Sonic Pancake on a Stick - Food Review



    SUPER COBRA MAN GUY3 days ago


  2. bobby Jean

    bobby Jean5 days ago

    If i took a shot for every time he said 'pancake on a stick' i'd have to be admitted to the hospital for poisoning my liver.

  3. Raul Hernandez

    Raul Hernandez7 days ago

    is that your moms car???

  4. Alice Kelly

    Alice Kelly14 days ago

    Please keep blessing us with your videos as long as you live. 💚

  5. Joseph Anders

    Joseph Anders14 days ago

    you yanks are all fucked up you would eat shit off a stick

  6. NorthstarGames

    NorthstarGames15 days ago

    i honestly wish sonic would go out of business. The ones where I live at least they would make your head explode

  7. guacamole

    guacamole18 days ago

    When I see the booty 3:57

  8. magikz

    magikz20 days ago

    S A U C E SAGE

  9. Sara B

    Sara B21 day ago

    pancake on a *_S T I C C_*

  10. Jack D

    Jack D24 days ago

    Keep pressing 2

  11. JayGlizzy

    JayGlizzyMonth ago


  12. JayGlizzy

    JayGlizzyMonth ago

    this was the kid in highschool you would pick on, But ready to fight who ever picked on him 😂😁

  13. xvi2kgod TV

    xvi2kgod TVMonth ago

    A pancake on a STICK

  14. Irish Reaper YT

    Irish Reaper YTMonth ago

    Corndog with a different name

  15. Macca. roni

    Macca. roniMonth ago


  16. VulkanXL

    VulkanXLMonth ago

    *A S T I C C*

  17. Jose Bonilla

    Jose BonillaMonth ago

    Pancake On a ssstick Going in

  18. UpperRobin29

    UpperRobin29Month ago

    pancake on a s T I c K

  19. Sweety Troll

    Sweety TrollMonth ago

    Was that a pancake on a stick? I don't know you you said it in the video.

  20. 8484terry

    8484terryMonth ago

    pancake on a stiC

  21. Mikolas Cage

    Mikolas CageMonth ago

    Drink a shot everytime he says Pancake on a stick. *Drunk within minutes*

  22. Douglas Deane

    Douglas DeaneMonth ago

    that sausage looks horrible. unappetizing. trash

  23. April Mae

    April Mae2 months ago


  24. t_briden

    t_briden2 months ago

    Fun drinking game: Every time he says pancake on a stick, take a shot 😂

  25. Nolan Clancy

    Nolan Clancy2 months ago

    Pancake on a SSSTTICK

  26. Daequan james

    Daequan james2 months ago

    He said the words "on a stick" 21 times

  27. Andrew Blanton

    Andrew Blanton2 months ago

    OMG at 4:01 ROTW proved he could take a big bite this whole time but was holding back.

  28. * voltage *

    * voltage *2 months ago

    The thumbnail is.... questionable

  29. MrSkinnyWhale

    MrSkinnyWhale2 months ago

    You see those warriors from Hammerfell? They've got pancakes on a stick. Pancakes. On a stick.

  30. allnamesaretakenb4

    allnamesaretakenb42 months ago

    [Gentle biting noise]

  31. Demo Ezra

    Demo Ezra2 months ago

    Omg, that was us :/ Don't work there anymore, but I remember this kid and talking smack 'bouts the corn dog with mi buddies (-_-) ..on a sssssthtick

  32. E Dapz

    E Dapz2 months ago

    That suit is massive 😂

  33. VTN

    VTN3 months ago

    🤣 🥞 on a stick 😒 🤣

  34. oRed

    oRed3 months ago


  35. Raymond Duncan

    Raymond Duncan3 months ago

    Say "Pancake on a STICK" ONE MORE TIME! I DARE YOU! xD was a great video :D

  36. City Guard

    City Guard3 months ago

    I’ll take ten! 😆

  37. Meme Man

    Meme Man3 months ago

    Pancake on a *S T I C K*


    PRESTIGE_LEAGACY3 months ago

    3:13 This dude looks like he’s holding the elder wand from Harry Potter

  39. Jazzy J

    Jazzy J3 months ago

    Peeeancake on a s-TICK!

  40. AOB

    AOB3 months ago

    Best bite in human history: 4:00


    KING POOTIS3 months ago

    Sonic: hmm, what new item should we sell? Worker: well, how about -corndogs- pancakes on sticks?


    KING POOTIS3 months ago

    How many times does he say pancake on a stick?

  43. AIR JORDAN 23

    AIR JORDAN 233 months ago


  44. Marvelousness !

    Marvelousness !3 months ago

    2:53 Damn. That’s a crunchy pancake. If it’s the sausage, then damn. That’s a crunchy sausage.

  45. airplanefan0787

    airplanefan07873 months ago

    His reviews make me so hungry

  46. DIM RACK

    DIM RACK3 months ago

    You actually ate like a man for once lol.

  47. boijorzee

    boijorzee3 months ago

    Everything is better on a STICK

  48. dwtlax

    dwtlax3 months ago

    has there ever been something you could not take more than one bite? SOmething so gross?

  49. TobyK

    TobyK3 months ago

    pancake on a stick aka stickcake.....

  50. It's Ted

    It's Ted3 months ago

    pancake on a s t i c k

  51. Yellow King

    Yellow King3 months ago

    Get a suit that fits.

