Studio Apartment Makeover for Under $300! | Mr. Kate Decorates


  1. Megan Kotur

    Megan Kotur7 months ago

    Who thought that you can completely redo such a big space with 300 dolors or less. Im so speechless. It’s just so beautiful!! 😍

  2. camille espy

    camille espyMonth ago

    Mr. Kate can you do this for my small studio in San Francisco it’s a lot like this no kitchen and I really don’t know how to use this space

  3. Holly McCall

    Holly McCall2 months ago

    Can you do a space for someone who is a big nerd basically how would mix someone's love of something in their space with some awesome style. For example maybe star wars into their space.

  4. Yi5828

    Yi58283 months ago

    i would like to know how you make your thumbnails

  5. Yi5828

    Yi58283 months ago

    Mr.kate how do you make your thumbnail

  6. Sara Hoos

    Sara Hoos3 months ago

    Mr. Kate how about coming to do my bedroom? I'm a volunteer chaplain and therapy dog handler and I need a calm place to come back to!

  7. Milan B.

    Milan B.Hour ago

    Awesome job!

  8. Saieda Qudusi

    Saieda Qudusi5 hours ago

    Wow im so speechless.... thats amazing talent

  9. Mariam  Mohammed

    Mariam Mohammed8 hours ago

    Noooo why didn't you put the clock and the cork frame closer to the exiiiit?🤦‍♀️ It would be much easier and more practical so that she can check the time and maybe quickly grab her keys or sth 🤔

  10. Kendall’s Life

    Kendall’s LifeDay ago

    you should do colleen ballingers nursery or some room in her house

  11. Dee May

    Dee MayDay ago

    It looks so great! I have the same vanity and double it as a desk too!

  12. Brenna Cunningham

    Brenna CunninghamDay ago

    Where is the bedding from?

  13. Kelsie Steil

    Kelsie Steil2 days ago

    Where is that floral bedding from?? I NEED TO KNOW

  14. Yasset Gonzalez-Fornes

    Yasset Gonzalez-Fornes2 days ago

    You guys truly know how to work the WOW factor!

  15. Kelly Perry

    Kelly Perry2 days ago

    Why does he have that big bulky camera in her face in the car when clearly she's using another camera to film herself head on? Seems pointless n very distracting to see that big camera in half the shot.

  16. Kelly Perry

    Kelly Perry2 days ago

    Why did u listen to your boyfriend that dress he picked out is hideous the one u picked was midway decent but u went for the old lady dress instead.

  17. Kelly Perry

    Kelly Perry2 days ago

    Building a Murphy bed from out of the closet would have been the way to go. As a designer myself that was the first thing I would have done so the room would be bigger n have more space when she's not in bed or sleeping. That was a huge missed opportunity n you could have easily built that on your budget n it's not difficult to pull down at all. That could have easily been built in 2 hours.

  18. Kiwi

    Kiwi3 days ago

    Joey! Suuushi! Lmao I’m dying😂

  19. Irmak Ülke

    Irmak Ülke3 days ago

    Omg this was genius!!!! This video is definitely underrated 😱❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Erin Wilcox

    Erin Wilcox4 days ago

    I wish you could help me out in my studio apartment but im poor broke and live in lodi ca i have no style

  21. flores_de_mayo

    flores_de_mayo5 days ago

    i can watch your thrift store shopping for hours!! i hope you can make videos dedicated to just that! lol. dont have those kinds of stores here in the philippines, if there are, the prices are ssuuper high, like you'd rather just buy in malls... subscribed! still binge watching. k bye , lol

  22. Woo Woo

    Woo Woo5 days ago

    Where did the name Mr.Kate come from?

  23. JAe

    JAe5 days ago

    Well, she had a nice closet. I wonder where she puts her clothes now?

  24. Paige Jones

    Paige Jones5 hours ago

    She mentioned that she has another closet

  25. Susan Melero-Tripp

    Susan Melero-Tripp6 days ago

    how can you be created like the apartment style.

  26. Kirsty Gibb

    Kirsty Gibb6 days ago


  27. Dahlia 42k1

    Dahlia 42k16 days ago

    I loved the video!! Can you do a Sewing/Craft room?

  28. Glossy Peaches

    Glossy Peaches8 days ago

    I wonder if there was ever a time when someone didnt like the room they made?

  29. becomingellis

    becomingellis9 days ago

    Definitely a better layout as far as flow goes...

  30. Noor Al-Shaer

    Noor Al-Shaer9 days ago

    how is she going to fit all he clothes in a tiny dresser and no closet?

  31. abibumbleB

    abibumbleB9 days ago

    I inherited a vanity and also have an ugly stool that came with it. I never though about thrift store clothes to reupholster but it's such an awesome idea!

  32. Eileemarys Sierra Hernandez

    Eileemarys Sierra Hernandez10 days ago

    This is going to help me so much redecorating my studio apartment. Mine is also a challenge because i have a kitchen so lets see how it goes.

