Tattoo Artists Critique Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and More Celebrity Tattoos | GQ


  1. itzheera 27

    itzheera 2739 minutes ago

    These guys are judging tattoos that have so many stories behind them, even if their stupid, they still mean something.

  2. Andra Ramadhan

    Andra Ramadhan13 hours ago

    ed's tattoos the worst

  3. MFA_Sterilization Products KSA

    MFA_Sterilization Products KSA23 hours ago

    Tattoos crafting calling to evil in your life

  4. Ezzy. Bean

    Ezzy. BeanDay ago

    don’t rly like the whole critiquing tattoos cos it’s their body mods, and they were saying that they don’t have meaning behind them but unless they’ve been told by the person who’s tattoo they’re critiquing, they can’t know that.

  5. JRH

    JRH2 days ago

    The guy with the mustache is a savage

  6. Patrick Pgp

    Patrick Pgp3 days ago

    Breezy ❤❤❤❤

  7. Long live lashawn 23

    Long live lashawn 233 days ago

    Good thing tattoos are for you and not for other people

  8. Bizzel Bieber

    Bizzel Bieber3 days ago

    Wtf I love Justin Bieber stop 🛑

  9. c. j. macq

    c. j. macq4 days ago

    body mutilation is for MORONS! gang identification, gullibility, pop culture conformity, self hatred and peer pressure are the only reasons why anyone would be stupid enough to do this to themselves. WAKE IP! DON'T CONFORM! think for yourselves and don't fall this disgusting, UGLY social trend. in 20 years, unless you're a complete idiot, you'll hate yourself even more for doing it! they don't tell you that reality NOW DO THEY!

  10. pheonix leaf

    pheonix leaf4 days ago

    Saw this video on my thumbnail thread and legit thought it was Danny Trejo to

  11. Ayush Saxena

    Ayush Saxena4 days ago

    McGregor's tattoos are best

  12. Sylas Childress

    Sylas Childress5 days ago


  13. LIAMM

    LIAMM6 days ago

    Nicki Minaj’s tarot say God Is Always With You In Chinese (Simplified)

  14. LIAMM

    LIAMM6 days ago

    Nicki is not American born and it does not say her name

  15. Noora Maliki

    Noora Maliki6 days ago

    Wtf Wayne got above his eyebrow. That Arabic tattoo doesn’t make sense...what did he use google translate

  16. bonitaesthetics

    bonitaesthetics7 days ago

    Chris Nunez and Oliver peck everybody

  17. Kevin Thomas

    Kevin Thomas7 days ago

    Surprised there was no athletes at all. So many can be covered in them, and they either look incredible or terrible (Beckham vs Sane for example)

  18. Longboard Stoner

    Longboard Stoner7 days ago

    The guy on the left is delicious

  19. 7eventee 8 Luck

    7eventee 8 Luck7 days ago

    Theyre just missing a whistle nd a badge that says "TATTOO MONITOR"👮‍♂️👮‍♂️

  20. IceeWindlePearL Vendicacion

    IceeWindlePearL Vendicacion8 days ago

    Where's cardi b?

  21. Zoe Heyes

    Zoe Heyes8 days ago

    React to malumas tattoos

  22. Alex Sallee

    Alex Sallee8 days ago

    I have a tattoo in Korean because I can read, write, and speak the language; I've also had lots of my Korean friends all confirm the meaning for me anyways, so I know 100% what my tattoo says. But I don't think you should get any Chinese, Japanese, or Korean tattooed on you unless you know the language.

  23. anastasia *

    anastasia *4 days ago

    Wouldn't that be true of any language? But many people get latin and don't know it. I think as long as you study what it is you're getting and have some sort of connection to it, it would look better.

  24. failtolawl

    failtolawl8 days ago

    I like how GQ tried to trash Jolies tattoo but were so ignorant to the culture of Thailand and tattoos that they actually praised it.

  25. jaisenber

    jaisenber9 days ago

    Wow tattoo 😂

  26. monty Last

    monty Last9 days ago

    Who’s critiquing nuñez? He sucks!

  27. Fintan

    Fintan9 days ago

    I know youth and rebellion will make most people ignore this, but I think you should wait a minimum of one year after deciding a design to actually get it. I'd recommend two years, but I realize that's unrealistic for some. You will have it forever, and deciding quickly is just asking for regret.

  28. Hun_Benson Net

    Hun_Benson Net10 days ago

    Did they really leave out sis tattoos

  29. aya آية

    aya آية10 days ago

    I agree about jb but rihanna!! God no! She's perfect.

  30. Arbosmak

    Arbosmak11 days ago

    Who else thinks that Demi should’ve got a heroin needle?

  31. tsuki

    tsuki11 days ago

    what about frank iero?

  32. Fucked up

    Fucked up11 days ago

    Where is Harry Styles? Where is Louis Tomlinson??

