Switching to 8 Plus After 5 Months of iPhone X


  1. Vinay Kaikini

    Vinay Kaikini3 days ago

    I am watching on iphone S E :p


    GARY WILLIAMS4 days ago

    Does the world really need another Samsung phone? I think not!

  3. Charles T. Davis

    Charles T. Davis7 days ago

    My main selling point was Touch ID, plus the 8 plus had the same a11 chipset the X does so I pretty much have a iPhone 10 with Touch ID minus the new higher screen resolution which I don’t care about 1080p is perfect for me, Animoji is just a cheap gimmick, with the space gray 8 plus I don’t even notice bezels nor do I care if I have or don’t have them and the camera does what I want it to do I don’t take photos or video at night all too often those are why I bought the 8 plus over x, xr, xs

  4. Ahmed Zakaria

    Ahmed Zakaria9 days ago

    Trust me, 8 plus is a dragon. The better iPhone, actually the best. I love it.

  5. Rob Jarrett

    Rob Jarrett9 days ago

    So how u like the xs pulse everything u wanted

  6. Mario Ramirez

    Mario Ramirez12 days ago

    Never will use the X line phones they suck I'll go to a Samsung note. No home no tough id stupid looking notch. C'mon apple the new phones are trash. My next phone will be a note 10 and I'll keep my iPhone 8 plus. Get rid of the notch, bring back touch id and a haptic home button. I'll get a newer model iPhone

  7. Premium Clothing

    Premium Clothing13 days ago

    iPhone 8 Plus Red is a beast Phone.. ;)

  8. eLmEr r

    eLmEr r14 days ago

    I prefer a home button wayyy more

  9. maria luisa

    maria luisa16 days ago

    I love the iPhone 8 Plus

  10. JJ Escobar

    JJ Escobar19 days ago

    Red iPhone 8 plus here:)

  11. Ares Argento

    Ares Argento20 days ago

    Removing the touch id was a deal breaker for me. I'm staying in iphone 8.

  12. Allin 1

    Allin 120 days ago

    If i buy 8plus in 2019 then till which year can i comfortably use it?

  13. M A K S _

    M A K S _16 days ago

    Allin 1 maybe till 2022 I think)

  14. Abdul Muhaimin

    Abdul Muhaimin23 days ago

    Man its a very stupid decision to move back to 8 plus

  15. JJ S

    JJ S25 days ago

    I got an 8 plus used for 520 and they had an X for 600 and I still got the 8 plus. I don't like the X.

  16. austin sellers

    austin sellers26 days ago

    I prefer nothing about either because i stopped using iphones 2 years ago. Over priced, dongle hanging, pieces of shit

  17. Vincent Jackson

    Vincent Jackson28 days ago

    Excellent presentation! I’ve been rocking my iPhone 8 Plus since launch date, Oct 2017. I love this phone and it’s a keeper until something goes wrong with it. I normally keep my phone more than 3 years. I just don’t understand why people upgrade every year.

  18. Sheena Frederick

    Sheena Frederick28 days ago

    IF their always going to bring out 3 different iPhone models each year - the full on touch screens should be small and big BUT they should bring out one design every year with the home button .. the size should be between the 8 and 8 plus. Like a medium sized phone. But to force people to eventually upgrade to all screen phones isn’t really good

  19. Hasan Smith

    Hasan SmithMonth ago

    I went with the 8 plus cause I wanted the ability to do more without the new look(theft reasons) cost difference was only 50$ and could have got that on credit.... not wanting to look like a new kid to iPhone

  20. Mick Caspers

    Mick CaspersMonth ago

    Had the xr and eventually got sick of Face ID, the thickness and weight. Went back to my Nokia 8.

  21. Madison Kiefer

    Madison KieferMonth ago

    I prefer the home button on my iPhone 7 Plus

  22. Briggz YT

    Briggz YTMonth ago

    I use a SE 😂

  23. Ri2nonerok

    Ri2nonerokMonth ago

    The reachability gesture on the iphone x never works. Makes it useless

  24. James Eden

    James EdenMonth ago

    I actually like having some bezel on the top and bottom.. iphone 8 is currently the most appealing option for me but I just love the size of the SE

  25. Conner Cavanaugh

    Conner CavanaughMonth ago

    Yo shout out for making a video that is watchable zoomed in on the X’s screen!

