Studio Apartment Makeover for Under $300! | Mr. Kate Decorates


  1. Megan Kotur

    Megan Kotur10 months ago

    Who thought that you can completely redo such a big space with 300 dolors or less. Im so speechless. It’s just so beautiful!! 😍

  2. Peytonn's Palace

    Peytonn's Palace5 days ago

    Omg you did that with a budget of only 300 dollars. This video is leaving me speechless! I will be coming to you to get my living room completely set up!

  3. anna

    anna7 days ago

    I only watched this video for the first time, but it was awesome and entertaining! I think (if you haven't done one before) a baby room/nursery would be so helpful!

  4. Raewyn Tang

    Raewyn TangMonth ago

    Megan Kotur immm

  5. Mohammed Siddiqui

    Mohammed Siddiqui2 months ago

    Megan Kotur S

  6. camille espy

    camille espy4 months ago

    Mr. Kate can you do this for my small studio in San Francisco it’s a lot like this no kitchen and I really don’t know how to use this space

  7. angelbrownie1

    angelbrownie118 hours ago

    300 dollars is expensive in my country hahaha it's about 1k in Malaysia


    TURN AROUND TIME22 hours ago

    Im just saying I would love to see a kitchen makeover Hey!! I have a great idea you guys can come do my kitchen I don't mind at all PLEASE COME DO MY KITCHEN!!!!!!! LOL

  9. Liza Roberts

    Liza RobertsDay ago

    absolutely amazing!!!

  10. Disco Dinos

    Disco Dinos2 days ago

    I need my room redone too on a 500 budget to 300

  11. ASH

    ASH2 days ago

    Wait if this is rented how the hell she’s gonna explain the closet door situation?

  12. Chloe Rocheleau

    Chloe Rocheleau2 days ago

    I sing along to the intro song! Does anyone else??

  13. Nina Menguito

    Nina Menguito2 days ago

    So gooood!

  14. Chelsea Andelin

    Chelsea Andelin3 days ago

    This is nuts. I’m shocked! You are a magician

  15. sóvick

    sóvick3 days ago

    Is it just me or does Brittany look like Cosima from Orphan Black?

  16. bomjumaku

    bomjumaku4 days ago

    I typically hate this type of show... but it's so apparent that you guys are actually putting work into the production and planning. It's got your own style to it while still retaining the traditional format... It's just good.

  17. ariel nieto

    ariel nieto6 days ago

    I want a room make over so bad :((

  18. Jennifer R.

    Jennifer R.6 days ago

    I thought this was Jazzy Anne

  19. Zella Ann Cook

    Zella Ann Cook6 days ago

    You guys are literal MAGICIANS

  20. Eva

    Eva7 days ago

    13:16 She seems so excited

  21. Half Pint

    Half Pint7 days ago

    I loved everything in this video apart from when they spray painted that beautiful silver elephant into a kinda tacky matte gold :((

  22. •niyah wilson•

    •niyah wilson•7 days ago

    Why don't you have a show on HGTV, DIY Channel, Netflix, or Hulu, it would be so good and you could really get your guy's names out there, but either way I love your channel

  23. Isabella Beaumont

    Isabella Beaumont7 days ago

    You guys are so creative

  24. mrs soriano

    mrs soriano7 days ago

    That bed space choice is the best!

  25. sometypatrash

    sometypatrash7 days ago

    20:40 loVe dOes'Nt dIscRimiNate beTwEen tHe siNneRs anD thE sAinTs

  26. Charlie McIntosh

    Charlie McIntosh8 days ago

    I think this is my favourite one so far

  27. Miss Law

    Miss Law8 days ago

    OMG WOW! This is so beautiful!! Aww! And Brittany is so cute, her reaction is the best.


    DASH BARKS9 days ago

    WOW! this was a lot of fun to watch it all come together! SKILLS!!

  29. Keontaye Brown

    Keontaye Brown9 days ago

    Where are you guys?

  30. Keontaye Brown

    Keontaye Brown9 days ago


  31. Linda Wright

    Linda Wright9 days ago

    I would have painted all the walls and the ceilings before doing anything else. Anything but those landlord white walls and ceilings.

  32. A

    A9 days ago

    niiiice! the alcove/bed/color/lights=genius. when i first saw the cat on the old painting..i was like "what?! no." but then seeing it on the wall, i was like"hmmm, thats actually cool." lol.

  33. Reina Gulle

    Reina Gulle10 days ago

    Wow... i love it..

  34. IbeSyke

    IbeSyke11 days ago

    So talented ! Amazing

  35. Dainty Girl

    Dainty Girl11 days ago

    Please help me redecorate my home im from philippines 🥰

  36. Heyo it’s mayo

    Heyo it’s mayo11 days ago

    Wtf did she do the cat picture...

