SIDEMEN FC VS YOUTUBE ALLSTARS 2018 (Goals & Highlights)


  1. LunCH TV

    LunCH TVDay ago

    5.27 seconds Vikistar123 xD

  2. Canada Account

    Canada Account5 days ago

    King bach?????????

  3. Joshua De Villers

    Joshua De Villers5 days ago

    what happened to w2s

  4. Saurya Shrestha

    Saurya Shrestha6 days ago

    Chris MD Vs Simon Who is better at football?

  5. AviationJames

    AviationJames7 days ago

    Lachy was team carry 😂😂

  6. Bianca O'Connor

    Bianca O'Connor8 days ago

    does anyone else think the goalkeepers are not doing anything

  7. Murat Ilhan

    Murat Ilhan8 days ago

    Qfuck Ksi he is not ewen a sideman anymore

  8. Lil Blurry

    Lil Blurry12 days ago

    YTAS's goal keeper did not move 1 bit the whole match

  9. hassan xd

    hassan xd12 days ago

    3:25 djmariio jaja

  10. Joaquín Zepeda

    Joaquín Zepeda13 days ago


  11. Yengkhom Ojit

    Yengkhom Ojit13 days ago

    I love Charlie Morley

  12. fortnite master

    fortnite master13 days ago

    Deji aha hahaahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhhaahhahahah hahaahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhhaahhahahah hahaahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhhaahhahahah hahaahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhhaahhahahah

  13. bobi the last nabi

    bobi the last nabi13 days ago

    yutube allstar's keeper is pretty retarded

  14. Omer zafar

    Omer zafar13 days ago


  15. BlueFire2712

    BlueFire271214 days ago

    That goalie

  16. Endang Widiastuti

    Endang Widiastuti14 days ago

    Why jezza and billy not in

  17. Top 10

    Top 1014 days ago

    11:22 wow vik 😅

  18. harry drake

    harry drake14 days ago

    Wait why is Deji number 1?

  19. Anthony Gonzalez

    Anthony Gonzalez14 days ago

    Vick scored a awesome penalty

  20. Anthony Gonzalez

    Anthony Gonzalez14 days ago

    Miniminter got a hat trick

  21. Kayanagaming XD

    Kayanagaming XD14 days ago

    Where W2S ?

  22. cheeta2 08

    cheeta2 0814 days ago

    in defence but they didn't have to do a lot of that

  23. Holly James

    Holly James14 days ago


  24. Holly James

    Holly James14 days ago

    I didn't know jay and romell was in this XD

  25. Youth Tooth

    Youth Tooth15 days ago

    👦🏾 👕 👖 This is vik 1 like = 1 penalty kick

  26. Youth Tooth

    Youth Tooth15 days ago

    Why is Deji wearing a hat and sunnies I mean he could be protecting him self from the ☀️

  27. Le Duc

    Le Duc15 days ago

    Honestly I didn’t know he played a sport at ALL! 😂

  28. mohammed abdullah

    mohammed abdullah16 days ago


  29. Michael Geng

    Michael Geng16 days ago


  30. Simon Callendar

    Simon Callendar16 days ago

    First half was kinda boring

  31. Aruba Twister

    Aruba Twister16 days ago

    King Bach on vines are so funny pot sidemen is good

  32. Sudeep Risal

    Sudeep Risal17 days ago

    where is w2s

  33. Clifford Lobo

    Clifford Lobo17 days ago

    Where is Harry

  34. legit gamer

    legit gamer17 days ago

    When Simon started dancing I went blind

  35. Skippy Flare

    Skippy Flare17 days ago

    Simon's Hat-trick 😍 {Edit}No homo

  36. Tommydude 47

    Tommydude 4717 days ago

    I didn't know Ricegum was in sidemen

  37. Firas Firag

    Firas Firag17 days ago

    Logan are u watching

  38. LEE GG

    LEE GG18 days ago

    i saw ricegum

  39. Dionis Gashi

    Dionis Gashi18 days ago


  40. Deshaun Larmond

    Deshaun Larmond19 days ago

    This is a reminder of Germany and Brazil 7-1😂

  41. Hannah Khan

    Hannah Khan19 days ago

    1:11 go on true jordie 😂

  42. Double Strike

    Double Strike19 days ago

    Hugh is worse than karius

  43. Fabio Aguero

    Fabio Aguero20 days ago

    brasil germany

  44. Luc Teng

    Luc Teng20 days ago


  45. Maury G

    Maury G20 days ago

    lol its panama vs england

  46. Randy Orton

    Randy Orton20 days ago

    MReporter all stars had the best karius wannabe in goal

  47. Alabama Cat

    Alabama Cat20 days ago

    Vikk had to be 123 xD

  48. Patrick Cronin

    Patrick Cronin20 days ago

    I scored!!!!!😁😁😁😁my name is JJ

  49. Mohammad Altaf

    Mohammad Altaf20 days ago

    Lachlan was also there

  50. ZX_ Zreaky

    ZX_ Zreaky21 day ago


  51. Jose Cuevas

    Jose Cuevas21 day ago

    How is the gk from yt all star a professial?

