SPACEX: Falcon Heavy’s 3 first stage completed testing


  1. Chevoz

    ChevozYear ago


  2. artemkras

    artemkrasYear ago

    The thing's eager to penetrate the sky ;)

  3. ThingThought

    ThingThoughtYear ago

    can anyone explain to me what the smoke coming out of all of the ody of the rocket is?

  4. Gregory Windrum

    Gregory WindrumYear ago

    nice job Elon and team...

  5. Frank Lyons

    Frank LyonsYear ago


  6. MsPirojkoff

    MsPirojkoffYear ago

    Рогозин застрелился уже?

  7. Joseph Astier

    Joseph AstierYear ago

    That's one nice test stand. You're making this look to easy.

  8. ItzAtomic

    ItzAtomicYear ago

    It’s happening.

  9. A Davis987

    A Davis987Year ago

    I bet that sound is extra deafening

  10. allen parks

    allen parksYear ago

    I Hope all 3 parts of the rocket get to land. "Hey look! A flock of Falcon's!"

  11. MizaT11

    MizaT11Year ago

    allen parks Nope, just 2. The third will land on the droneship

  12. Jarrah White

    Jarrah WhiteYear ago

    When are they going to test the three stages together?

  13. Hans Yolo

    Hans YoloYear ago

    I'm sure that thing changed earth's orbit around the sun a few milimeters! No just kidding, I know it's not possible, so Scott Manley doesn't need to correct me. :P

  14. Lord Lima Bean

    Lord Lima BeanYear ago

    Hans Yolo Im sure its possible, just with something ridiculasly powerful

  15. rybaxs

    rybaxsYear ago

    the only video i found in MReporter... go SPACEX!!

  16. William Mellor

    William MellorYear ago

    That is good to know

  17. RTD

    RTDYear ago

    Fantastic!!! You GO Space X

  18. Eric Bourque

    Eric BourqueYear ago

    Damn that thing looks fast!

  19. 8SharkTV Moshe

    8SharkTV MosheYear ago

    But there is only one seperate first stage on the test pod? Didn`t Elon Musk said that the problems begin when they all straped together? If so why testing them seperatly? Please explain if you know the answear

  20. JJSine

    JJSineYear ago

    What kind of effects do these kind of tests have on earths long term rotation?

  21. Eltaurus

    EltaurusYear ago

    The main consequence of these experiments is the heating of air. Fast molecules from the upper layer of the atmosphere escape the Earth all the time, carrying away kinetic momentum, thus affecting the Earth's rotation. And heating of air affects this process. But its effects are stochastic, so they are not building up in a way you expect. Also the main factor, that slows down Earth's rotation, is tidal force due to interaction with the Moon. All other forces pale in comparison to it.

  22. JJSine

    JJSineYear ago

    I know there has to be SOME effect even if it's minuscule.

  23. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    So minuscule that it may as well be nothing for our purposes.

  24. Eltaurus

    EltaurusYear ago

    JJSine, there's actually no math involved. Just some basic principles of mechanics. If you want to know more -- look up "angular momentum conservation". There is a number of interesting consequences from this principle. For example, you can easily see, that Earth's rotation slows down every time you go upstairs. This is because it's moment of inertia changes, while the total angular momentum remains constant. And it must remain constant, unless something leaves the Earth and flies into space, or something fall from Space to the Earth (like meteorite). Thus all the changes in Earth rotation caused by other stuff do not "add up", and do not change anything in the "long term".

  25. Eltaurus

    EltaurusYear ago

    william Greene, it looks like I just don't know, how to use new youtube comment system. I was replying to JJSine, not sure why the comment wasn't marked that way. Sorry for the confusion.

  26. Phil Ellis

    Phil EllisYear ago

    Old technology liquid fuels ....... can't believe they are still experimenting or playing around using this method of propulsion, develop the ARV Fluxliner, Ion plasma engineering, EPS, VASIMR

  27. Lord Lima Bean

    Lord Lima BeanYear ago

    Phil Ellis In what way does it not look real? I am wondering, cheers!

