SpaceX | McGregor, TX


  1. Soubway Sandwiches

    Soubway Sandwiches2 days ago

    Cows: what the heck is that?

  2. Адольф Гитлер

    Адольф Гитлер3 days ago


  3. Сергей киселёв

    Сергей киселёв3 days ago

    хабиб пагиб

  4. Mack driver

    Mack driver27 days ago

    Super draco? C'mon now, who names shot after some reptilians home star. Making them fluffy clouds again. Damn rocket booster shake my property something fierce...

  5. Martin Tiburcio Cruz

    Martin Tiburcio CruzMonth ago

    song name Cold Plunge tanks to shazam

  6. Atul Tripathi

    Atul TripathiMonth ago

    थोड़ा स्लोमोशन में देखता तो बहुत ज्यादा अच्छा लगता

  7. Anthony Cruz

    Anthony CruzMonth ago

    I lived in Waco tx and I could hear the rumbling on a daily basis

  8. MassDynamic

    MassDynamic2 months ago

    Space Cows.

  9. DNj800

    DNj8003 months ago

    Literal space cowboys

  10. Fargo The Elite

    Fargo The Elite4 months ago

    I use to work at c3 McGregor Tx and it was right next door to space x. We would hear and feel the epic vibrations coming from them rockets. It would literally shake the entire building.

  11. Marius Link

    Marius Link4 months ago

    Damn I want to roast some marshmallows in one of those rocket engines...

  12. joolian feline

    joolian feline4 months ago

    Full 10sec of cows

  13. Gleb Shafigullin

    Gleb Shafigullin4 months ago

    What is the music playing in the background?

  14. Silver Goku

    Silver Goku5 months ago

    Heck no.....

  15. Cam Cam

    Cam Cam5 months ago

    My Dad works here in McGregor at SpaceX I think he’s been working here for about 8 years now he works here this is my hometown. This is Amazing!!! 😁

  16. Ben J

    Ben J5 months ago


  17. Jeffrey Hudson

    Jeffrey Hudson5 months ago

    Those supersonic flow transition to subsonic flow diamonds of the Raptor engine at 2:47 are awesome!

  18. Mateus Vinícius

    Mateus Vinícius5 months ago

    I'm still staggered at how quick the SuperDraco fires up.

  19. Thoth

    Thoth5 months ago

    another geoengineering company that fakes space as their cover story.

  20. Alcide Cloridrix

    Alcide Cloridrix5 months ago

    Kerbal Space Program. Live.

  21. Thomas Chow

    Thomas Chow5 months ago

    2:31 who'd like some steak for dinner tonight? ahh.... sounded funnier in my head ._.

  22. d. cypher

    d. cypher6 months ago

    I love this country

  23. *Wyatt B* ,

    *Wyatt B* ,6 months ago

    *BUCKET LIST* [_] Visit SpaceX Rocket Development Facility in McGregor, Texas

  24. d. cypher

    d. cypher6 months ago

    Oh, and the Great State of Texas

  25. Max Sinerin

    Max Sinerin6 months ago

    They hide the truth from us! I found secret video from inside of Tesla Car!

  26. Thabang Lekoane

    Thabang Lekoane6 months ago

    Rap your a head around the fact that there are idiots out there convinced all this hard work is done for cgi when its time for launch

  27. Piyush Basak

    Piyush Basak6 months ago

    Music featured in this video? anyone knows?

  28. Piyush Basak

    Piyush Basak5 months ago

    Do you know where can i get this type of narrator voice which says "pre order now to get access...." at the end of this trailer.

  29. indian scammer

    indian scammer5 months ago

    No problem

  30. Piyush Basak

    Piyush Basak5 months ago

    thank you so much for the reply

  31. indian scammer

    indian scammer6 months ago

    Gyom - Renegade

  32. Liam

    Liam6 months ago

    2020 - elon musk will announce his plan to bring all of those cows featured to the moon so that they can moo on the moon as moon cows. :)

  33. majorbucko

    majorbucko6 months ago

    I would give ALL the money to get a stylized SpaceX thermos mug.

  34. Hadi Khaldi

    Hadi Khaldi6 months ago

    Proud to be an American

  35. Koo Woo

    Koo Woo6 months ago


  36. Astrobiologist Raven

    Astrobiologist Raven7 months ago


  37. Control156

    Control1567 months ago

    what is the name of the song?

  38. Prymerion de la Fuente

    Prymerion de la Fuente7 months ago

    "We going to the Mars"

  39. Danny SG1

    Danny SG17 months ago


  40. Hanz Cedric

    Hanz Cedric7 months ago

    Everything is BIGGER in Texas.

  41. itsyahboyAZ

    itsyahboyAZ7 months ago

    I've seen those in real life I've been to space-X in MCgregor txt I got a tour because my dad works there lol

  42. Gin-chan's Odd Jobs_万事屋銀ちゃん

    Gin-chan's Odd Jobs_万事屋銀ちゃん7 months ago

    1:51 Why are they staring at blank computer monitors?!