  33. Isabel Treptow

    Isabel Treptow10 days ago

    i'ma curly girl

  34. Carmen Canari

    Carmen Canari11 days ago

    ohh, Mr Kate and Joe I need you in SD SO BADDDD

  35. EricaYE6

    EricaYE611 days ago

    I like your channel, but why do you call yourself "Mr."?

  36. Elizabeth Cuellar

    Elizabeth Cuellar11 days ago

    This looks so neat!! You should do my living room! I have a big living room but it’s so hard to decorate 😬

  37. Xuwen Shen

    Xuwen Shen13 days ago

    This is amazing!!!

  38. Bubble pop

    Bubble pop14 days ago

    OMG your videos all ways make me so happy!😊

  39. Sophia Merritt

    Sophia Merritt14 days ago


  40. Suzanne

    Suzanne14 days ago

    Decorate a farmhouse dining/kitchen on a budget! Or a farmhouse living room.

  41. J Annibal

    J Annibal14 days ago

    Holy Hathor! Love these two people! This is the first time I'm seeing this team. Loved what they did to the studio apartment, and in only one day. Now this makes sense to me. Most of us don't have thousands to throw at a room, let alone an entire home. Under $300 is right up my alley and they made great choices and re-purposed/reused what she had. Once again, also learning about the transformative power of a bit of paint.

  42. Sharon Damongeot

    Sharon Damongeot14 days ago

    Great 👍 👍👍👍👍

  43. Charlotte Peterson

    Charlotte Peterson15 days ago

    Please do my room it is really hard to do and my budget for me to do it is $100 it is very difficult please help I need it

  44. Kezra Leary

    Kezra Leary16 days ago

    Is it just me or does she always seem kinda drunk lmao

  45. Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brown17 days ago

    Only the best designers can adapt to such a shoestring budget. I can’t take those “only million dollar renos” designers seriously at all.

  46. Stacey Salgado

    Stacey Salgado17 days ago

    MY FAVORITE ROOM YET ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  47. Belinda Gonzalez

    Belinda Gonzalez17 days ago

    WOW! Great job! I totally stumbled upon your channel and I'm super glad I did!

  48. maryama yusuf

    maryama yusuf17 days ago

    Okay now that’s looks amazing!!! Can MR Kate do my studio apartment 👌🏽

  49. Jeanice Halim

    Jeanice Halim17 days ago

    well shit now I want to spray paint my knick knacks into a champagne gold color to make it all cohesive

  50. Olivia For life

    Olivia For life18 days ago

    Love it can you do my room I share with my sister and we are in the basement with the concert walls and wood beam ceiling please helpppppppppppppppp

  51. shez

    shez19 days ago

    Were did u get those lovely long curtains Gr8 job by the way

  52. Maria Eatmon

    Maria Eatmon19 days ago

    This is my room.

  53. John Porter

    John Porter19 days ago

    mr.kate can you do my bed room

  54. Tati 22

    Tati 2219 days ago

    She looks like inanan

  55. DBDG0499

    DBDG049919 days ago

    When your remodeling these places on a budget, Who pays back what you spent? It can't be free? Right!

  56. Evan Bexar

    Evan Bexar20 days ago

    I love this channel and almost everything that she does, but the ponyo on the nasty old painting was a... bold... choice

  57. Sasafrass14

    Sasafrass1420 days ago

    Most apartments don’t let you paint yet they are always able to? I would love to see you do an apartment where you are unable to paint. Maybe you already have?

  58. Tarushri kulshreshtha

    Tarushri kulshreshtha20 days ago

    It's beautiful

  59. Kendriana Speaks

    Kendriana Speaks22 days ago

    This right here made be subscribe.

  60. esikazemese

    esikazemese22 days ago

    Love your work, but it's exhausting to watch you talk sooooooooooo much :D

  61. Jessica Furtado

    Jessica Furtado24 days ago

    I don't get the MR. part if she's a girl. But love their videos

  62. jennifer gonzalez

    jennifer gonzalez24 days ago

    I need my kitchen redone. I have a slightly bigger budget. Please help me!!!!!!

  63. Jazmin McCoy

    Jazmin McCoy24 days ago

    Can you style a trailer, please?

  64. Manny Slays

    Manny Slays25 days ago

    i love you two

  65. jahnavi sahay

    jahnavi sahay25 days ago

    21:56 pls tell me which music is this I'm dyingggg

  66. jahnavi sahay

    jahnavi sahay25 days ago

    Colourful Vintage Metallic....that's exactly me!!!!!!!!

  67. jahnavi sahay

    jahnavi sahay26 days ago

    Best ever

  68. The Lonely Writer

    The Lonely Writer28 days ago

    Ponyo ponyo little fishy in the sea!

  69. Kassie Paladio

    Kassie Paladio28 days ago

    Does it cause money to have a room make over?

  70. Berlin Butzer

    Berlin Butzer28 days ago

    Where did you get the bedding it’s soooo cute?!

