1. Samantha Campbell

    Samantha Campbell8 hours ago

    Wait, he is single? How?

  2. Molly Knoblock

    Molly Knoblock9 hours ago

    Thats crazy people say Taylor doesn't look like James! I feel like they totally look like son and father!

  3. Nicole Tattershall

    Nicole Tattershall10 hours ago

    He definitely needs to make a MReporter channel for music

  4. Felicity Smoak

    Felicity Smoak10 hours ago

    That random beauty news shoutout there ❤️❤️

  5. kevin hendriksen

    kevin hendriksen11 hours ago

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  6. ccap3211

    ccap321111 hours ago

    Is he actually 24? I legit thought he was like a freshman in highschool.

  7. Susan A.

    Susan A.15 hours ago

    Look at James rocking the ripped jeans 🔥

  8. Tawa'u Sat Bast-Mut

    Tawa'u Sat Bast-Mut15 hours ago

    Sorry I have a crush on Taylor.

  9. Tatertat G

    Tatertat G16 hours ago

    Yt I mean

  10. Tatertat G

    Tatertat G16 hours ago

    UR toy name is my real name :D

  11. Jessica Putman

    Jessica Putman16 hours ago

    Tati impersonating Siri has me weak

  12. Larisa S

    Larisa S18 hours ago

    damn ! whenever I have a daughter I want her to date a boy u helped raise !!!!

  13. Cindy Fu

    Cindy Fu19 hours ago

    when you said “hey siri” my siri thought it was me and responded 😂😂😂

  14. bright penquin

    bright penquin20 hours ago

    Hello from the future, two weeks from this video you will see taylor again with this shirt Okay see ya

  15. laura cosgrove

    laura cosgroveDay ago

    One of my fav videos you have ever done! Such a lovely family! Xx

  16. black roses

    black rosesDay ago

    why does he look like that one character from ‘the end of the f***ing world’

  17. Jagoda Grzywa

    Jagoda GrzywaDay ago

    Haha Crazyyy:)

  18. Cindy Ha

    Cindy HaDay ago

    Why does that video remind me of Mary Poppins

  19. 안유리

    안유리Day ago

    I came back to look for the name of that dry patch skin thing you were talking about and I was wondering for my mom, she has Psoriasis and I was wondering if it could help with that? anything to ease her flare outs and pain... suggestions?

  20. Heather Leslie

    Heather LeslieDay ago

    Tati was so harsh on him :(

  21. Julia Lyn

    Julia LynDay ago

    Can you James and your step son do a family q and a

  22. Jennifer Back

    Jennifer BackDay ago

    Love when James and/ or Taylor are on your channel!

  23. Ella Robinette

    Ella RobinetteDay ago

    i loved this video so much

  24. MistressOfInsanity

    MistressOfInsanityDay ago

    You know they are related because they both suck at guessing! lol Love seeing your family on your channel.

  25. Gabriela Vila

    Gabriela VilaDay ago

    What do you mean he is 24? U kidding me right?

  26. gabriela rosado

    gabriela rosadoDay ago

    So funny! I loved it! You guys are Hilarious ! 😂

  27. Olga Karyukina

    Olga Karyukina2 days ago

    He's so cute! 😊 Love this guy ❤

  28. Katelynn Rathbone

    Katelynn Rathbone2 days ago

    Knowing that James is his dad, he’s definitely going to be a prime choice for whoever he decides to be with ♥️

  29. Hung Le

    Hung Le2 days ago

    I think he fuking his step mom

  30. beautyyybyyayah

    beautyyybyyayah2 days ago

    Am I the only one who keeps thinking that when Taylor looks at the camera he looks like James 😍😍 love your relationship with Taylor. Not many kids can have a good relationship with their step parents.

