Tattoo Artists Critique Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and More Celebrity Tattoos | GQ


  1. High Onheroin

    High Onheroin8 hours ago

    Lol didn’t Bang Bang do that lion on Cara Delevigne’s finger? Expensive garbage

  2. SpyderRios

    SpyderRios7 days ago

    Keep bringing this guys

  3. Aze Cadavona

    Aze Cadavona7 days ago

    Nicki Minaj is half Japanese okay

  4. Comrade Waifu

    Comrade Waifu8 days ago

    When peck said every justin bieber tattoo was bad bang bang died inside

  5. Jocelyn Bejer

    Jocelyn Bejer10 days ago

    My Brother had a tattoo on his back it’s was like a lion fighting with a snake

  6. David Bouchard

    David Bouchard10 days ago

    i’m sure the guy with the stache is a great tattooist... but it’s hard to take the guy seriously on what looks good when he intentionally grows that hideous turdstache on his face lol

  7. akat19

    akat1912 days ago

    please do another segment w these guys again, soo funny!

  8. adam livermore

    adam livermore19 days ago

    This dude is shadier than a drag queen.

  9. hellswaywardescapist

    hellswaywardescapist25 days ago

    4:42 “this is not something I recommend” “Oh I recommend it” 😂

  10. Sean Wilkes

    Sean Wilkes26 days ago

    Can someone critique that guy's stache? I give it a D minus.

  11. Wavyies

    Wavyies26 days ago

    Moms upside down so that way when he is holding a mic its right side up. becuase more people will see it at a show than out in public.

  12. AlaskanOutlaw907

    AlaskanOutlaw90726 days ago

    I wanna just jerk that toothpick out of mustache guys mouth and punch him in the nose

  13. Blinderb

    Blinderb27 days ago

    “That’s a nice watch...” Haha. Nuff said.

  14. MOVILO spectre

    MOVILO spectre29 days ago

    Steve o 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  15. Valerie Hanson

    Valerie HansonMonth ago

    Oliver savage asf Peck

  16. Sarah Cook

    Sarah CookMonth ago

    Chris is being so nice lol

  17. Justn Brnard

    Justn BrnardMonth ago

    2:35 you vs 2:38 the guy she told you not to worry about

  18. Canned Meats

    Canned MeatsMonth ago

    4:15 *roblox intensifies*

  19. destiny kemp

    destiny kempMonth ago

    I was distracted by that mustache mans raw real red , he held nothing back, one day I’m getting tattooed by Paul Booth I swear

  20. Louis Donaghy

    Louis DonaghyMonth ago

    Will moustache guy ever be happy

  21. Giovanni Jersé

    Giovanni JerséMonth ago

    I’m still trying to understand what’s wrong with Rihanna’s henna tat? It’s beautiful.

  22. Burtasaurus Rex

    Burtasaurus RexMonth ago

    Because it's seen as a really basic "trendy" tattoo. Lacking creativity/ artistry. But if the person loves it and is happy then that's a good tattoo. Or because the technical application was poorly done. Could be the design and location is fine but the action application was shoddy.

  23. J. •

    J. •Month ago

    I just realized Nicki is Asian AND black and isn’t American born and she’s probably just paying homage to her culture with the tattoo

  24. Max Meier

    Max MeierMonth ago

    The Jamie Foxx Tattoo looks like it's supposed to cover up a scar, which would be in the place where in old times people would have skin removed for a hair transplant.

  25. Lost In Translation

    Lost In TranslationMonth ago

    I also love Angelinas tattoo I think it's really cool

  26. Teddy Fandango

    Teddy FandangoMonth ago

    Bang Bang did that lion tattoo on Cara

  27. i d

    i dMonth ago

    Wtf Jamie foxx

  28. Cain Maquassa

    Cain MaquassaMonth ago

    Are we all going to ignore the fact thay Steve-O got a portrait of himself with all his teeth while in reality the 1is missing 1.56

  29. jade eliza

    jade elizaMonth ago

    I love these guys! 👏🏼

  30. Caleb Manning

    Caleb ManningMonth ago

    Bang bang brags about that finger lion in his wired vid

  31. Vanessa Casey

    Vanessa CaseyMonth ago

    I'd love to see them critique Brooklyn Beckham's awful tattoos

  32. Lady Sphere

    Lady SphereMonth ago

    Loved what he said about Riannah aahahahhaaaaa

  33. Ruoxi Zhou

    Ruoxi Zhou2 months ago

    上帝与你同在 is means God is with you

  34. MetalizedButt

    MetalizedButt2 months ago

    Justin Bieber’s and Chris Brown’s are the worst ones by far

  35. MetalizedButt

    MetalizedButt2 months ago

    My mans said this ain’t a MOM tattoo this a WOW tattoo 💀 LMFAO💀

  36. Quit Parking In The Handicap Spots

    Quit Parking In The Handicap SpotsMonth ago

    "my mans said" stfu with that cookie cutter moronic verbiage.

