Switching to 8 Plus After 5 Months of iPhone X


  1. Colleen Curtis

    Colleen Curtis8 hours ago

    Touch ID is faster and the battery life is better on my 8 plus

  2. shein lunaria

    shein lunaria10 hours ago

    What is burn in?

  3. Avatar Abat

    Avatar Abat5 days ago

    iphone x d best

  4. juneru

    juneru13 days ago

    i prefer iphone 7+. not a big fan of the glass and it practically has every single feature of the 8 for alot cheaper.

  5. Chris Denver De Vera

    Chris Denver De Vera26 days ago

    One facts Iphone XS MAX have higher PWM that are dangerous to our eyes! Dont buy OLED Displays

  6. Channel Shut Down Find me on SimplestAnimations

    Channel Shut Down Find me on SimplestAnimations11 days ago

    Chris Denver De Vera don’t you have a OLED TV?

  7. Cameron Farmer

    Cameron Farmer27 days ago

    Is no one going to talk about how he has an Apple store in the background

  8. Brian G.P

    Brian G.P27 days ago

    Not sure why this year old video was recommended in my feed, but are people seriously preferring the 8+ over the X? Lol.

  9. Lady T F

    Lady T FMonth ago

    I personally love the iphone 8 plus I went back to my Iphone 8 plus after purchasing the iphone x. I just couldn't adjust the the x & preferred the 8plus with the larger screen & the button on the bottom it wall makes more sense to me.

  10. Lester Merryman Jr

    Lester Merryman JrMonth ago

    Me too doran

  11. illuminaughty

    illuminaughtyMonth ago

    Is true that the iPhone x snapchat quality is blurry or grainy like the 2 latest iPhones? Im scared to get it because that's my favorite social media might end up getting the iPhone 8Plus instead.

  12. Goody

    GoodyMonth ago

    Touch ID unreliable are you serious man you are either a payed presenter or you haven’t actually used a 8 plus before.

  13. Angela

    AngelaMonth ago

    I’m getting AirPods 2 and iphone 8plus on June 16!❤️🥵

  14. Angela

    Angela9 days ago

    oof someone’s jealous

  15. ker win

    ker win11 days ago

    No one cares

  16. Pyry Pärnänen

    Pyry PärnänenMonth ago


  17. Dee Skrine

    Dee SkrineMonth ago


  18. kamaludeen musa

    kamaludeen musaMonth ago

    ok i think amma settle for the 8+ period.

  19. Johan Channel

    Johan Channel2 months ago

    I like the home button because most people don’t realize it’s way harder to use your Face ID in discrete than just digging in your pocket and hitting the home button real quick and taking a peek.

  20. bucwolf

    bucwolf2 months ago

    Ways iphone 8 plus outperforms the x : does not have a flin notch

  21. M C

    M C2 months ago

    The iphone 8 plus is the best iphone ever made by Apple.

  22. Bhavish Jagutpal

    Bhavish Jagutpal2 months ago

    Im watching this on my iphone x

  23. Jay-Z flashing money

    Jay-Z flashing money2 months ago

    Bhavish Jagutpal better than the 8 plus??

  24. I have Ligma

    I have Ligma3 months ago

    I hope we can have a phone like the X on a phone the size of the 8+ *Laughs in Xs Max*

  25. Mattias Kiil Mejlvang

    Mattias Kiil Mejlvang3 months ago

    Touch ID is better. And overall a nicer phone.

  26. bdaddy204

    bdaddy2043 months ago

    I like face ID better but at the same time i miss my 7 Plus

  27. Helen Mcclure

    Helen Mcclure3 months ago

    Is iPhone gonna take the notch away on the new iPhone? I am just not liking the notch cutting into my screen.

  28. Mohit Vaghela

    Mohit Vaghela3 months ago

    Would you recommend buying X from 8 plus?

  29. Andre 435

    Andre 4354 months ago

    Just bought my 8+ yesterday

  30. Idris

    Idris4 months ago

    I just got rid of my iPhone X and went back to the good ol iPhone 7. now I can unlock my screen without even looking at it.

  31. Seni

    Seni4 months ago

    This nigga definitely paid by Apple. And his hands ugly

  32. Everything STEM and Gaming Trainer

    Everything STEM and Gaming Trainer4 months ago

    Other than 3D Touch, Touch ID, iMessage features and social media apps specific features like Instagram. What does the iPhone 8 and iPhone X do that you can't do on an Android? Just curious cause It seems like you only pointed out 2-3 things you can do on Android that iPhone can't do yet there's actually a much longer list of missing features on iPhones both in hardware and software.

