1. Samantha Belle

    Samantha Belle5 hours ago

    17:55 James:yeah mhm Jaclyn:(whatever she said) What James’s is thinking James head:stfu let me do my makeup

  2. Gillian Salmeron

    Gillian Salmeron23 hours ago

    You and Jaclyn should do each other’s makeup. I “love that” idea. It has me “sister shook” and if she loves your products she can “use code James for 10% off”

  3. Norah Lyke

    Norah LykeDay ago

    11:12 16:43 Palette hints

  4. Annamaria DelGarbino

    Annamaria DelGarbinoDay ago

    a sister shart 😂

  5. ari .x

    ari .xDay ago

    I LOVE HER !!!!!

  6. A_fox1

    A_fox1Day ago

    * rewinded 😂

  7. A_fox1

    A_fox1Day ago

    The noise he made when he found the picture omg reworded so many times love ya James your the best and keep doing what your doing!

  8. Danielle Mcivor

    Danielle Mcivor2 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought they sang beautifully together?! Like holy! For real you two should post of video if you guys singing together! Sister shook!

  9. Jayoshi Majumdar

    Jayoshi Majumdar2 days ago

    omg U GOT 10M subscribers!!!!!

  10. Serenity Faith

    Serenity Faith3 days ago

    “A sister shart” 😂😂 I’m dead

  11. Garroth X Erika

    Garroth X Erika3 days ago

    At 8:51, I can’t stop replaying!

  12. Manuela Amorim

    Manuela Amorim3 days ago


  13. Blanca Andrade

    Blanca Andrade4 days ago

    They both sing really good like if u agree

  14. Centaurjordy

    Centaurjordy4 days ago

    You put your makeup in a zuca bag, were you ever a figure skater??

  15. natalie kong-foon

    natalie kong-foon5 days ago

    fart at 2:35...?

  16. Song Mozart

    Song Mozart5 days ago

    James, please do not change. Your humility is real, so just continue to do you. ❤

  17. Maria Jose Arboleda Rizo-Patron

    Maria Jose Arboleda Rizo-Patron5 days ago

    James if i was a guy i would fuck, sorry im not a guy 😅

  18. liv deroner

    liv deroner5 days ago


  19. Mj Castillo

    Mj Castillo6 days ago

    7:46 what kind of Pallette is James holding?

  20. Cheneil Spean

    Cheneil Spean6 days ago

    I like the pink drink minus the coconut milk

  21. Yazmine Tv

    Yazmine Tv6 days ago

    Jaclyn Hill And Catherine piaz eyes when having makeup on are like the same like she kinda reminds me of Catherine off of the Ace family like they have the same face Catherine’s lips are just a bit bigger

  22. ipsally

    ipsally6 days ago


  23. Monalisa Michel

    Monalisa Michel8 days ago


  24. melanie coffin

    melanie coffin8 days ago


  25. melanie coffin

    melanie coffin8 days ago

    Wow you can saying

  26. alyssabrown._ _

    alyssabrown._ _8 days ago

    Can u have Thomas halbert on ur channel

  27. gotcha LIFE

    gotcha LIFE8 days ago

    I'm sitting here doing my homework while watching u lol

  28. Liesl Christiansen

    Liesl Christiansen9 days ago

    You guys are awesome!!!j Love you both! Both such an inspiration in so many ways!!

  29. Ciara Lawrence

    Ciara Lawrence9 days ago

    I’m also a GEMINI ♊️

  30. Madyson Pineapple

    Madyson Pineapple9 days ago

    I literally take 5 minutes to do my makeup everyday but when i do extreme mabey thrity

  31. Teila Laing

    Teila Laing10 days ago

    This is honestly one of my favorite video love how you guys talk about youtube I'm looking to try but been super sister scared

  32. Teila Laing

    Teila Laing10 days ago

    Honestly Jaclyn blues and purples make your eyes pop so much so sister steller and love you both you beautiful bomb shells

  33. Danielle K

    Danielle K10 days ago

    Just waiting for Jaclyn to get a record deal now


    SAPHIRA10 days ago

    hearing them singing was a little cringy but it still wasnt bad. they totally should sing sth together

  35. Your Girl

    Your Girl11 days ago

    James please reply to my question it would be my dream: how many looks have you made? Thx😀

  36. Your Girl

    Your Girl11 days ago

    I want to be like you James

  37. Maddie Foust

    Maddie Foust11 days ago

    Omg James hinted at the highlighter in his palette at 16:43 boiiii

  38. Pari 202007

    Pari 20200711 days ago

    “What is ur nationality “ “White as f*ck” Sister my wig has been snatched

  39. Taylor Sonnenfeld

    Taylor Sonnenfeld12 days ago

    he revealed he was working on the palette in this with the bright yellow eyeshadow

  40. gretta beyrodt

    gretta beyrodt12 days ago

    I just realized that Jaclyn was using James’ eyeshadow palette

  41. andrea88cro

    andrea88cro13 days ago

    When you realize James gave Jaclyn his JamesxMorphe colab palette to use in this video 😂

  42. Emily Vick

    Emily Vick14 days ago

    This video was literally so iconic!! The makeup looks were stunning of course!! Loved this so much!!!

