Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer


  1. Newsea12

    Newsea126 hours ago

    Did people really want this movie. I didn't need it. It's just Disney capitalizing on the Star Wars franchise. It takes the magic out of Star Wars having a movie every year.

  2. salvador pizano

    salvador pizano7 hours ago

    i have a bad feeling about this...

  3. ValueOfNothing

    ValueOfNothing7 hours ago

    I hope it's just not a bunch of action pieces separated by quips.

  4. Charles Gregorio

    Charles Gregorio8 hours ago


  5. frozencloud17

    frozencloud178 hours ago

    Is Boba Fett going to be in this?

  6. The BluePigGaming

    The BluePigGaming8 hours ago

    Ok, who is Cherie’s girlfriend?

  7. whutzat

    whutzat9 hours ago

    You MAYBE could have squeezed out something decent if you'd cast Anthony Ingruber like people TOLD you too...but noooooo....

  8. TheFierceGamer

    TheFierceGamer11 hours ago


  9. Many Legs

    Many Legs12 hours ago

    boring trailer

  10. Jordan Gan

    Jordan Gan13 hours ago

    Is it just me or am I noticing that Star Wars is copying Marvel nowadays (Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy in particular)?

  11. SKER

    SKER13 hours ago

    1:10 m wf is that

  12. Shaun Barry

    Shaun Barry14 hours ago

    I really REALLY hope it's not as bad as the last 2 sequels..The slated prequels were better than them in everyway.. Rogue one was okish.. #savestarwars

  13. DR. MAXIXA

    DR. MAXIXA14 hours ago


  14. irkenus

    irkenus14 hours ago

    Ron Howard is perfect for the director's chair!

  15. StuntmanJake

    StuntmanJake14 hours ago

    They should have given the role to Anthony Ingruber

  16. Kaevek Plays

    Kaevek Plays14 hours ago

    This looks awful.

  17. Jhonatan Ronald Choque Sanchez

    Jhonatan Ronald Choque Sanchez15 hours ago

    👏👏👏👏👏👏 lindo la película

  18. Mr Hmmm

    Mr Hmmm17 hours ago

    Hell ya

  19. Dylan Schloesser

    Dylan Schloesser17 hours ago

    Haymitch from Hunger Games. Bet he drinks in this movie too

  20. Morgoth from Angband

    Morgoth from Angband17 hours ago

    Why did they change the Falcon design? Will they now also change the Falcon in the other Star Wars movies?

  21. Mobile Mayhem

    Mobile Mayhem18 hours ago

    Was that Sana??

  22. sborreo sborresi

    sborreo sborresi18 hours ago

    1:32 chewies wife

  23. Geof Ingram

    Geof Ingram18 hours ago

    the best looking fan film ever.

  24. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson19 hours ago

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  25. robbe maes

    robbe maes19 hours ago

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  26. Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson19 hours ago

    1:35 HA!!

  27. Dylan Murphy

    Dylan Murphy19 hours ago

    I hate the way they are making so much movies about a galaxy far, far away. Like come on Disney, this isn't the milking way.

  28. Sasquatch 6

    Sasquatch 619 hours ago

    I'm getting low key excited for this, I don't care what everyone else thinks, if its Star Wars I will more than likely like it.

  29. black insignia

    black insignia20 hours ago

    I think the girl will be the villain

  30. Gotham Savior

    Gotham Savior20 hours ago

    This does not feel like Star Wars.

  31. VideoPine

    VideoPine21 hour ago

    The solo song version trailer is still better. That's the tone this should have had, he should just be a scoundrel and not care about any higher cause than himself. That comes later in the original trilogy.

  32. ZeFFir

    ZeFFir21 hour ago

    Hope you all realise that this "big shot gangster" is Jabba, not some angry noname in the trailer?

  33. tristan_gamer237 Goldsmith

    tristan_gamer237 Goldsmith22 hours ago

    star wars the last Jedi is awsome

  34. Tscosplay

    Tscosplay22 hours ago

    " Push it " ......its Punch it...

  35. Daniel's channel

    Daniel's channel22 hours ago

    Yeah, the wookie has no pants!!

  36. Typical person

    Typical person22 hours ago

    So much ppl for a solo movie

  37. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith23 hours ago

    "a flyer" you mean pilot? i think this film looks great. mostly because of lando and chewie but whatever.

