1. skap 09890

    skap 098904 hours ago

    Jaclyn looks like Catherine from the ace family

  2. Raven Lenz

    Raven Lenz5 hours ago

    Watched this for Jaclyn .. never have watched James &... Wow he is so into himself it’s crazy..

  3. Lesa Fernandes

    Lesa Fernandes7 hours ago

    i really wanna know why jaclyn has the middle fingercs nail on her right hand cut off. is that a beauty tip? or not?

  4. OnlineGamer330

    OnlineGamer33010 hours ago

    What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  5. slayyy katy

    slayyy katy11 hours ago

    Hey sister

  6. Jannah Maye Ante

    Jannah Maye Ante17 hours ago

    The lighting is NOT good for james.

  7. Justin Edward

    Justin Edward18 hours ago

    2 of the most hated faces in beauty youtube

  8. Mister Turk Turkle

    Mister Turk Turkle19 hours ago


  9. Florentia Stergiou

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  10. Rebecca Sanchez

    Rebecca SanchezDay ago

    These make up designs are on fire🎆🎆🎆🎇🎇💖💖💖💖💖

  11. æsthėtičåłłŷ çhårłėŷ

    æsthėtičåłłŷ çhårłėŷDay ago


  12. Danielle Farias

    Danielle FariasDay ago

    Oml James looks sister fabulous and then Jaclyn is so pretty

  13. Sammie Annie

    Sammie AnnieDay ago

    Have you ever done a makeup tutorial for the forty something age group. I have heard that glitter and shimmer are a no-no for this age group because it can emphasize fine lines. Can you show some looks for forty and up? Maybe a natural look and a super glam look. Any advice from anybody is welcome.

  14. Lala Meyer

    Lala MeyerDay ago

    Who else thinks James is a deer? He is so adorable. Love you sister 💕

  15. AcBeauty101

    AcBeauty101Day ago

    Do a Morphe 35o tutorial!!!! #JamesFor10

  16. Danielle Nichole

    Danielle NicholeDay ago

    im so late but jaclyn did an amazing job!!!

  17. Marcus Powell

    Marcus PowellDay ago

    Lol don't know how I got here, but notice how the girl is just normal where as this guy is just mad extra. Like come on man, do you but u ain't gotta be extra.

  18. Florence Green

    Florence GreenDay ago

    You two sister slayed this challenge

  19. Shayna Rane

    Shayna RaneDay ago

    Your voices sound so good together! ✨

  20. TitusValkyrieAnubus

    TitusValkyrieAnubusDay ago

    Jaclyn licking a qtip to clean up her eye look is so me. Lol

  21. Annabella Lynn

    Annabella LynnDay ago

    James*" UGH, you had one job" *covers his face in shame* 😂❤

  22. Melissa Bhuiyan

    Melissa BhuiyanDay ago

    Who came here after Jaclyns video 😂

  23. Anna Lynch

    Anna Lynch2 days ago

    Love Jaclyn ❤️

  24. Soly Heart

    Soly Heart2 days ago

    gemeni is an air sign , im a gemini too btw

  25. Ava Katsey

    Ava Katsey2 days ago

    Your so beautiful james and you inspire me to do makeup Im 12 and all i want to do when i grow up is to be a makeup artist ✌️👑💄

  26. Shellyperez

    Shellyperez2 days ago

    I love you two so much!!!😍😍

  27. Ellie Jane

    Ellie Jane2 days ago

    I feel like Jaclyn is like James mom but I love it😂😂

  28. Liliana Cabral

    Liliana Cabral2 days ago

    Who else caught James hinting that he might be working on a new highlighter with ABH? ..... Just me? Hmmmkay.

  29. Amanda Woolley

    Amanda Woolley2 days ago

    Love this video

  30. Maybe I’m Nice

    Maybe I’m Nice2 days ago

    Jaclyn being relatable for 3 minutes?

  31. Paris Rodriguez

    Paris Rodriguez2 days ago

    Jaclyn: "we'll talk later..." 😂😂😂 I literally reminded like three times and laughed every single time. Too freakin funny!

  32. Elizabeth M

    Elizabeth M2 days ago

    Hi shisters! !

