Studio Apartment Makeover for Under $300! | Mr. Kate Decorates


  1. Megan Kotur

    Megan KoturYear ago

    Who thought that you can completely redo such a big space with 300 dolors or less. Im so speechless. It’s just so beautiful!! 😍

  2. Loise Aquisio

    Loise Aquisio25 days ago

    Omg. Though $300 is a big money at my country. 😢 Php 15,000

  3. Moonlight Cloud

    Moonlight Cloud27 days ago

    Lucky she replied!!

  4. dm c

    dm c4 months ago

    Megan Kotur dollars*

  5. Juliet Pullappally

    Juliet Pullappally4 months ago

    I̤̮ w̤̮a̤̮n̤̮t̤̮ y̤̮o̤̮ṳ̮ t̤̮o̤̮ c̤̮o̤̮m̤̮e̤̮ t̤̮o̤̮ m̤̮y̤̮ h̤̮o̤̮ṳ̮s̤̮e̤̮

  6. Greta Ishmael

    Greta Ishmael4 hours ago

    Where do you live?!!! I NEED YOU!!! 😭😭

  7. Gizelle Mossiah

    Gizelle Mossiah7 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that on top of her adumen say it Brittany bitch

  8. Nicole Penny

    Nicole Penny9 hours ago

    am i the only one who thinks her apartment is already great?

  9. Alee With Two E’s

    Alee With Two E’s13 hours ago

    hey Brittany- i see that ollivander’s wand- you aren’t fooling anyone- 🤙🏻

  10. gatorred789

    gatorred789Day ago

    I wish they would have put in a new light fixture.

  11. Tik Toks Compilations

    Tik Toks CompilationsDay ago

    Hahahha it’s Britanny bitch

  12. Kirenia Venegas

    Kirenia Venegas3 days ago

    Omg nice I love it

  13. Richard Vonne Vale

    Richard Vonne Vale4 days ago

    Wait, is that the only amount she pay? Or have extra when finished?

  14. Mikaela Curry

    Mikaela Curry5 days ago

    I love this so much. Can you do another studio apartment?

  15. bookmouse770

    bookmouse7705 days ago

    The color palate, the pictures and nicknack redues, the painted furniture & dark blue with yellow poping out! So lovely.

  16. Krishita Kataria

    Krishita Kataria5 days ago

    OMG she had her bedroom and the guest bedroom?!?!? Thats what I have to! I have so much stuff so i have two rooms! #relatable

  17. Michelle H.

    Michelle H.6 days ago

    22;30 its britny bitch i was like ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy goshhhhhhhhhhhhh they know curse word i mean evreyone knows bad words like bitch

  18. Willy Shookspeared

    Willy Shookspeared7 days ago

    Her personality😍

  19. blbunger311

    blbunger3118 days ago

    Brittany is my kindred spirit, my name is also Britni & I too have a huge love for artwork, elephants, gold accents, fav color being blue, and all things vintage! Such a cool makeover!

  20. Joshua Noriega

    Joshua Noriega9 days ago

    Shut the fuck up and just show us how to decorate

  21. hupidupi

    hupidupi9 days ago

    and where is all her stuff?

  22. A J

    A J10 days ago

    Decent, I like home reno's and diy. That intro though... get rid of it lol.

  23. Willy Shookspeared

    Willy Shookspeared7 days ago

    I actually thought it was a show from 2003😭

  24. tea

    tea11 days ago

    she reminds me of jazzy anne

  25. Ella Pulgrano

    Ella Pulgrano11 days ago

    The thing u did with the pic of the cat doesn’t look good

  26. Rylynne Elliott

    Rylynne Elliott12 days ago

    As soon as y'all said outcove and I saw the blue I immediately thought twinkle lights I'm so glad u did 😊

  27. Emily Gonzalez

    Emily Gonzalez13 days ago

    The girl correcting her with the wrong way to pronounce ponyo. Lmaoo

  28. Olga Ortiz

    Olga Ortiz13 days ago

    Small room make over

  29. Victoria Leitch

    Victoria Leitch14 days ago

    She has nowhere to put her clothes

  30. Elena Pina

    Elena Pina14 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 you guys at thrift store!!