  43. Tiger Lily

    Tiger Lily14 days ago


  44. Hamsterloverss 1045

    Hamsterloverss 104514 days ago

    “who’s to say there won’t be a better one coming out soon” - look at the new morphe palette he made. he said how he needed the perfect highlight shade😂❤️

  45. Mikazuki 1

    Mikazuki 114 days ago

    Jaclyn’s foundation matches James more than James’

  46. wiglocationunknown

    wiglocationunknown15 days ago

    this is the BeST mATcH of James Charles foundation and it’s nOt EVeN HiS

  47. bree exmortis

    bree exmortis15 days ago

    LMFAO they swap styles and he just makes a brown smokey eye because that's practically all she does 😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Shahad AlD

    Shahad AlD16 days ago

    She said something about Fire&Ice at the beginning of the video ! And In Halloween she is Fire and her BF is Ice!!! Isn’t that weird !!😱😱😱🤯

  49. Emily Salgado

    Emily Salgado16 days ago

    James and Jaclyn need to do a singing duet!!!!! they are so perfect together. #unproblematicqueens

  50. [ a n k i t a ]

    [ a n k i t a ]16 days ago

    _full face of morphe_

  51. imckennaking

    imckennaking16 days ago

    Love this video sm

  52. CB

    CB17 days ago

    Everyone has mistakes when your new at something, you just take that and learn and grow from it. Don’t let it stop you! ❤️

  53. CB

    CB17 days ago

    james is kinda hot when he sings ngl

  54. Laura Peñaloza

    Laura Peñaloza17 days ago

    idk why but I just genuinely have so much love for Jaclyn & I'm so glad that she's so happy in life

  55. Ingrid Rhind

    Ingrid Rhind17 days ago

    Did you guys hear James foreshadow his palette? When he was talking about the Anastasia highlight he said there might be a better one coming, like the one in his palette

  56. Ingrid Rhind

    Ingrid Rhind17 days ago

    Did you guys hear James foreshadow his palette? When he was talking about the Anastasia highlight he said there might be a better one coming, like the one in his palette

  57. Tina S

    Tina S18 days ago

    omg, Im a Gemini as well. HELLO!!

  58. Chloe Hyden

    Chloe Hyden18 days ago

    has anyone seen Jaquiline has broken a nail 😂😂😂

  59. Leah Mcintyre

    Leah Mcintyre18 days ago

    theres to many straight white perfect teeth in this video

  60. Jezele Iris

    Jezele Iris18 days ago


  61. bootslawless

    bootslawless18 days ago

    i just came here from James' palette reveal.. & at 16:43 in this video he hinted the launch of his own highlighter :O (the highlight shade in his palette)

  62. Marianna Tolhurst

    Marianna Tolhurst18 days ago

    Subtle hint to his pallet launch at 16:42 😍

  63. Rebecca JJ Candy

    Rebecca JJ Candy18 days ago

    there duet was 😍😍

  64. Self-love235

    Self-love23518 days ago

    Lol Gemini is an air sign. Pretty sure you guys both have Leo risings though. You should read your birth chart.

  65. Andrew Ochoa

    Andrew Ochoa19 days ago


  66. Jenny S.

    Jenny S.20 days ago


  67. Philly Queen

    Philly Queen20 days ago

    J Ja Jam Jame James James James C James Ch James Cha James Char James Charl James Charle James Charles James Charles James Charles & James Charles & James Charles & J James Charles & Ja James Charles & Jac James Charles & Jacl James Charles & Jacly James Charles & Jaclyn James Charles & Jaclyn James Charles & Jaclyn H James Charles & Jaclyn Hi James Charles & Jaclyn Hil James Charles & Jaclyn Hill James Charles & Jaclyn Hil James Charles & Jaclyn Hi James Charles & Jaclyn H James Charles & Jaclyn James Charles & Jaclyn James Charles & Jacly James Charles & Jacl James Charles & Jac James Charles & Ja James Charles & J James Charles & James Charles & James Charles James Charles James Charle James Charl James Char James Cha James Ch James C James James Jame Jam Ja J

  68. misty armitage

    misty armitage20 days ago

    If I was born one day earlier I would be a Gemini

  69. The Azucena Family

    The Azucena Family20 days ago

    I thought she was Demi Lovato from the thumbnail 😁

  70. Lawrence Cruz

    Lawrence Cruz20 days ago


  71. Andrea Allen

    Andrea Allen21 day ago

    If you haven't done a skincare routine video already, I would love to see that!! Your skin is gorgeous!!