  26. Javier Alvarez

    Javier AlvarezMonth ago

    Why does everyone hate on the 10??? It works perfectly fine to me



    Shit I still got the 7plus

  28. Active Omg

    Active OmgMonth ago

    I prefer the x. Why? If my fingers have ANY amount of sweat it simply won’t work which leads me to use my password ALOT. Face ID works 99% of the time. Where id say finger print if works 80% of the time. The body is smaller and has almos the same screen as the 8 plus. Yes the 8 is a centimeter wider but it’s not a HUGE difference. Its camera is noticeably better and has better stabilization for videos. The colors are deeper. Animoji is funny as hell. And the gestures are so smooth and comfortable

  29. nazrin maskam

    nazrin maskam8 days ago

    Active Omg Same as me. my hand always sweat!

  30. Wyatt Muchmore

    Wyatt MuchmoreMonth ago

    I like the better battery like and cheaper price of iPhone 8+ (and product red)



    *I really hope the rumors of apple killing this phone aren’t true.. the build quality and the weight of the phone is perfect>>>**ur2.pl/1253** the edge to edge screen is super beautiful.. att ship my order really fast and had it the next afternoon thank you att and Apple I can’t say enough about this phone*

  32. Freddie Avalos

    Freddie AvalosMonth ago

    Didn’t even know I could zoom on the X MReporter app. Haha thanks!

  33. Roberto Zuniga

    Roberto Zuniga2 months ago

    You are such an apple fanboy 😅

  34. Rage mode Gaming

    Rage mode Gaming2 months ago

    I watched this on my iPhone 8 Plus and I just love the display that it can display everything without any compromises and I love the dual cameras

  35. pjmcchim

    pjmcchim2 months ago

    I choose iphone 8+ after using android for so many years and I made a right decision ☺️ i really like everything plus the color

  36. Actheman1978

    Actheman19782 months ago

    I just upgraded from 6S to the 8+. Not spending a grand on the latest and greatest. This is still a good upgrade for 100 cheaper than last year’s premiere price.

  37. aries torres

    aries torres2 months ago

    BOOOOOOOO stfu

  38. AFTERSHOCK 7582

    AFTERSHOCK 75822 months ago

    Accidentally left my iPhone 7 on all night and it was running youtube, no burn in. Only bad part is it was extremely hot when I woke up and it was almost dead so I had to goto school with an empty battery😂

  39. Nim Bera

    Nim Bera2 months ago

    This is what I exactly did after 1 month though

  40. peopledaddy

    peopledaddy2 months ago

    Just bought the iPhone 8 Plus in gold. Love it and after looking forward to the XR decided I can’t live with the notch or FaceID. Hopefully in 2 years there will be an iPhone with bezel-less screen with Touch ID. The 8 Plus feels premium even 14 months after its release.

  41. The P

    The P2 months ago

    Dude bath in 2 cups of Epson salt daily , try the odd twice a day morning and night , start drinking a cap full of apple cider vinegar and lots of water , stay with your creams as well till gone , in your third wk you’ll be a new happy man , trouble free

  42. James Chin

    James Chin3 months ago

    Watching this on the iPhone xs max (10s max)

  43. Matty sopp

    Matty sopp3 months ago

    I like his T shirt

  44. Renato Pascoal

    Renato Pascoal3 months ago

    And now that it’s late 2018 and more content is ultra wide, there goes that 16:9 screen to shit

  45. Tino ThaGreat

    Tino ThaGreat3 months ago

    Just got the product red 8+ a couple days ago and I'm never using anything else!!

  46. Humzy3008

    Humzy30083 months ago

    Boi that’s a 7 plus 8 plus don’t come in red😂

  47. Jonathan Ramessar

    Jonathan Ramessar3 months ago

    Turn on zoom on iPhone X under general accessibility, then triple tap to zoom then move to hide not during video watching, unreal way to get rid of notch and sold me on the phone!! And don’t forget to change region to full screen

  48. Nat Fernando

    Nat Fernando3 months ago

    I love the 8plus over the X cos I’m use to the home button and I don’t want to waste my money over OLD screen and face ID 8plus is great love it.

  49. Lucifer Laveaux

    Lucifer Laveaux4 months ago

    I love the 8 plus

  50. Omar Rivera

    Omar Rivera4 months ago

    I had an iPhone 6 for a good 2 years and it started to slow down over time and it would be really slow when opening apps up. I got the iPhone 8+ about 2 weeks ago and this phone is amazing the battery life is good and it runs so smooth compared to my other iPhone I also like a home button that’s why I didn’t get an iPhone X

  51. Ian Garrard

    Ian Garrard4 months ago

    The iPhone 8 Plus is a fabulous phone.

  52. Shaun Low

    Shaun Low4 months ago

    does the 8 plus has a better battery than the x?

  53. Robert Porter

    Robert Porter4 months ago

    I do have the 8 plus and I like it better cause there is no notch lol.

  54. Kristy Lattanzio

    Kristy Lattanzio4 months ago

    I just switched to an 8 plus from Android and I love it. Love the design, form factor, and the home button is just glorious.

