Studio Apartment Makeover for Under $300! | Mr. Kate Decorates


  1. Megan Kotur

    Megan Kotur5 months ago

    Who thought that you can completely redo such a big space with 300 dolors or less. Im so speechless. It’s just so beautiful!! 😍

  2. Holly McCall

    Holly McCall21 day ago

    Can you do a space for someone who is a big nerd basically how would mix someone's love of something in their space with some awesome style. For example maybe star wars into their space.

  3. Yi5828

    Yi5828Month ago

    i would like to know how you make your thumbnails

  4. Yi5828

    Yi5828Month ago

    Mr.kate how do you make your thumbnail

  5. Sara Hoos

    Sara HoosMonth ago

    Mr. Kate how about coming to do my bedroom? I'm a volunteer chaplain and therapy dog handler and I need a calm place to come back to!

  6. mandy ryan

    mandy ryan2 months ago

    Megan Kotur where was Joey

  7. Jacqueline Bryant

    Jacqueline Bryant2 hours ago

    Beautiful luv what u did her studio apartment!!

  8. Nicole Daub.

    Nicole Daub.Day ago

    No hate or anything at all, just found this channel and wondering why it’s Mr. Kate. Btw AMAZING JOB❤️💯💕

  9. JesusbabyLl

    JesusbabyLlDay ago

    Why is your channel name called Mr Kate?

  10. shellybeans101

    shellybeans101Day ago

    So excited I found your channel!

  11. Sunil Moghe

    Sunil MogheDay ago

    I am sorry, I am watching this for the first time , but shouldn't her name be Mrs.Kate ?

  12. Sunil Moghe

    Sunil Moghe10 hours ago

    Thanks ☺

  13. Mel Mel

    Mel MelDay ago

    Sunil Moghe “Mrs.” is a descriptive title. “Mr. Kate” is her brand.

  14. Salman Yakhuzov

    Salman Yakhuzov2 days ago

    Where do u live, id love to get my room done as well

  15. Heather Daniel

    Heather Daniel2 days ago

    17:30 I love her and I have never seen her do something I don’t like.... but that cat just stuck right on the flowers dose not look good im sorry

  16. Goldie Ratliff

    Goldie Ratliff2 days ago

    Looks beautiful

  17. Goldie Ratliff

    Goldie Ratliff2 days ago

    Love you guys ❤️

  18. Gema Fernández

    Gema Fernández2 days ago

    Come to spain and do my room :(

  19. Maurie Zhang

    Maurie Zhang2 days ago

    Mr.Kate with letters rearranged becomes Market. Kind of a stretch, but the couple does vintage and furniture market shopping really well to get the best deal.

  20. Tejaswini ch

    Tejaswini ch2 days ago

    that couch didnot go well with that big seat infront of it

  21. Tejaswini ch

    Tejaswini ch2 days ago

    there is no harmony in colours

  22. Red Rum

    Red Rum3 days ago

    How can i enter to get a redo in one my rooms?

  23. 3DogMom

    3DogMom3 days ago

    this was AMAZING!! and double thumbs up bc I ❤️❤️❤️ 🐘

  24. violet goodman

    violet goodman3 days ago

    Eew, she put a stinky thrift store dress on her furniture without washing it. That girl's butt is going to stink. The seams look bad on there too. This is one of my favorite episodes besides that one complaint.The print is fantastic and everything looks amazing, but please wash thrift store clothing before putting it on furniture.

  25. riverdale love

    riverdale love3 days ago

    she fixed a studio apartment in 8hours? hun i can’t clean my bedroom in 2 weeks

  26. Brooke's Creative

    Brooke's Creative3 days ago

    Omg please come decorate me and my fiance apartment! Y'all are so good!!!!

  27. P Faith

    P Faith3 days ago

    Yall did an amazing job. I really like how it looks put together and cozy. How can I be considered for your show, for my one bedroom apartment? I would really appreciate the opportunity and information. Thank you so much

  28. Jess M

    Jess M4 days ago

    I just can't get over the fact that her cats name is Fatty in Japanese

  29. Finlay Ross

    Finlay Ross4 days ago

    mr kate needs to do a diy video that you can do at home

  30. Nicole Langford

    Nicole Langford4 days ago

    oh my gosh do mine do mine

  31. Olivia Futrell

    Olivia Futrell4 days ago

    I am a 59 yo. Disabled person. I live in a studio apt. When I worked I always had ideas but now since spinal problems I gave up because the inspiration was gone. Clothes are different I may buy something one day and may run up on a perfect match. Any ideas. I live in a senior building.. Any suggestions?

  32. saf

    saf4 days ago

    you guys are magicians

  33. Lily Shah

    Lily Shah4 days ago

    Love it all except the zig zag picture layout and the cat post frame

  34. Vellichor

    Vellichor4 days ago

    Hi Mr. Kate, I just discovered your channel today and I am now slightly obsessed; I’ve been watching your Makeover-on-a-Budget videos all day. I remodeled my bedroom last year, and spent $300 on my bed frame alone! I wish I had found your channel earlier, because I am so inspired; I would never have thought such drastic changes would be possible with such a limited budget. After watching a few of your videos today I was inspired to make a DIY cork board with old wine corks and a thrift-store frame. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!