  33. My Neck My Back

    My Neck My Back4 months ago

    This video is so HD it’s giving my eyes cancer ( it’s a compliment)

  34. AJ Dps

    AJ Dps4 months ago

    I have my iphone 8+ for 5mos now. I am very happy about it. 8+ is a beast! 😍

  35. Ivan Stojakoviv

    Ivan Stojakoviv4 months ago

    Face ID is most stupid feautre on smart phones

  36. Vinay Kaikini

    Vinay Kaikini5 months ago

    I am watching on iphone S E :p


    GARY WILLIAMS5 months ago

    Does the world really need another Samsung phone? I think not!

  38. Charles T. Davis

    Charles T. Davis5 months ago

    My main selling point was Touch ID, plus the 8 plus had the same a11 chipset the X does so I pretty much have a iPhone 10 with Touch ID minus the new higher screen resolution which I don’t care about 1080p is perfect for me, Animoji is just a cheap gimmick, with the space gray 8 plus I don’t even notice bezels nor do I care if I have or don’t have them and the camera does what I want it to do I don’t take photos or video at night all too often those are why I bought the 8 plus over x, xr, xs

  39. Ahmed Zakaria

    Ahmed Zakaria5 months ago

    Trust me, 8 plus is a dragon. The better iPhone, actually the best. I love it.

  40. Rob Jarrett

    Rob Jarrett5 months ago

    So how u like the xs pulse everything u wanted

  41. Mario Ramirez

    Mario Ramirez5 months ago

    Never will use the X line phones they suck I'll go to a Samsung note. No home no tough id stupid looking notch. C'mon apple the new phones are trash. My next phone will be a note 10 and I'll keep my iPhone 8 plus. Get rid of the notch, bring back touch id and a haptic home button. I'll get a newer model iPhone

  42. Premium Clothing

    Premium Clothing5 months ago

    iPhone 8 Plus Red is a beast Phone.. ;)

  43. eLmEr r

    eLmEr r5 months ago

    I prefer a home button wayyy more

  44. maria luisa

    maria luisa5 months ago

    I love the iPhone 8 Plus

  45. JJ Escobar

    JJ Escobar5 months ago

    Red iPhone 8 plus here:)

  46. Ares Argento

    Ares Argento5 months ago

    Removing the touch id was a deal breaker for me. I'm staying in iphone 8.

  47. Allin 1

    Allin 15 months ago

    If i buy 8plus in 2019 then till which year can i comfortably use it?

  48. Rainbow_Max :3

    Rainbow_Max :35 months ago

    Allin 1 maybe till 2022 I think)

  49. Abdul Muhaimin

    Abdul Muhaimin5 months ago

    Man its a very stupid decision to move back to 8 plus

  50. JJ S

    JJ S5 months ago

    I got an 8 plus used for 520 and they had an X for 600 and I still got the 8 plus. I don't like the X.

  51. austin sellers

    austin sellers5 months ago

    I prefer nothing about either because i stopped using iphones 2 years ago. Over priced, dongle hanging, pieces of shit

  52. Vincent Jackson

    Vincent Jackson6 months ago

    Excellent presentation! I’ve been rocking my iPhone 8 Plus since launch date, Oct 2017. I love this phone and it’s a keeper until something goes wrong with it. I normally keep my phone more than 3 years. I just don’t understand why people upgrade every year.

  53. Sheena Frederick

    Sheena Frederick6 months ago

    IF their always going to bring out 3 different iPhone models each year - the full on touch screens should be small and big BUT they should bring out one design every year with the home button .. the size should be between the 8 and 8 plus. Like a medium sized phone. But to force people to eventually upgrade to all screen phones isn’t really good

  54. Hasan Smith

    Hasan Smith6 months ago

    I went with the 8 plus cause I wanted the ability to do more without the new look(theft reasons) cost difference was only 50$ and could have got that on credit.... not wanting to look like a new kid to iPhone

  55. Mick Caspers

    Mick Caspers6 months ago

    Had the xr and eventually got sick of Face ID, the thickness and weight. Went back to my Nokia 8.

  56. Madison Kiefer

    Madison Kiefer6 months ago

    I prefer the home button on my iPhone 7 Plus