SpaceX CRS-12: Falcon 9 launch & landing, 14 August 2017


  1. SciNews

    SciNewsYear ago

    SpaceX CRS-12: Falcon 9 launch, 14 August 2017 SpaceX CRS-12: Falcon 9 first stage landing, 14 August 2017

  2. Tom Hsia

    Tom HsiaYear ago

    If this keeps up, rocket launches and landings will become nearly as routine as plane flights. History being made right here.

  3. Jose Lopez

    Jose LopezYear ago

    SciNews Amazing! Very good! Good job

  4. Z_cryPro Gamer

    Z_cryPro Gamer6 days ago


  5. daffidavit

    daffidavit2 months ago SpaceX has tracking stations "all over the Earth". So why did they say they had to "cut off video of the Satellite deployment due to lack of tracking stations"? See the 5-minute mark in this video for an admission by SpaceX that they have "tracking stations all over the Earth". Yet we couldn't see the deployment of the satellites due to "lack of tracking stations". Come on, just admit it's for security purposes and I'll buy it, but don't B.S. us as if we're stupid. See 5 minute mark admission of tracking stations all over the earth.

  6. Dan iel

    Dan iel3 months ago

    Flatearthers put your tin foil hat on. Else you gonna risk losing your double digit iq.

  7. Driver Jeff

    Driver Jeff4 months ago

    Ryan Gosling Took A film crew to the moon to shoot his new movie. They just want you to think it was a studio.

  8. penclaw

    penclaw6 months ago

    What's sad that they have way better technology and they show humanity this promitive stuff..

  9. C. Huang

    C. Huang6 months ago

    The Falcon has landed.

  10. Courtney Bowen

    Courtney Bowen9 months ago

    that was just amazing to watch... wowwwww

  11. Sky Bound

    Sky Bound11 months ago

    I read an article today about this launch on how it punched a electromagnetic 560 mile 'hole' in the ionosphere. This was due to the low payload and high speed, near vertical ascent. The hole recovered about 3hrs after the launch but this could have a profound effect on GPS signals

  12. CabanaCaseda

    CabanaCasedaYear ago

    "Another happy landing"

  13. Not Big Surprise

    Not Big SurpriseYear ago

    I have read all the (at the time of me writing this) 646 comments to celebrate this. Nice work!

  14. Happy Noob

    Happy NoobYear ago

    I at first thought someone just reversed the video of the falcon 9 landing. That's how amazing and accurate the landing was.

  15. TechTac

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  16. Silas Ramos

    Silas RamosYear ago

    Como alguém da deslike nisso

  17. Yasid Design

    Yasid DesignYear ago

    Brilliant! I can see all the Flat earthers giving this a thumbs down, lol.

  18. Anne Meledandri

    Anne MeledandriYear ago

    Pure genius! I am awestruck! You should all be so proud of yourselves. Great commentating & thank you for the step by step explanation.

  19. ARYAN

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  20. Qishen Ye

    Qishen YeYear ago

    how could the rocket already slow down after the first fire stopped and before the second landing fire started? The air resistance could slow down a rocket?

  21. David Ogawa

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  22. SciNews

    SciNewsYear ago

    Try running against the wind

  23. Marc2Pau

    Marc2PauYear ago

    It's just incredible

  24. Srinivas Kari

    Srinivas KariYear ago

    beautiful. These are giant leaps for mankind

  25. Charles Brown

    Charles BrownYear ago

    GTFOOH!!! That was amazing...

  26. Jo Rode

    Jo RodeYear ago

    fucking AMAZING !

  27. Nemoris Inferioris

    Nemoris InferiorisYear ago

    Amazing. Not only is the mission a complete success, and extremely well done, with the landing which was most impressive; the fact that it is extremely resourceful by reusing the crafts. Well done. Investing in science is the best for the world.

  28. mimdotcc

    mimdotccYear ago

    Science fic... errr, SpaceX.

  29. Not Big Surprise

    Not Big SurpriseYear ago

    Yes, your brain is SciFi.

  30. Zac Youngson

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  31. Martin Coté

    Martin CotéYear ago

    One day humanity will look back at this clunky little rocket as the grandfather of reusable SSTO spacecraft. I would've liked to see the telemetry of the second stage as well but an amazing shot nonetheless CONGRATS...

