Stephen A. reacts to Warriors’ Game 3 blowout over Rockets | SportsCenter | ESPN


  1. Angel Richetti

    Angel Richetti24 days ago

    No one watches basketball..boring useless Sport..

  2. easy e

    easy e28 days ago

    Racist black piece of worthless shit

  3. Pandas are cool

    Pandas are cool28 days ago

    There is no video with Steven A. Smith without the word "react" involved in it

  4. Braun White

    Braun WhiteMonth ago

    It's ridiculous that Harden and Paul will "get calls in their favor" just because they are potential award winners in the NBA...that's the stupidest thing I've heard in a while Referees should call fouls if they are FOULS no matter who it is

  5. Ben Mercer

    Ben MercerMonth ago

    Ok, Rockets won game 4, no doubt Stephen flip-flop will now say the Warriors are in trouble now. What's most hilarious is the hypocrite is constantly calling out Max and others for changing their mind on something.

  6. MK Mouse Animation

    MK Mouse AnimationMonth ago



    PACOIMAxGMonth ago

    Stephen a Smith looks cracked out

  8. done doda

    done dodaMonth ago

    diametrically opposed to make up base on my forehead

  9. Bobby Burns

    Bobby BurnsMonth ago

    Blab same old same old playoff bullshit. Will go game seven like always. The nba needs to go to a ncaa March madness set up. All teams rank worst to first single game elimination winner take all . Knock this out in a weekend. The players are sandbagging. NBA No bullshit allow.

  10. Paul Consoli

    Paul ConsoliMonth ago


    RDNETWORKMonth ago

    Warriors r wack

  12. King David

    King DavidMonth ago

    Wow, these people, "S.A.S" make million's contradiction them self"

  13. Oliver_B

    Oliver_BMonth ago

    Chris Paul? Hall of fame? That mother trucker hasn’t won a ring, fuck that,

  14. joshua akotia

    joshua akotiaMonth ago

    0:06😂😂😂😂 Stephen a

  15. VG Wavez

    VG WavezMonth ago

    what does being a futer HOF and MVP have to do with getting fouls?? NBA refs trash man...

  16. J V

    J VMonth ago

    Harden plays modern D, can't because you'll get called.

  17. J V

    J VMonth ago

    Rocket gets game 4 and he'll say the warriors are going to have to let guys go. Need bayless to say I disagree but make statements on how he agrees

  18. Jonah Scarlett

    Jonah ScarlettMonth ago

    Houston can steal an away game

  19. lone wolf

    lone wolfMonth ago

    Bro cut the hair off you done it’s finished there is no going back .....hold up that’s the point of this comment that shit is going back 🤣

  20. Normally_Overlooked

    Normally_OverlookedMonth ago

    Dude! Breathe!

  21. Reck Less

    Reck LessMonth ago

    Watch The Full Game !! Thank Me Later ;)

  22. Rich bound

    Rich boundMonth ago

    Chris Paul to warriors 2019

  23. Logan Parker

    Logan ParkerMonth ago Stephen A. Exposed reptilian 👀

  24. Jerome Lund

    Jerome LundMonth ago

    NBA so fake. Stephen A. so flake.

  25. Luke

    LukeMonth ago

    Crypto will make you a ton of money by 2020. Buy at coinbase.

  26. CATEGORY 7

    CATEGORY 7Month ago

    Must be nice to be labeled "hurt" when you play bad and normal when you play well... Fuck Curry

  27. VMC

    VMCMonth ago


  28. Günni Peters

    Günni PetersMonth ago

    GS gonna be 2018 champs but no one cares except for the bandwagoners

  29. David K

    David KMonth ago

    Holy shit that fuck fat on the sideline...

  30. Mathews Hoyt

    Mathews HoytMonth ago

    NBA office cant afford to have our Rockets in the fonals..

  31. Sonicplys 64

    Sonicplys 64Month ago

    Houston Sparklers are done.

  32. failtolawl

    failtolawlMonth ago

    God stop making this dude so important he's such an egotistical prick

  33. Zombee MON

    Zombee MONMonth ago

    Steph sucks

  34. Josh B.

    Josh B.Month ago

    Oxygen thief

  35. Mark Pedroza

    Mark PedrozaMonth ago

    Stephen A. Smith talks like he has M&M's in his mouth..

  36. Saint Rodgers Domino

    Saint Rodgers DominoMonth ago

    Sounds like skip is talking but all I see is black man act like skip

  37. T Wik

    T WikMonth ago

    Stephen A looks like a monkey

  38. Premium Focuz

    Premium FocuzMonth ago

    Stephen Smith is the epitome of my cock

  39. donald tran

    donald tranMonth ago

    What is CP3 going in to the HOF for? Flopping?

