1. Ya YAYAYA

    Ya YAYAYAHour ago

    Man I love Miles Morales, since this is happening i wonder if we'll ever see Kamala Khan

  2. Becky Weir

    Becky Weir2 hours ago

    I can't wait till the soundtrack comes out, I'm loving these songs

  3. bittu gupta

    bittu gupta2 hours ago

    Please give peter parker new powers

  4. نصر عبد السلام

    نصر عبد السلام3 hours ago

    I love watching this

  5. Ambuj Shah

    Ambuj Shah3 hours ago

    Looks promising

  6. 노영준

    노영준3 hours ago

    웰케 움직임이 좀 이상하지?? 좀 뚝뜩 끊기는 느낌

  7. WolvesHammer Gaming

    WolvesHammer Gaming4 hours ago

    Miles: "How am I suppose to save the whole world?" Peter: "You can't think about saving the world. You gotta think about saving 1 person."

  8. fatee sadiq

    fatee sadiq4 hours ago

    I love it

  9. Acrylic Pasta

    Acrylic Pasta5 hours ago

    Woooah, is the new spiderman pizza minigame

  10. Tomas Nalezinsky

    Tomas Nalezinsky7 hours ago

    I hope that the miles Morales suit and the hood and shorts will be in Spider Man PS4

  11. t-up online

    t-up online7 hours ago

    Black spiderman



    From Sony pictures animation who brought you open season & from the director of the Lego movie

  13. Royal Nautanki

    Royal Nautanki7 hours ago

    Can't help but watch it over and over

  14. Royal Nautanki

    Royal Nautanki7 hours ago

    Everyone is here just for 1:32

  15. Jayden Dove

    Jayden Dove7 hours ago

    Looks like Telltale did some work on the animation.

  16. Spencer Kazadi

    Spencer Kazadi11 hours ago

    Yo who else likes those Nikes Miles has at 1:02, Because I do.

  17. Taylorxo

    Taylorxo11 hours ago


  18. Taylorxo

    Taylorxo5 minutes ago

    No one Is hyped...

  19. Sans the Skeleton

    Sans the Skeleton12 hours ago

    What is the music in the backround called?

  20. Carnivore

    Carnivore13 hours ago

    Is that tay-k?

  21. mahima shukla

    mahima shukla14 hours ago

    anyone know the song on 1.30

  22. GD Loquendos XD

    GD Loquendos XD15 hours ago

    Iam Not Feel good mr stark

  23. DewottJ27 Pangs

    DewottJ27 Pangs16 hours ago

    I only have one question Why is Spider-Man wearing different pants

  24. Milk S

    Milk S16 hours ago

    طز با أم أم الكفار

  25. Mohammad Eskandari

    Mohammad Eskandari17 hours ago

    Song Name, Please?

  26. Anders Milling

    Anders Milling19 hours ago

    Can't wait to see prowlers weird outfit.

  27. PunCakes

    PunCakes19 hours ago

    im sorry but looks god awful tbh why is there going to be 2 spider-men and one be a African American kid didn't wana say black cause yall would freak out

  28. PunCakes

    PunCakes3 hours ago

    Your Deepest Of Fears l Nope cause I don't read the comics nor do I watch the animated shows

  29. Your Deepest Of Fears

    Your Deepest Of Fears3 hours ago

    that's the first problem, you're not familiar to anything other than those movies.

  30. PunCakes

    PunCakes3 hours ago

    Your Deepest Of Fears I grew up watching the 2000 spiderman the best movies ever those movies can't be beat. This is just to comic feel and I don't like the concept of it

  31. Your Deepest Of Fears

    Your Deepest Of Fears4 hours ago

    he's latino, and do you know the concept of the of the mutiverse?

  32. Xorcist TFM

    Xorcist TFM20 hours ago

  33. marvelfreak2003 2003

    marvelfreak2003 200321 hour ago

    the animation in this is insane and very colorful big shoutout to the animators of this movie

  34. Rick Estrada

    Rick Estrada21 hour ago

    The More I Watch The Trailer, The More I'd Like to See the Movie.

  35. mahdi ghanbari

    mahdi ghanbari22 hours ago


  36. roblox falcon

    roblox falcon23 hours ago

    You got to say I love you back

  37. Iann Greenroy

    Iann GreenroyDay ago

    I'm Gwen Stacy 😍😂

  38. coleccionista de amv nya

    coleccionista de amv nyaDay ago

    I love song

  39. SonGoku9850

    SonGoku9850Day ago

    if you pause when the spiders glithcing you can see the word alcemax

  40. anibal hernandez

    anibal hernandezDay ago

    I'm calling this now green goblin is the main villain cuz in the ultimate spider man tv series they had a event called into the spider verse and the main villain is green goblin

  41. Alejandro Oliveira

    Alejandro OliveiraDay ago

    Wasn't Spider-Man(Peter Parker) supposed to be dead in Miles's universe?

