lame.

  31. Sahara.V

    Sahara.V6 days ago

    I was lowkey waiting to see Jeffree Star in here.

  32. Ale Pino

    Ale Pino6 days ago

    And lady gaga? Wtf?

  33. Tom Pilkington

    Tom Pilkington6 days ago

    Do brendon urie please

  34. MartinHunter Nemisis

    MartinHunter Nemisis7 days ago

    Money can't buy good taste.

  35. S.K.

    S.K.7 days ago

    They were on point also handsome :)

  36. jo ho

    jo ho7 days ago

    Should have critiqued Dave Navarro, he has/had the shittiest tats ever...

  37. lamalogic fortnite

    lamalogic fortnite8 days ago

    Mike tyson's tattoo is native New Zealand Maori face tattoo. Used by tribal warriors look it up you will be surprised.

  38. Venim850

    Venim8508 days ago

    Just avoid hands, wrists, head, neck. Upper arms and legs are okay.

  39. Austin White

    Austin White8 days ago

    This is y I love Ink Master. These dudes crack me up when they're judging😂😂😂💀

  40. Gloomy sunday

    Gloomy sunday8 days ago

    I got distracted by Chris Nuñez beautiful eyes!!!

  41. Emily Cortese

    Emily Cortese8 days ago

    Yeah you know I like justin and all but this mustache dude was spot on. Like justin really does have the worst taste ever. But I do think that counts to only some of them? There are tattoos that I've seen on him that were ok but the ones on the arm they criticised were terrible.


    SHAHED GH8 days ago

    Sickest tattoos are jeffree's

  43. Weah Betty Twum

    Weah Betty Twum9 days ago


  44. Depressio n

    Depressio n9 days ago

    Ink master is fake

  45. ImmortanRoger

    ImmortanRoger9 days ago

    A friend of my father's wanted this japanese kanji tattoo and the tattoo artist said it meant "powerful dragon". In reality it said "I am a horse".

  46. DBOB

    DBOB9 days ago

    how can the guy in the camo shirt be talking about mike tyson when he have freaking tic tac toe on his hand

  47. Jose Rojas

    Jose Rojas9 days ago

    “I think it’s better when it’s done in henna, because it goes away” BUUUUUUURRRRNNNN😂😂🔥

  48. Purple weirdo

    Purple weirdo9 days ago

    5:01 When It showed the nicki Minaj one, I died, I remembered a vine where this dude tried to sing like her XD He was a viner The won who made " I don't know what's it with Fangirls and boys they love, I mean, I like toast but when it pops up, I'm not like; AGAAAJAHAJHJ!"

  49. Kaitlyn Kerr

    Kaitlyn Kerr9 days ago

    good thing nicki isn’t american 🤷🏾‍♀️

  50. Andre Ledo

    Andre Ledo9 days ago

    Fix the title these guys are not artists they are people who have tattoos.

  51. molly mojave

    molly mojave9 days ago

    “We call this littered with garbage” 😂

  52. carlos reyes

    carlos reyes10 days ago

    I hate watching ink master because they always say something negative about a tattoo

  53. Philip Coats

    Philip Coats10 days ago

    I love Post Malone, but why did he get all the portraits on his fingers? 😰😰 he has some awesome portraits on his left arm (I believe?)



    Purest example of “you don’t care anymore” lololololololololol

  55. Candi Soda

    Candi Soda10 days ago

    Didn't even know Jamie Fox had a tattoo on his head

  56. warriorbard

    warriorbard10 days ago

    The, Oliver. Keeping it real; I love it!

  57. Sassy Girl

    Sassy Girl10 days ago

    I love how that moustache guy is so real, straight savage 😂😂😂😂

  58. Wally Smith

    Wally Smith10 days ago

    Tattoo artists that critique other tattoos are assholes... Oh hey, thats all of them.

  59. Everyone Loves Amber

    Everyone Loves Amber11 days ago

    Oliver Peck is cool, really straight up with his comments!

  60. Deborah Gladwell

    Deborah Gladwell11 days ago

    So rude I’m not a massive fan of tattoos but each to their own. The tattoos that just has are beautiful. At the end of the day his tattoos have meaning to him and your opinion means nothing. Your so rude. Classless

  61. Skendër Lulaj

    Skendër Lulaj3 days ago

    lol fangirls

  62. Fvcking Deathwish

    Fvcking Deathwish11 days ago

    Wow, I didn’t know Demi went under the needle


    BANGTAN IS OXYGEN11 days ago


  64. Niharika Gupta

    Niharika Gupta11 days ago

    you guys forgot about harry and zayn

  65. Carolina Morán

    Carolina Morán11 days ago

    The bieber ones are terrorifyc

  66. Makica 1981

    Makica 198111 days ago

    Tats are ugly, even Rihanna has gone out of style and she is the only person on earth who can pull them off without looking tacky af . Just my two cents

  67. Alexis Evans

    Alexis Evans11 days ago

    I love this video 💖


    OOF FORTNITE11 days ago

    same thing

  69. B M R entertainments

    B M R entertainments11 days ago

    Wat about Johnny Depp

  70. Yvonne Rose

    Yvonne Rose11 days ago

    justin biebers tattoos litter with garbage hahaha thats rude man. lol

  71. Jim Bertido

    Jim Bertido11 days ago

    Judge Mike Tyson's tattoo to his face.

