1. Lucas and Marcus

    Lucas and Marcus8 months ago


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  3. Ashley Ord

    Ashley Ord3 months ago

    Lucas and Marcus osom

  4. Marlielis Vicente

    Marlielis Vicente3 months ago

    Lucas and Marcus as😘😙📷😘😘

  5. Cassandra Plays minecraft and roblox

    Cassandra Plays minecraft and roblox4 months ago

    Love you too

  6. Bryan Soto

    Bryan Soto4 months ago

    Lucas and Marcus I love all the scary videos that you make 🤡🤡

  7. Miriam Ramos

    Miriam RamosHour ago

    Omg call 911

  8. Miriam Ramos

    Miriam RamosHour ago


  9. ashley ineson

    ashley ineson5 hours ago

    It your dad

  10. Marycruz González

    Marycruz González6 hours ago

    If i was you i will beat him up.

  11. Jose Guerrero

    Jose Guerrero7 hours ago


  12. Lo tomo boyyys

    Lo tomo boyyys9 hours ago

    How ya doing

  13. Tyrese Crain

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  14. Tyrese Crain

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  15. Carmen Navarrete

    Carmen Navarrete11 hours ago

    Lucas do you now hi is the green man how did you now to do back frippe

  16. Bryan Martinez

    Bryan Martinez12 hours ago

    Hi I’m just your biggest fane

  17. Marketa Bublikova

    Marketa Bublikova19 hours ago

    maybe he is cold???

  18. Kingston Kerlin

    Kingston Kerlin20 hours ago

    Hi is this real

  19. Eeshaan RAM

    Eeshaan RAMDay ago

    there is no sound

  20. Giselle Barrera

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  22. Elyse and Jake Pooley

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  23. Vanessa Oliver

    Vanessa OliverDay ago

    I want to kill the green guy

  24. Vanessa Oliver

    Vanessa OliverDay ago

    Just for the dobre brothers

  25. Vanessa Oliver

    Vanessa OliverDay ago

    He did break a window



    I am in bangladashe bat I love you



    I love. So so so so so much

  28. Jayla Mills

    Jayla MillsDay ago

    Can I get a shout out plz and I love you 👀😍👉👁💌u and your girlfriend💏👫 and I love green, door

  29. Jayla Mills

    Jayla MillsDay ago

    I mean dood

  30. ashley sokol

    ashley sokol2 days ago

    Hi I love your vids

  31. DeLaura J.

    DeLaura J.2 days ago

    She broke the grass or je

  32. Melody Davis

    Melody Davis2 days ago

    I noe his name his name is green guy

  33. Elenna Zt

    Elenna Zt2 days ago

    A lot of stuff happens in the house you should move or it will happen more and the green guy will keep coming

  34. Jimin__cool Cool

    Jimin__cool Cool2 days ago

    It might be ur dad or dairus or cairus

  35. Ryan Mawdsley

    Ryan Mawdsley2 days ago

    Omg I love your videos so much I love you so much Dobre brothers😘😍😝

  36. Bella Snyder

    Bella Snyder2 days ago

    Don't be mad you call the police he's not going to be able to hurt you

  37. Sophia Estrada

    Sophia Estrada3 days ago

    I wonder why he is doing this

  38. Mr Vaca

    Mr Vaca3 days ago

    Lucas and marcus i like your videos i like your murch. I have your murch. Lucas.marcus

  39. Carla Segura

    Carla Segura3 days ago

    I am so sorry

  40. Kawaii Candy

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  42. Verena van Wouwen

    Verena van Wouwen4 days ago

    more green cuy it is soooooooo coooooll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Deniss daliy

    Deniss daliy5 days ago

    This will give me nightmares🎈

  44. Sue Sewnandan

    Sue Sewnandan6 days ago

    He is greesi

  45. Lamont Torain

    Lamont Torain7 days ago

    I love you so much i can't stop watching. You

  46. Jorge Palacio

    Jorge Palacio7 days ago

    Hello I’m Cohen yugo ay Walker dónde puedo Bing Lion oyes de donde soy o no o dos Berio saludo que estén en Brook amo chao Waze Angry Birds no den You You hay dinero y no Rodríguez ya no está

  47. Anthony Bonham

    Anthony Bonham7 days ago

    It's a human in a green suit

  48. Julio Martinez

    Julio Martinez7 days ago

    We. all love you









    What if the green guy is Cyrus or Darius!!!!!

  52. Boog G09

    Boog G098 days ago

    Their good

  53. Boog G09

    Boog G098 days ago

    Prank little sister

  54. Jovon Jamison

    Jovon Jamison9 days ago

    He broke your door

  55. The fun family Fun

    The fun family Fun9 days ago

    Go you Heineken I am really I guess

  56. Kamari Richardson

    Kamari Richardson9 days ago

    I know you remember when you was doing gymnastics at 3:am

  57. The Noob

    The Noob9 days ago

    You Guys Need too make a Dobre Team

  58. Loretta Butler

    Loretta Butler10 days ago

    Is he mad at you

  59. Trinity Letzia

    Trinity Letzia10 days ago

    I know that green guy

  60. Guava Juice

    Guava Juice10 days ago

    He throwed a brick at the window

  61. kayla jones

    kayla jones10 days ago

    Kill Thea’s peopl 👿👿👿👿👿👿😾😾🤬🤬🤬

  62. Lillian Cotto

    Lillian Cotto11 days ago

    The green guy is your dad

  63. Fizzah Batool

    Fizzah Batool12 days ago

    Lucas and Marcus we love u too ❤️❤️😘😘. LOL when the green man fell 😂😂

  64. Nusayb Shariff

    Nusayb Shariff12 days ago

    the green guy is your dad

  65. Guy Dirmeir

    Guy Dirmeir14 days ago

    At 3:53 you see a nother green guy behind the gator were the tree is.