  52. Crazy Reacts

    Crazy Reacts22 days ago

    When did ricegum play football HE WANT THAT CLOUT

  53. Rakesh Gogia

    Rakesh Gogia22 days ago

    Vik the worst player,why in front

  54. BananaKing Gaming And More

    BananaKing Gaming And More23 days ago

    Just like el Classico

  55. Danyal Shah

    Danyal Shah23 days ago

    Shoutout to hugh

  56. Dennis Yeong

    Dennis Yeong23 days ago

    1:10KSI touch is better then Lukaku 😂😂😂😂

  57. The gamer gang

    The gamer gang24 days ago

    the keeper

  58. Nat King

    Nat King25 days ago

    OMG CRINGE!!!!

  59. Mansifsvideo inyoutube

    Mansifsvideo inyoutube25 days ago

    It's Brazil vs Germany

  60. Omar El Gaitibi

    Omar El Gaitibi25 days ago

    Pele lookes like tobi

  61. ProNoScopeGamer 54821

    ProNoScopeGamer 5482125 days ago

    Why is simons hair purple

  62. X80dragons x2

    X80dragons x226 days ago

    The Sidemen show Trailer is Epic

  63. Amber Summers

    Amber Summers28 days ago

    What is rice gum doing

  64. Samuel Djassi

    Samuel Djassi28 days ago

    Tobi is very God

  65. Ryan Stephens

    Ryan StephensMonth ago

    the fortnite dance on the first goal gave me aids

  66. Furkan Guler

    Furkan GulerMonth ago


  67. Philip Dominguez

    Philip DominguezMonth ago

    Go sideman

  68. Regular Ass YouTube

    Regular Ass YouTubeMonth ago

    youtube all stars goal keeper is useless lol

  69. David Bush

    David BushMonth ago

    The MReporter goalkeeper isn't even trying XD

  70. Florentin Militaru

    Florentin MilitaruMonth ago

    0:56 jay jay okocha

  71. Bernsta

    BernstaMonth ago

    9:58 the awkward mum dab ;)

  72. Yao Pan Lao

    Yao Pan LaoMonth ago

    Why don't they invite PewDiePie, he basically lives in Britain doesn't he?

  73. Mike Cas

    Mike CasMonth ago

    How did my boy w2s didn't score a goal I didn't even see him

  74. Toma Grandov

    Toma GrandovMonth ago

    Man i would like to play against sidemen.

  75. Ishrah901

    Ishrah901Month ago

    Josh zerkaa from the sidemen he didn’t evens Toch the ball

  76. Free Bird

    Free BirdMonth ago

    Jay's run to stop Tobi was easily one of the best things I've ever seen



    Is it real?

  78. CHEMI

    CHEMIMonth ago

    chris md is a beast lol

  79. Brandon Jones

    Brandon JonesMonth ago

    MOTM goes to JJ 🏆

  80. HouseofClouds

    HouseofCloudsMonth ago

    put a chair as the all star goalie and theyd be the same

  81. Fastro

    FastroMonth ago

    Best charity match or Wembley Cup imo

  82. dahxy boy

    dahxy boyMonth ago

    Mvp of them all is chrisnd

  83. Fork Night

    Fork NightMonth ago

    Yo I never knew that rice gum was apart of the sidemen 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😅

  84. Giuseppe Mocerino

    Giuseppe MocerinoMonth ago


  85. Sirio Van es

    Sirio Van esMonth ago

    The 6th and the 7th goals where the best



    What is this keeper (Keeper of MReporter all stars)

  87. Red Fire990

    Red Fire990Month ago

    Is harry there i didbt see him

  88. Adam Haikal

    Adam HaikalMonth ago

    What a keeper function

  89. Almira Giovanni

    Almira GiovanniMonth ago

    I hate youtube goalkeeper

  90. Almira Giovanni

    Almira GiovanniMonth ago

    Goalkeeper youtube cany play football

  91. Ben Russell

    Ben RussellMonth ago

    #RipRicegum The offside king 👑

  92. EVO 336

    EVO 336Month ago

    the trophy is bigger than tobi

  93. Infinity Skaarf

    Infinity SkaarfMonth ago

    Chris md was too good for ytas

  94. Nin ja

    Nin ja2 months ago

    9:57 LOL

  95. Timmyblackknight 32

    Timmyblackknight 322 months ago

    Chris MD should of just gon beast mode in the second half.

  96. Timmyblackknight 32

    Timmyblackknight 322 months ago

    1:10 how on Earth did he not save that shot I could of easily saved that.

  97. FloGaming

    FloGaming2 months ago

    Really pissed me off f the referee for the Y.A.S

  98. Zachary Reynolds

    Zachary Reynolds2 months ago

    8:10 6-1 direction read more

  99. PROJECTPezza

    PROJECTPezza2 months ago

    there both just to goog

  100. hail enjajaja

    hail enjajaja2 months ago

    This feels kinda staged...or at least agreed upon on which side is gonna win. The MReporter All Stars keeper was really good the last 2 matches. But for this one, he literally just stood while slow shots went in.

  101. Sangthangpuii Tpi

    Sangthangpuii Tpi2 months ago

    Wheres F2 and W2s