Should We Live On Venus BEFORE Mars?


  1. Unicorn Number1

    Unicorn Number12 hours ago

    A Jupiter moon.

  2. Potential Trash

    Potential TrashDay ago

    But we have this amazing planet called earth but you wanna live on mars?

  3. Dumb Nutz

    Dumb Nutz3 days ago

    Why can't we just clean up the only living space we have!

  4. Edgar Ceja

    Edgar Ceja3 days ago

    The sun

  5. Roy640

    Roy6404 days ago


  6. Nikki is bored so she's on youtube

    Nikki is bored so she's on youtube4 days ago

    Let's live on Jupiter!!! I'd live there 'cause it's my favourite planet😏

  7. Kf's Stuff Fgl

    Kf's Stuff Fgl5 days ago

    Omg what tf is the fucking limits of humanity

  8. Mama Luigi

    Mama Luigi8 days ago

    To get a Peni- sorry...

  9. Yousef Abu Allan

    Yousef Abu Allan8 days ago

    Nobody said we could land at mercury plp are saying to go to earth and Venus and Mars and THE SUN):😱😭😢🤒🤯🤯😡😠

  10. Yousef Abu Allan

    Yousef Abu Allan8 days ago

    Go to mercury 🤣😂😂😁😉😋

  11. Yousef Abu Allan

    Yousef Abu Allan8 days ago

    So here I am

  12. Yousef Abu Allan

    Yousef Abu Allan8 days ago

    We did not land at earth we are born there so land at earth(;

  13. genericyoutuber 87

    genericyoutuber 878 days ago

    wait so if were close to getting to venus or mars that means we may not be as doomed as we are right now because the global warming is gonna destroy us but if we can get to other planets we may be savedž

  14. Carrellie Marshall

    Carrellie Marshall9 days ago


  15. arvind patel

    arvind patel10 days ago


  16. AZ Mart

    AZ Mart10 days ago

    #Dear Blocko Please explore Pluto next.

  17. Thebaconhead 26

    Thebaconhead 2610 days ago

    An ocean planet #subnauticalyfe

  18. coleen1216

    coleen121610 days ago

    30 C

  19. RayRay OuO

    RayRay OuO10 days ago

    We should explore earth! Oh wait...

  20. PartumCreed

    PartumCreed11 days ago

    Jeff: "Hmm, how do we make Venus a habitable planet...?" Timmy: "I know, throw giant rocks at it!" Jeff: "Genious!"

  21. Fizzy Cake

    Fizzy Cake11 days ago

    Should we even go to other planets?

  22. Shilpi Jain

    Shilpi Jain12 days ago

    Hiw about a moon of venus? Or Jupiter?

  23. Chad BURROWS

    Chad BURROWS13 days ago

    VENUS !!!!!!!

  24. VG.light lit

    VG.light lit13 days ago

    You know there is a planet Kelbler 22-b livable with liquid water and oxygen so the same thing as earth but it would take us 22 billion years to get there seriously look it up

  25. Jinger Partin

    Jinger Partin13 days ago

    Mars cuz OIL

  26. Saturn

    Saturn13 days ago

    What about me??

  27. Aman Khanna

    Aman Khanna13 days ago

    Am I stupid for thinking Venus should have moons?It can pull in the comets that fly to the Sun.Or do the comets fly too far from Venus?Put your thoughts in this thread

  28. Sayan Biswas

    Sayan Biswas15 days ago

    How about NEPTUNE!!!

  29. Pi is the best

    Pi is the best15 days ago

    Mars is happening first regardless, and ESA is going to the moon years before either. China following shortly after ESA, with SpaceX going to the moon shortly before the mars mission.

  30. Lo Schifo Sul Tubo

    Lo Schifo Sul Tubo18 days ago

    I’m using this for a school project

  31. Jane Reddy

    Jane Reddy18 days ago

    Haha 1:15

  32. Stalin

    Stalin19 days ago

    WE should explore the planet of StalinGR@d

  33. Levi Chandler

    Levi Chandler20 days ago



    JEREMIAH ROBERTS21 day ago

    112 farinhigt

  35. can can

    can can22 days ago

    🌟 how about a star?

