Steve Kerr reminisces with Scottie Pippen about their Bulls playoff runs | The Jump | ESPN


  1. Jesse Air

    Jesse Air7 hours ago

    That light skin guy back there looks like he can play

  2. Fo Reel

    Fo Reel8 hours ago

    It's okay to grab Brian Windhorst by the jowl and shake vigorously, just for fun

  3. J Davis

    J Davis11 hours ago

    Why does everyone want to hurt Pippen?


    DAW PAWN SHOP16 hours ago


  5. Damon M

    Damon M18 hours ago

    Scottie should give Steven A. Smith and Kevin Durant some of his hair LOL

  6. mark Johnson

    mark Johnson21 hour ago

    If you listen Coach Kerr closely that what make player like LeBron so great because he's in the the finals year after year with little fire power. M

  7. ROB

    ROB21 hour ago

    Who is the hottest woman on a sports network? Rachel Nichols, Kay Adams, or Lauren Shehadi?

  8. Southsideman

    Southsideman22 hours ago

    This was great!

  9. josef rootgum

    josef rootgum22 hours ago

    Can they at least get that photobomber to the right of Steve Kerr off the frame?

  10. Thrilla In Manila

    Thrilla In ManilaDay ago

    Omg Steve Kerr is a cute old man...

  11. Billdude21

    Billdude21Day ago

    Sorry to hear about all that stolen farm equipment Scotty

  12. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher JohnsonDay ago

    Pippen should be on that board in the MIB... like... of course he is an alien.

  13. D H

    D HDay ago

    Odd how Steph the only one shootin around.

  14. D H

    D HDay ago

    Kerr was clutch af...

  15. DJ J WATTS

    DJ J WATTSDay ago


  16. noahmarsh #10

    noahmarsh #10Day ago

    Did anyone else take focus on steph half the time

  17. shamika slater

    shamika slaterDay ago

    Is that Curry cooking up in the background?

  18. kroos giro

    kroos giroDay ago

    I hate snitch fat ass Brian Windhorst



    He high as fuck lol

  20. Tony Lopez

    Tony LopezDay ago

    Yea, I watched Steph the whole time.........


    Eli THEBALLERDay ago

    bro i was watching the greatest shooter alive the whole time of this interview

  22. Thomas McCarthy

    Thomas McCarthyDay ago

    Misleading title.

  23. AkoTo Marjon

    AkoTo Marjon2 days ago

    I just love steve kerr, he is always on point!

  24. Teeny-tinyTuber Tuber

    Teeny-tinyTuber Tuber2 days ago

    I came here to watch curry!

  25. KG Hall

    KG Hall2 days ago

    Why do people act like he's done legendary coach

  26. choices2make1

    choices2make12 days ago

    Of course steph in the back I hate the warriors I truly do

  27. clglover77

    clglover772 days ago

    Is Steve high?

  28. alpha omega

    alpha omega3 days ago

    Steve has always been one of my favs. Bulls all day

  29. alpha omega

    alpha omega3 days ago

    Steve has serious illness so he has to take alot of medication

  30. Countless Bathory

    Countless Bathory3 days ago

    They can beat anyone without Steph remember guys KD was the 2014 mvp and he is not slowing down plus he is still young

  31. John Woo

    John Woo3 days ago

    Never forgettable guys with MJ. I enjoyed bulls era. I am proud of you.

  32. Strommunism

    Strommunism3 days ago

    Sickening to see Steve collude with ESPN and the Disney hate machine

  33. No Way

    No Way3 days ago

    Grew up in Detroit Bad Boys fan they were epic games between Chicago and the Pistons

  34. Ethan G.

    Ethan G.3 days ago


  35. Rowdy1

    Rowdy13 days ago

    Scottie looks like Craig Mack

  36. Tristan Ellis

    Tristan Ellis3 days ago

    I never thought Coach Kerr had a son

  37. Max MAX

    Max MAX3 days ago

    Why didn't he talk about how much they had to pay the refs to win so much...........