  43. Dan M

    Dan M6 months ago

    If you turn up the brightness, you can just about see something on the right monitor. Looks like they purposely dimmed the screens in editing.

  44. Caleb S.

    Caleb S.7 months ago

    Can I make a guess at where not to stand?

  45. Trap Astronaut

    Trap Astronaut8 months ago

    Lol with the sheeps!!

  46. Matthew Lee

    Matthew Lee8 months ago

    Music is 'Gyom - Renegade' for those who are looking for it

  47. abhay292

    abhay2928 months ago

    Where can i get the soundtrack ?

  48. Great Value Bleach

    Great Value Bleach8 months ago

    All the nearby nasa employees are likely fleeing to spacex. NASA spends their time talking about climate change. Which has nothing to do with space exploration.

  49. Great Value Bleach

    Great Value Bleach8 months ago

    Athul Suresh there is no man made climate change. NASA use its resources on exploring space.

  50. Curry Vlogs

    Curry Vlogs8 months ago

    NASA stands for National *Aeronautics* and Space administration. They aren't JUST space. And climate change does affect aeronautics.

  51. TheBoozeCruiser

    TheBoozeCruiser8 months ago

    2:03. We get it, you vape.

  52. MXMII. RAE

    MXMII. RAE8 months ago

    My nana works here her name is Angie Duncan she said that she didn't have make-up on so she stood on the opposite side of the building so they didn't record her lol

  53. WolnyStanislaw

    WolnyStanislaw8 months ago

    Absolutely love the fact, that the only "DANGER!" sign is on... coffee machine. :D

  54. Nikhil Narkhede

    Nikhil Narkhede8 months ago

    SpaceX the future of rocket science

  55. Kyle McDuffie

    Kyle McDuffie8 months ago

    I live 30 minutes from there and I hear the rumble when they test!

  56. TheDankscope43

    TheDankscope438 months ago


  57. Roone Briley

    Roone Briley8 months ago

    Welp. You made cows unhappy.

  58. Carol Thompson

    Carol Thompson8 months ago

    This music is dope af. Anyone got a source?

  59. Ali ecemiş

    Ali ecemiş8 months ago

    Uçur bizi reisss

  60. Alois Hebenstreit

    Alois Hebenstreit8 months ago

    SpaceX is cooooooool

  61. Alois Hebenstreit

    Alois Hebenstreit8 months ago


  62. John Vincent Agustin

    John Vincent Agustin8 months ago

    How did you download that graphic mod on KSP?

  63. Powazny667

    Powazny6678 months ago

    Come on, it's not a rocket science... oh wait

  64. Ben J

    Ben J8 months ago

    Jeb approves

  65. why dont we lover

    why dont we lover8 months ago

    I love in McDonald's

  66. CraigsCraig

    CraigsCraig8 months ago

    You guys should make a music video

  67. Richard Verheyen

    Richard Verheyen8 months ago

    That first engine test video is of a merlin vacuum, right?

  68. Dan M

    Dan M6 months ago

    Richard Verheyen yes

  69. Scott Taylor

    Scott Taylor8 months ago

    I can hear it real good and I'm in Temple. pretty awesome!!!!

  70. Polski Bracia

    Polski Bracia8 months ago

    damn thats intense

  71. Be Fearless

    Be Fearless8 months ago

    What is the name of music anyone please

  72. albium card

    albium card8 months ago

    man holy crap i remember going here when i was a wee lad in like 4th grade! look how far its come!!!!! and yea hire me to keep those cows from getting scared lol

  73. P S

    P S8 months ago

    My brother-in-law took me on a tour when I went to visit him and my sister a couple years ago. I don't think it's easily obvious just how huge this site is. It was fantastic. Also, their office building is hella nice. The whole site was. I was very impressed.

  74. Mateus Vinícius

    Mateus Vinícius8 months ago

    Is the SuperDraco footage speeded up? Because the ignition is so damn quick.

  75. Mateus Vinícius

    Mateus Vinícius8 months ago

    How to make an awesome 3 minute video? *Own a multi-billion rocket engineering enterprise.*

  76. Deadpohl

    Deadpohl8 months ago


  77. kaleb mouton

    kaleb mouton8 months ago

    Its name for song ?

  78. Koo Woo

    Koo Woo8 months ago

    they have the same coffee machine on the bainbridge ferry

  79. Kalba Hard

    Kalba Hard8 months ago

    more vids like theese pls pls :-)

  80. Colin Dejong

    Colin Dejong8 months ago

    I would want to know How they set this all up we’re did the money come from

  81. Lensflare Deviant

    Lensflare Deviant8 months ago

    Google is your friend.

  82. sloth1992

    sloth19928 months ago

    It’s awesome and amazing to see this, but you don’t wanna work there management is terrible and they run in cliques protecting each other using the same HR personnel to keep covered. There is a mass exodus leaving the site cause management is so bad. I left to bigger and better things I’d never go back. Nights is worse the management on nights has run just about every one off. He lies about people’s performance cause he can’t stand being challenged doesn’t matter if the person is right just don’t have a different idea that’s better than his cause your going to do it his tired old way. Seriously Spacex is going down in as one of the worst jobs I ever had. I’d rather work for Walmart again before I did Spacex. Also the pay sucks go elsewhere cause you will not be thanked for your hard work. Most people quit after 2 years also.

