Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys


  1. baisbis

    baisbis12 hours ago

    thats how spinnin' records make their music

  2. White Page

    White Page17 hours ago

    do this with a bit thicker carbonfiber disc or a disc made from sheet steel


    PDEA PDEA20 hours ago

    16:06 thank me latrr

  4. Om Mali

    Om Mali21 hour ago

    I'm watching this at 0.25x. 😎

  5. Xavier Camacho

    Xavier Camacho21 hour ago

    Why would y'all do that to me I thought I was spinning 😂

  6. Shariar Sajid

    Shariar Sajid21 hour ago

    what happens when you spin a paper disk or some thing made of soft materials?

  7. Baderq_8 Essa

    Baderq_8 Essa22 hours ago

    Mike oxsmull

  8. Kyane Lie

    Kyane LieDay ago

    2:35 Big chungus

  9. The Sanctuary YouTube Channel

    The Sanctuary YouTube ChannelDay ago

    My mix tape was so hot it was recorded at 12,500rpm and it just shatters itself out in the chorus

  10. DJ LOUIS

    DJ LOUISDay ago

    I hate you guy's not in the mean way I'm old school seeing you guy's destroying those records it harts me washing it. LOL ((DJ LOUIS))

  11. Lawrence Nadar

    Lawrence NadarDay ago

    Makers of flash.

  12. Christian Mak

    Christian Mak2 days ago

    What am i doing at 2 A.M.?

  13. Djordje Nikolic

    Djordje Nikolic2 days ago

    11:22 is that an orb behind the guy who is protecting himself with a board , if it is why did a piece of a CD have hit that guy , i mean the board but it would hurt him if the board was not there , arent orbs suposed to give u luck and protect u ? ? ?

  14. Philip Philipson Of 1773

    Philip Philipson Of 17732 days ago

    Did Dave strider make this video

  15. Incrid Dazer

    Incrid Dazer2 days ago

    It’s cracking at the stress points in the Vinyl maybe at an air bubble or a thin spot.

  16. Hung Lo

    Hung Lo2 days ago

    150k camera.....but use needle nose to tighten the bolt

  17. Utsav Johri

    Utsav Johri2 days ago

    06:19 #thumbnail

  18. Ibnnxx

    Ibnnxx2 days ago

    Apa yang terjadi sebelum pecah, Kaset lepas terlebih dahulu dari motornya?

  19. daniel gaudenti CFA

    daniel gaudenti CFA3 days ago

    11:58 - 12:58 is real cool

  20. Greyson Martin

    Greyson Martin3 days ago

    Im so dizzy

  21. Jesse Satterlee

    Jesse Satterlee3 days ago

    The second one started to sound like a jet engine starting up

  22. Lispy Jimmy DRIP

    Lispy Jimmy DRIP3 days ago

    Reminds me of the movie rubber

  23. Jacob Wheeler

    Jacob Wheeler3 days ago

    Big chunkus

  24. Milan De Clercq

    Milan De Clercq3 days ago

    Spinnin’ Records

  25. Durp Chicken

    Durp Chicken3 days ago

    Omg big CHUNKus

  26. TOM Murphy

    TOM Murphy3 days ago

    This is the coolest most satisfied video I ever seen

  27. David Kermes

    David Kermes4 days ago

    What a wonderful disccovery!

  28. Walter Sobchak

    Walter Sobchak4 days ago

    lol its funny af how they use cm instead of inches because they're limeys


    KRYPTON PRIME4 days ago

    8:02 to infinity and beyond!

  30. Louis Victor

    Louis Victor4 days ago

    9:38 That is a lot of damage! I recon that just some flex seal and you can put these records back in one piece.

