Should We Live On Venus BEFORE Mars?


  1. john maverick co

    john maverick co3 days ago


  2. The loffikilli

    The loffikilli3 days ago

    Venus is niflheim

  3. The Nugget

    The Nugget4 days ago

    I would like to live on Mercury

  4. Zairoshael Guittap

    Zairoshael Guittap4 days ago

    Triangle Bob became a Goomba

  5. Andy Nguyen

    Andy Nguyen4 days ago

    I like mars lol

  6. jehk fysq

    jehk fysq4 days ago

    Me sees operation h.a.v.o.c.: the prydwen was an actual idea? When will this be a thing

  7. Shao Chen

    Shao Chen6 days ago

    Let’s just stick with the moon first

  8. Gibarch Gaming

    Gibarch Gaming7 days ago

    Venus sounds awesome

  9. Matt Sodano

    Matt Sodano8 days ago

    Any problems you'll run into trying to colonize Mars will be ten times more difficult to overcome on Venus so... yeah.

  10. OnlineGirlPlayz Gamez

    OnlineGirlPlayz Gamez8 days ago

    Venus+Mars= EARTH! Or Mercury?

  11. Zachary Kim

    Zachary Kim9 days ago

    Venus should be a tropical planet

  12. The Radioactive Wolf

    The Radioactive Wolf11 days ago

    why are we planning to explore different planets? WE HAVEN'T EVEN EXPLORED 95 PERCENT OF OUR OWN PLANET!

  13. Wikii190 Dlayz

    Wikii190 Dlayz12 days ago

    UM. NO Mercury

  14. ligtning zap

    ligtning zap12 days ago

    Please do a dwarf planet like Pluto.💗 U blocko!

  15. Win98 Is The Best

    Win98 Is The Best12 days ago

    We should explore Saturn's moon Titan

  16. Ellie Bean productions

    Ellie Bean productions12 days ago

    I’d rather die on Earth.....

  17. dizzel2005

    dizzel200513 days ago

    Imagine having a fight on one of this sky city things

  18. Hanif Mahmood

    Hanif Mahmood17 days ago

    Instead of terraforming a planet could we somehow create something to evolve us or make us be able to withstand harsh climates

  19. Th3R0yalPlatypüs

    Th3R0yalPlatypüs17 days ago


  20. Derick Pacheco

    Derick Pacheco18 days ago


  21. LightyScadow Crew

    LightyScadow Crew19 days ago

    Why am i so smart?

  22. Moonlight -gaming with moon

    Moonlight -gaming with moon21 day ago

    #dearblocko why is Pluto a dwarf planet? And would life on Pluto be possible?

  23. To CCubs Go

    To CCubs Go22 days ago

    Venus,mars or titan

  24. Nihal Jalilova

    Nihal Jalilova22 days ago

    Explore about saturun

  25. The Random channel

    The Random channel24 days ago

    Well at Jupiter it can reach up to 11,000 degree's Celsius at a sertan hight

  26. Narindra Dwi

    Narindra Dwi25 days ago

    Soo its like cloud city??

  27. Skylar Kromer

    Skylar Kromer26 days ago

    How was the universe created

  28. Jordan Sharp

    Jordan Sharp27 days ago

    We could always start with the moon as a Subterranean Civilisation

  29. Owen

    Owen28 days ago

    How about Jupiter🤔 . . . . . . Oh wait...

  30. To CCubs Go

    To CCubs Go28 days ago

    Transformer Mars 🌎🌏🌍

  31. Audrey Prado

    Audrey Prado28 days ago

    Mercury doesn’t get enough attention. So I say Mercury!

  32. SusanoRipper

    SusanoRipper29 days ago

    Go outside 50km over venus 's surface is not the best idea...

  33. Skylyzer YT

    Skylyzer YT29 days ago

    How can we live on venus,The acid rain there can even melt lead!

  34. Cool_Gamer

    Cool_GamerMonth ago


  35. SuperSuperiorScape Z

    SuperSuperiorScape ZMonth ago

    1:48 is that where epic games got the skin Havoc from?

  36. Ezzeldin mohd

    Ezzeldin mohdMonth ago


  37. Marilyn Tenty

    Marilyn TentyMonth ago

    I've always wanted to live on Venus, Mars isn't that interesting to me

  38. Gavyn S

    Gavyn SMonth ago

    How bout an alien planet and make alias and take over more planets like if you agree

  39. Finn Marrow

    Finn MarrowMonth ago

    Also, wouldn’t floating cities represent cloud city from Star Wars?

  40. Finn Marrow

    Finn MarrowMonth ago

    Why not build a moon sized space station to destroy Venus? O wait, there’s already a death star

  41. blanca camarillo

    blanca camarilloMonth ago


  42. Jason vorhees

    Jason vorheesMonth ago


  43. Ravenclaw of Hogwartsclan

    Ravenclaw of HogwartsclanMonth ago

    Anyone rather go to one of Jupiter’s moons like Titan. (My class watched a video about how we might be able to live on one of them)

  44. Dunkboy XD

    Dunkboy XDMonth ago

    Would we Be able test These Floating cities on Earth?

  45. j j

    j jMonth ago

    Bioshock on Venus

  46. Donkey dead

    Donkey deadMonth ago

    Hello Canadian buddy's!

  47. Nightmare Foxy

    Nightmare FoxyMonth ago

    1:17 true I'm not dumb Like the others cuz I know its just a mask!