  28. Phil Ellis

    Phil EllisYear ago

    Fair enough, I just don't believe in SpaceX nothing looks real. cheers.

  29. Bradley Weingartner

    Bradley WeingartnerYear ago

    Mate, you're the one that brought those technologies up, not me.

  30. Phil Ellis

    Phil EllisYear ago

    Mate don't waste your time explaining to me on any of this interplanetary travel nonsense you have, it is never going to happen in yours or my lifetime and even then what for, why would you want to discover and land on a alien planet with unknown deadly dangers, or are you expecting and hoping that it's going to be better than our planet, yes and when you and a few others land there your going to be the only ones enjoying tranquillity in your home called a capsule, yepeeee, then whats going to happen, that's when you resort to weed, if you remember to bring some, when you have countries here on Earth that we still haven't explored, I say improve on what we have on this our lovely planet Earth

  31. Bradley Weingartner

    Bradley WeingartnerYear ago

    None of those technologies have the thrust necessary to escape earths gravity well from the surface. The advantage they have is for long duration low thrust - like interplanetary and interstellar travel. If you can accelerate, even only a little bit, for a very long time you can reach extremely high speeds.

  32. إيناس إبراهيم

    إيناس إبراهيمYear ago

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  33. Lord Lima Bean

    Lord Lima BeanYear ago

    إيناس إبراهيم A rocket cant journy outside the universe .

  34. Ben Lutz

    Ben LutzYear ago

    This woman is having a brain farc! Quick, someone wave a blue crystal around and call for a chiropractor!

  35. Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

    Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad PhotographyYear ago

    good to go

  36. spinbaldak

    spinbaldakYear ago

    Bugga no audio 😔

  37. Mateus Vinícius

    Mateus ViníciusYear ago

    I'm a huge fan of SpaceX, however I'm also betting on it blowing up on November on Max-Q or on the landing... Maybe not, since these are just Falcon 9's attached together and they have proven that they can nail these landings. It's just that SpaceX always fails on its first attempts to then nail it... I'm hoping that nothing will happen though.

  38. Ron samson

    Ron samsonYear ago

    The parts work, getting the parts to work together is the challenge.

  39. András Bíró

    András BíróYear ago

    It has to survive the explosion, not a successful launch. If the Falcon Heavy gets far enough before exploding, that's a success.

  40. Mateus Vinícius

    Mateus ViníciusYear ago

    András Bíró The Launchpad survived holding the Falcon Heavy down, I guess the mission will be successful.

  41. András Bíró

    András BíróYear ago

    According to Elon Musk, if the launch pad survives without much damage, that counts as a success.

  42. william Greene

    william GreeneYear ago

    spinbaldak They will land all 3 cores. Two at lz1 and one on the drone ship. It won't blow up on launch or for a little while at least, but it might shred if the center core can't stand the load of whatever he's sending up. The upper stage and cargo will be in the 160 to 180 ton range and the boosters will be at 4 to 5 million pounds of thrust. Ever tried to stand on a beer can? Well that is kind of what's happening. Personally I think it will launch and fly just fine.

  43. 1234miros

    1234mirosYear ago

    А десь на расеї, рогозкуін кусає лікті на батуті

  44. Rafael Santos

    Rafael SantosYear ago

    No sound! :(

  45. 毛英九

    毛英九Year ago

    We will Landing on the Mars

  46. Christopher Rowe

    Christopher RoweYear ago

    dont hold thy breath

  47. Juan murgas16

    Juan murgas16Year ago

    It looks very nice!

  48. Giorgia Romanova

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  49. Dysputant

    DysputantYear ago

    SO... is there website where people can bet if first heavy will blow up ?