  33. morris west

    morris west12 days ago

    They lied on jolie

  34. Maxi Dietzel

    Maxi Dietzel12 days ago

    And no one wanna say something about the tattoos of the rap God😂😂

  35. Che L

    Che L13 days ago

    Gawd I love those two!

  36. iNessa Styles

    iNessa Styles13 days ago

    xxxtentacion’s tattoes😭😍🤤

  37. Shari Parrilla

    Shari Parrilla13 days ago

    The mustache guy had me dying laughing. The shade I love it

  38. Nicholas Arevalo

    Nicholas Arevalo13 days ago

    I'm pretty sure Ed Sheeran has the DaVinci code on his arm

  39. Amy Benson

    Amy Benson14 days ago

    Oliver Peck is ADORABLE!!!

  40. iRon

    iRon15 days ago

    This should be a series

  41. Liza Yu

    Liza Yu15 days ago

    wtf would you have a tattoo in your ears anyway my mustache ? U done with ur own critics?

  42. Jocelyn Rodriguez

    Jocelyn Rodriguez15 days ago

    To criticize ling in my opinion But I can understand senseless tatties.

  43. Ryan Imam

    Ryan Imam16 days ago

    Keminter asu. Bajingan kok paling sangar2o

  44. Megan G

    Megan G16 days ago

    Poor Oliver having to judge a Steve-O knowing he banged his ex old lady while they were together. Seriously Kat the lowest of the low was nailing old Steve O and Bam.

  45. ekky aulian

    ekky aulian16 days ago


  46. Dominique Bingham

    Dominique Bingham17 days ago

    Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez!! Clicked so fast lol

  47. Isaiah Celestin

    Isaiah Celestin17 days ago

    I disagree. Justin Bieber has some very good art works 🔥i Don't mind the other critiques especially Lil Wayne's. His tattoos are terrible he was more aiming for quantity than the quality.

  48. Felix Garcia

    Felix Garcia17 days ago


  49. Josie Sakurada

    Josie Sakurada17 days ago

    I wouldn't want to get my child's picture tattooed unless they were diagnosed with cancer and I wanted something to remember them and honor them

  50. Whiteboy Entertainment

    Whiteboy Entertainment19 days ago

    CHECK ME OUT 💓💓💓

  51. Kassandra Bonilla

    Kassandra Bonilla20 days ago

    I love these guys

  52. Austin CC

    Austin CC20 days ago

    youre watching a video of tattoo artists talking about what they think of celebrities' tattoos.

  53. Mia Li

    Mia Li21 day ago

    Nicki is a dope rapper. but her tattoo just looks awful. i mean if you show that piece to anyone who can read Chinese, they'd tell you to go back to elementary school to learn how to write. that's how ugly it is. period.

  54. Bdelloid Duke

    Bdelloid Duke21 day ago

    Ummm gaga?

  55. roaddogrichard

    roaddogrichard22 days ago

    Tats are trashy. 10-15 years later most everybody looks at them in total disgust for having them.

  56. Nijauh boston

    Nijauh boston22 days ago

    NO P!NK 🤨🤨

  57. Mengstab G.michael

    Mengstab G.michael22 days ago

    You tattoo's demon I command you out for all by the name of Jesus Christ and I covered all by the blood off Jesus Christ name amen and amen

  58. rosegvnn

    rosegvnn22 days ago


  59. Daniela Segovia

    Daniela Segovia22 days ago

    The one with the mustache was working on the shop next to my school my friend Able to meet him

  60. Belieber Lya

    Belieber Lya22 days ago

    That isn‘t Justin biebers arm 😉

  61. fade mekanikz barbershop

    fade mekanikz barbershop22 days ago

    I would love to see the tatts of the oh so judgemental dudes roasting these tatts lol iam sure they would have 80/99% of garbage!

  62. Maddie Miles

    Maddie Miles22 days ago

    this mf said Little Wayne

  63. Izaura MJH

    Izaura MJH23 days ago

    Can you critique jay park tattoos

  64. Joseph Danino

    Joseph Danino24 days ago

    This rapper MDOLLA destroyed JOJO Pellegrino with this diss. LMFAO

  65. Sarah Paine

    Sarah Paine26 days ago

    Umm Rihanna had her hand done traditionally and handled it like a boss! Let's not bash her

  66. Cat Valles

    Cat Valles26 days ago please follow my story and reach out to me. I am almost at a million VIEWS! ON FACEBOOK TOO

  67. T B

    T B26 days ago

    Does chris brown have a Superboy Prime tat?

