1. Mathson Mathai

    Mathson MathaiMonth ago

    Oh shit ! Vibranium was made up.....Daimn Mann, shucks....!!!

  2. Lavinia Ngatu

    Lavinia Ngatu2 months ago

    Chadwick’s reaction is crack up 😂 he’s like you know what I think I have little stash in my jersey oh wait no because WE MADE IT UP FOR THE MOVIE

  3. Beatrice Parham

    Beatrice Parham2 months ago

    WOW so t’challa and t’chaka were right the world is greedy for vibraniam

  4. Big32Productions

    Big32Productions4 months ago

    WE MADE IT UP FOR THE MOVIE. because source material isn’t important? And it wasn’t in two movies before yours.

  5. Dapper Flareon

    Dapper Flareon8 months ago

    Why does he sound like a black person?

  6. IamWumbo

    IamWumbo8 months ago

    It was not made up for the movie it was made up in the comics

  7. FBI

    FBI8 months ago

    I saw Cardi B under Chadwick’s name and got a lil worried what if she throws a shoe at our boy what will we do

  8. 찡칠찡

    찡칠찡9 months ago

    아 존나 멋잇네;;..

  9. Punisher Castle

    Punisher Castle10 months ago

    Did anyone else have the thought “Chadwick.... vibranium wasn’t made up for the movie, it has been in the comics for a very long time now..... oh shit I’m such a nerd”

  10. Punisher Castle

    Punisher Castle9 months ago

    Hibbs4Prez I wasn’t saying what he should say, I said what *I* said in my mind lol

  11. Hibbs4Prez

    Hibbs4Prez9 months ago

    That line is too wouldn't land as well.

  12. ThanossGaming

    ThanossGaming10 months ago

    They didn't make it up for the movie. It's from the comics.

  13. Caleb Basquill

    Caleb Basquill11 months ago

    Was that girl the girl from spy who dumped me

  14. Amy Chadwick

    Amy Chadwick4 months ago

    Yes, that's Kate McKinnon.

  15. iiSaucyPlays RBLX

    iiSaucyPlays RBLXYear ago

    I wanted him to reach in his jacket, take out a fist and give em' the mil' finger.

  16. LGKids

    LGKidsYear ago

    Say what...Lol! Peace!

  17. Milan Tique

    Milan TiqueYear ago

    well vibranium was made up fo the comic but hey close enough eh? but that does mean they had to get some for the movie. ok Chadwick lets play your games

  18. The major laser P

    The major laser PYear ago


  19. Jubilee

    JubileeYear ago

    Lmao @ Kenan’s face at 0:33

  20. Jubilee

    JubileeYear ago

    Lmao I love Chadwick with his fine ass

  21. Greg da cool one

    Greg da cool oneYear ago

    That man Keenan is a treasure chest to SNL.

  22. Greg da cool one

    Greg da cool oneYear ago


  23. Icee Dicee

    Icee DiceeYear ago

    This is impossible

  24. YS_ GRXVY

    YS_ GRXVYYear ago

    Who here is watching black panther while watching this

  25. SwimmerNerd

    SwimmerNerdYear ago

    Kenan? More like Key-nan

  26. Genell diaz

    Genell diazYear ago

    I didn't know Chadwick Boseman voice sounds like that!!!

  27. ultimateranger213

    ultimateranger213Year ago

    One of the best promos I’ve seen from snl!


    JOSH JIMISONYear ago

    0:36 THEY DID NOT MAKE IT UP FOR THE MOVIES! It's first appearance wasn't even in a Black Panther comic! It first appeared in Daredevil #13 (February 1966) Black panther wasn't even in the comic.

  29. Zīsha_ Tomodachi

    Zīsha_ TomodachiYear ago

    *"Man vibranium ain't real"* I almost choked on air from laughing

  30. Mrs. Johnson

    Mrs. JohnsonYear ago


  31. TheHuntersarecool

    TheHuntersarecoolYear ago

    Black Panther Han Solo And Batman Their Going To The Power Rangers Base To See Alpha 5 And Zordon To Meet Black Panther Han Solo And Batman And They Teaming Up To Defeat All The Army Of Putty And Goldar Rita.

  32. mango_ariyyy

    mango_ariyyyYear ago

    “Oh man, you know what? I didn’t wanna tell them but maybe I did bring a lil stash of vibranium but I can’t seem to find it because *WE MADE IT UP FOR THE MOVIE.”* Oof

  33. Christena Mccullough

    Christena McculloughYear ago

    Chadwick is so black that how most black people is😀😀😁

  34. Mark Dynes

    Mark DynesYear ago

    Weellll technically they didn’t make it up for the movie, they made it up for the comic books

  35. Sampson Ray Simon

    Sampson Ray SimonYear ago

    Except they didn't make it up for the movie, it was made up in the comics.

  36. Chrollo Lucilfer

    Chrollo LucilferYear ago

    Always Kenan from Kel

  37. TJ mk

    TJ mkYear ago





  39. alexSIS

    alexSISYear ago


  40. Joshua Xiong

    Joshua XiongYear ago

    Lol his voice compared to the movie is gold

  41. Kameah Holtdaniels

    Kameah HoltdanielsYear ago

    CHADWICK "Man Vibranium ain't real" LOL

  42. Siaosi Reid

    Siaosi ReidYear ago

    The real killmonger

  43. Anushi Lanka

    Anushi LankaYear ago

    😂😂😂 great ....

  44. Xna Nebblett

    Xna NebblettYear ago

    This is so cute

  45. Get Down

    Get DownYear ago

    Correction they made vibranium up for the comic book.

  46. Steve Smith

    Steve SmithYear ago

    Get Down I think it existed even before BP the comic, just in the marvel verse as a whole

  47. Kingu Curimson

    Kingu CurimsonYear ago

    I wish he had vibranium

  48. Legends

    LegendsYear ago

    'we made it up for the MOVIE'!! funniest part! I could watch this over and over again fsgshjsjs it's so funny

  49. Perez Martin

    Perez MartinYear ago

    Ew cardi

  50. Tabloid Junkie

    Tabloid JunkieYear ago

    But isn't he British? Why isn't he using his normal accent?

  51. Briar Beauty

    Briar BeautyYear ago

    “I can’t seem to find it because...WE MADE IT UP FOR THE MOVIE!!!” 😂 and “Man, Vibranium ain’t real”😂 I ❤️ Chadwick

  52. Daniel Purdy

    Daniel PurdyYear ago

    LIES. It was made for the comics. Adapted for the movies. I shouldn't be outraged. But I dont care

  53. J C-EXO/MCUmunchkin

    J C-EXO/MCUmunchkinYear ago

    *”Maybe I did bring a little stash of vibranium case I didn’t find it because WE MADE IT UP FOR THE MOVIE!”* I LOVE CHADWICK😂🙏🏼💕

  54. Legends

    LegendsYear ago