Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer


  1. Kanwal Gupta

    Kanwal Gupta7 hours ago

    A origin story of snoke would be great.

  2. Hora do Play Gameplays

    Hora do Play Gameplays10 hours ago

    Good movie, unfortunately it suffered from the The Last Jdi effect. When you speak to the audience: We don't mind to ruin your childhood, you basically lose confidence in what that people will do with something you enjoy. JJ hit Star Trek, but missed Ryan in SW.

  3. Karen sweatman

    Karen sweatmanDay ago

    I've never seen a single Star Wars movie, but I love Woody. Even so, I'm going to skip this one too. Guess I'll die before seeing Star Wars. I did catch the Star Trek in the 60's and following Trek movies!

  4. Keon Pinte

    Keon PinteDay ago

    the only exciting scenes were corellia departure and mimban frontline

  5. kingleader 57

    kingleader 572 days ago

    I watched the movie

  6. bynturong

    bynturong2 days ago


  7. AvatarSTAR

    AvatarSTAR2 days ago

    actually quite good

  8. Sergeant Cyro

    Sergeant Cyro3 days ago

    Watched it three times.... this is the perfect movie for true Star Wars Fans! It feels MOST integrated in the existing Star Wars Universe! Far better than all the others, even than Rogue One! Corellia shown, Carida Fleet Academy mentioned, Mimban shown, Bossk, Aurra Sing mentioned, Kessel shown, The Maw shown, so many references and links, it's just fantastic!

  9. Dominic Spence

    Dominic Spence3 days ago

    Seen it last night. 7/10

  10. rockesque

    rockesque3 days ago

    This was a good movie. It was cool to see some areas of the Star Wars universe not normally seen and refreshing to not see Vader lol

  11. chaz deans

    chaz deans3 days ago

    one of the worse sci fi movies iv seen,

  12. Mario Ortega

    Mario Ortega3 days ago

    "I'm a driver and I'm a flyer"??? Really??? Can't he just say I'm a f... pilot like a non over-dramatic character?? No no no... I'm done with this disney BS

  13. Mario Ortega

    Mario OrtegaDay ago

    Ryder Barton 1st... Thank you for pointing it out, sherlock. 2nd, I do the drama bc I f.. want to, not bc of a lame script. And (3rd) you dont own youtube so... have a g1

  14. Ryder Barton

    Ryder Barton2 days ago

    Mario Ortega Go Complain elsewhere. You are no better.

  15. CapGwen America

    CapGwen America4 days ago

    LOVED this film. Not to trigger anyone but Solo > Last Jedi. I feel really sad for these actors because they really took the hit at the box office due to people (including myself) who very unsatisfied with TLJ. Except I went to see Solo with my kids and again with my wife and they all loved it. My kids said TLJ was boring. I really hope there is a sequel or spin-off to this film.

  16. Hannah Rashid

    Hannah Rashid5 days ago

    What's ur fave droid?


    THE WATCHER3 days ago

    Hannah Rashid not l3-sjw

  18. Kal-El fan 49

    Kal-El fan 494 days ago

    R2-D2, disney new ones are trash

  19. gonaddabarbarian

    gonaddabarbarian5 days ago

    There are some things in this galaxy you should leave alone, imagination is one of them. the reason why these characters are so awesome is because the people/fans were given the choice to build their own backstory in their own minds of how the past was. the Mona Lisa is outdated, let's modernize that too, or is it perfect in its imperfect way already? hmmmm.. (Indiana...Indiana, let it go...) {looking at you people at the top, you know who you are.}

  20. Jacob Summerson

    Jacob Summerson6 days ago

    When is Solo gonna be available to buy? It should hopefully come out in August

  21. kieran lowery

    kieran lowery7 days ago

    i kinda liked this trailer

  22. TheSRBgamer63

    TheSRBgamer638 days ago

    Again Star Wars movies are filmed,i mean this is 3rd one in last 2 year or so ?.

  23. WiLL iLLa

    WiLL iLLa8 days ago

    BOBA FETT "A Star Wars Story"...