  72. Jim Bertido

    Jim Bertido11 days ago

    *A couple of bitchy Queens judging other people.

  73. Deep like Deepika

    Deep like Deepika11 days ago

    "This is the purest example of you just don't care anymore" I'm done i can't breath

  74. deepp dogg villain

    deepp dogg villain11 days ago

    Bro where's Tupac and the game

  75. Jada Boo

    Jada Boo11 days ago

    Hill Billy’s

  76. redazi1

    redazi112 days ago

    What s with 2 drug addicts

  77. Jrsnwdn73

    Jrsnwdn7312 days ago

    Oliver Peck is a 🐓🍭 to say the least

  78. 03 Andi

    03 Andi12 days ago

    No Harry Styles???

  79. Gideon Boateng

    Gideon Boateng12 days ago


  80. ducc fucc

    ducc fucc12 days ago

    Rihanna must have a tattoo of a bruise

  81. Its Meg

    Its Meg12 days ago

    Nunez has the best eyes!!!!

  82. Perrie Facts

    Perrie Facts12 days ago

    Should’ve had all the Little Mix girls’ tats and Cheryl Cole’s, and Liam, Zayn and Harry’s

  83. Indira Alfonsina

    Indira Alfonsina12 days ago

    The mustache guy is like Joan Rivers tattoo version.

  84. Da Truth

    Da Truth12 days ago

    Demi Lovato loves needles, and i'm not talking about tattoos.

  85. Rihana Farheen

    Rihana Farheen2 days ago

    Da Truth so in conclusion, you try to be cool and you're failing miserably.

  86. Rihana Farheen

    Rihana Farheen2 days ago

    Da Truth and *you're

  87. Rihana Farheen

    Rihana Farheen2 days ago

    Da Truth I actually am not a fan. I think that demise lovato is way overrated. But I DI NOT LIKE IT WHEN PEOPLE MAKE FUN OF OTHER PEOOLE BECAUSE OF ONE STUPID MISTAKE!

  88. Da Truth

    Da Truth2 days ago

    Rihana Farheen The more offended you get, the funnier it is. So by the look of it your a fan, and if that is the case you disregard that this will always happen in the real world, and people will not care what you think. So in conclusion quit being offended. If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

  89. The Queen

    The Queen12 days ago

    "The one thing we know about Justin Bieber is that, in all senses, he has the worst taste imaginable" You. You, sir, are my hero.

  90. SAN Dukesbury

    SAN Dukesbury12 days ago

    I understand they’re professionals but their options came on too strong

  91. Rosalyn Davis

    Rosalyn Davis13 days ago

    Nicki minaj speaks Tanja

  92. Smiley Bear

    Smiley Bear13 days ago

    Imma critique your mustasche foo

  93. Jason Gacrama

    Jason Gacrama13 days ago

    Why is this mustache guy always has a toothpick in his mouth?

  94. OlivR93

    OlivR9313 days ago

    the guy on the right just doesn't stop to talk

  95. Michael Heider

    Michael Heider14 days ago

    Mike Tyson tattoo is great ( for a face tattoo)

  96. randombro

    randombro14 days ago

    the word tattoo has been pronounced 34 times

  97. Terry Sproat

    Terry Sproat14 days ago

    Chris is a handsome dude!

  98. Rick Rickson

    Rick Rickson14 days ago

    Ink masters was a fake show.

  99. De Borah

    De Borah14 days ago

    Isn't it funny that neither of the people shown here has anything to do with rock music or even metal?

  100. リオタジイエ

    リオタジイエ14 days ago

    I enjoy this one alot

  101. Lucy Osellame

    Lucy Osellame14 days ago

    Is that Demi’s heroin hand

  102. Dark Flame

    Dark Flame14 days ago

    rappers nowadays, tattoos all over their face

  103. Rudi Candaza

    Rudi Candaza14 days ago

    Mustache Guy on Mike Tyson's tattoo: "This is the purest example just don't care anymore." LOL

  104. David Jacobs

    David Jacobs14 days ago

    Chris Nuñez and Oliver Peck. If you've seen Ink Master you know they judge real hard about tattoos (along with Dave Navarro).

  105. ShadowHunterx

    ShadowHunterx15 days ago