Steve Kerr reminisces with Scottie Pippen about their Bulls playoff runs | The Jump | ESPN


  1. Jon.o

    Jon.oMonth ago

    whos that kid in the background trying to shoot 3s

  2. Ray Dominguez

    Ray DominguezMonth ago

    Pippen and Kerr also played as teammates in portland in 2001

  3. Erik Hopkins

    Erik HopkinsMonth ago

    Steve is "baked!"

  4. Sincere Supreme

    Sincere SupremeMonth ago

    Steve Kerr one of the best 3 point shooters to ever do it,I remember as a kid watching Steve Kerr, Luke longley,Ron harper,Scottie pippen,Tony kukoc and ofcorse the Great Michael Jordan murdering the east for years,those were the days.

  5. Clyde Cromey

    Clyde Cromey3 months ago

    Scottie doesn't know....

  6. helder buvana

    helder buvana3 months ago

    yo check curry in da back splashing all those 3s

  7. Ryan Alexander

    Ryan Alexander3 months ago

    I missed him playing days with the bulls I loved Kerr he’s a great Bulls player back in 90’s go bulls

  8. 5000 subscribers with no videos

    5000 subscribers with no videos4 months ago

    Steph curry casualy training in The background

  9. forza Ferrari

    forza Ferrari5 months ago

    Steph was like the guy who crashes a reporter on a live report hahaha

  10. Mentor Tairi

    Mentor Tairi5 months ago

    "When a guy gets you 3 rings you don't ever embarrass him" kerr is extremely humble

  11. Angelo Conte

    Angelo Conte5 months ago

    Is anybody here rembering Steve Kerr nickname as ''the german one'' at the time of the Bulls?

  12. Moses working

    Moses working6 months ago

    Steve is like; pippen am the star now and you are a side kick.

  13. Yes, we Koreans hate black niggers

    Yes, we Koreans hate black niggers6 months ago

    steve kerr? oh yeah, the guy who drafted alando tucker, dj strawberry, robin lopez, earl clark, taylor griffin, gani lawal when he was the GM/consultant with the suns.

  14. kevin torres

    kevin torres6 months ago

    Rip pops wife😣

  15. TiaPLays games

    TiaPLays games7 months ago

    Just watching Steph shoot and hearing the Swish MY EYES GOT LOCKED IN THE GOAT CURRY IS IN TV W THOSE 3's BBY

  16. Kobi Johann

    Kobi Johann7 months ago

    Wardell in the back making buckets👌🏽

  17. POC Skellington

    POC Skellington7 months ago

    Curry mastering the 3

  18. Julian Zepeda

    Julian Zepeda8 months ago

    Real clickbait in the title. Must have been 5 seconds interchange between Scottie and Steve in this one. Come on ESPN, you can do better.

  19. Mack farforchips

    Mack farforchips8 months ago

    Steph workin

  20. Telecat Johnson

    Telecat Johnson8 months ago


  21. avin nazaire

    avin nazaire8 months ago

    Jordan is the GOAT, LbJ is the Boat (always going with a team that has better players) ahhaha

  22. Рональд Доктор

    Рональд Доктор8 months ago

    one of the GREATEST COACH in the history of the NBA

  23. Legend Killer

    Legend Killer8 months ago

    A fat dude interviewing athletes really ruins the program

  24. Trey Indica

    Trey Indica8 months ago

    "Steve Kerr reminisces with Scottie Pippen" ?? that was reminiscing? lol

  25. justafanintexas

    justafanintexas8 months ago

    And then Golden State blew the Spurs doors off 4-1.

  26. 人參剩粒祖

    人參剩粒祖9 months ago

    Pippen lost a lot of muscles.

  27. Eli the fortnite player Drewyore

    Eli the fortnite player Drewyore9 months ago

    See steph in the background

  28. val goozy

    val goozy9 months ago

    how could warrior would not win champion if they have a coach who experience everything...steve kerr is a 3 times champion from the bulls 2 championship from other teams,won the 3 points shooting,part of the historic record 70 win with a ring and most specially steve kerr played with mj and pippen who is part ofthe greatest nba players..ofcourse steve learned everything from them and now he is applying to his team..

  29. TableToadMusic

    TableToadMusic9 months ago

    Kerr .. the best player to Coach TRANSITION Achiever in Modern era after Phil Jackson

  30. Noel Tantoco

    Noel Tantoco9 months ago

    Kerr Knows

  31. KhAizeR † AthLetics

    KhAizeR † AthLetics9 months ago

    I was watching steph shooting around the whole time.

  32. I am Hassan

    I am Hassan9 months ago

    Steph just dying to be seen lol 🙈

  33. bastardjustice

    bastardjustice9 months ago

    Why didn't Jordan became a coach?