  37. Anthony Wood

    Anthony WoodMonth ago

    it was on the arm he holds a mic with. so his mom could see it upright when he performs. so that was being nitpicky. they do that on the show all the time though with directions things face.

  38. wethehiddles

    wethehiddles2 months ago

    Oliver Peck is the Gordon Ramsay of tattoo artists

  39. ZeRO iCON

    ZeRO iCON2 months ago


  40. Jay M

    Jay M2 months ago

    Part 2!!!

  41. Plain Vanilla Band

    Plain Vanilla Band2 months ago

    they could have rated the video H for Honesty. 🤣😂

  42. hana banana

    hana banana2 months ago

    Just want to point out Riri's tatt is a traditional polynesian tattoo. Chiseled into those knuckles. Painful, time consuming and intricate. Very similar method to Angie's tatt.

  43. Niklas Ivarsson

    Niklas Ivarsson2 months ago

    Nicki Minaj = "May God always be with you" :)

  44. Jakob Gao

    Jakob Gao2 months ago

    To anyone who’s curious, Nicki Minaj’s tattoo translates to “God is with you always.”

  45. Peachy Face

    Peachy Face2 months ago

    “Oof” 4:16 XD

  46. rainbeau54

    rainbeau542 months ago

    It’s also never a good idea to grow facial hair when you’ve just started pubity.

  47. C Tran

    C Tran2 months ago

    wait no one really gonna comment on what is mr. mustache talking about when he said kanji tats can "mean whatever it means to you and you can choose whether you share what this tattoo means" ???? i get what he's trying to say but acting like asian people don't exist outside of asia????

  48. Burtasaurus Rex

    Burtasaurus RexMonth ago

    It's because in the US so many people get tattoos in other languages without fully knowing what they mean. Sometimes they dont even bother to make sure the translation is correct so it can mean to them what they want. He isn't saying Asian people don't exist outside of Asia, just that most people in the US won't know what it means. Because if you have a tattoo with Chinese or Japanese symbols, they are a minority in the US not majority. So the majority of people who see it in the US wont know what it means. He isnt saying NO ONE will no what it means because Asains don't exist, only that the majority of people around them likely wont know

  49. Christopher Thomson

    Christopher Thomson2 months ago

    Adam Levine's Mom tattoo is the right way up when he's holding a microphone. Bless.

  50. haggismuncher

    haggismuncher2 months ago

    Oliver Peck is a decent guy & a great tattooist.....he knows his art...he tattooed my daughter:)

  51. pricey420

    pricey4202 months ago

    Oliver ‘never seen a good tattoo’ peck

  52. Melany

    Melany2 months ago

    His name is Oliver peck not guy with the mustache 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  53. Its LumberJack

    Its LumberJack2 months ago

    Stache dude is a savage.

  54. Hi welcome to chillies

    Hi welcome to chillies2 months ago

    the dude with the mustache is literally the gordon ramsey of tattoos

  55. hellswaywardescapist

    hellswaywardescapist25 days ago

    Hi welcome to chillies they both have mustaches

  56. Edward Rcy

    Edward Rcy2 months ago

    The tattoos of Justin Biber are to be stacked it looks like it's a child he tattooed 😂🤣🤣🤣

  57. Jessica Daigle

    Jessica Daigle2 months ago

    Wow they are assholes. As long as whoever has the tattoos is happy then that's what matters. Again. What assholes.

  58. Travis F

    Travis F2 months ago

    My confusion is what is considered s good tattoo then? A 2,000 dollar piece for a tattoo?

  59. That Guy From Walgreens

    That Guy From Walgreens2 months ago

    I'm surprised about Jamie Foxx as well. Not the fact that he has a tattoo, but in the back of his head. Especially as they said, you have to continually keep your head shaven or its gone.

  60. SAm_Man101

    SAm_Man1012 months ago

    Demi should have got a needle on her arm

  61. Jesus iiooii

    Jesus iiooii2 months ago

    That's Mike Tyson .. those two guys can't compare to him , so it really doesn't matter if it's on his face lol

  62. Jasmine GMZ

    Jasmine GMZ2 months ago

    But Nicki Minaj isn't American though. She was born in the port of spain.

  63. H43N

    H43N2 months ago

    I didnt know les claypool did tattoos

  64. John Asdf

    John Asdf2 months ago

    I never heard the guy with the mustache compliment one artist

  65. Judith Nagle

    Judith Nagle2 months ago

    Just wondering how many likes and dislikes have been posted by the same hackers. Once *Rihanna* hacked a pic of herself looking down (at me?) on my fbook timeline. The pic was a close-up of her nostrils, accentuated to add to the expression on her ugly face (she wasn't wearing any make-up). Of course, I deleted *it*. My daughter has about 20 ratios. Her name is Rita. My first name is Anna.

