Stephen Curry opens up about Trump feud


  1. illusive_nezzy88

    illusive_nezzy88Day ago

    I took away something from this interview. Steph revealed in so many words that his wife wears the pants. Mannnn i knew that nice girl shit was a act lol behind closed doors she probably has hella mouth. Welp i learned something new

  2. Life was Given to us

    Life was Given to us9 days ago

    Just watch please...

  3. Mark The Shark 2

    Mark The Shark 213 days ago

    Trump is not racist u brainwashed libtards. People should stand for the flag that people give their lives for. The media divides this country pushing this false narrative of everything is racist. 1st, don’t just listen to the headlines that the media puts out. Wait till all the facts come out then read about the actual keyword ACTUAL facts come out. Just bc the media claims someone is “racist” doesn’t mean they r. Read the actual facts. Curry is a great basketball player, but he is wrong, he should look into real facts. Stop listening to the fake news network cnn. Fake news and people know it

  4. David

    David21 day ago

    Interviewer is such a kiss ass

  5. Jcrd

    JcrdMonth ago

    Just play ball and leave politics out dumbass

  6. marki worthington

    marki worthington2 months ago

    Van Jones is so starstruck that it is embarrassing. An interviewer or journalist should never operate like that because once you do you blinded and partial and then you do not ask the right questions. You start asking questions that are partial and are not truthful. Amanpour is the same. Always liked Van Jones a lot but this interview has really made me question him !!

  7. George Palmas

    George Palmas3 months ago

    This shows clearly blacks , warriors are being clearly being racist against white people against president of the USA. Warriors can't leave the racism behind their back for 1 hour meet Trump..i am from Oakland no more watching basketball after this . Leave the racism for,1 hour go meet the president of the USA. Steph is teaching racism to his kids

  8. Ragnar Lothbrok

    Ragnar Lothbrok3 months ago

    STEPH CURRY only goes to the white house if the president is BLACK or if the president is against whites What a Racist cocksucker Steph Curry is Trump invited a bunch of black ppl to the white house including Steph Curry Curry says he doesnt want to go because trump doesnt like black ppl WOWWWWW !!! Stop watching your left wing racist media u clown Take note of the low I.Q talk between the Racist Steph Curry and the other Racist black guy doing the interview as well

  9. TheOG X PizzaGari

    TheOG X PizzaGari4 months ago

    Fuck uou

  10. ilyes fcb

    ilyes fcb4 months ago

    Can’t believe He’s 30 ! He looks 19 💀

  11. vincent bruce

    vincent bruce4 months ago

    The NBA is full of fruity rap addicts, that think jail sex isn't queer. Wilt Chamberlain and the Harlem Globetrotters made the NBA great. Today's crybullies, scream like a bunch of clowns, as if dunking on a 10 foot rim is equal to 26 blocks by Wilt. Wilt could reach 14 feet high, and just smiled, none of today's stars have a clue about sportsmanship. Today's players are racist clowns. Kneeling for racists who chant for and kill cops. 9 cops assassinated by the BLM. How about, - what do you want- dead NBAers- when do you want it - NOW. Then within 3 months 9 NBAers assassinated. And then a bunch of fans cheering for the blue lives matter crowd. WHILE EVERYONE IS GOING TO CURRY AND LEBRON'S FUNERAL. WITH OTHER PLAYERS WEARING socks with monkeys on them. That's disgusting and so is curry.

  12. Gilberth Mpahleni

    Gilberth Mpahleni5 months ago

    Very Good & Smart that U & NBA'Champions didn't Go to the White House. Trump is Only'there to Use Blacks & Boast about'it.

  13. Rangda Rangda

    Rangda Rangda5 months ago

    Curry is a class asc.

  14. Renefe Tiu

    Renefe Tiu5 months ago

    Who's here after that fake article about stephen curry goes viral saying "Filipinos are stupid"?

  15. AJ Santiago

    AJ Santiago5 months ago

    Sino nandito dahil sa FAKE NEWS ng Liberal Party?

