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Stephen Curry Goes OFF In The 3rd Quarter 7-7 FGM! To Help Lead Dubs To Game 3 Victory


  1. Naim sayahi

    Naim sayahi3 months ago

    god play

  2. SuperRip7

    SuperRip75 months ago

    7-7 is a great percentage at the field goal. 08-03-18.

  3. Gmj Hsj

    Gmj Hsj7 months ago


  4. Nikthebrick 18

    Nikthebrick 187 months ago

    All the bandwagons disgust me and no im not salty of curry or golden state I think hes a great player tbh but dont try to say im salty tho...

  5. Alibai Danny Gandawali

    Alibai Danny Gandawali7 months ago


  6. Un Known

    Un Known7 months ago

    Any GSW fans? We gonna rock y’all In the championship finals! AMA cavs fan

  7. Cavity Creep

    Cavity Creep7 months ago

    Scott Foster strikes again!

  8. pierre thorpe

    pierre thorpe7 months ago

    LETS GO CURRY AND THE WARRIORS! praying for you guys! you guys have the blessing from god to win this game! I HAVE BIG FAITH ON YOU

  9. Tulio Alvarado

    Tulio Alvarado7 months ago

    these reporters should get Popped'"

  10. Tahalia Roe

    Tahalia Roe7 months ago

    Andrea botcelli helene Fischer

  11. Nassar Khacheek

    Nassar Khacheek7 months ago

    Warriors are taking the 6th game.

  12. matias y miqueas rodelli molinas

    matias y miqueas rodelli molinas7 months ago

    Grande carry

  13. D Loescher

    D Loescher8 months ago

    Stop swinging on Curry’s nuts dude is overrated as hell, he reminds me of the kid on the court that couldn’t do anything but shoot the 3 from half court, take away the 3 pt line and he probably doesn’t start on many teams. The true players are Durant and Thompson but Curry likes to dance and show off so he’s a crowd favorite..GO ROCKETS coming from a bucks fan

  14. Shaquan Newton

    Shaquan Newton4 months ago

    3 rings

  15. GraalOnlineEra

    GraalOnlineEra8 months ago

    The fact that he isn't this "BIG TALL" ideal basketball player, yet one of the best scorer in the league makes me look up to Curry man. Idgaf who's team you follow, this man EARNED his way into this league the hard way. 100% got my respect!

  16. De CapitanFluffy

    De CapitanFluffy8 months ago

    NBA is rigged. Controlled by referees and the higher officials of the NBA. Search up the 2007 whistleblower Referee. Spread the word.

  17. lol 123

    lol 1238 months ago

    Chris paul in the beginning .


    XBOX ONE VISION8 months ago

    I think Steve Curry is a lot like Reggie Miller. Reggie Miller showed us that you can be a superstar dropping three pointers! You don't have to be a high flyer like Jordan, Lebron or Kobe!

  19. Big Dee

    Big Dee8 months ago

    stop fucking taunting and start playing the game.

  20. fucu shima

    fucu shima8 months ago

    Naacp are liers, fight for freedom

  21. Marty Bernad

    Marty Bernad8 months ago

    Whats the point of the mouth piece if he's not wearing it properly? Smdh

  22. Adi Bryant

    Adi Bryant8 months ago

    chris paul and marcus smart with all their bullshit flop.. if law not sue us for slap, i for sure will slap them..

  23. junna mae delacruz

    junna mae delacruz8 months ago

    Now they tie the series

  24. Rence Ilaya

    Rence Ilaya8 months ago

    But still lost the game

  25. jacob lucero

    jacob lucero8 months ago

    winners of game 4! will make it through the nba finals! james vs james!

  26. Mister R

    Mister R8 months ago


  27. Marcy

    Marcy8 months ago

    Me with the impulse*

  28. gracio andriamitantsoa

    gracio andriamitantsoa8 months ago

    I Told You...

  29. sosa

    sosa8 months ago

    the messi of basketball

  30. mikeydjr anderson

    mikeydjr anderson8 months ago

    Be ready for victor olidipo to be in 4th place thanks for respect

  31. Narku -

    Narku -8 months ago

    The one fan wearing a Celtics jersey

  32. Hood Entreprenuer

    Hood Entreprenuer8 months ago

    Harding throwing games again

  33. Joseph Komarovetsky

    Joseph Komarovetsky8 months ago

    Curry killed it he broke James harden ankles and this series is over. Kevin Durant heped gsw a lot we won 2017 finals I think we will win it again this year

  34. MrJalyn555

    MrJalyn5558 months ago

    Not human

  35. Hi im Ish

    Hi im Ish8 months ago

    players have their good games and bad games. Curry had a mix of both. I wouldn't say the bad games are directly because of injury but because he came back after a long rest into a highly competitive setting.

