Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer


  1. Gustav Okpu

    Gustav Okpu11 hours ago

    highly recommended, worth watching

  2. Michael Hodgkinson

    Michael Hodgkinson23 hours ago

    I want the next anthology film to be a Bobba Fett movie it could be about what happened to him after Episode 2 and how he became the biggest badass ever

  3. artisan555

    artisan555Day ago

    A cowboy movie in space. Gotcha.

  4. Kyr208

    Kyr2085 days ago

    Why does every movie that’s titled ________ : A Star Wars Story always good?

  5. Ram Bow

    Ram Bow6 days ago

    Watched this half way on Netflix and then we turned it off. Trash.

  6. Цаце Цацевски

    Цаце Цацевски6 days ago

    This movie was AWESOME.Actually it turns out that the movies which are A Star Wars Story are better compared to the episodes 7 or 8 for that matter who are just devastating shadow or failed attempt of creating Star Wars.

  7. Ryan Przespolewski

    Ryan Przespolewski6 days ago


  8. Ben Quinney

    Ben Quinney7 days ago

    A literal NPC

  9. Foxy74

    Foxy748 days ago

    I very enjoy it! Watch the movie first or this will taste your eyes It show how millennium falcon turn into junky

  10. Noah McDonald

    Noah McDonald9 days ago

    Here’s a question I want to ask. Who build The millennium falcon?

  11. Michigan Wolverines FTW

    Michigan Wolverines FTW5 days ago

    Noah McDonald i did

  12. Kofta VR gaming

    Kofta VR gaming9 days ago

    This movie was awesome. Don't know why some people gave it hate, it was fun, exciting, and had good characters. I'd rate 9/10.

  13. Siv Krishnan

    Siv Krishnan10 days ago

    This movie was the best star wars movie released after The last jedi in my opinion.

  14. Deepak Vfx

    Deepak Vfx12 days ago

    Is this movie continuous to rogue one? Or different

  15. badtupram

    badtupram13 days ago

    I watched this movie for the first time on Netflix. I had waited months because I was so burned by the latest Star War installments but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. It's really good. Not overly campy, great story that's not totally predictable, great acting, and tons of fun nostalgic moments. I'll say this much, it's much better than 'The Force Awakens' or 'The Last Jedi'. I liked it better than 'Rogue One' as well. If you're on the fence give it a go. I think you'll enjoy it.

  16. Siv Krishnan

    Siv Krishnan15 days ago

    Will obi 1 vs maul in the next?

  17. Rouge one

    Rouge one17 days ago

    I prefer rogue one and TLJ but still great👍

  18. Jenay kinay

    Jenay kinay19 days ago

    Cover film nya ga menarik.. tapi filmnya bagus.. hampir ga ku donlot kmaren

  19. Muhammad Suhail Khan Malik

    Muhammad Suhail Khan Malik19 days ago

    i had So-low expectations for this movie. ;D

  20. Lucas Sanchez

    Lucas Sanchez21 day ago

    Actually really liked this movie

  21. gastro neto

    gastro neto22 days ago


  22. Mixskizy Tv

    Mixskizy Tv22 days ago

    Leia dislike dis movie

  23. Gabe

    Gabe23 days ago

    It may be forgettable, but they did their best!

  24. heyanctil_pui

    heyanctil_pui24 days ago

    Compare to Last Jedi, this movie is gold. I loved it!

  25. HorustheHorizon

    HorustheHorizon25 days ago

    Best recent star wars movie !!!! And I grew up with the originals

  26. Hoyt Archery

    Hoyt Archery25 days ago

    Just saw this last night with low expectations thanks to nerds, we'll thank you because I enjoyed the he'll out of this movie it was a fun ride, I didn't watch trailer I think that is 80% the reason why I loved it so much.

