Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Kris Jenner


  1. User1234

    User12342 hours ago

    God why is she such a bitch

  2. Moon Light.364

    Moon Light.3645 hours ago

    U should do Sabrina carpenter and miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish

  3. TheTripstraps

    TheTripstraps9 hours ago

    cows tongue or pigs tongue is one of the best meats there is. its texture is perfect, fat ratio and taste. fantastic. as a cold cut on a black bread or with potatoe salad or just a snack. smoked one is good too. fantastic. but these tongues there are not peeled. tongues have to be peeled. the outer layer does not taste good also head cheese is very tasty. and crickets taste like nuts. hmm, whats up with you ppl over the ocean, why you dont eat many good things???

  4. Emma GAYOT

    Emma GAYOT11 hours ago

    Do a interview like that with Noah Centineo

  5. TheHSdropout

    TheHSdropout13 hours ago

    A pair of Yeezy are collectable? FOH I NEED MY 4500 KANYE

  6. rockstar for life

    rockstar for lifeDay ago

    Madonna please

  7. M S

    M SDay ago

    dylan and cole sprouse on here would be so damn entertaining



    If you're gonna do it with the Kardashians then freaking do it right you pussy

  9. love na_monroe

    love na_monroeDay ago


  10. Brett Greene

    Brett GreeneDay ago

    The Kardashians are the crappiest ones to do that...there so f**kin fake

  11. Joanne August

    Joanne AugustDay ago

    'Blood head cheese' - Blutwurst is delicious. :) It might look frightening to people who are not from Germany (or Scandinavia, I think they have similar food as well), but it's really just usual meat with pig blood - which is not nearly as disgusting as it sounds - and lots of spices.

  12. Natasha Saeed

    Natasha SaeedDay ago

    I love watching this game but I’d hate to actually play it

  13. Shelina Doodle

    Shelina DoodleDay ago

    Props to her for actually eating the stuff instead of spitting it out

  14. Dee Luu

    Dee LuuDay ago

    I don't think I can watch this anymore cuz it irritates me that he cheats and NEVER once actually ate any thing! #Fraud lol

  15. Luis Mateo

    Luis Mateo2 days ago

    Low-key she would of picked Rob..

  16. Karoline Star star

    Karoline Star star2 days ago

    She said no because shes obviously engaged

  17. Sulekha Rajan

    Sulekha Rajan2 days ago

    What was the first question???

  18. Edwin Cruz

    Edwin Cruz2 days ago

    you should do BTS for this one


    PLTM YA DUDE2 days ago

    Invite Jeffery Star!

  20. Natalie Chan

    Natalie Chan2 days ago

    Do one with zendaya please!!!!

  21. Down2MarsGirl

    Down2MarsGirl2 days ago

    Cow tongue must be lowkey good because he always takes a big chunk out of it!

  22. Juan Quijas

    Juan Quijas3 days ago

    Cardi B plz

  23. dumbblonde

    dumbblonde3 days ago


  24. Andjela Cvetkovic

    Andjela Cvetkovic3 days ago

    why does Jame's like the cow tounge? like everytime he get's it he start's licking it or just take's a nasty big bite out of it gosh..

  25. David Power

    David Power3 days ago

    How did they even get a thousand year old egg

  26. Emilia Milan

    Emilia Milan3 days ago

    Are this candy tongue? I don't really believe

  27. Chloe Wilson

    Chloe Wilson3 days ago

    She is so fin rued 😡😡

  28. Lem's Life

    Lem's Life3 days ago

    Do one with Nicki minaj

  29. ekstadropsen

    ekstadropsen3 days ago

    I would have thrown my children under the bus so fast if I had to drink a sardine smoothie😂 but they would have understood that😜

  30. Ai Nurazizah

    Ai Nurazizah3 days ago

    With harry styles please

  31. Vongrajinicole

    Vongrajinicole3 days ago

    Crickets are are good, if you want to know why I’ll tell you

  32. Säkylän Paskinpelaaja

    Säkylän Paskinpelaaja4 days ago

    Pls do it with kylie?!❤️

  33. Bmore robbie

    Bmore robbie4 days ago

    Crickets with cheese taste good

  34. jiMiN hAs JaMs

    jiMiN hAs JaMs4 days ago

    3:50 “wecoyldhdvsjzuwg”

  35. Dera Naval

    Dera Naval4 days ago

    lmao 😂😂😂

  36. elegantly_wasted

    elegantly_wasted4 days ago

    woman do all this plastic surgery on their faces but their hands show their real age lol

  37. elegantly_wasted

    elegantly_wasted4 days ago

    do harry styles!!!!!

