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Stephen Curry Postgame Interview | Rockets vs Warriors Game 3


  1. SuperRip7

    SuperRip72 months ago

    Weird wardrobe. 08-03-18.

  2. De CapitanFluffy

    De CapitanFluffy4 months ago

    NBA is rigged. Controlled by referees and the higher officials of the NBA. Search up the 2007 whistleblower Referee.

  3. SuperGamer87

    SuperGamer874 months ago

    Steph's shirt got me in a daze, yo. Some camouflage shit going on.

  4. Blugoning Alblugon

    Blugoning Alblugon4 months ago

    Damn look at that jacket tho

  5. Miguel Matos

    Miguel Matos4 months ago

    Fuck the game look at that shirt. Where can I get one or two?

  6. Monee Boiii

    Monee Boiii4 months ago

    that shirt is 🔥

  7. Trevor Doge

    Trevor Doge4 months ago

    The golden child of Golden State

  8. Ryan Y

    Ryan Y4 months ago

    3:36 what kind of question is that?

  9. Buddy_ Gang

    Buddy_ Gang4 months ago

    Warriors in 6

  10. Dominik Hermann

    Dominik Hermann4 months ago

    whats he asking as 2:27 i cant really understand it

  11. Nba Tv

    Nba Tv4 months ago


  12. Julio D G

    Julio D G4 months ago

    Curry when he shoots 30+ points he is a clown on the dance floor and when he shoots 10+ points he puts the towel on his head so they do not see him cry And they compare him with Jordan and lebron, in my opinion his contract is overprice, for me he is not a complete player and there are many better ones for less money

  13. ramboray80

    ramboray804 months ago

    Honestly I will boycott the finals because it doesn't make any sense that the team is built to not give any other team a chance. # Boring basketball.

  14. GhostlyGhille

    GhostlyGhille4 months ago

    Watch Steph drop 40+ in game 4

  15. Tenzin Yougyal

    Tenzin Yougyal4 months ago

    Lets go warriors make sure u guys win game 4

  16. Lester Cui

    Lester Cui4 months ago

    What the heck is Curry wearing

  17. Issac Flores

    Issac Flores4 months ago

    Yeah I Like Him

  18. King Hooper 42

    King Hooper 424 months ago

    Steph I love you man but what is that shirt.

  19. Chenita Jackson

    Chenita Jackson4 months ago

    EMAN MONEY that's a duckhead or ivy crew shirt that's he's rocking 😂😂 going to get me one!!

  20. Benjamin Walker

    Benjamin Walker4 months ago

    Chris Paul is worried about being better than Steph (which he’s not) and curry is focused on chips #2peat

  21. liamdor

    liamdor4 months ago

    Steph bro wtf is that shirt??😂😂

  22. Golden Kingdom

    Golden Kingdom4 months ago

    6:52 *Just dude out here looking like a fossilized egg* 😀😁😂

  23. Stu

    Stu4 months ago

    Wtf is this prick wearing

  24. 23 Glo

    23 Glo4 months ago

    Look like a 10 year old with a beard lol

  25. Saeed Abuhammam

    Saeed Abuhammam4 months ago

    Viva curry

  26. outoftime

    outoftime4 months ago

    wtf over 40pts? i thot warriors wer gay....dam

  27. dillcifer

    dillcifer4 months ago

    Houston = Chinese fans. How long has Yao been gone?

  28. Titan Segundera

    Titan Segundera4 months ago

    That's why your The Real MVP

  29. Titan Segundera

    Titan Segundera4 months ago

    Everyone Loves you Stephen Curry

  30. Titan Segundera

    Titan Segundera4 months ago

    You did the unthinkable My Brother

  31. Ronaldo Green

    Ronaldo Green4 months ago

    Golden State 2018 Champions

  32. King Takar

    King Takar4 months ago

    Why they are holding up the phone?

  33. E E

    E E4 months ago

    I keep a 30 on me like I’m StephenCurry 🤫

  34. David Lewis

    David Lewis4 months ago

    “This is my fuckin house!” 😂😂 Let em know Steph.

  35. Reuben_ Marshall34

    Reuben_ Marshall344 months ago

    Keep it up Warriors!!!

  36. InsanePlayzRB

    InsanePlayzRB4 months ago


  37. Lazying

    Lazying4 months ago

    Steph need to cut that ugly ass beard Jesus Christ

  38. Satanic Skater

    Satanic Skater4 months ago

    Is he trying to look like the goat?



