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    Lucas and Marcus osom

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    Lucas and Marcus as😘😙📷😘😘

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    Love you too

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    Lucas and Marcus I love all the scary videos that you make 🤡🤡

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    Lucas and Marcus

  7. Toni Beckham

    Toni Beckham4 hours ago

    It was your dad you will see

  8. aaliyah vlogs daily life

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    You guys snore to loud that’s why you didn’t hear anything!!!

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    Lol that was ur father

  11. Debra Garcia

    Debra Garcia2 days ago

    On the camera I saw 2 green guys!!!

  12. emily wallace

    emily wallace2 days ago

    I think I saw some dance shoes

  13. NiSoKaTV

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    Guys you really need an extreme dog in your property.

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    Project zero is watching you

  16. Abigail Battista

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    why are you not doping no more movie

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    He mite of hate you and he’s stalking you he’s not a fan

  18. Kylie Pisani

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    Awwww guys Is it really not a prank I watched Game master And now... THE GREEN GUY 😱😱😱😱😱😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 LOVE YOU. gUYS lol

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    WTF dude

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    Get a Mendel door for when you sleep

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    It was the dad

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    Oh my god green man

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    I felt so baed

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    Did you call the cops

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    😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰 love you so much

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    Look what just mom got SUBSONIC

  29. Bryan Torrey

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    So a MReporter they have a haker and i think thet you have a haker

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    Think it's your friends are your brothers Cyrus or Darius

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    He's back 😣😣😣😣😣

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    or hee dus broke in

  33. Rs Junior channel

    Rs Junior channel9 days ago

    I recommed your house to have a security system so if anybody want to tresspassing it will be sounded. My house have that to 😎. Btw I love your videos😁👍

  34. nevaehdurbin

    nevaehdurbin9 days ago

    Be safe with these weird people out here

  35. Torie,brianna bodly

    Torie,brianna bodly9 days ago

    He might have had a pick lock

  36. Latoya Griffith

    Latoya Griffith9 days ago

    Not a prank

  37. Jessica play minecraft you rock Johnson

    Jessica play minecraft you rock Johnson9 days ago

    Done! Shout me out! My name is Hassan! Im 7 years old! You guys rock!!!

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    you have yo call the cops

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    Clauni. 6-

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    Yeah alisar

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    Yes it's scary

  45. nigel maharaj

    nigel maharaj10 days ago

    i only disliked it cause i got scared

  46. susana Gaiao

    susana Gaiao10 days ago

    The monster told him go to this time stamp 4 32 and look at the corner

  47. Lucia Chavez

    Lucia Chavez10 days ago

    is the green guy trying to break his neck or something XD

  48. Gabriela Bocanegra

    Gabriela Bocanegra10 days ago

    Rebecca solves a puzzle at a abandon RK and it said dobre and it said for GM

  49. Kakros Deli

    Kakros Deli10 days ago

    Itis drama not bad

  50. Kakros Deli

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    You lawyers man..

  51. Germaine Manawis

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    I think that is a hater

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    I love Marcus and lucas

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    He's a hater

  55. Alaya Gonzales

    Alaya Gonzales11 days ago

    You need to go check out the MReporter channel Rebecca it’s important it’s about you guys and the game master

  56. Drlove Germany

    Drlove Germany11 days ago

    Ummmmmmm... there was a person with a mast!!!!!!!!!

  57. SwagerBoyNL

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    It’s fat Spider-Man

  58. girija prasad

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    no way

  59. Ugandan knuckles boi BOOTIFUL BOI

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  60. Braxton Neal Sadler

    Braxton Neal Sadler14 days ago

    you guys are cool and your other brother are cool

  61. android games hacker

    android games hacker14 days ago

    u are in morning and camera record in night

  62. Peter Wyrick Sanchez

    Peter Wyrick Sanchez15 days ago

    I see the neck of the green guy it's a human

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    Well nah dur

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    OMG xD

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    I hope u will be safe

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    Its the fat weird green man XD

  67. Analyn Binaobawan

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    Its the green man CALL 911!!!!!!! NOW

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    I love your video kiss good afternoon dobre Army

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    Omg wtf

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    You guys should lock all doors and stop leaving them open, This is how things happen like this

  71. Blossom

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    It’s five nights at Freddys. When they check the cameras

  72. love bunny

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    No one broke in to your house ok

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    He smashed the window

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    who broke into your guys house

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    At 4:05 there was another green guy at the far right

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  79. Ashley Papion

    Ashley Papion18 days ago

    Why was he in a chubby suit

  80. Jason TheGreat

    Jason TheGreat18 days ago

    go to the part were he looks at the window then looks back agin

  81. Jason TheGreat

    Jason TheGreat18 days ago

    i saw that boy in your 3:00am hide and seek go look he was behind the window

  82. Msp Queen Wolf

    Msp Queen Wolf18 days ago

    Why he broke in you are rich famous kinda that's why like if u agre

  83. Arianna Gomez

    Arianna Gomez18 days ago

    Where was that he’s stupid

  84. 04dragonflies

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    I love you too

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    Do a 3am

  86. Gabby's Vlogs

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    He broke the door he threw something at it

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    I think its a haters

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    Hi I am a big fan

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    £122222222222 for me

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  92. The Man

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    Please play games

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    That’s just creepy I ❤️Lucas and Marcus

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  95. jgoplay johnson

    jgoplay johnson20 days ago

    OMG 😂😂😂 did people think this is real it’s obviously one of your friends in a suit 😂😂 and if he was Who dresses up in a green suit to rob someone’s house so obvious 😂😂😂 and you’re making this video to get attention honestly

  96. Sheng Yang Chen

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  97. 7mada _

    7mada _20 days ago

    why did you didnt call the cops

  98. Jay Roberts

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    is your girl freinds name sadie

  99. Mecca Douglas

    Mecca Douglas21 day ago

    Press read more you will regret

  100. GaMeR 300.0

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    It's a hater

  101. the Undertale Sans the Skeleton

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    it’s Roi because i Saw the Fortnite Dance Challenge

  102. Jaden czarinah Catubag

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    I'm kinda confuesd who is marcus and lucas

  103. Sneakerhead 23

    Sneakerhead 2322 days ago

    There are two people look at the right corner camera 2

  104. AyeNahMe

    AyeNahMe22 days ago

    Someone broke into my house to I'm rich like my parents but we have a vault and someone stole $2k cash I was like WTF!I We call the police he was still in the vault but he is very fast then we caught em I was like mom mom dad dad Logan come here I saw call the swat team the guy was in a Black and white shirt his shirt said Dobre Army idk why he said I want moula then I unmasked him and it was a guy his name was Dylan Baller type in if ya know him

  105. AyeNahMe

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  106. AyeNahMe

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    Yo this is scary

  107. genesis olmarin

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    His da saym won from ascaytin at 3 am and 3 am Jaydand sik jimnastik jim

  108. Dylan Kalyan

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    Sorry guys for all of this which is happening

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    Call the police 🚓 now!!!!!!!

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    He threw a shoe to the door