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  1. rick church

    rick church2 hours ago


  2. YOP PIE

    YOP PIE19 hours ago

    I feel a hereditary atmosphere here

  3. Turbo Satan

    Turbo Satan21 hour ago

    I see none of the colorful giallo style that made the original so great, so I have some doubts about this one. And I know, without a doubt that the soundtrack will NEVER compare to the original. What Goblin did was pure gold on that soundtrack. This is like remaking Jaws, you just can't fucking do it. But I guess we'll see.

  4. David E. Miller

    David E. Miller21 hour ago

    You can't replace a young Jessica Harper (I see she has a cameo in this remake). Also, the first film is known for its vibrant surreal colors (this remake looks relatively drab) and eerie Goblin soundtrack (the remake's soundtrack doesn't have that quality). My understanding is that the remake will be very different, and so I'm not excited. I'll stick with the original.

  5. Humbe Fernandez

    Humbe FernandezDay ago

    Great Movie

  6. Fragkeska a

    Fragkeska aDay ago

    So creepy 😱😱

  7. Zezar Syabilla

    Zezar SyabillaDay ago

    Look Genuine Classic Horror Reborn

  8. Jesus Nieves

    Jesus Nieves2 days ago

    I cant expect this remake be superior than the original , but seems like is gonna be good....hopefully.

  9. Abdelkader Medjadji

    Abdelkader Medjadji2 days ago

    "Polizei" ?! Won't watch a blatant Zionist remake of a classic made by a man who defends the re canonization of Simon Of Trente. Dario Argento though threatened is one of many real Europeans who knows and exposed in suspiria Zionist black magic, one way of these scums to destroy, abuse and condemn European youth and Christian youth. Suspiria has not a single scene about Germany and now suddenly these scums wanna turn it as another of many cry holocaust baby movies, documentaries etc etc etc. Humanity patience is over with their manipulation so any opportunity is good but it's simply no more possible.

  10. Stinky Lomax

    Stinky Lomax2 days ago

    Yes, Tilda Swinton's in this! I'm yet to see a bad Swinton movie!

  11. Alex B

    Alex B2 days ago

    omg i need it sz

  12. Ryan DeKnoblough

    Ryan DeKnoblough3 days ago

    I have no doubt this film will be absolutely terrifying. Like I need therapy terrifying.

  13. musicmansims 89

    musicmansims 893 days ago

    trailer for this actually looks dope!

  14. Max Cometa

    Max Cometa3 days ago

    I love Luca Guadagnino's films, but this trailer isn't doing it for me. I'm all for an auteur filmmaker putting their own spin on a classic, (like Carpenter's remake of The Thing) but the color palette and score just seem so generic to me, which is the exact opposite of Argento's original classic. Hopefully the final product will be better than this trailer

  15. nickthemusicnerd27

    nickthemusicnerd274 days ago

    Wow. Congrats Amazon, for the first time ever I’m excited for a remake.

  16. ThatHauntFreak2

    ThatHauntFreak24 days ago

    Can’t wait. Fully expecting this to be 2018’s standout horror movie since Hereditary blew.

  17. Chris Murphy

    Chris Murphy5 days ago

    Yet another horror remake. Hopefully, they dont ruin it lol

  18. Miss Julia Ellen

    Miss Julia Ellen5 days ago

    yesss Dakota Johnson coming for my wig!

  19. Robert Desjardins

    Robert Desjardins5 days ago

    I completely respect the decision to take this in a different direction than the original, I mean the original's plot and characters are pretty mediocre and this director has proven himself to be very talented. The only decision I don't like about this is the decision to remove all the vibrant color. The movie does need to stand on it's own but Suspiria's identity is it's visual appeal. Now this movie just looks like most other horror movies coming out at the moment, Suspiria was very unique in that it used bright colors to invoke feelings of dread while a majority of other horror films use darkness. To me it's like remaking A Nightmare on Elm Street and having no dream scenes. It's crucial to the identity, and since Suspiria's style has been rarely imitated, that identity would still make this rendition of the film stand out in today's market. I'm sure the film will be good and the bleak scenery will work to the film's advantage, I just can't help but be somewhat disappointed in that particular stylistic choice, just within the given context of Suspiria's legacy.

