1. Gabby H

    Gabby HHour ago

    Taylor is a sweetheart. Omfg. Tati. I love your family❤️

  2. Cori Kublank

    Cori KublankDay ago

    I love how when you sprayed James and asked him how much it cost, Taylor said it cost 12 cents meaning just that one spray and not the entire bottle

  3. Madden Sport Horses

    Madden Sport Horses2 days ago

    Taylor acts 15 I legitimately thought he was a young teenager

  4. Life as Km

    Life as Km4 days ago

    Taie ok this will sound weard but i have a perfict gril for her...i dont know if he would be intersted it not me NOT ME

  5. David Hipes

    David Hipes6 days ago

    Too mad he’s straight, I think he’s cute😚😢(NOT TO BE WEIRD😫😫)

  6. Jill Entress

    Jill Entress6 days ago

    Best video ever!!!

  7. Horselover8906

    Horselover89066 days ago

    why did that kind of sound like Jenna Marbles? 15:00

  8. Milly Michaela

    Milly Michaela10 days ago

    I love you all so much but I love Taylor the most at 14:05

  9. Michelle Weigele

    Michelle Weigele11 days ago

    Taylor looks exactly like his father they have the same mannerisms and laugh the same they are so alike

  10. Daniel Allen

    Daniel Allen12 days ago

    LOL the way Tati said "why"... like I would've burst into tears XD

  11. Daniel Allen

    Daniel Allen12 days ago

    LOL the way Tati said "why"... like I would've burst into tears XD

  12. Kick Blow

    Kick Blow13 days ago


  13. Nurçin Yılmaz

    Nurçin Yılmaz13 days ago

    I wish Tati was my stepmom

  14. Hygor Vinicius

    Hygor Vinicius13 days ago

    I have I huge crush on him

  15. Ashley Wang

    Ashley Wang13 days ago

    I like her son more than her

  16. Mia Davirro

    Mia Davirro13 days ago

    I literally have the same problem 😩 I’m 21 but I look 15 😒

  17. Emmie Andersson

    Emmie Andersson14 days ago

    Just my siri who reacted to them talking to her?

  18. TEEN GIRL Mark of Beauty

    TEEN GIRL Mark of Beauty14 days ago

    Makeup in him Taylor he is awesomee

  19. Lejla Cehic

    Lejla Cehic16 days ago

    First off doesn’t Tati seem happier with Taylor with her and second he’s 24?!

  20. JJ

    JJ17 days ago

    Taylor is attractive

  21. Lamya Bhat

    Lamya Bhat17 days ago

    Go away 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Neesan Ahsen

    Neesan Ahsen17 days ago

    "He has my bones" 😂

  23. slicky hair

    slicky hair17 days ago

    Pornhub title name?

  24. basschica

    basschica18 days ago

    True story my middle school band teacher looked down but she had the conducting wand pointed up on the podium and it went up her hose. She had to go to the ER.

  25. Xxxtentacles Nigga Xxx

    Xxxtentacles Nigga Xxx19 days ago

    Who else’s phone went to Siri at 13:24 ? When she was asking Siri a question lol😂

  26. John Adams

    John Adams23 days ago

    OMG he's so cute!

  27. retards didnt like my name so ive changed it

    retards didnt like my name so ive changed it23 days ago

    I've never smiled so much during one video. You guys are so sweet, this is amazing.

  28. Sarah Hwang

    Sarah Hwang26 days ago

    *ladies* watch out

  29. Zoey Cardinal

    Zoey Cardinal26 days ago

    Taylor knows more about makeup than me.

  30. Reese Lytle

    Reese Lytle27 days ago

    He looks like Zane from h2o

  31. Isabella Rose

    Isabella RoseMonth ago

    Literally every time Tati said “hey Siri” my Siri opened up, apparently we sound alike .😂🤣

  32. Gracelynn Kim

    Gracelynn KimMonth ago

    "Lets get married." "...WHEN?"

