Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Kris Jenner


  1. Sophia Alexander

    Sophia AlexanderHour ago

    I’ve eaten cow tongue before lol

  2. hi

    hi2 hours ago


  3. i LiKe FrOgS

    i LiKe FrOgS2 hours ago

    It's what she deserves - sinister grin

  4. LonelyRainbow WolfUnicorn

    LonelyRainbow WolfUnicorn3 hours ago

    U done one with Nicki minaj? Lol this is too good im boutta watch all these THE TEA HAS BEEN SPILLED EVERYWHERE

  5. Unicorn Island

    Unicorn Island5 hours ago

    I like how everyone gives James the cow's tongue and he always gives the smoothie to the guests.

  6. Mila Burhanzai

    Mila Burhanzai5 hours ago


  7. Ashalee Canavan

    Ashalee Canavan5 hours ago

    “We’re running low on time” “Smell the egg”

  8. Elizabeth Ponce

    Elizabeth Ponce5 hours ago

    Do Jennifer Lawrence please!!

  9. Liza Beauty

    Liza Beauty6 hours ago

    If you cook the cow tongue correctly it will be delicious, it is a delicacy in many countries.

  10. Sãfãã Haf

    Sãfãã Haf8 hours ago

    cardi b cardi b

  11. Mindy Hueng

    Mindy Hueng8 hours ago

    For people out there: 1000 year old eggs are not 1000 years old, thats impossible. Its just called that by the looks. Its originated from china.

  12. Naoufel Maghrebi

    Naoufel Maghrebi8 hours ago

    Please invite Kevin hart with Dwayne.

  13. YourHighwayInTheSky

    YourHighwayInTheSky8 hours ago

    James hardly ever spills his guts and answers these easy ass questions. So fucking corny

  14. Makena Rose

    Makena Rose9 hours ago

    James should do a spill your guts or fill your guts with Shawn Mendes

  15. lou bear

    lou bear9 hours ago

    Hasn't she basically just confirmed that they're engaged

  16. Splice25 TV

    Splice25 TV9 hours ago

    The only thing feel bad about here is that they are maybe killing innocent animals for the fun

  17. Chhaya Agnihotri

    Chhaya Agnihotri10 hours ago

    Please do that with selena Gomez

  18. Gid Pat

    Gid Pat10 hours ago

    Threw up in my mouth a couple of times ngl

  19. zap

    zap11 hours ago

    Do 1 with demi lovato and have heroin in one of the dishes

  20. cia o

    cia o11 hours ago

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  21. James Lewis

    James Lewis11 hours ago

    Request rate course blow suit Hispanic pull might inspiration T-shirt previous fill

  22. angel angel

    angel angel12 hours ago

    Cardi B please!!!!

  23. LegitDerpz

    LegitDerpz12 hours ago

    They HAVE to get Eric Andre on this

  24. feminime

    feminime13 hours ago

    James would eventually play this game with each and every kardashian ever lol

  25. V N

    V N16 hours ago

    boiled cow tongue is a delicacy over here and pretty damn expensive

  26. Tishya Singh

    Tishya Singh17 hours ago

    Still can't believe that he ate cow's tongue😳😳🤢

  27. Andrea Star

    Andrea Star18 hours ago


  28. Lovely Ava

    Lovely Ava19 hours ago

    Kim looks so much like Kris and I just realized that

  29. Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter20 hours ago

    My favorite food is mac and cheese

  30. gloria perez

    gloria perez20 hours ago

    Cow Tongue Tacos, Bomb af, Moldy plain cow tongue, Ew!

  31. Oscar Zisumbo

    Oscar Zisumbo21 hour ago

    The tongue and crickets are not that bad! 🤷🏻‍♂️ We, mexicans, eat them in tacos. 😬🇲🇽

  32. Js Twin

    Js Twin20 hours ago

    Oscar Zisumbo yes but like...