  42. Mr. Lemon

    Mr. LemonDay ago

    Alejandro Oliveira maybe he gets killed during the movie?

  43. _N0VANT0

    _N0VANT0Day ago

    is this it? is this where finally sony snaps and make a good spiderman movie again?

  44. EvenEvan Stop Motion Films

    EvenEvan Stop Motion FilmsDay ago

    Will there be a Stanlee Camino in this movie

  45. Elaine Steven

    Elaine StevenDay ago


  46. Shaloom Abraham

    Shaloom AbrahamDay ago

    New level of animation...just Loved this!!

  47. Intern

    InternDay ago

    Miles Morales, you have no idea how long I've waited.

  48. Gabino Rubio

    Gabino RubioDay ago

    What’s the song?

  49. by Marval

    by MarvalDay ago

    Nice movie

  50. Rajiv R Ram

    Rajiv R RamDay ago

    Is the spider man that is teaching miles dies in the end

  51. Jim Fainsan Fainsan

    Jim Fainsan FainsanDay ago

    lets bet Peter Park will die

  52. the frkn miza

    the frkn mizaDay ago

    this is what everyone hoped for... a black spider-man

  53. Your Deepest Of Fears

    Your Deepest Of FearsDay ago

    the frkn miza this character has been around for 8 years dude

  54. d1stress3d

    d1stress3dDay ago


  55. Ace15

    Ace15Day ago

    0:50 sounds like a different person but he has the same suit as the Spider-Man eating the burger

  56. DisasterGaming

    DisasterGamingDay ago

    Alright I've seen Spider-Gwen now let's get Spider-Ham

  57. AlanAdame TV

    AlanAdame TVDay ago

    Those Jordan 1’s Fit perfectly with Miles Morales Style...

  58. Ashok Mithapariya

    Ashok MithapariyaDay ago

    Best super hero spider Man and iron man

  59. Evan Extreme!

    Evan Extreme!Day ago


  60. Movie Clips

    Movie ClipsDay ago

    1:09 What I love the most is were finally seeing a older adult Peter Parker after seeing kid peter for so long

  61. Ryan Devine

    Ryan DevineDay ago


  62. Gamer Bros.

    Gamer Bros.Day ago

    I don’t like it.

  63. Your Deepest Of Fears

    Your Deepest Of FearsDay ago

    Gamer Bros. ok

  64. unbeaten4

    unbeaten4Day ago

    What's the name of this song

  65. Marvelous Misunderstood Boy

    Marvelous Misunderstood BoyDay ago

    I would agree to hear a full audiobook about dust thats getting read by shameik moore.

  66. quicksilver awsome

    quicksilver awsomeDay ago

    Spiderman fucking sucks

  67. Mr. Lemon

    Mr. LemonDay ago

    At least he gets more screen time than you

  68. Your Deepest Of Fears

    Your Deepest Of FearsDay ago

    quicksilver awsome and quicksilver doesn't?

  69. NG Slot

    NG SlotDay ago

    I love you DAD! It was great scene

  70. Sarah Rivas

    Sarah RivasDay ago


  71. Ryan Blase

    Ryan BlaseDay ago

    Isn't this ironic, a company that stands with a pedophile espousing his desire to rape and hurt children, making a kids movie. Parents keep your kids safe, boycott sony pictures

  72. Your Deepest Of Fears

    Your Deepest Of FearsDay ago

    Ryan Blase what

  73. Jesse Ankrah

    Jesse AnkrahDay ago

    Im speechless

  74. Brandon A1103 gaming

    Brandon A1103 gamingDay ago

    1:55 is so funny

  75. RobbiBobbi's Treasure Trove

    RobbiBobbi's Treasure TroveDay ago

    ohmygod YES FINALLY, A SPIDER-VERSE MOVIE!! I don't even care if it's cartoony or not, it's soo cooooool!

  76. Marcellous Hassien

    Marcellous HassienDay ago

    It amazing

  77. DJ ScratchKat

    DJ ScratchKatDay ago

    *"How many other Spider People are there?"* *"Save it for Comic-Con"*

  78. Destinee Seymour

    Destinee SeymourDay ago

    Dad:I love miles Miles:I know dad Dad:You gotta say I love you back. Miles:Dad u serious Dad:I wanna hear it Miles:You wanna hear me say it Dad:I love you dad Miles:You driven me off to school Dad:I love you dad Miles:Look at this place Dad:Dad I love Miles:Sign, dad I love Dad:That's a copy

  79. That’s just Albert

    That’s just AlbertDay ago

    Do it like you...

  80. Samurai Mitchell

    Samurai MitchellDay ago

    How Many More Spider-People Are There......Save It For Comic Con....... What's Comic.....Let's Go.....Wow!

  81. Vogue Of Today

    Vogue Of Today2 days ago


  82. NicoTheBeast200

    NicoTheBeast2002 days ago

    I can't wait for this moive

  83. DemonicRemption

    DemonicRemption2 days ago

    Alright, this trailer has made me cautiously optimistic.... I'm glad it's not tied to the MCU, because to have Tom Holland's SpiderMan go from being mentored by Iron Man to interacting with other "Spidermen" is a pretty big leap. Glad this is a different continuity and animated too.


