Surprise Brother and Sister Room Makeovers! | Mr. Kate Decorates


  1. ACES

    ACES35 seconds ago

    Parents left out

  2. MeeraVibe'z

    MeeraVibe'zHour ago

    What a useless reaction tho

  3. Dorky Bez

    Dorky Bez3 hours ago

    That beta is adorable I love herrrr

  4. Vally Baskar

    Vally Baskar4 hours ago

    For some reason this made me cry my eyes out 😪

  5. Allie Carroll

    Allie Carroll9 hours ago

    I have a full

  6. Carla Carraway

    Carla Carraway10 hours ago

    Dad was like allergies so sweet

  7. Emma Rentmeester

    Emma Rentmeester11 hours ago

    Come do my house

  8. Faith Miley

    Faith Miley13 hours ago

    I love 14:52 “we can all aspire to be milla”😂

  9. Payton Peck

    Payton Peck13 hours ago

    How much money dose the person have to pay you because i was thinking maby you can do my bedroom

  10. Reyna Espinoza

    Reyna Espinoza14 hours ago

    Decoratie my room please

  11. Heidi Chamberlain

    Heidi Chamberlain19 hours ago

    Did u guys put the fish in there cause I didn't see them before in the old room???

  12. Ellie's Films

    Ellie's Films23 hours ago

    Did you notice that when he said johnny it said "nice shot joey!"

  13. Hailey Nyaga

    Hailey NyagaDay ago

    I definitely agree that pink is a neutral

  14. Nyla Beasley

    Nyla BeasleyDay ago

    Why is she called Mr. Kate when It should be Mrs. Kate

  15. Kayleigh Rodriguez

    Kayleigh RodriguezDay ago

    hi i just started watching your channel just wondering how to send you a vid?

  16. Kenson Standingready

    Kenson StandingreadyDay ago

    Milla)it's so cool.its so cool it's really cool oh my gosh (me)she said cool like 1000000 times

  17. Briana Slime

    Briana SlimeDay ago

    Are these makeovers free

  18. Aye It’sTrin

    Aye It’sTrinDay ago

    I love these transformations!!! U r such a goddess in decorating and modelling the room!!!!

  19. Jaci Leagjeld

    Jaci LeagjeldDay ago

    Wait does mr.kate pay for it or do the parents?

  20. tatum cook

    tatum cookDay ago

    My name is Tatum I Live in Fort Hood Texas and I need a bedroom makeover please and thank you

  21. Lyric Chavez

    Lyric ChavezDay ago

    Where did you guys get the bed frame?

  22. Daisies Forever

    Daisies ForeverDay ago

    Will you do my room

  23. tatum cook

    tatum cookDay ago

    That’s so nice to do jack’s room as well. P.s can you do my room. Lol

  24. slime expert

    slime expertDay ago

    i could ask my mom maybe you could help me with my room cause im about to turn a tween on october 23 and my mom said she would let me re do my bed room she said i would hae a 500 $ budget and i would new fruniture and a whole new room and i would love to see you im a huge an and i dont even have to be on a youtube video i just want to see you and how creative you are cause i really like old fashon stuff and im not really a girly girl so yeah reply if you can and i can ask my mom;)

  25. Arina Kovalenko

    Arina KovalenkoDay ago

    Do they just pick you or do you have to sign up cause I want to have them visit me ♥️😂

  26. Nikita Lall

    Nikita LallDay ago

    my whole house need a makeover but I'm broke :/

  27. Jon Foreman

    Jon ForemanDay ago

    Dear Mr Kate I really wish you could decorate my room I love bohemian and chic styles and I like retro to my room is so plain and I have had my bedding for 3 years and my bed is so small and I have had my bed for 7 years.

  28. Twilight xX

    Twilight xX2 days ago

    I love you guys!!!! I wish you could decorate my room!!

  29. Peaches 32238

    Peaches 322382 days ago

    My room is very cluttered and my walls are a derp dark purple and I don’t like it that well. Also I just want a bigger bed and my mom does not have the most money in the world. My bed is a twin sized bed and Mr. Kate would you plz not ignore this? Thank you!

  30. Peaches 32238

    Peaches 322382 days ago

    How do I get you to do my room?

  31. Tyler Lewis

    Tyler Lewis2 days ago

    This is so cute. Honestly so wholesome, I'm getting so many good vibes right now.


    IOAN FACA2 days ago

    Can you come and do my and my brothers room please

  33. William Deloe

    William Deloe2 days ago

    I wish you could decorate my room is disastrous and needs a makeover oh my Pass probably won’t allow they don’t even want me to get a phone so I’m using my parents phone

  34. BrynneTube

    BrynneTube2 days ago

    Omg Mills’s dresser is the same as mine from the SWEDISH SUPERSTORE aka IKEA lol

  35. Gaming Girl

    Gaming Girl2 days ago

    What it is 2018 right now! And I’m watching this 3 years late so HOW!

