STS-133 The Final Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery including T-5 hold


  1. Jason Strider

    Jason Strider2 days ago

    What happened at 14:57. And 5200mph

  2. Emiliano Olvera vlogs

    Emiliano Olvera vlogs3 days ago

    11:27 one last reach to the stars

  3. Emiliano Olvera vlogs

    Emiliano Olvera vlogs3 days ago

    11:00 fire from discovery

  4. Krid Adounsattapong

    Krid Adounsattapong4 days ago

    Ksmetyo, bkd ,

  5. MrMoon275

    MrMoon2755 days ago

    So effin cool

  6. siti matahari

    siti matahari7 days ago

    genius... how they calculate to make sure the capsule wont fall left/right but go straight up!

  7. DirtyEagle Carlos

    DirtyEagle Carlos9 days ago

    Imagine mach 21 down here in earth

  8. Joseph A

    Joseph A11 days ago

    Sounds like George Noory narrating

  9. jez za

    jez za11 days ago

    RIP in Bermuda Triangle

  10. hanzamer

    hanzamer14 days ago

    my only question is where are the stars

  11. jrockett73

    jrockett7312 days ago

    Study camera exposure

  12. Peter Karig

    Peter Karig15 days ago

    At 14:54 what are these debris? Are they tiles breaking off the shuttle? It looks like some black shingles or something coming from the external fuel tank.

  13. jrockett73

    jrockett7314 days ago

    Foam shedding off the tank. Not an issue this late in the flight. Tiles did not just fall off the shuttle. First few flights had issues. Tile issues were all resolved by the early 80's.

  14. Lucas Woods

    Lucas Woods16 days ago


  15. Ильдар Ахметшин

    Ильдар Ахметшин20 days ago

    Так он улетел и не вернулся? (

  16. Tom Kelley

    Tom Kelley20 days ago

    Jesus, those engines. Damn.

  17. Mariano Aramburu

    Mariano Aramburu20 days ago

    2 engines fail?

  18. David Horgan

    David Horgan18 days ago

    The Space Shuttle had 3 main engines.

  19. Gabriel Alvarez

    Gabriel Alvarez21 day ago

    I was there with my family on that day. I was stepping on water with seaweed touching my feet. The moment when the shuttle began rising from it's launch pad, I stared in awe. It was a really surreal moment when I saw the very bright rockets at full power. It was probably just as bright as the sun, maybe even brighter. The loud thunderous noise reverberated through my 12 year old body. I had just witnessed history.

  20. Rick V

    Rick V21 day ago

    Casually flying through space at 16,000 mph.

  21. wolf spirit

    wolf spirit22 days ago

    Anyone else got scared when whey where told to throttle up it’s like you get that image in your head of Challenger Again

  22. HOT ANAL

    HOT ANAL22 days ago


  23. Zachary Jesenovec

    Zachary Jesenovec14 days ago

    gimme proof that its fake OH WAIT WE HAVE PROOF THAT ITS REAL MFER

  24. Brad Boehringer

    Brad Boehringer23 days ago

    I'm curious as to why the. ETL is 2 minutes ahead of official launch time....

  25. frikidelli

    frikidelli24 days ago

    Power WOW

  26. Michael Gallant

    Michael Gallant25 days ago

    See that chunk of debris flying off the shuttle at 14.59.

  27. jrockett73

    jrockett7323 days ago

    Foam off the tank. No issue at that attitude.

  28. Dung Quach

    Dung Quach27 days ago

    Discovery ???

  29. doh1959

    doh195927 days ago

    in the future man kind will look back on this footage and think wtf sitting a top a fukin huge tank of fuel then putting a flame to it

  30. Al Primordial

    Al Primordial28 days ago

    11:41 the sound barrier.

  31. viral şeyler

    viral şeyler28 days ago

    Dünyayı seviyorum

  32. EchoSans

    EchoSans28 days ago

    (Me watch this) Dad: Why you crying soo damn loud?

  33. 清水渉

    清水渉29 days ago


  34. your mom

    your mom29 days ago


  35. Motchy Cot

    Motchy Cot29 days ago

    Just wish I could have seen this..such a same it came to an end.. A piece of science gone...

  36. Inshane72

    Inshane7229 days ago

    I grew up watching that program. It's sad to see an Era end the way it did. Space X is refreshing though. 👍🏻

  37. Europa H2O Alien

    Europa H2O AlienMonth ago

    Fake. This was actually a toy rocket built by the super-secret Van Allen Belt space brigade headed by Bart Sibrel as part of the Reynolds Wrap fake moon landing flat Earth Guild. Lol!

  38. Sfs Aviation

    Sfs AviationMonth ago

    14:55 the hell was that

  39. s0012823

    s0012823Month ago

    Altitude in feet! Fuck you! Come on just join the rest of the world... What a losers you have become US.

