Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys


  1. Kamryn WilliamsRice

    Kamryn WilliamsRice24 minutes ago

    Srt Hellacat 5:16 - 5:19

  2. Drolando6

    Drolando650 minutes ago

    Spinning record vs meat

  3. Jesse Armes

    Jesse ArmesHour ago

    How dare you destroy a classic record

  4. Generic

    GenericHour ago

    That’s a lot of damage

  5. Lasmaria Manurung

    Lasmaria Manurung2 hours ago


  6. HighVoltageMadness2300

    HighVoltageMadness23006 hours ago

    That is a tiny variac

  7. Bleach

    Bleach7 hours ago

    Let’s play a little game Rock Paper Scissors shoot Read more

  8. RANDOM Play

    RANDOM Play8 hours ago

    I play pubg at 7 pfa

  9. Something random Shin

    Something random Shin8 hours ago

    Bullet vs bullet

  10. Mr. Heck

    Mr. Heck8 hours ago

    Anyone listen to records today?

  11. John Sims

    John Sims9 hours ago

    I want to see you guys record a bug getting zapped by a bug zapper.

  12. Rapsildo

    Rapsildo9 hours ago

    me espante :v

  13. Shaun Dudash

    Shaun Dudash11 hours ago

    It would be interesting if you did the same experiment using 78's versus the 33 1/3 records.

  14. Bush Pig

    Bush Pig11 hours ago

    Somehow I became unsubscribed to you.... grrrrrrrrrrr.

  15. Dena Montgomery

    Dena Montgomery11 hours ago

    Anyone alone confusion aggressive worried encounter divorce worry signature

  16. The Beez

    The Beez12 hours ago

    Slow motion piece of ceramic from a spark plug hitting a car window.

  17. Darby Fertig

    Darby Fertig13 hours ago

    they should spin a watermelon

  18. Seamus Lindblom

    Seamus Lindblom14 hours ago

    Ok this is unrelated to the video but I got an episode of YIAY instead of an ad 👍🏼

  19. Mörkö Mörön äiti

    Mörkö Mörön äiti14 hours ago

    Do a video of jawbreakers like shoot it and put it on slowmotion and do other stuff too

  20. SavageGreywolf

    SavageGreywolf15 hours ago

    one of the songs on the record is 'Goodbye Baby' lol

  21. Tomas Collins

    Tomas Collins15 hours ago

    Pause and look in the middle of green and yellow at 12:41

  22. craig kelly

    craig kelly15 hours ago

    would like to see that done horizontally

  23. jkmcollins93

    jkmcollins9316 hours ago

    here is a video idea for you guys. mreporter.net/v/video-_35rHuzHMi8.html Apparently, if you inject superglue into a borax/water solution it immediately hardens, like if you poured liquid wax or plastic into cold water.

  24. Canuxis

    Canuxis16 hours ago


  25. Zander gaming

    Zander gaming16 hours ago

    U guys dead?

  26. Mega Rocketry

    Mega Rocketry16 hours ago

    The sound that it makes could be used in the Transformers movie

  27. Solid Pudding

    Solid Pudding17 hours ago

    a human eye cant see the diffrence above 400 fps

  28. icwalk444

    icwalk44417 hours ago

    what about recording someone turning various things on a lathe? steel, brass, wood, etc. Would be really cool to see how the chips come off.

  29. AesopsRetreat

    AesopsRetreat18 hours ago

    You Morons. That was a NAT KING COLE Album.

  30. Juncus Bufonius

    Juncus Bufonius18 hours ago

    Yup that's the way we talk to grockles in the west country. Makes it easier to fleece you posh peeps. ;-)

  31. zak mir sanchez

    zak mir sanchez19 hours ago

    You guys should do super glue in borax

  32. Gerald Da cat

    Gerald Da cat19 hours ago

    Can you make another video?

  33. Mike Hunchak

    Mike Hunchak19 hours ago

    @8:35 spider on the left in the middle got smoked

  34. Abbey Wetzel

    Abbey Wetzel20 hours ago

    12:26 I’m dizzy now

  35. Ethanoffroad

    Ethanoffroad20 hours ago

    You should boil some water put it in a clear glass jar then pop a balloon with salicylic glue super glue watch it on king of random

  36. buttabean2

    buttabean221 hour ago

    and now a laser disc?

