1. Morgan Blair

    Morgan Blair52 minutes ago

    I literally begged for both of your palates.

  2. Morgan Blair

    Morgan Blair57 minutes ago

    I am literally sitting here watching this video trying to create a look with the James Charles and the Jaclyn hill palette. Love you guys so much. CAN YOU PLAESE GIVE ME A SHOUT OUT

  3. Tara’s Lifestyle

    Tara’s Lifestyle4 hours ago

    You guys havvvveeeee to do a singing collab🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  4. Subrata Pal

    Subrata PalDay ago

    Do it with dope

  5. Little lamb 2019

    Little lamb 2019Day ago

    Jaclyn is so gorgeous and James is just amazing

  6. Victoria Heath

    Victoria HeathDay ago


  7. YVRCasting

    YVRCasting2 days ago

    6:00 this "...yah" needs to be sampled & used repeatedly elsewhere!

  8. Shania Blu

    Shania Blu3 days ago

    “A sister shart “ 😂😂😂 I’m so weak at that bahahahah

  9. Tumma

    Tumma4 days ago

    omg Jaclyn's eyes look different colors with James's Iconic rainbow shadow

  10. Holly Easton-Lankester

    Holly Easton-Lankester5 days ago

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  11. War for your mind

    War for your mind6 days ago

    code james

  12. Hayley Anderson

    Hayley Anderson6 days ago

    2 0 1 9 ?

  13. Juan Guerrero

    Juan Guerrero7 days ago

    10:19 guessed u achieved that

  14. Ezron Elizondo

    Ezron Elizondo7 days ago

    Omg was Jaclyn hill using james palette

  15. Ayana Snow

    Ayana Snow7 days ago

    Does code JAMES work for in store purchases

  16. Song Mozart

    Song Mozart8 days ago

    Jaclyn Hill is so pretty, even without makeup!

  17. Hugo Muniz

    Hugo Muniz8 days ago

    fl hi bech

  18. Morgan Steinbarge

    Morgan Steinbarge10 days ago

    omg... james its life changing that your foundation actually matches

  19. Kylie Madison

    Kylie Madison11 days ago

    Beautiful ✨😍

  20. Mathew Gee

    Mathew Gee11 days ago

    Omg i love! Love your smiles, thank you for being such influences for me❤️❤️❤️

  21. Kristalynn Aeziman

    Kristalynn Aeziman12 days ago

    You two together are amazing 😍

  22. Ayezha astorga

    Ayezha astorga13 days ago

    At the thumbnail jaclyn look like sarah geronimo(a filipino superstar)

  23. Jackie Amigon

    Jackie Amigon14 days ago

    Can you and Jaclyn please do a baking competition

  24. Andie Casillas

    Andie Casillas15 days ago

    Lol I literally used Jaclyn’s code to buy James’s pallet😂 they should do more videos together 😭

  25. Ryleigh McComas

    Ryleigh McComas16 days ago

    Does anyone else think they could be related?

  26. Samantha Randall

    Samantha Randall17 days ago

    Their voices sound soooo good together omg🤩

  27. Sophia Ellertson

    Sophia Ellertson17 days ago

    K where tf did she get that outfit I WANT IT😍

  28. coolgirl let's

    coolgirl let's17 days ago

    I'm a Gemini to.

  29. Lira Jade

    Lira Jade19 days ago

    10:20 Mario has done ur makeup now!! So happy for you

  30. Lira Jade

    Lira Jade19 days ago

    I’m so sad Jaclyn couldn’t use the james x morphe palette for her rainbow look! :( love u James and Jaclyn!

  31. Nicole Aguilar

    Nicole Aguilar21 day ago

    I love you Gus ❤️🌈💙🌈❤️🌈💙🌈🖤🖤🖤

  32. Anya Sherman

    Anya Sherman23 days ago

    Please do more style swaps!

  33. Nayara Oliveira

    Nayara Oliveira24 days ago

    You guys talk about mario doing yalls make up and today you post a video of mario doing your make up. Cryingggg

  34. Lila & Lily

    Lila & Lily25 days ago

    Was she in the thundermans

  35. massino0427

    massino042725 days ago

    Jaclyn hill is so pretty

  36. Carlin Gunnett

    Carlin Gunnett26 days ago

    I love the STYLE SWAPS!!