  38. MissBoobiesWorld

    MissBoobiesWorld5 days ago

    😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂 kanye would be a good one to have play and cardi b

  39. Olive Iwegbu

    Olive Iwegbu5 days ago

    “Eat your egg”😂

  40. Squizree

    Squizree5 days ago

    Cow tongue is amazing when you peel off the outer layer.

  41. Thomas Mayer

    Thomas Mayer5 days ago

    The kardashians are all attracted to black losers

  42. JaciIsAwkward _

    JaciIsAwkward _5 days ago

    Do one with Tom Holland or Chris Hemsworth they would be hilarious to watch!

  43. Savina Carr

    Savina Carr5 days ago

    I would love to see JLo on here.

  44. marcobrazil

    marcobrazil5 days ago

    Spill your guts or fill your guts with Emma Watson pls!!!!!

  45. Jack Yambem

    Jack Yambem5 days ago

    This lady seems like shin lim😂😂


    LOLANIME5 days ago

    it's obvious that Kris doesn't like Kanye

  47. mxwell official

    mxwell official5 days ago


  48. ShadowMamba95

    ShadowMamba955 days ago

    Why do people hate butter, mayonnaise & mustard? I don't get it...

  49. jeric

    jeric6 days ago

    to the people that said the kardashians don’t have talent, kris birthed 5 daughters who literally have no talent what so ever and she turned them into millionaires, kris is the talent

  50. Jolene Smith

    Jolene Smith6 days ago


  51. impossichannel

    impossichannel6 days ago

    I'm not a huge fan of Kris but to her credit, I'm pretty sure my mom would rat me out rather than drink a sardine smoothie

  52. NCT zen

    NCT zen6 days ago


  53. Astrid Go H.

    Astrid Go H.6 days ago

    Crikets and hot sauce are delicious

  54. poisonviper #venomousmonster

    poisonviper #venomousmonster6 days ago

    Watching all these, I've lost count of how many times James has eaten the cow tongue


    HAILEY DOES GAMES6 days ago

    It’s a century egg ITS TASTY

  56. Mary Hamskins

    Mary Hamskins6 days ago

    Makes Me Gag 😂

  57. Mary Hamskins

    Mary Hamskins6 days ago

    The Eggs Seem Horrible

  58. Jessica XD

    Jessica XD6 days ago

    Lol she pretty much didn’t eat anything because she sipped the smoothie then put one cricket in her mouth then spat it out

  59. Aaliyah Un

    Aaliyah Un6 days ago

    1000 year old eggs are good

  60. Siyathokoza Zulu

    Siyathokoza Zulu7 days ago

    classy sexy woman.

  61. C. K.

    C. K.7 days ago

    I'm sure Kris Jenner has swallowed way worse than that... Just sayin.

  62. rulenumber1

    rulenumber17 days ago


  63. Maya K

    Maya K7 days ago

    The *sahdine smoothae*

  64. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli7 days ago

    I hate the intro because it says on the screen " spill your guts " but the voiceover says " fill your guts " lmao

  65. Kayla Susie

    Kayla Susie7 days ago

    I used to think that Kris was one of the sisters is KUWTK

  66. julaikachan

    julaikachan7 days ago

    I would have never thought the taste of blood head cheese could be considered nasty I loved that shit as a kid

  67. Abby Murray

    Abby Murray7 days ago

    Kris didnt even drink the smoothie

  68. Omgg.jess

    Omgg.jess7 days ago


  69. Swathii Selvakumar

    Swathii Selvakumar7 days ago

    I'm so confused. Why won't celebrities reveal how much they make. Is there anything wrong in That?

