Sneak Peek of My New Workshop 🔧✨


  1. stijn louis

    stijn louis2 hours ago

    Maybe not a build, but those are some very white walls, maybe an awesome wall painting would be cool.

  2. Ray Wyman Jr

    Ray Wyman Jr5 hours ago

    How about one of those spiral poles you see in the playgrounds? Oh... or how about a crawly tunnel thing that has a big slide at the end. A treehouse?

  3. Brandon Rae

    Brandon Rae5 hours ago

    Point blank catapult

  4. Ray Wyman Jr

    Ray Wyman Jr5 hours ago

    Very nice space. I'm envious! I'm meh on the firepole - cliche. I'm so sorry I'm already an Audible fan - like 10 years. I already have more than 100 books in my library. I'm passing your link around tho.

  5. Tom_the_jaffa_muncher

    Tom_the_jaffa_muncher6 hours ago

    Make a wine rack wall!!!!

  6. Uluelsomalien

    Uluelsomalien7 hours ago

    Sweet "baguette magique" !

  7. I'm not sure Why

    I'm not sure Why10 hours ago

    I’m so happy that you’re okay and smiling again.

  8. Mackinstyle

    Mackinstyle11 hours ago

    Anything with neon brown.

  9. Darren Thai

    Darren Thai11 hours ago

    Astroturf on the ceiling!

  10. Snipedog1978

    Snipedog197813 hours ago

    Well at least you didn’t have to worry about to much traffic on you old commute

  11. BanazirGalpsi1968

    BanazirGalpsi196816 hours ago

    Get a monitor for a telapromptr and drcorate it with heathers to be apidgeon or owl or. Something. You could call it walter. Like walter pigeon. Also. You are so blessed to have survived the tumor. My aunt did of a brain tumour in the mid 1950s at the age of 19. I never met her because i just turned 50. But so glad to see you back and so full of spirit.

  12. Tairoso The Viking-Cow

    Tairoso The Viking-Cow17 hours ago

    Simone have been send to her "space"👌✨ Great video👍 Your channel is awesome

  13. Gleb Svechnikov

    Gleb Svechnikov18 hours ago

    Awesome workshop, so happy for you... a bit envy. Refering to Harry Potter just an idea you might hang some animated photo with motion detector or something so would not animate all the time, but only when you look at it.

  14. kakasibatosi

    kakasibatosi18 hours ago

    French cleats with buckets/trays so you can store sets of tools and easily pick them up from the wall. It's great vertical storage. (example: , his setup is great!)

  15. Slater

    Slater20 hours ago

    you need sound deadening panels

  16. Elsa Baxter

    Elsa Baxter21 hour ago

    I think it could use a fire pole

  17. The Dream Pipe

    The Dream Pipe23 hours ago

    Where is Simone? Haven't heard anything from her for a few weeks? Anyone know what is up?

  18. roxxer1968

    roxxer1968Day ago

    Din morsa är så jävla snygg

  19. Caveman

    CavemanDay ago

    The gods have your back lady, it's so cool to see you recovered and upgraded. Once you get used to it, the inventions can only get bigger and more ridiculous.

  20. mike T

    mike TDay ago

    Congrats Simone! nice digs! Looking forward to the new creations from your new huge legit work shop!

  21. Geneviève Daoust

    Geneviève DaoustDay ago

    Simone you are awesome! To help keep your "aldult clean space" upstairs you can always make some kind of curtain but of course in a funky, simone's way? Idk just an idea!

  22. Bonewagon -

    Bonewagon -Day ago

    The Fortress of Giertzitude

  23. Ivy- Marie

    Ivy- MarieDay ago

    The coat hanger coat hanger!!! I love her!

  24. David1p

    David1p2 days ago

    you need a CNC router ;)

  25. Daniel Danielsen

    Daniel Danielsen2 days ago

    Dear Simone You are one of my funniest most genuine youtubers and I am so happy that Your surgery went well. Congratulations on Your new workshop which of cause needs "Intro" stairs. For instance 1 step triggers spotlights, 1 triggers fanfare, 1 triggers balloons, 1 triggers applause etc etc and may I suggest Robonia (a word I didn't make up) for the shop.

  26. Pranav Flame

    Pranav Flame2 days ago

    Your brand logo actually looks so much like you now

  27. Cyan Blue

    Cyan Blue2 days ago

    She looks and sounds like spoiled milk in the fridge.

  28. samesong

    samesong2 days ago

    I love the way you show that badass scar!

  29. Robyn Willison

    Robyn Willison2 days ago

    Harry Potter audiobook by Stephen Fry is fantastic because he does all the British accents too.

  30. Dermott

    Dermott2 days ago

    ladder on rails

  31. Mengfan Lou

    Mengfan Lou2 days ago

    It needs the KUKA bot on a track.

  32. Jane Wiseman

    Jane Wiseman2 days ago

    Love that apron. Any chance someone can tell me the brand or what to call that style with the leg split? Could really use them at work... TY!

