1. TheMeravok

    TheMeravok6 hours ago

    why is it so laggy and not 60fps?

  2. Asahi Kirigaya

    Asahi Kirigaya3 days ago

    I'm here after Endgame.

  3. Hooded Bird

    Hooded Bird6 days ago

    1:36 (Rapping scene) *I said ayy, I'm all in, I'm all in I ain't worried bout a loss or a new friend Never worried bout a fraud or a new Benz Loss of I ain't worried bout a blog since Ye!* Me:Best song remix ever!

  4. MrMalazarte

    MrMalazarte8 days ago

    What if these was made a movie and the past Peter Parker is TOBEY MAGUIRE?

  5. Aidi Falique

    Aidi Falique9 days ago

    1:40 song name

  6. Mihdiye Bozoğlan

    Mihdiye Bozoğlan9 days ago

    Kedilere karşı örümcek adam

  7. thegreatwhale

    thegreatwhale9 days ago

    the thing bad about this movie is that peter parker should not be so old


    ETHANDAALLMIGHTY11 hours ago


  9. Jiggly Tofu

    Jiggly Tofu3 days ago

    I'm pretty sure they're from different dimensions.

  10. Nht4

    Nht49 days ago

    At 1:37 Song: Chaz French - Can't Stop Us

  11. Neon OZ

    Neon OZ11 days ago

    1:37 song name plz?????

  12. Nht4

    Nht49 days ago

    Song: Chaz French - Can't Stop Us

  13. Body By Brad

    Body By Brad12 days ago


  14. B3Tra3D YT

    B3Tra3D YT13 days ago


  15. X Men

    X Men13 days ago

    Spider Man is WHİTE, not black.

  16. Nadir Karim

    Nadir Karim9 days ago

    This is miles morales not Peter Parker

  17. Nht4

    Nht49 days ago

    X Men STFU, MrAmazing79 is telling the truth.

  18. MrAmazing79

    MrAmazing7910 days ago

    +X Men no, other people can be spiderman. Stop trolling

  19. X Men

    X Men10 days ago

    +MrAmazing79 yap

  20. MrAmazing79

    MrAmazing7910 days ago

    +X Men nope



    This is how many people who hate that fat guy 👇🏻

  22. califaern3sto

    califaern3sto13 days ago

    Shameik Moore from Dope!

  23. Sigge Värn

    Sigge Värn15 days ago

    1980: i bet there will be flying cars in the future 2018: spiderman is black 1980: WOOOOOOW *ali a intro starts playing*

  24. MisterMaster

    MisterMaster16 days ago

    I didn't realise this was gonna be so confusing

  25. Aaron Vlogs

    Aaron Vlogs16 days ago

    Why on earth does it look like it’s 3-D?


    LUCAS AVAKIN16 days ago

    SO HYPEEE BRO 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. dicetaro

    dicetaro16 days ago

    1:25 Peter’s head looks like a fkn sweet potato. 🍠

  28. J C

    J C17 days ago

    I watched it on a plane. It kept me busy

  29. Ruben Swart

    Ruben Swart18 days ago

    Best movie of 2018 ;)

  30. Nadir Karim

    Nadir Karim9 days ago

    So true


    CHROMIUM HERO20 days ago

    this film is really really good

  32. Matthew Kurosky

    Matthew Kurosky23 days ago

    1:37 what’s that song someone help me.

  33. Nht4

    Nht49 days ago

    Song: Chaz French - Can't Stop Us

  34. George Harizpoulos

    George Harizpoulos25 days ago

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  35. PaddySnuffles

    PaddySnuffles25 days ago

    The 4th wall breaks in this were perfect. They were just like the sort of thing you would see in _Turma da Mônica_ (the most popular national comic series in Brazil).

  36. dP.inc.

    dP.inc.27 days ago

    I'm way more of a DC fan but watching a comic book superhero portrayed in this way in a passion project like this really pronounces the Marvel comics in an absolutely marvelous way (wasn't meant to be a pun). This movie really dialed up my interest level in Marvel comics as before I just knew a general nerdy amount about Marvel. If a passion project in this realm ever came from DC my jaw would unhinge. Beautifully done movie. Kudos to the whole team.