  16. Avery Archer

    Avery Archer5 months ago


  17. Renel Remoto

    Renel Remoto5 months ago

    Not all filipinos voted for mr.du30.because of his character..he always change his mind.

  18. Edwin Mariano

    Edwin Mariano5 months ago

    Steve Kerr: Curry is not humble

  19. Michael Elliott

    Michael Elliott5 months ago

    I like Curry. Like someone said earlier Stephen is a class act. Although, if you were or are going to D.C make sure you stop by OUR HOUSE while there. I'm sure if you or your team stopped by Our House the Donald would welcome you with open arms. Anyway, Curry keep do your thing with that rock/b ball. :)

  20. Shurd Gurdi

    Shurd Gurdi5 months ago

    Ayeasha is a bitch

  21. Jeffrey Atkinson

    Jeffrey Atkinson5 months ago

    Keep Up the Positive Liven...

  22. kirk l

    kirk l5 months ago

    congrats on a nice life. much respect to curry for being a good family man & helping out the less fortunate. can’t say anything good about the communist interviewing him though. what a front that man puts on. can’t wait to see his reaction when trump is re-elected though.

  23. Topflight Style

    Topflight Style6 months ago

    Steph Curry is arrogant don't get it twisted. He is just incredibly great at what he does!

  24. James Moore

    James Moore6 months ago

    Stephen curry am not a huge fan of you but your are a truly black man who stand for not just black african american but other race 🇺🇸👍🙏😄

  25. Pedro Espier

    Pedro Espier6 months ago

    There has never been a president of the USA, that talk's, act's & behave's like a total asshole like this MF. I mean, sometimes he looks out of place!! And some if not all the staff, that he has appointed, are yes men & women. They either are scared 2 oppose him or they are just like him. U know, I use 2 admire "CHUMP" his wealth, his properties & u couldn't travel around NYC without seeing his name on buildings. U know, u admire a person that is wealthy, coming from where I come from!! But once he became president, his true colors came out. There is a kid show on PBS, I forgot the name!! But it's the splitting image of the real " WHITE WHITE WHITE HOUSE" This place was a respectful part of our nation, until Barnum & Bailey fired their clown's & they were hired by the clown of clowns, BOZO THE CLOWN!!!!!

  26. Pooka Young

    Pooka Young6 months ago

    Who on planet Earth could ever hate Curry anybody who dislike somebody with this much positivity you have no brain cells your parents have failed to abort you we need more people with positivity like this

  27. ted Clauss

    ted Clauss6 months ago

    Stephen u are not my president and your on fake don’t know Donald Trump and all the good things he does for about the homeless black woman that Trump let’s her stay at Trump tower free. She’s lived there now going on 9 years free.ask her if Donald Trump is racist. Black unemployment is at a long time low. Walk Away before your the last to stay.He’s are President. We had to put up with the worst president ever.the only thing Obama was good at was dividing people. U don’t see that then your not very bright👌🏿watch(Hillary’s America) on Comcast on demand to flee the plantation. Knowledge is power 👌🏿

  28. Alcindor Jenkins

    Alcindor Jenkins6 months ago

    they could of went to meet president Trump they are still warriors NBA champions

  29. Huriana Taylor

    Huriana Taylor6 months ago

    The guy interviewing curry looks an sounds like he wants to suck his dick!! An who giz a fu#k about getting invited to the whitehouse to see that geriatric old white prick!! #JUSTSAYING

  30. Marc Myers

    Marc Myers6 months ago

    Steph Curry is as brilliant as he is talented. A fine and decent human being. ;^)

  31. Positive Energy

    Positive Energy6 months ago

    Donald Trump is racist punk!!!

  32. William Henry

    William Henry6 months ago

    Obama was president and sent millions of dollars back to Iran , yet didnt pay back the social security system the government has been borrowing from for decades! All these basketball players didn’t say a word ! Yet there true racism shows with trump! I won’t never watch the nba again! Screw you! And if I was trump I wouldn’t want your racist ass in the Whitehouse either! I bet my bottom dollar 90 percent of these athletes couldn’t manage a home a checking account or wash there clothes! It sickens me to see a bunch of dumb ass athletes put there 2 cents into politics and life when they don’t know anything but how to dribble a ball and put it in a hole!