  27. Thatgamer pro97

    Thatgamer pro9724 days ago

    Yeah it was great

  28. Chanda Yadav

    Chanda Yadav28 days ago

    Great movie

  29. Bob Bob

    Bob BobMonth ago

    Make the sequel pls

  30. Robert Smith

    Robert SmithMonth ago

    I liked and enjoyed Solo: A Star Wars Story. And I recommend everyone to either go see it, or buy the DVD. I will never listen to a main stream critic again. Because of them I miss out on seeing a great and entertaining Star Wars movie. They talked so negative about the movie that I believed that the movie was not a good movie. After seeing it on Netflix, I greatly enjoyed the movie and I would have enjoyed it more on the big screen. I see that I can not trust film critic anymore, because I see that they are either more political, or they did not get enough money to speak good about this film. They need to learn to not to destroy things, and people careers, because they just don't remember to how to have fun and tell the truth about a movie that has real entertainment value for everyone and their fans. To make a long story short, They love telling a lie for money, than they do enjoy telling the truth.

  31. Bam Boozle

    Bam BoozleMonth ago

    Great movie! Delivered the goods.

  32. Stanley

    StanleyMonth ago

    solo: a sad story

  33. K. Chris Caldwell

    K. Chris CaldwellMonth ago

    I saw this last night. It was superb! I don't know what all the fuss was about. Most certainly was not like one of those nasty "prequels." Well worth the watch, and worthy addition to the _Star Wars_ cannon.

  34. Rafa El

    Rafa ElMonth ago

    How Darth maul is still live

  35. Dos Tap

    Dos Tap15 days ago

    He came back in The Clone Wars Tv show

  36. KidByMuscle Ledu

    KidByMuscle LeduMonth ago

    Guidance of the galaxy much?

  37. Alex Clark

    Alex ClarkMonth ago

    Who’s here after Star Wars might go away 😰😢

  38. Alex Clark

    Alex Clark28 days ago

    ALONGDEN 77 about what ?

  39. Adam Longden

    Adam Longden29 days ago

    Alex Clark they won’t trust me

  40. Alex Clark

    Alex Clark29 days ago

    ALONGDEN 77 after the last Jedi that they might cancel episode 9

  41. Adam Longden

    Adam Longden29 days ago

    Alex Clark ??

  42. Nome a Caso

    Nome a CasoMonth ago

    Sad I missed the movie

  43. Neo Moon Sevin

    Neo Moon SevinMonth ago

    Waiting for this to come to sky tv nz ppl say it was shert but I think they just need to get used to it to understand it

  44. Jonas Music

    Jonas MusicMonth ago

    To all those who boycotted the movie: Chewie actually died Just kidding haha

  45. majstor svix vremena

    majstor svix vremenaMonth ago

    Lando solo cui epizode 5-6

  46. I Am Connor

    I Am ConnorMonth ago

    First mistake to this movie was not casting Anthony ingruber as Solo.

  47. Jalen Barber

    Jalen BarberMonth ago

    Loved the movie.

  48. Ivan Freely

    Ivan FreelyMonth ago

    Just watched it. I should not have listened to the critics. After that huge disappointment of TLJ, I stopped caring. Honestly a good fun movie to watch. Kudos to Ron Howard for saving it. Hoping to see more of Qi-Ra's story.

  49. flisnoo shaboo

    flisnoo shabooMonth ago

    good movie

  50. Back Gambit

    Back GambitMonth ago

    Everything about trying XWing rogue squadron into a full length movie or animated am I seeing Ron Howard or JJ Abrams directing

  51. Ivan Freely

    Ivan FreelyMonth ago

    No more Jar Jar. Yes for Ron Howard.

  52. Byron Stukenberg

    Byron StukenbergMonth ago

    Complete Trash

  53. Ram Bow

    Ram Bow6 days ago

    I agree, we were watching it on Nerflix and turned it off half way into it. Complete garbage.

  54. Ryder Barton

    Ryder BartonMonth ago

    Byron Stukenberg you been watch movies too long. The First 2 Prequels took a cake.

  55. Ivan Freely

    Ivan FreelyMonth ago

    What didn't you like about it?

  56. James Pickles

    James PicklesMonth ago

    great movie love the new falcon

  57. ElBautiBonzi

    ElBautiBonziMonth ago

    I remember as if it was yasterday I was watching 100 times at day this trailer and all the little scenes they put at tye Star Wars MReporter channel

  58. MegaJetJaguar

    MegaJetJaguarMonth ago

    This was a really good Star Wars movie! I am definitely going to have to add it to my collection soon.

  59. ifish Angling

    ifish AnglingMonth ago

    At least it was better than Rogue One....

