Sonic Pancake on a Stick - Food Review


  1. Patches McAdams

    Patches McAdamsDay ago


  2. ma name eh jeff

    ma name eh jeff3 days ago

    can we get a counter of how many times he said pancake on a stick

  3. BigDaddyRice1

    BigDaddyRice15 days ago

    The crunch in that first bite sounded so satisfying


    FREE WILLY5 days ago

    Pan cake on a stick gotta love them

  5. xcxccx xccc

    xcxccx xccc8 days ago

    why no sauce?

  6. efuhr795

    efuhr7959 days ago

    One of the few times he has ever laughed on camera, and it is abut a salt packet. Classic.

  7. Mitch Morris

    Mitch Morris13 days ago

    Sonics here in Florida aren't great at all. Go to the mid-south. They got it together.

  8. João Pedro Machado

    João Pedro Machado14 days ago

    pancake on a STICK

  9. The Joker

    The Joker14 days ago

    Everytime he says food review with that voice is amazing dude

  10. Tammy Millican

    Tammy Millican15 days ago

    How many times is he going to say pancakes on a stick this dude's throat off

  11. BerganzaBro

    BerganzaBro20 days ago

    Why is his bite so aggressive at 4:00? 😂😂

  12. Brains McGee

    Brains McGee22 days ago

    reviewing any food with pork in it is extremely offensive to muslims and alienates many subscribers. In the future, pls avoid reviewing ANY pork product.

  13. Yaiba Games

    Yaiba Games24 days ago

    I remember having these at school and they were the best

  14. MrDoomed123

    MrDoomed123Month ago

    Pancake on a *S T I C K*

  15. doto

    dotoMonth ago

    mr. Burns in his younger years

  16. Jarred Smith

    Jarred SmithMonth ago

    It sounded like he was biting into an apple.

  17. The Jovial Brit

    The Jovial BritMonth ago

    I'm British. Never had a corndog.

  18. Chelis Chon

    Chelis ChonMonth ago

    Pancake on a S T I C K

  19. Dragon Destruction

    Dragon DestructionMonth ago

    "bodily fluids" im scared to know what fluid exactly lmao

  20. void

    voidMonth ago

    You are looking like Jean Claude Goddamn!!🔥🔥

  21. \ _tonz0_ /

    \ _tonz0_ /Month ago

    Pancake on a ՏՏՏՏՏԵíϲƘ

  22. Jen Pearson

    Jen PearsonMonth ago

    Wait! Where is the Sonic in the background? I guess I would leave too after hearing them talk about the pancake syrup!

  23. Denilson Bernitz

    Denilson BernitzMonth ago

    In Mexico they call those “Banderillas”

  24. Kyd Gamer

    Kyd GamerMonth ago

    Don't worry, they gave me salt for a hotdog the other day -_-

  25. Ferrari Hodler

    Ferrari HodlerMonth ago

    Maybe the salt is for the sausage and stuff inside??

  26. El Negro

    El NegroMonth ago

    You look like a virgin about to take one on the thumbnail

  27. Arnold Duran

    Arnold DuranMonth ago

    "I got talons here that should be able to open it😠" hahaha omfg that line i just too funny😂🤣

  28. lokifan50

    lokifan50Month ago

    pancake on a stick :P

  29. Alexpf314

    Alexpf314Month ago

    You can see how he almost breaks his character at 2:30. Pancake on a STICK

  30. Bryan Matthews

    Bryan MatthewsMonth ago

    If Mr. Bean had an American son it would be this guy. Love the reviews. Pancakes on a STICK!!!! LOL

  31. SS Officer

    SS OfficerMonth ago

    I got a Sonic ad at the beginning of the video.

  32. Lord Nero Redwood

    Lord Nero RedwoodMonth ago

    Pancake on a stick... It's pretty much just a ripoff of the pancake on a stick you can buy at Wal-Mart.

  33. walter wardlaw

    walter wardlawMonth ago

    I feel like this guy is everyone's little brother.

  34. Andrew W

    Andrew WMonth ago

    It's just a corndog, a breakfast corndog.

  35. Kevin Osmond

    Kevin OsmondMonth ago


  36. LionMaster X

    LionMaster XMonth ago


  37. Joseph Franken

    Joseph FrankenMonth ago

    This guy sounds like hes from brooklyn or Jersey

  38. Rosie Lovely

    Rosie LovelyMonth ago

    4:01 was the best!!😁

  39. Sami TheWeirdOne

    Sami TheWeirdOneMonth ago

    I love this guy. I get Sheldon vibes off him. Which is one of the highest complements in my books. He’s just so different and unique, I love it. Everything is so matter of fact but also in a sort of chatty way, I don’t know, I just like it

  40. TheDeathflows

    TheDeathflowsMonth ago

    this kid looks like zoboomafoo lol lemur head ass XD

  41. pee is stored in the balls change my mind

    pee is stored in the balls change my mindMonth ago

    Jelly or Syrup and a cup of milk would be great with this

  42. Tidwell

    Tidwell2 months ago

    i love the prius

  43. Rafaell Silva

    Rafaell Silva2 months ago



    SUPER COBRA MAN GUY2 months ago


  45. bobby Jean

    bobby Jean2 months ago

    If i took a shot for every time he said 'pancake on a stick' i'd have to be admitted to the hospital for poisoning my liver.

  46. Fred Wilson

    Fred Wilson2 months ago

    is that your moms car???