    WHITE SUPREMACY2 days ago

    about time they had black super hero's, but don't like the idea of his white side kicks.


    WHITE SUPREMACY21 hour ago

    i disagree. i may be a racist but i see the truth.

  86. Your Deepest Of Fears

    Your Deepest Of Fears21 hour ago

    WHITE SUPREMACY dude, I literally mentioned multiple black superheroes back in my other comment.



    i disagree as white man who sees a lot of racist stuff , here are no so-called black super heroes. this one of the reasons black panther was so successful is because no one has ever seen a black super hero character. even through kill-monger was the real hero, l. we need black heroes in game and film. no excuses. checking my true history it was the so-called black people who built every white civilization and then we stab them in there back. not on my watch i may be racist but i will still tell the truth.. the truth will set you free. as white people we really need to sop the bullshit. because when they take over they will remember the wrongs we did as a nation of people

  88. Your Deepest Of Fears

    Your Deepest Of FearsDay ago

    WHITE SUPREMACY only one of the guys that I mentioned was played by a white guy once...




  90. 교주겐지교

    교주겐지교2 days ago

    0:49 Too sexy

  91. Sara FP

    Sara FP2 days ago

    Miles Morales's dad is so extra I love him already

  92. Amarjit Sandhu

    Amarjit Sandhu2 days ago

    Woah a real Spider-Verse movie Yesssss

  93. Corinne Cole

    Corinne Cole2 days ago

    I love Miles Morales in this but what on earth did they do to my poor boy Peter Parker???

  94. Mike Dasik

    Mike DasikDay ago

    He's from another universe. Peter in Miles' universe died.


    TOM BOTERKOEK2 days ago

    Best scene 1:55

  96. باقر باقر

    باقر باقر2 days ago

    ليش مو بيدك

  97. ZOtiC

    ZOtiC2 days ago


  98. Aditya Karki

    Aditya Karki2 days ago

    I've watched it a 1000 times but I'm still not satisfied.My favourite part is 1:38.

  99. Theatre AdHoc

    Theatre AdHoc2 days ago

    Did anyone notice that Peter has no trousers on I did

  100. Gripper Grim

    Gripper Grim2 days ago

    Wow this was published on my birthday AWESOMEE!!!!!!

  101. Oreo trys to draw and animate

    Oreo trys to draw and animate2 days ago

    Save it for comic con

  102. hanzo hasashiX

    hanzo hasashiX2 days ago

    Adult Peter Parker??

  103. Your Deepest Of Fears

    Your Deepest Of FearsDay ago

    hanzo hasashiX Peter hasn't been a child since the 70s dude.

  104. Antonio Rivero Aguilar

    Antonio Rivero Aguilar2 days ago

    song 1:37 pleaseeee?

  105. Bushybrowz

    Bushybrowz2 days ago

    Song name, anyone? I need to know

  106. fathan prasetiyo

    fathan prasetiyo2 days ago

    im laughing so bad when comic con was mentioned

  107. Keli Weisgerber

    Keli Weisgerber2 days ago

    I made it by myself thanks to woodprix plans. I think it's the best way to learn how to build.

  108. Neb

    Neb2 days ago

    I love thus trailer. And I'm sure this is gonna be a good movie. But I just don't understand why they couldn't just make a black peter parker.

  109. Elvin Garcia

    Elvin Garcia2 days ago

    From The Studio That Brought You The Emoji Movie And Smurfs The Lost Village

  110. Fortnite With Raf

    Fortnite With Raf2 days ago

    This looks *AWSOME!*

  111. Emanuel Bravo Carboni

    Emanuel Bravo Carboni2 days ago

    James Brown could have been Spider-Man. He felt good.

  112. Adarshrocks1 Yadav

    Adarshrocks1 Yadav2 days ago

    marvel beats dc in animation

  113. Your Deepest Of Fears

    Your Deepest Of FearsDay ago

    Adarshrocks1 Yadav they put up a good fight, but no. Superman the animated series, batman the animated series, green lantern, teen titans, Lego batman, all of the dc animated movies, kind of outweigh marvel.

  114. Zain Brown

    Zain Brown2 days ago

    From the studio that brought you the emoji movie:

  115. Jumpy Nogli

    Jumpy Nogli2 days ago

    Gwen 👉👌💕

  116. Tola Daze

    Tola Daze2 days ago

    What is up with black peoples these days.They are everywere.

  117. Mike Dasik

    Mike DasikDay ago

    Miles Morales is Spider-Man since 2011.

  118. REmark

    REmark2 days ago

    it's not a real movie..... It's a cartoon series

  119. Street finder 101

    Street finder 1012 days ago

    The same as comic con what comic com

  120. Emmanuel Flan

    Emmanuel Flan2 days ago