  20. Victor Machado

    Victor Machado3 days ago

    I mean, knowing how people tend to react to remakes if they had gone with the same color palette I feel like everybody would be saying that this is just a replica of the original and that there’s no point in making a new one, I prefer how it’s moving away from the original with a few hints of tribute to the original

  21. Sean Donatello

    Sean Donatello4 days ago

    Given the director’s explanation of the cold and bleak color palette I can say I’m glad they went in this direction. Looks more reminiscent to Cold War era horror films like Possession, Rosemary’s Baby, or The Omen.

  22. Rammstein117

    Rammstein1174 days ago

    I dunno, I kind of like the cold and bleak look. If it was vibrant it would be getting compared to the neon demon...which already had a touch of Suspiria in it to begin with.

  23. Ekkard Bäuerle

    Ekkard Bäuerle5 days ago

    The original SUSPIRIA is one of the greatest horror movies of all times. This one looks pretty good.

  24. erasmo61

    erasmo615 days ago

    if the movie is up to the teaser trailer we are in for a treat (we, thrillers-horror lovers). It looks like a movie for an adult audience (yessss!)

  25. Lily H

    Lily H6 days ago

    Looks creepy and I also didn't understand anything. You def got my attention lol

  26. hamid k

    hamid k6 days ago

    they are connecting this story to RAF :))))))))))))) god Hollywood is so stupiiiiid

  27. Lonnie Dearing

    Lonnie Dearing7 days ago

    Stop remaking foreign films make your own content

  28. Johnny Lesh

    Johnny Lesh7 days ago

    yarrrama benziyo ayni

  29. hgpvpfun

    hgpvpfun7 days ago

    This looks super original, even though it is a reboot. But it looks genuinely real and terrifying.

  30. Domagoj Stivic

    Domagoj Stivic8 days ago

    Straight copy of the original, do urself a favor, watch the original suspiria, cinematography is off the charts on it.

  31. supriyanto MR

    supriyanto MR8 days ago

    the people that have seen the clip from the comic con are the lucky ones.

  32. Mike Austin

    Mike Austin8 days ago

    I need this movie now. Once I seen that chick go up that door frame I was pumped.

  33. Whiskey Black

    Whiskey Black9 days ago

    I tend to loathe remakes/reboots & since Suspiria is one of my all time fav horror films, I'm finding myself in utter shock at how amazing this looks & how close to the original is FEELS while also feeling fresh!

  34. Zach Lunde

    Zach Lunde9 days ago

    Never needed a remake

  35. toothless innovations

    toothless innovations11 days ago

    why the hell amazon studios don't release these movie on prime video platform after get released in theaters as soon as possible. why they take 2-3 years of time.

  36. Schmidt Julian

    Schmidt Julian12 days ago

    I am a big fan of the original suspiria but this look the works of a fucking genius film and it is also an hour longer than the original so Many great actresses I’m excited truly

  37. BoyThunder Productions

    BoyThunder Productions13 days ago

    This looks like this was made in the 70s. And that's not a bad thing.

  38. RajaMCool

    RajaMCool13 days ago

    Why is Dakota’s hair longer in some scenes?

  39. truthfilter

    truthfilter13 days ago

    hope this music is featured in the movie not just the trailer

  40. James Curry

    James Curry13 days ago

    Leave Argento alone!!!!!!

  41. Fran Collins

    Fran Collins14 days ago

    Ngl this looks amazing

  42. Saul

    Saul14 days ago

    We love Italian Kubrick!

  43. Bedo Akumulator

    Bedo Akumulator14 days ago

    another cliche...

  44. Daniel Read

    Daniel Read14 days ago

    The original was good, but this looks like it will be a lot better.

  45. Dr. Zaius

    Dr. Zaius14 days ago

    Cool Creepy Horror Cult Retro - Ich mag es!

  46. Marlo C

    Marlo C14 days ago

    This might be the best trailer I've seen in a LONG TIME. I am hoping this is a great film - what an amazing cast!

  47. Putsa Putsas

    Putsa Putsas15 days ago

    Shiting on germans

  48. Schmidt Julian

    Schmidt Julian8 days ago

    Putsa Putsas uhm this is an Italian film genious

  49. Fraaz Akhter

    Fraaz Akhter15 days ago

    Better not be another Hereditary.....

  50. c. lince

    c. lince15 days ago

    dakota johnson is d worst actress ever

  51. TheBrutal Judge

    TheBrutal Judge15 days ago

    There are movies that should never get the remake treatment….this is one of them… will suck like crazy ! people are dreamers if you think it's gonna be good or even 1/100 as good as the original.

