Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser


  1. spookerr

    spookerr16 minutes ago

    Oh please no.

  2. Mockte activity

    Mockte activity18 minutes ago

    Ezra was Snoke

  3. Drunken Busker

    Drunken Busker19 minutes ago

    Why is the predator laughing at the end

  4. Six Pack Shortcuts

    Six Pack Shortcuts27 minutes ago


  5. Louis Greenland

    Louis Greenland32 minutes ago

    watch this crash and burn like a star destroyer in the deserts of Jakku

  6. TheTruthIsGonnaHurt

    TheTruthIsGonnaHurt36 minutes ago

    *Star Wars Episode 9 - “We now have a script !”*

  7. Kylo Ren

    Kylo RenHour ago

    Im such an EPIC gamer!

  8. The Lost Wizard

    The Lost Wizard2 hours ago

    Trailer 2 soon?

  9. shivam vishwakarma

    shivam vishwakarma3 hours ago

    I won't be surprised if our very own Mary Sue turns out to be a skywalker 😐😐

  10. lord of Ink games

    lord of Ink games2 hours ago

    I honestly think that Ryan ruined that pottentail in last Jedi with the "your parents were nobody" thing. But Maybe not.

  11. Thatgamer pro97

    Thatgamer pro973 hours ago

    1:50 Kylos theme but with a little Light Side vipe Foreshadowing?

  12. black saibot

    black saibot4 hours ago

    "We've passed on all we know." - Either they didn't know much AT ALL, or they used to teach their padawans at an extremely SLOW pace, or she truly is a MARY SUE.

  13. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis4 hours ago

    Omg you can never be pleased can you? She probably got more training from Luke in between TLJ and this film.

  14. Tajrick Cowins

    Tajrick Cowins5 hours ago

    star wars rise of the blue star wars logo

  15. Simon B

    Simon B5 hours ago

    This dung pile isn't getting another dollar out of me.

  16. Sensibility

    Sensibility6 hours ago

    Odious pretentious moralising garbage. Good music though.

  17. tyler duarte

    tyler duarte6 hours ago

    Luke: We passed on everything we know. Me: No you didn't. You literally taught her nothing in the last Jedi.

  18. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis4 hours ago

    Stop ignoring the time jump between TLJ and TROS.

  19. zabra

    zabra8 hours ago

    disney ruined starwars

  20. zabra

    zabra4 hours ago

    Thomas Bludis ALSO you clearly dont know what storylines are if you think that. I can make a rant about why it was ruined. Read about the ark and the storyline

  21. zabra

    zabra4 hours ago

    Thomas Bludis your dad needs to spank you.

  22. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis4 hours ago

    Then don’t watch this film. Go cry in the corner at home miserably while you miss out on a great movie

  23. Eclipse Animations

    Eclipse Animations8 hours ago

    Can’t wait for the hate to pour in like the last two movies. But even so I’ll still love this franchise, no matter what...

  24. Ramiro Belmares

    Ramiro Belmares8 hours ago

    Imagine if Hayden Christensen is actually in this as a surprise

  25. Stogie2112

    Stogie21128 hours ago

    It would make a lot of sense. Ben is obsessed with his grandfather, so who better to make an appearance and set the boy straight!

  26. Rafie Rizkia

    Rafie Rizkia9 hours ago

    1:32 is that a venator?

  27. R3pr3ss3dEm0

    R3pr3ss3dEm09 hours ago

    imagine how cool it would be if instead of Palpatine's laugh, we heard the iconic sound of Vader's breathing?

  28. Kenji Dagdag

    Kenji Dagdag10 hours ago

    Star Wars: The Rise of Sallywalker - Teaser

  29. Alex Eastwood

    Alex Eastwood12 hours ago

    Every trailer starts with heavy breathing.

  30. Jack Leighton

    Jack Leighton12 hours ago

    Long shot, hardly a chance, near-impossible, but here’s me hoping there’ll be a galaxy wide victory celebration scene after the First Order and Palpatine’s final defeat. With the many Jedi force spirits from all 3 eras looking down upon Rey, Finn, Poe and Leia.

  31. Michael Ray

    Michael Ray13 hours ago

    Star Bores: The Rise of Darth Mickey, can our heroes in the Fandom Menace defeat the evil Kathleen Kennedy (actually a droid) and her clone army of rampant, soulless SJWs Kathleen Kennedy's Kadets (KKK) as they try to destroy the galaxy from their evil lair on Franchise Killer base? Will Rey become even more of a Mary Sue? Probably.

  32. The Ridiculous Otaku

    The Ridiculous Otaku6 hours ago

    @Thomas Bludis Garbage would find that Insulting

  33. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis10 hours ago

    The fandom menace is garbage.

  34. Emmett Lutgen

    Emmett Lutgen15 hours ago

    That laugh gives me the chills everytime!

  35. Tuhqa

    Tuhqa15 hours ago

    Perfectly Balanced

  36. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis10 hours ago

    As all things should be

  37. c00p3rz_Let'sPlays

    c00p3rz_Let'sPlays16 hours ago

    So far these new movies haven't been too great, The Force Awakens and Rogue One were pretty freakin' good, but ever since The Last Jedi the series has been disappointing to say the least. I really do believe that this film can be good, I really hope so anyways.