  47. Alice Kelly

    Alice Kelly2 months ago

    Please keep blessing us with your videos as long as you live. 💚

  48. Joseph Anders

    Joseph Anders2 months ago

    you yanks are all fucked up you would eat shit off a stick

  49. AshyNorthstar

    AshyNorthstar2 months ago

    i honestly wish sonic would go out of business. The ones where I live at least they would make your head explode

  50. guacamole

    guacamole2 months ago

    When I see the booty 3:57

  51. magikz

    magikz2 months ago

    S A U C E SAGE

  52. Sara B

    Sara B2 months ago

    pancake on a *_S T I C C_*

  53. Jack D

    Jack D2 months ago

    Keep pressing 2

  54. JayGlizzy

    JayGlizzy3 months ago


  55. JayGlizzy

    JayGlizzy3 months ago

    this was the kid in highschool you would pick on, But ready to fight who ever picked on him 😂😁

  56. xvi2kgod TV

    xvi2kgod TV3 months ago

    A pancake on a STICK

  57. Irish Reaper YT

    Irish Reaper YT3 months ago

    Corndog with a different name

  58. Macca. roni

    Macca. roni3 months ago


  59. VulkanXL

    VulkanXL3 months ago

    *A S T I C C*

  60. Jose Bonilla

    Jose Bonilla3 months ago

    Pancake On a ssstick Going in

  61. UpperRobin29

    UpperRobin293 months ago

    pancake on a s T I c K

  62. 8484terry

    8484terry3 months ago

    pancake on a stiC

  63. Mikolas Cage

    Mikolas Cage3 months ago

    Drink a shot everytime he says Pancake on a stick. *Drunk within minutes*

  64. Douglas Deane

    Douglas Deane4 months ago

    that sausage looks horrible. unappetizing. trash

  65. April Mae

    April Mae4 months ago


  66. t_briden

    t_briden4 months ago

    Fun drinking game: Every time he says pancake on a stick, take a shot 😂

  67. Nolan Clancy

    Nolan Clancy4 months ago

    Pancake on a SSSTTICK

  68. Hypebeast_NZ

    Hypebeast_NZ4 months ago

    He said the words "on a stick" 21 times

  69. Andrew Blanton

    Andrew Blanton4 months ago

    OMG at 4:01 ROTW proved he could take a big bite this whole time but was holding back.

  70. Voltage *

    Voltage *4 months ago

    The thumbnail is.... questionable

  71. MrSkinnyWhale

    MrSkinnyWhale4 months ago

    You see those warriors from Hammerfell? They've got pancakes on a stick. Pancakes. On a stick.

  72. allnamesaretakenb4

    allnamesaretakenb44 months ago

    [Gentle biting noise]

  73. Demo Ezra

    Demo Ezra5 months ago

    Omg, that was us :/ Don't work there anymore, but I remember this kid and talking smack 'bouts the corn dog with mi buddies (-_-) ..on a sssssthtick

  74. E Dapz

    E Dapz5 months ago

    That suit is massive 😂

  75. VTN

    VTN5 months ago

    🤣 🥞 on a stick 😒 🤣

  76. oRed

    oRed5 months ago


  77. Raymond Duncan

    Raymond Duncan5 months ago

    Say "Pancake on a STICK" ONE MORE TIME! I DARE YOU! xD was a great video :D

  78. City Guard

    City Guard5 months ago

    I’ll take ten! 😆

  79. Meme Man

    Meme Man5 months ago

    Pancake on a *S T I C K*

  80. THANVX

    THANVX5 months ago

    3:13 This dude looks like he’s holding the elder wand from Harry Potter

  81. Jazzy J

    Jazzy J5 months ago

    Peeeancake on a s-TICK!

  82. AOB

    AOB5 months ago

    Best bite in human history: 4:00


    KING POOTIS5 months ago

    Sonic: hmm, what new item should we sell? Worker: well, how about -corndogs- pancakes on sticks?


    KING POOTIS5 months ago

    How many times does he say pancake on a stick?


    AJSO COOL5 months ago


  86. Marvelousness !

    Marvelousness !5 months ago

    2:53 Damn. That’s a crunchy pancake. If it’s the sausage, then damn. That’s a crunchy sausage.

  87. airplanefan0787

    airplanefan07875 months ago

    His reviews make me so hungry

  88. boijorzee

    boijorzee5 months ago

    Everything is better on a STICK

  89. dwtlax

    dwtlax5 months ago

    has there ever been something you could not take more than one bite? SOmething so gross?

  90. TobyK

    TobyK5 months ago

    pancake on a stick aka stickcake.....

  91. It's Ted

    It's Ted5 months ago

    pancake on a s t i c k

  92. Yellow King

    Yellow King5 months ago

    Get a suit that fits.

  93. ripperx444

    ripperx4445 months ago

    You remind me of that actor from the movie road to perdition .. whoever that dude was that wanted to kill Tom Hanks

  94. Butternut Squanch

    Butternut Squanch6 months ago

    It sounds crunchy

  95. Xavier Paquin

    Xavier Paquin6 months ago

    This is probably my all-time favorite one

  96. Travis T

    Travis T6 months ago

    What you mean is maple - flavored - syrup. There's no way they're giving you a drop of actual maple syrup at that cheap joint.

  97. Dominic Hester

    Dominic Hester6 months ago

    Jimmy deans anyone? Sonic style?

  98. Topspeed350

    Topspeed3506 months ago

    Too scary to put that in my mouth lol

  99. Celestica Ember-downrop

    Celestica Ember-downrop6 months ago

    You should cast as the next spiderman

  100. thatdearguy

    thatdearguy6 months ago

    Nice schtick.