Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer




    Interesting fact: In the distant future in a galaxy far far away, Solo will have a disposable plastic cup named after him.

  2. We’re Here

    We’re Here3 hours ago

    this movie was suprisingly good

  3. Tiraflecha97

    Tiraflecha9720 hours ago

    great movie better than the last jedi

  4. Thoranzalar Vhazen

    Thoranzalar Vhazen21 hour ago

    This movie got shat on a lot but I bet it's a lot better than the pathetic failure that was The Last Jedi.

  5. Leron Aavine

    Leron AavineDay ago

    Good movie.....too bad the Star Wars fandom bailed on this because of their little temper tantrum over the last Jedi

  6. Kathir Ganesh

    Kathir GaneshDay ago

    I like it i wanna see sequel

  7. MrRedClaw

    MrRedClaw2 days ago

    Should have released now and the star wars slow down wouldn't have happened


    DEMOLITION GAMER1014 days ago

    They made the movie so it can be fun. Not so it can toe into the other star wars movies. like rogue one...actually we don't talk about that.

  9. Calos Carrasco

    Calos Carrasco5 days ago

    I love this movie!

  10. Your Favorite President

    Your Favorite President6 days ago

    This movie isn’t terrible but they really need to make Star Wars like the older ones with some aspects of the prequels too, millions of people love the prequels like I do.

  11. 1 17

    1 174 days ago

    Your Favorite President In my opinion the prequels are mostly horrible but I really like the idea of the Clone Wars and just how grey everything is in that conflict. The creativity of the prequels is what is missing in the newer films. Just creativity that actually pays off...

  12. Abel Morales

    Abel Morales6 days ago


  13. 〈NOSTROMO〉

    〈NOSTROMO〉6 days ago

    Quality film

  14. Familie Schardijn

    Familie Schardijn6 days ago

    Fantastic movie! I was glad that we got to see this movie on the big screen. After watching it again I really missed the intro theme song of Star Wars ;)

  15. Sarah Lane

    Sarah Lane7 days ago

    watched original on it lol

  16. Sarah Lane

    Sarah Lane7 days ago

    looks amazing watching this after rouge one brought here after finally watching star wars 1977 and understanding what star wars is 😃

  17. Billzloveschelsea

    Billzloveschelsea7 days ago

    Disney destroyed starwars.

  18. Captiankirk games

    Captiankirk games8 days ago

    Saw it amazing

  19. Shahidh Ilhan

    Shahidh Ilhan9 days ago

    I really hope this chewie guy lives.

  20. Ryan Riley

    Ryan Riley10 days ago

    My frovret still phontom menice so deal with it

  21. Uncle Nuts

    Uncle Nuts11 days ago

    Give Boba Fett his post-Sarlacc movie already.

  22. Uncle Nuts

    Uncle Nuts11 days ago

    Why do I feel like the writers and Ron Howard watched Ice Pirates before filming this....

  23. Benny Moonwalker

    Benny Moonwalker11 days ago

    I thought the visuals were good but like episode 8, the story was out of place.

  24. Han Solo

    Han Solo12 days ago

    Good Time in my life

  25. Oinky Aldritz

    Oinky Aldritz13 days ago

    Yuck, another SJW propaganda video.

  26. Leron Aavine

    Leron AavineDay ago

    Oinky Aldritz it’s well balanced.....shut up

  27. Full Blooded Kaneanite

    Full Blooded Kaneanite15 days ago

    This movie is greater than Force Awakens,And Last Jedi

  28. olio

    olio16 days ago

    One of the worst low budget garbage. It's all blacked out, most of the time all you see are shadows or a black screen. By darkening the movie so much, they save budget by not having to use real actors because you can't see facial expressions and saving on set and background costs because there are no details.

  29. Virginia Ramirez

    Virginia Ramirez16 days ago

    Solo: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back are the greatest sci-fi blockbuster movies ever from 20th Century-Fox and Lucasfilm Ltd.