  38. pongo d

    pongo d17 hours ago


  39. Fecxor Fecxor

    Fecxor Fecxor18 hours ago

    “No one’s ever really gone” _Porkins has entered the chat_

  40. Stogie2112

    Stogie211216 hours ago

    Stay on target ....

  41. Panic Productions

    Panic Productions18 hours ago

    Time travel!!!


    THE RISE OF SKYWALKER18 hours ago

    Panic Productions I HOPE SOOO !! THAT WOULD BE EPICC

  43. Zejakov

    Zejakov19 hours ago

    Me and the boys making facebook group about goint to the area 51. Area 51 soliders: 1:48

  44. Sotheysay

    Sotheysay20 hours ago

    Leias theme just ruins it😂😂 like I get that it’s a tribute but if it were the main theme playing it would have been so much better

  45. FreeTime Player

    FreeTime Player20 hours ago

    Star Wars: The Rise of Hate Comments ⬇️ ⬇️

  46. Rick Burton

    Rick Burton21 hour ago

    I'm sorry, but this girl playing Rey isn't that attractive , at least not in this.

  47. Brandon Jimkern

    Brandon Jimkern14 hours ago

    Rick Burton and your point is?

  48. Zoltan Rostas-Secola

    Zoltan Rostas-Secola21 hour ago

    T I M E T R A V E L


    THE RISE OF SKYWALKER18 hours ago

    Zoltan Rostas-Secola CANNOT WAIT I HOPEEEEEEE

  50. Toniano Valdosan

    Toniano Valdosan22 hours ago

    It's like watching terminator genisys ....they tried , they hyped, they failed

  51. Now Theory

    Now Theory22 hours ago

    Luke:No ones really gone The emperor:lauging...hmm what does that mean

  52. #_EPIC!!

    #_EPIC!!22 hours ago

    Editor - how many clues? Director - No!

  53. meme star434

    meme star43423 hours ago

    Show Maury exists Anakin you are not the father Vader you are the father

  54. Matthieu Richter

    Matthieu Richter23 hours ago

    Palp a teen

  55. Jason Fenton

    Jason Fenton23 hours ago

    Why doesn't the TIE fighter just fire a missile or something?

  56. Stogie2112

    Stogie211219 hours ago

    Jason Fenton ..... and a Rathtar against a Rancor?

  57. Jason Fenton

    Jason Fenton19 hours ago

    @Stogie2112 Eh, I ship it, just so long as we get Jar Jar x Finn.

  58. Stogie2112

    Stogie211222 hours ago

    It's Poe Dameron in the TIE fighter. He's picking up Rey for their hot date at the Mos Eisley cantina.

  59. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis23 hours ago

    There seems to be two ignorant “fans” in this comment section saying that Chris Terrio the CO writer not main writer co wrote Batman v Superman and wrote justice league. But Terrio is the CO writer not the MAIN writer. JJ Abrams is the main writer. And plus wasn’t Chris Terrio the MAIN writer for Argo? So yeah think before you post haters.

  60. The Ridiculous Otaku

    The Ridiculous Otaku6 hours ago

    he co wrote with Snyder and wrote two scripts by himself, the two that he wrote by himself received nominations, the ones he wrote with Snyder panned, so I'm going to leave it up to people what went wrong.

  61. Antarctic_Gaming 224

    Antarctic_Gaming 224Day ago

    Angry Star Wars fans after seeing The Last Jedi: I'M DONE WITH THIS FRANCHISE *Palpatine laughs* Angry Star Wars fans: OMG I LOVE STAR WARS!!!

  62. Toniano Valdosan

    Toniano Valdosan20 hours ago

    @FreeTime Player well if u say so it must be true ....let me bow before your infallibility

  63. FreeTime Player

    FreeTime Player20 hours ago

    Toniano Valdosan So you are twice as hypocritical? I guess so.

  64. Toniano Valdosan

    Toniano Valdosan22 hours ago

    Nope still hatin it sorry dude

  65. SwiftyG

    SwiftyGDay ago

    Luke: "No one's ever really gone" Robert Downey Jr: Pepper, Fetch me my super suit, Time to teach this old man a lesson

  66. Albert Rieder

    Albert RiederDay ago

    Star wars must be endet. The Story is told out

  67. nihilistman

    nihilistmanDay ago

    PSA: This is co-written by the guy who did Batman V Superman and Justic League, save your money.

  68. The Ridiculous Otaku

    The Ridiculous Otaku6 hours ago

    Zack Snyder was the main writer for BvS and JL

  69. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis23 hours ago

    CO written. JJ Abrams is the main one writing it. And btw Chris Terrio wrote the script for Argo. 🤷‍♂️

  70. BillyBobJones ElvisMaPelvis

    BillyBobJones ElvisMaPelvisDay ago

    Mmmm yeeeesss

  71. Pedrinho Artilheiro

    Pedrinho ArtilheiroDay ago

    Quem é brasileiro, deixa o like!

  72. phil

    philDay ago

    TIME TRAVEL. Mike is going to be right.

  73. barfbrany

    barfbranyDay ago

    I wish they would scrap every bit of counting from this Mary Sue and the last shot tie give us a Knights of the Old Republic movie then come back to it when they actually write a competence story when they're done with the Old Republic line of movies