Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys


  1. Ian Hawkins

    Ian Hawkins13 hours ago

    What I have learned from this: Records can survive some extremely severe warping.

  2. Jendis Gaming

    Jendis Gaming15 hours ago

    That's got to be one of the most terrifying sounds I've ever heard

  3. Tanner Dye

    Tanner Dye20 hours ago

    #1 life hack: Turn slo mo guys down to .25 speed

  4. Danielle Hilson

    Danielle Hilson20 hours ago

    You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round

  5. Good & Dumb

    Good & Dumb21 hour ago


  6. Jackson Gutierrez

    Jackson Gutierrez21 hour ago

    sounds like Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet

  7. Anthony Eufemi

    Anthony EufemiDay ago

    So I might as well point out, that you can actually see the warping of the record on the regular camera during the 4th record (11:30)

  8. Bikram poole

    Bikram pooleDay ago


  9. Eric Grabowska

    Eric GrabowskaDay ago

    thats a lot of damage but flex seal can fix it

  10. Light your Thumbs

    Light your ThumbsDay ago

    2:19 is the closest to the first break

  11. Owen Productions

    Owen ProductionsDay ago

    : ,( What?

  12. Dragunov 24

    Dragunov 24Day ago

    New grenades for the army called the exploding high speed record

  13. Jameson T

    Jameson TDay ago

    I like how many times they changed the setup after each explosion to make it safer

  14. Alex Damitz

    Alex DamitzDay ago

    This was a record breaking video

  15. King Earl

    King Earl2 days ago

    Sounds like a time machine that vibrates with hyperlightspeed and then pops out of our timeline.

  16. poisenbery

    poisenbery2 days ago

    The record broke from the center out. Not a true catastrophic failure. It's like trying to push a baseball through a nickel sized hole in a glass window.

  17. Mr C

    Mr C2 days ago

    I bet you have his wood buried in you.

  18. R Miller

    R Miller2 days ago

    Who else watches them in 75 slower

  19. Dylan Perry

    Dylan Perry2 days ago

    Thank you, British Q

  20. PihrahniYT

    PihrahniYT2 days ago

    9:30 or so, best sound effect ever made... "thu thunk", coupled with the hand gestures XDDDDD

  21. Joanna Smith

    Joanna Smith2 days ago

    9:32 SCIENCE!!

  22. Asuna Yuuki

    Asuna Yuuki3 days ago

    5:19 VTEC Kicked in Yo!

  23. BabyTrex783 Vlogs

    BabyTrex783 Vlogs3 days ago

    If you’re surrounded just set this up horizontally

  24. EndGaming 1675

    EndGaming 16753 days ago

    When you slow down the video you guys. Sound like you just tok meth

  25. Ethan Riebsomer

    Ethan Riebsomer4 days ago

    You have to go back to your office soon and send me the address of that time and I’ll get back to see if I can help him get to know if you want me to come

  26. Blue Pixel Owl

    Blue Pixel Owl4 days ago

    I found myself wincing a few seconds before each one exploded

  27. QuickDrawMcGraw

    QuickDrawMcGraw4 days ago

    This is...... record breaking

  28. Dark Scepter

    Dark Scepter2 days ago

    I want to die

  29. Hugh G. Rekshone

    Hugh G. Rekshone5 days ago

    12:57 coriolis effect still in tact.

  30. boiledelephant

    boiledelephant5 days ago

    This'd be a great sound effect for a sci-fi weapon in a game.

  31. Nutella

    Nutella5 days ago

    Sounds like a airplane!

  32. Road to Redstone

    Road to Redstone5 days ago

    Powering up warp dive: WWWWWEEERRRRRRRRR SHATTER!

  33. No one in Particular

    No one in Particular5 days ago

    it looks like bad sgi but its not

  34. Jake Heinrichs

    Jake Heinrichs5 days ago

    That sounds vaguely like the Jericho Trumpets mounted on JU-87s in WWII

  35. jorge cortazar

    jorge cortazar6 days ago

    Do you check if is the same reaction with others vinyls like a 180grm and you can find other type of vinyls with liquid inside, i think is going to be interesting to see how react those vinyls hahahah

  36. mushy

    mushy6 days ago

    Should play some Mozart where it starts regular then gradually spins/speeds out of control until the record and maestros arm break apart

  37. Asuna Yuuki

    Asuna Yuuki6 days ago

    That second one sounded like a I4

  38. Lone wolf 4221

    Lone wolf 42216 days ago

    Thumbs up for ‘dusssst’

  39. Francis Andrian Magno

    Francis Andrian Magno6 days ago

    9:45 close your eyes then listen

  40. Joj Mon

    Joj Mon6 days ago

    This looks so badass in 1440p50fps on my note 9.

