STS-133 The Final Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery including T-5 hold


  1. Jah Senor

    Jah SenorDay ago

    I notice the guy always says reaching for the stars knowing full well he's only going 200 miles above sea level. hahaha.

  2. kawal singh

    kawal singhDay ago

    14:55-14:58 what dropped from shuttle

  3. jrockett73

    jrockett7323 hours ago

    Foam shedding from the tank.

  4. יפעת שוהם

    יפעת שוהםDay ago

    babla babli bi

  5. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher JohnsonDay ago

    14:57 Tile damage!!

  6. jrockett73

    jrockett7323 hours ago

    No tile damage. Almost a non issue at that height and barely any atmosphere left.

  7. ROBLOX Gamer 2000

    ROBLOX Gamer 20003 days ago

    I will try my best in the future to build a similar space shuttle.

  8. garcha perez

    garcha perez7 days ago

    Scorch is such a magnificent capcom

  9. Kohl#1881

    Kohl#18817 days ago

    Authentic Real Comics

  10. Frank Zierau

    Frank Zierau8 days ago

    Grosse leistung.

  11. Bartek Olejniczak

    Bartek Olejniczak9 days ago

    Oh i like IT!!!

  12. MarsFKA

    MarsFKA9 days ago

    In November 2010, I flew from the other side of the world to watch Discovery's last launch. My grandson and his parents, who live in Fort Lauderdale had rented a fourth-floor apartment on the waterfront in Titusville, giving us a clear view of the launch pad across the Indian River and flat ground. Then they had a couple of technical glitches that delayed the launch two days and Thursday was raining, so that was another scrub. Friday dawned clear and sunny, with the wind forecast to drop by launch time and we were all in the mood for something spectacular. Then they found a hydrogen leak and that was that, especially after they also discovered cracked struts in the interbank structure. My go home date was set in stone and so we returned to Fort Lauderdale. On 24th February, my Fort Lauderdale family returned to Titusville and watched from the condominium's front lawn. I was home watching on NASA TV and texting them countdown updates and when we got to T-minus one minute, my son-in-law turned on the video camera. He sent me that video later and it was as good as being there. I made two trips to Florida to watch Shuttle launches and missed out each time. I saw the Opportunity Mars Rover launch, though.

  13. BIOHAZARD-42

    BIOHAZARD-4210 days ago

    amazing how a brick with "wings" goes that fast and goes SUPERSONIC in under 2mins!!! (0_0)

  14. MarsFKA

    MarsFKA9 days ago

    Three thousand, four hundred tons of thrust will make any brick supersonic. By the time the Shuttle was twice its own length above the lightning mast on top of the launch tower it was already doing 100 miles per hour.

  15. zeratul7975

    zeratul797510 days ago

    16:40 why was it losing altitude?

  16. MarsFKA

    MarsFKA9 days ago

    It wasn't. It was still ascending along its trajectory to orbit. The angle of the horizon makes it look like the vehicle is descending.

  17. misterfjf

    misterfjf11 days ago

    At 14:53 or so there is a piece of shrapnel flying around. Is that normal?

  18. ALhassan Ait

    ALhassan Ait10 days ago

    That's what killed Colombia .

  19. Tor_gk

    Tor_gk12 days ago

    "Go for throttle up" Haunting words.

  20. srinitaaigaura

    srinitaaigaura12 days ago

    Why is the OMS 1 burn not required? How does the shuttle launch profile work? They descend for a while during acceleration, but just before MECO they are climbing again?

  21. Alvaro Ogaz N.

    Alvaro Ogaz N.13 days ago

    14:55 there is a small piece get off the Discovery

  22. Jules Michael

    Jules Michael14 days ago

    Wonderful to watch. God bless America!

  23. Mike Moore

    Mike Moore14 days ago


  24. Karl Vey

    Karl Vey14 days ago

    I miss the Shuttle !

  25. TITAN D

    TITAN D17 days ago

    Why cant we launch earth ? 🚀 🌎 🚀

  26. Cassio Alvarenga

    Cassio Alvarenga17 days ago

    Magnífico trabalho parabéns nasa.

  27. wallstreet05

    wallstreet0517 days ago

    14:57 A piece of foam from the external tank hits the right wing.

  28. Chukwillard

    Chukwillard16 days ago

    That big chunk of foam did not hit the right wing. I don't know what the hell you are looking at.