  37. Keylah Jane

    Keylah Jane11 days ago

    I can’t believe how amazing it looks 😱😍 Kate is so talented!

  38. Vaishnavi Shetye

    Vaishnavi Shetye13 days ago

    This is so so fabulous 😍. And I have become a fan of yours. Have never seen so amazing videos of artists. Your entry itself makes it amazing ❤️

  39. Kitty Rodriguez

    Kitty Rodriguez14 days ago

    This space turned out so cute!! lol

  40. olivia cantwell

    olivia cantwell14 days ago

    In your next video plz say how people can get a room makeover ( from you and Joey. Can’t forget about Joey). I really want to makeover my room but I don’t know how to. Plz let your viewers know

  41. Natasha Mandziuk

    Natasha Mandziuk14 days ago

    I like the idea but I really hate the intro.... almost wanna just thumb it down for that...

  42. XOX

    XOX15 days ago

    i was not expecting that intro

  43. Sweet Candy

    Sweet Candy15 days ago

    What is Joey doing in the car

  44. dicku74

    dicku7416 days ago

    this is so amazing and wonderful who thought with a huge space to redo you can spend less than 300 dollars!

  45. This is the best I could come up with

    This is the best I could come up with16 days ago

    22:58 YASSSSSSA #hufflepuffpride

  46. Ajahlaaaa

    Ajahlaaaa16 days ago

    She has so much energy

  47. V. Thompson

    V. Thompson17 days ago

    You are so creative, amazing outcome.

  48. Aaisha khan

    Aaisha khan17 days ago

    What the heck that theme song

  49. Kimber Lee

    Kimber Lee17 days ago


  50. Søphia Wilsøn

    Søphia Wilsøn18 days ago

    This: / is a forward slash not back slash btw

  51. Elizabeth Vigil

    Elizabeth Vigil18 days ago

    The intro makes me not want to watch the video

  52. Shyann Nicole

    Shyann Nicole18 days ago

    I love you guys so much you’re so cute, funny, hardworking, and so so talented. I love watching you guys haha you’re the best! 😊

  53. Danielle Nicole

    Danielle Nicole18 days ago


  54. keylime pie

    keylime pie18 days ago

    that ponyo picture looks really bad holy shit

  55. rehanasadique

    rehanasadique19 days ago

    why the heck there are only 75 K likes on this video? there should be more than 2 million, its that good of a video

  56. Blue Scarlet

    Blue Scarlet20 days ago

    Just realized this vid was literally ages ago but oh well.

  57. Blue Scarlet

    Blue Scarlet20 days ago

    9:04 maybe you should have gotten that geisha cause considering that she named her cat in japanese makes me think she is probs interested in japanese culture. Idk though just a thought....

  58. Sylvia Fernandez

    Sylvia Fernandez20 days ago

    This one was Definitely a Tear Jerker for me😭 This young lady reminded me SOOO MUCH of my 12 year old Kyrsty💖 Looks, Personality, Sweetness, Big Heart, Appreciation, Just everything 😍You two did Such An Amazing Job at Creating Thee Perfect Space for her💞Your Talent is Just Perfection👑💏👑

  59. Wsukemama

    Wsukemama20 days ago

    You guys are just big goofs....big very talented goofs!

  60. KC Woolsey

    KC Woolsey20 days ago

    Did I miss where she is going to hang her clothes???? It's a really great job, except for what happens to her clothes????

  61. Romea Groothuis

    Romea Groothuis21 day ago

    Can you also come to do my bedroom. I am a 16 year old girl who lives in the Nederlands and who would love to get a room makeover. In my room I have a space 40 cm higher than the rest of the room and I have no idea what to do whit it. So you are Welkom to come over to the Nederlands if you want. Please come over 😊

  62. Breanna Smith

    Breanna Smith21 day ago

    im so jealous !

  63. Claire Sampson

    Claire Sampson22 days ago

    You should honestly redo my room because it has ugly hot pink walls, black furniture, and dark purple accents and it's really ugly.

  64. Black Jack

    Black Jack22 days ago

    I love her reactionnn

  65. Black Jack

    Black Jack22 days ago

    Oustandingg ...

  66. Danielle Blanchard

    Danielle Blanchard22 days ago


  67. Charlotte Koch

    Charlotte Koch23 days ago

    Shes a Harry Potter Fan . WHO saw the beans and the ollyander thing

  68. LiZ

    LiZ23 days ago

    I NEED HELP WITH MY APARTMENT. What do I have to do or how can I get help from you guys ???????????