  36. TheFnames

    TheFnames8 months ago

    Earlier in the video a commentator said “you know curry is healthy when he can Beat a defender to the hoop” but this is how you know Steph is healthy 2:03 THIS IS IT

  37. maniac9565

    maniac95658 months ago

    This dude looks retarded when doing that stupid shake. I can't cringe more when watching that. Even the entire Warriors looks disgusted and embarrassed trying to hide their faces.

  38. Gabby McCabe

    Gabby McCabe8 months ago

    Hate much?

  39. Synergist

    Synergist8 months ago

    What's even more cringe is bitches like you crying on the internet, LOL

  40. hi hi

    hi hi8 months ago

    Watching harden play defense is cringe worthy

  41. Dangol BPN

    Dangol BPN8 months ago

    Chris Paul dnt be at hurry bcz their is Mr.Curry... Its Curry day ^_^🤣😁😁

  42. 921553

    9215538 months ago


  43. paradox 7

    paradox 78 months ago

    Pretty good for a short lightskinned dude lol 😂😂😂

  44. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee8 months ago

    All he does is shoot 3s. Either he makes a shit ton or misses a shit ton. Boring as hell.

  45. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee8 months ago

    Synergist nah he still tries to shoot 3s even when goes cold. That's how the Warriors lost Game 4. All because Curry only tries to shoot 3s and not pass.

  46. Synergist

    Synergist8 months ago

    what about all his layups that he scored while attacking the rim? He made five 3's that doesn't add up to 35 points. cry more, retard.

  47. Melwin Jay Asturias

    Melwin Jay Asturias8 months ago

    Bandwagon here too

  48. Jake Hale

    Jake Hale8 months ago

    Simply amazing bruh best shooter ever

  49. king James II

    king James II8 months ago

    The hamtons 5!!!

  50. The Big Bronkowski

    The Big Bronkowski8 months ago

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that a 73-9 team had to add the second best player in the NBA in Kevin Durant in order to beat LeBron. Born December 30th, 1984, to one Gloria James.

  51. Rass B

    Rass B8 months ago

    poor CP3 no ring at all..

  52. dawg nation

    dawg nation8 months ago

    Maybe if harden lay off the fry chicken maybe he play better

  53. dawg nation

    dawg nation8 months ago

    Just like the NHL stands for national honkey league

  54. dawg nation

    dawg nation8 months ago

    NBA stands for nonthing but africans

  55. Victor Anderson

    Victor Anderson8 months ago


  56. Admin Jefferson

    Admin Jefferson8 months ago

    nice stephen curry!!


    SJ BROTHERS8 months ago

    Anybody know shaun livingston cross Harden

  58. Retrovertigo

    Retrovertigo8 months ago

    He's back!

  59. DR. ZombieSlayer

    DR. ZombieSlayer8 months ago

    Boi, golden state cooked, won by 41

  60. MusicKnowledge1

    MusicKnowledge18 months ago

    Mvp mode reactivated

  61. ahmed samir

    ahmed samir8 months ago

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  62. Efranmf GaT

    Efranmf GaT8 months ago

    The king of 3 point 👌

  63. NFL Superfan

    NFL Superfan8 months ago

    Vintage Steph

  64. Jason Kempf

    Jason Kempf8 months ago

    funny how this is going off....but when LeBron does that every night

  65. Aryamaan Kunwar

    Aryamaan Kunwar8 months ago

    what shoes was he wearing?

  66. J Saun

    J Saun8 months ago

    Anybody notice he switched shoes

  67. Trey-Heru

    Trey-Heru8 months ago

    Curry getting to the rim that's scary!!!

  68. Mikey Gonzalez

    Mikey Gonzalez8 months ago

    El curry #30 💪🏻

  69. Ratiø Ground

    Ratiø Ground8 months ago

    Fuck sakes David Aldridge

  70. Frederick Brain

    Frederick Brain8 months ago

    For Basketball Fans Young and Old. The Millennial N.B.A. is a timeline playlist of the greatest players of all time.

