Surprise Brother and Sister Room Makeovers! | Mr. Kate Decorates


  1. Shelly .746

    Shelly .746Hour ago

    How. Cute

  2. sweetheartdana2000

    sweetheartdana20006 hours ago

    What do you do with the leftover paint and the furniture?

  3. Lau ren

    Lau ren7 hours ago

    I really wanna re-design my room but my dresser is way to big and my room is such a weird shape and I have a 4 door closet

  4. xxLattexx

    xxLattexx13 hours ago

    Does Kate go to different country's because I live in Australia...

  5. Adriana Martinez

    Adriana Martinez15 hours ago

    Its cool I wish I got my dream room

  6. Takailyn Howard

    Takailyn Howard22 hours ago

    Now imagine the ppl that run get out of my room do their rooms

  7. M World TV

    M World TVDay ago

    I wish this can happen to me

  8. itsneko

    itsnekoDay ago

    who else lives in santa barbara? ✋

  9. Mothool Khaled

    Mothool KhaledDay ago


  10. Milla's Life

    Milla's Life2 days ago

    My name's Milla

  11. Miss Duke

    Miss Duke2 days ago

    I like the brothers room so much

  12. Anjuz Mary

    Anjuz Mary2 days ago

    The happy faces in the end... That's why you do what you do.. ☺️

  13. Evie’s Corner

    Evie’s Corner3 days ago

    Who’s watching 2018 ????

  14. Nakhaila Simon

    Nakhaila Simon3 days ago

    That intro always makes me laugh inside 😂🤣😂

  15. Black Queen

    Black Queen3 days ago

    HGTV need to give y’all a show!!

  16. Ellie Unicorn Playz

    Ellie Unicorn Playz3 days ago

    I neeeeed to figure out how to send u a letter

  17. Felicia Tang

    Felicia Tang3 days ago

    Very kind of Kate & Joey for making over her brother's room @ the same time.

  18. UnicornPlayzz Heart

    UnicornPlayzz Heart4 days ago

    can u decorate my room I am moving

  19. Tita Mauricio

    Tita Mauricio5 days ago

    can you do my room in Georgia

  20. Bitch Yummy

    Bitch Yummy5 days ago

    Boy: that desk used to be my bed Me: so you...uhm used to sleep on the desk? Boy: my dad repurposed it. Me: Oh.

  21. Carl x

    Carl x3 days ago


  22. Mckenzie rae Winters

    Mckenzie rae Winters3 days ago

    I laughed so hard at this I dropped my phone

  23. elina cat

    elina cat5 days ago

    I like the jacks room.... it was something different from others like different colours and I really like it

  24. Kaycee’s Wonderful World

    Kaycee’s Wonderful World5 days ago

    I’m new to your channel why is your name Mr.Kate if your a girl ? No hate just curiosity

  25. Leila Sophia

    Leila Sophia5 days ago

    is it possible for you guys to decorate rooms in canada?

  26. Alexa Alexandria

    Alexa Alexandria7 days ago

    I wonder if people like this, who gets their room or house decorated, ever don't actually like what it turns into but never says it, in fear of making it awkward and seem like ungrateful assholes.

  27. Assal EBRAHIMI

    Assal EBRAHIMI7 days ago

    I’d rather have jacks room. ITS AMAZING!!!

  28. Bel bel Chez

    Bel bel Chez8 days ago

    Is it just me or are the parents happier then the kid

  29. Dakota Connolly

    Dakota Connolly8 days ago

    Not to be rude but why does she call herself mr. Kate when she is a girl I'm just wondering LOL

  30. Nechama Scher

    Nechama Scher11 days ago

    The mother was the most touched by your gesture and talents. She seemed really emotional and appreciative. The boy seemed more like, omg, i am not a fan of change, and the girl definitely seemed she needed more time to take it all in to start appreciating what you did for her..... and the father, well he seemed happy with whatever made his family happy!!! Lol. Good job!! Amazing couple you two.....

  31. Squishy Life

    Squishy Life12 days ago

    2019 anyone

  32. Kendyll Burch

    Kendyll Burch14 days ago

    i so want you to do my room but i live so far away i dont want to tell you where because i dont want people knowing where i live

  33. nicole B

    nicole B14 days ago


  34. Rosebelle Machon

    Rosebelle Machon15 days ago

    The First Video I watched from Mr. Kate,Months Ago

  35. Greyson Salskov

    Greyson Salskov15 days ago

    How do you write to them?

  36. Falisha 24

    Falisha 2415 days ago

    Pls come to my house and decorate my and my brothers room

  37. Angelica Smith

    Angelica Smith17 days ago

    Beautiful both of them are amazing

  38. bailey madison

    bailey madison17 days ago


  39. Azad Amin

    Azad Amin18 days ago

    Can you do this to my room ! LIKE PLZZ

  40. Liana Quinones

    Liana Quinones19 days ago

    Ok, how many times did Milla say "so cool!"?

  41. Icicle brownie

    Icicle brownie19 days ago

    i iwsh i had a new room

  42. Taytay’s World

    Taytay’s World19 days ago

    Lol who’s watching this 2019 haha

  43. Hannah Roy

    Hannah Roy20 days ago

    Love it!

  44. Rosa Vega

    Rosa Vega20 days ago

    Millas room was cute

  45. Mariana Cardona

    Mariana Cardona20 days ago

    Omg i love it this rooms are beutiful

  46. Emma and Enzo

    Emma and Enzo20 days ago


  47. rqbbo

    rqbbo20 days ago

    My names Miller!

  48. Boom Boom Bang

    Boom Boom Bang21 day ago

    Theses likes show how many times they said, "Creative Weirdos" in the fist 10 minutes of the video!

  49. Maggie-Mae’s Life

    Maggie-Mae’s Life21 day ago

    How do we send in a video?

  50. Madison Hust

    Madison Hust21 day ago

    You should come do my room. And I don't know how to really create a room like you do and I am a creative weirdo too. You really should come and do my room please.

  51. Laura Rijfers

    Laura Rijfers22 days ago

    This truly makes me so happy ❤

  52. UnicornChloe B.

    UnicornChloe B.23 days ago

    Hey how do you write to them?