  33. Hunter Walsh

    Hunter Walsh2 days ago

    Best collab!!!!!! I love you guys 😭😭

  34. 143ea

    143ea2 days ago

    holy amounts of concealer

  35. Chris BonVknee

    Chris BonVknee2 days ago

    “Are you water, earth, fire, or air?” Is Jaclyn asking if you what kind of air bender your are??

  36. Cookie Creations

    Cookie Creations2 days ago

    There is a video of Jaclyn Hill annoying James Charles for 2 minutes straight

  37. Lacie Scaletta

    Lacie Scaletta2 days ago

    A sister shart

  38. P. S.

    P. S.2 days ago

    do a cover of sober plssssss hahahahahaha i love watching you two together hahahhahahahaha

  39. Cindy El

    Cindy El2 days ago


  40. delaney_9305

    delaney_93052 days ago

    OMG WE ARE BOTH GEMINIS ... by birthday is may 29 2004 :)) (ik im late)

  41. LoRea Hika

    LoRea Hika2 days ago

    I’ve legit rewatched 8:25-8:31 500 times #SISTERSNAPPEDTHATBRUSHINHALF 😂😂

  42. Chris Sherrill

    Chris Sherrill2 days ago

    OMG!!! ur nose is SNATCHED james I luv it, ur look completely outdid jaclyn’s Js

  43. Naiely Mayorga

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  44. LivInMelanin

    LivInMelanin3 days ago

    Sister James every time you blow the brushes I cringe lol..

  45. Jenna Walker

    Jenna Walker3 days ago

    Ugh I need a Jac and James sister collab😭😭😍😍

  46. Diamonique Brown

    Diamonique Brown3 days ago

    Nationality is American 😂😂😂 ffs

  47. eirenehikila

    eirenehikila3 days ago

    can jaclyn shut up

  48. Marta

    Marta3 days ago

    His hoodie 😂😂😂

  49. samira toğuç

    samira toğuç3 days ago


  50. heythisistiana

    heythisistiana3 days ago

    Jacklyn looks so different but I can't tell why...

  51. Dachelle Wright

    Dachelle Wright3 days ago

    I thought she was gonna say bitch omg 3:28

  52. Maud Rebergen

    Maud Rebergen3 days ago

    I love this series, it is very interesting to hear about the business side of the industry as well!

  53. Victoria H

    Victoria H3 days ago


  54. Shelby Proctor

    Shelby Proctor3 days ago

    So in love with Jaclyn and you 😍 I'm living for this collab! Thank you!

  55. Colin DeVincentis

    Colin DeVincentis4 days ago


  56. Nusaki Cosplays

    Nusaki Cosplays4 days ago

    Hey my real name is Jaquelynn! jaclyn and Jaquelynn are pronounced the same but spelled differently!! 😂😂😂

  57. Kimberly Hicks

    Kimberly Hicks4 days ago

    Do a style swap with Jamie Genevieve... please 💚💚

  58. Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith4 days ago

    What’s the drink order James?

  59. Ally Hoffman

    Ally Hoffman4 days ago

    Jaclyn is so adorable and genuine 😭❤️

  60. Enai R

    Enai R4 days ago

    Poor jaclyn people talked to much shit with the kim k video she’s watching herself, not cool

  61. Life With - Samantha !

    Life With - Samantha !4 days ago

    Flashback Mary merch on shishtar jamessss!!!

  62. Sofia Corona

    Sofia Corona4 days ago

    Omg Jaclyn looks so small next to you! I never imagined her to be so little.

  63. Akira King

    Akira King4 days ago

    their little match pitch harmony wow

  64. Taury

    Taury4 days ago

    Ur gae

  65. Ellie Hill-Brown

    Ellie Hill-Brown5 days ago


  66. lmao lol

    lmao lol5 days ago

    Jacklyn hill =goddess James chales=angel =heaven

  67. Sienna Bell

    Sienna Bell5 days ago

    My queen

  68. Rhi Rhi

    Rhi Rhi5 days ago

    Both need to do a singing video while applying makeup!!❤️

  69. Liberty Gilkey

    Liberty Gilkey5 days ago

    SISTER JAMES!!!!!! When are you going to do a makeup line??❤❤

  70. Thomas Anchell

    Thomas Anchell5 days ago

    I really like Jaclyn's personality here and oh my god can we talk about how beautiful she looks with and without make up my god.