  52. TheBrutal Judge

    TheBrutal Judge14 days ago

    Hopefully it's just inspired……….When I was young I saw Halloween and the Friday The 13th at the time they were made or close to but if I was born let's say in the 90's just to name an era , by the time I would get to these films they would look weird and outdated…'s like watching the OVER THE TOP acting of the 40's and 50' doesn't age well…...but it is perfect like that.

  53. Elfangel85

    Elfangel8514 days ago

    You've got an interesting take on it. To be honest, I grew up watching Nightmare on Elm Street and Stephen King's IT. As for remake being a copy, we'll see. It looks more like it's inspired by the original, not necessarily copying it.

  54. TheBrutal Judge

    TheBrutal Judge14 days ago

    You obviously are too young….you saw too many other newer films to rightfully judge something that was made in another era…….....NOT exploring Plot wise is part of the magic of this movie…...Suspiria is a painting….nothing is awful or badly acted….and when you copy a painting it's a still just a copy..

  55. Elfangel85

    Elfangel8514 days ago

    The original wasn't that good, practical effects didn't age well at all and they could've explored more plotwise. Also the acting when one of the actresses was screaming was awful. I'm more surprised why they need 2 and a half hours for remake.

  56. J.R. Raz

    J.R. Raz15 days ago

    Can’t wait to hear Thom Yorke’s score for this! It’s already sounding pretty good!

  57. Ragazzo Bestia

    Ragazzo Bestia15 days ago

    Finalmente la Johnson si dedica ad un film decente!

  58. Ayotunde

    Ayotunde16 days ago

    Looks like the actors will offer a good performance. If they succeed with this remake then maybe they can redo the second and third installments to this storyline. Inferno and Mother of Tears were okay but not great. And please make the characters a little bit smarter! All the characters in Dario Argento's films lack common sense. The movie Opera is a prime example of stupidity.

  59. Tanguy Lebreton

    Tanguy Lebreton16 days ago


  60. Suzy Lu

    Suzy Lu14 days ago

    Tanguy Lebreton she's a great actress, watch her other films instead of 50 shades. It'll prove it

  61. autumnbreeze

    autumnbreeze16 days ago

    This is going to be one of the scariest movie of 2018

  62. Night Shifter

    Night Shifter17 days ago

    Night Shifter- The 3 Mothers

  63. DVS NRG

    DVS NRG17 days ago

    Hell yeah. I love Dario Argento’s Suspiria!

  64. Luca CyberJabba

    Luca CyberJabba17 days ago

    Suspiria senza Goblin, non è Suspiria. Suspiria without Goblin theme, is not Suspiria.

  65. George Hibbard

    George Hibbard17 days ago

    Is this a remake of the original movie or are they turning the movie into a tv show? What ever it may be this trailer has me interested in it because it seems to give the original story more of a plot to it but who knows what happens

  66. George Hibbard

    George Hibbard11 days ago

    Neelima Chandra i mean it could break the pattern but pattern is strong and just because it has a solid cast doesn’t mean it still couldn’t be good

  67. Neelima Chandra

    Neelima Chandra11 days ago

    George Hibbard I am sorry but it will not suck just look at the talent involved in this film Luca Guadagnino,Tilda Swinton,Thom Yorke at worst it will still be an intresting film to watch.

  68. George Hibbard

    George Hibbard13 days ago

    Elfangel85 oh okay thanks. Well i hope this horror remake does suck

  69. Elfangel85

    Elfangel8514 days ago

    It's a 145 minute long movie.

  70. UroborosJayThink

    UroborosJayThink18 days ago

    The three mothers baby!! 0:34 love it!!

  71. Pao Pao

    Pao Pao18 days ago

    Dear amazon: when do you are giving us a full trailer? Please. I need it RN thanks.

  72. Procrastinitus

    Procrastinitus13 days ago

    Pao Pao This IS the full trailer. They don't want to spoil it.

  73. RajaMCool

    RajaMCool18 days ago

    I don’t get why Chloe would agree to star in this film given that her role is incredibly small! It’s pretty much a cameo

  74. RajaMCool

    RajaMCool13 days ago

    Procrastinitus I’m pretty sure it is

  75. Procrastinitus

    Procrastinitus13 days ago

    RajaMCool The story isn't exactly the same as the original

  76. Emily Bennington

    Emily Bennington18 days ago

    Mia Goth, you’ve done it again! You genius!

