Sonic Pancake on a Stick - Food Review


  1. mohair

    mohair4 days ago

    Its 9.16pm here

  2. Dawn Johnson Stoe

    Dawn Johnson Stoe6 days ago

    You do not look thrilled.

  3. Matt Sharpe

    Matt Sharpe9 days ago

    I swear this guy is a time traveler from the 40s !!

  4. Somafera

    Somafera11 days ago

    Third bite had me scared for the pancake on a stick

  5. 4Real

    4Real18 days ago

    whats with the bite at 3.98sec lol .. love that pancake on a stick bro xd

  6. Kommissar Knusprig

    Kommissar Knusprig20 days ago

    This guy always looks like a 9 year old in too big clothes.

  7. werollwith NOX

    werollwith NOX21 day ago

    I’ve been to that sonic

  8. William Waugh

    William Waugh21 day ago

    Whose car !?!? Mom or grandma.... if it's yours.... your a serial killer. Only an elderly lady would have a pillow like that, or of course .... A SERIAL KILLER!

  9. Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood21 day ago

    Stick in a PANCAKE

  10. HeadShotTheatreDEV1

    HeadShotTheatreDEV122 days ago

    review brah, is that a hybrid my guy? love the video

  11. Richard Anugrah

    Richard Anugrah25 days ago

    Fuud review

  12. Marc

    Marc27 days ago

    Can we please confirm that's a pancake on a stick 🤔

  13. zoiks 66

    zoiks 6627 days ago

    I come from 1 year in the future - guided here by our almighty savior’s mastery of MReporter’s algorithms. When I clicked the thumbs up, the true believer count rolled up from 9.9k to 10k. Praise be.

  14. Fuko San

    Fuko San28 days ago

    I preffer Mario

  15. 307 Fishing

    307 Fishing29 days ago

    Do you suits get all fucking greasy

  16. Valerio Samo

    Valerio SamoMonth ago

    Cut your nails

  17. Tkibbs14

    Tkibbs14Month ago

    3:59 That bite was intense dude 👀

  18. Michel Idzan

    Michel IdzanMonth ago

    3:57 when she bites your dick off

  19. Michel Idzan

    Michel IdzanMonth ago

    Eat my stiiiick

  20. Michel Idzan

    Michel IdzanMonth ago

    Omg harry potter made a child ruuuun

  21. Tatyana Woods

    Tatyana WoodsMonth ago

    Now review just the stick

  22. Tatyana Woods

    Tatyana WoodsMonth ago

    I am now on my 5th day binge watching your videos. I come home from work get cozy into bed, sit back and relax to the sound of your calming voice. You could talk a baby to sleep.

  23. TheLionAter

    TheLionAterMonth ago

    4:00 wtf was that bite?

  24. Enigma

    EnigmaMonth ago

    pancake on a shtickle

  25. Luigi Cat

    Luigi CatMonth ago

    I like how he says, " _STICC_ ".

  26. Gotham Networks

    Gotham NetworksMonth ago

    Pains me to say I just can't take it I started with you doing your food reviews at the dining room table in your suit doing your character I hope you're not offended by that statement anyway I tell you what yeah it's a beautiful car new car for you I'm sure you'll love it I cannot watch you food reviewing in a car I can't I can give you a million reasons why go back to your well set dining room table eating fast food that was the best. I got to unsubscribe but I'll keep looking to see if you ever go back to the dining room.

  27. My penis is unbelievably Small

    My penis is unbelievably SmallMonth ago

    Pancake on a d*%#

  28. Jackie Terrazas

    Jackie TerrazasMonth ago

    This has been a thing for years. My school used to serve it only it was called Breakfast on a stick. You can also get them in stores drom Jimmy Dean. So good.

  29. walt B

    walt BMonth ago

    He don't like pancake on a stick 😂😂😂

  30. David Hale

    David HaleMonth ago

    Man you’re weird. Cut those fingernails.

  31. Al sancak

    Al sancakMonth ago

    Sancaktepe o nasıl sikt

  32. katrina peterson

    katrina peterson2 months ago

    Pancakes on a STICK!