  40. Scott Shafer

    Scott Shafer5 days ago

    bet your country hasnt even been to space let alone put a man on the moon...loser

  41. cplx sapien

    cplx sapienMonth ago

    Not my proudest fap😎 whatever

  42. VWGTI

    VWGTIMonth ago

    Bunch of liars never landed on the moon.

  43. Zachary Jesenovec

    Zachary Jesenovec14 days ago

    please be joking

  44. Salfy Qr

    Salfy QrMonth ago


  45. The1979814

    The1979814Month ago

    Traveling about 4 miles per second. Bat shit crazy.

  46. Maninder Singh

    Maninder SinghMonth ago

    Wow wow #Manindersinghmani

  47. non nước việt nam

    non nước việt namMonth ago

    Không có ai việt nam ở đây hử

  48. Andork Kuomo

    Andork KuomoMonth ago

    And I was there!! I always wanted to see a shuttle launch and knew if I didn't do it soon I never would and would forever kick myself. I'd taken time off work for a double hernia operation 1 week prior so I'd be off for awhile. I could just barely walk (kind of!) but the afternoon before the launch I said screw it, loaded up my truck, left Rochester NY and headed down all by myself! By 11 am the next day I had a prime parking spot by the water in Titusville, tripod set up and a 6 pack! Loved those machines with a passion from day-1, could watch this stuff all day!

  49. Szel Bot

    Szel BotMonth ago

    11 000 th liker yeah

  50. Nighthawk

    NighthawkMonth ago

    A top speed of only 19,051.293 mph.

  51. Malcolm Abram

    Malcolm AbramMonth ago

    Was that a tile coming off at 14:56?

  52. jrockett73

    jrockett73Month ago

    Just the tank shedding foam.

  53. TheFsandt

    TheFsandtMonth ago

    Gravity increases at 300000 ft???? 2.4 AAhh I see that is part of the orbit.....And at 338876 ft it is 3.0!! And some seconds further it is suddenly gone!!! The end of the atmosphere and complete vacuum. Crap and bullshit!

  54. TheFsandt

    TheFsandtMonth ago

    Have you been there?

  55. Dwight K. Schrute

    Dwight K. SchruteMonth ago

  56. TheFsandt

    TheFsandtMonth ago

    After 1.5 min it is allmost flying horizontal, isn't it a little bit too early?

  57. Yaogaming

    YaogamingMonth ago

    The engines and camera at 20:17



    What was that on 14:56 - 14:57 ?

  59. jrockett73

    jrockett73Month ago

    Foam shedding from the tank.

  60. La Mar Derrell Taylor

    La Mar Derrell TaylorMonth ago

    wheres all the flat earth folks at lol

  61. Zachary Jesenovec

    Zachary Jesenovec14 days ago

    gone. They came, disliked and left

  62. Mÿ Pï Dë

    Mÿ Pï DëMonth ago

    14:53, what is that debris flying off? Foam, again? If you look closely it even damaged a bit of a tile.

  63. Duckson-Kelly Mfiengi

    Duckson-Kelly MfiengiMonth ago

    O-Mach1 44 Sec... Ok

  64. its yousif

    its yousifMonth ago

    Wow awesome ❤



    im gonna cry Alexa play despacito

  66. bigjonjon2005

    bigjonjon2005Month ago

    "Discovery you are negative return" O.O

  67. Peter Petrovcic

    Peter PetrovcicMonth ago

    What was this flying stuff on 14:52 ?

  68. Deborah Leah Duggan

    Deborah Leah DugganMonth ago

    Yes I’m just trying out some things that are in your head now you can take it off.Debbie Duggan.

  69. Rex Russell

    Rex RussellMonth ago

    It was my pleasure to see 8 launches of the various shuttles. Hard to describe the sight and sound. Inspiring !

  70. baldo_1013

    baldo_1013Month ago

    watching this at 2018 after spacex land the falcon 9 in Vanderberg.

  71. El Bandido

    El BandidoMonth ago

    Just an Expensive ass bottle-rocket

  72. hari_kishore

    hari_kishoreMonth ago

    god would be jealous at humans watching defying his gravity.

  73. bradley small

    bradley smallMonth ago

    wonder what would have been involved with a Europe emerg landing and transport back to KFC.

  74. Dr Simon Fox

    Dr Simon FoxMonth ago

    Looks great.My son works for Jet Propulsion J P L Nasa.

  75. Timmsy

    TimmsyMonth ago

    So what then happens to the two rocket launch canisters? Space junk ?

  76. Colin Southern

    Colin Southern23 days ago

    +Timmsy ... and re-used after a lot of work.