  77. Harrison Jendrusch

    Harrison Jendrusch18 days ago

    Who did the soundtrack???

  78. Neelima Chandra

    Neelima Chandra11 days ago

    Harrison Jendrusch Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

  79. Jonathan Anyways

    Jonathan Anyways16 days ago

    Harrison Jendrusch Thom Yorke

  80. typingbacon

    typingbacon18 days ago

    I love that this film is a sensory overload, the original film was like that too, it walks on the fine line of being scary and annoying

  81. Burrito Princess

    Burrito Princess18 days ago

    I love how everyone's face expressions are just... still.. like in the strangest way possible. When I found out there was an remake of this movie I was expecting kind of cheesy (not gonna lie once I seen Dakota Johnson I was more ehhh) but boy..... was I wrong.. Tilda Swinton is perfect for this

  82. tom89zigman

    tom89zigman18 days ago

    Luca Guadagnino's Call Me By Your Name is a masterpiece. I believe this remake of Dario Argento's classic will receive critical acclaim and hopefully will do well at the box office.

  83. Chris Corley

    Chris Corley18 days ago

    Theater release. October 2018.

  84. Maurice Lee

    Maurice Lee19 days ago

    Upon further reflection, this is one of the greatest film trailers I've seen in ages. Not only does this look like a formidable opponent for the original film by Dario Argento, but this looks like a frontrunner for one of the greatest horror films of the 21st century AND one of the greatest remakes (or reimaginings, according to Luca Guadagnino) of all time. I'm honestly sweating spinal fluid for this.

  85. Leslie Perez

    Leslie Perez20 days ago

    Remember that a good film does not depend on the talent of an actor only. Dakota may have been teerrible in 50 Shades of Grey but if Luca Guadagnino chose here there must be a reason.

  86. Edgar Cruz Cz

    Edgar Cruz Cz20 days ago

    I’m wondering if the shoot of the dancer at 1:07 is from the scene they showed at CinemaCon in which the girl breaks her bones due to imitate Dakota’s moves, like some voodoo stuff. That sounded creepy and witchy af. NEED TO SEE THIS NOOOOOOW.

  87. Edgar Cruz Cz

    Edgar Cruz Cz10 days ago

    Suzy Lu I’m a fan of the original and I wasn’t disappointed, you were expecting that to happen but what we get instead is better, till Sara finds her we don’t get to see her before so it’s a huge surprise and unexpected twist. And that’s the only death we don’t get to see, the rest are shown and they are incredibly, I’m curious to see how will they make the final deaths they were kind of hard to imagine.

  88. Suzy Lu

    Suzy Lu10 days ago

    Hopefully in the movie they show the deaths. They didn't include Olga pissing when she was getting torn apart in the script but people who saw the scene said that was included. So maybe there is extra stuff. If they don't show how pat dies then fans would be disappointed but it would be ok for me.

  89. Edgar Cruz Cz

    Edgar Cruz Cz10 days ago

    Suzy Lu we don’t get to see it or they mentioned it, Sara founds her body on a secret room, the coven already kill her but she’s “dead alive”, they do the same to Sara and Olga, the dancer who dies at the mirrored room, they keep them as some kind of living dead servants. Susie release them from that state at the end with her new powers and that’s how they really die.

  90. Suzy Lu

    Suzy Lu10 days ago

    How does pat dies?

  91. Edgar Cruz Cz

    Edgar Cruz Cz10 days ago

    Suzy Lu I couldn’t contain myself, just read the whole script. I can’t, I loved it, everything is so great and epic, I’m even more excited, I need to see this film right now.

  92. Fahmi Izzuddin

    Fahmi Izzuddin20 days ago

    Dakota, Mia Goth, Chloe Moretz in one movie.. must watch !!!

  93. RajaMCool

    RajaMCool21 day ago

    Chloe grace moretz dies in the first ten minutes

  94. RajaMCool

    RajaMCool18 days ago

    Sr Franz Kool I imagine it might be a little different from the original film. Regardless, Chloe is most definitely going to have a very small role as she filmed all her scenes in less than a week.

  95. Sr Franz Kool

    Sr Franz Kool19 days ago

    RajaMCool I'm curious if her character would die in the same, choreographed-like way as in the original...