  37. Sierra Wogerman

    Sierra Wogerman26 days ago

    The flashback Mary hoodie has me dead

  38. Gabriela Del Toro

    Gabriela Del Toro26 days ago

    Like does nobody realize that Jaclyn is using his eyeshadow pallet

  39. Shriya Sriram

    Shriya Sriram27 days ago

    Sister James. Jaclyn's foundation matches you so well. You looked beautiful 2day

  40. Amanda Olascoaga

    Amanda Olascoaga27 days ago

    What about Jeffree

  41. Thinkin Bout Arianaa x

    Thinkin Bout Arianaa x27 days ago

    I’m not being rude I loveee James buttttt he ALWAYS talks about the beauty community lmaoooo

  42. Hailey Sweet

    Hailey Sweet27 days ago

    I have been doing makeup for 9 years and I’m not nearly as good as you two are

  43. Hailey Sweet

    Hailey Sweet27 days ago

    You both are so gorgeous

  44. Kendall W

    Kendall W29 days ago

    “Sister shart” I’m deceased 😭

  45. Xonail Team

    Xonail Team29 days ago

    Ur good at makeup I am a fan

  46. Masha Schmitt

    Masha Schmitt29 days ago

    You are both sooo beautiful, even with out makeup on! The intro, is like

  47. Colby Brock Is Quaking At The Black Parade

    Colby Brock Is Quaking At The Black ParadeMonth ago

    The most iconic duo out there

  48. Ang Ang

    Ang AngMonth ago

    I love him. I don’t know what’s better his makeup skill or his sense of humor. I’m obsessed. He’s my spirit animal.

  49. Caelyn Swirski

    Caelyn SwirskiMonth ago

    Lol there’s James wearing a flashback Mary sweatshirt................can u put it out on mercy for no reason at all totally not trying to buy it 🤫

  50. Are you feeling it now mr crabs ?

    Are you feeling it now mr crabs ?Month ago

    My friend has the morphe x jaqualine hill palate and she loves it so much. She gave me a little heads up for my b day if you know what I mean she is so nice. Definitely recommend the Jaclyn hill x morphe palate sisters

  51. Sandra Miljojkovic

    Sandra MiljojkovicMonth ago

    I just understood what palette jaclyn was using

  52. Sugarbeats321

    Sugarbeats321Month ago

    8:52 She is sister S H O O K 😂😂

  53. Brian Feeley

    Brian FeeleyMonth ago

    The foundation is a perfect match

  54. Léo Brito

    Léo BritoMonth ago

    Omg now I realized James remembers so much the actor who’s The Flash

  55. Lisa Grimsley

    Lisa GrimsleyMonth ago

    James your so good at singing

  56. stell. Decrane

    stell. DecraneMonth ago

    1:23 though 🤣 And 8:54

  57. Candace Engle

    Candace EngleMonth ago

    my original favorite guru and my new favorite in one video 😭😭 my heart is full

  58. Jaky Solis

    Jaky SolisMonth ago

    Jaclyn I love ur eyeshadow palette it makes my eyes pop whenever I wear ur shades

  59. Ryan Kaiser

    Ryan KaiserMonth ago

    When he’s exaggerating he always refers to the number 87 lmao

  60. Bridgette Carter

    Bridgette CarterMonth ago

    my weave is sister snatched i honestly did mot ever think Jaclyn Hill would ever be there! IM SHOOK !

  61. Anna Lankin

    Anna LankinMonth ago

    wtf his bday is in may .... hes not a gemini

  62. LupitaMosWanted

    LupitaMosWantedMonth ago

    My two favorites! Makeup goddess 😍

  63. Dashka Jeanty

    Dashka JeantyMonth ago

    You guy seem and look like brother(sister)and sister❤💄

  64. Angeline Kahoun

    Angeline KahounMonth ago

    Can I just make an appreciation comment about how beautiful Jaclyn is???

  65. Joshua Thomas

    Joshua ThomasMonth ago

    Is she using his pallet here?