  33. Carlos Davila

    Carlos Davila6 months ago

    Curry n Lebron are still kids, still in diaper next to President Trump. If this kids would run the White House the special interest will be running the show again n getting know where like their idol Obama. The special interest was running Obama like a puppet on a string.

  34. David Brill

    David Brill6 months ago

    Please stop it! Only low grade people of limited intelligence care about the opinions of someone who bounces a big rubber ball for a living thinks. How desperate and pathetic CNN has become.

  35. mohamed adam mohamed

    mohamed adam mohamed6 months ago

    Steph,you me proud to call my self African not S hole country,I really went all the way to know about your mother and your dad,how encouraged you and your brothers to be leaders in the sport you mastered,keep on being positive,god bless.

  36. Dustin McCaulley

    Dustin McCaulley6 months ago

    Trump makes me ashamed to be white. Smh

  37. Robert Szmania

    Robert Szmania6 months ago

    Van jones is completely phony...he spent yrs preaching to black people about the evils of capitalism,convincing them that there better off on welfare and food cards...just vote democrat...these lectutrs are probably still online....van jones is just like al sharpton and jesse Jackson...selling out his own people for profit....there is nothing worse than being a dream killer,but as long as that lands you a job on an agenda driven garbage station who cares right ?....thank god no one watches it.

  38. WakeDaddy1

    WakeDaddy16 months ago

    Hey Van, you are a terrorist! Hey Steph, did you know this? VJ has tried to KILL people with his Anit-America HATRED!! You are a young man and need to get INFORMED about who the Obama people are!!

  39. Ethan H

    Ethan H6 months ago


  40. MysticMech

    MysticMech6 months ago

    Curry is a good dude. Period. "Inclusion for all people" Well said.

  41. Ss Amun

    Ss Amun6 months ago

    It would be more smarter to sit down with the president to talk about problems in America than CNN smh...

  42. Ss Amun

    Ss Amun6 months ago

    Why didn't Curry want to go to the white house like he did for Obama? Is curry discriminating?

  43. keisreeman

    keisreeman6 months ago

    When I want a good laugh, I go to the comments in Curry videos.

  44. D Deeze

    D Deeze6 months ago

    Trump is nothing more than a mental midget troll. There was no feud. He’s in arguments with himself and just throughs a name in the mist of it

  45. plugged tv official

    plugged tv official6 months ago

    LOVE curry, HATE cnn

  46. IAmHonorable

    IAmHonorable6 months ago

    Curry also admitted that Trump's actions are good at the end of the video

  47. IAmHonorable

    IAmHonorable6 months ago

    these comments just prove how divided we are it's actually unbelievable

  48. Bonnie Archie

    Bonnie Archie6 months ago

    Monkey boy shut up and dribble.Learn to spell your own name then maybe you can talk to us adults...

  49. Healthy Skeptic

    Healthy Skeptic6 months ago

    One of the great benefits after electing a despicable man in the WH, is that, many young leaders will become involved in the political course of this country, they're instantly thinking, if a moron did it, we can definitely contribute to this incredible country..I was recently reading how Mexico is becoming united, they feel empowered to answer to this bully and ultimately will make a better country out of Mexico..I feel something really similar brewing in this country, let's show that our better angels of us will prevail, don't allow such dark, malignant force such this pathetic human being win this battle.

  50. Jun Medrano

    Jun Medrano6 months ago

    He sux

  51. Mike Britt

    Mike Britt6 months ago

    A real man don’t call the president of the United States a bum. One day we will all pass away. Then comes the judgement. At that Time the number of points you scored or how many championships Rings you have won’t make any difference. No body misses this day.

  52. Willie Gordon

    Willie Gordon6 months ago

    He has strong women around him. Any Men???