  24. Gautham Ananthanarayanan

    Gautham Ananthanarayanan9 days ago

    When you don't know how to fly?😤😤😤 Chewie says 190 years old 🗣️🗣️🗣️ A 190 years old.🗣️🗣️🗣️😤😤😤

  25. The Wandering Samurai

    The Wandering Samurai9 days ago

    I liked this movie a lot even though a lot of people didn’t but I don’t think it was as good as Rogue One. Rogue One if my favorite movie and yes even though I’m 12 I understand them and know a lot about it


    ARPHOTO9 days ago

    Oh look, ANOTHER version of the TIE Fighter. Just how in the hell is a galaxy-spanning Empire supposed to afford to replace their entire fleet of fighters every couple decades?

  27. Mustari Pangaloan Lubis

    Mustari Pangaloan Lubis9 days ago

    it's okay if Disney supposed to delayed the movie for the better version and no box office competition with Avengers Infinity War and Deadpool 2. Ron Howard gave his best shot reshooting the movie, and besides it's not his fault Solo : A Star Wars Story failed at the box office

  28. holidayingermany

    holidayingermany10 days ago

    They still weren't able to revive the magic of the first 1977 Star Wars. But hey that don't matter cos the die hard fans keep a coming. As long as the main merchandise is in there, the story really don't matter.

  29. Cynthia Utz

    Cynthia Utz10 days ago

    I think this movie would've gotten a better chance if it was released in December.

  30. Kal-El fan 49

    Kal-El fan 495 days ago

    Star Wars was always been a May release, only Disney made december a thing, but doesn't matter if this one was too, still flop, damage by the Last Jedi, bad story.

  31. Ridzwan Zainal

    Ridzwan Zainal9 days ago

    Thats true. As usually like Star Wars

  32. KnockoutPill

    KnockoutPill10 days ago

    Well you gotta admit that the red priests fire swords from Game of Thrones are way more badass that those old lightsabers @Emilia Clarke

  33. Patty Hartless

    Patty Hartless10 days ago

    A Star Wars Story where Solo A team of one with some inanimate beings helping defend his home planet from invading egotists, don't worry its a different dude but his friend dtf any life force as long as there is an intoxicant near by. Exciting!!!!!

  34. FlagshipAmbition

    FlagshipAmbition10 days ago


  35. chomon khan

    chomon khan10 days ago

    Flop movie

  36. NearAxis 1424

    NearAxis 142410 days ago

    People are going to call me a bot probs but here we go. I actually didnt mind the movie, sure it had its flaws,quirks, and it was not that complex. But i did like the overall feel of the movie from the new falcon, to the backstory, the mountain, to the mine. I also think it has potential for a series, the people who watched will know. So in conclusion it is not the best Star Wars movie but i would at least recommend for someone to watch it so they can make their own opinion and tell disney what did wrong and they can get better. Man i just read that again, i do sound like a bot. But again im not no disney servent

  37. nick talbot

    nick talbot11 days ago

    Well I loved this film. Saw it six times - though admittedly I have a cinema card so I didn't pay six times. Nick T - SW for life (since 77).

  38. Kelly Harper

    Kelly Harper11 days ago

    Loved it. ❤️

  39. FlagshipAmbition

    FlagshipAmbition11 days ago

    This movie was the best it could have possibly been.

  40. Kal-El fan 49

    Kal-El fan 493 days ago

    Tipical response from fanboys: "you make a better movie". I'm not a filmmaker, but I do love watching good movies, and this movie was not.

  41. FlagshipAmbition

    FlagshipAmbition5 days ago

    Kal-El fan 49 Ok then you make a better movie and leave this one alone because nothing was good about it apparently. Also, let people have opinions. I thought it was good and that's it.

  42. Kal-El fan 49

    Kal-El fan 495 days ago

    Depth? LOL This movie was so bland, nothing interesting, lame references, kessel run was just a big tentacule monster, music sucked in it. Spaceballs has more imagination than this one.

  43. FlagshipAmbition

    FlagshipAmbition10 days ago

    Kal-El fan 49 Then why are you even here watching the trailer? Wasting time commenting on trash that needs to be in the trashcan? This movie added lots of depth to the star wars universe. It felt like a nice space heist movie with lots of action. Like Indiana Jones or wild westerns. The music was great also. Have some imagination, it'll make the movie much better.

  44. Kal-El fan 49

    Kal-El fan 4911 days ago

    It was trash

  45. Poosha Lok

    Poosha Lok11 days ago

    I don't like this cast 😕😕

  46. 10Reaction

    10Reaction11 days ago

    I don't no why people don't like this movie. I thought it was great. Tons of action, tied up loose ends about how Hon met Chewy and got the Falcon. Seen it three times. Great movie.