  33. Ada Graham

    Ada GrahamMonth ago

    “ MY BONES”

  34. Ada Graham

    Ada GrahamMonth ago

    I was watching an unboxing and James was talking then I switched to this video and Taylor was talking and they sounded the exact same

  35. Kassandra Lee

    Kassandra LeeMonth ago

    Omg I was hoping so bad that he would do a Ricky Bobby reference and when he did I yelled so loud! Hahaha ❤️

  36. Madelyn Moore

    Madelyn MooreMonth ago

    When he didn’t know what to do w his hands I was crying it was so cute ugghh

  37. Zints

    ZintsMonth ago

    I thought he was 16 or 17 what the heck

  38. Charlotte Lovvorn

    Charlotte LovvornMonth ago

    Taylor looks a lot like James

  39. Sarah

    SarahMonth ago

    Join Lakeside Middle School ROBLOX

  40. Kendra Snow

    Kendra SnowMonth ago

    You are the hottest step mom on the planet!! ❤️

  41. Sassii Patten

    Sassii PattenMonth ago

    she spend a tunn

  42. Sassii Patten

    Sassii PattenMonth ago

    they dont look alike at all

  43. Holistic Abundance

    Holistic AbundanceMonth ago

    Whenever you say “hey siri” my phone stops the video and Siri asks me what I want lol.

  44. Mason Miller

    Mason MillerMonth ago

    Daaang he's hot

  45. rover dome

    rover domeMonth ago

    I’m just leaving a lil msg for James here... he DEFINITELY looks like a mini version of you! 100% is yours 👍🏽😆

  46. Krista Fletcher

    Krista FletcherMonth ago

    wow, i didn’t realise that american siri sounded different to australian 😂😂😂

  47. Alicia McLain

    Alicia McLainMonth ago

    People don't think he's James's son? I think the first time I saw him, I was instantly like, yea that's super his son. There are obviously differences bc he's not a clone, but I think he totally looks like James. Top half of the face for sure. And don't feel bad about high prices for your makeup. I'd never pay that much bc I don't wear much makeup(even though I love beauty videos. Lol), but this is your JOB. Everyone spends money on their job. And it's not like you make 20 grand a year and you're going broke buying these things. Also, i love your videos and, damn girl, you are beautiful!

  48. JieHui Foo

    JieHui FooMonth ago

    i can't get over LAMER

  49. Tsuki Tamashii

    Tsuki TamashiiMonth ago

    Dude reminds me of Keanu Reeves

  50. Jenna T

    Jenna TMonth ago

    My Siri opened when Tati said hey Siri

  51. Becky Outwater

    Becky OutwaterMonth ago

    Oh my gosh!!!!! Taylor is adorbs!!!!!!

  52. Pink Babygirl

    Pink BabygirlMonth ago

    Omg idk if anyone knows who hobo Johnson is but her stepson looks just like him!

  53. Tanisha Munim

    Tanisha MunimMonth ago

    I do not have a SoundCloud or youtu-WHY.

  54. shahd ak

    shahd akMonth ago

    taylor is hot AF

  55. Elise Criqui

    Elise CriquiMonth ago

    I actually think Taylor looks a lot like James, Taylor’s just a young Asian version of his dad. Also, I look like my dad and no one thinks I’m my mothers child so I can relate.

  56. Kyrah Mosley

    Kyrah MosleyMonth ago

    "Idk what to do with my hands" XDDD

  57. Kyrah Mosley

    Kyrah MosleyMonth ago

    When Taylor was flossing, I laughed so hard I was wheezing..

  58. Jazmin Rivera

    Jazmin RiveraMonth ago

    You should do a son buys my makeup at Sephora!

  59. Julia Boros

    Julia BorosMonth ago

    ahhh taylor’s shirt

  60. Bilyana Dimitrova

    Bilyana DimitrovaMonth ago

    I'm gonna say it.... He's *hot*

  61. Mary Byrd

    Mary ByrdMonth ago

    24! I thought he was 14

  62. K Nana

    K NanaMonth ago

    Is his mom asian

  63. Lacie Page

    Lacie Page2 months ago

    You should do a video where you read his dms. It would be funny to read all the thirst messages that we all know he’s getting😂

  64. Kerika

    Kerika2 months ago

    I can't be the only one who thinks he does look a lot like his father lol

  65. Reese Loughner

    Reese Loughner2 months ago

    Omg no lie I was charging my phone and when Tati said “Hey Siri” my Siri activated 🤣🤣😂

  66. Lincoln Eyar

    Lincoln Eyar2 months ago

    *LaMer* So laaameeee. Even lameeeerrr 😂

  67. Sally Newman

    Sally Newman2 months ago

    $150 for a powder?!