  72. Abbie Rowleosn

    Abbie Rowleosn21 day ago

    My name is Abbie and I love your makeup soooooooooooo much❤️❤️❤️

  73. Sariah Jackson

    Sariah Jackson22 days ago

    she looks like a christina ag with dark hair love the rainbow i gotta trry

  74. David Lee

    David Lee22 days ago

    James you are SO cute to watch apply makeup. Thanks for being you! You make your videos fun to watch.

  75. Andrea Villa

    Andrea Villa22 days ago


  76. Andrea Villa

    Andrea Villa22 days ago

    19 years old

  77. Sister Peppa

    Sister Peppa22 days ago

    The video is better to watch at 2x

  78. LivvytheOwl

    LivvytheOwl22 days ago

    James is entertaining but when he sings I feel a compulsive need to skip 5 minutes ahead

  79. Sharon Hunt

    Sharon Hunt22 days ago

    Omg I just love you sisters so much best collaboration 😩😍😍💕

  80. Kassidy Mcduffie

    Kassidy Mcduffie23 days ago

    I use code JAMES for 10% off

  81. Ava Lee

    Ava Lee23 days ago

    siste, they opened a morphe store and i used code james for 10% off my first purchase

  82. Raji Mohamad

    Raji Mohamad23 days ago

    i love how james always says sister in like everything he says

  83. Jocalynn Kirk

    Jocalynn Kirk24 days ago

    My name is Jocalynn (Joselyn) my C is a S sound her C is a C sounds

  84. Vivianne Camacho

    Vivianne Camacho25 days ago

    @ 11:10 "Ima use these shadows right here" is it the vault? Did James get a sneak peak before everyone else?

  85. hair and makeup by misty

    hair and makeup by misty26 days ago

  86. Sheeesh.Meesh

    Sheeesh.Meesh26 days ago

    “So sister sexy” 😂

  87. Leamarie Lim

    Leamarie Lim26 days ago

    Please do a makeup tutorial on that full makeup janes!!!

  88. DianaKLanda

    DianaKLanda26 days ago

    Umm can we talk about how good you two sing? 🎼🎼🙌🏼

  89. 4/18 lopez

    4/18 lopez27 days ago

    O look the lier jackalyn hill.🙄

  90. prettymama5877

    prettymama587727 days ago

    Funny how both Jackyln and Jeffree's foundations match James better than his own

  91. araceli romo padilla

    araceli romo padilla28 days ago

    James putting lipstick on for 10 min straight 😂

  92. Morgan & Gemma

    Morgan & Gemma29 days ago

    James can you do a full video based on your regular updated makeup routine and all the makeup u use on a regular day basis, and what you should be doing when it comes to makeup because I just started wearing makeup and I have no clue what I’m doing. This is a cry for help, lmao.... ❤️ u

  93. Jenna Schmidt

    Jenna SchmidtMonth ago

    Love it!!!! Please collab again.

  94. Lyric French

    Lyric FrenchMonth ago

    Random talking wile doing macup so ............ M....y......"SISTER"

  95. Lyric French

    Lyric FrenchMonth ago

    Replies plz from james

  96. Brittany McQuain

    Brittany McQuainMonth ago

    When he said "sister shart"......screaming in my grave

  97. Anii Facishi

    Anii FacishiMonth ago

    10:35-10:50 put the playback speed to 2x

  98. Cece Drake

    Cece DrakeMonth ago

    I’m White

  99. Erika Melendez

    Erika MelendezMonth ago

    @jacklynhill can you do the makeup video for your right eye I love those colors and @james you guys are really awesome ❤️❤️🤘🏻 I love love love you guys💕💕

  100. J Leider

    J LeiderMonth ago

    hay if you dry you're brushes with the bristles facing the the floor that will last longer


    Scc.nowMonth ago

    I love James but he just sat there while Jaclyn acted like Kim invented that makeup technique when drag queens have been doing it for literal decades.