  40. Jaybriel Akoi

    Jaybriel AkoiMonth ago

    Steph curry needs a more manly name.

  41. jamacianbacon_30

    jamacianbacon_30Month ago

    Cp3 had the most rebounds and he is only 6 foot

  42. Gabriel Reed

    Gabriel ReedMonth ago

    Stephen A. knows his stuff!

  43. Melinda Kai

    Melinda KaiMonth ago

    Steph Curry....Love you!

  44. Robert Hernandez

    Robert HernandezMonth ago

    Warriors in 6



    SA is a joke!

  46. JumperWC

    JumperWCMonth ago

    The NBA is so fun to watch, and there are so many talented players...

  47. HalloFrame

    HalloFrameMonth ago

    Can we talk about Stephs defense though? He kinda clamped...

  48. Danny Meafua

    Danny MeafuaMonth ago

    So when we take it in Houston whats the next excuse??...

  49. wpaia

    wpaiaMonth ago

    If i was rockets i would give up

  50. Curry Chicken

    Curry ChickenMonth ago

    Stephen A. Sleep on the Job

  51. Joseph Mattei

    Joseph MatteiMonth ago

    I hate this dude

  52. Crash//Burn Crash//Burn

    Crash//Burn Crash//BurnMonth ago

    How does this guy have a job?

  53. Bro Cooking With Jay

    Bro Cooking With JayMonth ago

    Jordon is better than Lebron.


    JOHN SMITHMonth ago


  55. Brandon Cowan

    Brandon CowanMonth ago

    SAS said he 'diametrically opposed' always learning new words from this man lmao

  56. Keith Jones

    Keith JonesMonth ago

    Rigged ass sports who cares

  57. Big Ty27

    Big Ty27Month ago

    Warriors are the Patriots of nba

  58. And And

    And AndMonth ago

    Mayweather is a chicken


    ALABAMA FANMonth ago

    Warriors winning the series 4-2 facts

  60. Mike Henry

    Mike HenryMonth ago

    Jhill_hitemup_ 23 oh no 🤦‍♂️

  61. Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine TerranceMonth ago

    What's up, Humans? A fish swims to the end of the Earth. A human walks to the end of the Earth. The fish lives and the human dies. Sometimes in life...🤔 TERRANCE OUT


    PG 13PACERNATIONMonth ago

    Next game Stephen A will say GSW should be worried if they lose

  63. D’angelo Russell

    D’angelo RussellMonth ago

    SAS knows nothing about basketball.Clown.

  64. Noro

    NoroMonth ago

    did he just said TWO TIMES?

  65. Trav 357

    Trav 357Month ago

    First of all I am diametrically opposed to The splendiferous Marvelous occasion of loquaciousness Anticopious Indubiousness Blasphemy Cordiality Asinine Epistemology Quaduilaterally Atrocious ...

  66. Doug Wallen

    Doug WallenMonth ago

    Bigmouth 🤡

  67. Real T.V.

    Real T.V.Month ago

    The Chef cooked Harden

  68. Kingston 2

    Kingston 2Month ago

    Stephen A is a clown ass mothafucka

  69. Kam's Commentary

    Kam's CommentaryMonth ago


  70. Random Grove Street Thug #4

    Random Grove Street Thug #4Month ago

    The NBA needs to take a similar formula they went with for the all-star game and do away with East/West reason this shouldn't be a finals matchup...

  71. Kamari Joseph

    Kamari JosephMonth ago

    I agree with him Warriors in 6

  72. dirkyd3rk

    dirkyd3rkMonth ago

    Golden state was beatable with this Houston team minus Durant. We should get LeBron so we can compete. We’re a 3rd star away from dethroning them

  73. Dodger Loc

    Dodger Loc24 days ago

    +dirkyd3rk fuck your mother bitch

  74. dirkyd3rk

    dirkyd3rkMonth ago

    Dodger Loc blow me nigga

  75. Dodger Loc

    Dodger LocMonth ago

    Lol shut up bitch lebron ain’t going to no trash ass Houston faggot

  76. Chris White

    Chris WhiteMonth ago

    I quit watching sports when I discovered it was rigged. Let's see here, will the finals go down to game 7 for the most money made.....yup and will the champions really be the winners? Guess that all depends on the money made and Las Vegas odds come into play. See I quit watching because it's wasted talent and after spending x amount of money and time does it matter who wins or loses when only the NBA organization wins. Raises all much for a rigged sport jersey lol yeah right I'll invest that money in something that makes me money.