  33. yorinov2001

    yorinov20012 days ago

    “Simone’s Wonder Emporium - Where We put the Y in Giertz”😜

  34. Antonio

    Antonio2 days ago

    Sanctum Simonum

  35. Twixtor

    Twixtor2 days ago

    Get a fire pole. Linus needs to be taught a lesson.

  36. Jens L.

    Jens L.2 days ago

    The hairstyle you have in the new workshop looks great.

  37. Sly Sly

    Sly Sly2 days ago

    Build the ultimate outhouse...4 camping???

  38. Whisperingwillow

    Whisperingwillow2 days ago

    I heard your channel from nerdEcrafter and I wanted to check you out!

  39. chrislee671

    chrislee6712 days ago

    I laughed goofily at the deer

  40. Stefano Rizzotti

    Stefano Rizzotti2 days ago

    It's great to see that you recovered well. Congratulations to your new workshop, can't wait to see you again at work. I wish you the best luck

  41. Austin Jaynes

    Austin Jaynes3 days ago

    Sliding down the pole hurt your Jiji

  42. William Kirton

    William Kirton3 days ago

    Try getting some huge parcans (type of theatre/film set lantern) and some funky gels to create some fun lighting stuff!

  43. am motivated

    am motivated3 days ago


  44. Gabe Wohlers

    Gabe Wohlers3 days ago

    Hang a real airplane from the super tall ceiling.

  45. Ed Green

    Ed Green3 days ago

    You should build a drone big enough to lift a person, and use that instead of the (clearly terrifying) stairs.

  46. Sharkwizard92

    Sharkwizard923 days ago

    FIREMAN'S (firepersons's?) POLE!!!!

  47. Nanachi :3

    Nanachi :33 days ago

    omg she's so badass holy damm

  48. Le Goober

    Le Goober3 days ago

    Passenger Pigeon sounds like a great name for a texting app

  49. ryan s

    ryan s3 days ago

    Hydraulic lift work table and an overhead crane. But of course you need a slushy machine and a really good sound system

  50. Vladimir Popik

    Vladimir Popik3 days ago

    What kind of workshop is that? I’ve been trying to get myself one (like the one in this video is perfect size, and it needs a car garage door)

  51. Martin C.

    Martin C.3 days ago

    The SweetDen

  52. Rylei Castro

    Rylei Castro3 days ago

    Build a shitty robot that pushes you on a swing

  53. Murray Halbert

    Murray Halbert3 days ago

    Ohhh Booooy If I had that upper space. I can guarantee that you will fill the square footage so looking forward look into cubic footage. I would put an open mezzanine with railing of course and access from the upper floor or move the stairs back and put a landing to give access to it. I would say 1/4 floor area on that side with future expansion in mind, fire pole, slide or any levitation device. I don't know the layout dimension, your budget or future business ventures. "Major point" If you are tester of fuses and seeing how much smoke components actually have in them, an exhaust fan, air inlet and fire extinguishers are a must!

  54. Timo Bauer

    Timo Bauer3 days ago

    There is a hammock missing...

  55. MegaDan

    MegaDan3 days ago

    A small alarm you can hit if you have an idea or just for fun, yea pretty much for fun.

  56. Andrehh89

    Andrehh893 days ago

    you shuld put " istappar under the stairs.

  57. Ray Brandt

    Ray Brandt3 days ago

    The scar is hot

  58. Shade x Oblivion

    Shade x Oblivion3 days ago

    That's what I call a major upgrade

  59. Jonah Nelson

    Jonah Nelson3 days ago

    3D Printer

  60. Tim Be

    Tim Be3 days ago

    Oh no what happened to the stairs D:

  61. ERIK WOO

    ERIK WOO3 days ago

    Forstår du norsk?

  62. ragnarocking

    ragnarocking3 days ago

    "Pigeons 'n Things"

  63. Abdallah Hegab

    Abdallah Hegab4 days ago

    actually i'm happy to see you again on MReporter

  64. Hibashira Sakai

    Hibashira Sakai4 days ago

    Simone’s Landing

  65. Corbyn Blake

    Corbyn Blake4 days ago

    girth garage

  66. Irina Wilson

    Irina Wilson4 days ago

    I´m so happy to see u again!!!! awesome workshop!

  67. didi32333

    didi323334 days ago

    Great to have you back!!! Love your new haircut. A slide sounds great...

  68. Alexis Quental

    Alexis Quental4 days ago

    Porta party

  69. Alexis Quental

    Alexis Quental4 days ago

  70. Savvas Papasavva

    Savvas Papasavva4 days ago

    I'm thinking The Simonetorium for the name.

  71. Malcolm Forbes

    Malcolm Forbes4 days ago

    You need a quadcopter with a video camera now. With all that height you can do pans and hovers from above. Maybe put in a entrance hole and landing pad for it upstairs as well? Its your Simone Zone, after all.

  72. Leonardo Da Silva

    Leonardo Da Silva4 days ago

    Build an auto-pushing swing! Sure, it might be unpredictable and extremely dangerous, but it's FUN!