  68. Rosie Busby

    Rosie Busby2 months ago

    I've had Australian Siri forever but mine is male

  69. Abigail Davis

    Abigail Davis2 months ago

    He’s 24?!? I thought he was 15 but looked 21

  70. Kiki Delivery Services

    Kiki Delivery Services2 months ago

    Did she just said "omg! She's so smart! " 😂

  71. Addy Bird

    Addy Bird2 months ago

    When she said hey Siri my own Siri came on 😂😂

  72. luna

    luna2 months ago

    Lmao I was like:mm what brand is that lame-er? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. Fabiola Ev

    Fabiola Ev2 months ago

    Taylor is my crush. Really.

  74. Daphanie Joshua

    Daphanie Joshua2 months ago

    Watchig this video really made my day much!! lots of love! 😍😍😍😍

  75. Kylee’s Adventure

    Kylee’s Adventure2 months ago

    Marc Jacobs - 14:06

  76. Eleanor Faulds

    Eleanor Faulds2 months ago

    Gosh now I wanna watch the sound of music 😂😂

  77. Sparkle Jane T

    Sparkle Jane T2 months ago

    Awww he's so cute

  78. A A

    A A2 months ago

    Tati is the "if u even do one thing correctly idk if its playing beer pongs imma push u to being famous and eternally happy " kinda mom and i dig it. 😂😘

  79. Gallopgracie15

    Gallopgracie153 months ago

    Tati’s Siri impression 😂 hahaha why does it sound like Jenna marbles doing Kermit’s voice 😂👌 brilliant!

  80. Rose

    Rose3 months ago


  81. make_upyourbeauty by Sarah

    make_upyourbeauty by Sarah3 months ago have the hottest step mom ever 😁

  82. Laurie Healey

    Laurie Healey3 months ago

    Lamer lol that made me laugh

  83. Mia Mare

    Mia Mare3 months ago

    He has 113k followers... I'M SHOOK!!! LIKE DAMNNNN SON!!

  84. Katherine Rodgers

    Katherine Rodgers3 months ago

    “i FOuNd thiS oN ThE WEb” killed me

  85. Julie Boozer

    Julie Boozer3 months ago

    Why is Tati so condescending? Why should they know the prices?

  86. PositivelyNice

    PositivelyNice3 months ago

    HA HA HA! James pronouncing “La Mer”! 😅 I have never thought that pronunciation is possible.


    JESSDANCER VLOGS3 months ago

    You literally turned on my Siri when you said Hey Siri

  88. Lucianne Lea

    Lucianne Lea3 months ago

    Taylor’s so sweet

  89. Ana Luiza Damo

    Ana Luiza Damo3 months ago

    is taylor your son or your stepson?

  90. Paige Carda

    Paige Carda3 months ago

    Whenever Tati says hey Siri my Siri goes off

  91. sabrinamarie

    sabrinamarie3 months ago

    gosh, I love y'alls relationship!! Best mom and son duo

  92. Katie Steele

    Katie Steele3 months ago

    Please have your family come on and guess the prices of your products 😂

  93. Jennifer Pratt

    Jennifer Pratt3 months ago

    He's been off $5 numerous times

  94. Ema Scatzel

    Ema Scatzel3 months ago

    When she said hey Siri ... my phone actually went on Siri😂

  95. Ba G

    Ba G3 months ago

    Can you do more videos with him?

  96. gianni jimenez

    gianni jimenez3 months ago

    “I fOuNd ThIs On ThE wEb” 😂😂😂😂 wow I’ve never laughed at a Siri impression so much before

  97. Lauren Barnette

    Lauren Barnette3 months ago

    I thought it was doofa for the longest time!!!

  98. Dana O'Donnell

    Dana O'Donnell3 months ago

    Tati you should have Taylor buy lesser known makeup products and have you guess the prices!

  99. Mason Nunes

    Mason Nunes3 months ago

    This was so funny 😂❤️

  100. Junior

    Junior3 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks she totally looks like Kate Middleton with this makeup?? Haha