  31. Jordan Minton

    Jordan Minton15 days ago

    I have that desk that she has!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. kirsty sheridan

    kirsty sheridan15 days ago

    That looks AMAZING!! You did such great job and for under $300!! I love the colours and the dresser looks beautiful with the smoky blue. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  33. Gabby’s Slime World

    Gabby’s Slime World16 days ago

    How do I get mr. Kate to come to my room and redo😂😂😂 it’s my own room after almost 4 years and I don’t know what to do with it🤷🏻‍♀️🧡


    JAYLA COGER16 days ago

    Did anyone anyone see the sign on the vanity 😂lmbo

  35. britney. afk

    britney. afk17 days ago

    I wish I can decorate my room but dont have one yet and live in an apartment 😟 . . . But this video did cheer me up 😁

  36. Itz Makayla

    Itz Makayla17 days ago

    tbh i didn't really like the makeover like it wasn't shocking like it usually is

  37. mhie jam

    mhie jam18 days ago

    This is so pretty. I'm moving next month and I wanna use those color palette. I love it! 😍 what you did to her bed is perfect!

  38. Genie Meadows

    Genie Meadows18 days ago

    Love the blues and the dresser looks wonderful as well as the bookcase. Also the bed nook.

  39. Genie Meadows

    Genie Meadows18 days ago

    I'm an oldie and not into painting my nails but those green nails are pretty cool.

  40. Jake Uglava

    Jake Uglava19 days ago

    grabbing a cross with a jesus on it, joking about it and also smashing it back to shelf is so imbecilism and disrespect to religion. don't be rude!

  41. raya anne

    raya anne19 days ago

    apart from the talent, you kinda look like a li'l bit of bella thorne and halsey. nah, you totally look like halsey haha.

  42. rhapsody n. blue

    rhapsody n. blue19 days ago

    Very nice make-over!!! Thanks for sharing your talents!!!

  43. Tiffany Cole

    Tiffany Cole20 days ago

    I really wish I can find someone like u in Las Vegas. I've been in my home for almost 4 yrs and plan on staying 4 more yrs but my home is so blah....

  44. Amelie Moore

    Amelie Moore20 days ago

    id love you to do my new house but I'm in England :( YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!!

  45. Josefine

    Josefine21 day ago

    WOW! I love it!

  46. Ava Hennessy

    Ava Hennessy22 days ago

    Oh no , the cat on the flowers ..

  47. Ava Hennessy

    Ava Hennessy22 days ago

    Loved everything else though!

  48. K G

    K G22 days ago

    how can i register to have my own studio to do makeover by kate

  49. Carsla Peyton

    Carsla Peyton24 days ago

    SOS - can you help me? i'm in las vegas! lol

  50. Sabrina Afrin

    Sabrina Afrin24 days ago

    I need to know about what's her lipstick shade

  51. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu24 days ago

    She looks like young Mila Kunis

  52. Matei Raluca

    Matei Raluca24 days ago

    You can see here a 3d bedroom concept inspired by GoT

  53. Gacha- Girl -22

    Gacha- Girl -2227 days ago

    I love you mr kate!

  54. Sarah Shahid

    Sarah Shahid27 days ago

    can you please revamp my studioooooo :(

  55. Freeza Newer

    Freeza Newer27 days ago

    Mr.Kate should have a TV and Netflix show I would love to watch

  56. B Whit

    B Whit28 days ago

    You did that!!!!

  57. Joani Picard

    Joani Picard29 days ago

    Love it!

  58. Omar Ghauri

    Omar Ghauri29 days ago

    She's the weirdo not us!

  59. mai vang

    mai vangMonth ago

    I want to make over my bedroom and house too

  60. skylits corner jonson

    skylits corner jonsonMonth ago

    At 27:32 it says a bad word on the sign it says it's Brittany B word

  61. Charlize Reagin

    Charlize ReaginMonth ago

    Did anyone see her it’s britany bitch sign loved it

  62. Påigë Nëlsøn

    Påigë NëlsønMonth ago

    Anyone else though jazzy Anne was the thumb nail

  63. Molly Larson

    Molly LarsonMonth ago

    sooooo when are you doing your next room giveaway?

  64. Gacha Spark

    Gacha SparkMonth ago

    Wait, if we want Mr. Kate to come decorate a bedroom, how do we contact you? Also, do we have to pay for Mr. Kate to do this? Please help me.. 😅

  65. Sydney Isaacs

    Sydney IsaacsMonth ago

    I think this was by far their best makeover on a budget. But that painting... that’s the only drawback

  66. Savanah's rAnDOm Account

    Savanah's rAnDOm AccountMonth ago

    I absolutely love the intro song!😁

  67. Dance, Gymnastics, Roblox, Other games, and more

    Dance, Gymnastics, Roblox, Other games, and moreMonth ago

    Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo fishy in the sea! Loll

  68. Britney Stoltz

    Britney StoltzMonth ago

    My name is also Britney

  69. Kassandra Carcamo

    Kassandra CarcamoMonth ago

    Can you do my entire house?

  70. Kassandra Carcamo

    Kassandra CarcamoMonth ago

    On a budget

  71. Tatyana Blanks

    Tatyana BlanksMonth ago


  72. For InteriorDesign

    For InteriorDesignMonth ago

    The creativity is so natural and it comes with so much flow.