  38. Daniel Martin

    Daniel Martin23 hours ago

    another star wars movie ? i'm sick of hollywood

  39. Chris fromthe80s

    Chris fromthe80s23 hours ago

    Solo: A Blade Runner story

  40. Naminski

    Naminski18 hours ago

    Same actor, Harrison Ford.

  41. The Inquisition

    The InquisitionDay ago

    I feel a disturbance in the warp

  42. craapmaker

    craapmakerDay ago

    "Inside Sarlacc. Search of Lost Time" will come in 2030 !!

  43. Jasmine Jlita

    Jasmine JlitaDay ago

    Why does L-3 sound like Captain Phasma

  44. wv11989

    wv11989Day ago

    Oh this is guna be rough

  45. Tulus GT Nainggolan

    Tulus GT NainggolanDay ago

    May the Force be with this movie. I have a bad feeling about this movie.

  46. LILNUT

    LILNUTDay ago

    I love the music

  47. Skoda

    SkodaDay ago

    very generic, generic dialogue, generic plot, generic characters... although i'm sure it'll be an ok action flick because of the high budget and it'll do well in theaters because of the star wars logo

  48. Ranbir Is cool

    Ranbir Is coolDay ago

    He does

  49. The Cookie Monster

    The Cookie MonsterDay ago

    Notice the fog or clouds in almost every scene? low budget?

  50. Kompe2

    Kompe2Day ago

    ReyRey comis inn the door and sais "Darth Kyle Solo- What a pleasant surprise...! I ve bean expacting yoi....!" *clicl* bzzzZZ!!* IGNITES SABER and Adam Droves is like- No!! But this time I You will faill!! And his angry and ignites the saber the samall LIGHTsaber knife BZX *BZZ!!*

  51. Kompe2

    Kompe2Day ago

    Amd chewbacka can STAL the small lightsaber KNIFES from under his pillow when he sleeps- yes yes and audience think its going work but then YOU see *a d a m d r i v es* touchGRAB Chewbacca hand and said "I dont think so..!"

  52. Ala G

    Ala GDay ago

    What about the Rock attack on the wookie?

  53. pony81

    pony81Day ago

    It's so dense.

  54. occ77

    occ77Day ago

    1:10 That new Millennium Falcon scent... #Priceless

  55. Mario Knez

    Mario KnezDay ago

    Dew It: A Star Wars Story

  56. MateoKalifas420

    MateoKalifas420Day ago


  57. PhasmaGaming44

    PhasmaGaming44Day ago

    I really hope this movie just blows everyones expectations and becomes really amazing, RO did that but it had a few faults.

  58. Lyle Abraham

    Lyle AbrahamDay ago

    Screw all the naysayers and detractors, this movie is going to be awsome!!! Why? Woody Harelson, Wookie and Millennium Falcon. It may not be a universally accepted view but I personally have never seen a Woody Harelson movie i did not like.

  59. The Truth

    The TruthDay ago

    I dont even watch buzzfeed and I already know this audio book is going to be terrible.

  60. MisAnthro Pony

    MisAnthro PonyDay ago

    It can't get any worse after The Last Jedi, so I'll give this one a chance. Fingers crossed it's good.

  61. Merry Mary

    Merry MaryDay ago


  62. Andrew Musillo

    Andrew MusilloDay ago

    It looks good and should be good (Good director, cast, production, source material, etc....) But for some reason, i think its gonna be bad. I mean, i havent seen (besides trailers) any advertisement towards this film. Also look at the last 3 movies, all released in December, but this movie is put up against Deadpool and coming of the back of Infinity war, Rampage, Truth or dare and A Quiet Place.

  63. Luke Agnew

    Luke AgnewDay ago


  64. Luke Agnew

    Luke AgnewDay ago


  65. Francisco Moreira Lima

    Francisco Moreira LimaDay ago

    Looks pretty good. And now we have Chewie's age! Officially, I mean.

  66. Bigbad Crawford

    Bigbad CrawfordDay ago

    Enfys nest is qi'ra

  67. portal2passion

    portal2passionDay ago

    Di$ney has absolutely ruined the Star Wars franchise 100% Confirmed.

  68. Tomeka Pompey

    Tomeka PompeyDay ago

    I am sure you'll learn how to make it if you'll read stodoys HANDBOOKS from cover to cover :)

  69. Krizana Santamaria

    Krizana SantamariaDay ago

    He's young talented not ugly but has a square head cmon Star Wars find some one that looks more like the real Solo!

