Snow Tha Product - Say Bitch (Official Music Video)



    SNOWTHAPRODUCT3 months ago

    MORE MUSIC HERE -> The "GOIN OFF" Tour starts May 1st get tickets here ->

  2. Mike Segovia

    Mike Segovia3 days ago

    Dope 💯👌

  3. lovelae leStrange of COLLECTIVUS

    lovelae leStrange of COLLECTIVUS11 days ago

    Snow. It's me Flake. Baha okay so I'm late... But collabos? Let's Clique Up. I have been gaslighted for the last time.

  4. lovelae leStrange of COLLECTIVUS

    lovelae leStrange of COLLECTIVUS11 days ago

    Snow. We are meant to be.

  5. أندرويد ألجريانو

    أندرويد ألجريانو16 days ago


  6. Little T

    Little T32 minutes ago

    Awwe shit! 🎶🎶🎶

  7. Susan Mason

    Susan Mason3 hours ago

    I really want to like her but this ain't it sis

  8. Hazel Daze

    Hazel Daze3 hours ago

    Addicted to this track!!!

  9. Tru Fool Ent.

    Tru Fool Ent.3 hours ago

    Wow I never heard of hear until today!

  10. crystal Colvin

    crystal Colvin4 hours ago

    Love this song get it girl

  11. Ayanna Aguilar

    Ayanna Aguilar12 hours ago

    Straight bars

  12. CoCo Love

    CoCo Love12 hours ago

    This song goes hard! Love it! 🤩

  13. Freddy Granados

    Freddy Granados18 hours ago

    Ohh these going to be the new ratchet anthem! 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Juan Alvarez

    Juan Alvarez18 hours ago

    Olson's are triplets ha

  15. KG Yones

    KG Yones22 hours ago


  16. Dion Harris

    Dion HarrisDay ago

    Jermaine dupri need to listen to you.

  17. reesej27

    reesej27Day ago

    Put Too $Hort and G- Eazy on the remix!!! Song still 🔥 though

  18. Bedasubash Tonmoy

    Bedasubash TonmoyDay ago

    She sure showed the product.

  19. Ryan Polak

    Ryan PolakDay ago

    Left the negativity behind? Calling B B B B B B B listen to the hip hop N word influenced song.

  20. Janee Reyes

    Janee ReyesDay ago


  21. Kiki Banks

    Kiki BanksDay ago

    Snow with tha flows!

  22. Bryan Levato

    Bryan LevatoDay ago


  23. Damian Louden

    Damian LoudenDay ago


  24. Morgan Spooner

    Morgan SpoonerDay ago


  25. This my last One Yall

    This my last One Yall2 days ago

    Speaking straight facts, but of course silly broads won't listen to nothing she just said.

  26. Desiree Talmich

    Desiree Talmich2 days ago

    dope ass song

  27. TSS Taztexik

    TSS Taztexik2 days ago

    If E40 was on this track this song would be 10x better

  28. King TDOT

    King TDOT2 days ago

    This girl is the best female rapper I heard in awhile she goes in 🔥

  29. Raheem Dillard

    Raheem Dillard2 days ago

    Keep dat FIRE going woman love your heart and Spirit.

  30. Rogeriosobral Sobral

    Rogeriosobral Sobral2 days ago


  31. Stacian Gray

    Stacian Gray2 days ago

    That second verse really hit me... the things pretty women put themselves through with other pretty women.

  32. Mel Alex

    Mel Alex2 days ago

    Goosebumps and I lost it at CRUMPLED ONES

  33. meme

    meme2 days ago

    چرا روسری سرش کرده؟

  34. Sergio Montemayor

    Sergio Montemayor3 days ago

    You got blimes and gifted gab haha love it

  35. Nova Boi

    Nova Boi3 days ago

    Baby girl your shit 🔥 dont stop keep me plug in LOVE YA

  36. C Rodriguez

    C Rodriguez3 days ago

    I thought I seen blimes then I seen gifted gab and I was like yup !!! Fire snow !!! 🔥

  37. DuZy

    DuZy3 days ago

    Across the pond I've seen more rap female unity I wish that could be here it would def be crazy music getting made

  38. Yeraldy Muñoz

    Yeraldy Muñoz3 days ago

    I think that she look like Mexican? But I love her

  39. Anthony22 #BlueForSudan

    Anthony22 #BlueForSudan3 days ago

    She's Mexican

  40. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer Morningstar3 days ago

    This female specimen is definitely underrated.

  41. joepassive

    joepassive3 days ago

    this girl is one of the best female rappers since hip hop ever started

  42. Mike Segovia

    Mike Segovia3 days ago


  43. Jessica Hernández.

    Jessica Hernández.3 days ago


  44. Madss. Xxxclusive

    Madss. Xxxclusive3 days ago

    I love it!!💙

  45. Joey Thornton

    Joey Thornton3 days ago

    I'm in love..😍😍😍😍

  46. Murder HeWrote

    Murder HeWrote3 days ago

    Only thing about this lifestyle these days takes no money and literally anyone can do it.

  47. Angelmans Mama

    Angelmans Mama3 days ago


  48. Alexandro Hollie

    Alexandro Hollie4 days ago

    2nd track I've heard and she dope.

  49. Patience

    Patience4 days ago

    The spot on the window is all I can see... but the song slaps

  50. BasSlut Ucci

    BasSlut Ucci4 days ago

    Really liking this. Snow the product. Supa dope.

  51. Adoring Fan

    Adoring Fan4 days ago

    Okay that 2nd verse. That shit is fire.

  52. Magdo Gonzalez

    Magdo Gonzalez4 days ago

    Thats right say it how is

  53. Laura Renteria

    Laura Renteria4 days ago

    Omg annette69 should come in your video.

  54. jorge jasso

    jorge jasso4 days ago

    Te la rifas girl my respect you got talent 🇲🇽🇲🇽😍🥰 saludos hrmosa

  55. Eljay

    Eljay4 days ago

    you Lit Snow !!