Should We Live On Venus BEFORE Mars?


  1. Amey Morshed

    Amey Morshed37 minutes ago

    The sad thing for blocko is there’s no internet

  2. Stephan Jr. Stoyanov

    Stephan Jr. Stoyanov9 hours ago


  3. Liam Brown

    Liam Brown14 hours ago

    Do we really need to make Venus any hotter than it already is???

  4. Liam Brown

    Liam Brown14 hours ago


  5. Jackson Ramsey

    Jackson Ramsey16 hours ago

    How cold is 125 Celsius and 425 celsius in Fahrenheit

  6. STW Brix

    STW BrixDay ago

    Why does everyone want to colonize other planets when our moon is perfect

  7. luckyhr75

    luckyhr75Day ago


  8. Ross Solomon

    Ross SolomonDay ago

    1:35 they spelled celsius wrong, they spelled celcius

  9. JakeandMason // JAM Animations

    JakeandMason // JAM Animations2 days ago

    or we could just protect the earth... thats a option aswell.

  10. Thanos God

    Thanos God2 days ago

    What about we explore Uranus

  11. Phoenix Rael

    Phoenix Rael3 days ago

    We might not wanna do that in 2.9 billion yrs-5.4 billion yrs

  12. Beom KIM

    Beom KIM3 days ago

    Venus or Mars (Venus=like, Mars=dislike(I’m ok))

  13. SquidCake

    SquidCake4 days ago

    I think that's a pretty good idea, but unfortunately mice already live on Venus.

  14. Flimsy Tells you to drink milk

    Flimsy Tells you to drink milk5 days ago

    0:20 looks like a baked potato

  15. Tumis Craft

    Tumis Craft5 days ago

    We should explore neptune (cuz it has so much ice) we could heat it up a little Ps:but lets think about this *GIGANTIC* universe. Lets explore all things on *SPAAAAACCCCEEEEE* (Space Core said that space word)

  16. Ari Hearts

    Ari Hearts6 days ago

    *Why not stay in earth?*

  17. Mimi Lala

    Mimi Lala6 days ago


  18. Xenomic Gaming

    Xenomic Gaming7 days ago

    But blocko, venus spins backwards, spinning it faster would make it worse! spin it clockwise!!1!!1!

  19. Chloe Fennell

    Chloe Fennell7 days ago

    What if everyone leaves me behind on earth in the year 2020 and I get earth all to myself yippie

  20. RJ Trains,Birds&Minions

    RJ Trains,Birds&Minions8 days ago

    Could you explor plootow.

  21. alex Silva

    alex Silva8 days ago


  22. Nickel Is Awesome

    Nickel Is Awesome9 days ago

    Hell is on venus

  23. Homie Missouri

    Homie Missouri9 days ago

    *TITAN* I Know Saturn's Moon

  24. Αlfio Strano

    Αlfio Strano9 days ago

    What about? Well Titan Blocko there is water on Titan

  25. james zehna

    james zehna10 days ago

    But Blocko Venus is like 425 degrees celsius and the air is poisonous plus the atmospheric pressure would crush us.

  26. Debi Vlogs Ibrahim

    Debi Vlogs Ibrahim11 days ago

    I am from the international space station

  27. Hugo Manzanos

    Hugo Manzanos11 days ago

    1:17 thx blocko

  28. Hotest planet Venus

    Hotest planet Venus12 days ago

    Please me!!

  29. Nahed Garaqish

    Nahed Garaqish13 days ago

    Uranus and it's 27 moons

  30. Gamingbanana Dude

    Gamingbanana Dude14 days ago

    I luv earth

  31. Victor Holmegaard

    Victor Holmegaard15 days ago


  32. Elvis Zheng

    Elvis Zheng15 days ago

    On Mars: Me: mom is it going to rain? Mom:umm I think in 30. Mins Me:ok ima go outside. 30 mins later........... AHHHHhHHHhHHHHHHH MOM IM MELTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Julio Paul

    Julio Paul15 days ago

    No, Not me I'm not living on any planet. But earth.

