Sonic Pancake on a Stick - Food Review


  1. Joey Johnson

    Joey Johnson20 hours ago

    He’s a very nice and great guy. But a pancake batted sausage is just something you shouldn’t review.

  2. William Smith

    William Smith3 days ago

    How many times do you need to say that

  3. Alexander Sawwa

    Alexander Sawwa4 days ago

    Pancake on a STICK

  4. honey badger call centre

    honey badger call centre9 days ago


  5. Jacqueline Wallace

    Jacqueline Wallace12 days ago


  6. Daniel Edwards

    Daniel Edwards15 days ago

    I wonder how many times he said, "pancakes on a stick".

  7. JoeBiden

    JoeBiden15 days ago

    For the love of god please clip your FINGERNAILS!!!

  8. My Fathers Daughter

    My Fathers Daughter26 days ago

    You're so funny Brah. You get so into these reviews. The intensity if each bite while you're thinking if the flavors is killing. Love love love your shtick! No pun intended

  9. Exotic butters

    Exotic butters26 days ago

    “pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick”

  10. stretch nuttz

    stretch nuttz27 days ago

    Would be rad if it had a really good quality sausage in the middle.. like a breakfast corn dog... :)

  11. Julie Pearson

    Julie PearsonMonth ago


  12. matt b

    matt bMonth ago

    This is beans and lordes love child

  13. marc fry

    marc fryMonth ago

    By far one of my favorite food reeviws!

  14. PIXELATOR2634

    PIXELATOR2634Month ago

    Take a shot everytime he says pancake on a stick

  15. Austin B

    Austin BMonth ago

    The emphasis on stick

  16. Alexander Ryan

    Alexander RyanMonth ago

    p h y s i c a l p a n C A K E

  17. Alexander Ryan

    Alexander RyanMonth ago


  18. Alexander Ryan

    Alexander RyanMonth ago

    pancake on a STICK!

  19. Official MrThree

    Official MrThreeMonth ago

    Pancake on stick Pancake on a stick Pancake on stick x20 We get it lol

  20. Colin Kujawa

    Colin KujawaMonth ago

    His emphasis on S T I C K

  21. Matt Psycho

    Matt PsychoMonth ago

    Cut your nails

  22. Ryan C

    Ryan CMonth ago

    Running on empty!

  23. Warren Motorsports

    Warren MotorsportsMonth ago

    It's a corn dog, but for breakfast

  24. Michael Huff

    Michael HuffMonth ago

    I was rolling at the comment about them running out of ideas when they put foods on a stick.

  25. Jimmy

    JimmyMonth ago

    pancake and meat is not a combo im down for

  26. Lil' Broccoil

    Lil' BroccoilMonth ago

    You forgot to mention the pancake is on a stick

  27. The Slow Lane TV

    The Slow Lane TVMonth ago

    Is that a Prius he’s in?

  28. Zedsuo

    ZedsuoMonth ago

    You know they get really desperate when they nut on your stick and deep fry them Semen on a shtick

  29. I want to Die

    I want to DieMonth ago

    Pancake on a SHTICK

  30. Jordona Campbell

    Jordona Campbell2 months ago

    T a l o n s

  31. Jordona Campbell

    Jordona Campbell2 months ago

    Ew pizza sausage?? This sounds musty

  32. Musiconic

    Musiconic2 months ago

    When you gonna do marlboro special blend review?

  33. Ronnie Forever

    Ronnie Forever2 months ago

    3:52 I can see disappointment on his face 😄

  34. Errorist

    Errorist2 months ago

    the pancake on a sTiCk

  35. MrPepe360

    MrPepe3602 months ago

    Theoretical syrup

  36. Luca Ciarlariello

    Luca Ciarlariello2 months ago


  37. Thomas Goes

    Thomas Goes2 months ago

    I counted how many times he said pancake on a stick. It was 13 times

  38. Oliver Hernandez

    Oliver Hernandez2 months ago

    That sonic pancake thing looks like a dick

  39. 1Rod1ReelFishing

    1Rod1ReelFishing2 months ago

    Who else is pancaking on a STICK in 2019?

  40. Pickles Andpeanutbutter

    Pickles Andpeanutbutter3 months ago


  41. CF G

    CF G3 months ago

    You must have one glossy steering wheel.

  42. Jefferay

    Jefferay3 months ago

    Corn sausage

  43. Becca [AMellowMarshmallow]

    Becca [AMellowMarshmallow]3 months ago

    Pancake on a *STICK*

  44. Yitcok Shegitz

    Yitcok Shegitz3 months ago

    Absolutely absurd product

  45. Sandman247

    Sandman2473 months ago

    Pancake....on a stick!!!

  46. Jorge Quinones

    Jorge Quinones4 months ago

    10/10 would STICK again

  47. Zak Moon

    Zak Moon4 months ago

    “Here it is.. Pancakes on a stick” pulls out a corn dog

  48. Ira b

    Ira b4 months ago

    I love the pancake on a stick from sonic

  49. U h

    U h4 months ago

    i was late to the 2 year anniversary

  50. J Hughes

    J Hughes4 months ago

    I Played a drinking game by myself and took a drink every time he said pancake on a stick. I Am plastered!