  66. cindy

    cindy2 months ago

    do lady gaga or harry styles next

  67. Falken Vir

    Falken Vir2 months ago

    No Tatoos, no Tatoo issue.

  68. Falken Vir

    Falken Vir2 months ago

    "It's better in Henna cause it goes away" said mr Moustache

  69. J Fox

    J Fox2 months ago

    Its called a sak yant. should know that.....and say it.

  70. sergio valle

    sergio valle2 months ago

    You can't talk like that with that face and mostacho!!! gross!!

  71. haroimdonard

    haroimdonard2 months ago

    savage lol

  72. Dean Castillo

    Dean Castillo2 months ago

    I came here looking for Gaga and am very disappointed

  73. Mollie Gilmour

    Mollie Gilmour2 months ago

    Just found out moustache guy is Kat Von D’s ex-husband... I’m shook

  74. Delvon

    Delvon2 months ago

    Who are they the tattoo gods

  75. Tom Mitchell

    Tom Mitchell2 months ago

    That toothpick doesnt hide your Lisp...

  76. Marshall T

    Marshall T2 months ago

    Angelina has the best

  77. Aline Catao

    Aline Catao2 months ago

    I have a major crush on Chris Nuñez 😍😍😍


    M3LTED MUSIC2 months ago


  79. borna asi

    borna asi2 months ago

    i think it your gonna tattoo yourself get it professional done and get something you’ve liked for the past 10 years. So don’t get a tattoo of a Louis Vuitton logo becuase you started rlly digging their handbags.

  80. Sadie Puppy

    Sadie Puppy2 months ago

    I just came for Justin Bieber

  81. Charles Charlemagne

    Charles Charlemagne2 months ago

    Tyson's tattoo is awesome

  82. rachael steele

    rachael steele2 months ago

    They’re taking a field day because no ones checked their egos yet lol

  83. yo mamq

    yo mamq2 months ago

    Mr mustache guy is literally being rude

  84. Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie2 months ago

    The mustache guy should get his own show.

  85. Meher K

    Meher K2 months ago

    He has one it’s called ink master

  86. oliwer pietryszek

    oliwer pietryszek2 months ago


  87. oliwer pietryszek

    oliwer pietryszek2 months ago


  88. Beautiful Surprise

    Beautiful Surprise2 months ago

    I like Mike Tyson's face tat 🤷🏽‍♀️

  89. luisdmatas

    luisdmatas2 months ago

    They arent a good tattoo artists

  90. sample text

    sample text2 months ago

    4:15 my mans said 'oof' 😭

  91. mrcarguy15

    mrcarguy152 months ago

    Oh and nice moustache.... douche

  92. mrcarguy15

    mrcarguy152 months ago

    Nice douche

  93. Olivia Loftus

    Olivia Loftus2 months ago

    Nikki minajs tattoo says lucky star

  94. Daniel Muang

    Daniel Muang2 months ago

    Chris literally said “oof”😂

  95. Izzy Thao

    Izzy Thao2 months ago

    1:00 that got me in the feels😥


    NOVELYN P2 months ago

    The tattoo might mean something to them, you get a tattoo because you like it, not because someone else likes it.

  97. Firefly.Editz

    Firefly.Editz2 months ago

    Nicki’s tat reminded me of Ari’s 7 rings tat fail😂😂😂

  98. Janet Neri

    Janet Neri2 months ago

    I just clicked on it, because of riri

  99. So Sad

    So Sad2 months ago

    2:38 "i mean this lion looks like a lion" i thought that was a chair

  100. Young Sirracha

    Young Sirracha2 months ago

    Tattoo artist are among the most judgmental people I know. They are so stuck up and will often try and talk you out of something YOU want for something THEY want for you. They are just hipsters with a trade.

  101. Ohmade Links

    Ohmade Links2 months ago

    They should critique the avenger tattoos the cast got 👍

  102. birdE

    birdE2 months ago

    Fake show, Good guys.

  103. LRaeM B

    LRaeM B2 months ago

    Did you guys noticed when they Got to Mike Tyson. They tried to be as nice as possible ain’t nobody tryna get beat by Mike T 🤣🤣🤣

  104. J Lincoln

    J LincolnMonth ago

    LRaeM B apparently there is a lot of law suits surrounding his tattoo so they’re probably be careful for that too

  105. Nhlamulo Donatella

    Nhlamulo Donatella2 months ago

    Dude with the pubes on his face doesn't hold back

  106. mro aho

    mro aho2 months ago

    I kicked out Chris Nunez out of a bio section in vail colorado because he didn’t were his v.i.p bracelet. Later he goes and gets his bracelet and apologize. Very cool guy. Honestly I didn’t know who he was I have to look them up.

  107. Mr. CARMINE

    Mr. CARMINE2 months ago

    Uh why they got that Pawn Stars sound effect at the beginning??? 🤨