Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car!!


  1. Penny Turney

    Penny TurneyHour ago

    WOW!! Makes me think about my future (nothing to this scale :) but still amazing) and gets me excited! Thanks for the good vibes

  2. Peashooter Winmo

    Peashooter WinmoHour ago


  3. AldenG

    AldenGHour ago

    Guys, this is a new idea that sparked in my imagination today. before going to Area 51 for the raid. We go to the gta 5 military base and steal a bunch of tanks, then we drive to the Area 51 gates and we will be unstoppable.

  4. some guy

    some guyHour ago


  5. zoeh2540 zoeh2540

    zoeh2540 zoeh2540Hour ago

    Ooooffff my gas is only like 1.30

  6. Bill of Rights

    Bill of RightsHour ago

    The Democratic party is now a radical Socialist party.

  7. Nathan billy

    Nathan billyHour ago

    What is up with your voice?

  8. c d

    c dHour ago

    Okayyyy dude either get rid of your dick or stop dressing like a girl. Just b/c you're gay doesn't mean you gotta dress like a bitch.

  9. Gray Fox

    Gray FoxHour ago


  10. Oxi Clean

    Oxi CleanHour ago


  11. Mine Gamer

    Mine GamerHour ago

    I hate gay people

  12. Its Me Racoon

    Its Me RacoonHour ago

    Nah fuck this video

  13. Mariam Ahmed

    Mariam AhmedHour ago

    Area 51 is shook rn 😂 Aliens on the loose

  14. Eliza beth

    Eliza bethHour ago

    Nate should've known something if he was being filmed by himself in the house for no reason. That was strange and bad acting! Lol

  15. hi hi

    hi hiHour ago

    fucking cancer

  16. Dastik Dastik

    Dastik DastikHour ago


  17. Mynameisjeff Pandayour

    Mynameisjeff PandayourHour ago

    Dude frick jeffree star hes gay eww

  18. Jack Miller

    Jack MillerHour ago

    Oof what if he wasn’t able to get the car 1:33

  19. Just Kevin Things

    Just Kevin ThingsHour ago


  20. Ron Cathey

    Ron CatheyHour ago

    Should move to Atlanta cheaper less BS

  21. Aran Ignite

    Aran IgniteHour ago

    Wow looks like you lost more weight very stressful life Jeffrey.

  22. Pramod ch

    Pramod chHour ago

    Dude, if she is soooo rich why did she have to sell his car to buy him another car. Im not hating im just saying.

  23. Kilifi Iamanu

    Kilifi IamanuHour ago


  24. Oxi Clean

    Oxi CleanHour ago


  25. Wiizl

    WiizlHour ago

    Overpaid faggots giving each other expensive gifts... just what we need on trending page!

  26. Oxi Clean

    Oxi CleanHour ago


  27. Mao Moemoe

    Mao MoemoeHour ago

    I would watch Nathan’s channel if he had one honestly.

  28. Ashley Ziegler

    Ashley ZieglerHour ago

    I LOVE SURPRISES!!! Hahahaha that was the best!!

  29. Siti Sarah

    Siti SarahHour ago

    Yeay trending No.1!!

  30. A nice burger Good

    A nice burger GoodHour ago

    Bruh Eminem got sick car!

  31. B.A.M.F.

    B.A.M.F.Hour ago


  32. Birdman Junior

    Birdman JuniorHour ago

    Some fake ass shit

  33. E L E G A N T E

    E L E G A N T EHour ago

    Hai hawarya 😂

  34. Joshua Plummer

    Joshua PlummerHour ago

    Two of you look like some shit out of Suicide Squad😂😂

  35. Amina B

    Amina BHour ago

    Jeffree, what the fuck is up with those gas prices? Not even NYC is that expensive.

  36. Groupie LUV805

    Groupie LUV805Hour ago

    Awww you too are Sooo cute BRATZ

  37. Ghostrider

    GhostriderHour ago

    God wtf am I watching this gay shit

  38. Io Droid

    Io DroidHour ago

    Can’t get over the fact that she sounds like a man. I see girls everyday but their voices are not like that 🤔

  39. Zara Khan

    Zara KhanHour ago

    Jeffree really out here complaining about gas prices with a birkin bag on his arm lol

  40. LJ

    LJHour ago

    me driving car: someone: so how does it feel? me driving car: yep it feels like I'm driving a vehicle

  41. Arda Tektas

    Arda TektasHour ago

    Bu niye trendde aq

  42. Netta

    NettaHour ago

    I think that's bullshit it's his car what if Nate did this to jeffree he's keeping nate in check

  43. Your Mum

    Your MumHour ago


  44. OFF HYPE

    OFF HYPEHour ago

    Staged as shit. 🙄

  45. Nicole Kobela

    Nicole KobelaHour ago

    I'd gag. 😍

  46. Rye Gladdy

    Rye GladdyHour ago

    I would pay him to squish me with that car 🥵

  47. Can This Watermelon Get 10k Subscribers?

    Can This Watermelon Get 10k Subscribers?Hour ago

    Jeffree: so I sold your car Nate: aw damn that’s ok How he was chill is still unbelievable

  48. Emily Coons

    Emily CoonsHour ago

    The things I'd give to be one of Jeffree's dogs...

  49. Bahram Asgarov

    Bahram AsgarovHour ago

    Me: i need new socks to match my belt Jeffree: i has to get a new birkin to MATCH THE CAR!! That is how broke am i:(

  50. Roxanne Tomlin

    Roxanne TomlinHour ago

    Stop the world and let me off , there are people out there who can’t get into college for lack of funds to become future heart and brain surgeons but you go and enjoy your new car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No really go and enjoy .Period ...............

  51. Kristy Wright

    Kristy WrightHour ago

    can I please just spend the day with you! your amazing.