  77. Timmsy

    TimmsyMonth ago

    +TitanFallout Hey cheers for your answer

  78. TitanFallout

    TitanFalloutMonth ago

    They are solid rocket motors, usually they land in the ocean with parachutes and recovered.

  79. MrNovatedlease

    MrNovatedleaseMonth ago

    14:54 what the hell was that that hit or fell off the shuttle and hit it?

  80. TitanFallout

    TitanFalloutMonth ago


  81. bestamerica

    bestamericaMonth ago

    ' american space shuttle is keep going launch to the outer space and ISS... no retirement / no stopment

  82. bestamerica

    bestamericaMonth ago

    ' american space shuttle is a soo beautifully spaceplane... space shuttle is the best plane in the world

  83. Ysf

    YsfMonth ago

    At the 12:03 , the oblique shock of the shuttle can be seen just after passes the sound barrier.

  84. Npc 3310296

    Npc 3310296Month ago


  85. Light Beyond The Abyss

    Light Beyond The AbyssMonth ago

    so where does the rocket shells go?

  86. jrockett73

    jrockett73Month ago

    The tank also had a tumble valve on it to vent left over O2 to help it tumble and break apart.

  87. Sebastian Nolte

    Sebastian NolteMonth ago

    "wow strong atmosphere." Let's better say: Wow, high speed :-) You can read there that it has 17,000 mph when it throws away the tank. So that tank slams into the denser layers of atmosphere with that speed.

  88. Light Beyond The Abyss

    Light Beyond The AbyssMonth ago

    ok this is what I wanted to know. :-) Thanks wow strong atmosphere.

  89. jrockett73

    jrockett73Month ago

    The empty orange fuel tank breaks up in the atmosphere.

  90. Light Beyond The Abyss

    Light Beyond The AbyssMonth ago

    I meant the empty rocket after the fuel had ran out. And just the body left.

  91. Shadowkey392

    Shadowkey392Month ago

    Never gets old.

  92. Amir Cheraghee

    Amir CheragheeMonth ago

    در ارتفاع هزار پایی هزار پایی شیر آب رو باز دید به شیر گفت شیر میخام

  93. Tom Smith

    Tom SmithMonth ago

    I noticed at 5:38 the orbiters altitude started to decreased but it's speed continued to rise. How does your speed increase but your altitude decrease.

  94. Sebastian Nolte

    Sebastian NolteMonth ago

    "How does your speed increase but your altitude decrease." Actually exactly that happens to everything that falls down :-) But even if there was no gravity I don't understand how speed and direction should have a certain relation.

  95. wiruping sukarji

    wiruping sukarjiMonth ago


  96. Asd Asd

    Asd AsdMonth ago

    Это чудо инжинерии! Наивысшее проявление ума и расчета!

  97. Real5lyfer

    Real5lyferMonth ago

    10:58 i can see this all day @_@

  98. Bad Dinosaur

    Bad DinosaurMonth ago

    The shuttle could have been updated, redesigned and still flying today, but we didn't have any leadership in the Whitehouse at the time it ended.

  99. jrockett73

    jrockett73Month ago

    Agree with all. The accidents are what killed it.

  100. Bad Dinosaur

    Bad DinosaurMonth ago

    True, the new cockpit was a great improvement. One stealth bomber cost over a billion, We replaced Challenger. We should have built on to what we had. Same launch pad same ET and SRB's (upgraded for safety), new shuttle. 5000 jobs saved. Hell strap on the X-33 and use the fule take as a cargo bay. This reinventing the wheel is what is wrong with gov and NASA. I know that there is more to it then that, but that's my swag on it. We got rid of the Saturn 5 system (we could have put the ISS up there with 3 launches) now we don't have the shuttle, BIG waist of money. I love Space X but they will not make it because they are building the thing in California (Whit no ROI the cost will kill them) My money is on Blue Origin.

  101. jrockett73

    jrockett73Month ago

    The HUD ? The whole cockpit was updated in the early 2000's. If you want a re-do, it would be a whole new design costing billions.

  102. Bad Dinosaur

    Bad DinosaurMonth ago

    Yes, we updated the hud and many other small things over the years, but I'm talking about a whole orbiter re-do. The ET and SRB's and a new updated orbiter like an X-33.

  103. jrockett73

    jrockett73Month ago

    The orbiters were updated over the years.

  104. Bad Dinosaur

    Bad DinosaurMonth ago

    I was working back at the master console area that day (Was an LPS test conductor). Greatest job of my life.

  105. e.u.a - maior potencia no mar , terra , ar , espaço

    e.u.a - maior potencia no mar , terra , ar , espaçoMonth ago


  106. ahmad khajoyi

    ahmad khajoyiMonth ago

    اینجانب سفر به ماه را یک دروغ بزرگ مینامم

  107. malone phyllis

    malone phyllisMonth ago

    20:17:) launch it

  108. galaxiehubba

    galaxiehubbaMonth ago

    I drive a shuttle on Earth, does that count?