  29. Jaeger Meister

    Jaeger Meister19 days ago

    I got to watch that launch in person. What’s hard to see here is that cloud cover was low and just took a few, very few, seconds to disappear from view. Spectacular.

  30. magicstix0r

    magicstix0r20 days ago

    The Shuttle program is a cancer on NASA that just won't die. Even now that it has been cancelled, its leftovers are being used in the abomination that is the SLS.

  31. Zsiraf Ablak

    Zsiraf Ablak21 day ago

    Why the mother fucker talking non stop ????

  32. 瀬の上純一

    瀬の上純一22 days ago


  33. Julian Northeast

    Julian Northeast23 days ago

    Great radio talking and lovely sunny day great count down and launch I like reheat on launching

  34. Tyrone Taylor

    Tyrone Taylor23 days ago

    "Columbia, Challenger...this one's for you, bros."

  35. Cardillo Loredana

    Cardillo Loredana23 days ago

    the end Saudi Arabia 😂

  36. 0000 0000

    0000 000027 days ago

    at 9:02 is there a man standing on the tower on the left of the screen or it is my imagination?

  37. 0000 0000

    0000 000016 days ago

    +jrockett73 thanks

  38. jrockett73

    jrockett7319 days ago


  39. jose ramon

    jose ramon27 days ago

    UFO on min 14:42

  40. Henry Ar

    Henry Ar27 days ago

    what a great hoax

  41. Matinalii

    Matinalii16 days ago

    What a great idiot

  42. 刘胜杰

    刘胜杰28 days ago

    19:00 what are theses flames like plasma around the screen?

  43. jrockett73

    jrockett7327 days ago

    That is the engine exhaust. The plume widens as the air gets thinner and the engines start to power down.


    PRASANT KAR29 days ago

    I always watch it

  45. anthony evans

    anthony evans29 days ago

    The space shuttle was made,only to fly in low earth orbit. It would of been cool if it could of flown to the moon or mars..

  46. Clint Patac

    Clint PatacMonth ago

    Some debris fell off at 14:57 that would have alarmed me. But I guess they would have checked it after, and Discovery made it home safely so it was obviously nothing serious.

  47. jrockett73

    jrockett7327 days ago

    At that height, it doesn't do any damage.There is no atmosphere to slow it down or accelerate the foam.

  48. Михаил Шепелев

    Михаил ШепелевMonth ago

  49. Rob Trikilis

    Rob TrikilisMonth ago

    What was the issue with SRO?

  50. Vrindha Vrindha

    Vrindha VrindhaMonth ago


  51. LaoRyda612

    LaoRyda612Month ago

    At 14:56 don’t look like 4700 mph when something fell off lol

  52. Dagoberto Morales

    Dagoberto MoralesMonth ago

    The most wonderful technology we have

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  54. buba426

    buba426Month ago

    11:02 the last time those engines roared into life.

  55. Peter Gillies

    Peter GilliesMonth ago

    Hold a 2 , thank you ,🎆,coov,. ,do it Again. 🔎🔍

  56. Jeff Smith

    Jeff SmithMonth ago

    Wonderworks. Miniatures

  57. Jake Kellogg

    Jake KelloggMonth ago

    In addition to the countless personnel from NASA who made this program succeed over 30+ yrs despite 2 shuttles lost our country succeeded in not only reaching for the stars and exploring Earth and beyond but letting the next generation know that nothing is impossible! To add to that the personnel at Patrick AFB and Cape Canaveral AFS did an outstanding job in their capacity in making sure everything went smoothly, without our USAF's unwavering commitment to this incredibly important mission it never would've succeeded!

  58. Jeffery Giordano

    Jeffery GiordanoMonth ago


  59. Ashwin Muchhadiya

    Ashwin MuchhadiyaMonth ago


  60. Kuupollo 11

    Kuupollo 11Month ago


  61. Dinesh12 Magar2

    Dinesh12 Magar2Month ago

    🇳🇵Who is medi in country to get lunch space. 2017 our 2018. Discovered. !

  62. Mar Blox

    Mar BloxMonth ago

    What a COMPLETE waste of Taxpayer Money. Can any of you space idiots describe 2 experiments in this stupid thing that are so important to mankind.??? They CLEARLY cannot put a man on the moon even today in 2019 so to think they will colonize another planet is just retarded.