  47. Emily Tichenor

    Emily Tichenor10 days ago

    Kal-El fan 49 how about you let people have their opinions

  48. Kal-El fan 49

    Kal-El fan 4911 days ago

    Maybe because it was bad movie, and those aspects you mentioned were so poorly done.

  49. Wilo Polis

    Wilo Polis12 days ago

    There are more bots in this comments section than there are in the actual movie

  50. TeenTitanOfFury

    TeenTitanOfFury12 days ago

    Watched this movie today for the 4th time. Was not disappointed at all. I absolutely love this movie!

  51. FlagshipAmbition

    FlagshipAmbition10 days ago

    TeenTitanOfFury I love the music doesn't it just give you chills

  52. Rhonda Korte

    Rhonda Korte12 days ago

    It took a bit to settle in, but I enjoyed myself immensely. I didn’t know Ron Howard directed until the closing credits - although I thought I recognized Clint Howard as the guy at the robot cage. That was fun.

  53. PodexGaming

    PodexGaming12 days ago

    I just watched the movie and is was so good! And i dont get this why everyone is talking about some sort of disney bots? It was rly a good movie

  54. ZiInCreDiBUBBLES

    ZiInCreDiBUBBLES12 days ago

    This movie get a bashing all of this because the last jedi was bad, its star wars 9 that deserves the hate not this movie

  55. Hannah Rashid

    Hannah Rashid12 days ago

    This is my 2nd favourite movie

  56. Jeffrey Aguilar

    Jeffrey Aguilar13 days ago

    Ya know I was on board with L3 until I found it’s just a droid rights feminist droid. I cheered in the theatre when L3 got frikin blasted


    TNT MEKKI13 days ago

    this good film i like it

  58. :::: ::::

    :::: ::::14 days ago

    Is it better than deadpool 2?

  59. Cute Porg

    Cute Porg8 days ago


  60. nick talbot

    nick talbot11 days ago


  61. Kal-El fan 49

    Kal-El fan 4913 days ago


  62. Ruben Third King

    Ruben Third King14 days ago

    Reminds me of guardians of the galaxy

  63. Kal-El fan 49

    Kal-El fan 4914 days ago

    In a bad way.

  64. J Hurtz

    J Hurtz15 days ago

    Is it just me or do some of the people commenting sound like they have a gun against their head. It was a good movie anyways but wow the comments sound fake.

  65. Kal-El fan 49

    Kal-El fan 4914 days ago

    The movie was bad, don't understand how people like it.

  66. G O A T TF

    G O A T TF15 days ago

    Great Movie!!!

  67. Martin VR

    Martin VR15 days ago

    Very nice movie, so much hate it got because of the last jedi, and is actually better than the last jedi...

  68. Sarah Naidu

    Sarah Naidu15 days ago

    love starwars it's amazing

  69. Stian Snowblitz

    Stian Snowblitz15 days ago

    Now, was the trailer better then the movie ?

  70. Giant Squid

    Giant Squid15 days ago

    More like Soylo.

  71. Cute Porg

    Cute Porg8 days ago

    Omg absolute burn total destruction 100 You should have more likes than Thai video has views..

  72. souとっとこ桃太郎・2週間前

    souとっとこ桃太郎・2週間前15 days ago


  73. しあ

    しあ15 days ago


  74. C Rizzy

    C Rizzy16 days ago

    It is sad, this trailer didn't do that well in showing how entertaining this film is. It is by are my favorite Disney SW film. This will become a cult classic I bet. It is pretty entertaining but was hurt by the HORRIBLE TLJ movie.

  75. Belongs in the Trash

    Belongs in the Trash16 days ago

    A lot better than the last jedi.

  76. Doug V

    Doug V16 days ago

    Good film, recommend

  77. RScarf1

    RScarf116 days ago

    The Episode 9 boycott is coming. It is unavoidable. It is your destiny.

  78. Heather Gwynnith

    Heather Gwynnith16 days ago

    He looks, talks, acts and sounds nothing like Harrison Ford . I can't take him seriously.

  79. Marcus Yap

    Marcus Yap16 days ago

    I love how they lowkey spoiled Qi'ra's status when Beckett says "assume everyone will betray you" and it shows her.

  80. Nathan Summers

    Nathan Summers17 days ago

    Star Wars fans are probably the worst fandom I've ever seen.