  35. Michelle Ross

    Michelle Ross4 days ago

    Didn't they both play in taking 5

  36. Giaychris Corniel

    Giaychris Corniel4 days ago

    Ahhhh 😍😍😍😍 i need to contact them asap

  37. Ida9464

    Ida94644 days ago

    Where are her clothes

  38. Ana Velez

    Ana Velez5 days ago

    Hi .... I found you guys and I love your videos you are great !!! Love it ...

  39. That Girl Wit PCOS

    That Girl Wit PCOS5 days ago

    how can I get your help? omg!!! I live in Orlando, I really need your help.

  40. Wilson James

    Wilson James6 days ago

    Intro gives me a Friends vibe.. which is very cool.

  41. Kita Lee

    Kita Lee6 days ago


  42. Isabela Piva

    Isabela Piva6 days ago

    wow that intro was really annoying

  43. Palabras Positivas

    Palabras Positivas6 days ago

    Murphy bed would've been a great idea though

  44. Deborah Kisero

    Deborah Kisero7 days ago

    Like in the intro and stuff

  45. Deborah Kisero

    Deborah Kisero7 days ago

    Didn’t joey and Kate do the channel together

  46. shivani patel

    shivani patel8 days ago

    Hi mr.kate i m big fan of yours from India 🇮🇳 I watch your every videos. I am also an interior designer and i am so inspired by you guys. I wanted to know in this 300 dollar makeover how much do you guys charge as a fees ! Can u please tell me . I also wanted to do such thing in India .

  47. Uswa Mazhar

    Uswa Mazhar8 days ago

    What ever she did with that cat picture was disaster...

  48. Kalli McGill

    Kalli McGill8 days ago

    This is amazing what she did. Couldn't get the cat's name right to save her life though 😂

  49. Abigail Sheppard

    Abigail Sheppard9 days ago

    Mr.kate do I have to pay for you to do my room

  50. Proxy_Neko

    Proxy_Neko9 days ago

    Mr.Kate needs a spotlight on Netflix, omg!

  51. Life With Rukh AZ

    Life With Rukh AZ11 days ago

    How do you do it??? Wowwww! Damn that mind 😍😍😍😍😍

  52. Leslie Forster

    Leslie Forster12 days ago

    ok but when she put her fingers on the front of the photos like agggggh no :'(

  53. Logan Ranhofer

    Logan Ranhofer12 days ago

    Kate and Joey do this all in 8 hours and I can't even find time to shower....... Literally in awe of them both!

  54. Emerald Armoss

    Emerald Armoss12 days ago

    Lol the video is good but the intro is cringe

  55. Alexa Scia

    Alexa Scia12 days ago

    That studio came out awesome....loved where you put the bed. ... so roomy....

  56. Carolina Rodrigues

    Carolina Rodrigues12 days ago

    Incredible ideas, annoying voice!

  57. Gisselle Solorzano

    Gisselle Solorzano12 days ago

    I was wondering if y’all could help me redecorate my room . I have been trying to fix it up during the last 2 years but It always looks more messy or not what I wanted it to look like or my room keeps on getting smaller

  58. Meera Desai

    Meera Desai12 days ago

    *watches the video. Sets my room on fire.

  59. Sandra Organization Seeking

    Sandra Organization Seeking13 days ago

    totally volunteer any room in my home! will you do a kitchen without panrty?

  60. Aruna Sridhar

    Aruna Sridhar13 days ago

    Ohmy...can you please do my apartment...?

  61. Kermit Kardashain

    Kermit Kardashain13 days ago

    Joey is a Daddy

  62. Sullivan Williams

    Sullivan Williams13 days ago

    i need that comforter!! anyone know where its from?

  63. Kaylie Bree

    Kaylie Bree13 days ago

    these videos give me so much motivation

  64. Cilcy

    Cilcy13 days ago

    Love the puns

  65. Cleo Panini

    Cleo Panini13 days ago

    one of my favorite Mr. Kate 300 dollar makeover!

  66. Nicole Slauenwhite

    Nicole Slauenwhite13 days ago

    I really need help to figure out a small room.I dont have very much but I have one room to my elf and very little storage any idieas would help so much

  67. Maggie Leroy

    Maggie Leroy14 days ago

    One of the best makeovers I've seen so far. Especially if you consider you used all her furniture and only bought some decorative items and curtains. She didn't have the insight how to organize or decorate to optimize the use and looks of her studio and that's where you guys came in! It looks so easy but you need a hell of a lot of talent to achieve what you guys have achieved: a beautiful, functional stylish studio! Great job Mr Kate, I bow to you! Take care!