  52. ripperx444

    ripperx4443 months ago

    You remind me of that actor from the movie road to perdition .. whoever that dude was that wanted to kill Tom Hanks

  53. Butternut Squanch

    Butternut Squanch3 months ago

    It sounds crunchy

  54. Xavier Paquin

    Xavier Paquin3 months ago

    This is probably my all-time favorite one

  55. Travis T

    Travis T3 months ago

    What you mean is maple - flavored - syrup. There's no way they're giving you a drop of actual maple syrup at that cheap joint.

  56. Dominic Hester

    Dominic Hester4 months ago

    Jimmy deans anyone? Sonic style?

  57. Topspeed350

    Topspeed3504 months ago

    Too scary to put that in my mouth lol

  58. Celestica Ember-downrop

    Celestica Ember-downrop4 months ago

    You should cast as the next spiderman

  59. thatdearguy

    thatdearguy4 months ago

    Nice schtick.

  60. reverandgreen

    reverandgreen4 months ago

    that looks really good

  61. Walter Castle

    Walter Castle4 months ago

    "A little bit iffy" *

  62. Carly Smith

    Carly Smith4 months ago

    This is all sort of calculated performance art..

  63. alltruenews

    alltruenews4 months ago

    Simply fantastic. Review Bra is a step above,

  64. gold

    gold4 months ago

    asmr tingles right here. right on the pancake on a stick.

  65. T Y L E R

    T Y L E R4 months ago

    who da fuck is this guy?

  66. Ilovelosangeles

    Ilovelosangeles4 months ago

    I know the pancake on a stick is important, but you have gorgeous eyes!

  67. ITS A DIO

    ITS A DIO4 months ago

    Well i do love pancakes.

  68. Troy Lemay

    Troy Lemay4 months ago

    pancake on a stick

  69. Ava Maltzman

    Ava Maltzman4 months ago

    i bet by your facial expression you relly luved that PANCAKE ON A STICK

  70. Tati Mittens

    Tati Mittens4 months ago

    Fo0o0od Review!

  71. Sebastian lopez

    Sebastian lopez4 months ago

    Pancake on a *S T I C K*

  72. UniQueLyEviL

    UniQueLyEviL4 months ago

    I like your nails

  73. Faxanadu

    Faxanadu4 months ago

    Take a drink every time he says Pancake on a Ssstick. Non-alcohol of course, unless you wish to have alcohol poisoning.

  74. kahlilz

    kahlilz4 months ago

    Cut your nails you sicko

  75. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne4 months ago

    He gone die with the diet he has

  76. OGChevy

    OGChevy4 months ago

    Salt 😂

  77. Quentin Wade

    Quentin Wade4 months ago


  78. Lucas Jones

    Lucas Jones4 months ago

    So wait...this is what now?

  79. Jake Cosenza

    Jake Cosenza4 months ago

    Rich, meaty sausage

  80. eleMentos

    eleMentos4 months ago

    pancake on a stiCK

  81. SportsFan JW

    SportsFan JW4 months ago

    I wonder what they put this pancake on. Anyone know? 🤔

  82. Mj's Secret Stuff

    Mj's Secret StuffMonth ago

    Okay+ He wanted someone to say on a "Stick"

  83. Hollywood Sunset

    Hollywood Sunset4 months ago

    I’m not sure if this was on a stick

  84. Annie Collipp

    Annie Collipp4 months ago


  85. Paly Maker

    Paly Maker4 months ago

    dik on a stik eaten by a rat

  86. Max Birkhimer

    Max Birkhimer4 months ago

    Dude I love the way you day pancake on a stick

  87. Scary Eyeball

    Scary Eyeball4 months ago

    what was the pancake on??? a STICK you say??? oh... i see. ;_;

  88. Nia Jobes

    Nia Jobes4 months ago

    It’s not like a corndog...?

  89. NoobCakeHunterD

    NoobCakeHunterD4 months ago

    pankakke on a D I C C

  90. Nspire Games

    Nspire Games4 months ago

    clip your nails

  91. RRG AK12 RRG

    RRG AK12 RRG4 months ago

    How old are you

  92. Doug Baxter

    Doug Baxter4 months ago

    Can you do us a solid and get a suit that’s not 3 sizes to big ?

  93. bruce lee

    bruce lee5 months ago

    its boy george

  94. DeadlyFireAirsoft

    DeadlyFireAirsoft5 months ago

    The way he says stick you know it’s over

  95. Cameron Alden

    Cameron Alden5 months ago

    dudes blazed as fuck

  96. Top Dog Under Dog

    Top Dog Under Dog5 months ago

    God itself

  97. Harleigh Young

    Harleigh Young5 months ago

    In case you didn’t hear he’s eating a pancake on a stick

  98. Dope Show

    Dope Show5 months ago

    Sausage and pancake ? Wtf

  99. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana5 months ago

    I wish it was 100% pancakes

  100. Abby Pierce

    Abby Pierce5 months ago

    Finding this channel changed my life lmao


    MIIDNIGHT 3OD5 months ago

    Abby Pierce same bro lol pancake on a stick

  102. Red Moon 96

    Red Moon 965 months ago

    4:00 why so aggressive though lol


    MIIDNIGHT 3OD5 months ago

    Red Moon 96 lmfaaao