  77. Danny H

    Danny HMonth ago

    Dont matter who wins, King James taking that title this year

  78. Dodger Loc

    Dodger LocMonth ago

    Sux his fag boy like ur daddy

  79. Julio César Febles

    Julio César FeblesMonth ago

    2-time MVP baby!🏀🔥

  80. ripdajacker23

    ripdajacker23Month ago

    HOU simply can't sustain their "switch everything" defense against a team that runs off the ball, weakside screens, and a passing-motion offense and then turn around and execute their "high tempo" offense. They're spending all their energy defensively and don't have "enough legs" offensively. Though they had 3-4 days off to rest/prepare, last night was a prime example of what GSW does to teams on both ends. The ONLY way GSW loses 4 games in a series is if they beat themselves with turnovers and bad shooting. Damn near impossible lol

  81. Lucas Garza

    Lucas GarzaMonth ago

    Native Houstonian and Rockets fan here... It was embarrassing to watch the game last night. They're supposed to be repping our city and it was a joke. At one point I saw 3 turnovers back to back. Freaking Harden passed the ball right to Draymond for some unknown reason. I'd love to see the Rockets dethrone the Warriors but it ain't happening if they keep playing like that.

  82. Shurm O

    Shurm OMonth ago

    When you change the difficulty to rookie on 2k 🤣

  83. Joseph Velasco

    Joseph VelascoMonth ago

    "West Coast Offense" of the NBA.

  84. Adam Jefferson

    Adam JeffersonMonth ago

    man rockets r on the road u aint gettin away wit the bullshit and curry neutralized harden made him play D babe!

  85. Paul F.

    Paul F.Month ago

    What TF is it with the Warriors and the 3rd QTR ? 😂

  86. Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel

    Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the GospelMonth ago

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  87. EricSmyth14

    EricSmyth14Month ago

    Curry needs yellow in the background

  88. trolzilalol

    trolzilalolMonth ago

    0:35 "they certainly wasn't" Go back to school.

  89. trolzilalol

    trolzilalolMonth ago

    Will they ever fire Stephen A Smith? I can't stand this "analyst" who never knows what he's talking about.

  90. Thanos :

    Thanos :Month ago

    I can beat the warriors with a snap...

  91. Prissy Promise

    Prissy PromiseMonth ago

    Game 7

  92. Rod Riley

    Rod RileyMonth ago

    Diametrically oppose.. really?? 😂😂

  93. timber_beast

    timber_beastMonth ago

    After Game 1: "Rockets have no chance - will be a sweep!" After Game 2: "Warriors in big trouble - Curry is DONE!" After Game 3: "Rockets have no chance - Warriors in 5!"

  94. Skinny Nix

    Skinny NixMonth ago

    Lebron to Houston would be a total failure..bron, harden and paul too much iso ball would not look good too watch....bron to Dallas or Boston

  95. Big Marcus 202

    Big Marcus 202Month ago

    How you lose by 41 though?

  96. Mike Henry

    Mike HenryMonth ago

    Big Daddy Marcus they had no business

  97. cbctitre

    cbctitreMonth ago

    they gonna try to avoid it but it doesnt mean that they will...series will be over in game 5

  98. NeonGreen Ninja

    NeonGreen NinjaMonth ago

    The NBA IS no more, its garbage, specially with Durant acting like a rape victim and going to warriors, Durant you are a traitor bi5xh

  99. ConRon

    ConRonMonth ago

    As long as Steph or klay get at least 20 the game is basically over. KD is a 99% lock for 25-30 points easy. No one can guard him, this doesn’t look good for Houston

  100. ConRon

    ConRonMonth ago

    Harden played like a 6th man not a leader and sure as hell not like an MVP.

  101. Vince Bell

    Vince BellMonth ago

    CP3 should find out how much State Farm pays out for personal injury because the move Livingston put on Harden almost broke his back!!!!!!

  102. Soph x

    Soph xMonth ago

    Cleveland and Boston both are not touching the Warriors in the finals.. I don't like basketball as much as I used to :/ the reason why the NFL is and ALWAYS will be more popular is because any given sunday anyone can win.


    HOODIE NELLOMonth ago


  104. Alexander Carranza

    Alexander CarranzaMonth ago

    The first half was the worst I’ve ever seen both teams play. Thank God Steph made his shots

  105. Shantorey Wilkins

    Shantorey WilkinsMonth ago

    👍✨✨✨ 🎉😊👏😁👏😃🎉 Congratulations!


    DA_ SUNTOUCHAMonth ago

    Stephen A..ole flippiey flop azz nigga!!!