  55. eamonob84

    eamonob844 months ago

    Still rocking the 6s plus. Nothing about the 8 plus that would be an upgrade for me. If the X was not so expensive, I would love to get one, but it's not worth $1000 to me.

  56. Jeika Hunt

    Jeika Hunt4 months ago

    I personally downgraded from an iPhone X to an iPhone 8 Plus. For me, there are a lot of things going on before I decided to make such drastic move. I like the almost bezel-less display and I love how there’s no taking up the whole status bar when you use personal hotspot and do screen recording. But, watching videos are painful and annoying enough. I personally have no problem with the notch in general but I have a problem when it starts to take up some screen estate when I try to watch video. And, I personally prefer Touch ID because I usually place my phone on a table and I hate to lift up the phone or brings my face closer to the phone just to unlock the phone. That’s why I ended up with my iPhone 8 Plus right now and I’m happy about this decision as well.

  57. sly2792004

    sly27920044 months ago

    What I dislike about zooming in is you lose stuff all along the edges.

  58. Ivan Chua

    Ivan Chua4 months ago

    How did you do 60fps

  59. Space

    Space17 days ago

    Ivan Chua ?

  60. Josh McLaughlin

    Josh McLaughlin4 months ago

    I got an 8 plus yesterday I switched from the galaxy s8 and I didn’t get an x because that notch is ugly and I really didn’t want to spend that Mitch on an ugly phone and also I want a fingerprint reader and I think face unlock and irises scanning is stupid and takes longer to work

  61. Militant Twinky X

    Militant Twinky X7 days ago

    Why did you leave Samsung? I'm trying to decide between iPhone vs Samsung...

  62. Brendan Hoffmann

    Brendan Hoffmann4 months ago

    I just switched back to apple after trying Android for 3 months. It's a relief! I got the 7 Plus. The android phone I was using was bezel less and I found it kind of annoying to handle. I suppose it didn't have as good edge detection when you're trying to hold the phone it would open apps etc. The other thing I like about going back to apple is the standby time on the battery is amazing! The android phone had a 4000 mAh battery but still would get 2 days whether I used it a lot or not. I don't use my phone a great deal. I charged my iPhone 2 days ago and I still have 62% battery left!

  63. Raine Gagliardo

    Raine Gagliardo4 months ago

    The X is too expensive and I hate the notch. 8 plus is better.

  64. Carbonite Reviews

    Carbonite Reviews4 months ago

    I don’t agree with your opinion I’m getting XS today at 2:30 pm it’s 5:26 am now

  65. FBI Loli Division

    FBI Loli Division4 months ago

    I don’t get how people are so worried about the notch when watching Full screen YET no one complains of the fact that is cuts off the top and bottom do to the Aspect..

  66. xupernova

    xupernova4 months ago

    So lucky tailosive i wish i had a tech channel so i had an iphone x atleast and buy the new ones instantly ik its your job for content but dang lucky and nice vid btw

  67. Joshua Gilbert

    Joshua Gilbert4 months ago

    Yes I know it is cheaper but the x has the notch so.... yeah

  68. Log

    Log4 months ago

    good vid until 6:06

  69. mila jenkins

    mila jenkins4 months ago

    I upgraded from an se to an 8+ when my uncle said I could chose ANY phone and I chose the 8. In my opinion the ten is way over priced for what it is and the camera is still a 12mp with improvements 🤷‍♀️

  70. Pulkit Talwar

    Pulkit Talwar4 months ago

    lol sorry did u say you cant do as much on android ?...guess theres a reason you're on 123K subs

  71. Saigo Nanshu

    Saigo Nanshu4 months ago

    Watching this on my iphone 4s and I'm planning to upgrade to 8 plus red.

  72. Nathen Basquez

    Nathen Basquez4 months ago

    i have Psoriasis too

  73. Dylan Jones

    Dylan Jones4 months ago

    Should I upgrade from a 6plus to a X ??

  74. AgentBubbles

    AgentBubbles4 months ago

    I got the red iPhone 8 Plus and I now Hate Android

  75. Basil Kehoe

    Basil Kehoe4 months ago

    I'm due fro an upgrade this year and I'm getting the iPhone 8 Plus. The regular X costs too much still and the Xs/ Xr are overpriced and don't justify the extra costs. Plus it would drive me crazy not having a home button.

  76. Pavlos Kosmidis

    Pavlos Kosmidis4 months ago

    Iphone 8 plus hands down better than iphone x in every department

  77. Dennis Wright

    Dennis Wright4 months ago

    Now you can have the best of both worlds an in size of 8 plus with full screen of the iPhone X .

  78. Jaden Miller

    Jaden Miller4 months ago

    He might not be saying it, but the 8 plus is a better phone.