  83. NSResponder

    NSResponder9 months ago

    Great video, but that soundtrack is for shit...

  84. Ferdi Erdem

    Ferdi Erdem9 months ago

    I'm go to mars

  85. Vikram Shenoy

    Vikram Shenoy9 months ago

    I don't see the point in this video, but I love it !!!!!!!

  86. Богдан Кубай

    Богдан Кубай9 months ago


  87. Bharath M

    Bharath M9 months ago

    kerbal space program intensifies

  88. Mohamed Elsayed

    Mohamed Elsayed9 months ago

    Wow! What was that?

  89. Abdullah

    Abdullah9 months ago

    Why the name McGregor?

  90. D Ferguson

    D Ferguson9 months ago

    That's the name of the town in Texas where this facility is located.

  91. toordog

    toordog9 months ago

    Blue origin is a lot better project.

  92. Lensflare Deviant

    Lensflare Deviant8 months ago

    Of course.

  93. toordog

    toordog8 months ago

    Lensflare Deviant again, we don't care about elementary shit like orbit lol

  94. Lensflare Deviant

    Lensflare Deviant8 months ago

    More complex stuff.. yet haven't actually made it into orbit yet. When they finally catch up.. and then exceed I'll be impressed. Boasting about hardware that hasn't flown. Yeah.. lots of smoke but no ship. Spacex has lot payloads but have also delivered payloads. That's a first BO it still waiting on. Smoke and boasts, nothing more.

  95. toordog

    toordog8 months ago

    Lensflare Deviant we don't want it in orbit, that's the point we already know that's possible, we're doing more complex stuff before trying things that nobody has done. You can't just launch shit on a guess, you start loosing payloads like space x does, and doing to easy crap is pointless.

  96. Lensflare Deviant

    Lensflare Deviant8 months ago

    And someday it'll actually make it into a real orbit too!

  97. ChrisWhite85

    ChrisWhite859 months ago

    Ah man those shock diamonds / mach diamonds!!




  99. Lisa Shearer

    Lisa Shearer9 months ago

    Awesome video from my 4th grade class at Fishing Creek Elementary, Lewisberry PA. One of my students, Ben R . and his family, shared this link with us. Ben's uncle, Steven R., works at SpaceX. The students LOVED it!! Thank you!

  100. Naif Mohammad Sharif

    Naif Mohammad Sharif9 months ago

    Stunning video

  101. Shashank Sadafule

    Shashank Sadafule9 months ago

    Which music is that?

  102. Justin Wilkerson

    Justin Wilkerson9 months ago



    AIRLINENA9 months ago

    Awesome! Shame its in that hillbilly, redneck state.

  104. Selena Le & Healthy Lifestyle

    Selena Le & Healthy Lifestyle9 months ago

    can not wait to join this passenger to travel in this tank

  105. Bobicek18

    Bobicek189 months ago

    to jsou dobrý paka! :-D Skvělé! Fandím!

  106. Quintan Brassfield

    Quintan Brassfield9 months ago

    Didn't see one Tesla in the parking lot, tsk tsk.

  107. CJ636C65

    CJ636C659 months ago

    Science wins

  108. hennihaze

    hennihaze9 months ago

    all the dislikes from oil sheikh lmao

  109. Mr Tmey

    Mr Tmey9 months ago

    I want join your tem

  110. BMW/// POWER

    BMW/// POWER9 months ago


  111. jlostepbystep

    jlostepbystep9 months ago

    0:59 gamers

  112. EviLModeHD

    EviLModeHD9 months ago

    Stark Industries

  113. Рабадан Багаутдинов

    Рабадан Багаутдинов9 months ago


  114. Mayank Singh

    Mayank Singh9 months ago

    so here iron man was shot

  115. Sr.Gnomo

    Sr.Gnomo9 months ago

    simply awesome

  116. siket run

    siket run9 months ago

    Elon musk anamı sik

  117. beep beep sishter

    beep beep sishter9 months ago

    i wanna be that cow...

  118. tech & trend

    tech & trend9 months ago

    hello sir, i waana be a part of this team i'm mba qualified............................!sir

  119. Guus

    Guus9 months ago

    LOL Elon musk makes electric cars to save the world but he also does this

  120. Nicky

    Nicky8 months ago

    Tesla: Save the Earth from pollution by creating sexy sustainable energy producers and consumers. SpaceX: Save humanity itself from extraterrestrial threats. And eventually be mostly carbon neutral once they start launching BFRs (since they can just filter the CO2 from the atmosphere and H2O from the ocean and use solar energy to turn it into liquid methane and oxygen).

  121. Lensflare Deviant

    Lensflare Deviant8 months ago

    You make it sound like this is somehow not a positive thing..

  122. Ashik 113

    Ashik 1139 months ago

    cool video...