  37. Rahul K

    Rahul K21 hour ago

    Guy take a video of Diluted borax and drop some superglue in it.. The superglue changes instantly into an awesome stuff.. Watch it mreporter.net/v/video-_35rHuzHMi8.html Make it slow mo And please show us what really happening there..........

  38. Fear the Doughnut.

    Fear the Doughnut.23 hours ago

    Everything is better with sparkles.

  39. puneet negi

    puneet negiDay ago

    Slow motion 'badmintion smash'

  40. Leif Harald Espeland

    Leif Harald EspelandDay ago

    you should try to glue 2, 3 and 4 records together and see if there is any difference in cracking..

  41. Vishal Suri

    Vishal SuriDay ago

    i really want to hear just the sound before it breaks ... :@: 09:25 and @ 11:31

  42. Zorba Smiling

    Zorba SmilingDay ago

    Now That's What We Can Call " Record Breaking Motion "🎬📽️

  43. Emmanuel Palada

    Emmanuel PaladaDay ago

    Hey slow mo guys, i suggest that your next video please feature the fast Rubik's cude solvers, i wanna watch the movements of their fingers 🙏

  44. Anthony D

    Anthony DDay ago

    Dont ever rotate the screen again, I had a seizure

  45. Corvinx13

    Corvinx13Day ago

    I don't know if you guys already did this, but would it be possible to film a tesla coil in slow motion? Would probably look really awesome. :D

  46. Fadi Tawdrous

    Fadi TawdrousDay ago

    No more school

  47. Chris Wall

    Chris WallDay ago

    Why are his fingers orange?

  48. Mark Jennings

    Mark JenningsDay ago

    I'll just do a shoddy job he says tightening the nuts with .....long nose pliers.... lol Love the coloured one blue sky gag!!:-)

  49. Mark Jennings

    Mark JenningsDay ago

    Should balance it first.

  50. Gabriel Warren

    Gabriel WarrenDay ago

    It was blue for the sky yellow for the Sun waiting for the grass and red for the ladder

  51. Gabriel Warren

    Gabriel WarrenDay ago

    Loafers guy Yell for the sun green for the grass and red for that ladder

  52. Ajaax

    AjaaxDay ago

    12:25 my brain hurts...

  53. Ben Thomas

    Ben ThomasDay ago

    Do paint hose v water hose, I'm curious

  54. Paul Stubbs

    Paul StubbsDay ago

    Try playing one of your painted records

  55. Anoahmous

    AnoahmousDay ago

    *shaking can with questionable expressions*

  56. Nathaniel Hernandez

    Nathaniel HernandezDay ago

    yo y'all should do ah video with Matt from demolition ranch hes always doing cool stuff Nd destroying things with guns it'll be cool to see it in SLo Mo

  57. brownie boi

    brownie boiDay ago

    R.I.P. records

  58. Toidle

    ToidleDay ago

    Will Smith gave u guys a shoutout

  59. Michael Lee

    Michael LeeDay ago

    9:37 "that's A LOT OF DAMAGE"

  60. Javier Albinarrate

    Javier AlbinarrateDay ago

    Well, if you take a slightly bigger disc, and spin it slightly faster, you will make a time machine, just be careful with the Morlocks ;)

  61. Niles Phu

    Niles PhuDay ago

    Ninja should be next how fast can he type

  62. Sooper Shpee

    Sooper ShpeeDay ago

    I wonder how it would be with a liquid filled record

  63. Mark W

    Mark WDay ago

    8:10 SciFi sound. Very cool.

  64. Davey Jones

    Davey JonesDay ago

    That’s a lot of damage

  65. Zane H

    Zane HDay ago

    The type of neighbours you don't want :) :)

  66. Brodawg

    BrodawgDay ago

    16:05 SINE WAVE...!?

  67. Isaiah Hollimon

    Isaiah HollimonDay ago

    i dont feel so good

  68. Joserogerreyofficial

    JoserogerreyofficialDay ago

    I think you guys can try sound breaking glass 4K !!!! That would be good to see !!! Who’s with me ?