  31. Drew Virtue

    Drew Virtue4 days ago

    8:00 Sounds like a muscle car turning into a party streamer

  32. Listen to my stories

    Listen to my stories4 days ago

    You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record baby Right round round round

  33. Adelaide Abashov

    Adelaide Abashov4 days ago

    i wonder how a shellac record would fare? they're harder, but they're also more shatter-y

  34. Gamer Ketva

    Gamer Ketva4 days ago

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  35. DutchBlackMantha

    DutchBlackMantha4 days ago

    0:50 Track 5: Goodbye Baby

  36. nohulse

    nohulse4 days ago

    This is a good idea for a torture device.

  37. Tio GJ

    Tio GJ5 days ago

    Omg u made my sky to blue:o

  38. Hey You

    Hey You5 days ago

    3:26 hahahah

  39. Jan Mischa

    Jan Mischa5 days ago

    well obviously that record didnt break because of the speed it was spinning but because the machine wasnt strong enough to hold the forces balanced in the center

  40. sandeep singh

    sandeep singh5 days ago

    Broken due to maximum vibration/wave or speed 🤔

  41. Blazing Fury

    Blazing Fury5 days ago

    *Mr stark* *I don’t feel so good*

  42. nezcenturas

    nezcenturas5 days ago

    1.57 thankyou

  43. Stan TheObserver

    Stan TheObserver6 days ago

    You should run that orange record backwards in ultra slow mo.

  44. Stan TheObserver

    Stan TheObserver6 days ago

    Hey all these vids? You guys are a broken record har-har-har. You get it?

  45. TheBoring Top10

    TheBoring Top106 days ago

    2:35 big CHUNKus

  46. Nicola Blignaut

    Nicola Blignaut6 days ago

    Faster than than the speed of sound

  47. Guess What

    Guess What6 days ago

    3:31 Buy me a beer l8er 😎

  48. Nexus

    Nexus6 days ago

    5:15 - it sounds like you opened a portal to another dimension

  49. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah6 days ago

    I found Gavin

  50. mmelotta

    mmelotta6 days ago

    You must find weird stuff in your garden

  51. Vasu Mathur

    Vasu Mathur7 days ago

    3:29 at 0.25x

  52. Kacy Kidwell

    Kacy Kidwell7 days ago

    I'm not going to lie now i want to see weponized records

  53. Scott Black

    Scott Black7 days ago

    The motor isn’t stable !

  54. Gamer4Life

    Gamer4Life7 days ago

    XD every time they go "OOOH LOOK AT THAT"

  55. Can i get 50 subscribers with a couple vids

    Can i get 50 subscribers with a couple vids7 days ago

    The 2nd disc legit warped.

  56. azfar2011ify

    azfar2011ify7 days ago

    You want to hypnotiz us?

  57. Jake

    Jake7 days ago

    That was cool, i'd like to see a side shot though, or a 45 degree shot between side and front view. To really get a good look at the wobbling of the edges, that part was really interesting

  58. Αντουαν 264

    Αντουαν 2647 days ago


  59. Денис К

    Денис К8 days ago


  60. Sean Cook

    Sean Cook8 days ago

    Ide love to see this with a ballistics torso either side of the vinyl 😍

  61. JBMB

    JBMB9 days ago

    9:39 Now that’s a lot of damage!

  62. Teddy Clements

    Teddy Clements9 days ago


  63. Jin Emon

    Jin Emon10 days ago

    3:20 for what you want to see

  64. Matthew Denholm

    Matthew Denholm10 days ago

    Ok so I found out which piece hit dan's shield! It's the yellow shark tooth/bullet shaped piece at 12:15, near the centre of the record. It flies into the wall, gets a bit grinded off it, then rolls off the table towards dan. Also you can see that the piece that hits him is the same shape and colour as the one I'm describing. Good night. It's 2:27 am

  65. Marco Petzoldt

    Marco Petzoldt11 days ago

    Surely would be interesting to repeat the trial with ballistic gelatin instead or at least in front of the bricks. :D

  66. Fahmi Andak Vlogger

    Fahmi Andak Vlogger12 days ago

    11:32 Without any protection Dan might get injured.... a piece hit wood shield where Dan sit.