  63. Mar Blox

    Mar Blox15 days ago

    +Matinalii < --- Paid Government Tool just trolling. This idiot backs everything the government says. I have been following this moron for years now.

  64. Matinalii

    Matinalii15 days ago

    +Mar Blox Sorry, how big is this "nasa tax" ?- you need to pay every month with electricity, water, garbage and other taxes? Can I see a bill?

  65. Matinalii

    Matinalii15 days ago

    +Mar Blox Sorry, but where I said the NASA invented computers? You have medical conditions and you can't read all words?

  66. Matinalii

    Matinalii15 days ago

    +Mar Blox =)) more crying and self like comment.

  67. Mar Blox

    Mar Blox15 days ago

    +Matinalii Um, sir DumBass - we would have computers with or without NASA. Explore on YOUR dime - not the taxpayers dime.

  68. A. D

    A. DMonth ago

    we should put some flatearthers in it and leave them on orbit so they can die in pain of thruth

  69. Mark Henderson

    Mark HendersonMonth ago

    I miss the America that built systems like this... yes she was flawed but the Space Shuttle is as much about American can-do attitude as anything else; I miss this America, the America that was a shining beacon of light and innovation :(

  70. Astutik Vandeweijer

    Astutik VandeweijerMonth ago

    Enjoy the circus show at cape carnaval

  71. Matinalii

    Matinalii16 days ago

    enjoy your stupidity

  72. Michael Blocksom

    Michael BlocksomMonth ago

    I hope someone still watches that can answer my question. At what point is the shuttle actually breaking into space but obviously still accelerating to get out of earths gravitational pull?? It’s before the boosters break off right ??

  73. Michael Blocksom

    Michael BlocksomMonth ago

    +Sebastian Nolte hmmmmm....crazy. never realized theres no specific boundary. makes sense i guess when youre in orbit youre still being affected by earths gravity. but youre in space... very interesting and mind boggling.

  74. Sebastian Nolte

    Sebastian NolteMonth ago

    There is no boundary to space. The atmosphere gets thinner fluently with the altitude. Already at 36 km the air pressure is only 1% comparing to the ground. The US Air Force gave "astronaut" badges to pilots that flew beyond 50 miles (so about 80 km). The most accepted definition for the beginning of space is 100 km. But that is a definiton based on aviation. At that height, the neccessary speed to get aerodynamic uplift becomes as high as the orbital speed. But even at 400 km the is still some atmosphere - this ISS is that high and it loses 50 meters of altitude every day because the drag slows it down. Most people will say that space begins at 100 km. So 328,000 feet. You can see in the video when that happens. But as I explained above: It is quite random and not important. The 100 km definition was made by the World Air Sports Federation, that wanted a distinction between "aviataion" and "space travel" in the 1950s, so that thex know if a record ("highest flight") still counts as an aviation record or not. From a "natural" or "scientific" background, you are only interested in altitude, air pressure etc. You don't care if a certain altitude should be called "space" or not, because it means nothing.

  75. Paul Dunai

    Paul DunaiMonth ago

    Can someone explain why the Altitude seems to hover around the 330000-360000 feet for the last 4 minutes. I.e. it seems to max out at 60 odd miles

  76. Sebastian Nolte

    Sebastian NolteMonth ago

    That is high enough to accelerate to 17,000 mph. The big challenge of getting into orbit is to reach that high sideway speed, not altitude. If you once are in orbit, you can easier can go to higher orbits. It uses the small maneuver rockets to go up to the ISS (at about 250 miles) after the video.

  77. Tmccreight25Gaming

    Tmccreight25GamingMonth ago

    The Space Shuttle was an incredible machine... but so are it’s replacements, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle and Dragon Spacecraft and ULA’s Atlas V N22 and Starliner Spacecraft

  78. иван епифан

    иван епифанMonth ago

    The impression at 12:00 is that the bottom of the Shuttle's fuel tank is red-hot.


    RA DRAVENMonth ago

    Roy Henderson if you are too intello for human your ass should be on mars by now...freak

  80. Ashton Manivanh At gaming

    Ashton Manivanh At gamingMonth ago

    1 question why was the external tank on the space shuttle for like a long time for like 17 minutes and then released?