  41. Mathew Perkins

    Mathew Perkins6 days ago

    So this is basically a tutorial on how to turn a Record into a Skid mark on a block of Concrete.

  42. hoilok leung

    hoilok leung6 days ago

    now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's alot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage now that's a lot of damage

  43. Michael Criss

    Michael Criss6 days ago

    Neighbors: "911, they're filming again."

  44. FriendlyMxdder

    FriendlyMxdder7 days ago

    wow this video was fun to watch while high XD

  45. AlexP HD

    AlexP HD7 days ago

    spin a record slightly slower then shoot it with a 50cal, would look mad

  46. Ren Seal

    Ren Seal7 days ago

    The broken record pun! AAAAGGHHHH!!!

  47. Jack Guyett

    Jack Guyett7 days ago


  48. Ambrose Killpack

    Ambrose Killpack7 days ago

    See how long a saw blade survives

  49. Adam Hansen

    Adam Hansen8 days ago

    blue went up because the sky, and green went down because of the grass lol

  50. OUTDOORBUDDY Adventure

    OUTDOORBUDDY Adventure8 days ago

    Wow , realy cool Guys🤗🤗

  51. Sassy Assets

    Sassy Assets8 days ago

    This scene really scares me a lot at 8:01

  52. Sharky Sharklops

    Sharky Sharklops9 days ago

    Golly, gosh me

  53. Baseline Garage

    Baseline Garage9 days ago

    no one gonna talk about the whole troll thing they did?

  54. Green Shark

    Green Shark9 days ago

    You should of put a needle on this lol

  55. DankSepticEye

    DankSepticEye9 days ago

    T H A T S A L O T T A D A M A G E

  56. Beatrix

    Beatrix10 days ago

    15:45 Flawless impression. Whats that guys name?

  57. Jason Burch

    Jason Burch10 days ago

    12:25 what a downright amazing way to shoot the record.

  58. Andrew Grieve

    Andrew Grieve10 days ago


  59. Gottogo Gamer

    Gottogo Gamer10 days ago

    Set a Record on fire trust me they are fire But puns aside this have a chemical that is very flammable.

  60. RobloxAviator1549

    RobloxAviator154910 days ago

    i guessed blue and i was right

  61. Holly owo

    Holly owo10 days ago

    11:58 to 12:57 just felt like a short drug trip and a horror movie at the same time

  62. Daily Weed

    Daily Weed10 days ago

    get a new lab coat dave... u looks like you a homeless guy fall into coloured mud

  63. train nerd 365

    train nerd 36510 days ago

    5:10 it sounds like a dodge

  64. Grayson Ponder

    Grayson Ponder10 days ago

    Imagin this as a weapon. You'd just have to turn the thing sideways and, bye.

  65. Loona

    Loona10 days ago

    when i saw the thumbnail i was like how dare you!

  66. Vincent Frost

    Vincent Frost11 days ago

    6:14 no wonder how black hole can bend light because of the speed of its rotation.

  67. GWO- Streaks

    GWO- Streaks11 days ago

    Gavin are u from let's play

  68. WindChill Storm

    WindChill Storm11 days ago

    I guess Tornadic winds are getting a run for there money. your literally recreating tornado impact debrey with your video a great study to be honest. thank you guys for making this film.

  69. T0X1C B4C0N

    T0X1C B4C0N11 days ago

    Put speed on .25x then click the following number 3:30

  70. PizzaLover27

    PizzaLover2711 days ago

    12:06 is so satisfying.

  71. Cyka Blyat

    Cyka Blyat12 days ago

    Can someone explain why does the record shattered at high speed?