  70. Pillemir

    Pillemir7 days ago

    Cow tongue is so delicious but you have to cook it lol 😂😂

  71. my world is a happy world plus im a amry

    my world is a happy world plus im a amry7 days ago

    *brave Kris showing up*

  72. Sofia Panes

    Sofia Panes8 days ago


  73. Devon Gordon

    Devon Gordon8 days ago

    Honestly the deep fried butter sounds good

  74. Lucy Sushi

    Lucy Sushi8 days ago

    You know I guess James had to BITE HIS TONGUE 👅

  75. Rose Dobbin

    Rose Dobbin8 days ago

    You know what? Kris Jenner may have used water to wash it down but she swallowed that stuff she ate!! Barely anyone on there does, including Corden. Good on her hahaha

  76. ruby ochoa

    ruby ochoa8 days ago

    I think for us Mexicans it’s easy to eat the cow tung cause we love tacos de lengua which is cow tounge 🇲🇽

  77. ruby ochoa

    ruby ochoa3 days ago

    Shreyaskar Singh really interesting

  78. Shreyaskar Singh

    Shreyaskar Singh3 days ago

    MI Three we indian (asian) treat cow as a god...no one in India eat cow......

  79. MI Three

    MI Three5 days ago

    Asians n mexicans eat all

  80. ruby ochoa

    ruby ochoa5 days ago

    Tais Vv yep

  81. Tais Vv

    Tais Vv6 days ago

    exacto y tambien los grillos, saben como a chicharron :D

  82. Angie Rodriguez

    Angie Rodriguez8 days ago

    You need to do it with Shawn Mendes

  83. Milenaguineapig

    Milenaguineapig8 days ago

    Is it only me or anyone else wants to know how they feel after this?

  84. Brian Gerenda

    Brian Gerenda8 days ago

    Can't stand that family..

  85. Dead Wonderland dolls

    Dead Wonderland dolls8 days ago

    this is danish food . . . . .

  86. Ky Thong

    Ky Thong8 days ago

    she is sooo dumb

  87. Mejra Nub

    Mejra Nub8 days ago

    Do one with Jeniffer Lawrencee

  88. Sunnshine !

    Sunnshine !8 days ago

    Crickets & other bugs are considered treats here in Thailand so i'd be ok eating that compared to those other stuff 😰

  89. Olivia Chainey

    Olivia Chainey8 days ago

    Should do this with T Swift! Get aaaaall the dirt

  90. Sarah Balfour

    Sarah Balfour9 days ago

    Kris « Ok eat your egg » 😂😂😂😂

  91. Julissa Balderas

    Julissa Balderas9 days ago

    4:58 is probably the smartest thing kris Jenner has ever said

  92. Pirlanta's Hall

    Pirlanta's Hall9 days ago

    Really want Emma Watson to do this XD

  93. Natalee Evans

    Natalee Evans9 days ago

    Please do one with Noah Centino!

  94. i dont like arbys

    i dont like arbys9 days ago

    do one with BTS PLZ

  95. Jayla Villegas

    Jayla Villegas9 days ago

    Corbyn Besson

  96. i know face i don't know name

    i know face i don't know name9 days ago

    Not answering that last question gives away everything. But they could be just faking everything

  97. Janelle Collay

    Janelle Collay9 days ago

    Ok eat your egg😭💀

  98. Karen Chen

    Karen Chen9 days ago

    thousand year old egg is actually delicious in porridge!

  99. hazel L

    hazel L7 days ago

    I want to puke

  100. Jade Fortin-Rioux

    Jade Fortin-Rioux9 days ago

    3:49 wtf was that ?😂😂😂

  101. logoless scenes

    logoless scenes9 days ago

    Okay this with Sarah Paulson pls and ty or LILY RABE! She deserves some recognition!

  102. Slendernaruto456

    Slendernaruto4569 days ago

    James the king of cow tongue

  103. Celicia Cordes

    Celicia Cordes9 days ago

    my mom would be like "lol id kill this bitch"

  104. E . Music

    E . Music9 days ago

    That tongue is *nasty.*

  105. Kapeesh Soni

    Kapeesh Soni9 days ago

    Bring Nicki Minaj for carpool karaoke that'll be fun!!!

  106. Darleen and Jocelyn vlogs

    Darleen and Jocelyn vlogs9 days ago

    I'm ate cow tounge and its good when its a taco like a mexican taco

  107. besmalah halwachi

    besmalah halwachi10 days ago