  71. Julio D G

    Julio D G8 months ago

    The warriors without KD do not come to anything, for that ovation for Curry, Ovation for who deserves it and is KD

  72. after work

    after work8 months ago

    Funny how the camera had to zoom out when curry shot that long 3! That's how far it was! Greatest shooter ever

  73. TheBombayMasterTony

    TheBombayMasterTony8 months ago


  74. Skyler Horner

    Skyler Horner8 months ago

    When the offense goes through Curry instead of just KD or Klay, the Warriors are impossible to beat. It’s thrilling to watch and I’m a C’s fan, and I’m scared if we have to play them in the finals.

  75. timber_beast

    timber_beast8 months ago

    Been a warriors fan since 1980, but I see KD out there and honestly think JUST NOT FAIR.

  76. Carl Francis

    Carl Francis8 months ago

    Cp3’s lazy D going under the screen at 1:48 shows me the lack of urgency by Houston

  77. Brad Delson LP

    Brad Delson LP8 months ago

    Step was on 💥

  78. joab nyabuto

    joab nyabuto8 months ago

    everyone complains about steph's defense and they don't talk about james harden's defense, steph was getting past him and shooting over him the whole game.

  79. OnlyJD

    OnlyJD8 months ago

    Ball movement is everything plus giving curry the opportunity to shoot and actually go in the hole impressive

  80. hyrsk1552

    hyrsk15528 months ago

    CP3 with that flop is exactly what wrong with the NBA.

  81. MPS

    MPS8 months ago

    Best player in the world.

  82. Stephen Curry30.

    Stephen Curry30.8 months ago

    Curry30 MvP👌🏀👊💥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥🔥🔥💥🔥💥🔥

  83. ShadyVistaDrive lu Carl

    ShadyVistaDrive lu Carl8 months ago

    "Mr.Harden would you like this dance?" 😂😂😂

  84. ArrenMagex X

    ArrenMagex X8 months ago


  85. ShadyVistaDrive lu Carl

    ShadyVistaDrive lu Carl8 months ago

    Its the toughness,range,and the timing that makes him the G.S.O.A.T

  86. 玖月白狼

    玖月白狼8 months ago

    Curry so good

  87. Kool Kid

    Kool Kid8 months ago

    It’s over..When Curry, Kd, Thompson etc get in their game..They’re unstoppable as a team..To many weapons

  88. Ifare Nass

    Ifare Nass8 months ago

    "No he didn't" best reaction of the game #theMVPisback

  89. Symphony L

    Symphony L8 months ago

    I didn't even play and I scored on James Harden!!!!!

  90. clipside

    clipside8 months ago

    Capela just gave up on defense in the 2nd half.... he knew he cant stop the scoring barrage of the warriors with his teamates slacking...


    YOUNGCMUSIC8 months ago

    OH NO HE DIDN'T -Reggie Miller Voice

  92. legendary soldier

    legendary soldier8 months ago

    ppl don't ever compare Kobe to James harden. harden can't guard his last meal if his life depended on it.

  93. Pranav Sirnapalli

    Pranav Sirnapalli8 months ago

    how do you feel now james harden ?

  94. Jamykael Turner

    Jamykael Turner8 months ago

    That boy nice. Smooth

  95. hey mickey

    hey mickey8 months ago

    curry's sister makes me want to shoot 3...shots inside of her

  96. Lee Josh

    Lee Josh8 months ago

    Stephen Skyfucker Curry is back!

  97. rama arya

    rama arya8 months ago

    Get revenge on cp -😋

  98. Neel Moudgil

    Neel Moudgil8 months ago

    Obviously not “just a shooter”, he was hitting tough layups all game

  99. soulsearch1234

    soulsearch12348 months ago

    Not satisfied. I want to see second half Curry ALL GAME then I will say he showed up. Real fans know Curry is improving but he has yet to reach the pinnacle of even his previous and usual performances

  100. Carlos Rivera

    Carlos Rivera8 months ago

    Lmfaoooo James Hardens D is so fkn laughably bad. OmG bro he will never EVER get to the Finals like that. Lmfaoooo I keep watching it! How is it soooooo bad!?!?

  101. Lou Reed

    Lou Reed8 months ago

    I just don’t want the warriors to win because the NBA has become boring as fuck with the same teams going to the finals every year

  102. Robert Lewis

    Robert Lewis8 months ago

    extreme cheating by the Warriors. Rockets in 6.

  103. Vaxelius

    Vaxelius8 months ago

    Steph doing steph things

  104. Ed Neverwifeer

    Ed Neverwifeer8 months ago

    Curry came out aggressive from the start... knew eventually curry would find that shot and my goodness was he lethal with it...

  105. detailsmove

    detailsmove8 months ago

    His 3's hurt my gut. When he's on fire, it's too much lol