  37. Spyromania Memes

    Spyromania Memes28 days ago

    *Puts hand on your shoulder* “Hey” 😏

  38. Bandit

    Bandit28 days ago

    Why does Miles look like an older AJ from Walking Dead?

  39. Mandi

    Mandi28 days ago

    This movie was exactly what I ever wanted as an an animation enthusiast!!! I can't even imagine what the audience must have felt when they saw it on the big screen. I will externally regret that I never went to the cinema to witness this masterpiece.

  40. ravioli man

    ravioli man28 days ago

    This was 10 months ago wtf

  41. VeLisa Peoples

    VeLisa PeoplesMonth ago


  42. supercool 24

    supercool 24Month ago

    Why haven't I watched this movie yet?

  43. Nht4

    Nht49 days ago

    +supercool 24 I would recommend.

  44. supercool 24

    supercool 2415 days ago

    +K 9 Poodle I freaking love superheros I just neglected to watch this one

  45. K 9 Poodle

    K 9 Poodle16 days ago

    Not a superhero fan, huh?

  46. Nm Mn

    Nm MnMonth ago


  47. Reefeo Orlando

    Reefeo OrlandoMonth ago


  48. Burak Kara

    Burak KaraMonth ago

    Someone says the animation is childish BUT NOT US!!!

  49. YU URERXAN573

    YU URERXAN573Month ago

    What is the leap of faith song called

  50. Nht4

    Nht49 days ago

    Song: Chaz French - Can't Stop Us

  51. sami hackman

    sami hackmanMonth ago


  52. I’m Interesting to Read

    I’m Interesting to ReadMonth ago

    2018 was such a great year for Spiderman.

  53. Drew Means

    Drew MeansMonth ago


  54. Drew Means

    Drew Means9 days ago

    +Nht4 the one by chaz French, i found it but thx tho

  55. Nht4

    Nht49 days ago


  56. unicat boo

    unicat booMonth ago

    I love this movie so much

  57. CallMeCingkin YT

    CallMeCingkin YTMonth ago

    what is the song called at 1:38

  58. Nht4

    Nht49 days ago

    Song: Chaz French - Can't Stop Us

  59. Jose Segura

    Jose SeguraMonth ago

    Cingkin YT can’t stop us

  60. Gavon Wilson

    Gavon WilsonMonth ago

    what is the song called at 1:38

  61. Kanzaki Kudo

    Kanzaki KudoMonth ago

    I can't believed i cry watching Spider-Man

  62. Jonathon Fyck

    Jonathon FyckMonth ago

    Miles: In your universe, there’s only one Spider Man Me: In my universe, there’s no Spider Man

  63. smertrius McGarry

    smertrius McGarryMonth ago

    there were 7 spider women in marvel before gwen stacy spider woman so she isn'ts only spiderwoman

  64. DBKWK 9

    DBKWK 9Month ago

    Jesus this came out 10 months ago? Time flies

  65. Bree Holthus

    Bree HolthusMonth ago

    Does anyone have the name of the song in this trailer? its awesome. edit: nvm I found it. its Chaz French "Can't Stop Us"

  66. Aditya Singh

    Aditya SinghMonth ago

    Is it just me or there are some lines in here which aren't in the movie?

  67. Arup Dutta

    Arup DuttaMonth ago

    Spider man 4 movie create please

  68. Malak Kinslayer

    Malak KinslayerMonth ago

    Just finally watched this, totally amazing. Even though I wanted Donald Glover to voice the part of Miles Morales so badly, Shameik did a fantasic job, I still somehow felt, Shameik was playing Donald Glover, playing Miles. Just his mannerisms way he'd talk, etc, I coulda sword it was Glover playing him. Still great movie though ?

  69. Pedro da Silva

    Pedro da SilvaMonth ago

    It sucks....

  70. Jose Segura

    Jose SeguraMonth ago

    Pedro da Silva take it back

  71. MrAmazing79

    MrAmazing79Month ago

    It didn't

  72. Peter B Parker

    Peter B ParkerMonth ago

    Wait you guys where watching the whole thing?! What is this!