  60. AminFromYoutube

    AminFromYoutubeMonth ago

    I don't understand star war movies

  61. Rares Sava

    Rares SavaMonth ago

    basically wizzards that fight with laser swords and pilots without an explicit coordonation that destroy big things

  62. Muhammedazlam 04843273025

    Muhammedazlam 04843273025Month ago

    Flop movie

  63. LizardHouse

    LizardHouseMonth ago

    Decent film.

  64. Little Khaleesi

    Little KhaleesiMonth ago


  65. gimmiepig

    gimmiepigMonth ago

    More Star Wars garbage! It was terrible.

  66. Ram Bow

    Ram Bow6 days ago

    +Joker Snipez All three Marvel Avengers movies are in the top ten highest grossing movies of all time because they were worth watching several times. Solo is somewhere on the bottom pile. Turned it off half way through....might finish watching it once only just to get it out of the way.

  67. Joker Snipez

    Joker Snipez6 days ago

    Ram Bow Then you definitely dont know what trash is.

  68. Ram Bow

    Ram Bow6 days ago

    I agree...trash movie.

  69. techno639

    techno639Month ago

    Get a life nerd

  70. Marcel Adamčík

    Marcel AdamčíkMonth ago

    WOW i was really surprised. Im just gonna say huge WOW this movie was great i didnt expect something like this from disney. 9/10

  71. Ivan Freely

    Ivan FreelyMonth ago

    +Joker Snipez Sadly TLJ made me skip Solo, as I was expecting the same garbage.

  72. Marcel Adamčík

    Marcel AdamčíkMonth ago

    joseph hardwicke i don’t think this one was boring

  73. joseph hardwicke

    joseph hardwickeMonth ago

    I liked the force awakens, thought rogue one was boring, same with this.

  74. Marcel Adamčík

    Marcel AdamčíkMonth ago

    Joker Snipez yup

  75. Joker Snipez

    Joker SnipezMonth ago

    Same. I loved The Force Awakens, Rogue One and Solo. But....The Last Jedi should be removed from canon. Ugh.

  76. Vincent Bain

    Vincent BainMonth ago

    Team Emilia Clarke! Her smile splits the darkest moment with the brilliance of Heaven’s Light.

  77. Sancho I

    Sancho I2 months ago

    It is so playful so free i LOVE it)

  78. asdasd asdasd

    asdasd asdasd2 months ago

    Money movie.

  79. MoneyShot

    MoneyShot2 months ago

    Haven't seen the movie (and I dont plan to) but I'm sure its decent. Not sure why people cant have opinions anymore. Someone says the movie is good they're a bot. Smh.

  80. Tay J. Snyd

    Tay J. Snyd2 months ago

    I just finished watching it on Netflix. It was pretty good. I liked it. Here's hoping for a sequel

  81. Tay J. Snyd

    Tay J. SnydMonth ago

    +Stephen Taylor yeah I figured. Too bad though. I thought the movie was great.

  82. Stephen Taylor

    Stephen TaylorMonth ago

    Unlikely considering the poor box office.

  83. DJ Kevgeez

    DJ Kevgeez2 months ago

    May the Soy be with you!

  84. RunDCM

    RunDCM2 months ago

    I just watched Solo on Netflix. The social justice in this movie while hinting at Lando's pansexuality is cringeworthy. It was entertaining SJW aside. Let's hope Disney doesn't continue this trend, but I think it's too late considering its body of work the last decade.

  85. Joker Snipez

    Joker SnipezMonth ago

    So you saying that you like it or not??? lmao

  86. kamuelalee

    kamuelalee2 months ago

    Yes, I loved it. Best SW movie since Return of the Jedi...same kind of camp and fun that the original movies had. Ron Howard and writers got it right. Disney, if you're listening, please do more Solo movies.

  87. Ivan Freely

    Ivan FreelyMonth ago

    Do more without any input from Jar Jar and Kathleen Kennedy.

  88. Sean White

    Sean White2 months ago

    This film would have been so much better with another actor. Anthony Ingruber should have gotten the role.

  89. CheeksDaFreak 305

    CheeksDaFreak 3052 months ago

    Just saw this movie last night on Netflix. And whoever said this was a bad movie please smack yourself. This movie was straight 🔥. Fun funny and actioned packed from beginning to end.