    Satanic Skater yes Lebron

  40. Moshimgton Marim

    Moshimgton Marim4 months ago

    Letz go Warrior back to back Champion

  41. #Faith

    #Faith4 months ago

    Series finished Warriors in 5

  42. Brandon Cosme

    Brandon Cosme4 months ago

    #Faith You thought

  43. KIay Thompson

    KIay Thompson4 months ago

    But I'm better shooter than him tho

  44. 768supersonic

    768supersonic4 months ago

    KIay Thompson lmao

  45. Joel Ishman

    Joel Ishman4 months ago

    Is Steph the Drake of the NBA? He definitely got the skill and awards. He might struggle once in a while, but when he gets going...dropping hits, the entire crowd gets into it.

  46. SuperGamer87

    SuperGamer874 months ago

    That's a booty comparison. Steph's among the best in the League, and his bad days are still better than half the NBA. Drake's just what young-ass Millennials and suburbanite kids be on, even though cats like Kendrick Lamar and Joyner Lucas are far more the truth.

  47. Big M

    Big M4 months ago

    Well curry doesnt copy plays

  48. Joel Ishman

    Joel Ishman4 months ago

    They are both very consistent at what they do. And they definitely both get hated on.

  49. Jacob Degroat

    Jacob Degroat4 months ago

    Joel Ishman from more life booty songs to gods plan, look alive, damn.

  50. Moaz

    Moaz4 months ago

    This dude just doesn't give up damn

  51. Jeffrey Borlongan

    Jeffrey Borlongan4 months ago

    warriors in 5

  52. Brandon Cosme

    Brandon Cosme4 months ago

    Jeffrey Borlongan Sike

  53. monearthe$

    monearthe$4 months ago

    KD is just overkill... This league is getting annoying for a lot of non bandwagoners

  54. M K

    M K4 months ago


  55. Kigoz4Life

    Kigoz4Life4 months ago

    yep. its saddening. lost all interest in nba after this move. the league shouldnt have allowed the transfer.

  56. Kigoz4Life

    Kigoz4Life4 months ago

    2 mvp players. 1 of which is the greatest shooter of all time. Klay thompson who is an insane 3 pt shooter too. Iggy. 4 all stars . Been or has been. Iggy finals MVP. Stupid team. Ruined the nba :) Fuck KD snake ass

  57. monearthe$

    monearthe$4 months ago

    JB WAVY fax

  58. PEDO 6IX9INE

    PEDO 6IX9INE4 months ago

    Angela Ziegler get his dick out your mouth that’s my favorite player I been a fan since he was in college but, that don’t meen I have to root for the warriors cause they stacked foh

  59. Lord 2wice

    Lord 2wice4 months ago

    Steph did his thing yet his haters will still hate #thismyfuckinghouse

  60. joseph kingston

    joseph kingston4 months ago

    that shirt fucking dope as shit

  61. DJ ALERT

    DJ ALERT4 months ago

    Wtf is he wearing??😂😂

  62. Fuck yo feelings

    Fuck yo feelings4 months ago

    Something he made in middle school in art class

  63. SuperGamer87

    SuperGamer874 months ago

    Got my eyes like @,@ "Whoooooa..."

  64. Blugoning Alblugon

    Blugoning Alblugon4 months ago

    GiTxSHuM messy

  65. FlyTaka

    FlyTaka4 months ago

    fucking flames thats what he's wearing

  66. Alejandro Serrano

    Alejandro Serrano4 months ago

    DJ ALERT Yall see something slightly off the norm and look at it crazy.

  67. SnoopDogg6110

    SnoopDogg61104 months ago

    “Was the defense has changed strategically or you guys just played harder” Wtf did you just say? 😂😂😂

  68. Булат Миннуллин

    Булат Миннуллин4 months ago

    Give her a rest, she's Chinese abs it's not her first language, have you ever tried talking in your second language when a crowd of people and cameras are filming you?

  69. Alejandro Serrano

    Alejandro Serrano4 months ago

    SnoopDogg6110 Well if you were smart you woulda understand what she meant. Did they change the game plan or did they just kept it the same but played harder. Thats what she meant.

