SIDEMEN FC VS YOUTUBE ALLSTARS 2018 (Goals & Highlights)


  1. Temp_Clan Markell

    Temp_Clan Markell2 hours ago

    R u watching Logan Paul 😂

  2. Peeson

    Peeson17 hours ago

    5:51 no, he put himself the wrong way and that's just makes it even better

  3. x B 3 A S T x

    x B 3 A S T xDay ago

    from where all these people came from lol they sold tickets

  4. TheDeadlyPlantEater

    TheDeadlyPlantEaterDay ago

    No, Sidemen FC vs MReporter Allstarts 2019?

  5. Spooky

    Spooky2 days ago

    This looks likes 2 noobs playing fifa against each other.

  6. Pixels_ Æpollo

    Pixels_ Æpollo2 days ago

    Idk Adapt was in sidemen

  7. Robbie Reyes

    Robbie Reyes2 days ago

    Why is rice gum there

  8. Clickzy

    Clickzy2 days ago

    This was fun to watch because it wasn’t at all serious , just having a good time

  9. Lucas Marmon

    Lucas Marmon2 days ago

    Ksi vs Deji

  10. Gijs Maters

    Gijs Maters2 days ago

    This is actually good football

  11. Clashevv

    Clashevv2 days ago

    Lmao Bach fast af

  12. Zarak Core

    Zarak Core2 days ago

    The goalie is better than karius

  13. Dawood. Hannan.69

    Dawood. Hannan.692 days ago

    Wow today I witnessed Karius Jr

  14. NissaDaBinks

    NissaDaBinks2 days ago

    I'm amazed how entertaining how these MReporterrs at sports

  15. Fernando Gonzalez

    Fernando Gonzalez3 days ago

    i am 10 years old and i am already a better goalie than the ytas goalie

  16. Agustin Sanchez Navarro

    Agustin Sanchez Navarro3 days ago

    This I kinda unfair bc the sidemen know how to play and most of the other MReporterrs dont even know how to play

  17. Master SUSHI

    Master SUSHI3 days ago

    Hugh-sless Jk its a joke

  18. Sophia Rose

    Sophia Rose3 days ago

    why is WillNE tripping Rice not in this? that was definitely the best part 😂

  19. mohamed abdelwahid

    mohamed abdelwahid3 days ago

    why are the sidemen so cool at everything what legends

  20. Furry hunter 420

    Furry hunter 4203 days ago

    This looks like a Fifa Match with a friend were u just press some random buttons 😂

  21. Nicster Beast TTV

    Nicster Beast TTV3 days ago

    The goals on the other side do nothing

  22. Anime Genie

    Anime Genie4 days ago

    great vid

  23. Volzer

    Volzer4 days ago

    why was rice playing for the sidemen

  24. Pro Albanian

    Pro Albanian5 days ago

    Ricegum and adapt were at sidemen before faze?

  25. Mc Livin

    Mc Livin5 days ago

    Deji is so bad haha

  26. Kay Wood

    Kay Wood5 days ago

    Sidmen sidemen

  27. Kay Wood

    Kay Wood5 days ago

    agree I

  28. LEAMOCO Evesham

    LEAMOCO Evesham5 days ago

    I play for Coventry sitiey

  29. Vincent Hwang

    Vincent Hwang5 days ago

    Imma kill myself if i was chris srsly

  30. Eclipze

    Eclipze5 days ago

    I love how rice has no idea how to play his position

  31. Easy

    Easy6 days ago

    The MReporter All Stars Was Not Doing Anything from. Staying O. The Goal

  32. JohnX

    JohnX6 days ago

    The ball is scripted

  33. Jono 22

    Jono 226 days ago

    Sdmn fc versus ChrisMD

  34. Cpd iShark

    Cpd iShark6 days ago

    The MReporter Allstars keeper is legit trash

  35. ghost blaze

    ghost blaze7 days ago

    The youtube allstars goal keeper is horrible

  36. Mahdi Ali

    Mahdi Ali7 days ago

    they're all horrible.

  37. Milan Patel

    Milan Patel7 days ago

    Now watching that keeper i have gain lots of confidence

  38. Forrest Potter

    Forrest Potter7 days ago

    The sidemen are just too good....


    KSP_TheGAMESICAL8 days ago

    kingbach is in this he came to england i shuld of came

  40. Krishna Naudiyal

    Krishna Naudiyal8 days ago

    How much did that yellow goalkeeper get paid

  41. Default in Training

    Default in Training7 days ago

    Krishna Naudiyal too much, too much

  42. hdnejdjjdjdhd nndjdhdhdhdjd

    hdnejdjjdjdhd nndjdhdhdhdjd9 days ago

    Minimiter hatrick

  43. Genos 9000

    Genos 90009 days ago

    Rice gum just standing offside all game🤦‍♂️

  44. MM PewDiePie

    MM PewDiePie9 days ago


  45. Koning Willem Fonds 140 jaar

    Koning Willem Fonds 140 jaar9 days ago


  46. Nibraz Khan

    Nibraz Khan10 days ago

    this is so fake man at least Logan has every thing true

  47. Namijong 58

    Namijong 5811 days ago

    0:05 savage 😂😂😂😂

  48. Bryce Bricks

    Bryce Bricks12 days ago hmm look s like miniminter


    ᏇEᏦᎯRENNIMeReh XD13 days ago

    What number is Harry wear@.