  90. Ram Bow

    Ram Bow6 days ago


  91. Archington

    Archington2 months ago

    Why does there always have to be an annoying droid

  92. ThePaintedGamer09

    ThePaintedGamer092 months ago

    better than the last jedi

  93. Tye Benoit

    Tye Benoit2 months ago

    Better than both the force awakens and last jedi combined

  94. Carlos Perez

    Carlos Perez2 months ago

    Fact : Wack Juice

  95. Drunk Unc

    Drunk Unc2 months ago

    Wack Juice

  96. Gerhard Rost.

    Gerhard Rost.2 months ago

    I really LOVE this movie, one of the best Star Wars movies in my opinion.

  97. lil'mongoloid

    lil'mongoloid2 months ago

    this doesn’t look like corellia at all...

  98. tjaynes22

    tjaynes222 months ago

    Saw it we get it woman strong

  99. Joker Snipez

    Joker SnipezMonth ago

    Wut are u talking about lmao

  100. John Smith

    John Smith2 months ago

    Disney needed to show Solo first and then The Last Disappointment, that way this film would had ratings it deserved.

  101. Wendell Scott

    Wendell Scott2 months ago

    This is actually a good movie !! Just watched it on Netflix. I didn't bother to see it in the theatres or buy/rent the dvd because people were saying it sucked...

  102. Jonah Kiel

    Jonah Kiel2 months ago

    Yaaaawn😴 Boring AND predictable! Not to mention Donald Glover is a terrible actor AND irritating😠

  103. Jonah Kiel

    Jonah Kiel5 days ago

    +Joker Snipez You sure have a pretty mouth 💋

  104. Jonah Kiel

    Jonah Kiel5 days ago

    +Moses Ssebandeke I will say "The Don" isn't as bad as you putting yourself on video, now, put that in YOUR pipe and smoke it 🤨

  105. Ram Bow

    Ram Bow6 days ago

    Agreed...terrible acting, poor storytelling.

  106. Moses Ssebandeke

    Moses SsebandekeMonth ago

    You must be smoking that high grade if you think the Don is a bad actor

  107. Joker Snipez

    Joker SnipezMonth ago

    Obviously its predictable when we already know Solo's story dumbass. This was just the origin of Solo. Huh.

  108. Ben Chipchase

    Ben Chipchase2 months ago

    Solo: A Star Wars Story was quite good, but I don’t really understand why it flopped at the box office despite a positive reception, could it be the case of poor marketing, troubled production, the mixed reception of Star Wars: The Last Jedi or maybe that everybody like me are more into Superhero films than Star Wars nowadays? God knows the answer.

  109. Ram Bow

    Ram Bow6 days ago

    If you watched Thor Ragnarok, then Solo feels like a floating piece of trash.

  110. Rares Sava

    Rares SavaMonth ago

    +Ivan Freely I think the best think to do if you are not sure about a movie is to wait a week to see the reviews and then to decide if is worth watching or not.

  111. Ivan Freely

    Ivan FreelyMonth ago

    For me, the bad news of production and The Last Jedi stopped me from watching it at the theaters. It was a really good fun movie to watch.

  112. Rares Sava

    Rares Sava2 months ago

    every thing can be posibble from what you said.

  113. Donna Morrow

    Donna Morrow2 months ago

    Well...he's no Harrison Ford. Dialogue seem a bit pedestrian as of 7 minutes into the movie on Netflix. We'll see. Why are they flying away from the bad guys on a road? Why not hit the sky? Ok. 22 Minutes in and it's starting to have some appeal.

  114. poopz

    poopz2 months ago

    i... completely..... forgot this movie was a real thing

  115. Joker Snipez

    Joker SnipezMonth ago

    poopz Yep thats me.👍🏻

  116. poopz

    poopzMonth ago

    mmm nope.. i clicked on it and then remember it was a movie, i literally forgot... sorry you took it wrong ... lmao and then you ended it with thats a fact lol tall guy over here +Joker Snipez

  117. Joker Snipez

    Joker SnipezMonth ago

    Ok? You come here just to annoy the people who liked it? The movie wasn't even that bad its just people who cannot be pleased anymore and thats a fact.