  70. Jay Boogie

    Jay Boogie4 months ago

    SnoopDogg6110 it makes sense

  71. King Hooper 42

    King Hooper 424 months ago

    SnoopDogg6110 get out the comments u Cavs bandwagon

  72. Maxwell Fletcher-Beiers

    Maxwell Fletcher-Beiers4 months ago

    Omg who did this

  73. SnoopDogg6110

    SnoopDogg61104 months ago


  74. Show Out

    Show Out4 months ago

    They done let Steph get’s over Warriors in 5

  75. Brandon Cosme

    Brandon Cosme4 months ago

    Show Out Lol are you sure about that idiot? Where you at?

  76. gamefreak8254

    gamefreak82544 months ago

    Curry look like he boutta hit Harden with another shimmy in that thumbnail 😂

  77. \\xxᴀɴᴀx// {sʜʜ}

    \\xxᴀɴᴀx// {sʜʜ}4 months ago

    ɪ ʙᴇᴛ 300 ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴀʀʀɪᴏʀs ᴛʜɪs sᴇʀɪᴇs. ᴛʜᴇʏ ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ ғᴜᴄᴋɪɴɢ ᴡɪɴ

  78. Mark Juarez

    Mark Juarez4 months ago

    \\xxᴀɴᴀx// {sʜʜ} your $ is safe. Lets fuck these bookies in the ass

  79. Investing Hustler

    Investing Hustler4 months ago

    One of the best 3 point shooters ever 👌🙏

  80. German Rottweiler

    German Rottweiler4 months ago

    INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks Money Entertainment you came up with that all by yourself 😂😂😂💀

  81. trent wellmaker

    trent wellmaker4 months ago

    The best

  82. Tyler Jones

    Tyler Jones4 months ago

    INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks Money Entertainment take out the one of part

  83. Marcus M.

    Marcus M.4 months ago

    INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks Money Entertainment No your wrong........he is THE best 3 point shooter ever 👌🏿🙏🏿

  84. Ethan Stoker

    Ethan Stoker4 months ago

    THE best

  85. Dianne Sharp

    Dianne Sharp4 months ago


  86. Kesean Tapia

    Kesean Tapia4 months ago

    Curry is best he’s come closest to Kobe and mj!

  87. GhostlyGhille

    GhostlyGhille4 months ago

    Kyro Tenkashi Shaq, he had the most dominant center to ever play the game.. that's who TF he had.

  88. omar rehman

    omar rehman4 months ago

    Kyro Tenkashi don’t forget my boi Shaq

  89. Kyro Tenkashi

    Kyro Tenkashi4 months ago

    Joe Diamond U drunk if u belive kd better then kobe

  90. Kyro Tenkashi

    Kyro Tenkashi4 months ago

    HBK FAN i mean who did kobe have accept gasol

  91. Joe Diamond

    Joe Diamond4 months ago

    Kd is better than Curry and Kobe, MJ still far above them

  92. Panda '0.0' Chido

    Panda '0.0' Chido4 months ago

    Stephen Curry 👏

  93. Guaapoh

    Guaapoh4 months ago

    I’d take him over Mj

  94. SuperGamer87

    SuperGamer874 months ago


  95. 768supersonic

    768supersonic4 months ago

    In a 3 point shooting contest? Sure

  96. BattleSteve

    BattleSteve4 months ago

    Guaapoh wth

  97. PEDO 6IX9INE

    PEDO 6IX9INE4 months ago

    Guaapoh cause you smoking 🚬 chef curry dick

  98. itsYABoy Jay

    itsYABoy Jay4 months ago

    Guaapoh wow you’re crazy

  99. Golden State Playoffs

    Golden State Playoffs4 months ago

    If we want to win game 4, chef you need to play like THAT again

  100. Brandon Cosme

    Brandon Cosme4 months ago

    Golden State Playoffs Too bad he didn't and KD choked. Curry also choked in Game 5.

  101. Shamon Shaw

    Shamon Shaw4 months ago

    When KD hit that 3 pointer 64-43 I turn the game off & Just played 2k😂

  102. Nick Gurs

    Nick Gurs4 months ago

    Also fuck you curry

  103. Derek Gonzalez

    Derek Gonzalez4 months ago

    Hello nba fans I am the lord tachanka

  104. Alex Kouretas

    Alex Kouretas4 months ago

    Curry went off this game! #DubNation

  105. Nick Gurs

    Nick Gurs4 months ago


  106. Franky Balderas

    Franky Balderas4 months ago