SIDEMEN FC VS YOUTUBE ALLSTARS 2018 (Goals & Highlights)


  1. Muluwork Hutchinson

    Muluwork Hutchinson16 hours ago

    Harry your so bad

  2. ItsameDrew

    ItsameDrewDay ago

    I mean, nobody talking about Simons touch at 6:00 ?

  3. Zeanly

    Zeanly3 days ago

    Is it really MReporter *ALLSTARS* or is the Sidemen the real Stars

  4. Jillz World

    Jillz World3 days ago

    Nice soccer game

  5. Ibrahim A

    Ibrahim A2 days ago


  6. Mustafa Kamal

    Mustafa Kamal3 days ago

    man sidmen destroyed them

  7. Zoe Collins

    Zoe Collins3 days ago

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  8. Anthony Qurniawan

    Anthony Qurniawan5 days ago

    Keeper very² stupid

  9. Alan Monga

    Alan Monga7 days ago

    I want to be like them one day

  10. Lukesh Kathuria

    Lukesh Kathuria7 days ago

    Where was ethan

  11. Joel Lynch

    Joel Lynch8 days ago

    Chrismd seems like the only one who cares

  12. Fatcat Punk

    Fatcat Punk10 days ago

    VIK actually scored

  13. Its Robi

    Its Robi11 days ago

    Wtf kingbach is playin

  14. Connor Wason

    Connor Wason12 days ago

    Sidemen is the best

  15. Fraser Gill

    Fraser Gill12 days ago

    hugh's goalkeeping seriously annoys me. if i was onhis team i would kill him.

  16. Sammy Higgs

    Sammy Higgs12 days ago

    Since when is rice gum part of sidemen ????!!!!!!

  17. XxHackerxX Pakapot

    XxHackerxX Pakapot13 days ago

    Im the king of the world

  18. Sonali Pradhan

    Sonali Pradhan14 days ago


  19. Shwe Moe Thwe

    Shwe Moe Thwe14 days ago

    Forntite dance lol!

  20. ThePurpleSauce

    ThePurpleSauce15 days ago

    Brazil vs Germany

  21. Piyush InfoUna

    Piyush InfoUna15 days ago


  22. Paul Medrano Medrano

    Paul Medrano Medrano16 days ago

    I hate ksi

  23. Kota

    Kota17 days ago

    youtube allstars chemistry is bad

  24. Hajrah Toqir

    Hajrah Toqir18 days ago

    Where is Harry

  25. Parker Kadera

    Parker Kadera18 days ago

    who won?

  26. Joyful Kid

    Joyful Kid18 days ago

    Simon hattrick

  27. Blaze AOT

    Blaze AOT19 days ago

    Da hell is ytas' keeper is doing??

  28. Blaze AOT

    Blaze AOT19 days ago

    Guys who know something about football versus dummies😂😂

  29. Ante Krolo

    Ante Krolo21 day ago

    Miniminter hat trick

  30. The best CATEVER

    The best CATEVER21 day ago

    This was crap in my pants

  31. GamingBeFly

    GamingBeFly22 days ago

    A resounding beating of an inferior side

  32. Cult Spartan

    Cult Spartan23 days ago

    The amount of times Chris put it on a plate for someone...

  33. THANOS

    THANOS23 days ago

    Is that kingbach

  34. John Lalrindika

    John Lalrindika23 days ago

    brings back a lot of memories from world cup 2014 germany vs brazil

  35. Ernesto vlogs

    Ernesto vlogs23 days ago

    The keppers were not even moving

  36. Zhouyuelin

    Zhouyuelin23 days ago

    well....AKINFENWA WERE R U

  37. Kampion Gamer

    Kampion Gamer25 days ago

    Even though I’m a sidemen fan, the teams are a bit unfair Sidemen : Miniminter, Tobjzl, Manny, W2S, Zerkaa, KSI, Behzinga YTAS : Chrismd, Calfreezy, TGF, JMX Not trying to be offensive to all other YTAS’s

  38. Kholoud Al-Saleh

    Kholoud Al-Saleh25 days ago

    Brothers vs each other lmao if u don’t know who they are Ksi deji

  39. unknowxn

    unknowxn26 days ago

    _everytime the sdm went for making a goal the goal keeper did nothing_

  40. AlternateRacoon

    AlternateRacoon27 days ago

    *Top 10 Worst GoalKeapers 2018*

  41. AlternateRacoon

    AlternateRacoon27 days ago

    Karius or ricegum???

  42. Monomi

    Monomi28 days ago

    sidemen vs team 10

  43. FlameZ 700

    FlameZ 70028 days ago

    They smashed them!!!!!

  44. Izzy Hammerle

    Izzy Hammerle28 days ago

    1:09 ok whoever was the speaker of this game really needs to be quiet about the Logan Paul and ksi boxing match. 🙄

  45. Monomi

    Monomi28 days ago

    Lmao that's true georgie m8 he can talk about it if he wants he was apart of it

  46. Yeeterson Peterson

    Yeeterson Peterson28 days ago

    Rice gum doesn’t realize wut offside is

  47. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo28 days ago

    Which position does Vick play?