  96. Frank Pearson

    Frank Pearson22 days ago

    I CANNOT WAIT. This looks so stunningly made. The direction really is paying homage to old filmmaking - some of those shots felt so old-school, so wonderful. What a project!

  97. Maximilian Bernard

    Maximilian Bernard22 days ago

    If this movie turns out to be really good then I hope the director does Deep Red next...

  98. i’m shit

    i’m shit24 days ago

    i thought it was made by A24

  99. DOO

    DOO24 days ago

    I was so scared when they said suspirira will have a remake but this actually doesn't look bad??

  100. Maybelline Mable

    Maybelline Mable25 days ago

    Why remake perfection?

  101. yours truly

    yours truly26 days ago

    I can’t express just how excited I am for this! Decided to watch the trailer again- somehow retains the vibes of the original while developing it!

  102. wIG SNatCHeD

    wIG SNatCHeD27 days ago

    This looks terrifying

  103. Amazon Studios

    Amazon Studios27 days ago

    Just you wait.

  104. Abby T

    Abby T27 days ago

    I'm exited for thom yorke's soundtrack

  105. Abby T

    Abby T26 days ago

    Thanks amazon

  106. Amazon Studios

    Amazon Studios27 days ago

    It's gold.

  107. Fernanda Jiménez

    Fernanda Jiménez27 days ago

    This gives me Stanley Kubrick vibes. The maestro Luca Guadagnino ❤

  108. Cruz Trejo

    Cruz Trejo27 days ago


  109. Carolina Ávalos

    Carolina Ávalos28 days ago

    I don’t understand a thing, therefore I wanna watch it.

  110. Glenda Falcão Nogueira

    Glenda Falcão Nogueira29 days ago

    This trailer is a masterpiece! I LOVED IT!!!!!

  111. mario bianchi

    mario bianchi29 days ago

    when out the official trailer?

  112. TheClevelandSteamer

    TheClevelandSteamer29 days ago

    It's so awesome that Tilda Swinton is starring in this remake AND composing the soundtrack!

  113. Maraden Siregar

    Maraden SiregarMonth ago

    Looks promising. Awesome trailer

  114. Beautiful Viv

    Beautiful VivMonth ago

    1:14 really paying respect to Goblin's original score

  115. CrazyCookieCool

    CrazyCookieCoolMonth ago

    This looks amazing! The original is one of my top favorite horror movies. I think this will be on par with a lot of the critically acclaimed horror films to come out recently. It may even reach Shining/Exorcist levels. Luca is very talented and the original means a lot to him so it’s in good hands. And if it does suck? There’s always the original. Remakes are never a bad thing (although the actual movies mostly are) but the idea of them; It’s brings more people to the original. It makes more people appreciate the originals. Black Christmas is a great example. Saw it with some friends, we all hated it. Showed them the original and they fell in love with it. Remakes make the original relevant again.

  116. yohei72

    yohei72Month ago

    When I first heard of this, I thought "This is the most pointless remake in movie history." After all, the director's style was the entirety of what made the original special - it sure wasn't the story or the characters. And now I'm on board.

  117. aitor de maenza

    aitor de maenzaMonth ago

    At the end the teachers are witches

  118. Mariska Fun

    Mariska FunMonth ago

    Is this a remake? I love they make in 70s atmosphere

  119. Daniel Pogue

    Daniel PogueMonth ago


  120. Chris Spawn

    Chris SpawnMonth ago


  121. UnCreative Deconstructionism

    UnCreative DeconstructionismMonth ago

    *I like how the first 3 letters spell "SUS"* lmao

  122. 830615521

    830615521Month ago

    Can't wait for movie.

  123. JUXE

    JUXEMonth ago

    This looks fucking terrifying and reminds me of the shining

  124. Batool

    BatoolMonth ago

    only here to check the soundtrack made by thom yorke

  125. Nick 🔥

    Nick 🔥Month ago


  126. Lotus☆

    Lotus☆Month ago

    Midnight premiere.

  127. yahooman87

    yahooman87Month ago

    It'll be very nice to play a double feature for both Suspiria in theatres.

  128. Draka Shrakenburg Productions

    Draka Shrakenburg ProductionsMonth ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue The iris is the flower Which will be the end of you! Suspiria

  129. Sr Franz Kool

    Sr Franz Kool18 days ago

    Draka Shrakenburg Productions You can run from SUSPIRIA You can hide from SUSPIRIA BUT YOU CANNOT ESCAPE! S U S P I R I A