  72. LukeIsChilling

    LukeIsChilling13 days ago

    *_You never know where the pieces will go, it might even go in the 567th dimension._*

  73. Inq' Quire

    Inq' Quire13 days ago

    would've CRAK'd if you Rick rolled us!

  74. Ayato

    Ayato13 days ago

    it took 0,00072 seconds for it to crack

  75. TylerNA22

    TylerNA2213 days ago

    9:43 now that's a lot of damage

  76. Astral Fire

    Astral Fire13 days ago

    I guess you could call it "Reco-- Oh ffs they said it before me.

  77. Mr. Cub Fan 415

    Mr. Cub Fan 41513 days ago

    10:46 my new favorite word :)

  78. WestSidePoncho JJ

    WestSidePoncho JJ7 days ago

    Wigglement : a Super Technical term that probably cost 1500 pounds per semester hour from Cambrigde to learn. Love your natural Selves, and un-scripted, genuine humor !!

  79. Aaron

    Aaron13 days ago

    The painted records looked almost like bad CGI.

  80. Gameboy Kurosaki

    Gameboy Kurosaki13 days ago

    Spin a tungsten disk till it breaks

  81. Mabus

    Mabus13 days ago

    It is the year 2018. After watching a video by the Slo Mo Guys, a scientist from Sarif Industries has an ideo for a new aug weapon: The Typhoon Explosive System (TES).

  82. Random Guy

    Random Guy14 days ago

    they truly broke the record

  83. AvengerGaiden

    AvengerGaiden14 days ago

    vinyl 1= 2:13 slow= 3:12 vinyl 2= 5:13 slow= 6:00 vinyl 3= 8:02 slow= 8:34 vinyl 4= 9:20 slow= 10:18 vinyl 5= 11:23 slow= 11:56

  84. Tyler Chen

    Tyler Chen14 days ago

    *this is military grade shotgun equipment - handle with care*

  85. Dillon Sparks

    Dillon Sparks15 days ago

    I don't think the pieces would go miles lol but maybe a couple hundred feet

  86. BrokenRekord83

    BrokenRekord8315 days ago

    omg they said my name lol

  87. And then I fired And I missed

    And then I fired And I missed15 days ago

    5:15 if that doesn't sound like one of the most cruelest car revving sound I don't even know

  88. KasenesaK

    KasenesaK15 days ago

    I love rolling shutter

  89. Jaden Rintharamy

    Jaden Rintharamy15 days ago

    sounds like a confetti popper

  90. Shitpost - o - Matic

    Shitpost - o - Matic16 days ago

    Sounds like a futuristic car engine

  91. Alexandre Gomes Da Silva

    Alexandre Gomes Da Silva16 days ago

    use ballistic jelly instead of bricks and a wooden board

  92. Paul Grosse

    Paul Grosse16 days ago

    Around 12:41 when the image was rotating to keep the record still, it reminded me of the early pictures of Saturn's rings from the Voyager spacecraft where they saw the features of them for the first time mreporter.net/v/video-X5wP5FSwTPo.html?t=1081 I remember one version where they kept the rings still in the same manner as your rotating record.

  93. H !

    H !16 days ago


  94. RocKiteman _ 2001

    RocKiteman _ 200116 days ago

    You two just have WAY TOO MUCH FUN doing this stuff...LOL

  95. Monkey Monsters

    Monkey Monsters16 days ago

    Your breaking records

  96. supreme overlord

    supreme overlord17 days ago

    This video was a record breaker.

  97. supreme overlord

    supreme overlord17 days ago

    Dammit I typed this before you said it in the video.

  98. xKoZaKox

    xKoZaKox17 days ago

    Try it with CD/DVD :)

  99. Life of Aedan

    Life of Aedan17 days ago

    When they rotated the view I thought I was tweaking because how high I am! 😂 I was freaking out until I relazzied.

  100. sirin hamza

    sirin hamza17 days ago

    10:52 gta sa song theme

  101. J

    J17 days ago

    pause on. 12:15

  102. ImfamousWarrior

    ImfamousWarrior18 days ago

    I legit nearly fell over when I was walking and looked down and saw the shot that went with the record spinning. Not cool.

  103. Alex Devereaux

    Alex Devereaux18 days ago

    12:25 looks like a legit nightmare