  33. Yasmin Ma

    Yasmin Ma21 hour ago

    The fried butter looks kinda good if you ask me😂

  34. Kennedy Tran

    Kennedy Tran21 hour ago

    If you are Vietnamese you know that the 1000 year old egg is actually good

  35. Js Twin

    Js Twin20 hours ago

    Kennedy Tran cool

  36. Kennedy Tran

    Kennedy Tran21 hour ago

    It taste really rich, and delicious

  37. AMY LEE

    AMY LEE23 hours ago

    Love this segment but very off-putting as many of these “vile” things are considered to be delicacies in many asian cultures...

  38. Isabella Parisi

    Isabella ParisiDay ago

    Where tf do they get all these 1000 year old eggs

  39. Juan Pablo Hernández

    Juan Pablo HernándezDay ago

    Let it be known that Kris didn't spit the smoothie. James, watch and learn. That's how it's done.

  40. Wisdom Hicklin

    Wisdom HicklinDay ago

    Wack AF

  41. paulina

    paulinaDay ago

    Oh God I want harry styles to do this so bad!! Make it happen James!!!!

  42. Lulu K

    Lulu KDay ago

    I like Kanye like everyone else but I think it’s a bit douchey to cancel as someone has spent $45,000 to film with you and is outside just because you don’t feel up for it

  43. rehanah

    rehanah16 hours ago

    Lulu K but he said sorry and gave him gifts

  44. lutecia-2

    lutecia-2Day ago

    Kim Kardashian turns to Berlus in sparkling underwear

  45. Armin Arlert

    Armin ArlertDay ago

    Do carpool karaoke with panic! At the disco (or just Brendon Urie)

  46. Lynsey Greenwood

    Lynsey GreenwoodDay ago

    He needs cardi on heree

  47. maisie hanson

    maisie hansonDay ago

    They so need to go on I’m a celebrity get me out of here

  48. Tana Aspin

    Tana AspinDay ago

    I love the Kardashian Jenner’s

  49. Alexpro 18

    Alexpro 18Day ago

    Can you use the toe of Staten from vat19

  50. Natalie Eight

    Natalie EightDay ago

    Damn this vid was only on for like 5 seconds then an ad came like man yal need 2 chill

  51. Ellen MacDermott

    Ellen MacDermottDay ago


  52. Ellen MacDermott

    Ellen MacDermottDay ago


  53. Ellen MacDermott

    Ellen MacDermottDay ago


  54. Ellen MacDermott

    Ellen MacDermottDay ago


  55. Natalyn Schlabach

    Natalyn SchlabachDay ago

    Poor James. I wouldn’t want to do this once, let alone every time the show has this segment. He is getting paid for it though

  56. Nikki Anthony

    Nikki AnthonyDay ago

    So she IS engaged...

  57. Deepa Nandlal

    Deepa NandlalDay ago

    She is engaged

  58. Rere Rereszy

    Rere RereszyDay ago


  59. Leyla

    LeylaDay ago

    On this They drink 1 sip and near throw up, on I'm A Celebrity, they have to eat like 2 full plates and just grin and bear it.

  60. sofia andrea Lukban

    sofia andrea LukbanDay ago

    One with Cardi B puhleaseeee

  61. Adnan A

    Adnan ADay ago

    Where are the angry vegans in the comment section?

  62. Holly Holy

    Holly HolyDay ago

    Kris Jenner's face at "2:05, 2:15, 2:29" says STFU Corden, quit dissing my Yeezie LOL

  63. Tina

    TinaDay ago

    Am I the only one who actually like the 1000 year old egg?

  64. xxMalloryRosa xx

    xxMalloryRosa xxDay ago

    Kris would have said Kourtny... we all know it 😂

  65. Selenator

    SelenatorDay ago

    You need to do one with Selena Gomez. Girl likes to eat

  66. Sarcasm At it's finest

    Sarcasm At it's finestDay ago

    *rename the show spit or swallow*

  67. Arielle Eileen

    Arielle EileenDay ago

    the devil works hard but kris jenner works harder

  68. Dylan Mckenziee

    Dylan MckenzieeDay ago


  69. Im Rusty

    Im RustyDay ago

    Plz can someone be my tenth sub? Thanks in advance

  70. Nisa V

    Nisa VDay ago

    How do they get the cow tongue honestly so disgusting

  71. Kandy543

    Kandy543Day ago

    I get all triggered every time they laugh at the century egg/ thousand year old egg cause I’m Asian af🤣🤣

  72. Saarah Lina

    Saarah LinaDay ago


  73. c c

    c cDay ago

    I feel this is fake and the foods are actually tasty ones..