  73. My DIY channel love

    My DIY channel loveMonth ago

    It really starts at 11:26

  74. Anja Heath

    Anja HeathMonth ago

    That is so Pretty! We are in the progress of moving and when i get my room i would like to do white, yellow and Blue. Boho, Glam and farmhouse and i can't wait to get started!!!!!!!!

  75. • Fursoniia •

    • Fursoniia •Month ago

    She looks like Zendaya!!!

  76. -*-pastel Gacha-*-

    -*-pastel Gacha-*-Month ago

    Lucky! I would SO get a room makeover but I don’t live near an IKEA (nearest is Burbank) and you guys live near a IKEA! Lucky!

  77. The Sneha Pandey

    The Sneha PandeyMonth ago

    What about her clothes storage?

  78. Rozie Gamez

    Rozie GamezMonth ago

    I love ur nails ❤️

  79. Emily rose

    Emily roseMonth ago

    I honestly thought the girl was jazzy ann from the thumbnail

  80. Shelby Patterson

    Shelby PattersonMonth ago

    Literally thought this was Mila Kunis

  81. Samara

    SamaraMonth ago

    How much does it cost to have them come over???? I'd love to have them do my room!!

  82. Ella Keenan

    Ella KeenanMonth ago

    Mr.Kate PLEASE COME DO MY BED ROOM. I have been watching your videos for years in hope that one day you would do my room #creativewiredo

  83. Alain 2007

    Alain 2007Month ago


  84. Random Person

    Random PersonMonth ago

    That one saying next to the gold mirror

  85. Alia W

    Alia WMonth ago

    Holy sh- guacamole!

  86. 1892Genesis

    1892GenesisMonth ago

    Her mispronouncing ponyo is hilarious lol

  87. Leann Pham

    Leann PhamMonth ago

    It's cool but I can't help but thinking she has no place to hang her clothes now xD

  88. laney Hesse

    laney HesseMonth ago

    the ponyo thing was weird tho..

  89. Princess Infinity - Queen of Intricacy

    Princess Infinity - Queen of IntricacyMonth ago

    mr. kate can you change my room omggg lol

  90. Debbie Belden

    Debbie BeldenMonth ago

    Y'all always amazed me, that's gorgeous

  91. Bright Chances

    Bright ChancesMonth ago

    Studio with kids

  92. Benicio Arelio

    Benicio ArelioMonth ago

    23:09 close your eyes

  93. J L

    J LMonth ago

    I love this ♥️🇬🇧

  94. Ellie Cubitt

    Ellie CubittMonth ago

    Put the bed head in the alcove?? i agree with taking the doors off but instead put the futon in their and it can pull out, then put the white drawers at the end of her bed with the TV on...

  95. Zoe Emiko

    Zoe EmikoMonth ago

    That's a LOT of dark blue paint for such a small space to paint. She had a LOT of stuff. What did you do with all that wasn't used? Where will she put it after you leave?

  96. Sassy Gal

    Sassy GalMonth ago

    OH WOW love this Not the cat photo DYI but everything else is great

  97. Emily Hall

    Emily Hall2 months ago

    Omg! I am dying inside when she said the cats name wrong. I say that because the Cats name has is the title of one of my all time favorite movies. Ponyo. I still LOVE Mr.Kate. Love y’all. No hate!

  98. Seeking Info

    Seeking Info2 months ago

    Petition for this to become a Netflix show or Hulu ... give a like :)

  99. last chance

    last chance21 day ago

    great idea

  100. Hannah Roy

    Hannah Roy2 months ago

    I love it!!

  101. Clef&Bandana

    Clef&Bandana2 months ago

    please visit one of our bedsitters hahaha

  102. Tania Davis

    Tania Davis2 months ago

    I think the reason he’s called mr Kate is because she’s transgender

  103. roggueless

    roggueless2 months ago

    she sounds a lot like grey delisle

  104. W. Thurber

    W. Thurber2 months ago

    you sure do get a lot of bang for your buck!

  105. Maya Perry

    Maya Perry2 months ago

    I love the idea of taking an old print dress and using it to reupholster furniture!

  106. Julie Ann

    Julie Ann2 months ago

    For real i’d tots do all of this too but how do you fix the holes, paint etc when you move out? Esp the dark paint

  107. buffyboyster

    buffyboyster2 months ago

    I was looking for great home makeover videos and I landed here... the search continues I guess. Sorry! Some of the ideas were "cute" but the girl wanted something more grown up- so she installed fairy lights by her bed? !?

  108. Ninah Schulz

    Ninah Schulz2 months ago

    Love how positive you guys are!! Ur videos are amazing!