  73. Shazam.

    Shazam.Month ago


  74. Icarus

    IcarusMonth ago

    The music from 1:35 onward is just amazing! Especially with that scene. I searched the whole internet, but sadly couldn't find it anywhere. Just that it's an unreleased track by Vince Staples. I wish we've got the full version. It's so epic!

  75. Giomon gta

    Giomon gtaMonth ago

    Chaz French - Can't Stop Us

  76. υиѕωєєτ

    υиѕωєєτMonth ago

    *save it for comic-con*

  77. MrQuader4

    MrQuader4Month ago

    Absolutely AMAZING movie. To anyone who hasn't seen this yet, DEFINITELY SEE THIS. I can't stress enough just how great it is!

  78. MrAmazing79

    MrAmazing79Month ago

    +louie McCarthy Scarsbrook Biggest fan ok Racist

  79. louie McCarthy Scarsbrook Biggest fan

    louie McCarthy Scarsbrook Biggest fanMonth ago

    I dont want to watch a black spiderman i dont like blacks

  80. HEELEØ Army

    HEELEØ ArmyMonth ago

    What is the song in that

  81. WhyLashley

    WhyLashleyMonth ago

    They actually cut out quite a bit of clips from this

  82. Epic Warrior101

    Epic Warrior101Month ago

    On 0:02 it says red ex in stead of fedex

  83. I'm not in the office I'm not in the office

    I'm not in the office I'm not in the officeMonth ago


  84. JoshRockz 96

    JoshRockz 96Month ago

    Excelsior! RIP Stan Lee 1922 - 2018 And Were all counting you

  85. King BD

    King BDMonth ago

    1:37__1:38 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎉🎉🎉🎈

  86. Alvin Weru

    Alvin WeruMonth ago


  87. Sumit Dikshit

    Sumit DikshitMonth ago

    Excellent cinema...

  88. wiinterflowers

    wiinterflowersMonth ago

    Such a great film! Thank you Sony for FINALLY giving me a Miles Morales movie! And that Stan Lee cameo and the post credit scene... AM I RIGHT?!?!?

  89. eric

    ericMonth ago

    Spider-Man looking thiccc

  90. Tuan Anh Ngo

    Tuan Anh NgoMonth ago

    more Spider more flim

  91. Infinity Gaming

    Infinity GamingMonth ago

    I wish they add spiderman into the spider verse 2

  92. Thunder

    ThunderMonth ago

    1:35 song name please?

  93. Thunder

    ThunderMonth ago

    +Joker Haywire thank you HYWR

  94. Joker Haywire

    Joker HaywireMonth ago

    Chaz French - Can't Stop Us

  95. Dhruv Girgenti

    Dhruv GirgentiMonth ago

    Probably my favorite movie but this trailer makes it look kinda bad tbh

  96. Naomi Shotlander

    Naomi ShotlanderMonth ago

    Prefer Tom Holland

  97. Naudia the king

    Naudia the kingMonth ago

    Pls come to hulu or netflix

  98. nyxocosplay

    nyxocosplayMonth ago

    ghudgugyehdfe whats the song in this

  99. joao__ XD

    joao__ XDMonth ago

    what is the song PlS 1:37

  100. Alen Walker

    Alen WalkerMonth ago

    please spider-man into the spider verse 2😊😊😊

  101. Siya MZ

    Siya MZMonth ago

    best movie ever. Normally you watch a trailer than a movie. I watched the movie first than came straight to youtube to watch the trailer. lol. It has swag

  102. ASH SATI

    ASH SATIMonth ago

    Emotions, actions, epic unique story,cool unforgettable characters ,scenes and things. It's impossible for any movie to beat this movie only it's next part can best this!!! this is my favourite movie in the present World.