  79. Qi luo

    Qi luo4 months ago

    what is that skin disease again ?


    DAYMAREZ5 months ago

    Why do non tech people review technology

  81. Jack Morris

    Jack Morris5 months ago

    Super tempted to go to an 8 plus from my X simply because of the zoom issue on MReporter, butttt I do like the look of the gold Xs max😬😂

  82. elmar ewald

    elmar ewald5 months ago

    dont worry...all your sophistcated thoughts and luxury Problems will soon be erased by AI.

  83. Joe Edwards

    Joe Edwards5 months ago

    Reregister fingerprint 3-4 times a day? Huh?

  84. Space

    Space17 days ago

    Joe Edwards what’s with the question mark?

  85. Burke Sellers

    Burke Sellers5 months ago

    I just don't like the idea of Face ID. I play games where I sometimes accidentally press an option to buy something. It comes up with an option to use Touch ID to complete the purchase, I press cancel, and all is well in the world. I don't like the idea that I could accidentally make a purchase, or do something else on accident, just by looking at my phone. It just seems like a hassle (and a bit Orwellian, too).

  86. AJ’s Stop motions

    AJ’s Stop motions5 months ago

    I’m watching this on my iPhone eight space gray and the reason I got it because my parents were amazing and so nice and gave it to me I don’t even know how to say how thrilled I was when they gave it to me and I still am. I have great parents! I am so thankful

  87. Milan Djukic

    Milan Djukic5 months ago

    Before i bought X i thought i'm gonna miss Touch ID and physical home button, but now i would never go back to it.

  88. Timothy Priddy

    Timothy Priddy5 months ago

    Can you tell me, what those things are that I can't do on my Android phone and that you can do on your iPhone?

  89. 1011124wizard

    1011124wizard5 months ago

    I wanna get a iPhone 8 plus for my birthday, I have a lg k20 plus so can anyone tell me whats cool about it?

  90. mfprex

    mfprex5 months ago

    I can't tell if that guy is balding or not

  91. bucwolf

    bucwolf5 months ago

    Oled burn in is more frequent than imagined. I still like it more, but the notch on the iphone 10 is a big nono for me

  92. Steven Elliott

    Steven Elliott5 months ago

    I've had the s9 plus S8 plus the iPhone 7 and the iphone 8 plus. Love the Samsungs scree but love the Apply Car Play and the 8s battery life. It was really good.

  93. Nithin Thomas

    Nithin Thomas5 months ago

    If they can pull off the gesture interface on an iPad with a home button, they sure can do that on the older iPhones.

  94. Daniel P

    Daniel P5 months ago

    Damn I should have bought the red iPhone 8 instead of the space gray

  95. Bumblebee

    Bumblebee5 months ago

    I am sticking with my iPhone 8 plus until Apple gets rid of the notch on the iPhone. I absolutely think it's a bad design flaw. Hoping in 2019 the notch is gone for good.

  96. Famous Jack

    Famous Jack5 months ago

    Not interest cuz it is all about the money along with why keep upgrading when the new changes are not that big just for the new hardware! They should make new phones every 24 months, not every 12.

  97. connor25

    connor255 months ago

    how much slimmer is the 8 Plus vs iPhone X when playing videos fullscreen?

  98. André Filipe

    André Filipe5 months ago

    I own an 8 Plus, i hate the notch on the iphone x, touch id is a must have, and at the end of the day the 8 plus feels much more durable. It’s cheaper aswell!

  99. Sanjana Rajput

    Sanjana Rajput5 months ago


  100. king lina

    king lina5 months ago

    apple fan here ..and im saying that his "isheepness'' and this video is funny..borderline stupid....the video.

  101. MrX

    MrX5 months ago

    Just make 18:9 videos

  102. Irvin Deleon

    Irvin Deleon5 months ago

    Only reason I ain't getting the X is because of the burn in issues

  103. JJ Escobar

    JJ Escobar5 months ago

    Seems like everyone is waiting for the new iphone xs plus 6.5 inch .... its gonna be a bad ass phone. Not just bigger screen but better. Res bumping up to almost quad hd... and battery increasing to 3400 mah along with a12 chip upgrade and more ram... 🔥🔥🔥

  104. Seef Kröy

    Seef Kröy5 months ago

    iPhone X has some cool features but IMO the iPhone 8 has perfected the old-style iPhone design and I’ll be sticking with it for the foreseeable future. 16:9 is still the standard, I’m used to my home button and luckily Touch ID never fails me.

  105. hulkpayne

    hulkpayne5 months ago

    I sold the iPhone X for 8 plus and am really loving the bigger display....the experience is much better than the X....and the more natural(less saturated) colors of the lcd screen appeal to me