  71. Olivia Fiveash

    Olivia Fiveash5 days ago


  72. jyotsna bhatnagar

    jyotsna bhatnagar5 days ago


  73. Sabrina Cubells

    Sabrina Cubells5 days ago

    i’ve been watching your videos my whole work shift 😂😂😂

  74. Leahna Chavez

    Leahna Chavez5 days ago

    You should do Millie bobby Browns makeup

  75. Abbey Kemp

    Abbey Kemp5 days ago

    Omg yaaass at Jaclyn's favourite song bc same although tbh god is a woman has snatched my wig more than no tears. And "i am desperate" is such a mood, wherefore art thou penis?

  76. oLa SoY sUmAyA Ola boo Bakr

    oLa SoY sUmAyA Ola boo Bakr5 days ago

    I think we’ve all had a flashback Mary once in our lives.

  77. Louisa Seifert

    Louisa Seifert5 days ago

    Jaclyn is so gorgeous without any make up

  78. Vivi \/

    Vivi \/5 days ago

    She looks waaaaaay better without make up!

  79. Leah Gray

    Leah Gray6 days ago

    I need all these proudcuts where do I get them they are soooo good at makeup howw❤️😍

  80. Abby McKinnon

    Abby McKinnon6 days ago

    Jacklyn was the one that got me into it too!!! 😍😍😍

  81. Daphne Larios

    Daphne Larios6 days ago

    Do Catherine makeup for the ace family

  82. Inga emi

    Inga emi6 days ago

    I never followed Jakelyn but now i will you both are so sweet

  83. Lizerrd 10

    Lizerrd 106 days ago

    'Shishter shart.' 😂

  84. Alex McManus

    Alex McManus6 days ago

    come to Ireland plzzzzz❤also gorgeousssss sister

  85. yetunde sabiu

    yetunde sabiu6 days ago

    He's so seriously!!! You both are beautiful!

  86. Ava Khaosanga

    Ava Khaosanga6 days ago

    “ a sister shart “ 💀💓 is love them both so much. They are both my role models 🤩💓

  87. DeadlyFireAirsoft

    DeadlyFireAirsoft6 days ago

    When they call each other sister I’m like... WHAT CULT THRY IN???

  88. Ella Lucy

    Ella Lucy6 days ago

    I really hope he washed it more than 87 times in 3 years...

  89. SuperFlyingLobster

    SuperFlyingLobster7 days ago

    I mean, but we are here for some “stye”lish shisters!

  90. Breanna Williams

    Breanna Williams7 days ago

    I’m a Gemini too 💗

  91. Just James

    Just James7 days ago

    Omg I just realised that my name (James hill) is literally sister James’ and sister Jaclyn’s names fused together...... I am born of the gods. Which is also rlly creepy because sister James is the person that has inspired me to get into makeup. Do I have a long lost sibling called Jaclyn Charles?!!

  92. calafeast

    calafeast7 days ago

    Jaclyn still stays true her Jeffree Star Velour Mannequin I see...

  93. Doctor Rotcod Siggins

    Doctor Rotcod Siggins7 days ago

    I meant you look amazing

  94. Doctor Rotcod Siggins

    Doctor Rotcod Siggins7 days ago

    Should look amazing

  95. Acura Blaylock

    Acura Blaylock7 days ago

    Bruh she cut him off and I bursted off laughing!! I’m pretty sure whoever makes those videos was excited to see her cut him off

  96. Melanie Smith

    Melanie Smith7 days ago

    Love you both together! Do more videos!

  97. Unni Swahn

    Unni Swahn7 days ago

    do styleswap with Glam & Gore pleeeeeaaasaaseeeeee!!!! XD

  98. Maria Valdes

    Maria Valdes7 days ago

    No soporto a estas pájaras y son feasssdds💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  99. Alma Z

    Alma Z7 days ago

    Jaclyn looks so much better with bright waterline

  100. Taylor Courtney

    Taylor Courtney7 days ago

    I look like this without makeup