  33. Yoszen Edward Newgate

    Yoszen Edward Newgate2 months ago

    I really, really want this guy to come to México and review food in here with the same cool attitude

  34. Bebe Cheek

    Bebe Cheek2 months ago

    I love the way you say corn dog ♥️

  35. J. Barbosa

    J. Barbosa2 months ago


  36. Colby Lamothe

    Colby Lamothe2 months ago

    I want to try this soooooooo bad. Sadly we don’t have a sonic near by my house

  37. angelofdeath0203

    angelofdeath02032 months ago

    Sonic is very disorganized and takes forever. I thought it was just the locations near me. They need better training/ crew members. seems like its ran by children.

  38. harley borton

    harley borton2 months ago


  39. Davie Allenby

    Davie Allenby2 months ago


  40. Charles Cashmere

    Charles Cashmere2 months ago

    Kid is fascinated saying the word 'stick.'

  41. Ashlee De Lange

    Ashlee De Lange2 months ago

    we call it a vetkoek in South Africa lol. good review brah!

  42. Paulo Dávalos

    Paulo Dávalos2 months ago

    There's something weird with the way he says "on a stick"

  43. Vincenzo

    Vincenzo2 months ago

    I always pictured him to drive a Cadillac DTS or Lincoln Town Car

  44. TheZnuggins

    TheZnuggins2 months ago

    Is that a pancake on a stick? im not sure yet

  45. Fancysharkman

    Fancysharkman2 months ago

    *My disappointment is a pancake and my day is a stick*

  46. Fancysharkman

    Fancysharkman2 months ago

    What was it again

  47. K. M.

    K. M.2 months ago

    I like that you describe it so well. Now I don't have to try this.

  48. Alex7BR

    Alex7BR2 months ago

    I didn't get it... is it a pancake on a stick?

  49. Robert Imes

    Robert Imes2 months ago

    Know what else has a sweetness embedded inside it? You do ❤

  50. Viper Deuce

    Viper Deuce2 months ago

    I'm Hitting my bong everytime he says pancake on a stick

  51. Foxaham TV

    Foxaham TV2 months ago

    If you haven't reviewed the western BBQ chicken burger from WHATABURGER you should try it

  52. Patches McAdams

    Patches McAdams3 months ago


  53. ma name eh jeff

    ma name eh jeff3 months ago

    can we get a counter of how many times he said pancake on a stick

  54. BigDaddyRice1

    BigDaddyRice13 months ago

    The crunch in that first bite sounded so satisfying


    FREE WILLY3 months ago

    Pan cake on a stick gotta love them

  56. xcxccx xccc

    xcxccx xccc3 months ago

    why no sauce?

  57. efuhr795

    efuhr7953 months ago

    One of the few times he has ever laughed on camera, and it is abut a salt packet. Classic.

  58. Mitch Morris

    Mitch Morris3 months ago

    Sonics here in Florida aren't great at all. Go to the mid-south. They got it together.

  59. João Pedro Machado

    João Pedro Machado3 months ago

    pancake on a STICK

  60. The Joker

    The Joker3 months ago

    Everytime he says food review with that voice is amazing dude

  61. Tammy Millican

    Tammy Millican3 months ago

    How many times is he going to say pancakes on a stick this dude's throat off

  62. BerganzaBro

    BerganzaBro3 months ago

    Why is his bite so aggressive at 4:00? 😂😂

  63. Brains McGee

    Brains McGee3 months ago

    reviewing any food with pork in it is extremely offensive to muslims and alienates many subscribers. In the future, pls avoid reviewing ANY pork product.

  64. Yaiba Games

    Yaiba Games3 months ago

    I remember having these at school and they were the best

  65. Wazzer

    Wazzer4 months ago

    Pancake on a *S T I C K*

  66. doto

    doto4 months ago

    mr. Burns in his younger years

  67. Jarred Smith

    Jarred Smith4 months ago

    It sounded like he was biting into an apple.