  53. Never Mind

    Never Mind6 months ago

    Why are "Black Americans addicted to the word Nigger" They call one another Nigger about 100 Billion Times a Day then complain that White People are Racist......hahahahaha

  54. Doctor Hill

    Doctor Hill6 months ago

    "Right now people don't have a lot of hope." Rich athlete living the dream, having more children, entrepreneur wife, etc. Yeah, Van Jones, things are pretty bad! #walkaway

  55. Freddy E

    Freddy E6 months ago

    Being from the Bay, Warriors fan, I think thus far I believe our potus have brought alot to America's table, BTW I still hang 30, in my room, next year I hope you visit the White House, don't bitch out!

  56. toney ingram

    toney ingram6 months ago

    Trump just a racist white devil like most white people

  57. Willie Gordon

    Willie Gordon6 months ago

    Steph curry and Tiger Woods are step brothers.

  58. Dean Graham

    Dean Graham6 months ago

    the sky is not blue,its all different colours through out the day, the light you see from the sun is not white light, its infra-red, the water is not blue its clear, the first human was redman native indian, not africian black or white caucasian

  59. R Mad

    R Mad6 months ago

    Poor baby--first trashes our prez then says "boo hoo--he didn't let us go." Keep mouthing off--hope to see none of you Trump-hating prima donnas (Lebron Curry Beyonce Madonna Cher etc etc) go to the White House. Tremendous disrespect. Obama riled blacks to hate whitey again, remember slavery, kill police & riot. Obama could have used his position to remind his people to obey the law & stop defying the police. Our current president is truly working hard to rescue USA from 3rd world decline. Show some respect prima donnas! Viva la TRUMP REVOLUTION!

  60. andy

    andy6 months ago

    noone cares about sports or athletes. They are there to entertain people and dumb people down. Read a BOOK instead!

  61. TRUTH-SEEKER 777

    TRUTH-SEEKER 7776 months ago

    HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT Q / Qanon ? ALL Q Posts Here: www qanon pub AND www Qmap pub ! Believe it or not, there is a group of True Patriots in the Military who are exposing the New World Order (NWO) / Deep State /Shadow Government .

  62. Gristly Adams

    Gristly Adams6 months ago

    Able to respect everyone "for what they bring to the table." You we're invited to that table a couple times and refused. Refused out of protest. You could have taken the higher road and actually sat down with the man, possibly asked for a private meeting, likely been granted that meeting (see Dennis Rodman) and been able to have a discussion where you put your concerns at the forefront, off camera. Instead we have two men who've never shared words behind closed doors at each other with hateful words. They are both setting great examples for their children: Trump: if I'm rejected I will become venomous to those that spurn me. Curry: if I feel you are racist, I will not speak to you to try to change your mind. I will spurn you. To Spurn: to reject with contempt. Fathers don't teach your son's contempt. It's toxic and it lasts generations. Heal wounds through dialogue America. Talk to those that differ in opinion and position. If you don't, who will? Someone else's job right?

  63. Mr Charles

    Mr Charles6 months ago

    It was your big mouth, and you're the leader of the team. Trump was right to dis-invite

  64. Ivalina Passe

    Ivalina Passe6 months ago

    Perfect Answer can't to many yes people around. Always voice your OPINION.

  65. AMMarie

    AMMarie6 months ago

    Representing the black community

  66. Willie Gordon

    Willie Gordon6 months ago

    21st Century Amos and Andy.

  67. Willie Gordon

    Willie Gordon6 months ago

    The "LOST" Tribe of the House of Israel.

  68. matt thecat

    matt thecat6 months ago

    curry's just another crybaby racist and it figures v jones is like minded in this 'interview.',lmao

  69. Ursula Samuels

    Ursula Samuels6 months ago

    Great interview. Curry is humble. I like that.🙂

  70. MrZyphR

    MrZyphR6 months ago

    Ursula Samuels yeah, I'm on the right but Trump could have just said nothing, or I would really like to honour you guys.

  71. Tony Parry

    Tony Parry6 months ago

    Hope? The nation is prospering like never before. Optimism is at an all time high.. Why does the Left propagate this Doomsday msg?