  109. EpicUmbreon

    EpicUmbreonMonth ago

    Press f to pay respects to Discovery

  110. Jason Wall

    Jason WallMonth ago

    I say horseshittle you say horseshuttle

  111. noorkhan LONDON

    noorkhan LONDONMonth ago


  112. Julio Ramon Alfranca Seral

    Julio Ramon Alfranca SeralMonth ago

    i hope the discovery never forget the stars

  113. Julio Ramon Alfranca Seral

    Julio Ramon Alfranca SeralMonth ago

    the discovery its good shuttle

  114. Julio Ramon Alfranca Seral

    Julio Ramon Alfranca SeralMonth ago

    discovery go in trottle up

  115. Nick Collinet

    Nick CollinetMonth ago

    I remember exactly where i was when this launch took place. RIP

  116. Slippery_ Gecko

    Slippery_ Gecko2 months ago

    im crying


    KENYA CEMENT CRAY2 months ago

    When I was searching jet fighter was arrived here! Thanks.

  118. Hubcap _ Truth filter for You Tube

    Hubcap _ Truth filter for You Tube2 months ago

    Love all the CGI. The only thing NASA has put into space through the impenetrable "Firmament" is your imagination !

  119. Sebastian Nolte

    Sebastian Nolte2 months ago

    Can you tell me where the firmament is, so at which altitude?

  120. Victor Holanda

    Victor Holanda2 months ago

    Reaching for the stars ✨, cough cough, low orbit

  121. sarah irfan

    sarah irfan2 months ago

    aghar Areplane ha jata to kiay hota

  122. Schweet119

    Schweet1192 months ago

    14:36 By 3.5 minutes into the flight it has reached a point where it could safely make it down to emergency landing sites in Europe should there be a problem or engine failure... just how fast that ship is traveling. I understand there would be additional time in the glide back down but still, just an incredible flight.

  123. johndrocket

    johndrocket2 months ago

    notice how they never show the shuttle going up into space.

  124. johndrocket

    johndrocket2 months ago

    +Gooblat Heckwagon Too bad.

  125. Gooblat Heckwagon

    Gooblat Heckwagon2 months ago

    I can't research your last statement because it makes you sound like a crazy person. The Space Station is a swimming pool and they're being puled around by scuba divers during the interview to make it look like they're in space? How would that even work? Anyways, I have spent my whole life consuming about all of the information about space science I could because I'm a giant nerd. I even made my mom get up in the middle of the night to take me to the science department of the local university in 1989 so I could watch a live feed of the processing of Voyager 2's closest approach images to Neptune and see the pictures. There is no lack of research on my end. On your end, I see you cherry picking 3 out of context sentences from various interviews and ignoring 70 years of actual evidence with a flippant "it must be fake". You're mind does not seem as open as you claim. Clearly this is a conversation where no one is likely to change their mind based on the other persons point of view.

  126. johndrocket

    johndrocket2 months ago

    +Gooblat Heckwagon Well, take a breath before you reply and do research. I leave it open that I could be wrong, but the evidence is leading me into this direction.

  127. Gooblat Heckwagon

    Gooblat Heckwagon2 months ago

    Well, that's interesting. BS, but interesting.

  128. johndrocket

    johndrocket2 months ago

    Gooblat Heckwagon It's evident you never checked this out for yourself because if you did then you would see astronauts in their space station (swimming pools) being pulled around by scuba divers to make it look like they're in space. They are blocked by cgi and camera work. But they didn't block them out in all instances and it is very obvious because you can at times see hands and the bodies pulling them around. The satellites that give us gps and what not do not have to leave LEO. The moon rocks and well as space pics can be faked and done over EASILY. Have you ever seen what the other planets looked through a telescope? They look nothing like Jupiter or Saturn. The Chinese and governments do the same. They can leave LEO either. The world is run by the elites and they're agenda, which is to make money and be able to control us. What motivates me is my beliefs, just like you. You people that follow all the BS without doing any research are weird. It's one thing if you have done research, but it's another if you haven't. First, do some research before you just tell me what I can already watch on mainstream media. Blind sheep like you is what takes the world down.

  129. Jeff Calvin

    Jeff Calvin2 months ago

    Coin magnets on poles

  130. Jeff Calvin

    Jeff Calvin2 months ago

    Magnets coercion direction

  131. Salvatore Toto

    Salvatore Toto2 months ago

    Min 14:55 doesent look at 4000 milles p/h piece

  132. evolunter

    evolunter2 months ago

    From 18:50 on in the video it looks like snowing?

  133. Glenwing

    Glenwing2 months ago

    Oh, nautical miles. Thought it was nanometers for a second there :P