1. Lucas and Marcus

    Lucas and Marcus11 months ago


  2. Alfie Keers

    Alfie Keers15 hours ago

    It was jack Paul

  3. Dra10 Bryant

    Dra10 Bryant12 days ago

    Lucas and Marcus I 💕 you guys

  4. Issy and eva Ashton

    Issy and eva AshtonMonth ago

    Hey I love you guys and I’m going to stop by your moms gum

  5. Michelle Corcoran

    Michelle CorcoranMonth ago

    it is your dad

  6. Adam Ahmed

    Adam Ahmed4 months ago


  7. Teresita Sam Peters triza

    Teresita Sam Peters triza8 hours ago

    I love you guys

  8. Annabelle's Wonderful World

    Annabelle's Wonderful World20 hours ago

    Hi once someone broke into my dads car and we had footege because all of the seats were down and my dad reamembed that my little sis wanted to help my dad carry some bags so my dad forgot to press the button to look the car and the person who broke in to the car stowlen my dads sun glasses and they cosseted 123£ for his birthday it was scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😖😖😖😖😖😖😱😱😱😱😥😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  9. Claire Howell

    Claire Howell20 hours ago

    A ass

  10. Claire Howell

    Claire Howell20 hours ago

    Here is idea what he is

  11. Shantahl Quiambao

    Shantahl QuiambaoDay ago

    A crazy fan heater

  12. Shantahl Quiambao

    Shantahl QuiambaoDay ago

    I think his jealous I think that guy want you car or money or something ela

  13. Shantahl Quiambao

    Shantahl QuiambaoDay ago

    And I wish I can be your guard

  14. Victoria Aleman

    Victoria AlemanDay ago

    Its probably your mom

  15. Shantahl Quiambao

    Shantahl QuiambaoDay ago

    Sorry for the Rong spelling and I'm not sure of what I said I love you

  16. Victoria Aleman

    Victoria AlemanDay ago

    The green guy is skinney

  17. Telecabine miniature wackernagulidefraise

    Telecabine miniature wackernagulidefraise2 days ago



    LILY STROBEL3 days ago

    That's so terrible!!! Good thing they didn't take or really destroy anything tho! I love you Marcus and Lucas!!

  19. Raina Nickels

    Raina Nickels3 days ago

    If he was real he would just be your dad or mom

  20. Frank Bair

    Frank Bair3 days ago

    That Green Guy Was So Poofy Filled With Air. If He Broke Into My House I Would Get My Mettle Bat And Hit It In The Head.I Wish I Saw Cyrus. :)

  21. Reema Reem

    Reema Reem3 days ago

    It will go off and u will here it and some alarms signal the police if not turned off on a Sertan amount of time

  22. Reema Reem

    Reema Reem3 days ago

    Get an alarm so when u leave u can set the alarm

  23. CliXx1012

    CliXx10123 days ago

    It’s funny how people think this is real 😂

  24. Ella Rousayne

    Ella Rousayne3 days ago

    It feels like he knows that the cameras are there but he just doesn’t care

  25. Jack_PlaysRFnM

    Jack_PlaysRFnM3 days ago

    Lucas Marcus I think ik how he got your address!!! He probably looked you up online and got your address

  26. Adanise Mendez

    Adanise Mendez4 days ago

    it's Jake paul

  27. Vanesa Abrego

    Vanesa Abrego4 days ago

    Qué se más que otra de las aguas a u de dios son sobre pegue ni rose en todo jackson que

  28. Aaron Cogburn

    Aaron Cogburn4 days ago

    Guys green gray throw the Rock at the door

  29. Pro P4AD4 Marshmallow garcia

    Pro P4AD4 Marshmallow garcia4 days ago

    Ok if I was y'all I would have a 24 hour sucerti

  30. hyper Cox

    hyper Cox4 days ago

    I think he is looking for the car keys

  31. r r

    r r4 days ago

    I know him he was the one who broke into my house I hate you a lot you green thing I'm coming for you

  32. Amyla_ Amir

    Amyla_ Amir4 days ago

    Heyguys Marcus lucaus darius cyrus can I come and visit the dobre house and can Weven go to the gym and do a backtuc on the trapalen and then can we do a prank on someone please please please please please please please

  33. Deer & Jayyy !!!

    Deer & Jayyy !!!4 days ago

    Y’all should get dogs that will alert and protect yall🤞🏾

  34. katie and jake 123

    katie and jake 1235 days ago

    There was 2 of them I'm scared >.