  81. Ashton Manivanh At gaming

    Ashton Manivanh At gamingMonth ago

    Oh thanks! Thanks for the help

  82. Sebastian Nolte

    Sebastian NolteMonth ago

    Actually it is released less then 9 minutes after the launch. They throw it away after is was empty, so not longer then neccessary. Look at the speed, it is accelerating all the time, using the fuel in the tank. At 19:32 you can hear him aying "main engine cut off confirmed". So the engine stops, they have reached orbital speed of about 17,000 mph, the tank is empty, and thrown away a few seconds later.

  83. hanif raz

    hanif razMonth ago


  84. Michał Hum

    Michał HumMonth ago

    I love it.

  85. Morgan Grey

    Morgan GreyMonth ago

    Sports car driver-My car can go from 0 to 100 in 9 seconds flat..............Shuttle pilot-My vehicle goes from 0 to mach 20 in 7 minutes and 32 seconds,and seats 7 and holds a lot of baggage as well.....beat that.

  86. Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500

    Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500Month ago

    *SPACE SHUTTLE - Orbital Velocity around the Earth* 17,500 mph, or 18.5 miles per second

  87. Joel Wright

    Joel WrightMonth ago

    No curvature of earth from60 miles up, this is bull crap

  88. Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500

    Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500Month ago

    you better get a Refill on those Opioids

  89. Paul Cobbe

    Paul CobbeMonth ago

    Discovery, the workhorse of the shuttle fleet and a beast of a vehicle

  90. Jamie Vorne

    Jamie VorneMonth ago

    16 THOUSAND MILES PER HOUR .......... Absolutely mental x

  91. Ali Al-Isa

    Ali Al-Isa2 months ago

    10:58 I gotta get one of these! Oh boy I really got to!

  92. Gauri Snr

    Gauri Snr2 months ago

    This is human powered🏔🏔🌋🌋🌏🌏🌎🌍

  93. Clint Tapper

    Clint Tapper2 months ago

    1000 miles in 8 minutes. One day we'll have travel craft that can do this. Hopefully. "Yeah, I'm in New York. I'm at the airport.. I'll be in London in a minute."

  94. Dewayne Prince

    Dewayne Prince2 months ago

    I really miss those days.

  95. Marco Schneidewind

    Marco Schneidewind2 months ago

    14:54 well... we all know what can happen :/

  96. Buccaneer Toothless Andy

    Buccaneer Toothless Andy2 months ago

    My friend saw that exact same shuttle at Washington DC. You can still see the burn marks from reentry

  97. colonel bacon

    colonel bacon2 months ago

    Dad: why you crying so damn loud?

  98. Anang Dompu

    Anang Dompu2 months ago


  99. তারামন বিবি স্কুল

    তারামন বিবি স্কুল2 months ago

    I want to buy this discovery for riding 👍

  100. MrMadjones

    MrMadjones2 months ago

    I never get tired of watching this , What we humans could accomplish is we put all our differences aside ... Greetings from Wales 👍

  101. Randall Ketterer

    Randall Ketterer2 months ago

    Way To Go

  102. Rory Shields

    Rory Shields2 months ago

    I love how all other flights to the ISS had an “instantaneous” window, but not Discovery. She had enough performance to get there even with an error or a bit of time wasted.

  103. テイムレーシングドライバー

    テイムレーシングドライバー2 months ago

    It took around 9-10 minutes to go to the space while it takes 4 hours to move an inch in Kuala Lumpur traffic!

  104. super9338

    super93382 months ago

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  105. Andy Thomp

    Andy Thomp2 months ago

    Even at that view you can tell they go up and over the ocean. Never getting to space . They build these just to please the people. People are stupid and ignorant to believe these people.

  106. Andy Thomp

    Andy Thomp16 days ago

    Matinalii you didn’t come with proof. You post cgi pictures and call it proof . Lmao 😂 . It’s all fake and we can’t leave this place . We haven’t landed on the moon or mars . God says we don’t move and it’s flat. And you take a few fake pictures and think it’s real . How stupid and ignorant are you . If the earth was flying 66,600 miles per hour it would rip our atmosphere away. They say the iss is flying thousands of miles per hour.if it was we could never catch up with it to dock . And stupid air burst is going to control movement in space . It a damn laugh . Everything that goes up will come right back down. Nothing is going to stay up there like they say it does . People like you are so dumb to believe everything they say . They go up and come back down . Satellites are put on balloons. Space is a lie and you can believe it all you want . Have at it . But I will always live by what my God says not your . Everything that goes up comes right back down . There is no space to hold them up there . It is all of satan and you can keep worshipping him . Good luck with that .

