Studio Apartment Makeover for Under $300! | Mr. Kate Decorates


  1. Megan Kotur

    Megan Kotur3 months ago

    Who thought that you can completely redo such a big space with 300 dolors or less. Im so speechless. It’s just so beautiful!! 😍

  2. mandy ryan

    mandy ryan17 days ago

    Megan Kotur where was Joey

  3. Nawaal Ali

    Nawaal Ali28 days ago

    Megan Kotur i

  4. Nelly E.

    Nelly E.Month ago

    Megan Kotur i

  5. Nessa MSP

    Nessa MSP2 months ago

    Megan Kotur I’m* dollars*

  6. Mikayla Wilde

    Mikayla Wilde2 months ago

    Megan Kotur it is colors

  7. Angelina Fitzgerald

    Angelina Fitzgerald5 hours ago


  8. Morgan Imhof

    Morgan Imhof9 hours ago

    Did you see the movie ponyo? 😉 I did and it’s ADORBS

  9. vladimir roman

    vladimir roman14 hours ago

    This one is my favorite so far

  10. MrsMomm

    MrsMomm21 hour ago

    Ugh I so need your help. I have so much space and no creative ideas :(

  11. LuFirefly1

    LuFirefly1Day ago

    I know nobody cares but I need to say that I have the exact same denim shirt Mr Kate has, bought it from h&m and I love it! Haha.

  12. GeorgiaDought

    GeorgiaDought2 days ago

    I ❤️You Mr.Kate

  13. Sabrina Samsuddin

    Sabrina Samsuddin2 days ago

    17:23... why?!

  14. Rainbow the Drawing Kitten

    Rainbow the Drawing Kitten3 days ago

    Hey Mr. Kate, once I move out my apartment I’m emailing u😋

  15. Rainbow the Drawing Kitten

    Rainbow the Drawing Kitten3 days ago

    Btw I’m a 9 year old girl who needs a queen to decorate her bedroom

  16. Calida

    Calida3 days ago

    This is such a good one, so inspiring for my own tiny hodgepodge of a room!

  17. DAJ

    DAJ3 days ago

    Good luck making that bed. Nice idea but not practical. That said, it's amazing what you can do with a small budget and a small room. Good job!

  18. Kemi Coker

    Kemi Coker3 days ago

    But now she doesn't have a closet anymore so where will she put her clothes cuz I remember her saying she didn't have enough space for all of her clothes so... Isn't that an issue???

  19. Alicia Hargrove

    Alicia Hargrove3 days ago

    Love this!!!

  20. xRebecckahx

    xRebecckahx3 days ago


  21. Claire Porter

    Claire Porter3 days ago

    I wish my dad was as good as joey, I mean he is a construction worker but he won't redo my room until they finish the rest of the house

  22. Claire Porter

    Claire Porter3 days ago

    Wait? Where is her cat while you are decorating and stuff?

  23. Claire Porter

    Claire Porter3 days ago

    You should make a series called Subscriber Renovations, that way you can interact with your fans.

  24. N3aryrxt

    N3aryrxt3 days ago

    am i the only one who thinks she looks like mila kunis

  25. xRebecckahx

    xRebecckahx3 days ago

    Brittany looks like Mila Kunis with glasses

  26. Hajory Beauty

    Hajory Beauty4 days ago

    Can you do a full wedding decoration on a budget please?

  27. Kabi Ebl

    Kabi Ebl4 days ago

    how the heck did she get four curtains that big AND the curtain rods and brackets for UNDER $100? I feel like she totally glossed over that one because I certainly have never seen curtains that size that cheap.

  28. Camori Veal

    Camori Veal4 days ago

    Mr.kate is so awesome she is my ldol

  29. Alisha xe

    Alisha xe4 days ago

    From side, she looks like Mila Kunis 🤨

  30. Julia Smith

    Julia Smith4 days ago

    Ahhh loved this!!! I am now obsessed with your channel! ♥️♥️ so much creativity

  31. CerebralMadness

    CerebralMadness5 days ago

    It doesn't match

  32. Squirrel Thing

    Squirrel Thing5 days ago

    These under $300 room makeovers help sooo much because I’m really wanting to redo my room this summer and I need to do it in a cheap way that would also look beautiful.

  33. anomaly

    anomaly5 days ago

    I love your show! It is so inspirational to see creative geniuses following their passion while making others happy by giving them a personalized space! (Super run-on sentence) Also love how you all thrift find!

  34. kish anasco

    kish anasco7 days ago

    300 DOLARS IN OURS IS LIKE 15000 .....

  35. Katia Hernandez

    Katia Hernandez7 days ago


  36. Renato Fonseca

    Renato Fonseca7 days ago

    One of my favorites

  37. Fiona Schwegel

    Fiona Schwegel7 days ago

    the only thing i saw that i didnt like was the sign that said its brittany B####

  38. BevMUA

    BevMUA8 days ago

    Mr. Kate is legit talented like wow! 😍

  39. Lilly Chorn

    Lilly Chorn8 days ago

    Did anyone else see a picture that said bitch on it

  40. llisel alexxa

    llisel alexxa8 days ago


  41. Gabriel Tierre

    Gabriel Tierre8 days ago

    Girl, you have some serious talent over there!

