Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys


  1. Be9Concepts

    Be9ConceptsDay ago

    If you cracked 1000 records this way would you be able to tell the music genre from the patterns of the crack?

  2. Lonnie Moore

    Lonnie Moore2 days ago

    A-Friggin'-Mazing! First time I've seen one of your videos, and I'm hooked! This is like Visual Crack!

  3. Stroki Nonce

    Stroki Nonce2 days ago

    This breaks my heart watching this

  4. DeadlyLink

    DeadlyLink3 days ago

    It's nuts the things you find at 3am

  5. MatchstalkMan

    MatchstalkMan3 days ago

    James Dyson disliked this “so, because we’re using a motor from a Dyson, it’s a really fast Hoover motor…” It’s a really fast “electric motor” Dan, from a vacuum cleaner. Hoover’s a brand name in its own right.

  6. klaas muller

    klaas muller3 days ago

    This is record breaking record breaking

  7. HunterPlays Halo

    HunterPlays Halo3 days ago

    well looks like they Broke a record Get it...no?

  8. Xenniah Stinson

    Xenniah Stinson3 days ago

    The first time the record broke I vibrated my hands

  9. Arcyllis Icewhisper

    Arcyllis Icewhisper3 days ago

    What does "wallballing" mean? Or am I just mishearing a word?

  10. Arcyllis Icewhisper

    Arcyllis IcewhisperDay ago

    Or, perhaps I am mishearing the word "warble"

  11. Lonnie Moore

    Lonnie Moore2 days ago

    I'm guessing it's a British form of "Balls to the Wall" which translates to Full Throttle! ... or not.

  12. INERT

    INERT4 days ago

    This channel is the Gallager of MReporter.

  13. Murdock BA

    Murdock BA4 days ago

    finding a natural frequency of an object is fun to do. you can see the sine wave form, and then a second wave, the cosine begins to from. as this frequency transfers, from sine to cosine the record bursts. too many stresses.

  14. Vyziion

    Vyziion5 days ago

    Bullet slow mos???

  15. David Masawe

    David Masawe5 days ago

    that's cool

  16. George Scott

    George Scott6 days ago

    Don't feel bad about breaking the record. I still break things that they don't make anymore. Nothing is forever anyway.

  17. Ashleigh mother fucking Biggs bro

    Ashleigh mother fucking Biggs bro6 days ago

    3:01 “this is lethal” lol 😂😂😂

  18. Cyko

    Cyko6 days ago

    Time to combine the CD and Vinyl videos. Spin a Laser Disk.

  19. Vuuhlk 'reithaur

    Vuuhlk 'reithaur6 days ago

    Flat Earth above

  20. Alphanator Proton

    Alphanator Proton6 days ago

    Ok, make a weapon out of this

  21. Harrison Seitanidis

    Harrison Seitanidis6 days ago

    Wow you *broke all the records* of *breaking records* of *breaking records*

  22. Long Joe

    Long Joe7 days ago

    Maybe I am missing something, is there something being proven or a test of some kind? I like watching slo-mo stuff but what’s happening here?

  23. That Random Commenter Dude

    That Random Commenter Dude7 days ago

    Dan's face at 10:52 should be a meme or something

  24. Edward LaRosa

    Edward LaRosa7 days ago

    Definitely sounds like some science is happening in the backyard.

  25. Israfelsrevenge

    Israfelsrevenge7 days ago

    Should do another wit a ballistic gel dummy to see how much damage it would do

  26. Das a pillow

    Das a pillow7 days ago

    now thats a lot of damage

  27. Dan Hronchek

    Dan Hronchek8 days ago

    Not just broken records... broken whirled records.

  28. BrandonRL

    BrandonRL8 days ago

    I am way too high for 12:17

  29. Dan Craig

    Dan Craig8 days ago

    your here for 3:29

  30. Billy Willy

    Billy Willy8 days ago

    This weapon is covered under the second amendment. I'm getting a license to carry a record spinner!

  31. _Maxmos_

    _Maxmos_8 days ago


  32. Angelo Pieracci

    Angelo Pieracci9 days ago

    Super cool! Thank you for doing this!

  33. Harem Royality

    Harem Royality9 days ago

    Stabilize the discs and send it back in time

  34. Chris M

    Chris M9 days ago

    yellow WAS up when it cracked. good call mate ;)

  35. Wolf 11404

    Wolf 114049 days ago

    Do this same exact thing... but with fan blades.....