  73. Barış Yiğit Avcı

    Barış Yiğit Avcı4 days ago

    Be well soon And your scar is very cool

  74. 10wuebc

    10wuebc4 days ago

    build a mechanical cat!

  75. Martina Prochazkova

    Martina Prochazkova4 days ago

    I think you should install a giant grumpy robot head on the ceiling to watch you and silently judge all the silly robots. By the way I'm looking forward to whatever you do, I'm always having a blast! Thanks.

  76. Ben Pack

    Ben Pack5 days ago

    yatch patch... writtin in phonetics on the wall, will help sell your brand... ;) looking forward to more!

  77. Ben Pack

    Ben Pack5 days ago

    with a speed reducer, a "slide" seat for the stair railing... and you look cool with your hail like that.

  78. Ojsh _

    Ojsh _5 days ago

    this is the best

  79. 正常

    正常5 days ago

    You should get a mural done for that giant blank wall : D

  80. Roanin Fisher

    Roanin Fisher5 days ago


  81. Amanda Ziegler

    Amanda Ziegler5 days ago

    With that high ceiling you need some aerial fixtures! Pole/hoop/silks/trapeze would be awesome in that space! (just make sure you use a mat and are safe) Congratulations on the new space! 🎉

  82. John Manderson

    John Manderson5 days ago

    I am so happy for you Simone 👍🏻✅☺️ Seeing you smile and laugh is a delight 😊 can’t wait to see your next invention 😉 Cheers !

  83. Gary Brown Forging On

    Gary Brown Forging On5 days ago

    This is what I want to put in my shop so I will suggest it for your shop. :) French Cleat Shelving system. Here are some pics. I first saw these on another youtube channel "Wranglerstar" several months ago.

  84. Xknot Alpha

    Xknot Alpha5 days ago

    aweeee SIMONE your scar looks super cute! I love your new space. congrats on your workshop what an amazing accomplishment. Congts to you and your awesome team! god damn 3:48 FUCKING GREAT HAHAHA! Okay so, I'm returning tomorrow to my community college to finish up my comp. engineering trans. cred. degree. I got 3 jobs (i tutor comp sci for two classes and work as a driver from a company.) ANNNND I'm finally moving out of my moms house eeeeee! I'm stoked Tots becoming a minimalists which is great because my place looks to be the same size as your place. OHH and your outfit is fucking cute for both tour and the audible commercial. What boots are those??? k back to meal prepping for the week I love you lots Simone

  85. Audaxviator

    Audaxviator5 days ago

    You should put foam up on the ceiling to help eat the echo's.

  86. Lude Nend

    Lude Nend5 days ago

    who, i mean WHO would dislike this video? so many morons in this world... hope the best simone! glad that your so cheerful :) love it!

  87. BlackPearl

    BlackPearl5 days ago

    Call it the Badass Survivor's Cave

  88. Antonin Pourroy

    Antonin Pourroy5 days ago

    You say Baguette Magique really perfectly! 😯 I know cause I'm French 😂👌

  89. Marc Foster

    Marc Foster4 hours ago

    Isn't "baguette" also a type of bread?

  90. Benjamin Persson

    Benjamin Persson5 days ago

    You should really make a wall-painting robot and make it paint one of the walls. Giving the workshop the right atmosphere, or something.

  91. Gary Brown Forging On

    Gary Brown Forging On5 days ago

    Simone's artistic robot creation and support machinery (SARCASM for the acronym) :) Couldn't resist.

  92. Alien Bacon

    Alien Bacon5 days ago

    wait, it's not the savage cave???

  93. Alien Bacon

    Alien Bacon5 days ago

    those stairs need a slide. also you gotta have a soda machine!!!

  94. MrBoyhuman

    MrBoyhuman5 days ago

    you need a robot butler

  95. Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar5 days ago

    my owl is on the way😉

  96. Caja Petersen

    Caja Petersen5 days ago


  97. Nebraska Because

    Nebraska Because5 days ago

    you should make a Brain Tumor extractor robot... :)

  98. Someone

    Someone3 days ago

    Thats not funny

  99. Karthig1987

    Karthig19875 days ago

    Simones cave is not a good idea because cue sex jokes

  100. Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström5 days ago

    The adult room with the ball sack lamp... Yeah right ;)

  101. Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström5 days ago

    And it has a "baguett magiqe" as well... ;)

  102. ROVER25X

    ROVER25X6 days ago

    It doesn't matter what its called as no doubt they will all be a euphemism for Simone's Vagina.

  103. Roman de Giorgi

    Roman de Giorgi6 days ago

    I know I appear a little late, but I just want to say how glad I am to see you doing so well after your surgery and that everything turned out fine for you! Happily looking forward to see your new videos and enjoy the fun and dedication that is so characteristic for you :-) Keep up the good work!

  104. Meg Hamilton

    Meg Hamilton6 days ago

    Upgrade Idea: Remove the roof so you can start launching shitty spacecrafts