  118. Heatwave619

    Heatwave6192 months ago

    Qira’s the one asking the questions in the trailer instead of the other character in the final release, meaning that this movie was meant to something else entirely. Man, movies are starting to become like video games, where the final product is different (downgraded or complete overhaul) than the E3 demo trailer.

  119. Ivan Freely

    Ivan FreelyMonth ago

    There was a lot of reshoots when Ron Howard took over. He did a good job in saving it. Unfortunately, TLJ prevented a lot of people from seeing Solo like me.

  120. wwg1 wga

    wwg1 wga2 months ago

    They officially ruined star wars

  121. Ben Quinney

    Ben Quinney2 months ago

    You are a tool

  122. Dysentery Animations

    Dysentery Animations2 months ago

    Who exactly?

  123. hollow Slayer

    hollow Slayer2 months ago

    I don't get why this movie gets hated on its good the characters they all did a good job wasn't disappointed at all

  124. Julio Valdez

    Julio Valdez2 months ago

    I just found out Vision went to the Dark Side, so sad

  125. John Piske

    John Piske2 months ago

    Best star wars really well done

  126. That1Pak

    That1Pak2 months ago

    This movie is completely underrated and hated on too much. This personally is one of my favorite Star Wars films

  127. Grandpaghost

    Grandpaghost2 months ago

    Awesome movie, 9/10 .

  128. Jasha Mae Santos

    Jasha Mae Santos2 months ago

    Emilia Clarke 💖

  129. Aj Africa

    Aj Africa2 months ago

    im torn between solo and rouge one

  130. Ivan Freely

    Ivan FreelyMonth ago

    Both are good.

  131. Darill Fowler

    Darill Fowler2 months ago

    I went and saw this at the theater, I was very disappointed as to how Star Wars keeps getting worst and worst. This will probably be the last movie I will watch of Star Wars. It's more like Mickey Mouse Wars now than actually Star Wars. Lucas should have not sold his rights to Disney because all they done was trash it. Removing and kill off Luke Skywalker was a huge mistake. They "F" it up! I will always love Star Wars but only Lucas films.

  132. Filip Janík

    Filip Janík2 months ago

    Oh man I hoep chewie survives this movie, from the trailer it looks like he is going to die XD what a bad trailer...

  133. Kitala KO

    Kitala KO2 months ago

    One of the best Star Wars movies PERIODT

  134. Smashball Face

    Smashball Face2 months ago

    It's a Star Wars law. If there's a droid, it has to be Comedy Relief. *that's why I like the droids*

  135. Nikodem Geraszek

    Nikodem Geraszek2 months ago

    The film looked good little rough around the edges but good.

  136. Soccer Highlights

    Soccer Highlights2 months ago

    Even if your not a Star Wars fan, is it a good movie?

  137. joseph hardwicke

    joseph hardwickeMonth ago


  138. Jimmysota123_gamer

    Jimmysota123_gamer2 months ago

    i like the new robot in star wars

  139. EngaPheniks

    EngaPheniks2 months ago

    I wish the MF is real. I would board it at least once in my life.

  140. Matthew Vlossak

    Matthew Vlossak2 months ago

    EngaPheniks It’ll be real when the Disney Parks open Star Wars this year! 😉

  141. Vincens Aguirre

    Vincens Aguirre2 months ago

    I really loved this movie.

  142. Jdm262

    Jdm2622 months ago

    Compared to the all the other new star wars movies, Solo was pretty good.

  143. Isaac Mapes

    Isaac Mapes2 months ago

    1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. A New Hope 3. The Last Jedi 4. The Force Awakens 5. Return of the Jedi 6. Revenge of the Sith 7. Rogue One 8. Solo 9. The Phantom Menace 10. Attack of the Clones

  144. Ivan Freely

    Ivan FreelyMonth ago

    1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. A New Hope 3. Rogue One 4. Solo 5. Attack of the Clones 6. Return of the Jedi The rest I want to forget.

  145. joseph hardwicke

    joseph hardwickeMonth ago

    That's quite a weird list.

  146. Boney_Bonester

    Boney_Bonester2 months ago

    Isaac Mapes the last jedi 3rd are you for real movie was more cheesy the power rangers 🤢

  147. Arthur Soto

    Arthur Soto2 months ago

    2:04 making this my text tone