  30. Fordzy

    Fordzy17 days ago

    This movie Is good.

  31. Putins Cat

    Putins Cat16 days ago

    Yep, it felt like Star Wars. I wish Star Wars felt that way too.

  32. Khor Jing Yan

    Khor Jing Yan17 days ago

    this trailer is not very good the movie is great

  33. Joel Perry

    Joel Perry18 days ago

    this movie is trash

  34. Proxyl Gloxander

    Proxyl Gloxander16 days ago

    Nope, the movie is awesome

  35. Fox

    Fox18 days ago

    Assume every Star Wars movie will be bad, and you will never be disappointed

  36. Don Choi

    Don Choi19 days ago

    Screw haters I really loved this movie, hoping for sequels

  37. HP - The Cursed Child

    HP - The Cursed Child20 days ago

    ☢️☢️Dubbed by me Hindi just watch☢️☢️

  38. Lovelle Diestro

    Lovelle Diestro21 day ago

    Hey kid! Big shot gankster puttin together a crew

  39. Max Planck

    Max Planck22 days ago


  40. Max Planck

    Max Planck11 days ago

    +Knuckles Sammich Some people don't like change. I am one of them. I expressed my opinions. Now deal with it. SMH

  41. Knuckles Sammich

    Knuckles Sammich11 days ago

    +Max Planck there this thing call change accept it

  42. Max Planck

    Max Planck11 days ago

    +Knuckles Sammich no man seriously.

  43. Knuckles Sammich

    Knuckles Sammich11 days ago

    Grow up

  44. Carlos Fontes

    Carlos Fontes22 days ago

    Disney spelled December 25th wrong

  45. phenomenal blue

    phenomenal blue23 days ago

    I thought the movie was not going to be good but now i regret it

  46. jimmyolsenblues

    jimmyolsenblues23 days ago

    This trailer was so much better than the actual movie.

  47. leo miu

    leo miu23 days ago

    When does the next episode come?

  48. duN dUN DUN

    duN dUN DUN21 day ago

    leo miu Episode IX - December 2019

  49. Da Joker

    Da Joker24 days ago

    Is this made by disney?

  50. DeadlyFanTas1e

    DeadlyFanTas1e28 days ago

    Well this movie is very good !!!! it but it suffers of Episode 8...

  51. Luzt

    Luzt28 days ago

    Hollywood is done. This move is a waste of time.

  52. Nicolaas Miali

    Nicolaas Miali29 days ago

    The best Star Wars for me! Together with 'Prometheus' the last years.

  53. movie line

    movie line29 days ago

    Only for emilia clarke 😍

  54. Prince Nicholas Herrman

    Prince Nicholas Herrman29 days ago

    There were bunch of scenes in synonyms/metaphors. Like its someone else and then at times its me. I don't talk like that but SHE does. Theres other scenes where it was HIM not me and I had no problem explaining who was who.

  55. Prince Nicholas Herrman

    Prince Nicholas Herrman29 days ago

    Its better than Force Awakens and Last Jedi. Id say about on same or less compared to Rogue One. I hope Clone Troopers (REPUBLIC COMMANDOs birth of Blue Leader) get their own Star Wars movie and goes into depth about how the Republic Commandos came about and what they did and where they went later on when it became an Imperial military. Were there any clones in 503rd Legion? Most went to 501st?

  56. G3ese

    G3eseMonth ago

    Best of the Disney Star Wars movies.

  57. Jeremias Kellokumpu

    Jeremias KellokumpuMonth ago

    1:25 music syncs perfektly

  58. Glen Gabel

    Glen GabelMonth ago

    Pretty decent little Star Wars adventure. Not quite as epic as some of the other canon films but it has its charm. The first act was not great but it picks up and gets better as it progresses. The editing/story feels a little too fast paced at times and it would've been cool to see more depth built into some of the characters but I enjoyed it overall (especially after the trainwreck of The Last Jedi). I'd actually like to see how some of the surviving antagonists figure back into future stories.