  69. Amna Khan

    Amna Khan23 days ago

    Mind blowing❣❣

  70. Grace from Space

    Grace from Space23 days ago

    Wait...did she have a wand from Ollivanders on her desk? Yasss Sis!

  71. London's World

    London's World23 days ago

    my cats name is Ponyo too.

  72. Stephanie Davis

    Stephanie Davis24 days ago


  73. Raven Shadowwinds

    Raven Shadowwinds24 days ago

    If that were me, i would save for a murphy bed apparatus. That way when i had guests i could fold it up. I'd leave it down most if the time, since it works

  74. Fak Mir

    Fak Mir24 days ago

    the most these places do need are a thorough clean up organization and decluttering

  75. Skittles Wolf

    Skittles Wolf25 days ago

    You guys really inspire me

  76. Sebastian Doria

    Sebastian Doria26 days ago

    That girl was hella cute, anyone know her info?

  77. Simaryx - The Sims Builder

    Simaryx - The Sims Builder26 days ago

    2:32 Thank me later


    BROOKLYNHOTTII27 days ago

    Why is she Mr kate?

  79. Gab The Guru

    Gab The Guru27 days ago

    i thoroughly enjoyed this video. I am SO INSPIRED by you Mr. Kate

  80. victoria b

    victoria b28 days ago

    Lol she's gonna need an extension cord so she can use my phone in the bed, other than that it looks amazing

  81. Julia Upchurch

    Julia Upchurch28 days ago

    What does the name mr Kate mean

  82. sharsharc67

    sharsharc6728 days ago

    At 17:16, I am personally not a fan of it.....but if your digging it, u go girl!

  83. Be Quiet

    Be Quiet28 days ago

    I need them to come revamp my room!

  84. Slime Sqaud

    Slime SqaudMonth ago

    10:36 did anyone notice the sign with the b word 🤣or 22:30

  85. Slime Sqaud

    Slime SqaudMonth ago

    She sort of reminds me of Bella Thorne I’m talking about mr Kate like if agree btw I love mr kate

  86. Hunbun Bubblegum

    Hunbun BubblegumMonth ago

    never watched this before and i was like "wtf is that intro"

  87. ashjo

    ashjoMonth ago

    Woah!!!!! Such a big change ... I really love you Mr Kate you guys are the best 😍😍😘🤩❤️💖

  88. dimond wolf

    dimond wolfMonth ago

    Come to my apartment to decorate my place

  89. Rebecca James - Mayfield SS (2452)

    Rebecca James - Mayfield SS (2452)Month ago

    I love this! you should do a small room with two beds in it next. :)

  90. Diana Bocanegra

    Diana BocanegraMonth ago

    i genuinely loved this one

  91. Teresa Lewis

    Teresa LewisMonth ago

    This was such an amazing transformation. You are incredibly talented people! Love this apartment makeover.

  92. Simone Oikon

    Simone OikonMonth ago

    Who thought she was Jazzy from ssg from the thumbnail

  93. Fidella's Personal

    Fidella's PersonalMonth ago


  94. Jennie Carmelita Pineda

    Jennie Carmelita PinedaMonth ago

    How old is this Kate girl she looks like she’s in her thirtys with a little kids voice not hating at all I even love your 300 dolla budget gig

  95. Panda Bear

    Panda BearMonth ago

    Who else wishes mr Kate could do your room

  96. Nina Da Silva

    Nina Da SilvaMonth ago

    You guys are awesome 👏🏼

  97. Mia Shelburne

    Mia ShelburneMonth ago

    Were is your location limitations

  98. Savannah Abel

    Savannah AbelMonth ago

    not the best one MR.kate has done.

  99. Jenna Thomas

    Jenna ThomasMonth ago

    Not Abels I meant labels

  100. Jenna Thomas

    Jenna ThomasMonth ago

    Mr Kate you need to use albels

  101. LaQuisha Lewis

    LaQuisha LewisMonth ago

    Omg! I love it 😍 Can you come makeover my friend apartment? Lolbs

  102. Nat Burgess

    Nat BurgessMonth ago

    Where did she get that bedding tho

  103. Caitlin WantstoTravel

    Caitlin WantstoTravelMonth ago

    Never thought twinkle lights would be something I'd like, but here I am, liking the twinkle lights. Kate and Joey, you totally rocked this studio! Thanks for the inspo

  104. MLB fan

    MLB fanMonth ago

    24:09 it's Brittany bitch -Glee/ Brittany S. Pears

  105. Prarthana Pramod

    Prarthana PramodMonth ago

    Oh god!! You are so creative, If you have or will have an international group I'm going to invite you to design my house!!!!