  67. Elessar Mithrandir

    Elessar Mithrandir12 days ago

    Sponsored by Dyson

  68. James Price

    James Price12 days ago

    That motor sounds like a angry rx-7

  69. Photography Review

    Photography Review13 days ago

    12:25 sicko mode video out now

  70. Riley Haddock

    Riley Haddock14 days ago

    So, Dan is basically the lab assistant who does all the heavy lifting, and gets put in the most danger. Can we start calling him Igor?

  71. Oshawa Tramp

    Oshawa Tramp15 days ago

    lol a varyer ????? its called a potentiometer controller

  72. Paula Parker

    Paula Parker15 days ago

    Could you pleaae Let me know which records you slaughtered?

  73. Christina Fischer

    Christina Fischer17 days ago

    It’s so satisfying to see it in reverse, the pieces all coming together.

  74. Emily Green

    Emily Green17 days ago

    I guessed red for the colored record and I was right!

  75. lolicon succ

    lolicon succ18 days ago

    You will never be able to walk barefoot in your backyard anymore

  76. 3D Cuber

    3D Cuber18 days ago

    12:26 that was TRIPPY!!!

  77. Brandon Serr

    Brandon Serr18 days ago

    Found my New bird gun.

  78. MacBack123

    MacBack12318 days ago

    2:01 ah sama lama do im assuming i'm a human what i gotta get through you im superhuman innovative and made of rubber so anything you say is ricocheting off of me(Rap God Bois!)

  79. _ DUNST0N_VLOGS _

    _ DUNST0N_VLOGS _18 days ago


  80. Beverly Woods

    Beverly Woods19 days ago

    What happens if you put a square object in that? Or a triangle shaped or even rectangle. Have you tried anything that is not a circle?

  81. Any%

    Any%19 days ago

    Get a bulletproof glass so you can record sideways

  82. Seán Doyle

    Seán Doyle20 days ago

    You broke a record congrats

  83. simon Van Roij

    simon Van Roij20 days ago

    I would hate to be your neighbors

  84. WOT

    WOT20 days ago

    Do a shoddy job - tighten a nut with pliers. 7:10

  85. WOT

    WOT20 days ago

    The technical term for 'wonky' is run-out. 0:57

  86. Joey G

    Joey G21 day ago

    Does anyone else see blue and orange sometimes at 8:05

  87. Kazuhiko Edge-Salois

    Kazuhiko Edge-Salois21 day ago

    When the record is on it sounds intimidating then it breaks and we're left with a wimpy reeeeeee.

  88. Ella Rose

    Ella Rose21 day ago

    I’m so glad these two have common sense - because they could’ve really hurt themselves 🤕

  89. SandStorm XII

    SandStorm XII21 day ago

    I can do that

  90. Andrew Roberts

    Andrew Roberts22 days ago

    Spin. My. Life. In To. Pieces.

  91. superfirelavaboy

    superfirelavaboy23 days ago

    Who was driving a care in the background

  92. CladMTN ツ

    CladMTN ツ23 days ago

    The disc spinning sounds like a 1970s muscle car

  93. Ian Cook

    Ian Cook24 days ago

    Chunky Piece is the name of my next band

  94. Fish Chris

    Fish Chris24 days ago

    That was fun :) Thank you :)

  95. Tom Lake Charles

    Tom Lake Charles25 days ago

    2:35 Big chungus

  96. Papyrus Nye Undertale

    Papyrus Nye Undertale25 days ago

    Anyone No dust Anybody no dust Lil Britain

  97. Papyrus Nye Undertale

    Papyrus Nye Undertale25 days ago

    2:35 BIG CHUNGUS

  98. Lamster66

    Lamster6625 days ago

    "Careful with that, you'll have someone's eye out!"

  99. Priyanshu Pippal

    Priyanshu Pippal26 days ago

    3:47 This is what you came for.. Thank me with a like..

  100. Yuri Rogatschenko Siqueira

    Yuri Rogatschenko Siqueira27 days ago

    I really don't understand the 3.3K unlikes though...