  68. lena

    lena26 days ago

    how can you look at tattoos objectively when it comes to design/style, i'd get it if it was poorly done or the technique was bad... but if the person got what they wanted how can u really critique that..? idgi

  69. Anthony Huynh

    Anthony Huynh26 days ago

    Mustache guy pausing with Tyson croaked me

  70. Stephanie Le

    Stephanie Le27 days ago

    Adam Levine is a always holding a mic. He got his tattoo that way for his fans POV.

  71. Tom

    Tom27 days ago

    If you was wondering what Nicki’s tatto means: “May god be with you” It is made of ancient Chinese characters and the first two mean 上帝 (shangdi) that was an old divinity that the 上 (shang, up) dynasty worshipped a long time ago

  72. Simplo Simplo

    Simplo Simplo27 days ago

    These tattoos dont mean anything at all, but yet welcome to america


    DHRUV MALIK28 days ago

    Suck a donkey, mustache guy

  74. MyDreamside

    MyDreamside29 days ago

    their tattos look as bad as the people they comment

  75. jodibb

    jodibb29 days ago

    Kanji??? You can see how ignorant this mtf is!!!

  76. jodibb

    jodibb29 days ago

    Those guys sound so AWFUL!!! Specially that old creepy guy!

  77. GoomyW.

    GoomyW.27 days ago

    jodibb “old creepy guy” is one of the most renowned tattoo artists in the world. He knows what hes talking about.

  78. Nicks Kicks

    Nicks KicksMonth ago

    Everytime I see these tattoo artists critique tattoos I go and look up their actual tattoos and everything they got on em is ugly

  79. Lance Marshall

    Lance MarshallMonth ago

    I’d love to see them roast lil xan

  80. Moli Ma

    Moli MaMonth ago

    19% of the world is chinese, its not personal to her. its a language that actual people in the actual world speaks and understands and uses to communicate. also could they seriously not tell which major asian language that was? kanji is specific to the japanese language, it does not mean all asian languages. jesus

  81. Nat King Kong

    Nat King KongMonth ago

    Dude that mom tattoo was actually cool because it's a guitar pick that says "wow" when you flip it

  82. YeetMaster69

    YeetMaster69Month ago

    They should have done lil pump

  83. Junchen Liu

    Junchen LiuMonth ago

    Nicki’s tattoo means “may god always be with you” but the quality of the writing is horrible

  84. Angelo Gopaul

    Angelo GopaulMonth ago

    This video was not a very good tattoo review video. They seemed to be more interested in giving Savage retorts. Nothing was wrong with Rihanna's nor Minaj's tatts. It seems to me that they didn't like the style of tattoo. Because she had the best looking tattoos in the video. He also called Nikki an American. She's Trinidadian and have some Asian ancestry. The few times they offered a critique of the quality of the ink was the only useful parts of the film. The rest not so much.

  85. Ivonne Roman

    Ivonne RomanMonth ago

    lol if only 69 was famous around that time

  86. Inessa Legkun

    Inessa LegkunMonth ago

    Your guys should have done “the rock”

  87. Carl Creighton

    Carl CreightonMonth ago


  88. Emmazilla 17

    Emmazilla 17Month ago


  89. Greet themind

    Greet themindMonth ago

    “Getting your face tattooed without a full body suit is a bit much”. Completely agree, kinda like a neck tattoo, it’s only there to make you look like a harass , even though mike is, regular people aren’t. And it’s dumb

  90. Carly Yebin

    Carly YebinMonth ago

    Mustache guy see youself tattoo first before judge people tattoo : )

  91. Aquicha Mortesen

    Aquicha Mortesen20 days ago

    He has one on his neck and on his hands.

  92. jonathan avina

    jonathan avinaMonth ago

    I wanted to see zayn malik

  93. cafe del casual 89

    cafe del casual 89Month ago

    couple of wankers.

  94. Bram Tollenaar

    Bram TollenaarMonth ago

    I feel like Adam's Mom tattoo might be because as a singer he tends to hold up a microphone with that arm, so while performing it would say Mom. Atleast I hope he thought his tattoo through this much, because that would actually be quite clever


    SMALLxTOWN OCMonth ago

    Im nor a fan of any white guy tattoo............. blacks cant tattoo either......... Dont get butt hurt white trash....

  96. L L

    L LMonth ago

    This turned into a roasting session 😂😂

  97. mikah ong

    mikah ongMonth ago

    i wonder if they are biased

  98. Moria Avdayev

    Moria AvdayevMonth ago

    One thing is that Korean is not Kanji. And the best tattoo over there was disregarded, Rihanna's underboob is awesome.

  99. Robert

    RobertMonth ago

    And. ?

  100. Hayden K.

    Hayden K.Month ago

    Where is Jeffree Star

  101. RoZenRavn

    RoZenRavnMonth ago

    4:14 O o f

  102. czopek

    czopekMonth ago

    how could you not show them lil peep

  103. varjai 96

    varjai 96Month ago

    Tatuadores baratos.... fama ajena han obtenido.....