  36. Mocha the Bunny

    Mocha the Bunny22 days ago

    I made u some spaghetti bolonese

  37. Kyle Roblox

    Kyle Roblox22 days ago

    I want this to happen try terraformming both venison and mars and also keep earth so there will be more humans

  38. Teh Joo Lean

    Teh Joo Lean22 days ago


  39. Joe Couch

    Joe Couch22 days ago

    Maybe we should visit Europa creating underwater cites

  40. H Blox

    H Blox23 days ago

    heheh 00:00

  41. Rascal Bee

    Rascal Bee24 days ago

    Venus' Atmosphere Is Mostly Made Of CO2 And Is Scorching Hot With Sulphuric Acid And Is Poisonous Which Mainly May Kill People With No Oxygen/Air Mask/Tank However Venus' Mainly Takes Shorter Time And Less Cost From NASA

  42. minecraft lover awesome gamer

    minecraft lover awesome gamer24 days ago

    How about Jupiter

  43. Matheius

    Matheius25 days ago


  44. Matty Wright

    Matty Wright25 days ago

    Who’s Watching when people have been to mars one day that will be true

  45. juliana ibrahimi

    juliana ibrahimi25 days ago

    lets explore Neptune and Jupiter

  46. Ricardo Arenas

    Ricardo Arenas27 days ago

    How about your world

  47. Nhafiue Ahmed

    Nhafiue Ahmed28 days ago

    probably the moon, I guess.

  48. Nhafiue Ahmed

    Nhafiue Ahmed28 days ago


  49. Xgamer drift

    Xgamer drift29 days ago


  50. Alex Peno123

    Alex Peno12329 days ago

    How about titan the OIL is great and and there’s a lot of I.... O GOD THE MILITARY RUN!!!!!!!!

  51. Eat me Children

    Eat me ChildrenMonth ago

    Cant we live on a asteroid

  52. Drew -games d

    Drew -games dMonth ago


  53. Baldi Scared

    Baldi ScaredMonth ago

    Life noggin is the odd1sout



    can we play fortnite there ???

  55. James Hunter

    James HunterMonth ago

    Live on the moon first before we do anything else. Mars will never happen. They say 2030s will be the man on Mars, I hugely doubt it and here's why. 4-6 months to travel with radiation risks. Need technology to bring them back, not this one way trip bullshit. Contamination is a factor which scientists don't want unless life is found on Mars first, which this is a huge factor on deciding if we ever goes to Mars. Mars curiosity had a chance to visit a certain area on Mount Sharp on Mars where possible life could be there but nasa decided against it in case of contamination from rover. So this is why humans to Mars won't happen of contamination from our selfs.

  56. hyper flame

    hyper flameMonth ago

    That’s what you think. I just wanna go to Ganymede!

  57. Jacque Medenblik

    Jacque MedenblikMonth ago


  58. Jacque Medenblik

    Jacque MedenblikMonth ago

    I’m wondering could me terraform Mercury?

  59. mannix minecraft

    mannix minecraftMonth ago

    Neptune, yah I am talking cold tempriture

  60. Tiler Botín

    Tiler BotínMonth ago

    So cloud city?

  61. zzXninjazz

    zzXninjazzMonth ago


  62. Pandora Geronimo

    Pandora GeronimoMonth ago

    flood the planet

  63. rainbowcat 1

    rainbowcat 1Month ago

    Blocko, if god made earth the only planet that can support life, what are the other planets for? I thought maybe the Solar system was to hold the earth in place, but it's not necessarily NEEDED to do that. And also, if we can't just pack out bags and move to venus, something tells me its not safe, and god didn't intend us to LIVE there. Plus, there's acid rain! I mean, what else could that be for

  64. Kishore Singh

    Kishore SinghMonth ago


  65. Tristan Bosnar

    Tristan BosnarMonth ago


  66. Sabrina Booth

    Sabrina BoothMonth ago

    Why do I mans think we evolved from apes? (My friend is an apeist

  67. Taro Yamada

    Taro YamadaMonth ago

    The awnser is NO! You can't land and you would be crushed and boiled to death before you could land. You would die very quickly. Also it's a gas giant

  68. Sasha Lopez

    Sasha LopezMonth ago


  69. Osmin Animates

    Osmin AnimatesMonth ago

    How would warming venus help?


