Stephen A. and Max react to LeBron James' broken hand | First Take | ESPN


  1. perkol8ter

    perkol8terDay ago

    Wow...Max Kellerman is so, SO bad at this. You can tell he's trying to be bombastic like Steven A., but failing in an epic way.

  2. ngkky

    ngkky2 days ago

    Lebron is so right when reciting Teddy Roosevelt's "Man In The Arena" about his critics. So many of them like Stephen A. and Skip Bayless are absolute parasites.

  3. Mr. Invisible

    Mr. Invisible2 days ago

    Kobes always played with splints and casts and never complained, and jordans flu game👍👍👍👍, either the new nba generation is now a bunch of softies or full of players who need to switch to baseball with playin off the injuries

  4. W P

    W P3 days ago

    SMH bronsexuals acting like lebron was so good but he got swept by the warriors. Who remembers when Jordan swept the warriors in a wheelchair and 2 broken arms with the team on his back

  5. Joey Alph

    Joey Alph3 days ago

    i was with max until he said babe ruth was the greatest of all time


    JESSE RUSHING3 days ago

    Im pretty sure the medical staff would not clear him to play with a broken hand and im pretty sure throwing down dunks with a broken hand would be pretty painful.. If it was a legit injury that he was trying to hide, why even put the soft cast on for the post-game interview? It sounds like an excuse to me..

  7. mc remy

    mc remy3 days ago

    the disrespect he puts on lebron

  8. Three60Crusader

    Three60Crusader3 days ago

    Basketball? 😴 Lebron should stick to talking tough on twitter.

  9. Carlos Morales

    Carlos Morales4 days ago

    Lebron can really play a role in Los Angeles his a good actor

  10. boo boo

    boo boo4 days ago

    I would've made the NBA but I sprained my funny bone in high school.

  11. jabib100 _

    jabib100 _4 days ago

    bro u have to be a dumbass stephen a smith... how he gon play w a cast.. if he don't play they get swept regardless

  12. Lamont Turner

    Lamont Turner5 days ago

    Lebron could be Jesus himself and they still would find some way to make him a bad guy😏...ijs

  13. Hann David Films Productions

    Hann David Films Productions5 days ago

    (WAKANDAN VOICE) IS THIS YOUR KING?! LeBroom Sweep James Jr.

  14. N N

    N N5 days ago

    Max is just reciting a synopsis of events. So pointless

  15. Alt Right White

    Alt Right White5 days ago

    That black doosh should go back to Africa and wear a loin cloth. I spit at him!

  16. Mr. AJ Atomic

    Mr. AJ Atomic4 days ago



    JOHN SMITH5 days ago


  18. P.B. Gonzaga

    P.B. Gonzaga5 days ago

    cant stand this max kellerman guy. looks & sounds like an idiot

  19. Donna Narine

    Donna Narine5 days ago


  20. J R

    J R5 days ago

    Jr you stupid idiot

  21. Taras Kobets

    Taras Kobets6 days ago

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  22. Russell Gentsch

    Russell Gentsch6 days ago

    I agree with stephen a.

  23. S.W. Biggs

    S.W. Biggs6 days ago

    Most points but still can't win so guess all those points meant nothing! The situation speaks for itself. I give straight facts no man jacking going on unlike yourself. Stupid people shouldn't comment so this is your hint to stop

  24. Michael Strom

    Michael Strom6 days ago

    All you ever hear about is how Jordan and bird were such fiery competitors and would get after their teammates when they make a mistake but for some reason only LeBron is supposed to coddle them. Hypocrisy much.

  25. Alejandro Machado

    Alejandro Machado6 days ago

    Fuck u Stephen A. Smith

  26. Noah Jones

    Noah Jones6 days ago

    Lol if his hand was broken he wouldn’t be moving it like that

  27. Anthony Schneider

    Anthony Schneider6 days ago

    Do they pay this dude to be pissy about everything? Shut up

  28. Balzac T. Bagher

    Balzac T. Bagher6 days ago

    LeBron went 1-5 in overtime in the first game. The man gave up and he has no one to blame on how bad this Cavs team was but himself for approving all these roster changes.