  32. Zina Zina

    Zina Zina11 months ago

    Martin Coté mezimur

  33. luxhit

    luxhitYear ago

    Congratulation! Amazing Job.

  34. david r

    david rYear ago

    I'll be impressed when we find those damn elusive martians.

  35. Gano Derma

    Gano DermaYear ago

    would it be possible that this rocket t might hit other spacecraft ??

  36. Damn Man

    Damn ManYear ago

    If you have a confontration with a flat earther.Convince him that you believe in his flat earth bullshit.Take him somewhere quiet.Put a bullet in the back of his skull because they have an IQ of a gorrila and are too retarded to listen or understand.....................Moral: If your tiny brain cannot understand something does,nt mean its fake.

  37. Rick Lelienhof

    Rick LelienhofYear ago

    Why may we not see the landing from the side? Just like the launch camera..? 🙄

  38. Amier Kohne

    Amier KohneYear ago

    Would be intresting to have a telemetry for the 2nd stage

  39. Bobby Tucker

    Bobby TuckerYear ago

    My gosh, that is so impressive. It doesn't seem as though it was that long ago that the booster or 1st stage was recovered way out in the ocean somewhere, it was tracked and plucked out of the water.

  40. Rinoa Super-Genius

    Rinoa Super-GeniusYear ago

    I'm pretty fucking surprised by the accuracy of that landing. also this commentator was really good, he didnt talk over any interesting parts and actually made it more interesting unlike the other ones ive heard.

  41. Jonathan King Landa

    Jonathan King LandaYear ago

    This was a truly epic flight that proves just how much we have advanced in this last 100 years.. Thank you for the upload and I hope everyone enjoyed the amazing clip. Cheers

  42. TheGamingBluejay

    TheGamingBluejayYear ago

    Ok, but why does it need to separate from this giant apparatus halfway through? Still not quite there yet.

  43. Not Big Surprise

    Not Big SurpriseYear ago

    Because it doesn't need the weight of the rocket.

  44. weverton lucas

    weverton lucasYear ago

    eles conseguiram mesmo, maravilhoso este feito

  45. Bombs Away LeMay

    Bombs Away LeMayYear ago

    Love capitalism

  46. Jerk Jerkington

    Jerk JerkingtonYear ago

    Yeah, man. Don't you know that capitalism impedes science by failing to tax non-scientists into starvation?

  47. SciNews

    SciNewsYear ago

    +Bombs Away LeMay

  48. Glenn Lockett

    Glenn LockettYear ago

    The two camera angles of the second stage engine really confuses. One angle seems to show the second stage going in one direction while the second makes it look like going in the other direction

  49. Xardox17

    Xardox17Year ago

    That's amazing. Technology at work by a private company. Good job!

  50. Voltron4ev4

    Voltron4ev4Year ago

    I thought an object needed to reach 40,000 kph in order to escape our atmosphere, whereas Falcon 9 didn't reach 6,000? Is this because the ISS is still within the Earths atmosphere?

  51. David Ogawa

    David Ogawa3 months ago

    Voltron4ev4 The Falcon9 booster does not reach escape velocity, but does lift the second stage above most atmosphere. However, the second stage does eventually reach or exceed a speed to maintain LEO or even a geosynchronous transfer orbit.

  52. Voltron4ev4

    Voltron4ev4Year ago

    Well greetings from the motherland man!

  53. planenerd907

    planenerd907Year ago

    My heritage lies in being Irish, yes! But I was born in U.S.A

  54. Voltron4ev4

    Voltron4ev4Year ago

    Thanks Connor. You Irish per chance

  55. planenerd907

    planenerd907Year ago

    you can escape the atmosphere at 1 kph, even 0.01 kph; it doesn't matter how fast you go, you will eventually escape the atmosphere. Hell, you could take stairs! But what you are thinking of is escape VELOCITY. That is the INITIAL speed required to continuously travel away from earth without eventually being pulled back, since gravity decreases in strength with distance. The difference here is that the rocket is CONSTANTLY powered. About the ISS, it is technically in the atmosphere, yes. At an altitude of 400 km, it is not beyond the entire atmosphere which ends at about 690 km. However, the atmosphere is so thin that it induces barely any drag on the ISS (sometimes they do have to course correct to address this still existent drag). Hope this helps!