  31. Maryam Bozo

    Maryam Bozo2 days ago

    Taylor is so cool smart and sweet man

  32. friyeoles

    friyeoles2 days ago


  33. Donal MacAuley

    Donal MacAuley2 days ago

    When you workout that everything comes to almost $1,300

  34. Brittney Allen

    Brittney Allen2 days ago

    I’ve only started watching your videos today out of boredom. And I’m honestly not one for makeup but I find you pretty interesting. I’d like to ask you if you could buy make up/beauty products from the 99¢ store and dollar store and see what would work for you. Because for me I don’t have any money to waste on makeup, I’m on the poor side of California, but I feel like if you were to find make up from there that would work I’d actually consider doing make up once in awhile. Many girls and women like me can’t really afford to have beauty products... anyways hopefully you see this. Thanks. Stay beautiful and funny. 💗

  35. Sinais Alvarado

    Sinais Alvarado2 days ago

    This is so cute! You guys have an adorable relationship. Really enjoyed this video!

  36. Maci Manuel

    Maci Manuel2 days ago

    He’s supportive. I support him.

  37. Olivia

    Olivia2 days ago

    Tati...I'm 22, single and I also play guitar. Sign me up w/Taylor!

  38. The4thSoprano

    The4thSoprano2 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣 I have a mighty need for Taylor to do a reaction video to one of Tati’s. Please make this happen.

  39. Rachel McAdams

    Rachel McAdams2 days ago

    Fun fun. Again! Tati!

  40. tktrinity

    tktrinity2 days ago

    Taylor should be in a PR unboxing video. You guys are so funny together! LOL

  41. Jackie Gilbreath

    Jackie Gilbreath2 days ago

    You guys have the cutest relationship! He seems just as sweet as James

  42. Ariel Perez

    Ariel Perez3 days ago

    Lol I love how James wants to still be in the video and not be left out... cute little family moment😍

  43. savity257

    savity2573 days ago

    He has one heck of a milf

  44. Jordan Leah

    Jordan Leah3 days ago


  45. west coast queen

    west coast queen3 days ago

    PLEASE do his makeup

  46. Palesa Carle

    Palesa Carle3 days ago

    I already have an Australian siri

  47. Nancy Feng

    Nancy Feng3 days ago

    his french is pretty good

  48. Jana Mahn

    Jana Mahn3 days ago

    Tati rest out the Revlon 24 hour Color Stay Foundation!!!!!!

  49. meleaka cuthbert

    meleaka cuthbert3 days ago


  50. Turd Man Jones

    Turd Man Jones3 days ago


  51. Brittney C.

    Brittney C.3 days ago

    Love it. My Siri is British. Taylor is super cute & funny.

  52. Kayla Hussey

    Kayla Hussey3 days ago


  53. fathertamaki

    fathertamaki3 days ago

    mmmmmmmmm im in love with him

  54. Danielle Davidson

    Danielle Davidson3 days ago

    You should test the new Almay jelly highlights

  55. FireSkrop

    FireSkrop3 days ago

    10:12 Perfect Family Photo😂

  56. Aditi Goel

    Aditi Goel4 days ago

    You are so beautiful!

  57. Vansr Nessr

    Vansr Nessr4 days ago

    Everytime she said hey siri my siri started😂

  58. Suga76x Namjoon

    Suga76x Namjoon4 days ago


  59. Suga76x Namjoon

    Suga76x Namjoon4 days ago

    You need to do his makeup

  60. ElianaValentina

    ElianaValentina4 days ago

    Love this video! Could you please review the eco tools brushes? Love you lots!

  61. Amanda Alexander

    Amanda Alexander4 days ago

    Lamer 😂😂😂😂

  62. Maya Graffagna

    Maya Graffagna4 days ago

    Periwinkle? Lol

  63. Bianca

    Bianca4 days ago

    I love taylor he’s amazing

  64. StockpilingPrincess

    StockpilingPrincess4 days ago

    Love watching your video's with Taylor....more please. I think the relationship between you too is great. But you are the "cool stepmom!"

  65. milomazli

    milomazli4 days ago

    wuuuuu!!! Tayloooooor

  66. Jennifer Mohler

    Jennifer Mohler4 days ago

    So fun!!!!

  67. Sarah Munoz

    Sarah Munoz4 days ago

    Oh my god he's so cute

  68. Angie Williamson

    Angie Williamson4 days ago

    The best!!

  69. Maeva Moukda

    Maeva Moukda4 days ago

    OH MY GOD Tati are you coming to thailand? A fan from thailand 🇹🇭 💕

  70. shineeshawol1998

    shineeshawol19985 days ago

    Hey tati could u review the new FEG eyelash enhance serum that claim to grow your lashes??