  59. Adrian Ralph Munoz

    Adrian Ralph MunozMonth ago

    I wasn't expecting this movie to be good, but sure I was wrong, this Movie is so AWESOME!!!

  60. jim kirk

    jim kirkMonth ago

    Juan polo story of a Mexican and a pet chicken

  61. Polly Ann

    Polly AnnMonth ago

    This movie has some great moments but the pacing is all wrong. Considering it's history that is hardly surprising. It lurches from confident, back to boring,back to confident. But it's still one of the best movies this year!LOL

  62. CELL Soldier

    CELL SoldierMonth ago

    For The Dark Side !!!

  63. Fahim IR

    Fahim IRMonth ago

    this movie was actually good..... its just bad advertising i guess.... this one's on disney

  64. Alex Ar

    Alex ArMonth ago

    That monkey sound is so cute

  65. Chris Corley

    Chris CorleyMonth ago

    Deserves a VFX Academy nomination for being freak'n awesome. ☕🏆😱

  66. JefeOro

    JefeOroMonth ago


  67. ballsdeep enuranus

    ballsdeep enuranusMonth ago

    I take back all the bad things I said about Disney's star wars after seeing solo

  68. Libli Bam

    Libli BamMonth ago

    Ok but why is this whole train scene just like Captain America - The First Avenger?!

  69. Hermione

    HermioneMonth ago

    Can I get a Solo trilogy?? I just loved it sfm

  70. Shadow Fang

    Shadow FangMonth ago


  71. Alex Sp

    Alex SpMonth ago

    Honestly this was very very good :)

  72. Lalo Martinez

    Lalo MartinezMonth ago

    A franco escamilla le gusta esto

  73. John Barry

    John BarryMonth ago

    I absolutely love the movie but was deeply depressed that how great the prequels could have been

  74. Tom Fitzgerald

    Tom FitzgeraldMonth ago

    This movie was horrible in every way possible.

  75. Michael Luque

    Michael LuqueMonth ago

    Been seeing a lot of comments on here talking about bots? 😂 come on now.... I went to see this movie in a Missouri Theatre near Fort Leonard wood. While having low expectations, This movie shocked me because it was so good. I even went Back the next day to watch it again in theater. Not gonna lie Rogue One is the best film but this one ranks up there for me. Just My opinion. #notadisneybot or whatever that is lmao 😂

  76. David S

    David SMonth ago

    Really enjoyed it - just finished watching it. 👍👍😃😃

  77. Dibjir Somali

    Dibjir SomaliMonth ago

    This movie was so great. for me its one of the best star wars films.

  78. Michael Taylor

    Michael TaylorMonth ago

    So apparently, despite it's "storied" history in the fairy tale movies like Aladdin that integrated adult & child themes in an elegant synthesis, Disney has forgotten how to tell stories, develop characters and compel the audience on a flight of fantasy. They have forgotten the best of stories play upon the hopes, dreams, struggles of real life issues as so many of the ancient fairy tales have done. Instead they are enamored with CG, the money guaranteed by the profitable story-line, and the flash of action over the premise of all movies & fairy tales, the story-telling.This movie was predictable and almost boring.

  79. Noble Fishing

    Noble FishingMonth ago

    I’m sorry but Woody Harrelson was a poor choice for a character in Solo. This movie was so badly written that it was hard to keep watching it to the end. The people who wrote Rogue One should’ve written and directed Solo . Hopefully they will do the Boba Fett movie????

  80. Jamie Sordillo

    Jamie SordilloMonth ago

    My fave music 1:18

  81. M.Ortsacc ._.

    M.Ortsacc ._.Month ago

    *Big shot gangster Putting together a crew*

  82. KelpyG Shakes

    KelpyG ShakesMonth ago

    The movie was actually pretty good. Such a shame it got so much bad press before premiering

  83. The Laugh

    The LaughMonth ago

    Best star wars movie since ep 3

  84. agormanvideos

    agormanvideosMonth ago

    I'd like to see flying saucers and gray aliens, pleiadians, reptilians, etc. in a Star Wars movie someday. Those ships still look very much like airplanes.

