SNL Host Chadwick Boseman Does Not Have Any Vibranium


  1. Dapper Flareon

    Dapper Flareon3 months ago

    Why does he sound like a black person?

  2. IamWumbo

    IamWumbo3 months ago

    It was not made up for the movie it was made up in the comics

  3. Candace

    Candace3 months ago

    I saw Cardi B under Chadwick’s name and got a lil worried what if she throws a shoe at our boy what will we do

  4. 찡칠찡

    찡칠찡4 months ago

    아 존나 멋잇네;;..

  5. Punisher Castle

    Punisher Castle5 months ago

    Did anyone else have the thought “Chadwick.... vibranium wasn’t made up for the movie, it has been in the comics for a very long time now..... oh shit I’m such a nerd”

  6. Punisher Castle

    Punisher Castle4 months ago

    Hibbs4Prez I wasn’t saying what he should say, I said what *I* said in my mind lol

  7. Hibbs4Prez

    Hibbs4Prez4 months ago

    That line is too wouldn't land as well.

  8. ThanossGaming

    ThanossGaming5 months ago

    They didn't make it up for the movie. It's from the comics.

  9. Caleb Basquill

    Caleb Basquill6 months ago

    Was that girl the girl from spy who dumped me

  10. no u

    no u7 months ago

    I wanted him to reach in his jacket, take out a fist and give em' the mil' finger.

  11. LGKids

    LGKids7 months ago

    Say what...Lol! Peace!

  12. Milan Tique

    Milan Tique7 months ago

    well vibranium was made up fo the comic but hey close enough eh? but that does mean they had to get some for the movie. ok Chadwick lets play your games

  13. The major laser P

    The major laser P7 months ago


  14. Jubilee

    Jubilee7 months ago

    Lmao @ Kenan’s face at 0:33

  15. Jubilee

    Jubilee7 months ago

    Lmao I love Chadwick with his fine ass

  16. Greg da cool one

    Greg da cool one7 months ago

    That man Keenan is a treasure chest to SNL.

  17. Greg da cool one

    Greg da cool one7 months ago


  18. Emerald Cutie

    Emerald Cutie7 months ago

    This is impossible

  19. 5k subs no vid

    5k subs no vid7 months ago

    Who here is watching black panther while watching this

  20. SwimmerNerd

    SwimmerNerd7 months ago

    Kenan? More like Key-nan

  21. Genell diaz

    Genell diaz8 months ago

    I didn't know Chadwick Boseman voice sounds like that!!!

  22. ultimateranger213

    ultimateranger2138 months ago

    One of the best promos I’ve seen from snl!


    JOSH JIMISON8 months ago

    0:36 THEY DID NOT MAKE IT UP FOR THE MOVIES! It's first appearance wasn't even in a Black Panther comic! It first appeared in Daredevil #13 (February 1966) Black panther wasn't even in the comic.

  24. Jade de Brionne

    Jade de Brionne8 months ago

    *"Man vibranium ain't real"* I almost choked on air from laughing

  25. Mrs. Johnson

    Mrs. Johnson8 months ago


  26. TheHuntersarecool

    TheHuntersarecool8 months ago

    Black Panther Han Solo And Batman Their Going To The Power Rangers Base To See Alpha 5 And Zordon To Meet Black Panther Han Solo And Batman And They Teaming Up To Defeat All The Army Of Putty And Goldar Rita.

  27. Ariyyy

    Ariyyy8 months ago

    “Oh man, you know what? I didn’t wanna tell them but maybe I did bring a lil stash of vibranium but I can’t seem to find it because *WE MADE IT UP FOR THE MOVIE.”* Oof

  28. Christena Mccullough

    Christena Mccullough8 months ago

    Chadwick is so black that how most black people is😀😀😁

  29. Mark Dynes

    Mark Dynes8 months ago

    Weellll technically they didn’t make it up for the movie, they made it up for the comic books

  30. Sampson Ray Simon

    Sampson Ray Simon8 months ago

    Except they didn't make it up for the movie, it was made up in the comics.

  31. Meruem Sama

    Meruem Sama8 months ago

    Always Kenan from Kel

  32. TJ mk

    TJ mk8 months ago


  33. Ryro where's Capetown

    Ryro where's Capetown8 months ago


  34. some blasian

    some blasian8 months ago


  35. I’m just me

    I’m just me9 months ago

    Lol his voice compared to the movie is gold

  36. Kameah Holtdaniels

    Kameah Holtdaniels9 months ago

    CHADWICK "Man Vibranium ain't real" LOL

  37. Siaosi Reid

    Siaosi Reid9 months ago

    The real killmonger

  38. Anushi Lanka

    Anushi Lanka9 months ago

    😂😂😂 great ....