  29. Greta Samoylova

    Greta Samoylova6 days ago

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  30. Jojo Breez

    Jojo Breez6 days ago

    I’m with max on this one

  31. The10man81

    The10man817 days ago

    Just another LeBron flop. Bet the sun was in his eyes too. He’s trash. Wants to be the GOAT? Play defense. Build up your teammates. Play in all games.

  32. harry cho

    harry cho7 days ago

    Cleveland Cavaliers should sue LJ. LJ is a bought commodity. I believe that somewhere in his contract, it says that he cannot do "stupid" things that will injure yourself. Monta Ellis did the same thing in his career when he injured himself riding a moped. Like I said, the Cavaliers should sue LJ.

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  34. Jay notsure

    Jay notsure7 days ago

    Wack ass analysis.

  35. Blake Seduction

    Blake Seduction7 days ago

    LBJ just a big crying Ass babyyyy. Sitting on the bench pouting. I ain't never seen MJ or Kobe crying and pouting like some little Bitch!!

  36. Erik 000

    Erik 0007 days ago

    Perhaps all of the flipping he's done has caused his body to do it on its own.

  37. Kimberly Sanchez

    Kimberly Sanchez7 days ago

    Not the broken hand Sweep!

  38. darko galic

    darko galic7 days ago

    LeSwept James ! Finals was GSW - Houston

  39. Justin Farkas

    Justin Farkas7 days ago

    Max is a tool. A fucking goof. Doesn't deserve to replace Skip. It's a shame ESPN executive's decided to put him in.

  40. Time2watchU75

    Time2watchU757 days ago


  41. Juan Castro

    Juan Castro7 days ago

    molly loves blk cocks

  42. Neal Teitelbaum

    Neal Teitelbaum7 days ago

    That doesn't even look like a cast. It's just a covered bandage.

  43. Dieudonnee Bigirimana

    Dieudonnee Bigirimana7 days ago

    Championnat Arabie saoudite et réal madrid

  44. Ryan Cochran

    Ryan Cochran7 days ago

    Once again, Stephen A is spot on while Max is an idiot who has no idea what the hell he is talking about while shoving his nose up Baby Bron Bron's ass...

  45. Vlad Koshel

    Vlad Koshel7 days ago

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  46. elwingy

    elwingy7 days ago

    my god what fucking drama queen lebron is... i mean can you even imagine MJ acting like a whinny bitch like that?

  47. thejokersonyou

    thejokersonyou7 days ago

    Passive aggressive...

  48. Billy Scruggs

    Billy Scruggs7 days ago

    James always users something for an excuse when he loses.

  49. dawox23

    dawox237 days ago

    "No MATTER how SICK I was, how TIRED I was, I felt the OBLIGATION to my TEAM and the city of CHICAGO to go out, and give that extra EFFORT. I was really TIRED, i was really WEAK. Somehow i found that ENERGY. Just stay STRONG. I WANTED IT REALLY BAD!" - Michael Jordan after Game 5 NBA Finals 1997 known as the "Flu Game"

  50. Antonio Gill

    Antonio Gill7 days ago

    Weak AF and you lames keep comparing him to MJ

  51. Lord Mordekaiser

    Lord Mordekaiser8 days ago

    Maybe he punched the wall ?

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  53. curse of janus

    curse of janus8 days ago

    Is Smith lightening his skin?

  54. Garrison Dunn

    Garrison Dunn8 days ago

    Great for LeBron but most NHL players do this😂😂😂 Not gonna discredit him at all but you HAVE to give some respect to NHL players with playing with a fucking grocery list of injuries lol

  55. Timothy Webb

    Timothy Webb8 days ago

    2:41 - 2:46 “Not one game, not one game! You couldn’t get ONE”!! - Steve A Smith ( The way he says it is funny)

  56. The Real Deal Beal

    The Real Deal Beal8 days ago

    Man the fuck up. If it was that bad he wouldn’t have been allowed to play. Larry Bird played with a 5 inch gash in his foot and MJ played with the fucking Flu.