  36. Dave Pawson

    Dave Pawson9 days ago

    I found a piece sticking out my head. I must have a record breaking head.

  37. David Unkown

    David Unkown9 days ago

    I cant imagine building a plastic cover would have been hard to do, darwinism in the 21st century

  38. James Wamboldt

    James Wamboldt9 days ago

    That was trippy

  39. Jay Marsh

    Jay Marsh9 days ago

    You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby

  40. Buttersnow

    Buttersnow9 days ago

    Slowmoguys2 channel interview with the neighbors pls

  41. BraixenFlame

    BraixenFlame9 days ago

    Watch from 11:20 and set youtube playback speed to 0.25. And then just listen to thesound of the disk and also see the insane wabble. SO worth it!

  42. BraixenFlame

    BraixenFlame9 days ago

    Or from 5:08 also a greate sound!

  43. Matthew Harris

    Matthew Harris9 days ago

    Can we do this with a floppy disk

  44. Neal D

    Neal D10 days ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed the video! Like one of my top favorites! You guys are great!

  45. BuckyRules17

    BuckyRules1710 days ago

    Imagine instead of the bricks it's your body in the way of a shattering experience....

  46. Jeff Peccato

    Jeff Peccato10 days ago

    I think one of the reasons the record breaks into pieces, is that the motor itself is oscillating because it is mounted on a rod. That starts to move back and forth and initializes the oscillation of the record. Certainly the record will break without this effect, but I think it occurs sooner now. On the other hand, this explains why any record player does not more than 78 rpm... (lol)

  47. EclipseGaming

    EclipseGaming10 days ago

    That's a lottttttaaa dammmmaaage

  48. tripjet999

    tripjet99910 days ago

    ...wasting money almost as badly as NASA.

  49. Skyler Hubbs

    Skyler Hubbs10 days ago

    The reason the green portion went down, was because the grass is green, the red portion went to the right of the screen, because of the latter, blue went up, because the sky is blue, yellow went left, because your house looks yellow ish. It's funny how that turned out.

  50. Mr Jay White

    Mr Jay White10 days ago

    12:24 kubrick mode enguage!

  51. Lee Hauxwell

    Lee Hauxwell11 days ago

    Vinylly the video I have been waiting for.

  52. Speed Zebra

    Speed Zebra11 days ago

    12:25 is my fav part

  53. gettie fekkkie gettie fekkkie

    gettie fekkkie gettie fekkkie11 days ago

    Don't watch this in 0.25 speed unless you want veitnam flash backs

  54. Antonio NG

    Antonio NG11 days ago

    8:55 --> C.S.I moment

  55. Dom Somers

    Dom Somers11 days ago

    good god

  56. Jimmy Jennings

    Jimmy Jennings12 days ago

    I guess you could say these guys broke a few records doing this, they need to call up Guinness book of world records

  57. NOYDB

    NOYDB12 days ago

    @9:00 learning why the sky is blue was a bonus

  58. Xb Nemesis

    Xb Nemesis12 days ago

    Next vid playing a record while spinning at high speeds

  59. Laura Kalthoff

    Laura Kalthoff12 days ago

    who thumbs down such excellence?! BRAVO boys!

  60. Brandon Costanzo

    Brandon Costanzo12 days ago

    I have one of those too. I use mine with a stand fan.

  61. Robert Elkins

    Robert Elkins13 days ago


  62. Justin Kemp

    Justin Kemp13 days ago

    By far the best video I've seen.. please do more like this. Especially the cool effects at the end on the last record.

  63. Jonah Christensen

    Jonah Christensen13 days ago


  64. HEAVYWALL 70

    HEAVYWALL 7013 days ago

    The cd is probably a lot more brittle The vinyl, being more pliable, could flex more before giving up

  65. Edwin H.

    Edwin H.13 days ago

    you 2 look like haven't sleep for a week

  66. Ola P

    Ola P13 days ago

    beautiful! minidisc next? :)

  67. Garner Loudermilk

    Garner Loudermilk13 days ago

    if the motor was mounted with more supports it would stop the record from wobbling as much...would love to see this in a vacuum chamber

  68. Miles Delashmutt

    Miles Delashmutt14 days ago


  69. iiPrandz - Official Youtube Channel

    iiPrandz - Official Youtube Channel14 days ago

    1:46 What Vinyl Record Album Is This? *Caution: NO SONG OR ALBUM NAME TROLLS ALLOWED!!!*

  70. Riff Devin

    Riff Devin14 days ago

    now do it with 78s and have lots of ballistic gelatine

  71. lorddarphyve

    lorddarphyve14 days ago

    I calculate 11,728 RPM before detonation based on the frame by frame and the given FPS of 12,510. Anyone else?