  68. A G

    A G14 days ago

    They are amazing

  69. Stacey Salgado

    Stacey Salgado14 days ago

    But how does kate and joeys room look like?😐😱

  70. Laniyah’s Channel

    Laniyah’s Channel14 days ago

    22:28 did any body see that

  71. kateho ho

    kateho ho14 days ago

    watching this video makes me cry Kate can be this awesome

  72. loviestudy

    loviestudy14 days ago

    she somehow looked like jazzy from seven super girls

  73. P Blackwood

    P Blackwood16 days ago

    could you come to Australia to redecorate my room ? lol

  74. Olivia Jade Khoury

    Olivia Jade Khoury17 days ago

    this was amazing! i have a small studio apartment and i have the vision of what i want, i just don't even know where to begin - especially on such a small budget. can you guys do a tutorial on tips and tricks for a tiny studio apartment makeover?

  75. helloo

    helloo17 days ago

    4:04 did someone see how the cars disappeared

  76. Misty Baker

    Misty Baker18 days ago

    I adore your transformation to spaces, I am digging it!!

  77. Claire P.

    Claire P.18 days ago

    Love this... yet, one concern: lack of lighting. Reading light is needed for the bed and perhaps a floor/reading lamp for the futon. All else is brilliant.

  78. Yuriko Love

    Yuriko Love18 days ago

    wowww i Love it

  79. Katia Arzayus

    Katia Arzayus19 days ago

    How do we send In a submission?!?!

  80. Citlalli Yepez

    Citlalli Yepez19 days ago

    I fucken HATE how she rushes joey for everything all the time and she's just taking her sweet time sitting around and going hella slow

  81. Katie Jo Seiber

    Katie Jo Seiber20 days ago

    😍😍😍😍😍 one of my favorite ones

  82. Royal Pixie

    Royal Pixie21 day ago

    im in love with your intro

  83. Jackie B

    Jackie B22 days ago

    Wow, its beautiful!

  84. Alana gould

    Alana gould22 days ago

    hey i like your room

  85. Asathe Cre8ur

    Asathe Cre8ur22 days ago

    Omg I have a studio I want to revamp

  86. Mohammad Saif Ullah Gauhar

    Mohammad Saif Ullah Gauhar23 days ago

    How can I like this video a thousand more times. Your channel was my dream job. It's sad how I won't ever be able to do what you guys do. Feeling sad....

  87. Itzamarie Nieves

    Itzamarie Nieves24 days ago

    Can you do a basement room under 300 !

  88. Valdinéia Santos Moreira

    Valdinéia Santos Moreira24 days ago

    Amoooo seus vídeos. São inspiradores. Você é muito simpática

  89. Peyton Stanich

    Peyton Stanich24 days ago

    She is so adorable awe!! Love the style!!

  90. Angela Wellman

    Angela Wellman24 days ago

    When you live in a cute 2 bedroom apartment with an awesome space, and you’re lacking so hard in the cute design aspect. 🙃🙂

  91. courtney c

    courtney c24 days ago

    Really wanna put my bed in my closet now...

  92. Jes is fab c:

    Jes is fab c:25 days ago

    First time here, was so confused when the intro came on haha

  93. Ashley Wallace

    Ashley Wallace25 days ago

    o m g that color blue, im loving 🤗 anybody know what it is?

  94. phildev

    phildev25 days ago

    so this is mila kunis new bedroom?

  95. J G

    J G25 days ago

    Mr.Kate I would love for you to do my dorm room at Baylor!!!!

  96. bagfulloftreasure

    bagfulloftreasure26 days ago


  97. Jasmine Holford

    Jasmine Holford26 days ago

    Love this look, if there was one thing i would change though is the black vanity desk, idk to me it just looks out if place with all the blues and yellows and stuff. But I also Loved the dresser repaint and the twinkle lights with the pictures, so cute! 😍👍🏽💜💜

  98. Janise Meko

    Janise Meko26 days ago guyz are awesome! I just found your link last night and I just cant stop watching your videos. 😍😍 Mr.Kate is amazing. Keep inspiring us 😘😘

  99. Samantha McPhatter

    Samantha McPhatter27 days ago

    Could you redo a living room space into a bedroom/ living room?

  100. Yastika Maharaj

    Yastika Maharaj27 days ago

    damn thought it was Inanna

  101. Winter

    Winter27 days ago

    CAN YOU DO MY ROOM! OMG I love every thing in that room I would live in that room if I could!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

  102. Kris Ronchetti

    Kris Ronchetti28 days ago

    Awesome!!!!! Fabulous👍👍👍👍👍👍

  103. Ayà. Mai

    Ayà. Mai28 days ago

    I love how she gives tips in the video! 💜💓💚 Very good at her job!!!

  104. Tina Woodward

    Tina Woodward28 days ago


  105. Mar H

    Mar H28 days ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this video ... More studio apartment designs ♡♡♡♡♡ You two are great !!!! ♡♡

  106. Georgia Nikolaou

    Georgia Nikolaou28 days ago

    They need a show on netflix

  107. Jason Dillian

    Jason Dillian29 days ago

    Don't like the position of the bed.. it likes ur dead...😱😱😱😱