  85. Orzotube Phi

    Orzotube PhiMonth ago

    The naked scene got me baffled.

  86. fsfshjs

    fsfshjsMonth ago

    From my point of view this film was good. Not bad actually.

  87. Salah-eddine El Hamdani

    Salah-eddine El HamdaniMonth ago

    where are the light sabers

  88. Bryan Maclean

    Bryan MacleanMonth ago

    This was better than rogue one don’t @ me

  89. Paranoia aionaraP

    Paranoia aionaraPMonth ago

    In case you didn't get it :we are waiting for SOLO II

  90. AllowIllaoi

    AllowIllaoiMonth ago

    this movie was really good actually

  91. Michael Monroe

    Michael Monroe2 months ago

    Watched SOLO today...this was a fantastic wonderful adventurous movie. Definitely in my top 3 for movie of the year

  92. Mike Mayhew

    Mike Mayhew2 months ago

    This movie was amazing! The visuals during the Kessle Run scene were spectacular. They did that legend well. Wish I hadn’t seen spoilers about Darth Maul. Totally ruined the element of surprise. I waited way too long to watch it because so many triggered Trump peeps bashed it because of the woman producer and are still crying about The Last Jedi like they do about Benghazi. I’m like do like Elsa and “Let It Go!” And, there is no pleasing you Star Wars nerds! They act like they have midichlorians in their blood or something.

  93. Aurora Butterfly

    Aurora Butterfly2 months ago

    How did this movie lose money when it looks so much better than the last one?

  94. Julie Vigeant

    Julie Vigeant2 months ago

    I didn't think I was appears I am, Chewy! Wait for meeee.

  95. Nik Mik

    Nik Mik2 months ago

    Solo: A Star Wars Story- 9.5/10 for a Star Wars movie

  96. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker2 months ago

    Sure do like my movie. we did well!

  97. tanveer sk

    tanveer sk2 months ago

    I got a good feeling about this, movie is better than trailer.

  98. R2-3T 3452110

    R2-3T 34521102 months ago

    *Who are these guys*

  99. Davorn Uryn

    Davorn Uryn2 months ago

    Why haven't i heard of this? WTH.

  100. 1000subscriberswithoutvideos yougetacookieasareward

    1000subscriberswithoutvideos yougetacookieasareward2 months ago

    I watched this movie and i personally think that it was awsome. I honestly rrally enjoyed it. But i don't understand why people hate the movie. Can someone explain?

  101. Zamasu/Goku Black VA

    Zamasu/Goku Black VA2 months ago

    Am I the only one who enjoyed this movie

  102. Lithosphere

    Lithosphere2 months ago


  103. purple knight official

    purple knight official2 months ago

    I loved it

  104. oxhid3 - 3D/CGI Artist

    oxhid3 - 3D/CGI Artist2 months ago

    Look who's here...khaleesi.. good so I stay home and not waste my money

  105. Francesco Ramicani

    Francesco Ramicani2 months ago

    A movie that inspires the soul. Boxxy software helped me to see all episodes Star Wars direct on my andoid tablet secure with VPN!


    AWSOMUS LATEST2 months ago

    This was 10 times better than.....last jedi.....

  107. string strin

    string strin2 months ago

    Cool movie👍

  108. Glenn Johnson

    Glenn Johnson2 months ago

    Am I the only one who HATED this movie?

  109. ava olivia

    ava olivia2 months ago

    this movie is american pie genre but take place in other galaxy.

  110. MARDUK

    MARDUK2 months ago

    You don't do a Solo movie without Rendar.

  111. Iain Fraser

    Iain Fraser2 months ago

    How many star wars films has Disney put out in say 6 years? And lucks took 30 odd years to do 6. I feel like they are putting a my thing out at this point