  57. sellbullion

    sellbullion8 days ago

    lazy nigger

  58. Connor Hill

    Connor Hill8 days ago

    Why is this shit always "trending"

  59. Christian Bautista

    Christian Bautista8 days ago

    Why instead yelling jr gve the ball to ghill... give it to me... (lebron player in the world... iknow the game my critics dont know the game) 🤔🤔🤔 bec hes not that kind of player hes knows the textbooks of the game but dont have the will... mentality... killerinstinct... toughness... of the game... theres.a.diff knowing the game and heart game (being a champion)

  60. Famous TV

    Famous TV8 days ago

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  61. Jay Xenter

    Jay Xenter8 days ago

    Max looks like he does a line of cocaine before every discussion

  62. Jay Xenter

    Jay Xenter8 days ago

    Say what you will about Jordan, but he would never have faked a broken hand to excuse being swept in the finals. Don’t understand why LeBron can’t just accept the L, too busy trying to find excuses.

  63. earnest roper

    earnest roper8 days ago


  64. King Jam3ss

    King Jam3ss8 days ago

    He had a good run

  65. Frank Johnson

    Frank Johnson8 days ago

    jerk him off max,maybe you both feel better

  66. Jr Morales

    Jr Morales8 days ago

    Max you herpe lip bastard

  67. Robert Lipshultz

    Robert Lipshultz8 days ago

    Stephen A. Smith is a black supremacist

  68. Jae Mart

    Jae Mart8 days ago

    Excuses and flops, that's all he does and has

  69. Michael  Bautista

    Michael Bautista8 days ago

    They were right when they said that you are a great athlete,a philanthropist,a father & an "ACTOR".."LEdrama" if I may add..coz you've always been a DRAMATIC ACTOR since the Miami days..please stop this nonsense coz people are not stupid,even people from Cleveland won't buy your "LAME EXCUSE" of having a broken hand after being swept..& that's why you have to cover your face specially your eyes with a cap when you announced this because deep inside you knew you were just making everything up right!? would have been more believable if you told the whole nation about it after game 1 ( if for instance that you really broke your hand) and give your heart out by continuing to play until the end of the series with a broken hand despite being swept, then you could have won the sympathy of everybody including the Warriors' fans..but unfortunately you gave up fighting and left every single Cavaliers' fans with a broken heart & a very horrible memory of that series..I guess all in all you made the wrong move or may I say it's too bad you didn't have the right SCRIPT to leave with dignity coz time & time again it's all about yourself.. PATHETIC but that's the're chasing something that will never be yours coz you'll end up with nothing with all your dramas & people are tired of these shit..the term GOAT should only be given to someone who does the job right in the true sense of the WORD..sorry but not SORRY..

  70. Will EE

    Will EE8 days ago

    Punching a white board is not being a leader.

  71. msdogooder

    msdogooder8 days ago

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  72. Lebron James

    Lebron James8 days ago

    Could have won game one.

  73. Andres Contreras

    Andres Contreras8 days ago

    Why does everyone hate lebron😂, he might have not won a single game, but he was up there against 4 all stars😂 cut him some slack

  74. Dalkuraan

    Dalkuraan8 days ago


  75. Haze

    Haze8 days ago

    Max looks a lil stoned.

  76. O'Ryan Dark

    O'Ryan Dark8 days ago

    Fake news! A hand contusion is just a bruise. Lebron is just soft, mentally and physically.

  77. Luis Morales

    Luis Morales8 days ago

    Stephan A. Smith is so real.

  78. Donald Jarvis III

    Donald Jarvis III8 days ago

    You idiots, Max and Stephen debate. Just so happened Max had LeBrons side on this debate. If Smith had the other side would you be bashing him? Max is good at what he does.