  66. Simply Gabby

    Simply GabbyMonth ago

    When he said “who’s to say there won’t be a better one Coming out eventually” he was talking about the highlighter in his palette. He gave us so many hints we are so dumb we didn’t even realize

  67. Brician

    BricianMonth ago

    It's funny because jacqlyn also talks very fast in her videos💖😜

  68. A confused Human Being

    A confused Human BeingMonth ago

    10:39 - 10:43 IM DEAD😂😂😂

  69. Olivia Villante

    Olivia VillanteMonth ago

    Who just stared at Jacklyns broken nail the whole time

  70. esther garcia

    esther garciaMonth ago

    Jaclyn has so much botox on her face that she now looks like a chipmunk. She used to be super pretty, like naturally gorgeous. ☹

  71. Nunu Zarate

    Nunu ZarateMonth ago

    You both are the best SiStErS ever.. so fun.. we need more videos like this is social media and forget drama.

  72. odiepriscy81

    odiepriscy81Month ago

    My 2 favorite people on this planet!!!

  73. Alyssa Crider

    Alyssa CriderMonth ago

    "a sister shart" 😂😂😂😂

  74. Aaliya Rajah

    Aaliya RajahMonth ago

    can we get a compilation of you and Jaclyn singing

  75. Jackson Pogany

    Jackson PoganyMonth ago

    “So it’s just like the perfect middle shade but who knows there won’t be a better one coming out soon.” *stares directly into the camera*

  76. Andrea Barrios

    Andrea BarriosMonth ago

    I ship them 😂🤷🏻‍♀️😩

  77. Taya Dulcich

    Taya DulcichMonth ago

    What do you all think of a 45-year-old who thinks of starting a new channel? I hear young a lot, what about someone a little older? Do you think they would have a chance?

  78. Camila Martinez

    Camila MartinezMonth ago

    Lightning in this video:💩 ot coukd be better

  79. Aria Mallick

    Aria MallickMonth ago

    i literally just came from a jaclyn hill annoys james charles for 3 min straight lmaoo

  80. Alyssa Navejar

    Alyssa NavejarMonth ago

    James I luv u u inspired me too do makeup, every time u do ur makeup it makes me want to do my make up so bad I rlly luv u

  81. Gabriela Del Toro

    Gabriela Del ToroMonth ago

    How come when they switch foundations it matches better than they can pick their ideal shade😂😂😂

  82. Fifth fggbg

    Fifth fggbg27 days ago

    Gabriela Del Toro oh shoot you're right

  83. Kaley Bishop

    Kaley BishopMonth ago

    You guys are so great, I love you both! Y’all are both so wonderful, I watch y’all all the time! I hope to be that good at doing my makeup one day!! I love you both!

  84. Diana Alvarez

    Diana AlvarezMonth ago


  85. hailey hill

    hailey hillMonth ago


  86. Reese Boyer

    Reese BoyerMonth ago

    When will u be restocking again on ur palette

  87. Katie Hay

    Katie HayMonth ago

    Watching this video in 2019 and I now hear all the palette references lol and I’m 99% sure that Jaclyn used it for her eyes!🤷🏼‍♀️🌈

  88. Hailey McMahon

    Hailey McMahonMonth ago

    Those eyes James 😍

  89. shasiela z.

    shasiela z.Month ago

    4:45 literally me watching James' videos 😂

  90. shasiela z.

    shasiela z.Month ago

    0:02 Jaclyn was about to do jeffree's intro... 😂

  91. Angelina Rivera

    Angelina RiveraMonth ago

    Jeffree & james Charles are my top male makeup artists on MReporter

  92. Cameron

    CameronMonth ago

    Ooooooo James Charles x morphie palate was being useddddddddd 11:11

  93. XxkillerXx Garcia

    XxkillerXx GarciaMonth ago

    I don’t know but she looks like Katharine from the ace family

  94. carian408

    carian408Month ago


  95. Clare Vela

    Clare VelaMonth ago

    Jaclyn seems very humble in this video!!!

  96. regean kinard

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  97. Makayla Lopez Z.

    Makayla Lopez Z.Month ago

    Dude James are u sure she’s not cathrine from ace fam?.??

  98. Olivia Smith

    Olivia SmithMonth ago

    11:12 when Jaclyn said ‘I’m gonna use these shadows right here’ SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT THE MORPHE X JAMES CHARLES PALETTE!!! GUYS!!! This is so exciting and shows how long he’s been working on this, I’m so proud and excited for him! ❤️❤️

  99. ThatRobloxPlayer 05

    ThatRobloxPlayer 05Month ago

    Who farted?! xD 2:34

  100. Keimoney Lang

    Keimoney LangMonth ago

    Still love this video ❤️❤️😍

  101. haley barron

    haley barronMonth ago

    "whats your nationality" "what asf" okay me