  107. Matinalii

    Matinalii16 days ago

    +Andy Thomp After your bible, sun and moon are luminaries, right? So, how is possible for the Moon craters to be in shadow?

  108. Matinalii

    Matinalii16 days ago

    +Andy Thomp You don't have to be a lover or santa to leave your basement and see for yourself. I forgot, you are afraid of "satan" telescopes...

  109. Matinalii

    Matinalii16 days ago

    +Andy Thomp And next time, come with proofs sir. I sent some.. if you can demonstrate them as fake, you have my respect. Now back in your cave..

  110. Matinalii

    Matinalii16 days ago

    +Andy Thomp =)) sorry, but they are flat earthers for real.. like you.. with santa and shits. I like how people like you can believe that God punish people in hell because... reasons, without any proofs.. but they can't believe in reality, because reality doesn't match with your theory.

  111. Wouter Buijsse

    Wouter Buijsse2 months ago

    Main engine start is brutal

  112. Colin Kunkel

    Colin KunkelMonth ago

    There is a slow motion video that shows the engine bells actually twisting and contorting at start up.

  113. N.C.P.R

    N.C.P.R2 months ago


  114. Marc Lévesque

    Marc Lévesque2 months ago

    Huge Power.

  115. Andrew Ayling

    Andrew Ayling2 months ago

    Fantastic video,fantastic commentary,awesome and amazing in equal measure. Discovery makes one last reach for the stars...😘...epic..

  116. kulmainer

    kulmainer2 months ago

    A masterpiece of NASA and all the people of America! And now with 2018 this is all so unbelievable! I was 7 years old when Apollo 11 launched to the Moon and I have watched Neil Armstrong to step onto the Moon! Discovery, thanks for your last flight and service to human mankind, we will never forget all of your great flights and landings! Thank you so much Discovery out of Bavaria, Germany.

  117. hsvenforcer

    hsvenforcer2 months ago

    if only the telemetry lined up properly

  118. JITHESH K

    JITHESH K2 months ago


  119. kamlesh tech maurya

    kamlesh tech maurya2 months ago


  120. auguste malonga

    auguste malonga2 months ago

    Where did the fuel tank go after separation from the shuttle?

  121. Sebastian Nolte

    Sebastian Nolte2 months ago

    Burns away on re-entering.

  122. 李晓

    李晓2 months ago

    as a sign to the free and a hope to the world

  123. kilroy1976

    kilroy19762 months ago

    I was there. I remember very well that there was an incident at around T minus one minute that caused the countdown to stop, and sadness in millions of people. I remember how Titusville's cell towers couldn't handle millions banging away at the same time, and just crashed. I remember the only source of information being a roar from the crowd in a nearby park that had an official NASA clock that started counting down again. I remember the rest too.

  124. matt young

    matt young2 months ago

    At 10:22 the caption auto-generate advises that the shuttle orbiter switches from running on mains power to turtle power! (Obviously meant to be internal power) .... Gotta love auto-generated captions 😂😂 ~~teenage mutant ninja turtles ...~

  125. Abdias Batista

    Abdias Batista2 months ago


  126. Angel Grado

    Angel Grado2 months ago

    Whats that passing at 14:42?

  127. Thebuilderofthings1

    Thebuilderofthings12 months ago

    I don't miss the shuttle. I miss Apollo. I believe the shuttle ultimately became a white elephant using up money that entrapped us in low earth orbit shenanigans too long. It was great at first but we strayed away from celestial exploration by landing man on another body. Apollo still is the quintessential space endeavor yet to be matched let alone beaten. It is tragic that lives were lost yet we know this is a dangerous environment. It's been almost 50 years since we first landed man on the moon, and haven't come close to it since. I saw as an 11 year old the actual lift off of Apollo 11 in '69. Here is a tribute to that day I experienced: Enjoy!

  128. SyoShinozaki

    SyoShinozaki2 months ago

    Sad Space Shuttle is no more. When will be the next time US would launch the next manned space flight?

  129. Unstoppable

    Unstoppable2 months ago

    Impacted at 14:58

  130. christian michel

    christian michel3 months ago

    us must use metric system, they continue to use a very archaic system of mesure, very strange for this country