  38. surph mbonisi

    surph mbonisi3 days ago

    Curry out here shooting hella bricks

  39. Donald Kontleikkers

    Donald Kontleikkers3 days ago

    scottie pippen sports greatest sidekick.

  40. MooseT

    MooseT3 days ago

    Steve Kerr is a moron

  41. H0eSpl0n1t1

    H0eSpl0n1t13 days ago

    WTF 2:36 !! Somebody else heard that ?

  42. CubanExile

    CubanExile3 days ago

    Steve Kerr is a LIBTARD and was nothing special when he played in Orlando.

  43. Jerry James

    Jerry James4 days ago

    Steve Kerr has got to be one the most fortunate NBA players in history, by ending up being a part of 3 different great NBA dynasties throughout his career; Bulls 1996-98, Spurs 1999-2003 and now Warriors 2015-present

  44. Ro G

    Ro G4 days ago

    Does anyone remember when the Warriors visited the White House and Obama introduced Steve Kerr "as a member of the greatest team NBA history....the 1995 Chicago Bulls!"? Damn, I miss that guy.

  45. klkclj Bersola

    klkclj Bersola4 days ago

    Stupid coach selfish he got kevin durant so so so u know u r not so good u r ah big big big crocodile

  46. Cleon Wilson

    Cleon Wilson4 days ago

    I thought this was a Curry workout and everything else was background commentary

  47. FK kroniiic

    FK kroniiic4 days ago

    Is that Jonah Hill?

  48. The Count

    The Count4 days ago

    Pippin look like a black chia pet.

  49. xxJ3SSiCA09xx

    xxJ3SSiCA09xx4 days ago

    Tracy has always been my boo but Steve is handsome af too! :)

  50. joab nyabuto

    joab nyabuto4 days ago


  51. JayBiggz

    JayBiggz4 days ago

    only thing i cared about was that Steph Curry was in the background getting shots up.

  52. John-Paul Hunt

    John-Paul Hunt4 days ago

    Hey what's MJ thinking?

  53. BradyA1124

    BradyA11244 days ago

    I saw the bulls in October 93

  54. Ian Is happy Gilmore

    Ian Is happy Gilmore4 days ago

    This was needed for both Scottie and Kerr 😂

  55. opannefrank

    opannefrank4 days ago

    Why does Scottie Pippen look like an ugly woman?

  56. Ken R

    Ken R4 days ago

    scottie pippen looking like a black george washington

  57. Briggs

    Briggs4 days ago

    Gang shit

  58. Tyler Orton

    Tyler Orton4 days ago

    Please help me give my sweet, amazing, and beautiful girl a trip she deserves! Anything would help thanks so much!

  59. plinio silva

    plinio silva4 days ago

    Nobody care about this interview everybody looking at Steph

  60. Ryan Austin Dean

    Ryan Austin Dean5 days ago

    Scottie’s hair...................

  61. Vincent Mr

    Vincent Mr5 days ago

    can not understand

  62. Clay G.

    Clay G.5 days ago

    steph wanting to be perfect every shot in the background

  63. Smurfeo

    Smurfeo5 days ago

    Steve Kerr will be in the talks of being 1 of the greatest coaches in NBA history. His name will be alongside: Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Chuck Daly, Rudy Tomjanovich, Gregg 'Pop' Popovich, Larry Brown n etc. for what he has done with Golden State...N I think it's easy for him to coach Steph Curry, Kevin Durant n Klay Thompson cuz they are 3pt shooters n Kerr was a 3pt weapon for the Spurs n the Chicago Bulls championships.

  64. DJ Davis Productions

    DJ Davis Productions5 days ago

    Is it me or is that fro slanted

  65. Tattoos_By_Kai

    Tattoos_By_Kai5 days ago

    Man, how does Kerr answer EVERY question right. This guy could seriously make a serious run as a politician. I'm calling it right now, Steve Kerr will be President in 12 years.

  66. Mikey T

    Mikey T5 days ago

    Scottie didn’t get him 3 rings, Mike did!

  67. Fuegonati

    Fuegonati5 days ago

    Bulls in their prime are unbeatable by any team of any era.