  34. 程冠淞

    程冠淞9 months ago


  35. igme bradley

    igme bradley9 months ago

    pippen speaks like a bass guitar

  36. Jake Browne

    Jake Browne9 months ago

    Damn Rachael 😍

  37. Geet Garvin

    Geet Garvin9 months ago


  38. Music Deron Jones

    Music Deron Jones9 months ago

    They are Champs again sweeping CAVS 4-0. Back to back go GS

  39. SavoPaddy

    SavoPaddy9 months ago

    I don't know a whole lot about Steve Kerr bar watching him as Bulls players during the glory years, he comes across as an incredibly knowledgeable, down-to-earth and likeable guys. No surprise he has had such success as a coach, I remember him as a brilliant squad and team player for the bulls, always working for the team, never grabbing attention for himself even though he had an amazing all-round game in his locker.

  40. Tyler Lerum

    Tyler Lerum9 months ago

    Well guess what . Golden State got another ring and kd is a 2 time finals mvp . Congrats kerr

  41. Jenny Pease

    Jenny Pease9 months ago

    nice view kerr

  42. Allround-Reviewer

    Allround-Reviewer9 months ago

    i believe the bulls could have get more than just 3 peats if MJ didnt retire. but, 6 rings is good enough though

  43. junior

    junior9 months ago

    RandomStuffz I’m saying 8 straight the new spurs at that time with Duncan would’ve been a great series maybe 9 rings MJ should have more than 6

  44. Hacienda Leifi

    Hacienda Leifi9 months ago

    Going to bet Curry made all them shots.

  45. mrhappy0505

    mrhappy05059 months ago

    Background looks faked.

  46. arpxdagoodone

    arpxdagoodone9 months ago

    Never asked Kerr...what's his opinion on 72-10 Bulls vs 69-13 Warriors....who would win? Someone ask him please. :)

  47. America

    America9 months ago

    He is behind a green screen


    TERRY CHEN9 months ago

    I bet Steph is like......I’m gonna get 3 rings.....

  49. Denis

    Denis9 months ago

    For all ignorant that think MJ is better, just ask yourself, when LBJ had a team player like Pippen, Rodman, Horance Grant, Kerr, Kukoc, playing in the same team? And ad to that, one of the best coach in history.. Please, stop being so ignorant. If LBJ would have just 2 of those players, would have right now all records and rings.

  50. Dynamo001

    Dynamo0019 months ago

    Rachel Nichols is so thick -- in a good way.

  51. Raizo Naville

    Raizo Naville9 months ago

    Didnt know Jonah Hill is now a reporter.

  52. junior

    junior9 months ago

    Raizo Naville 😂😂😂😂

  53. Raizo Naville

    Raizo Naville9 months ago

    Am I the only one whos waiting Curry to videobomb Steve Kerr hahaha

  54. enrique figueroa

    enrique figueroa9 months ago

    They need to get rid of this dumb ass bitch

  55. Kamyar Zarkoub

    Kamyar Zarkoub9 months ago

    Is Steph wearing joggers or shorts? Can't tell

  56. Brandon Riddlesprigger

    Brandon Riddlesprigger9 months ago

    Token in The Town!!!


    SLUGOTHEPRINCE9 months ago

    whose the fat fucker? on the jump

  58. John Smith

    John Smith9 months ago

    i love Steve Kerr He's a pretty chill guy.

  59. mamster233

    mamster2339 months ago

    Did that fat guy play in the NBA???

  60. mamster233

    mamster2339 months ago

    Directx Opengl lol. Are you sure?

  61. corkystorky

    corkystorky9 months ago

    Where's the Undertaker?

  62. Melvin Collins

    Melvin Collins9 months ago

    Who really cares about the Warriors. Basketball is dead, these kids are unwatchable.

  63. Sil Vio

    Sil Vio9 months ago

    Who’s the fat white woman with a man mans haircut?

  64. Ali Dickerson

    Ali Dickerson9 months ago

    Steve Kerr could b the next Phil Jackson

  65. Brandon Hoffmann

    Brandon Hoffmann9 months ago

    Scotty. You. Are. So. Boring.

  66. BldgWha7

    BldgWha79 months ago

    Rodman would bring Draymond to tears, he wouldn't be able to box out Dennis 1 single time in 48 minutes.

  67. sir pres

    sir pres9 months ago

    A Curry se la suda 😂

  68. Damien Soliz

    Damien Soliz9 months ago

    Curry look gay tiptoeing lmao

  69. meg

    meg10 months ago

    This has to be one of the worst playoffs in NBA history. The Spurs just lost Tim Duncan, are old and missing their best player in Lenard. The Celtics are young, inexperienced and missing their best player in Kyrie. The Raptors are just bums. Just a dissapointing and underwhelming playoffs. With unevenly matched teams but as always a bunch of 7 game series for the $$$.

  70. Jessy Oceans

    Jessy Oceans10 months ago

    1:20 Pippen's face looks like a flacid dick, 3:55 A fat kid from any given scary movie, 4:29 behind Kerr, a loose walker from "the walking dead," 4:49 what is wrong with this guy's eyes, is he melting, I guess there is a global warming.