  48. Nightmare Foxy

    Nightmare FoxyMonth ago

    And thank you too!

  49. Coral TAG

    Coral TAGMonth ago

    Back your bags people were going to Venus!

  50. Earth

    EarthMonth ago

    Thats why You live On Me

  51. Ed ward Meca yer

    Ed ward Meca yerMonth ago

    I love Venus than Mars👌

  52. InsaneFire

    InsaneFireMonth ago

    We humans skipped the water part to space

  53. Dice Flawless

    Dice FlawlessMonth ago

    I'd imagine there's no knives or needles allowed in this colony?

  54. Artist Raven

    Artist RavenMonth ago

    What about terraforming ThE MoOn

  55. TheMinecraftSquid - Minecraft, ROBLOX Y Mas

    TheMinecraftSquid - Minecraft, ROBLOX Y MasMonth ago

    Nope, Cuz we'll burn. We'll Really burn Cuz it’s too hot.

  56. Bobby Borrill

    Bobby BorrillMonth ago


  57. Yuni Yuni

    Yuni YuniMonth ago

    The sun is a star

  58. Yuni Yuni

    Yuni YuniMonth ago

    The largest planet!

  59. Burj Khalifa

    Burj KhalifaMonth ago


  60. Robbie 2710

    Robbie 2710Month ago

    How about "If jupiter was a rockey planet"

  61. aws7778 7778

    aws7778 7778Month ago

    What planet should we explode next? That is what I heard!

  62. Leah Aplin

    Leah AplinMonth ago

    Black hole planet look it up

  63. Buddymcdoo

    BuddymcdooMonth ago

    your right

  64. Ghost *

    Ghost *Month ago

    Let’s live in uranus!

  65. cedric eric

    cedric ericMonth ago

    May be NASA is not telling is everything about Mars

  66. John Johnson Chang

    John Johnson ChangMonth ago


  67. Ayan Chavan

    Ayan ChavanMonth ago

    2:22 vs. 2:18 : already oxygen their/!

  68. Cat Courageous

    Cat Courageous2 months ago

    But what if you fell?

  69. J _ee

    J _ee2 months ago

    Maybe Uranus

  70. Walking_ Happy_Meal

    Walking_ Happy_Meal2 months ago

    Kepler 62-e Kepler 22-f or Kepler 22-b anyone

  71. Kitty Clover

    Kitty Clover2 months ago

    How about The Planet Pluto

  72. Ÿøů ._.

    Ÿøů ._.2 months ago

    havoc from the clash royale?

  73. loi cacho

    loi cacho2 months ago

    How about neptune

  74. Galactic Fox

    Galactic Fox2 months ago

    Pluto /*HE CAN TO BE A PLANET!*/

  75. duke1duke1

    duke1duke12 months ago

    They'll never go there because the patriarchy controls NASA, and women are from Venus

  76. The Pshycho Path

    The Pshycho Path2 months ago

    Jupiter. Titan to be precise. This and other satelites


    BABBY BOBABS2 months ago


  78. Rashid and friends

    Rashid and friends2 months ago

    mars the sun would kill you in a nanosecond

  79. Melissa Adams

    Melissa Adams2 months ago

    well you can't live of venus IT RAINS ACID YOUR GONNA DIE not trying to be rude

  80. 10,000 subscribers with no videos ?

    10,000 subscribers with no videos ?2 months ago

    30 days=1month

  81. Itsthemuscledad

    Itsthemuscledad2 months ago

    If something goes wrong with the aircraft in venus that will be the end. Lol

  82. Cypriano Animatrix

    Cypriano Animatrix2 months ago


  83. grunge hoe is a softie

    grunge hoe is a softie2 months ago

    Sounds good to me!

  84. vanunu however movies

    vanunu however movies2 months ago

    We should leave on the moon or venus and what will happen if the moon and venus die and you know what I'm mean

  85. Venkman

    Venkman2 months ago

    I’m going to put my Venus in Uranus.

  86. Yurema Rodriguez

    Yurema Rodriguez2 months ago


  87. Yurema Rodriguez

    Yurema Rodriguez2 months ago


  88. Iliyan Nikolov

    Iliyan Nikolov2 months ago

    havoc like havoc freddy

  89. Silvia Rodriguez

    Silvia Rodriguez2 months ago

    Planet 1 16

  90. Ryan Sagra

    Ryan Sagra2 months ago

    pluto sounds like a good choice but it is way to far away

  91. some random guy

    some random guy2 months ago

    People thanking Nasa for the idea to go to Venus when everyone knows Wolfenstein got it first 😒😒

  92. expoh Zack

    expoh Zack2 months ago

    Jupiter we can live

  93. Mary Gurrola

    Mary Gurrola2 months ago


  94. Donald Doan

    Donald Doan2 months ago

    We should visit Mars and Venus at the same time

  95. TU G1

    TU G12 months ago

    #f**k mars

  96. TU G1

    TU G12 months ago


  97. TU G1

    TU G12 months ago


  98. Declan Polenz

    Declan Polenz2 months ago

    If I look at a planet i will look at Neptune

  99. Mr fake

    Mr fake2 months ago

    How about neptune

  100. Christhan Jimenez

    Christhan Jimenez2 months ago

    Or Titain

  101. Christhan Jimenez

    Christhan Jimenez2 months ago

    Moon the moon