  42. lakes

    lakes8 days ago

    They should do more guy rooms, I dont think I've ever seen room make overs on MReporter for dudes, only compilation videos of images. I would def watch it mr. Kate more.

  43. Heidi Huang

    Heidi Huang8 days ago

    Anyone else binging on Mr.Kate while cleaning their room?? Cuz I am😁

  44. Malu Machado

    Malu Machado8 days ago

    Mr.Kate should make a Netflix show

  45. Malu Machado

    Malu Machado8 days ago

    It’s Brittany bitch 😂😂😂😂

  46. Bonnie Garcia

    Bonnie Garcia8 days ago

    I love your videos this video is one of my favorites

  47. Annette Celia Rosemary

    Annette Celia Rosemary8 days ago

    OMFG IT LOOKS SOOOOO BIG NOW!!! wow was truly shocked at the end!! You're a genius with putting the bed in there!

  48. Malia's World

    Malia's World8 days ago

    Ewww that picture with the cat and the flowers is ugly.

  49. Lachatnoir83

    Lachatnoir839 days ago

    So dope. Amazing space

  50. Morgan Bev

    Morgan Bev9 days ago

    Where are her books on the old bookshelves?

  51. bina02ful

    bina02ful9 days ago

    Completely pulled that room together! So cool.

  52. Ht Sisters

    Ht Sisters9 days ago

    The bedding is the same as mine !!

  53. Myah Mayers

    Myah Mayers9 days ago

    22:29 😂😂😂😂 I'm dying

  54. Gionna Bigolin

    Gionna Bigolin10 days ago

    If only they could come and fix my room! They are SO good! Every space they have done I has always turned out so beautiful!!❤️😍

  55. Deep Shah

    Deep Shah10 days ago

    Why is Kate making puns in the store like lizzaaaaa

  56. ElkSkelter

    ElkSkelter10 days ago

    Moving into my own place in a couple this is very inspiring and you are just the cutest thing ever Mr. Kate! Thanks for all the ideas :)

  57. Kathy Clayborne

    Kathy Clayborne10 days ago

    I'm 60 yrs old and I love watching you guys do your magic!! You're such a cute couple and an awesome team working together!! I love DIY myself, but you've given me a lot of ideas and techniques. Keep up the good work!!!

  58. deeb aser

    deeb aser11 days ago

    how do u only have 2.5 million subscribers your channel is amazing

  59. Daisy Flower

    Daisy Flower11 days ago

    I’m really happy that they changed the intro song

  60. Cassie

    Cassie11 days ago

    Help me

  61. Cora Lynn

    Cora Lynn11 days ago


  62. Cora Lynn

    Cora Lynn11 days ago

    IM SO IN LOVE WITH THISSSSSSSSSS WOW. Amazing, unreal fab job.

  63. Taylor Peterson

    Taylor Peterson11 days ago

    were do you get your twinkle lights?

  64. PoLa LeO

    PoLa LeO12 days ago

    Same bedsheets here :)! Love love love your work 💕

  65. maryjoy sy

    maryjoy sy12 days ago

    You sound like harley quinn💕

  66. Jane Sadler

    Jane Sadler12 days ago

    although i didn't like the idea of putting the picture of Ponyo​ on the other picture

  67. Jane Sadler

    Jane Sadler12 days ago

    #im curly girl too

  68. Jane Sadler

    Jane Sadler12 days ago

    OMG how can Mr. Kate make such a beautiful​ room like seriously

  69. Neenerz Xingaa

    Neenerz Xingaa12 days ago

    Lol I'm new to Mr. Kate ...... I literally just watched my very first 4 episodes and 3 out of the 4 videos he has complained that she didn't make him lunch .... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That is sooooo funny. He's too cute.

  70. Rosie Gonzalez

    Rosie Gonzalez12 days ago

    I wish they'd do a makeover on my studio apt 😭😭😭😭

  71. MelodyLife_Oanna

    MelodyLife_Oanna12 days ago

    I have that bed

  72. Miriam Snape the Gryffindor

    Miriam Snape the Gryffindor12 days ago

    22:56 Yas brittany is a Harry Potter fan! Yay

  73. Lily Sunshinez

    Lily Sunshinez13 days ago

    9:04 Off with the Liza store puns

  74. Alyssa Anderson

    Alyssa Anderson13 days ago

    i love this but i especially love her Olivander wand!

  75. Michelle Lee

    Michelle Lee13 days ago

    Wait so how much do I have to pay to get Mr. Kate + Joey to do my place 😭😭😭😭😭

  76. Crystal Graves

    Crystal Graves13 days ago

    beautiful! where will she hang her clothes though?