  72. Mrs. T

    Mrs. T6 months ago

    Bro you and the whole family is light skin so you got nothing to worry about on a traffic stop. Now my back ass on the other hand. 😱🤕☠️

  73. John A Vallone

    John A Vallone6 months ago

    Van Jones race baiter. CNN FAKE NEWS. WALK AWAY

  74. Kyle Ogle

    Kyle Ogle6 months ago

    I fuck with steph hes a stand up dude and not full of himself like bron

  75. Gloria Ramos

    Gloria Ramos6 months ago

    Stephen Curry you didn't need to be in the White House because you're in the right house this is God's house we all live in he is our leader he has put the example for us to follow to love one another as he loves us. I can see you are a loving young man a good husband and a good father with a strong head on your shoulder's. And we all know there's no need to even say it you are an amazing basketball player. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family.

  76. willkittwk

    willkittwk6 months ago

    Trump has black employment at historic highs. Dumbo big ears big talker had y'all on historic EBT. It's better to have a job and dignity than a habitual beggar of the State. That's how Democrat want y'all.. eating gubment cheese and control y'all with silly passe victimhood.

  77. Mast3r Race

    Mast3r Race6 months ago

    Should have went on Hannity if he had any balls. This meandering is dumb, suck each other off already.

  78. Gatorsdog

    Gatorsdog6 months ago

    Curry trying to act like he is from the Porch , when that punk has been silver spoon feed his entire life.

  79. Pat Kurzynowski

    Pat Kurzynowski7 months ago

    He was a supporter of the worst president in history...that says everything ya need to know about steph curry

  80. Irene Catral

    Irene Catral7 months ago

    Steph Curry is truly an inspiration to a lot of people. Not only is he a great Basketball player, he is a good husband, good father and a good son.

  81. joette

    joette7 months ago


  82. citizenxgen

    citizenxgen7 months ago

    CNN is happy to roll out any cunt as long as they are anti-trump. another nothing burger interview

  83. Mason Clark

    Mason Clark7 months ago

    Donald Trump is a great president. I think Curry needs to keep his mouth shut and play ball.

  84. MrZyphR

    MrZyphR6 months ago

    I'm on the right but comments such as yours help nothing sorry. Curry explained it clear, Trump did not have to respond, but that is the person he is. He has done alot of positive for the nation but no one politician is worth worshipping

  85. Terrell Harris

    Terrell Harris6 months ago

    Mason Clark 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

  86. Phyllis Stevens

    Phyllis Stevens7 months ago

    God is in control. There is not a thing that 45 can do. God know when to call a hault to the mess.

  87. Pat Kurzynowski

    Pat Kurzynowski7 months ago

    He called a halt to the mess that was osama obama...the worst president in the history of the U.S.

  88. al ebay

    al ebay7 months ago

    blacks have the lowest unemployment in history .....please give our white president a little credit........Trump is not a racist ....he just did what Obama couldn't do in 8 years......may-be just may-be Obama just didn't care...

  89. Alan Alsløw

    Alan Alsløw7 months ago


  90. Matias Sanchez

    Matias Sanchez7 months ago

    Guess what Curry Americans don't give a Sh.. if you go to the white house or not. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍👍

  91. Hi, I like U

    Hi, I like U7 months ago

    Stephen Curry, SHUT DA F - - - UP!! Just stick to basketball. NBA will soon be in the same shape as NFL. Most americans don't care about your politics or opinions...thats just a fact.

  92. Ms. จารุณี

    Ms. จารุณี7 months ago

    2020 T-R-U-M-P ... BTW, Who gives a fuck what either of these racist basketball players and fake news CNN think!!

  93. Liberals Suck

    Liberals Suck7 months ago

    Who gives a fuck what either of these mooncrickets think? As if they matter in America? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  94. Rip Van