  74. Oussama meiddah

    Oussama meiddahDay ago

    Who is this gay or trans cunt

  75. Edona Sadikaj

    Edona SadikajDay ago

    The foods are not what they say they are

  76. Tamanna Das

    Tamanna DasDay ago

    Why does everyone want Harry Styles here? I mean I'm not complaining but does he have any specific tea to spill?

  77. Alien TaeTae

    Alien TaeTaeDay ago

    Please do one with BTS

  78. Rxre Bxbe

    Rxre BxbeDay ago

    ok,EAT YOUR EGG! 2:37

  79. tsleel escappa

    tsleel escappaDay ago

    Do people realize how shallow it is to prefer eat a cricket over telling people if you're engaged. A FUCKING CRICKET!!

  80. Alexis Grage

    Alexis GrageDay ago

    Safe to say she’s engaged 😂

  81. Skye

    SkyeDay ago


  82. Skye

    SkyeDay ago

    i dont know why but im getting vibes that kirs does not like corden

  83. Kara Garcia

    Kara GarciaDay ago

    He should have Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning play! At least they would ACTUALLY “fill their guts” and eat it.

  84. show by your choice

    show by your choiceDay ago

    I want to fuck her so bad😍😍😍

  85. Zoe Pearson

    Zoe PearsonDay ago

    I'm rlly beginning to think james isnt allowed to answer questions about shows and companies



    hes eaten cow tounge so many times hes actually starting to like it

  87. Mireya Silva

    Mireya SilvaDay ago

    It’s like he wanted to eat the cow toungue

  88. Mireya Silva

    Mireya SilvaDay ago


  89. GodWithUsProductions

    GodWithUsProductionsDay ago

    Why do they have a problem with Lengua? It’s delicious!

  90. Ramakrishna Reddy

    Ramakrishna ReddyDay ago

    This was the worst spill your guts episode

  91. Iberezaa YT

    Iberezaa YTDay ago

    I'd like to see a cardi b, jennifer lawrence, and a selena gomez

  92. sadi naima

    sadi naimaDay ago

    Ok eat your egg hahaha she is funny

  93. Victor Pauwels

    Victor PauwelsDay ago

    no phenomenon other giant principal hallway evening.

  94. Kaia S

    Kaia S2 days ago

    Thousand year old eggs are actually good and definitely not even 1000 year old

  95. Sharla Henricks

    Sharla Henricks2 days ago

    It should be called spill or fill ur guts

  96. Umaibo

    Umaibo2 days ago


  97. Drugs

    Drugs2 days ago

    What is it with the jenners/kardashians and black guys

  98. madison davis

    madison davis2 days ago

    He eats the cow tongue all the time idk why he acts surprised and grossed out

  99. lou_gg

    lou_gg2 days ago

    Do Jeffree Star please !!! He would spill the tea !

  100. mariana diaz

    mariana diaz2 days ago

    We need a special with charlie puff and cher

  101. Maria Gardiner

    Maria Gardiner2 days ago

    Crickets aren’t bad I had a salt and vinegar cricket

  102. Kaveri Nayyar

    Kaveri Nayyar2 days ago

    So fake I just spilled my guts!

  103. Reece Turnbull

    Reece Turnbull2 days ago

    Spill ur tea or sip ur tea😂😂😂

  104. Kočíií

    Kočíií2 days ago

    James really likes cow tongue, he is always eating this :DD

  105. Leslie Puentes

    Leslie Puentes2 days ago

    ask shay Mitchell