  71. BoY BaYaG AbduL dYAkUL Salsalani

    BoY BaYaG AbduL dYAkUL Salsalani10 months ago

    is Scottie hair on her ball grow like his hair on his head also?

  72. Noel Quiñones

    Noel Quiñones10 months ago

    Scottie could play Black Dynamite part 2.

  73. DiM

    DiM10 months ago

    Kerr stoned af.

  74. KeroKero 1idb

    KeroKero 1idb10 months ago

    Does anyone know what is Curry wearing? (sneakers)

  75. j burggg

    j burggg10 months ago

    pippen looking like a lesbian mcdonalds shift leader on night shift.

  76. roberto flores

    roberto flores10 months ago

    Pippen haircut what disgrace. What disgrace I totally understand why his wife cheat on him. She had no choice. 🤔

  77. Brandon Riddlesprigger

    Brandon Riddlesprigger10 months ago

    Steve big token n 🚬 in Oakland.....

  78. Bryant Murdock

    Bryant Murdock10 months ago

    wtf happened to Scottie Pippen, that hair got to go bro 😂😂 new Scottie emoji 💩

  79. Curtis 23

    Curtis 2310 months ago

    In the next 7 years Steve kerr could have 14rings

  80. Go cubs Go

    Go cubs Go10 months ago

    Curry drains 100 jumpers during interview

  81. Walsh

    Walsh10 months ago

    Scottie looking like a member of the commodores

  82. MsYoVon ItsG

    MsYoVon ItsG10 months ago

    And Dennis..she laughed. Disrespectful. Without Dennis, that team would not have been as Dominated.

  83. piqueq8y

    piqueq8y10 months ago

    Barber: what do u want today? Scottie: Gimme the roman J isreal

  84. Samson Pagunsan

    Samson Pagunsan10 months ago

    Scottie and Steve are an example of teammates that showed teamwork and they won the championship.

  85. dolomite7343

    dolomite734310 months ago

    Steph in the back draining jumpers

  86. Manny King Money

    Manny King Money10 months ago

    Was that a Green Screen

  87. Samit Sheth

    Samit Sheth10 months ago

    Kerr/Pippen out here talking about how hard it is to do this for the 3rd or maybe 4th straight year. Meanwhile LeBron's trying to get to his 8th straight finals...

  88. Jhen Dela Rosa

    Jhen Dela Rosa10 months ago

    In 98 pippen is hurt but jordan still manage to win in a clutch...

  89. Kevin P

    Kevin P10 months ago

    Kerr is a good player. Great coach.

  90. Pcorf Creations

    Pcorf Creations10 months ago

    There is another Steve shooting in the background at 1:00

  91. Vintage Studios

    Vintage Studios10 months ago

    Scottie pippen got the functional crackhead uncle haircut

  92. Vintage Studios

    Vintage Studios10 months ago

    Scottie Pippin voice sound like chocolate

  93. jsoop71

    jsoop7110 months ago

    cut your hair scottie.. goddamn..

  94. Jacabo Blanco

    Jacabo Blanco10 months ago

    When the Heat came together, I hated it. I hated there being a team that was so much better than the competition. Little did I fucking know the warriors would then make the heat look like nothing. This team is so unfairly stacked Outside of the Center position, the squad they have on the floor EVRRY night could very well be the all Star team lol

  95. Jacabo Blanco

    Jacabo Blanco10 months ago

    Steve Kerr has to be the luckiest man to ever play the game lmao. Got to ride along side Jordan and Scottie and grab multiple rings, and then as a coach, got to take over a turn key championship squad with the warriors. He was a good player, and I think he is probably a good coach (who knows. With a team like that, winning doesn't mean u r a real good coach. Anyone could win with that squad lol) but still! It's crazy luck.

  96. Neth BT

    Neth BT10 months ago

    *No tippin' Pippen has no embarrassing stories?*

  97. Mark A. Smith

    Mark A. Smith10 months ago

    This is why steph is a great shooter. Shoots so many shots in the same spot. Repetition is the mother of skill.

  98. ImxFromxDc

    ImxFromxDc10 months ago

    I Payed more Attention to Steph then ANYTHING

  99. ImxFromxDc

    ImxFromxDc10 months ago

    I Payed more Attention to Steph then ANYTHING

  100. TunezCottage

    TunezCottage10 months ago

    the whole time i'm just watching Steph, the smoothness

  101. OD Number3

    OD Number310 months ago

    Curry wetting them bitches , straight up !

  102. Q Lou

    Q Lou10 months ago

    Sooooo..aint nobody else gon say nothing about Mike Brown making these cameos in dem shorts!!

  103. TL2354

    TL235410 months ago

    They should’ve got into Pippen quitting on the Bulls in the 94 playoffs