  50. Arjen Smit

    Arjen SmitYear ago

    I kinda think thats just him trying to relieve the pressure of expectation a bit. Both on himself and on his team whom he is probably pushing to the limits constantly.

  51. زايدي محمد التعليمية zaidi mohamed education

    زايدي محمد التعليمية zaidi mohamed educationYear ago

    congratulation very good

  52. Justin

    JustinYear ago

    how many bolts they got keeping that on the ground! seriously, how is all that thrust constrained?

  53. Ted Cameron

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  54. Ted Cameron

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  55. Santiago Vivanco

    Santiago VivancoYear ago

    jajajajjajajajajajajjajajja good one!

  56. phooogle

    phooogleYear ago

    None it's just a big dry ice machine really.

  57. juste kevin

    juste kevinYear ago

    +Justin B Just a Nokia 3310

  58. CORZER0

    CORZER0Year ago

    I hope November is a go!

  59. blabla62871

    blabla62871Year ago

    february. if we are lucky

  60. MizaT11

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  61. Mateusz Bugaj

    Mateusz BugajYear ago

    about that...

  62. Adam

    AdamYear ago

    Amazing to witness the birth and growth of SpaceX. I wonder how long they will be around, and what great things they will achieve in space well past our lifetimes.

  63. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    I for one accept Musk and his AI counterpart as our overlords!

  64. MarbleWhornets

    MarbleWhornetsYear ago

    MDent At least until Musk rules the world.

  65. F3ND1MUS

    F3ND1MUSYear ago

    Noice 1!

  66. johnny llooddte

    johnny llooddteYear ago

    i dont think 56 seconds is gonna get you past the scene of the accident

  67. johnny llooddte

    johnny llooddteYear ago

    ahahah i cant wait to see this blow up soon.. just like your chinese one did a few months ago.. ohh sorry i forgot,,, no one knows about that one.. it only caused the chinese to CANCEL there mars and moon space programs... my bad..and 2 weeks later elon cancelled spaceZZZZ mars programs

  68. morskojvolk

    morskojvolkYear ago

    johnny luddite - LMAO.

  69. UK Special Firearms Command

    UK Special Firearms CommandYear ago

    johnny llooddte actually it didn't blow up. Check your favts

  70. ƁᴇғᴏʀᴇƮʜᴇļɴᴛᴇʀɴᴇᴛ

    ƁᴇғᴏʀᴇƮʜᴇļɴᴛᴇʀɴᴇᴛYear ago

    You got a bad case of schadenfreude there, Johnny.

  71. Tomoko's Enterprize

    Tomoko's EnterprizeYear ago

    NO AUDIO !

  72. Tomoko's Enterprize

    Tomoko's EnterprizeYear ago

    Thanks eh,That makes it soooo much better my friend. I guess I wasn't the only one eh.

  73. johnny llooddte

    johnny llooddteYear ago

    here you go.... kabooommmmmmmmm roarrrrrrrr,, fire trucks in the background...ems,,, screams

  74. johnny llooddte

    johnny llooddteYear ago

    here you go.... kabooommmm roarrrrrrrr,, fire trucks in the background...ems,,, screams

  75. Luffy

    LuffyYear ago

    Que foda

  76. Dinh Dang Nguyen

    Dinh Dang NguyenYear ago

    made in vietnam

  77. cbale2000

    cbale2000Year ago

    Actually the rockets are built almost entirely in their California factory.

  78. Howard Kunz

    Howard KunzYear ago

    It's a joke :D

  79. KriticFilms

    KriticFilmsYear ago

    Why Sorry, to Goddard......he did research in liquid rockets ?

  80. Howard Kunz

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  81. Grimlock

    GrimlockYear ago

    P O O T I S

  82. Gabriel Nicolas

    Gabriel NicolasYear ago

    -O3 + CO2

  83. Harry Andruschak

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  84. Dank GHØÜL

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  85. Ronald Stephens

    Ronald StephensYear ago

    Go SpaceX