  68. The Jovial Brit

    The Jovial Brit4 months ago

    I'm British. Never had a corndog.

  69. chang dang

    chang dang4 months ago

    Pancake on a S T I C K

  70. Dragon Destruction

    Dragon Destruction4 months ago

    "bodily fluids" im scared to know what fluid exactly lmao

  71. void

    void4 months ago

    You are looking like Jean Claude Goddamn!!🔥🔥

  72. \ _tonz0_ /

    \ _tonz0_ /4 months ago

    Pancake on a ՏՏՏՏՏԵíϲƘ

  73. Jen Pearson

    Jen Pearson4 months ago

    Wait! Where is the Sonic in the background? I guess I would leave too after hearing them talk about the pancake syrup!

  74. Denilson Bernitz

    Denilson Bernitz4 months ago

    In Mexico they call those “Banderillas”

  75. Kyd Gamer

    Kyd Gamer4 months ago

    Don't worry, they gave me salt for a hotdog the other day -_-

  76. Ferrari Hodler

    Ferrari Hodler4 months ago

    Maybe the salt is for the sausage and stuff inside??

  77. El Negro

    El Negro4 months ago

    You look like a virgin about to take one on the thumbnail

  78. Arnold Duran

    Arnold Duran4 months ago

    "I got talons here that should be able to open it😠" hahaha omfg that line i just too funny😂🤣

  79. lokifan50

    lokifan504 months ago

    pancake on a stick :P

  80. Alexpf314

    Alexpf3144 months ago

    You can see how he almost breaks his character at 2:30. Pancake on a STICK

  81. Bryan Matthews

    Bryan Matthews4 months ago

    If Mr. Bean had an American son it would be this guy. Love the reviews. Pancakes on a STICK!!!! LOL

  82. B i g W a c k

    B i g W a c k4 months ago

    I got a Sonic ad at the beginning of the video.

  83. Lord Nero

    Lord Nero4 months ago

    Pancake on a stick... It's pretty much just a ripoff of the pancake on a stick you can buy at Wal-Mart.

  84. walter wardlaw

    walter wardlaw4 months ago

    I feel like this guy is everyone's little brother.

  85. Andrew W

    Andrew W4 months ago

    It's just a corndog, a breakfast corndog.

  86. Kevin Osmond

    Kevin Osmond4 months ago


  87. LionMaster X

    LionMaster X4 months ago


  88. Joseph Franken

    Joseph Franken4 months ago

    This guy sounds like hes from brooklyn or Jersey

  89. Rose Love

    Rose Love4 months ago

    4:01 was the best!!😁

  90. Sami TheWeirdOne

    Sami TheWeirdOne4 months ago

    I love this guy. I get Sheldon vibes off him. Which is one of the highest complements in my books. He’s just so different and unique, I love it. Everything is so matter of fact but also in a sort of chatty way, I don’t know, I just like it

  91. TheDeathflows

    TheDeathflows4 months ago

    this kid looks like zoboomafoo lol lemur head ass XD

  92. pee is stored in the balls change my mind

    pee is stored in the balls change my mind4 months ago

    Jelly or Syrup and a cup of milk would be great with this

  93. Tidwell

    Tidwell5 months ago

    i love the prius

  94. Rafaell Silva

    Rafaell Silva5 months ago



    SUPER COBRA MAN GUY5 months ago


  96. Tofu Jones

    Tofu Jones5 months ago

    If i took a shot for every time he said 'pancake on a stick' i'd have to be admitted to the hospital for poisoning my liver.

  97. Fred Wilson

    Fred Wilson5 months ago

    is that your moms car???

  98. Alice Kelly

    Alice Kelly5 months ago

    Please keep blessing us with your videos as long as you live. 💚

  99. Joseph Anders

    Joseph Anders5 months ago

    you yanks are all fucked up you would eat shit off a stick

  100. AshyNorthstar

    AshyNorthstar5 months ago

    i honestly wish sonic would go out of business. The ones where I live at least they would make your head explode