  103. share bear

    share bearMonth ago

    “Don’t do it like me, do it like you” God I wish they kept that

  104. mrmccreeper 1

    mrmccreeper 1Month ago

    Best movie of all time, easily

  105. Max Jordan

    Max JordanMonth ago

    Still,,, BOLT is best.....i dont like this story.... And that miles,,,,, i donno... Was he idiot or intelligent.,? But animation is good thou.... Other is garbage

  106. Kevin Coates

    Kevin CoatesMonth ago

    What’s the song in the trailer called?

  107. JackGeezy

    JackGeezyMonth ago

    Awesome movie

  108. Forbidden Machina

    Forbidden MachinaMonth ago

    I am so happy with this movie and hope that there is a sequel! Marvel Studio movies have become so boring and predictable that I've quit watching. It's nice to see that Sony has the guts to let filmmakers actually make a great film, with originality and inventiveness! I'll even forgive you for The Amazing Spider-Man 2! Please, Sony, hold on to the license and make more like Spider-Verse! Don't get lazy or complacent. Keep the quality coming!

  109. OUT MAN

    OUT MAN2 months ago

    Man 1:37 is one of the best HD Wallpaper that you always want from a movie like this. Just WOW

  110. Brayan Ramirez

    Brayan Ramirez2 months ago

    What's the song in 1:37

  111. Bree Holthus

    Bree Holthus2 months ago

    my god this animation is soo beautiful! look at the colors! and the lines! every frame looks like its from a comic book but it isnt distracting! its awesome. 10/10

  112. friskyrobber 89

    friskyrobber 892 months ago

    His dad looks like the black default from fortnite

  113. Leo Matthews

    Leo Matthews2 months ago

    i hate this unoriginal HOLLYWOO!!!!D!!!!!!!

  114. MrAmazing79

    MrAmazing792 months ago

    How is it unoriginal?

  115. Leo Matthews

    Leo Matthews2 months ago

    +Seb Boyes yea !

  116. Seb Boyes

    Seb Boyes2 months ago

    thank you leo you are corek about leo matthews being correk!!!!!

  117. Leo

    Leo2 months ago

    thank you leo matthews you arer correct!!!!!!

  118. Joe Star

    Joe Star2 months ago

    1:32 song????

  119. Leo Matthews

    Leo Matthews2 months ago

    such amazing commentary by joe star "song???" wow... just wow!!!

  120. hiro d

    hiro d2 months ago

    Can't stop us by chaz french

  121. iampennywisegirl :p

    iampennywisegirl :p2 months ago

    i watched this movie its the BESTTTTTT

  122. Kelsea Garcon

    Kelsea Garcon2 months ago

    I hope this is the whole story what I mean by a whole I'm at the whole

  123. lazyeye x

    lazyeye x2 months ago

    why is this an animated film and not a real movie??? is it because he is black????lol

  124. The Elders

    The Elders2 months ago

    Why would it be because he's black? It's because there is more charm and possibility in animation.

  125. Yasin

    Yasin2 months ago

    It has a big problem in story: When that machine activated and that guy put spiderman in it , other spiders came out"but" Miles had known and seen that girl (spiderwoman) before.😐 How is it possible???🤨

  126. Queenie Indigo

    Queenie IndigoMonth ago

    In the movie Gwen said she was "thrown into next week, literally" meaning that when she entered Miles universe, she was taken back in time ever so slightly to before the collider broke, original Peter died, etc. Stuff happens when a multidimensional travel machine goes haywire.

  127. elviscow

    elviscow2 months ago

    Am i the Only one noticing the Chopin animastion? It is horrible, unwatchable if you ask me



    What next of miles Morales movie ,I think the next is "Spiderman : Miles Morales fight venom "



    Im not forget this movie

  130. Deji Adeleye

    Deji Adeleye2 months ago

    Who else is declaring this as a Christmas Film?

  131. Neil O Connor

    Neil O Connor2 months ago

    The movie was very good the only thing that annoyed me was the Japanese spiderwoman

  132. Queenie Indigo

    Queenie IndigoMonth ago

    You mean Peni Parker?

  133. Sladana Vdovic

    Sladana Vdovic2 months ago

    Kako da postanem spajdermen

  134. Jebooty

    Jebooty2 months ago