  36. Charlotte Starbuck

    Charlotte Starbuck2 days ago

    You should decorate the dobre twins room!!

  37. Bella Bear

    Bella Bear2 days ago

    It was my birthday when you did this vid

  38. Aoife Campbell

    Aoife Campbell2 days ago

    How have I not found this till now❣🎉

  39. Silver Wolf

    Silver Wolf2 days ago

    Awesome rooms 💙💜

  40. Bespoke Fitness Training

    Bespoke Fitness Training3 days ago

    No one gives any credit to joey

  41. Bespoke Fitness Training

    Bespoke Fitness Training3 days ago

    This makes my room feel like crap,but honestly I loved her room before and after.another beautiful room,well done kate ❤️

  42. Bespoke Fitness Training

    Bespoke Fitness Training3 days ago

    Cool glasses kate 😻

  43. Kennadi Anna

    Kennadi Anna3 days ago

    Mr. kate plz respond to this.How do I get you to do my bedroom because it really needs a makeover and your really good at it so how do I get you come?

  44. allie Friend

    allie Friend3 days ago

    #created weirdo

  45. allie Friend

    allie Friend3 days ago

    Omg I wish mr.kate came and did my room


    MARISOL DYE3 days ago

    imagine when she gets her period and those sheets will regret all living choses

  47. Day6 NCT

    Day6 NCT3 days ago

    can you do a small bedroom makeover

  48. Campbell 63

    Campbell 633 days ago

    One like one turtle 🐢

  49. Adrienne Dailey

    Adrienne Dailey3 days ago

    Did anyone else like fall in love with the card dream catcher that milla made in her closet?

  50. Alisha and Jessica since 2018

    Alisha and Jessica since 20183 days ago

    I wish u could redecorate my room bc ur amazing and I'm just a big fan and I love ur ideas

  51. slimey kitten

    slimey kitten3 days ago

    Im in love with mr kate u guys one day can probably do my room.☺

  52. Charbear07

    Charbear073 days ago

    i *didn't* go from a twin to a double... i went from a double to a twin.....

  53. Georgia peach

    Georgia peach3 days ago

    My room just does not suit me it doesn't inspire me to do art and I like the beach but there's not one we know about and we just moved in and my room doesn't match with furniture or my personally

  54. fluffyunicorn 2.0

    fluffyunicorn 2.03 days ago

    I wish they could do my room. There so good at this,like how! There just so inspiring. #creativeweirdoforlife

  55. ScaryGhost Jill

    ScaryGhost Jill3 days ago

    Dang, what’s your #??? Lmao

  56. Chris Altobelli

    Chris Altobelli4 days ago

    Do you have to pay?

  57. Lorena Sepulveda

    Lorena Sepulveda4 days ago

    Can you help me with my room pleassssssssssse

  58. Trash

    Trash4 days ago

    Jack reminds me of one of my brothers. The resemblance is just WOW. We're triplets and just wow they're so similar

  59. Trash

    Trash4 days ago

    This is not terrible, I know I have it pretty good, and I'm just commenting this to put my story out there. Anyway, a few months ago my dad got a tumor on his parathyroid. It wasn't cancerous. But then he got shingles. He's fine now, but then my brother got braces. And I still need braces. Currently I get an allowance and I'm trying to save up for a trip to either Japan or Niagara Falls through Girl Scouts. Japan is 4,500 and Niagara Falls is 800 dollars. I have $128. My mom said we could redo my room, because I'm 13 now and I redid my room when I was 5. We don't have much money to work with here, we're only spending money on things we need. So to redo my room I need to give up all my Christmas presents. Which I would be fine with, but there are these professional art markers (Copics) I started saving up for before I found out about Japan and Niagara Falls. So I don't know what to do... What do you guys think?

  60. Ella Woodcock

    Ella Woodcock4 days ago

    I am a creative weirdo at heart

  61. LittleMissSunshineHA

    LittleMissSunshineHA4 days ago

    pls do one for the underprivileged instead of rich ppl

  62. Karla Rodriguez

    Karla Rodriguez4 days ago

    Or at least Austin,Texas that’s where I’m from 😦

  63. Karla Rodriguez

    Karla Rodriguez4 days ago

    I wish they came to Texas🙁☹️😕

  64. Kawaii Sushi908

    Kawaii Sushi9084 days ago

    Do you do other work out of California?