  71. Valeria Tapia

    Valeria Tapia28 days ago

    I love the Mr. Kate intro!!!

  72. Beth Adams

    Beth Adams28 days ago

    Would you demo a sunset apartment? Like, if you want to live in sunset colors, and make that distinctly different from your personal style. Like, do you ever decorate based on skin tone, the way so many of us wear colors that flatter our skin tones. I'm a true azure summer. The studio apartment video was a beautiful transformation, btw.

  73. Olivia Mckenna

    Olivia Mckenna29 days ago

    Brittney reminds me of Bethany Mota Anyone Else?

  74. jahnavi sahay

    jahnavi sahay29 days ago


  75. Karen Anne Reyes

    Karen Anne ReyesMonth ago

    is the dude from the click 5?

  76. Everything. Ava

    Everything. AvaMonth ago

    They deserve more subs, even there own tv show

  77. Yara Magdy

    Yara MagdyMonth ago

    that was amazing you guys, these colors are totally my color palette

  78. Reem Mohandes

    Reem MohandesMonth ago

    I like the bed solution💓

  79. A M A R A T H I N E S

    A M A R A T H I N E SMonth ago

    please makeover morgan’s apartment

  80. A M A R A T H I N E S

    A M A R A T H I N E SMonth ago


  81. Hannah Moore

    Hannah MooreMonth ago

    Did she not sand the dresser before painting? Lmao that’s gonna chip off. I can’t be the only one who really thought this room didn’t look good

  82. KyliaSkydancer

    KyliaSkydancerMonth ago

    I love this design but this doesn't really feel like a studio apartment? Like it seems like the kitchen is off in different room.

  83. twiyouxx3

    twiyouxx3Month ago

    OMG!!!!!! Such a talent!!! Such a fan!! Suscribed immediately ! Keep going!!!

  84. mz jonee

    mz joneeMonth ago

    You guys are so Awesome!!!

  85. Wren Stewart

    Wren StewartMonth ago

    Yeah but...where's her desk?

  86. Lydia Brown

    Lydia BrownMonth ago

    So... Uh... What's with the Mr. Kate part... Just asking coz I iz dumb.

  87. Maria Laos

    Maria LaosMonth ago

    i clicked the video thinking it was jazzy anne

  88. Cait- Lou

    Cait- LouMonth ago

    I watch all these videos and hate my room

  89. K and I

    K and IMonth ago

    I want to see you guys go to a different state

  90. Lucy Weinmann

    Lucy WeinmannMonth ago

    Please come to Germany and do my room, it's a mess. I redecorated it like100 times, but it never looks good.

  91. Ebony Cummings

    Ebony CummingsMonth ago

    You guys are so cute as a couple and creative. I just became a new subscriber.

  92. Jasmine Baylor

    Jasmine BaylorMonth ago

    You need a show, Love the intro!

  93. Maria De Capua

    Maria De CapuaMonth ago

    It's really cool, it looks stunning but it's not practical. There's basically no storage, now, and there's no desk any more. I mean, it's supposed to be a studio. Can anyone work with a mirror in front? :/

  94. Girafarig's Butt

    Girafarig's ButtMonth ago

    lov the color of that dresser

  95. Rebecca Leigh harrop

    Rebecca Leigh harropMonth ago

    I subscribed!! Ur Chanel is amazing

  96. JTL

    JTLMonth ago

    Psst, it's just slash or forward slash, backslash is in the opposite direction!

  97. Hey Medusa

    Hey MedusaMonth ago

    Does anyone know how to reach out and send in an “application “ if you will? I NEED YOU MR KATE!!!!!!

  98. BRIGHT & ALL

    BRIGHT & ALLMonth ago

    Her colors are really...exotic if I were to get my room done I would use black, gray white gold and maybe some ocean blue

  99. Pranavi Karnati

    Pranavi KarnatiMonth ago

    This is so insanely good! I’m obsessed😍. I love the colors and everything about it!

  100. Mona Biehl

    Mona BiehlMonth ago

    What is this? let's get on with it. Why the lousy music.

  101. Eleni Jameson

    Eleni JamesonMonth ago

    Where do you send a video to you guys? because i need my room to get done and you guys are better than anybody in the world

  102. Mimi

    MimiMonth ago

    That dresser, alcove, & horizontal book shelf are gooooaaalllsss!!!

  103. Insect Chart

    Insect ChartMonth ago

    WTF is up with intro it's like something from Nickelodeon

  104. Wayne Hart

    Wayne HartMonth ago

    Kitchen on a budget

  105. Nasra Abdirahman

    Nasra AbdirahmanMonth ago

    "My cat is called ponyo" "What does that mean?" "It means fatty in japenese" Good lord😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  106. Ernesto Rivas

    Ernesto RivasMonth ago

    Love you guys, great show!

  107. Yazmeen Paredes

    Yazmeen ParedesMonth ago

    Mr. Kate PLEAASSEEEEE help me with my studio! It is sooooo BLAH and I need you to make OOOOh!