  35. Krish Baboo

    Krish Baboo5 days ago


  36. Javier Gonzalez

    Javier Gonzalez5 days ago

    It is his reflection

  37. Javier Gonzalez

    Javier Gonzalez5 days ago

    It’s fake it’s their dad they already know they’re just acting scared

  38. Freddy Fazbear

    Freddy Fazbear5 days ago

    Keep posting I love your videos

  39. The Family Show

    The Family Show5 days ago

    That is f up

  40. Annaliese Kleinfelter

    Annaliese Kleinfelter6 days ago

    I watch your videos everyday you guys are awsome

  41. Paul Somchana

    Paul Somchana6 days ago

    I feel so bad for you and be safe.

  42. Arayan 71

    Arayan 717 days ago

    they even said it might be the rest of dobre or their mom or dad

  43. Arayan 71

    Arayan 717 days ago


  44. Mathew Orgaz

    Mathew Orgaz7 days ago


  45. Madison Dofermire

    Madison Dofermire7 days ago

    We broke the door with a rock did no one else see that they were looking away.

  46. Googie Pascual

    Googie Pascual8 days ago


  47. Audio Epicenter

    Audio Epicenter8 days ago

    Who is the person? is your Dad

  48. ash grohs

    ash grohs8 days ago

    3:58 theres 2 of them! look in the corner!!! theres one that was hiding!

  49. Chyna Slater

    Chyna Slater8 days ago

    I like your video make videos

  50. KAIDEN Hedge

    KAIDEN Hedge9 days ago

    I meant someone covered there face with a camera in the background outside at you window

  51. Joseph Cruz

    Joseph Cruz10 days ago

    One guexton this happens to people how do you know it a hater??¿ any way love you guys

  52. Krystal Makle

    Krystal Makle10 days ago

    It’s fake 😑😂

  53. Lauren Cronbaugh

    Lauren Cronbaugh10 days ago

    Im sorry that those people have been being bad people. LOVE YOU!:):

  54. h2302 harrsy

    h2302 harrsy10 days ago

    He is

  55. Shae Whitcombe

    Shae Whitcombe11 days ago

    I love Lucas and murcus

  56. Amelia Rose Griffiths

    Amelia Rose Griffiths11 days ago

    Guys it is there dad

  57. funny tv fun

    funny tv fun11 days ago

    Someone broke in to my dads car before and they did it at night and they are not in jail sadly

  58. Rachel Finan

    Rachel Finan11 days ago

    I saw a green Man with your camera. Call the cops

  59. Simone Zimmerman

    Simone Zimmerman12 days ago

    He literally broke the glass

  60. Chloe's Funhouse TV

    Chloe's Funhouse TV12 days ago

    I am so sorry guys maybe you should call the cops they will help you guys or ask friends to help you or ask if it was then 🤔

  61. Vernell Harden

    Vernell Harden12 days ago

    Those people keep finding your house the need to stop that

  62. Tim Scanlon

    Tim Scanlon12 days ago

    A real intruder would never dress like that if they had to book it quickly through the woods or anywhere in the middle of the night. Its clearly someone they know playing along for views. Yall gullible af

  63. Oreo A

    Oreo A12 days ago

    Bruh, after that I'd have a bat in ma room!