  65. Maya Lamberti

    Maya Lamberti4 days ago

    '_' >

  66. Maddie& Brooklyn

    Maddie& Brooklyn4 days ago

    And yes I am a crazy loving wierdo

  67. Maddie& Brooklyn

    Maddie& Brooklyn4 days ago

    Hey Kate I'm really not like an my room bc we just moved from our hous witch we have lived in for 15 years and I'm only 11 about to be 12 in October and if u could get a hold of me and my family maybe we could work something out

  68. Einar Eiríkur Hjálmarsson

    Einar Eiríkur Hjálmarsson4 days ago

    Mr.kate i love you you ar my creative weirdo ♥️

  69. Toasty Ash

    Toasty Ash4 days ago

    oh wowie both my parents are names Stacie and Johnny too

  70. Tahmina Atkia Faizah Mubasshira Mahmud

    Tahmina Atkia Faizah Mubasshira Mahmud4 days ago

    why would someone dislike this video ffs

  71. F A Y E

    F A Y E4 days ago

    The intro... I can't...

  72. Alexis and Mari

    Alexis and Mari4 days ago

    Do u have to live in the same state as them or

  73. CJ Quitor

    CJ Quitor5 days ago

    You are super duper awesome..

  74. aksel lopez

    aksel lopez5 days ago

    Omg loved jakes room!

  75. JediFoxxy !

    JediFoxxy !5 days ago

    I have that same stuffed golden retriever that Milla has!

  76. XxlifexX

    XxlifexX5 days ago

    Did no one notice the satanic skull they put in for a child

  77. Toasty Ash

    Toasty Ash4 days ago

    XxlifexX it’s not really satanic. it’s just a bull skull or whatever.

  78. Kyndall Hrabal

    Kyndall Hrabal5 days ago

    Instead of a yt channel she needs a tv show!

  79. Sam Dok

    Sam Dok5 days ago

    Why does this feel so fake to me?

  80. Mae Whyte

    Mae Whyte6 days ago

    I love how urban outfitters is a style

  81. Emma Schultz

    Emma Schultz6 days ago

    But it’s a rental...

  82. Sakiah Lynn

    Sakiah Lynn6 days ago

    I would love for u guys to do my room

  83. Bannana Corn

    Bannana Corn6 days ago

    Her room is one of my favorites by far!!

  84. Bannana Corn

    Bannana Corn6 days ago

    It was amazing when I upgrade my twin to a queen

  85. Cateeryan

    Cateeryan6 days ago

    I like Jack’s room better because of where they placed the desk. But Mills’s was still very nice.

  86. Tessa Harman

    Tessa Harman6 days ago

    I wish my room would look like that I'm so jealous

  87. Cateeryan

    Cateeryan6 days ago

    Mr. Kate is so awesome!!! Can she design my bedroom? 😂 Edit: It’s funny because my name is Cate too.

  88. Angel’s Unicorn Fam

    Angel’s Unicorn Fam6 days ago

    Omg I’m so amazed by the end 😲😲 omg

  89. gacha gal

    gacha gal6 days ago

    I'm officially a creative weirdo

  90. Lily Nigro

    Lily Nigro6 days ago

    Hi mrs Kate I would love you to come over my house and do my room

  91. Olivia Johnson

    Olivia Johnson6 days ago

    Millais reaction is sooooooo fakeeeee and mr Kate did a good job to like wth is this is so cool

  92. xDark Crowx

    xDark Crowx6 days ago

    Lovee 💕💕 but the betta fish made me cringe. Betta fish need 2.5 gallons or more. They are tropical fish so they need a heater, as well as a low flow filter. but keep up the good work 💕

  93. Ghanaan Ozzie osman

    Ghanaan Ozzie osman6 days ago

    We are 5 children so if I ask to redecorate would you do all five of us

  94. Annalisa Vigil

    Annalisa Vigil6 days ago

    Who hold the camera

  95. AlohaMia

    AlohaMia6 days ago

    Ugh I wish I could have you come do my room 😫😍

  96. orangepine

    orangepine6 days ago

    this was so sweet!! this made my heart happy

  97. Emily Stevens

    Emily Stevens6 days ago

    Who films for them?

  98. Emily Stevens

    Emily Stevens2 days ago

    Carson Hamilton Thank you

  99. Carson Hamilton

    Carson Hamilton2 days ago

    Emily Stevens look in description

  100. Riley Hunter

    Riley Hunter7 days ago

    Hi Mr. Kate I’m not going in A couple I’m moving and I don’t know what to put in my room out so if you could help me that would be amazing #creative weirdo

  101. wassup haterz

    wassup haterz7 days ago

    I’m 20 and I have been living independently for over a year and have a twin-sized bed because it’s cheapest.

  102. Holly Coles

    Holly Coles7 days ago

    Joey: bye Jack thanks for hanging Me: Bye Jack thanks for keeping your fish alive 😂

  103. Samya Chauhan

    Samya Chauhan7 days ago

    come to my house pls pls pls pls pls pls pls