    Rip Van7 months ago

    I am a professional Black American male, a descendant of USA slavery, and quite a few years older than Steph. Unfortunately, the leftist leaning negro athletes have dug themselves into holes regarding their future status in America. They sided with a lying, cheating dishonest, criminal in Hillary Clinton (allegedly) and did so without any promises from Hillary that she would do good by her loyal lackey negro voters. They came out in fervor against Trump even before he took office and performed one administrative duty. They called Trump a racist, among other things, as if they ran in his personal circles or knew him personally. When invited by Trump to come and air issues that would help the Black communities that they claim to love and support so much, they vehemently declined!!! Trump was giving to these negros for free what lobbyist pay millions or billions of dollars to obtain - the ear of high level officials. But, the key reason why these leftist and self-serving celebrity negro athletes and entertainers will go down in infamy regarding their anti-Trump rants and rhetoric is because of one of their own fellow Black athletes - Dennis Rodman. Rodman showed the other negro chumps that Trump not only will meet with a Black man and talk over issues, but President Donald Trump is not afraid to go against the grain for a worthy cause. If Rodman could influence Trump to summit with North Korea's leader, then imagine what these Black, anti-Trump, fake leaders could have likely accomplished for their domestic Black constituency and or fan base had they bothered to take Trump up on a personal meeting with themselves. But NO!!! Like the spoiled little bitches that these MEN are, they put their party politics and personal emotions above what they could have accomplished for the negros that they allege to love and President Trump is alleged to hate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rodman's example will come back to haunt these lackey negros in the future when their celebrity status is no longer contemporary and at a time when they will all overtly have to admit that their past actions/reactions towards and against President Trump was wrong and based on personal grandeur, instead of being based on what was in the best interest of Black Americans (allegedly so beloved by them).

  95. Margie Cornwall

    Margie Cornwall7 months ago

    Steph.Curry you know WHO'S you are--a man of faith! Keep on putting Christ first!!! U SHINE✨a shining-star as 1of the best b-ball player, a son, and a great husband and a father! #Do not change--stay on track #GodBlessYou

  96. Edith Parks

    Edith Parks7 months ago

    Stephen is wearing his Israelite beard alright BROTHER proud of you for knowing who you are man.

  97. Matt Kotulski

    Matt Kotulski7 months ago

    Laughable when a NBA star acts like he is relevant outside of the game.

  98. Catherine Todd

    Catherine Todd7 months ago

    Look how bad things have gotten now... I don't know my own country anymore. Love Stephen Curry! He is THE MAN.

  99. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown7 months ago

    Well I just watched their visit to the white house with Obama to reduce my blood pressure, since it won't be happening this year.

  100. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith7 months ago

    Itd be so cool if Curry and Lebron got into politics eventually

  101. U.S.A POWER

    U.S.A POWER7 months ago

    The NBA and the NFL is losing so many fans and money keep it up see what happens.

  102. yung brew

    yung brew7 months ago

    God Bless Everybody that died in those shootings and their families🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️

  103. Sandra Contreras

    Sandra Contreras7 months ago

    Steph Curry for President

  104. Lawrence 96367

    Lawrence 963678 months ago

    How about we show pride for American History? We fail to appreciate America as a country the place we were born, and we keep dividing ourselves with race talks, like Mexican History Month, Black History Month, where is Japanese History Month, China History Month, Russian History Month??? We speak of equality and peace, yet we continue to divide ourselves by throwing tantrums against race, instead of proposing actual fixes. We keep talking about using a platform for change, well now that you have that platform what change ideas did you actually provide??? Is there not a state, or country who has the right idea that we can use as an example, is there not right training being conducted in a state, city or place that we can use to help show others who are failing? Is there a weak education in one state or city or area that we can improve on or that is lacking funds needed for their teachers as they support our children? All these celebrities send their kids to expensive private schools, do they know the real issues effecting low income families? Do you have a fix to why a lot of black children are in gangs, or how rap music speaks a lot about gangs, drugs, big money, and violence, and does this factor in youth behavior? Do we not talk about how Ben Carson is supporting housing development and black communities and should we use his methods as a platform? Why is protest the only answer, why have we not used our platform to talk about actual Bills being pushed through congress that we can help vote for??? Seriously, what are we really hearing when an athlete speaks??? SMH all I hear is a person who is personally upset and throwing a tantrum if they do not provide actual fixes and solutions that are tangible.