  64. ms dick Mr dick have sex

    ms dick Mr dick have sex12 days ago

    Idubbbz said hi

  65. Ashtyn Abraham

    Ashtyn Abraham12 days ago

    You guy's are awesome

  66. Macrena Bennett

    Macrena Bennett12 days ago

    He throw a stone at the window

  67. Queen L

    Queen L12 days ago

    You were always true to me and your brothers

  68. Saffron Brace

    Saffron Brace12 days ago

    There was 2 green guys

  69. Aria Elena Mendoza

    Aria Elena Mendoza13 days ago

    Sorry mest up on my tping

  70. Aria Elena Mendoza

    Aria Elena Mendoza13 days ago

    Love uour vids

  71. Taalili Paetau

    Taalili Paetau13 days ago

    Wow so scary a green fat body scary!

  72. Green Wolf Wolves

    Green Wolf Wolves14 days ago

    Why they screM everytime they see him. I dont believe this its so fake

  73. daniel Brown

    daniel Brown15 days ago

    This is so fake

  74. Hayden Papachristophorou

    Hayden Papachristophorou15 days ago

    Fake AF

  75. Ud Metali

    Ud Metali15 days ago

    But it's so funny..........nah just kidding but it's so creepy

  76. Ud Metali

    Ud Metali15 days ago

    So creepy when he saw the cemara

  77. Scooter M.

    Scooter M.15 days ago

    get a dog

  78. Jake Martinez

    Jake Martinez15 days ago

    I wish i could be in your vids...But im in canda,Niagara

  79. Jake Martinez

    Jake Martinez15 days ago

    You guys are my favourite youtubers❤

  80. LostGamer _YT

    LostGamer _YT15 days ago

    kinda looks fake

  81. gamerguy plzyz

    gamerguy plzyz15 days ago

    03 53 in the right coroner so one was there

  82. Noor Karim

    Noor Karim15 days ago

    I know that it is jake Paul because on his Chanel he posted breaking into the dobre brother house. ALWAYS stay SAFE!

  83. Noor Karim

    Noor Karim15 days ago

    It is definitely jake Paul

  84. Ami Moon

    Ami Moon15 days ago

    My name is Haley

  85. Wbyrne09 gaming

    Wbyrne09 gaming15 days ago

    Ha probably jake paul lol

  86. Ava Chun

    Ava Chun16 days ago

    if you look at the bushes on the right their is somthing there

  87. Macayla Babb

    Macayla Babb16 days ago

    I love you guys

  88. Macayla Babb

    Macayla Babb16 days ago


  89. Redline roam2

    Redline roam216 days ago

    This is fake

  90. jackyaboyizback591

    jackyaboyizback59117 days ago


  91. 1kalan Goat

    1kalan Goat17 days ago

    They make fake videos

  92. Hailey Fischer

    Hailey Fischer17 days ago

    Cyrus or Darius . All I can say. Wait isn’t that the same guy that was in ur vid at the ice skating rink? I’m so confused. Who do you guys think it us??

  93. Hailey Fischer

    Hailey Fischer17 days ago


  94. Rebecca Thompson

    Rebecca Thompson17 days ago

    10000$$$$ dollars says you dead

  95. Louis Reyes

    Louis Reyes17 days ago

    Fake ag


    PRINCESS ALANA17 days ago

    Is this was real Reply if u think so

  97. Yeetbox Productions

    Yeetbox Productions17 days ago

    This is fake. They’re fake as shit, you can tell by the way they act. It’s all fake for more views.

  98. Bryceroni Vlogs

    Bryceroni Vlogs17 days ago

    this is fake because you would have woken up to the stuff hitting the floor

  99. Landon Schuler

    Landon Schuler18 days ago

    I was that man ha ha ha 😈

  100. johnathon swidas

    johnathon swidas18 days ago

    That's green

  101. jlkm73

    jlkm7318 days ago

    good thing he or she didn't steel anything

  102. Amy Hudson

    Amy Hudson18 days ago


  103. Carla Brambila

    Carla Brambila18 days ago

    I. Am. Dun

  104. britt Pike

    britt Pike18 days ago

    There is two green guys

  105. Shawn-Boi Provard

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  106. Franky Nedo

    Franky Nedo18 days ago

    next time you see the green guy unmask him