  56. Frank McCabe

    Frank McCabeYear ago

    Fantastic---and to think my first car was Model T far we've come in a lifetime!!!

  57. sari bsunt

    sari bsuntYear ago

    Brace yourself old man, flattards and Bible scientists are making humanity stupid. Thinking that everything is faked.

  58. BluePower

    BluePowerYear ago

    Succesful landings seem to have become the norm instead of the exception, great job SpaceX!

  59. Bluesdawg

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  60. Pokemon ash pikachu Rider Nagano

    Pokemon ash pikachu Rider NaganoYear ago

    Spacex doing hundred times

  61. roygbiv330

    roygbiv330Year ago

    amazing controlling of the attitude.

  62. Jagjit Roudh

    Jagjit RoudhYear ago

    I like when the feet go out. Like a little penguin!

  63. sari bsunt

    sari bsuntYear ago

    Jagjit Roudh yeah, like biomimicry.

  64. James Bertine

    James BertineYear ago

    Amazing engineering and technological advances! Bravo Zulu to all. Great leaps into future space travel and economy.

  65. KayGee M

    KayGee MYear ago

    Awesome Engineering Feat. There is still hope For Engineers, in USA....

  66. Paul Radon

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  67. Mary Cooper

    Mary CooperYear ago

    Amazing and oh so precise--great job!

  68. Dana Graham

    Dana GrahamYear ago

    Shitohdear, that is impressive.

  69. Raptorman0909

    Raptorman0909Year ago

    First of all ... congrats to SpaceX for getting this right and providing a new and cheaper way to access space. The engineering behind this is massively impressive. Sadly, an unbelievably large number of people believe or want to believe this is all a hoax. I have to think a good many are Russian trolls doing what there paid to do, but many more are ignorant asshats that jump on every conspiracy theory that comes down the pike. Many of these flat earthers are tools for the trolls and as Lenin once said, useful idiots.

  70. Not Big Surprise

    Not Big SurpriseYear ago

    Man makes a rocket to prove Earth is flat.

  71. Raptorman0909

    Raptorman0909Year ago

    And that fact is actually among the most frightening developments of the last decade. There have always been trolls by other names and always idiots but the internet magnifies there reach. Sad...

  72. SciNews

    SciNewsYear ago

    +Raptorman0909 Unfortunately, the useful idiots are on the rise globally.

  73. X X

    X XYear ago

    I seen the same thing in a 1950's sic-fi movie.

  74. Gary's Girl

    Gary's GirlYear ago

    Beautiful just beautiful! Proud of all those folks who made this possible. As a baby learning to walk smiles up to its parents, we as humans look out to into the Universe, smile and say, "Look what we can do"!!!

  75. Wild Wilson

    Wild WilsonYear ago

    I taught them how to do this, but still I'm truly amazed and so proud of you that you can do this! Great work!!!

  76. dantekman

    dantekmanYear ago

    Absolutely Brilliant!!

  77. Pete Wilson

    Pete WilsonYear ago

    7.35 in, decention. On board camera clear, static camera cloudy? Also, possible discrepancy in rotation of rocket prior to entering cloud/same time. Please don't get me wrong massively hugely "im not worthy" love physics, understand physics, please don't get a hard on, just a question. Looks like it's been edited.

  78. donald reece

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  79. Ernest Kurtock

    Ernest KurtockYear ago

    The burn shows the flight will be a good one, the take off and the return! Too many I have seen that were fatatal!

  80. Licher salsa

    Licher salsaYear ago

    So cool, love this. Against all odds. Absolutely amazing!

  81. Боби Дазар

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  82. Philip Croft

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  83. Maciej Boron

    Maciej BoronYear ago

    I `ve been there on 14 Aug .... watched the launch....great experience !!!

  84. Michael Hunter

    Michael HunterYear ago

    This is why America is superior to every other Third World shit hole like Europe and Asia

  85. Mihai Moisescu

    Mihai MoisescuYear ago

    Mike Hunter I didn't say about Space X in particular. I respect Americans exactly how I respect everybody who do good things for humanity! I didn't like the ideea that Europe and Asia are third world, because we have good stuff here also.