  39. Xna Nebblett

    Xna Nebblett9 months ago

    This is so cute

  40. Get Down

    Get Down9 months ago

    Correction they made vibranium up for the comic book.

  41. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith8 months ago

    Get Down I think it existed even before BP the comic, just in the marvel verse as a whole

  42. biGcat

    biGcat9 months ago

    I wish he had vibranium

  43. Legends

    Legends9 months ago

    'we made it up for the MOVIE'!! funniest part! I could watch this over and over again fsgshjsjs it's so funny

  44. Perez Martin

    Perez Martin9 months ago

    Ew cardi

  45. Tabloid Junkie

    Tabloid Junkie9 months ago

    But isn't he British? Why isn't he using his normal accent?

  46. Briar Beauty

    Briar Beauty9 months ago

    “I can’t seem to find it because...WE MADE IT UP FOR THE MOVIE!!!” 😂 and “Man, Vibranium ain’t real”😂 I ❤️ Chadwick

  47. Daniel Purdy

    Daniel Purdy9 months ago

    LIES. It was made for the comics. Adapted for the movies. I shouldn't be outraged. But I dont care

  48. J C-EXO/MCUmunchkin

    J C-EXO/MCUmunchkin9 months ago

    *”Maybe I did bring a little stash of vibranium case I didn’t find it because WE MADE IT UP FOR THE MOVIE!”* I LOVE CHADWICK😂🙏🏼💕

  49. Legends

    Legends9 months ago


  50. Kaylee Berggren

    Kaylee Berggren9 months ago

    My name literally means *keeper of keys*

  51. berleezy funk booty ass mic

    berleezy funk booty ass mic9 months ago

    He sound better with a accent😂😁

  52. fatou Ndiaye

    fatou Ndiaye9 months ago

    I was in love Chadwick since Lincoln height nd I will always have my fave actor nd he will always be sexxy with all his life

  53. starlightt _

    starlightt _9 months ago

    oh god. why do they think vibrainium is real lol.

  54. javier castaneda

    javier castaneda9 months ago

    Terrible key keeper.

  55. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith9 months ago

    Kate McKinnon's facial expressions are terrifying sometimes

  56. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith9 months ago

    technically they didn't make it up for the was made up for a comic universe

  57. Tiger Steiger

    Tiger Steiger9 months ago

    “We made it up for the movie” Hmmmmmm Chadwick don’t know his Marvel

  58. P S

    P S9 months ago

    He sounds so much like Denzel.. great voice

  59. Ethan P

    Ethan P9 months ago

    "I am the Key-per." Well played.

  60. Big Red234

    Big Red2349 months ago

    If only he had some Vibranium Chadwick: say what

  61. Samuel Behfarshad

    Samuel Behfarshad9 months ago

    He sounds so different than in the movie (he did the accent very well)

  62. Randy Gutierrez

    Randy Gutierrez9 months ago

    Don't Blame T'Challa, dem white people been stealing Vibranium from his people too many times now.

  63. Rotch Potch

    Rotch Potch9 months ago

    this feels like some weird porn oh seems like I don't have my keys guess we could settle for something else

  64. LX arts

    LX arts9 months ago

    It's real in a asteroid out in space somewhere we just haven't found it

  65. Christian Gretz

    Christian Gretz9 months ago

    "we made it up for the movie!"Uhh y'all know what comics are right

  66. Imani

    Imani9 months ago

    𝗜 𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗰𝗮𝗻’𝘁 𝗯𝗲𝗹𝗶𝗲𝘃𝗲 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗱𝘄𝗶𝗰𝗸 𝗕𝗼𝘀𝗲𝗺𝗮𝗻 𝗶𝘀 𝟰𝟬 𝘆𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘀 𝗼𝗹𝗱.

  67. Sensei Sauce

    Sensei Sauce9 months ago

    Uhhhhhhhhhh, I wish Chadwick used his accent here 😭😩

  68. Young DRyan

    Young DRyan9 months ago

    Too bad he got turned to dust

  69. Sillysoft

    Sillysoft9 months ago

    Yeah you'd think they'd spare one of the black guys. Black Panther and Falcon turned to dust.