  77. Deleena Simon

    Deleena Simon13 days ago

    can you guys do my room? I am a 10-year-old girl. Pretty please?

  78. Yoleine Tamari

    Yoleine Tamari14 days ago

    How did you guys do it?? Wow!!

  79. fatma sellami

    fatma sellami15 days ago

    Hi I have an ugly sofa set and I can't buy another one what can I do to make the space a lil bit nicer

  80. ZEE And B

    ZEE And B15 days ago

    Literally my room is like hers a lot of stuff but smaller room and kiddish.... I NEED HELP.....Also the room is lovely ❤️❤️❤️ you guys are awesom!

  81. メルセデス・リン

    メルセデス・リン15 days ago

    I’m looking to redo my studio apartment. At first, I wasn’t too keen on this idea. I couldn’t see how the colors would match with her eclectic knick-knacks and how this idea would work. But, it turned out so beautiful! And for $300? WOW. I am definitely inspired.

  82. Clara Rodriguez

    Clara Rodriguez15 days ago

    Mr. Kate you inspire me to make my limits endless. My parents have been trying and there hardest to make us happy but we can really live in one place for very long. I think we finally found out dream house and I would adore it if you could decorate my room. I'm 12 and my name is valerie

  83. Anna-Lisa Girling

    Anna-Lisa Girling17 days ago

    Seriously, putting the seam of that dress on the cushion where it will rapidly open up and wear more quickly. And, the interruption of the pattern is at least as annoying as unmatched plaids or stripes. Sigh!

  84. mandy ryan

    mandy ryan17 days ago

    Oh he back nvm

  85. Georgina Beattie

    Georgina Beattie18 days ago

    Why’s it Mr Kate MR even tho she’s a girl. Sory I’m new lmao

  86. Ashley Cesard

    Ashley Cesard18 days ago

    y does she call herself mr kate

  87. Chay C.

    Chay C.18 days ago

    When Joey said yay in the begining when she said curtains. Like omg

  88. Baby Dino

    Baby Dino19 days ago


  89. Cloud11 DIY

    Cloud11 DIY19 days ago

    I love your videos!!!! I’ve been binge watching ur videos all day! But just wondering how u can afford a tv on a $300 budget???

  90. Nicole Wright

    Nicole Wright19 days ago

    you guys do a great job

  91. Bradney Vertus

    Bradney Vertus19 days ago

    really look at 22:28 it says b#####

  92. Janelle Hunt

    Janelle Hunt20 days ago

    I absolutely love the space! The color of the dresser and the contrast of the pulls are lovely. I'd love to see more budget friendly makeovers combining a rugged man's style with a chic upscale lady's space.

  93. Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel Gonzalez20 days ago

    My one question : HOW??!!! And only with less than 300 dollars!!!!🤨😱

  94. Mellie Orozco

    Mellie Orozco20 days ago

    How do I get mr kate to decorate my new apartment?

  95. ally santo

    ally santo20 days ago

    Where did you get the bed set?! I love it!

  96. Kerrie Cain

    Kerrie Cain20 days ago

    Oh wow! I had that same kind of mirror you found at goodwill when I was a teenager! Great job!! I love your budget makeovers!

  97. Tabby Barlow

    Tabby Barlow21 day ago

    Woah this is amazing its crazy how u can transform something into something so amazing...using under $300. You guys inspire so much. I wish that I was lucky enough for you guys to decorate my room. You're soooo amazing. You make everything into something beautiful.Wow. :-). Everyone who has had their room decorated by Mr. Kate r sooooooo lucky.

  98. Georgia Newell

    Georgia Newell21 day ago

    Soo cool. Perfect for someone her age, not to much but just enough. Awesome job!!!!

  99. Lois Bozilovic

    Lois Bozilovic21 day ago

    Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo fishy in the sea, tiny little fishy, who could she really be...

  100. maelle chaillot

    maelle chaillot21 day ago

    I don't know if it's just me but when Kate does a diy or find some stuff I'm like: heh... I wouldn't do that, it won't be nice But at the end of the video I'm always like: remember you don't have any styyyyyylllleeee!!

  101. Magi MiteinemG

    Magi MiteinemG21 day ago

    That girl is so relatable

  102. Magi MiteinemG

    Magi MiteinemG21 day ago

    I love her voice and the drawing of the tree

  103. Ma jesusa Galapon

    Ma jesusa Galapon21 day ago

    I dont know about the overlayed cat on that frame.. hmmm

  104. Jordyne Rylee

    Jordyne Rylee22 days ago

    You always make such Beautiful rooms no matter the price you are so awesome

  105. Eli R.

    Eli R.22 days ago

    OMG I wish that I had someone to do this for me.

  106. Allie Cakes

    Allie Cakes22 days ago

    This is so beautiful 😍