  86. Costas En Garde

    Costas En GardeYear ago

    Mike Hunter You do realize there's indian engineers working at nasa, right? And not only.

  87. Michael Hunter

    Michael HunterYear ago

    Mihai Moisescu in this particular instance you're wrong because all engineers at space X have to be American because they're working with missile technology.

  88. Mihai Moisescu

    Mihai MoisescuYear ago

    You know that more than a half of Engineers in USA are from Europe and from Asia, ah and don't forget they are more likely to succeed than an US Engineer. But let's think like a unity and do things together as a species. My opinion.

  89. Costas En Garde

    Costas En GardeYear ago

    Mike Hunter America is not a country and neither are Europe nor Asia. Back to school son.

  90. Rajeev Ganesh

    Rajeev GaneshYear ago

    Mind blowing

  91. Trash

    TrashYear ago

    Beautiful, just beautiful, this is the kind of stuff that made me want to get into aerospace engineering.

  92. Vincent Cantin

    Vincent CantinYear ago

    Well done SpaceX!

  93. Chris Hendrickson

    Chris HendricksonYear ago

    It's just amazing the engineering and technology used to do this!

  94. Anfecs Ian

    Anfecs IanYear ago

    What is it blowing off at the end..? That long jet of steam or something..? For what purpose?

  95. Rogério Penna

    Rogério PennaYear ago

    Stupid Flat Earther's can´t even come up with a good reason on WHY such a HUGE, HUGE conspiracy would take place to hide the fact Earth is flat. The most religious ones will argue that the reason the conspiracy takes place is to make the Bible to seem untrue. Riiiiiight. And yet, there are billions of humans who are religious AND know the Earth is round. For hundreds of years. Or thousands in fact. (educated europeans knew the Earth was round through out ALL of the middle ages). The Crusaders? The ones that had education, KNEW the Earth was round.

  96. TheOneWhoMightBe

    TheOneWhoMightBeYear ago

    With all the nonsense going on in the world lately, it's nice to see something like this that lifts your heart and makes you remember that if we put our minds to something and put in the hard work, we can achieve magnificent things. /reads comments section Oh my god. Burn it all.

  97. MrTagnan

    MrTagnanYear ago

    TheOneWhoMightBe I feel you

  98. Steven Trajkovski

    Steven TrajkovskiYear ago

    the right screen reminds me of the old B&W movies from the 1940's where the car scenes are filmed in a studio with the screen in the background and the movements of the background and the huge counter steer movements just don't look right.

  99. Localos Salos

    Localos SalosYear ago

    God bless capitalism and pursuit of profits and private sectors

  100. doid3r4s

    doid3r4sYear ago

    It makes me proud for being human.

  101. Kirsten

    KirstenYear ago

    This is unbelievable. 😱 Elon musk good job man

  102. Reece Hilton

    Reece HiltonYear ago

    Imagine if all this did turn out to be fake.

  103. Leslie Doray

    Leslie DorayYear ago

    Musk proved all of them wrong, those tears were not in vain , you have made me a believer in your work and the future

  104. ImpliedConsent

    ImpliedConsentYear ago

    My God. What a beautiful compilation of engineering. Well done!

  105. Dave Ryan

    Dave RyanYear ago

    I am amazed every time I watch. Great team at SpaceX!

  106. Johnson L

    Johnson LYear ago

    Great video. I wish I have the budget to see it one day myself.😫

  107. Flyingsel

    FlyingselYear ago

    Remarkable accomplishment! Congratulations to the SpaceX engineers, programmers, flight director office, and those who had the vision. Hopefully the US will be using US rockets to send US astronauts to space soon!

  108. ronpat100

    ronpat100Year ago

    Where does all that anger come from the believers? if the believers think its all true dont bother to attack the non believers!!!!!! even so it looks like they all got a dog in this race.

  109. MrTagnan

    MrTagnanYear ago

    Astronomy Live some of these people are paid trolls, I'm learning some basic hacks to expose location for these people. Great channel BTW!