  71. Ratu Adellya

    Ratu Adellya5 days ago

    TATI IS SO HOTT OMG i cant

  72. Ratu Adellya

    Ratu Adellya5 days ago

    also, Taylor's wit?! im so in love

  73. Brooklyn Weldon

    Brooklyn Weldon5 days ago

    Oml I love your vids 💕

  74. Joanna

    Joanna5 days ago

    Ngl the way he stares into the camera kinda gives me the heebee jeebees

  75. Keyena Kler

    Keyena Kler5 days ago

    hges such a daddie

  76. Magnetonafridge

    Magnetonafridge5 days ago

    i love him! Tell him he needs to come back and be a regular on your channel! : )

  77. Valeria Ruiz

    Valeria Ruiz5 days ago

    the iconic illuminator is 3$ on whish

  78. Marisa G

    Marisa G5 days ago

    I'm sorry tati but 46 dollars is hella expensive to me 😭

  79. Angy Chavez

    Angy Chavez5 days ago

    He’s funny😂 he should come back again where she does his makeup

  80. Jacqueline Gill

    Jacqueline Gill5 days ago

    He may not look like his dad, but he definitely has his awesome personality!!

  81. Brandi Weymers

    Brandi Weymers5 days ago

    he is the cutest. such a good sport in your videos!!

  82. Alexis98Adams

    Alexis98Adams5 days ago

    WAIT i love when all three of you guys where there messing around. Honestly the cutest family.

  83. Hannah ZeLlamacorn

    Hannah ZeLlamacorn5 days ago

    i wanna get someone to do this with my makeup

  84. Jess Lattin

    Jess Lattin5 days ago

    Why don’t you try the CLE melting lip powders for a WTF video, they are really interesting and different and would love to see your thoughts on this product💗

  85. lorioneandonly

    lorioneandonly5 days ago

    Too cute for words😄

  86. Jeannified

    Jeannified5 days ago

    Loved this video! I sent Taylor an IG request. What a sweet guy! He seems very laid-back and funny. Glad his IG is rocketing! I would love to see him play some of his music on MReporter.

  87. Jamilla Gonzales Asin

    Jamilla Gonzales Asin5 days ago

    Is he James's son???

  88. Jordan

    Jordan3 days ago

    Jamilla Gonzales Asin yes

  89. Saulmaz N.

    Saulmaz N.5 days ago

    I watch your videos... but I seriously suck at getting the prices right too xD

  90. Mihika Samant

    Mihika Samant5 days ago

    Uhm can we pls have more videos w Taylor?

  91. Ashley T

    Ashley T5 days ago

    14:06-14:10 Exactly what I do. 😂😂

  92. ximena araiza

    ximena araiza5 days ago

    Do Taylor’s makeup

  93. Allie Nunez

    Allie Nunez5 days ago

    The way James pronounced La Mer has me CRYING 😂😂

  94. Avery Kristinik

    Avery Kristinik5 days ago

    Ouchy! What happened to the outside of your right forearm? Sorry if I missed you mentioning it in another video, but it looks red and painful so I was curious. Hope you're OK!

  95. Léa Bitton

    Léa Bitton5 days ago

    I would die if I get to see a video with the three of you !!!! So much cuteness

  96. Ben D

    Ben D6 days ago

    thought he was like 18

  97. katekatekate

    katekatekate6 days ago

    10:12 the perf family photo

  98. Lisa Carlson

    Lisa Carlson6 days ago

    Taylor is so chill & laid back!! If I sprayed primer in my boyfriends face, he would freak

  99. Jessica Sansoucie

    Jessica Sansoucie6 days ago

    I actually thought he did pretty good for the typical guy lol. My husband didn’t know hardly anything before me but bc I’m like you and like to explain my makeup bc I’m a makeup junkie he is way past the average joe lolll 😜

  100. Katie Irvine

    Katie Irvine6 days ago

    he looks like that guy from the Lorax

  101. Joan Madrigal

    Joan Madrigal6 days ago

    He looks exactly like her wtf

  102. Heather Hernandez

    Heather Hernandez6 days ago

    Fun video