  70. Elliot Lin

    Elliot Lin10 months ago

    They didn't make up Vibranium for the movie. Theymade it up for the comics, then it was adapted for the movie...

  71. OrangeKyle91

    OrangeKyle9110 months ago

    They didn't make it up for the movie, they made it up for the comic decades ago. Still a good short, though!

  72. Cheetah1985

    Cheetah198510 months ago

    0:30- “Maybe I did bring a little stash of Vibranian in case”............😂😂🤣

  73. Jordy Blake man

    Jordy Blake man10 months ago

    "i think some vibranium might do the trick" 😂😂



    Put done your weapon and we can sort it another way

  75. ClackMan

    ClackMan10 months ago


  76. Mc LOVIN

    Mc LOVIN10 months ago

    It's alleged Lebron takes vibranium

  77. kevin sims

    kevin sims10 months ago

    I think some vibranium would do the trick 😂😂😂

  78. Mind YourOwn

    Mind YourOwn10 months ago


  79. Solo Rowry

    Solo Rowry10 months ago

    Dang it Kenan

  80. Gradual Decay

    Gradual Decay10 months ago

    This is my first time seeing him without the African accent. Feels as strange as watching Martin Freeman with an American accent, lol

  81. Scarlet Phoenix

    Scarlet Phoenix10 months ago

    Hmmmm, they didn't make it up. The comic creators did. As you know, T'challa would never admit that he had vibrainium on his person to people who doesn't understand it's worth. :p

  82. Grizzly BƎAR

    Grizzly BƎAR10 months ago

    “A lil stash” they not slick.

  83. Loyd McC

    Loyd McC10 months ago

    I am the key keeper ( *jingles keys* ) I don't have it 😆😆😆😆 Keenan is a f*cking legend 💯

  84. Jason Pittmon

    Jason Pittmon10 months ago

    "Cause we made it up for the movie!!!!"

  85. Start Trevor

    Start Trevor10 months ago

    Your typical Colonizers and their Uncle Tom. Who knows what was really behind that door, or what their alternative motives were. Stay woke everyone

  86. Antonio Delfino

    Antonio Delfino10 months ago

    i find it kinda funny that they put someone who played the main character in black panther which everyone got hyped up about for black pride, and then they put an ex-stripper as the music artist.

  87. TxrnLuv

    TxrnLuv10 months ago


  88. deadcrowes19

    deadcrowes1910 months ago

    What would've been funny is if after all the denials, he uncovered a secret stash in his dressing room or something like that.

  89. Q the Pharaoh

    Q the Pharaoh10 months ago

    It Vibranium isn't real then why do I have....

  90. Daniel John Kirby

    Daniel John Kirby10 months ago

    They didn't make it up for the movie, it's been in the comics for decades.

  91. James

    James10 months ago


  92. Norell Leung

    Norell Leung10 months ago

    The way Chadwick Boseman blinks 3 times (eyelashes fluttering... but not that way) when Keenan's looking through the keys.. lol

  93. Rikaya Partlow

    Rikaya Partlow10 months ago

    Lmfao 😂

  94. Fired Spic Latino

    Fired Spic Latino10 months ago

    Chadwick has Vibranium he's holding out like every other Billionaire

  95. Jayden Iglesias

    Jayden Iglesias10 months ago


  96. Tsugumichan

    Tsugumichan10 months ago

    "Say whet"

  97. GEMof72

    GEMof7210 months ago

    Love the way Chad talks.

  98. Gatekeeper Aquatic

    Gatekeeper Aquatic10 months ago


  99. Princess Nyathi

    Princess Nyathi10 months ago

    " Let me see if I have some on me... oh no i dont CAUSE WE MADE IT UP FOR THE MOVIE"!!! OMFGGG HAHAHAHA IM DEADDDDDD freaking love Chadwich


    FRANCIS NYUYDZEFON10 months ago

    Only real hating miserable people did not like this video. It's just so so so good. Wish it were longer

  101. That Guy

    That Guy10 months ago

    He fucking so many piece of shit soulless white whore bags now

  102. //\

    //\10 months ago

    Y’all really didn’t know he was American🙄, his accent in Black Panther was hot 😏

  103. Joyce Powell

    Joyce Powell10 months ago

    “Say whaat?”

  104. Shawn Mac McCullough

    Shawn Mac McCullough10 months ago

    He Sounded Like Denzel Washington 0:29