Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Kris Jenner


  1. vtb 6887

    vtb 6887Hour ago

    We need Taylor Swift playing this game

  2. wise and old

    wise and old17 hours ago


  3. Ana Samardzic

    Ana SamardzicDay ago

    Do that with Shawn please

  4. Gracie Hughes

    Gracie HughesDay ago

    They care about there family so much like Kim ate something rank so that her sisters will be protected from us finding out if they preg... no nice 😍🥰😍

  5. Leen Aldakkan

    Leen Aldakkan2 days ago

    I just gotta day one thing... That deep fried butter looks GOOD

  6. Erry Berry

    Erry Berry2 days ago

    Me eating lunch while watching this... I lost my appetite

  7. in search of stage.

    in search of stage.2 days ago

    I tried to deepfry butter and it...........just vanished

  8. Maitei Aguilera

    Maitei Aguilera2 days ago

    Sofia Vergara should be on this

  9. Dorel David

    Dorel David3 days ago

    spoiled celebrities

  10. mvmvplugs

    mvmvplugs3 days ago

    7:16 sounded like a fart lmfao

  11. Allison Maciel

    Allison Maciel3 days ago

    People actually eat cow’s tongues. It’s a normal thing in a lot of countries. It tastes really good under the right cooking and condiments 😹

  12. William Nelson

    William Nelson4 days ago

    Y is her face like that that family need to stop why can they see they look awful all that work frozen

  13. Michealcraft

    Michealcraft4 days ago

    Nice finger kris

  14. Karen Aguilar

    Karen Aguilar4 days ago

    I ate cow tongue and it’s actually nice

  15. LFC shankss

    LFC shankss5 days ago

    They really like black guys dont they has katelin/bruce got one yet ?,

  16. Emiliano Cotera

    Emiliano Cotera5 days ago

    Cow tongue is actually expensive asf ranging from 140-200$ and when prepared properly with spices and everything it is deliciously tender and great!

  17. Nadia Boateng

    Nadia Boateng6 days ago

    Who agree if we had Shawn mendes

  18. Just Lean

    Just Lean6 days ago

    I like how they call it a thousand year old egg instead of century egg lmao

  19. lycanthrophy616

    lycanthrophy6166 days ago

    Just want to check...nobody actually believes all these foods are real? Please tell people aren't that stupid? Actually don't tell me! I don't think I want to know 🤔

  20. Maddie K

    Maddie K7 days ago

    He needs to do one with Tati lol.

  21. Jennifer Santillana

    Jennifer Santillana7 days ago

    Love James!

  22. Becca Marshall

    Becca Marshall7 days ago

    Why are celebrities so wary of talking about payments and how much they are paid? Is it a contract thing?



    You can add the hot sause as a garnish if you wish😂😂😂

  24. Shahida jillani

    Shahida jillani8 days ago

    Harry Styles and Zayn Malik playing this game plsssss

  25. Frank Mehrer

    Frank Mehrer8 days ago

    He likes the cow tongue,change the foods more often

  26. Half Crest

    Half Crest8 days ago

    I would like the hot sauce...

  27. jennifer nyembe

    jennifer nyembe9 days ago

    interesting fact:the cow tongue is a South African delicacy. it is boiled then eaten as a snack usually-in my family- with a light pinch of salt

  28. Kyrik

    Kyrik8 days ago


  29. Rachelle Gilot

    Rachelle Gilot9 days ago

    Let Ariana Grande do this

  30. Batul Khan

    Batul Khan9 days ago

    By not answering the engagement she is just making it obvious. You guys dont even know how to play it

  31. Pramita 16

    Pramita 169 days ago

    James always eats cow tongue

  32. Andrew Robinson

    Andrew Robinson9 days ago

    Cow tongue isn’t that bad I’ve used it for taco meat

  33. shindhiya shrestha

    shindhiya shrestha11 days ago

    Do this with Demi Lovato..I swear it'll be hilarious

  34. Daniela Suarez

    Daniela Suarez11 days ago

    Omg, who wants to see cardi b do this??