  69. Nicolas Hallalel

    Nicolas HallalelDay ago

    you guys are so cool I want to spend my days with you

  70. ValkaTheWarrior

    ValkaTheWarriorDay ago

    "It looks like someone's just went yeh yeh yeh"

  71. Black Iron Boy

    Black Iron BoyDay ago

    you guys sound like wheatley

  72. Olivia Lambert

    Olivia LambertDay ago

    So you mentioned that the record was going slower and that the motor must be using energy elsewhere, the most interesting part is where the energy is going. All of that motor's lost energy is going towards wobbling the record. Its not in weight or inertia, its not in air resistance, its forcing the record to resonate outside of its resonant frequency costing a lot of power. Thats why you don't see a standing wave as it rotates, and as a non-elastic media (pun certainly not intended) the record is taking that energy, turning it into heat and then would be dissipating it into the air. In anticipation to the questions, no this isn't a random guess, yes it is absolutely what is happening. As a physicist I found it pretty awesome to note and I'd imagine a lot of other people might also find it interesting, cool, or educational. A few more less cool but equally interesting aspects, the wibble wobble on the top wood cover is a perfect sine wave. I can't think of anything which doesn't resonate in a sine wave so that isn't surprising but again might be interesting and educational (quantum phenomena are outside the scope, but will also resonate as a sine wave eg. phonons just with many, many exceptions eg. electron shells). As an assumption, the record is likely breaking as it nears its resonant frequency. Someone with more care than myself could check this by seeing if the standing wave rotates around the record at a reduced RPM as it nears breaking point, thus closing towards resonant frequency. This then means the record is dissipating less of the energy from the motor, is then wobbling back and forth laterally further, and gets beyond the point at which the medium can withstand an thus snaps. This is identical to the stereotypical opera singer breaking glass with the right note.

  73. Edbert Nemrus

    Edbert NemrusDay ago

    9:02 well explained. wahahaha

  74. Gamefan1353

    Gamefan1353Day ago

    "Because it stabalizes" *record shatters* "initially"

  75. Rubens C. Neto

    Rubens C. NetoDay ago

    Guess who is getting chubb?

  76. The Relax Alex

    The Relax AlexDay ago

    3:28 6:05 8:37 10:25 11:58 your welcome

  77. Jah Rastafari

    Jah RastafariDay ago

    Where (roughly) are you located in this video? I ask because that background looks more like California Oaks than somewhere in the UK...

  78. Evan Yough

    Evan YoughDay ago

    You should Slow Mo an old CRT monitor being degaussed.

  79. Tim Franklin

    Tim FranklinDay ago

    At first I was like "why are you measuring a rotation in feet per second" and then my brain was like 'frames per second dummy. It's a high speed camera.'

  80. Sam Will

    Sam WillDay ago

    Dan: You always complain 😂

  81. Partyhard Turtles

    Partyhard TurtlesDay ago

    Try cutting things with it, or something spinning real Y fast

  82. Varun Kumar

    Varun KumarDay ago

    Guys will you please make a video on capturing electricity inside a glass.. Thanks

  83. Førever AJ

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  84. Wild

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  85. jerckï72

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  86. Pet!ke

    Pet!keDay ago

    12:24 lsd xD

  87. TheMatthew393

    TheMatthew3932 days ago

    Your neighbor's house is dope!

  88. Joshua Forsyth

    Joshua Forsyth2 days ago

    Gav Matt from demolition ranch wants you to do the lemons for lukemia challenge watch his video called: Desert Eagle Verses...

  89. Bradley Davis

    Bradley Davis2 days ago

    Do the same thing but submerged in water some time :p

  90. Heavy LGgamer

    Heavy LGgamer2 days ago

    Pls try many cd at once

  91. Abukenyo

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  92. OptimizticPizza

    OptimizticPizza2 days ago

    The noise was insane.

  93. KoolT-Shirt Kid

    KoolT-Shirt Kid2 days ago

    His fingers are hella yellow

  94. titianderp

    titianderp2 days ago

    I thought this channel was called The Slow Mo Bros

  95. INNER FIRE (This Is Love)

    INNER FIRE (This Is Love)2 days ago

    I Love this because their are 'vinal snobs'.

  96. FaTaL_Djdan

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  97. KinJade JadeJupiter

    KinJade JadeJupiter2 days ago

    Idk if anyone has asked you guys this but, I would like to know what the audio is you guys use when put the experiment in slow motion. I really like it, it’s calm and relaxing.

  98. Alex Kaplan

    Alex Kaplan2 days ago

    Creating a fluid vortex with this motor would be awesome. Maybe put some particles in the fluid to track it in slowmo.

  99. Cat Teenager

    Cat Teenager2 days ago

    Now thats a lot of damage - phil swift

  100. ThatRandom Doge

    ThatRandom Doge2 days ago