  68. Me L

    Me L5 days ago

    Kerr is happy about getting punched in the face like a pussy

  69. Highest Cigarette

    Highest Cigarette5 days ago

    Mean while rodman is partying (Idk how to spell his name but he was with MJ, Kerr, and scot. Number 91)

  70. Vogue Of Today

    Vogue Of Today5 days ago

    Hlw brother

  71. Highest Cigarette

    Highest Cigarette5 days ago

    Kerr looks high also how many ring he got like 4-5 right?

  72. Christian Corpus

    Christian Corpus5 days ago

    Steph curry casually a bystander trying to say hi behind the news reporter...

  73. Tom Bystander

    Tom Bystander5 days ago

    #23 on trending, mj in the illuminati confirmed

  74. A. Townsend

    A. Townsend5 days ago

    Pippen looks gay AF

  75. Charles Charlemagne

    Charles Charlemagne5 days ago

    Steve Kerr is a CUCK

  76. barz berz

    barz berz5 days ago

    Scottie laughs like a straight up thug

  77. Marco Huevo

    Marco Huevo5 days ago

    Damn, Scottie is morphing in to old Al Jarreau, lol

  78. Lei Last

    Lei Last5 days ago

    The best era best of all time best!!!

  79. E Oleary

    E Oleary5 days ago

    Curry in the back

  80. James Gordon

    James Gordon5 days ago

    Why don't KERR have Scottie with him ,helping out ???

  81. Guitar Portal

    Guitar Portal5 days ago

    Is that the dude from Superbad?

  82. Iain Graham

    Iain Graham5 days ago

    Scottie Pippen needs to narrate something

  83. gomasonpatriot1

    gomasonpatriot15 days ago

    curry 5 new colorway in the background

  84. arniebarb123

    arniebarb1235 days ago

    He reminds me of jiminy glick lol

  85. Alfred Barrera

    Alfred Barrera5 days ago

    Product poem inspire array media draw pipe.

  86. 31FilmTalk

    31FilmTalk5 days ago

    As a Bulls fan, Steve is the only reason I'm happy for the Warriors' success. He's a good guy and was a great bench player in the 90s along with Tony.

  87. MU's Cool

    MU's Cool5 days ago

    Bruh, Steph was glitching in the back

  88. Bro Cooking With Jay

    Bro Cooking With Jay5 days ago

    Jordan is better than Lebron.

  89. Bro Cooking With Jay

    Bro Cooking With Jay5 days ago

    90s bulls were awesome.

  90. My name? : Jeff

    My name? : Jeff5 days ago

    He ain't got eyebrows lol

  91. pinoi78

    pinoi785 days ago


  92. Mom The Ebayer

    Mom The Ebayer5 days ago

    I’m a Chicagoian and seeing the 3 peat first hand was such a PHENOMENAL TIME!!

  93. Grd Lpz

    Grd Lpz5 days ago

    Steve loyal. Basically he was like fuck yall i ain’t talking shit about Pippen. Lol I had to come back and write this. Curry shootin in the back.

  94. HonestBrotha

    HonestBrotha5 days ago

    This fat ass white boy LeBron that's how I got on is so trash

  95. Nikko Legacion

    Nikko Legacion5 days ago

    I thought that’s jonah hill

  96. dribbledrivedog

    dribbledrivedog5 days ago

    I love this nostalgia the 90s Bulls were the goat and I'm glad I grew up in that era in Chicago. Seeing them talk and get big smiles on their faces, they must have had a blast with each other and have a lot of love back to back championships you know they were going hard and fast. I'd love to see a Bulls reunion special. I'd buy the shit out of that it's been 20 years!

  97. Jeff

    Jeff5 days ago

    Damn did Steve RAIN DOWN 3's.

  98. Jeff

    Jeff5 days ago

    To be honest I lost interest in NBA after the bulls i knew split up ill never forget the BULLS man were they good.

  99. JPLMONEY23

    JPLMONEY235 days ago

    Why is Scottie wearing a helmet? what kind of scooter does he ride?

  100. Geng Yin

    Geng Yin5 days ago