  81. MλFDOMiNUS

    MλFDOMiNUS16 days ago

    Nathan Summers Yup. Apperantly just because I don't like the last jedi, Apperantly I'm a vulture.

  82. RScarf1

    RScarf117 days ago

    I agree. Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson are examples of this.

  83. Emperor Palpatine

    Emperor Palpatine17 days ago

    Better than The Last Jedi

  84. TheCrazyMarkman

    TheCrazyMarkman17 days ago

    When the idea of a Solo movie was announced, I was underwhelmed. When Phil Lord and Chris Miller were directing, I was excited. When Lord and Miller got fired, I was shocked. When Ron Howard came on board, I was underwhelmed again. When Howard erased all of Lord and Miller's fingerprints, I was disillusioned. When all the cast and crew expressed anger towards Lord and Miller and praise towards Howard, I was skeptical and felt hostile towards them. When I saw the final film, I realized the cast and crew were lying...and I was furious as hell. I expected more from Star Wars after The Last Jedi.

  85. lans carpool

    lans carpool17 days ago

    I like how disney claims white males just hate their movies because of the lack of white male heroes. Then they put out solo and people still hate it... hmmmmmmm 🤔

  86. Vin D

    Vin D18 days ago

    What we've learned is to NOT listen to critics, and listen to the voice of the true fans....SOLO WAS AWESOME!!!! Everyone go see it in the theaters now while you can because it is the best Star Wars since Empire, or at least since Disney took over (and also Rogue One which was a very cool movie...but this one actually felt like a Star Wars and not as dark as Rogue One). I actually heard one critic say that Last Jedi was the best Star Wars since Empire, and that's just insane to me. We all know that the first two were just a reboot of the originals for modern times. How critics won't admit that is beyond me. They are hyping up the sequels for some reason, which helps them gross more, and bashing the spin-offs. As for the Force Awakens and Last Jedi, they were directed, casted and filmed flawlessly, but the plot took no chances and it was just the same ol story. Did anyone even stop to ask how all a sudden the Empire is back untouched and fully restored after they were completely defeated at the end of the original saga (Return of the Jedi)? Solo was refreshing for several reasons. First off, the story line takes the risk and doesn't just mimic the original plots. It's refreshing, creative and goes off in it's own direction. The casting was spot on for every role. Hans was perfect, Lando was awesome, and all the others as well...great on-screen chemistry. The visuals and directing were all fantastic as is no surprise for Disney and Ron Howard. So far in my opinion, the only real successful Star Wars since Disney were Rogue One and Solo because it feels like we're watching something new and not just a modern version of the originals. Go Solo! Can't wait for the next!!

  87. jeremy smith

    jeremy smith18 days ago

    Disney has turned me off there products by labeling anyone who did not like the movie whinny white racist, sexiest males. Done with disney for a long time even the cartoons, after paul fieg attacked fans for his movie failure instead of owning up to the failure i to this day will not watch fieg produced content. I do however still mellissa and the rest of the cast new stuff if it looks good

  88. Darth Turtle

    Darth Turtle18 days ago

    1:20 diduidududududud

  89. Paul Stark

    Paul Stark18 days ago


  90. What The Film is going on

    What The Film is going on18 days ago

    Not impressed, and quite boring.

  91. Alec Thom

    Alec Thom19 days ago

    i hope this makes at least 500 000 000

  92. jack larkson

    jack larkson19 days ago

    1:33 so Stewart was right in big bang theory,chewie had a wife.

  93. MP R

    MP R19 days ago

    Better than A New Hope. LMAO. Just kidding. Of course it isn't.

  94. Justin Thomas

    Justin Thomas19 days ago

    I loved this movie.It felt like a real Star Wars story.

  95. M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews

    M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews19 days ago

    What sucks is that Kathleen Kennedy said she was stepping down, HORRAY, sadly because all of you toxic fans, no one else wants to lead star wars, "thanks dumb fan base"

  96. M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews

    M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews16 days ago

    MλFDOMiNUS no, unfortunately its official that Kathleen is still running star wars, and how do we know anyone else will be better

  97. MλFDOMiNUS

    MλFDOMiNUS16 days ago

    M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews Doesn't matter, they will fine someone. I called this a victory.

  98. Edward Kerkhoff

    Edward Kerkhoff19 days ago

    Everyone must watch this movie. It is an amazing movie. I like this!!!