  66. Monu Bonu

    Monu Bonu14 days ago


  67. Siemmone Toby

    Siemmone Toby14 days ago

    At 6:03 hahaha😆😆😆😆

  68. Gloria Carbonel

    Gloria Carbonel16 days ago

    Call the police now




  70. random person

    random person16 days ago

    You're Light and Cool

  71. Peggy Rhode

    Peggy Rhode17 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse 7:42

  72. Jennifer Daniel

    Jennifer Daniel17 days ago

    Text me on Instagram cuz I got to send Q and a question for you

  73. NevaehDarrianShylah DNS

    NevaehDarrianShylah DNS18 days ago

    yo you were scared

  74. Ocean Williams

    Ocean Williams18 days ago

    Watching this with my two month old baby boy is quite scary

  75. Jm Kilario

    Jm Kilario19 days ago

    Yow guys iloveyou

  76. Erick Rosario

    Erick Rosario20 days ago

    You guys never called the police so that's why bad stuff happen

  77. Elvis Velasquez

    Elvis Velasquez21 day ago


  78. Aniyah Bell

    Aniyah Bell21 day ago

    Lucas and Marcus I am super super super super super mad at the dream guy he is ugh and just so you know I am you you guys just so you know I am not going to go on you guys's tours I can't see you guys when you guys aren't or because I do not live in public I live in El Cajon too bad you guys can't visit us here cuz public is farb in El Cajon

  79. Pawan Kaur

    Pawan Kaur21 day ago

    He used a rock

  80. HamedUAE WWE2k18

    HamedUAE WWE2k1822 days ago

    HamedUAE WWE2k18 ho UK

  81. Gwen Mikaela De Asa

    Gwen Mikaela De Asa22 days ago

    I feel mad at the green guy i want him to go at prison i love you guys sooooo much tooo dobre brothers

  82. Andre Alvarez

    Andre Alvarez23 days ago

    I hate you gauges you guys always lie

  83. Emil Helge Thestrup 3U Katrinedalskolen, afdeling Udby

    Emil Helge Thestrup 3U Katrinedalskolen, afdeling Udby23 days ago

    He has socks on What the heck outside

  84. Jelly fish 17362 Anderson

    Jelly fish 17362 Anderson23 days ago

    He throwed

  85. Victoria Peric

    Victoria Peric23 days ago

    Ha ha ha he slip

  86. Victoria Peric

    Victoria Peric23 days ago

    Make sure you stay safe

  87. Victoria Peric

    Victoria Peric23 days ago

    You guys need to lock your doors

  88. carlos256100

    carlos25610024 days ago

    This was publish on my birthday

  89. zachyb

    zachyb24 days ago

    clickbait reason: when someone breaks into your house you call the cops

  90. Lien Nguyen

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    Its your dad

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    Your number is going to call your name and I your phone and I will can am. Missing your invoice I am just getting home from work now I am. Open. Edema has been some time for y’all too but

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    I just wanna is your time for me to be a little late this weekend so I’ll be send me it tomorrow at I will send over. Put the your number on in my phone and send you a picture and send you something to send Howasllos

  94. kkmoney fatez Mars

    kkmoney fatez Mars25 days ago

    Is like a game of five nights of b Freddy

  95. vine ation

    vine ation25 days ago

    wheres the forth brother

  96. Gisela Giron

    Gisela Giron25 days ago

    Seedeng do they live cause outside snow

  97. Sophia Laruscain

    Sophia Laruscain26 days ago

    That is so creepy

  98. Cecilia Villareal

    Cecilia Villareal26 days ago

    It's definitely Lucas

  99. Charity Swain - Heart Lake SS (2462)

    Charity Swain - Heart Lake SS (2462)26 days ago

    I seen the green guy in the gymnastics mansion!!!

  100. Claudia Johnson

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  101. Loser Kary

    Loser Kary26 days ago

    So fake and cringy😪

  102. I van tari bantasan

    I van tari bantasan27 days ago

    Hi lucas and marus

  103. Ashley Day

    Ashley Day27 days ago

    Tjat green guy is fat bro

  104. Amanda Coleman

    Amanda Coleman28 days ago

    He broke the window by the way

  105. Betija Aumale

    Betija Aumale28 days ago

    I so love you Lucas and Marcus

  106. Tony Adams

    Tony Adams29 days ago

    its dilonarbee

  107. Hannah ??

    Hannah ??29 days ago

    Omg!!! I’m not scared of the clowns in ur videos I’m not scared of game master in ur videos but I’m ASCARED OF THAT GREEN GUY!!! ps:in real I’m scared of clowns....