  48. Dark Tunnel

    Dark Tunnel29 days ago

    1:05 is that adapts

  49. Aksel Brunvoll

    Aksel Brunvoll29 days ago

    I dont think ricegum know What Football is. It is something called offside. Clueless ricegum

  50. Evan Antliff

    Evan Antliff29 days ago

    I could do better commentary than those to😂😂. Brilliant match though

  51. Hossein Arpanahi istadegi

    Hossein Arpanahi istadegiMonth ago

    7-1 Wow I didn’t know that the sidemen can play soccer so good💯💯

  52. Rich y

    Rich yMonth ago

    Where were the F2 guys?

  53. Maja. xx

    Maja. xxMonth ago

    Simon banged it

  54. dudes vlogs

    dudes vlogsMonth ago

    Wasn't freezy in sdmn??

  55. dudes vlogs

    dudes vlogsMonth ago

    Where is w2s ?????

  56. Nero Scott

    Nero ScottMonth ago

    Nice acting 10/10

  57. Vikaashh Sukumaran

    Vikaashh SukumaranMonth ago

    MReporter Allstar's keeper didn't do anything to save all the shots

  58. Yo Kalek

    Yo KalekMonth ago

    Did they pay the goal keeper

  59. DJ LLAMA

    DJ LLAMAMonth ago

    5:32 why are the YTAS celebrating when vikk scored??

  60. vithal mohata

    vithal mohataMonth ago

    given them money to lose

  61. koushan sh

    koushan shMonth ago

    Sidemen goalkeeper=neur MReporter all stars goal keeper=milk bag

  62. Tabi

    TabiMonth ago

    H20 delirious is in this game...

  63. Doggie :D

    Doggie :DMonth ago

    Vik’s goal is the only goal that matters :3

  64. Mr Gamer AnyRdm

    Mr Gamer AnyRdmMonth ago

    Sidemen FC vs MReporter all Stars "Wild Rice Gum appeared"


    FOAM PROSMonth ago

    worst goalkeeper ever for youtube allstars

  66. Chris Walsh

    Chris WalshMonth ago

    8:10 JJ left King Bach hanging hahaha Lonely immm so lonely, I’ve got nobodyyyy 😢

  67. Ninja Fade53

    Ninja Fade53Month ago

    7:50 wtf😂😂


    YONDAIMEMonth ago

    Deji is such a pro 😂😂😂

  69. Toni

    ToniMonth ago

    These comentators are so cringy

  70. Fakehaker 234

    Fakehaker 234Month ago

    Charlton is my favourite team so I’m glad that people are recognising my team

  71. Patrick Nathan

    Patrick NathanMonth ago

    The most scripted game ever

  72. Sceptic Remix

    Sceptic RemixMonth ago


  73. Last Player

    Last PlayerMonth ago

    Are u watching Logan Paul wtf

  74. dr17104

    dr17104Month ago

    Where is Harry

  75. Jo Connolly

    Jo ConnollyMonth ago

    was this an official game?


    U4X IBRAPLAYZMonth ago


  77. Kermit The Flash

    Kermit The FlashMonth ago

    Rice gum is the biggest dumbass. He’s standing like 8 metres offside, calling for it and then complaining when they don’t pass


    TROUBLENOOBMonth ago

    Is this real?

  79. ArminFlexs

    ArminFlexsMonth ago

    lol best keeper ever

  80. PS4 Gaming some vlogs

    PS4 Gaming some vlogsMonth ago

    Vikstar did the best

  81. Faith Foster

    Faith FosterMonth ago

    Where is harry??

  82. TheReal PatrickStar

    TheReal PatrickStarMonth ago

    If the f2 were on MReporter Allstars Different story

  83. Ahmed B.Shobra

    Ahmed B.ShobraMonth ago

    this is soccer?

  84. AMV Channels

    AMV ChannelsMonth ago

    lol this goaly suck he barely move

  85. Hassan Ali

    Hassan AliMonth ago

    Why tf is ricegum in the sidemen team

  86. Bianka Sauer

    Bianka SauerMonth ago

    Germany vs brasil

  87. Deepak Khan

    Deepak KhanMonth ago

    True Geordie is totally on ksis tean

  88. Jr Banuelos

    Jr BanuelosMonth ago

    Fake just to get views

  89. ArrowGamer

    ArrowGamerMonth ago

    chrismd was the best

  90. U-mcig

    U-mcigMonth ago

    Soo fakee

  91. The wizard channel

    The wizard channelMonth ago

    Logan vs ksi

  92. Green Tiger

    Green TigerMonth ago

    This goalie is so bad,

  93. Mythic overload

    Mythic overloadMonth ago

    Didn't know Lachlan was a member of sidemen

  94. Well DANN

    Well DANNMonth ago

    A video 442oons should watch & edit

  95. Esrom Melake

    Esrom MelakeMonth ago

    Sideman is god

  96. Lovre Čop

    Lovre ČopMonth ago

    did anyone notice that when Deji throws his water bottle it lines up perfectly with the ball just look at the ball at 6:51

  97. vivaan rath

    vivaan rathMonth ago

    5:28 amazing goal by vikk

  98. Garith Wilson

    Garith WilsonMonth ago

    Anyone see the woman dab at 10:00

  99. Nicolas Onutu

    Nicolas OnutuMonth ago

    Where is harry

  100. abood boss

    abood bossMonth ago

    Sidemen won coz they now each other and MReporter all star are random

  101. Stoppi Poppi

    Stoppi PoppiMonth ago

    That goalie was Doo doo

  102. Leo Jake

    Leo JakeMonth ago