  70. madblade

    madbladeDay ago

    Why did they make this? A. Money and Millennial stupidity

  71. Mr. Tooti Frooti

    Mr. Tooti FrootiDay ago

    This doesn't really feel like a starwars film, which is sorta a good sign since all starwars films are the same. So hopefully it's good.

  72. Andrew Cannone

    Andrew CannoneDay ago

    I hope they give us a good Chewie back story

  73. Kenneth Young

    Kenneth YoungDay ago

    so high tension knowing at all times that the ship will be at least salvageable and that the three main members of the crew will live... also wow 1:40 , love these marvel inspired tension defusing lines, awesome how everyone sprinkles these around blockbusters now so people don't get too invested

  74. Mr Melongna

    Mr MelongnaDay ago

    Starwars sucks because they are the reason they have to delay Avatar 2

  75. Mr Melongna

    Mr MelongnaDay ago

    And I mean the blue Alien Avatar Movie

  76. Katelyn Taylor

    Katelyn TaylorDay ago


  77. DARA Flores

    DARA FloresDay ago

    Fiuufff I thought this year will be only this movie but I hope there’s still episode 9 I can’t wait to see if there’s reylo!!

  78. Brandon Reploeg

    Brandon ReploegDay ago

    Where the tusks a sign of Boba ?

  79. Duane Shields

    Duane ShieldsDay ago

    The Fast & The Furious: A Star Wars Story

  80. hakeme sperf

    hakeme sperfDay ago

    “Money will buy you a bed, but not a good night’s sleep, a house, but not a home, a companion, but not a friend.”

  81. Lauri Markkanen

    Lauri MarkkanenDay ago

    Looks good.

  82. Saul Cuif

    Saul CuifDay ago

    Why do we need that awful woody? Hate that pothead redneck.

  83. Aaron Curry

    Aaron CurryDay ago

    Why? Going in with low expectations so I won't be disappointed like the Last Jedi.

  84. Ryan Przespolewski

    Ryan PrzespolewskiDay ago


  85. Jul But

    Jul ButDay ago

    Seems cheap and boring as hell.

  86. Enfys Nest

    Enfys NestDay ago

    Looks good. Hope it doesn't disappoint and that Enfys is a well written villain. :)

  87. legendstatus101

    legendstatus101Day ago

    I wonder if we'll see the legendary Kessel run in under 12 parsecs and find out one and for all if that's a denomination of time or distance Kappa

  88. Chansamai Ly

    Chansamai LyDay ago

    Leia: Princess Diaries 1-6

  89. Jeopardy Dexter

    Jeopardy DexterDay ago

    This movie looks fine in all honesty. Like just a fun action movie. Isn't what the 'real fans' of Star Wars want nowadays?

  90. Evan Perkins

    Evan PerkinsDay ago

    Is just me or does the main bad guy looks like the illusive man when he’s in mass effect 3.

  91. R Mackenna

    R MackennaDay ago

    I lost my faith in the Star Wars Saga a looooong time ago.

  92. AmbiencePT

    AmbiencePTDay ago

    No lightsabers zzzzzz

  93. Roscoe 665

    Roscoe 665Day ago

    Everything about this is great . Except that one Line at the end "so glad we took this job" it just ruins the epicness of the last 30 seconds of this trailer

  94. Graham Thompson

    Graham ThompsonDay ago

    Looking forward to that looks better than the last Jedi!!!!! Not hard tho


    MMA FIGHTDay ago

    Why solo do kenobi

  96. Rahul Patel

    Rahul PatelDay ago

    Yolo: A Star Wars Story

  97. Ohio Atheist

    Ohio AtheistDay ago

    Donald Glover has Billy Dee down pat!

  98. Ray Robinson

    Ray RobinsonDay ago

    They should've made a Darth Maul origins movie. That would've been epic

  99. Carl Reynolds

    Carl Reynolds8 hours ago

    So you'd be keen for a silent movie then? awesome

  100. Mud Lord

    Mud LordDay ago

    couldnt pay me to watch this movie

  101. Dobos Orsolya

    Dobos OrsolyaDay ago


  102. Im A Frog Bro

    Im A Frog BroDay ago


  103. MonkeySharkPro

    MonkeySharkProDay ago

    This movie has Lando in it, so I know I'm going to like this more than the Force Awakens and Last Jedi.

  104. Lwandile Mthembu

    Lwandile MthembuDay ago

    Who thinks they should make an Old Republic movie?