  79. valley2118

    valley21188 days ago

    27 seconds into the video and I can't watch anymore. Never watched the sport so it's hard for me to watch with the trash already hitting the fan.

  80. JAK 31

    JAK 318 days ago

    Kobe is better than Cry baby James, Kobe has 5 RINGS WITH THE SAME TEAM, didn’t do the Peter Rabbit and hop to another team like Queen James does win he loses in the finals, if you ask me Lebron a sell out. Jordan didn’t sell out either stayed with Chicago to win 6. So you tell me whose the best in the world 🌎 sell outs don’t count

  81. guezcisco

    guezcisco8 days ago

    LeBitch at it again. He will go down in history as the biggest complainer of any athlete. Max always sounds like he's in love with LeBitch.

  82. Austin 2408

    Austin 24088 days ago

    He’s always hating

  83. Jeff K

    Jeff K8 days ago

    Max, you have some of LeBrons cum dripping off your chin. Fuckin Douche-bag Max.

  84. Marc Casteel

    Marc Casteel8 days ago

    The King of Excuses

  85. Nicholas Welty

    Nicholas Welty8 days ago

    Max is right on this one. like if u agree

  86. Baltimore Duhmmy

    Baltimore Duhmmy8 days ago

    I'm convinced LeBron James personally got these new wave of analyst hired , , , kobe the goat . Lebron will never be the goat Facts

  87. ANHZ 52

    ANHZ 528 days ago

    Kobe broke everything still no excuses lmao

  88. topnotch3232

    topnotch32328 days ago

    Lebron wearing that cast after getting swept is so fucking soft and weak. I love Lebron but this is pathetic lmao

  89. Brewin Garcia

    Brewin Garcia8 days ago

    thomas played through injury bernard king play through injury kobe played with broken fingers jordan played through a flu virus wothout complained and excuses

  90. Aquabat zap

    Aquabat zap8 days ago

    Stephen A. Smith is such a hater. I don’t get why this man can’t enjoy greatness. No other player in NBA history could have done anything different. HE DROPPED 50 POINTS... and his team still lost. LeBron did more than any other player could have done. He carried a terrible team to the finals, that by itself is amazing. Jordan may have been able to carry them, but doubt he would’ve won any games either.

  91. Jim Bertido

    Jim Bertido8 days ago

    Pierce got stabbed 11 times at halftime & still hit the game winning shot in LeBrons face. Facts.

  92. Jim Bertido

    Jim Bertido8 days ago

    LeBron drives with his hands at 3 & 6 on the wheel.

  93. GSW#1 CHAMP

    GSW#1 CHAMP8 days ago

    Hahahaha poor Lebron!Back to back and 1!!!GSW CHAMPS!!!....AGAIN!!!

  94. Jason

    Jason8 days ago

    Shut up Max. It's not often I agree with Stephen A. But he's on point with that conclusion. Also the refs can look at and overturn a call. Only in the last 2min of a game. And only on certain types of foul calls. Even I understood that. And I didn't care who won. I really didn't.

  95. Julio César Febles

    Julio César Febles8 days ago

    Stephen A. Salty

  96. Julian Ivan Capistrano

    Julian Ivan Capistrano8 days ago

    Tell it to Iverson. Playing on finals with lots of injury

  97. Martin10502

    Martin105028 days ago

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  98. Kevin Sellers

    Kevin Sellers8 days ago

    Face book was here

  99. San Diego

    San Diego8 days ago

    i hope LBJ joins Rockets..... because they would STILL lose to Warriors.... Harden is a bigger choker than LBJ, Harden is a bigger ball hog than LBJ, they would be a horrible combo together on same team, & Harden is the worse defensive player of any superstar in NBA history.... Harden will never win a title.... and LBJ will never win ANOTHER one.

  100. Joseph Rodriguez

    Joseph Rodriguez8 days ago

    Max Kellerman is the president of the bronsexual fanclub.

  101. Omar Luevano

    Omar Luevano8 days ago

    Lmao these comments are hilarious. LeBron won the cavs lost. It takes a team to win end of story.