  110. Astronomy Live

    Astronomy LiveYear ago

    ronpat100 personally the anger comes from the fact that anything that disagrees or disproves your belief system gets attacked by people like you. I filmed the entire launch and landing with my own telescope and it's real, yet I've been relentlessly attacked by people on your side who accuse my video of being a fake. Why? Because it disproves you. I was just sharing a video I personally filmed because I think it's an awesome event, but now I have to deal with nutjobs attacking me unprovoked. watch?v=C3j2HjI82mI So guess what? Now you get to deal with me in return. Turnabout is fair play, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. My footage disproves all of these nuts and I will make it my life's mission to make you all as uncomfortable as possible by continuing to film these launches and LZ-1 landings whenever I possibly can. You guys attacked me, now I get to counter attack with my own videos.

  111. ronpat100

    ronpat100Year ago

    Where does all that anger come from if one knows its all true dont bother!! even so it looks like all beliefers all got a dog in this Space parodi

  112. sandeep rawat

    sandeep rawatYear ago

    This is FUTURE

  113. Jesse Coole

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  114. bhavin pithawala

    bhavin pithawalaYear ago

    thats defination of perfection. hats off. this is inspiring....

  115. Jolujo 58

    Jolujo 58Year ago

    Mind blown. Amazing control.

  116. John Kline

    John KlineYear ago

    you tools and your flat earth bullshit I've lived in Florida my whole life and have witnessed multiple takeoffs and now they have the technology to land the first stage rocket which will save billions in years to come if not trillions in the future. i honestly cant believe there are people out there who still think the earth is flat and everything is a hoax to fool the masses. but here you are in all your retarded glory with your shiny tinfoil hats and ass backwards theories on flat earth and space being a hoax that EVERY NATION keeps hidden from the public... give me a fucking break. there are to many people involved for nothing to be leaked from an actual source not some dip shit in his basement saying "hey look at this video at this angle the earth looks flat for half a second and the experts at NASA let this slip by now we have proof" ... because that would happen right.. fuck off with your idiocy. if they have billions to spend on rockets and whatnot why in the fuck would they let anything slip by in a CG video they supposedly made up. you people have not evidence to back up your claims that its fake it just a bunch of conspiricy theories with nothing to back it up so please do the world a favor... (insert random method of your eventual suicide)

  117. Qureshi Qureshi

    Qureshi QureshiYear ago

    Good for fish community.

  118. Darq Mystiq

    Darq MystiqYear ago

    Nice guys, really well done! Inspiring.

  119. VFMN5

    VFMN5Year ago

    Truly impressive.

  120. Massimiliano Andreozzi

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  121. Vernardo Reyes

    Vernardo ReyesYear ago

    Don't know wether the the people commenting about it being fake are retarded or actually serious...

  122. Tom Hsia

    Tom HsiaYear ago

    Falcon heavy was awesome BTW, can't wait for Musk's BFR test launches, wonder what he will put in the BFR as a mock payload... A Boring Machine?

  123. Tom Hsia

    Tom HsiaYear ago

    Methinks they are just trolls.

  124. Kris de Valle

    Kris de ValleYear ago

    They are; they have to angrily denounce anything to do with the space industry because it doesn't fit with other retarded flat earth beliefs. It's a wonky tower of denial.

  125. pe hgt

    pe hgtYear ago

    Bullshit last time I checked Fake X was all done in a Hollywood studio I know your design team keep up the fake work. Rocket is not filmed live its done in reverse (fast forward) all pre recorded

  126. Not Big Surprise

    Not Big SurpriseYear ago

    You complain about SpaceX "hiding the truth" yet your beliefs are based on a book filled with metaphors.

  127. Astronomy Live

    Astronomy LiveYear ago

    pe hgt wrong. watch?v=C3j2HjI82mI

  128. Vovan Autist

    Vovan AutistYear ago

    Fantasy becomes a reality.

  129. Scott King

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  130. AZSnarkF9

    AZSnarkF9Year ago

    Thank you all at Space X for heading America back to where it should be in space technology.

  131. Sophisticated Egg Yolk

    Sophisticated Egg YolkYear ago

    Man Elon musk is as cool as shit

  132. Sophisticated Egg Yolk

    Sophisticated Egg YolkYear ago

    (shit being the equivalent to memes)

  133. hackneysaregreat

    hackneysaregreatYear ago

    Absolutely fascinating, congratulations again!