  99. Kal-El fan 49

    Kal-El fan 4917 days ago

    I watched it, it was garbage

  100. Gravity Force

    Gravity Force19 days ago


  101. Kal-El fan 49

    Kal-El fan 4917 days ago


  102. Chris Corley

    Chris Corley19 days ago

    SOLO is an awesome action space western. Chewbacca rocks! Star of the show. B+ 👽

  103. Cosmic Gam3r

    Cosmic Gam3r20 days ago

    Now they need a Star Wars Story set in the clone wars and have it be about clones

  104. sean patrick harrington

    sean patrick harrington20 days ago

    Box office flop. Movie was complete garbage.

  105. sean patrick harrington

    sean patrick harrington20 days ago

    Faget wars

  106. Mepster SWE

    Mepster SWE20 days ago

    I love this movie

  107. ItsNoahScott

    ItsNoahScott21 day ago

    1:01 This is America.

  108. drake12371

    drake1237121 day ago

    Honestly this is the best one Disney has made, just people didn’t want it and have become fatigue of Star Wars a little. But this is a good film.

  109. Kal-El fan 49

    Kal-El fan 4920 days ago

    Decent one from SW disney was Rogue One (due to that Vader scene), Solo was trash

  110. EndermenTV

    EndermenTV21 day ago

    Dear Star Wars can you tell me where is lando in Star Wars 7 i

  111. Weamz

    Weamz21 day ago

    There are many flaws in this movie but it is enjoyable none the less. If anything I blame the low box office because of the abomination that came out 5 months before this movie.

  112. Social 21

    Social 2121 day ago


  113. Supernova X

    Supernova X21 day ago

    I was going to watch it, but decided to watch The Incredibles 2 instead.

  114. Kal-El fan 49

    Kal-El fan 4921 day ago

    Best decision ever.

  115. Tarpon Wrangler The Angler

    Tarpon Wrangler The Angler22 days ago

    The emperor has no cloths, do not waste your 15 dollars + popcorn + having idiots laugh at non jokes.

  116. Hi Bro

    Hi Bro22 days ago

    Big shot gangster putting together a crew

  117. J C

    J C22 days ago

    Dear Disney, I’m not even going to rent this, I heard it sucks.

  118. Deano

    Deano20 days ago

    its a good movie

  119. Nile Orion

    Nile Orion22 days ago

    We need a Vader story after Revenge of the Sith

  120. Deano

    Deano20 days ago

    No we don't. We already have canon comics explaining the events after revenge of the sith

  121. Nancy Webster

    Nancy Webster22 days ago

    Saw the movie. It was great. I love Star Wars

  122. JojoizSupreme

    JojoizSupreme22 days ago

    Finally gonna see this movie today. I'll come back to this video and give my opinion.

  123. Steven K

    Steven K22 days ago

    I grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy which is dear to my heart. What happened after that needs no more discussion. I went and saw Solo today after reading many conflicting reviews and was delighted to say it nailed it!! Five stars from me!

  124. Roland Lawrence

    Roland Lawrence22 days ago

    wow this barely made it to the cinema where i am. Was not even on for 2 weeks.

  125. BobLeeSwagger

    BobLeeSwagger22 days ago

    This movie was great! My favourite part was when the black panther died.

  126. A Salamander

    A Salamander22 days ago

    I don't like this.

  127. wonky tonky

    wonky tonky23 days ago

    the music .. sucks, where is the epic orchestra?. sounds like some computer generated stuff .. not even done well. graphix look very nice . but the i'm not "feeling" this . as a starwars movie.. it's more like . some generic movie with a fancy suit of starwars on it.

  128. Korbin Floyd

    Korbin Floyd23 days ago

    When the trailer is better than the actual movie

  129. stormtroopers :500

    stormtroopers :50023 days ago

    this sucks were or da troopers and darth vader

  130. Angel Rodriguez

    Angel Rodriguez15 hours ago


  131. mike stoklasa huehue

    mike stoklasa huehue9 days ago

    stormtroopers :500 are you ol

  132. koolR.J.

    koolR.J.11 days ago

    There are new storm troopers they are the mud troopers and the range troopers

  133. stormtroopers :500

    stormtroopers :50015 days ago

    maby darth vader is cool

  134. Deano

    Deano20 days ago

    why would darth vader be in this

  135. james bryce

    james bryce23 days ago

    looks too cheeseee no thanks

  136. Davi Silva

    Davi Silva23 days ago

    No Greedo?