  72. Terminator

    Terminator14 days ago

    everything looks cool in slowmo

  73. Radio Paranormalium

    Radio Paranormalium14 days ago

    Have you guys tried with a much heavier vinyl record?

  74. Afrina Nabila

    Afrina Nabila14 days ago

    Like your vdeo . from malaysia

  75. Victorian Train Channel

    Victorian Train Channel14 days ago

    If they used bakelite records then they would almost desintagrate when they broke

  76. BabyOxide

    BabyOxide15 days ago

    the twitter messages LMAO

  77. BillyBart

    BillyBart15 days ago

    Glue a fly to an album, and see how long it takes it to puke.

  78. Andres Henríquez

    Andres Henríquez15 days ago

    Spin a fidget spinner witg that 😂🤓

  79. Erin Allison

    Erin Allison15 days ago

    I loved the wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee sound when they broke lol

  80. InxaneNinja

    InxaneNinja15 days ago

    Hello, I'm Gav. I'm Done.

  81. Pedo Bear

    Pedo Bear16 days ago

    That's a lot of damage.

  82. RedPanda

    RedPanda16 days ago

    We could use this as a granade if you made it compact

  83. enragement.child

    enragement.child16 days ago

    the little yellow piece at 11:45 was absolutely getting revenge for dan betting on the yellow section a few minutes earlier sfahsgvsahshfgsbah

  84. B Z

    B Z16 days ago


  85. Snorri Ö.K.

    Snorri Ö.K.16 days ago

    Can you send the pieces over to Nick Zammetti and see if he'd be willing to make something out of them? He is one of the Maker's Central founders on YT.

  86. Scarlett Moody

    Scarlett Moody16 days ago

    When they spun the frame it damaged brain cells I’m sure

  87. EBHaenger SoB

    EBHaenger SoB16 days ago

    What If you run a record/CD in a vacuum?

  88. PinnacIeSaint

    PinnacIeSaint17 days ago

    what would have been cool is if they'd spun two or three records at once. I wonder if the reinforcement would have made it last longer or shorter?


    AWSOME DUCK5517 days ago

    you should shoot it while its spinning

  90. Duddy PA

    Duddy PA17 days ago

    Oh Geez That's Crazy

  91. Duddy PA

    Duddy PA17 days ago

    2:15-2:19 play it in 0.25 slow motion. You can see the record change shapes

  92. tala

    tala17 days ago

    12:44 played it on 0,25

  93. Anym

    Anym17 days ago

    giving "Spinnin' Records" a whole new meaning

  94. Tendo Boom

    Tendo Boom17 days ago

    the record gave up

  95. Tendo Boom

    Tendo Boom17 days ago

    i have no idea what to comment.

  96. Cameron Harris

    Cameron Harris18 days ago

    imagine having these guys as your neighbours but the fence being to high to ever figure out what all the noise was itd do my head in

  97. Aruna Bhanushali

    Aruna Bhanushali18 days ago

    Look even better in slow motion ☺👌

  98. Sim Won

    Sim Won18 days ago

    the fact that it draws a tree is so mind blowing

  99. Conrad Jack

    Conrad Jack18 days ago

    Imaging what kind of bomb technology this could make... 😵 ^¬^

  100. ztoob8898

    ztoob889818 days ago

    You've got a nice motor and variac. Really nice camera. Maybe invest in an end wrench? It looks so bush league to be tightening the nut with needle-nose pliers. Otherwise, awesome video!

  101. Craig Vanantwerp

    Craig Vanantwerp18 days ago

    I did injection molding plastics for 35 years and the failure lines look exactly like polymer flow lines going from the gate(where the plastic enters) outwards. Flow lines are always a weak point in a molding.

  102. junnon100

    junnon10018 days ago

    Okay, guys. See the moment when disks break up. It is about the place of the first crack and its position. I'm sorry but I used the google translator.

  103. Jaydin Ray

    Jaydin Ray19 days ago