  50. anchi

    anchi13 days ago

    Rice gum doesn't know what is offside

  51. Sypth

    Sypth13 days ago

    I like how ricegums number is 69

  52. Light Moe

    Light Moe14 days ago

    9:58 kill the mom

  53. Liat Zalait

    Liat Zalait15 days ago

    This is how many time he said 6 1👎🏾

  54. Adrian Cart3r

    Adrian Cart3r15 days ago

    0:57 commentator said top corner😂😂

  55. Josh Turner

    Josh Turner16 days ago

    Hugh wily is the worst goalie ever

  56. Angry Visions Gaming

    Angry Visions Gaming17 days ago

    Vik with the skill at 8:20

  57. Is-Haaq Sarwar

    Is-Haaq Sarwar18 days ago

    6:51 deji rages at his goggles and hat 😂

  58. Amazing XD

    Amazing XD19 days ago

    Dude I died when vik scored

  59. MLG Turtle

    MLG Turtle19 days ago

    They straight up suck! 😂😂😂

  60. Renee Weaver

    Renee Weaver22 days ago

    Why is rice gum on sideman

  61. Ozzie Pawz

    Ozzie Pawz23 days ago

    Why the hell is this a thing?

  62. Fabian cool gamr

    Fabian cool gamr24 days ago

    True jod that is going to do to your mom 👆👌

  63. MrAwesome

    MrAwesome24 days ago


  64. fhuckmebabyonemoretime

    fhuckmebabyonemoretime25 days ago

    ricegum is not in the sidemen

  65. sh hz

    sh hz25 days ago

    harry harry harry

  66. Tmo SK

    Tmo SK26 days ago

    YTAS goalkeaper is worst then Karyus

  67. Trolling Now

    Trolling Now26 days ago

    The YTAS Goalie is retarded

  68. KobraStudios

    KobraStudios27 days ago

    Deji is trash

  69. perry

    perryMonth ago

    why is ricegum in the picture

  70. Tanjiro Official

    Tanjiro OfficialMonth ago

    I feel bad for Bach

  71. Aymar Luna

    Aymar LunaMonth ago

    Ricegum in 8:10

  72. Aymar Luna

    Aymar LunaMonth ago

    King bach in 1:42

  73. Toxic Wimp

    Toxic WimpMonth ago

    ricegum and Adapt are basket ball players

  74. Jayz Ios

    Jayz IosMonth ago

    why does the goalie for all star never move

  75. Zwaar Master

    Zwaar MasterMonth ago

    Uhm wut RiceGum at sidemen?

  76. Corbin Baden

    Corbin BadenMonth ago

    JJ is on the sidemen but Deji is on the Allstars

  77. Master 1ZZY 08

    Master 1ZZY 08Month ago


  78. Blool

    BloolMonth ago

    i didnt know karius was the goalkeeper for the allstars

  79. Morteza Hoseini

    Morteza HoseiniMonth ago

    8:2 KSI powerful shot 💪🔫

  80. ME_BOSS_IT

    ME_BOSS_ITMonth ago

    Why is Ricegum in the Sidemen

  81. Last Samurai

    Last SamuraiMonth ago

    pay to win?

  82. Abdee Gaming

    Abdee GamingMonth ago

    I maybe can be better keeper than YTAS Keeper 😂😂They play without preparation

  83. Brandon Rodriguez

    Brandon Rodriguez5 days ago

    Abdee Gaming-everyone is better then all of them no cap

  84. Sahar Auon

    Sahar AuonMonth ago

    Red team missed alot of goals

  85. Karmo Kase

    Karmo KaseMonth ago


  86. فيصل الحربي

    فيصل الحربيMonth ago

    The goalkeeper is not that good

  87. Night Angel

    Night AngelMonth ago

    This Match are just for fun Dont take it serious

  88. Night Angel

    Night AngelMonth ago

    But Wtf with the goalkeeper

  89. Salty Chips

    Salty ChipsMonth ago

    People actually paid to see this?

  90. Salty Chips

    Salty ChipsMonth ago

    This looks worse than my rec league team XD

  91. MYRATH unofficial

    MYRATH unofficialMonth ago

    YTAS goalkeeper is a trash lol

  92. Doggo117

    Doggo117Month ago

    That's Clarkson, right?

  93. Jaysen T Banks

    Jaysen T BanksMonth ago

    damn..the y.a.s trash looolll

  94. gamex gaming

    gamex gamingMonth ago

    what is wrong with their emotes after they goal. so discusting

  95. Xyzvs YT

    Xyzvs YTMonth ago

    Good job king Bach bruh he is so fast

  96. Harley Porter

    Harley PorterMonth ago

    anyone else think rice gum was kagawa?

  97. Alex Morgz

    Alex MorgzMonth ago

    Rice gum his side men

  98. Florin Cimbir

    Florin CimbirMonth ago

    Where is harry?

  99. Version Zero

    Version ZeroMonth ago

    the MReporter star goal keeper is horrible...

  100. Rainbow Muffin

    Rainbow MuffinMonth ago

    Vikk's penalty was hands down the greatest moment of MReporter 2018🙌

  101. Niyel Dipu

    Niyel DipuMonth ago

    A real poor game from MReporter allstars

  102. Niyel Dipu

    Niyel DipuMonth ago

    The goalie should learn his basics

  103. Niyel Dipu

    Niyel DipuMonth ago


  104. Niyel Dipu

    Niyel DipuMonth ago

    Nice but it is a one sided match MReporter allstars should learn to defend and shooting

  105. Niyel Dipu

    Niyel DipuMonth ago

    Yah are the goalies dumb but nice commentary

  106. Vinzz Shawn

    Vinzz ShawnMonth ago