  35. Diana & Jorge Loyal Ones

    Diana & Jorge Loyal Ones12 days ago

    This Was Hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. andy vent

    andy vent12 days ago


  37. Aisha Bartlett

    Aisha Bartlett12 days ago

    That means she is engaged

  38. Carson Dilliard

    Carson Dilliard13 days ago

    All of the kardashians and Jenner’s have drank the sardine smoothie

  39. Harpreet Bains

    Harpreet Bains13 days ago

    2:37 OKAY EAT UR EGG

  40. 100 subscribes without any videos cats

    100 subscribes without any videos cats13 days ago

    kris is an amazing mom like if u agree

  41. Raju Bhandari

    Raju Bhandari13 days ago

    Harry styles please

  42. Raju Bhandari

    Raju Bhandari13 days ago

    Poor animals.

  43. julissa flores

    julissa flores14 days ago

    they cut out a question, the fried butter was bitten😮

  44. Petar Bijelic

    Petar Bijelic14 days ago

    Why tf is that tongue lookin like a rock😂

  45. Katrina Fernando

    Katrina Fernando14 days ago

    I'd eat that 1000 year old egg with rice porridge

  46. chubby serpent

    chubby serpent14 days ago

    I'm starting to think that James secretly likes the cow's tongue HAHAHA

  47. Thaonliwon Misfit

    Thaonliwon Misfit14 days ago

    I spit out my gum at the same time James spit out the cow tongue and I don't know why ....

  48. Maria Nino

    Maria Nino14 days ago

    3:48 what did he say😂😂😂😂

  49. Rebeca Hurtado

    Rebeca Hurtado15 days ago

    Blood head cheese is delicious. Ask any colombian!!

  50. Suhana Amit

    Suhana Amit15 days ago

    We need zendaya

  51. 趙奕涵

    趙奕涵18 days ago

    what's the party pants meaning?

  52. Keely Walker

    Keely Walker19 days ago

    Why is it bad to say how much money they gave you? Anyone, please answer.

  53. Alyssa Gorman

    Alyssa Gorman19 days ago

    Do spill your guts or fill your guts with Sarah McDaniel (some people might know why we want this)

  54. Iggy Azelea AUTTP

    Iggy Azelea AUTTP20 days ago

    2:37 T R I G G E R E D

  55. Lennon Lotardo

    Lennon Lotardo20 days ago

    Take out deep fried butter that shit is good

  56. Bravobread Gaming

    Bravobread Gaming20 days ago

    The cow tongue is called lengua in my country

  57. Phei Hafwen

    Phei Hafwen20 days ago

    Imagine eating those...

  58. Lív Árnafjall

    Lív Árnafjall21 day ago

    In the music u can hear he sais ‘fill your guts og spill your guts’ but it’s written the oppisid

  59. jeremy liu

    jeremy liu21 day ago

    That egg is delectable here~Chinese people just love it.

  60. Shamsun Nahar

    Shamsun Nahar21 day ago

    Plz with BTS

  61. hafsa el marnissi

    hafsa el marnissi22 days ago

    Why does it go fill youre guts or spill youre guts in the background 😕????

  62. Jung Hoseok c:

    Jung Hoseok c:22 days ago

    “Oh lordy” BRUH I SAY THAT IN CLASS.

  63. Copycat Songs

    Copycat Songs22 days ago

    Obviously Kris is engaged to marry him.

  64. Valerie Manalo

    Valerie Manalo23 days ago

    Kris really drank the sardine smoothie she complies with the game

  65. Eleftheria Konstantaki

    Eleftheria Konstantaki23 days ago

    he asked her if she is engaged there is no way to not find out like, if she answers we know if she doesnt answer we know its a yes

  66. Mini Golden Pig

    Mini Golden Pig23 days ago

    *so I’ll come to Kanye’s house and beg him to do something and later he’ll give me a gift😃

  67. Claudia Butler

    Claudia Butler23 days ago

    Ik that this is gonna sound super picky. But did any one else get mildly disturbed when at 0:01 the words that were transitioning onto screen did not match the words that were being said😂😂😂😂😂😬!!!!!!!!!………………

  68. Ashraf Khateeb

    Ashraf Khateeb24 days ago

    Literally mziddle finger on the show... These kardashians are naughty

  69. Rd. Diskret No1

    Rd. Diskret No124 days ago

    Want to see Sofia Vergara playing this game 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  70. Narzissa Leta Bellatrix