    SHYGIRL GAMERMonth ago

    We can't live on Venus Because of it's toxins, it used to be habitable but something happened and now it's toxic :(

  71. PAMAboy 1600

    PAMAboy 1600Month ago

    We should live in Kepler452b it's the most safe planet! No monsters, not to much polluted air (if we visited it today) and we're safe from the astreoid Apophis!

  72. Pooper Dooper

    Pooper DooperMonth ago

    Because of money problem? Then how can Nasa build Cassini to Saturn? I guess the nuclear stuff and moving it. I think thats waht he mean.

  73. Jupita

    JupitaMonth ago

    Its like people who like different temperatures! Mars would be for me, and my sisters would be venus.

  74. onix gaming

    onix gamingMonth ago

    Explore uranus

  75. Chris p

    Chris pMonth ago

    am I the only one who want's to live on the floating city!

  76. Adeiza Yisa

    Adeiza YisaMonth ago

    Not to say that venus gases are so radioactive that they can actually eradicate metal

  77. adrian ionescu

    adrian ionescuMonth ago

    1:10to1:18=nettle said that

  78. Roy640

    Roy640Month ago


  79. Panda Rose

    Panda RoseMonth ago


  80. #GabrielMill8365 Pizza Meetze

    #GabrielMill8365 Pizza MeetzeMonth ago

    What about Neptune

  81. Chris Weston

    Chris WestonMonth ago

    I think Pluto

  82. Kristen Tsui

    Kristen TsuiMonth ago

    Is the moon solid inside?

  83. arlando laude

    arlando laudeMonth ago


  84. farrukh amin

    farrukh aminMonth ago

    to make oceans

  85. farrukh amin

    farrukh aminMonth ago

    Mercury search

  86. S D

    S D2 months ago

    Mercury: saturn and uranus are looking on you

  87. KONQ FPV

    KONQ FPV2 months ago

    How about Ur anus.. Hehe..

  88. Eryk Kaczocha

    Eryk Kaczocha2 months ago

    next think about colonization of uranus

  89. ulgrin scp güvenliği

    ulgrin scp güvenliği2 months ago


  90. ThePumpkinQueenGaming

    ThePumpkinQueenGaming2 months ago

    scientists: how do we make it safe to live on tho people: HIT IT WITH ROCKS

  91. Lục Thị Lê

    Lục Thị Lê2 months ago

    Living in a black hole

  92. Lục Thị Lê

    Lục Thị Lê2 months ago

    No Man's Sky 3 trailer

  93. txny

    txny2 months ago



    GTA SERIES GAMER2 months ago

    No, Venus is hell, I would live on gliese 581g.

  95. Paper Yoshi

    Paper Yoshi2 months ago

    Floating Cities? Some of us may be dumb enough to fall down!

  96. Kys I am a fraud man

    Kys I am a fraud man2 months ago

    Yeah uh how about N E P T U N E

  97. Konradven De La Cruz

    Konradven De La Cruz2 months ago

    So cool dangerous...

  98. Ismat Batool

    Ismat Batool2 months ago

    venuses atmosphere is quite thick so the solar panels will be pretty useless

  99. Speedy RB

    Speedy RB2 months ago

    Actually did you know Venus used to actually have life on it

  100. Michelle Thomas

    Michelle Thomas2 months ago

    Ganymede and Titan

  101. Michelle Thomas

    Michelle Thomas2 months ago

    And Io

  102. Michelle Thomas

    Michelle Thomas2 months ago