    Narzissa Leta Bellatrix24 days ago

    They should do it with Cate Blanchette or Sandra Bullock

  71. Sumbi 1909

    Sumbi 190924 days ago

    I wish someone eat the butter

  72. JP Reviews

    JP Reviews25 days ago

    Deep fried butter doesnt sound bad tbh 😂

  73. تالا وليد

    تالا وليد25 days ago

    Do one with freakin harry styles

  74. Evelyn Stirling

    Evelyn Stirling25 days ago

    It’s annoying because on yes or no questions are so obvious

  75. jhgbjgg guiij

    jhgbjgg guiij26 days ago

    We need Harry Styles playing this game

  76. Binar Venturas

    Binar Venturas26 days ago

    we need nicki minaj that would be funny

  77. Annabelle and Amira

    Annabelle and Amira26 days ago

    I don’t get why she could of just said no to being engaged is she wasn’t engaged she could of just said no

  78. califragmentlemon

    califragmentlemon26 days ago

    That was the smallest sip of the smoothie..

  79. ew

    ew27 days ago


  80. AtHeNa

    AtHeNa27 days ago


  81. Stephanie Esquivel

    Stephanie Esquivel27 days ago

    He really likes cow tongue dont he?

  82. Olivia Zofia

    Olivia Zofia27 days ago

    I feel like James likes majority of these foods, especially the cow tongue.

  83. Jonathan  Aipa

    Jonathan Aipa28 days ago

    This segment is funny but get people that would actually eat the "delicacies" I put stuff in my mouth and spit it out all the time...haha Sometimes

  84. rAiNbOw SaLt

    rAiNbOw SaLt28 days ago

    I would really like to try the crickets

  85. Melonn

    Melonn28 days ago

    kris is the coolest mom ever lmaoo

  86. Saba Melek

    Saba Melek28 days ago


  87. im a shadowhunter

    im a shadowhunter28 days ago

    Invite the shadowhunter cast!

  88. E. F

    E. F28 days ago

    By eating the cricket we understand that they’re engaged

  89. Dorothy Vassantachart

    Dorothy Vassantachart28 days ago

    Did you all seriously try to throw up over that thousand year old egg? You know that actually one of the biggest delicacies in Asia? I have one for breakfast every other week. Name four countries that eat it? Are you kidding me? That is so so disrespectful to Asian cuisine and honestly I am so dead sick and tired of Asian culture acting as a prop for people to make fun of for entertainment. Take if off the menu please and thank you.

  90. Yili Feng

    Yili Feng28 days ago

    thousand year old egg has a strong smell of ammonia which a lot of people find hard to stomach, but it's neutralized when you add it to congee or cook it at all. i eat it straight out of the shell, i think it's delicious! for those who are curious, the yolk is very rich and creamy, and the "white" has the consistency of a very firm jello without much taste to it. every time i see it on here i get the urge to eat one. never heard of blood head cheese, but it looks like that one post on r/shittyfoodporn where they suspended a hot dog in meat jelly. that and the fried butter (and the smoothies they concoct) are the only things i've seen on here that look genuinely unappetizing.

  91. Walmart Squirtle

    Walmart Squirtle28 days ago

    I would cancel if someone offered me to this 😂

  92. lizy star

    lizy starMonth ago

    Crickets are fucking delish and cow tounge on tacos 😍

  93. ThunderBolt917

    ThunderBolt917Month ago

    James eats cow tounge every episode

  94. xi ne

    xi neMonth ago

    james likes the cow tongue.

  95. Nafiul H.K

    Nafiul H.KMonth ago

    I was thinking if there’s a question like the last one... and someone chooses to answer no... it automatically means that the question is the truth right?

  96. ajay shekhawat

    ajay shekhawatMonth ago

    Is Kris Jenner a virgin?🤔

  97. Purvi Sood

    Purvi SoodMonth ago

    Did anyone else think of the deep fried butter on a stick from wimpy kid or is it only me ??

  98. Sage Dickinson

    Sage DickinsonMonth ago

    _Kris Jenner is such a sweet mom._

  99. Emma Sun

    Emma SunMonth ago

    The thousand year old egg tastes rly good. It’s a delicacy in China and it’s not actually 1000 yrs old, it’s just fermented egg with preservatives

  100. Juan Camilo Carlone

    Juan Camilo CarloneMonth ago

    They definitely wouldn’t have understood

  101. Sydney Terrell

    Sydney TerrellMonth ago

    Is it just me or does he give all the Kardashians the smoothie