  34. Nicobbq fan

    Nicobbq fan15 days ago


  35. Lava Flow

    Lava Flow16 days ago

    venus once had oceans thats why its gravity is simalator to earth right?

  36. zahed na

    zahed na16 days ago

    Venus more like pines

  37. Fortnite Jr

    Fortnite Jr16 days ago

    weshould live on poluto

  38. Mikemaster X10

    Mikemaster X1016 days ago

    I mean, Mars can reach a high of 67 degrees Fahrenheit, and an average temperature of negative 67 degrees Fahrenheit sooo.. Yeah. Blocko measured the temperatures of the poles on Mars.

  39. jik is a pinecone

    jik is a pinecone16 days ago

    Humans need serious protection? Just call rook.

  40. Carmen-capri Whyte

    Carmen-capri Whyte16 days ago

    Bloklo we next shall explore the planet Neptune and venus

  41. Gamingman 2867

    Gamingman 286717 days ago

    Imagine if they make a spaceship that’s fast enough to go to mars or Venus for a holiday! and if we use blockco’s theory of floating city’s on Venus that means we can take a holiday or live there!

  42. Unknown Boi

    Unknown Boi17 days ago


  43. themineballoner 365

    themineballoner 36519 days ago

    Living in a sky city would be dangerous as would probely have a lot of death of you fall off it get stuck down or you forget the suit

  44. Liam Berg

    Liam Berg19 days ago

    aren't we just one of the suns moons kinda, sorta, not really

  45. Lau囡囡

    Lau囡囡19 days ago

    live on earth because i don want to spell all my money

  46. Lau囡囡

    Lau囡囡19 days ago

    i want to

  47. caleb diehl

    caleb diehl19 days ago

    no we need to be on pluto

  48. Jaikishan Sajnani

    Jaikishan Sajnani20 days ago


  49. Mahadi Tantoso

    Mahadi Tantoso20 days ago


  50. Mahadi Tantoso

    Mahadi Tantoso20 days ago

    Evry planet is dangeres

  51. PinkStar AJ

    PinkStar AJ21 day ago

    Hello life nugget nice to meet you do you have any nuggets if you do I will steal them XD this is a joke don't take it seriously liked your video and subscribed yor the best life nugget i mean life noggin anyways bye have a lovely lovely day and make friend's anyways bye again XD ❤❤❤❤

  52. Lps Oceana

    Lps Oceana21 day ago

    First get to the moon!

  53. James Davis

    James Davis21 day ago

    Alpha centari

  54. Olliver Tjon Soei Len

    Olliver Tjon Soei Len21 day ago

    Just create a space station. Or artificial planets

  55. Slime _Queen

    Slime _Queen22 days ago

    Titan please

  56. HankproBR

    HankproBR22 days ago

    Man I guess its pretty hot

  57. Ramesh Ramesh

    Ramesh Ramesh23 days ago

    Venus is 901.c

  58. Scientific Creature

    Scientific Creature23 days ago

    Well, we'll die from heat stroke in 50 degrees lol

  59. Scientific Creature

    Scientific Creature23 days ago

    Isn't Venus like 465 degrees instead of 425?

  60. SkyzPlayzGamez

    SkyzPlayzGamez24 days ago

    But why destroy the earth in the first place

  61. FluXXed

    FluXXed24 days ago

    We are EARTHlings for a reason.

  62. omak ps4

    omak ps424 days ago


  63. F. A. N 21

    F. A. N 2124 days ago

    Namek would be a good choice

  64. jet li

    jet li24 days ago

    Not possible. The landers all melted so what would we drive?

  65. hotlips62472

    hotlips6247224 days ago

    What if the earth was closer to the sun?

  66. Władca Wymiaru

    Władca Wymiaru25 days ago

    First...cover Venus sky with the Solar Shades, then look how hell become white XD And cold...

  67. Phantom Thieves

    Phantom Thieves25 days ago

    I think we should live on pluto.

  68. Phantom Thieves

    Phantom Thieves25 days ago

    Your not stapaad.

  69. ilolroflandlmao

    ilolroflandlmao26 days ago

    Ill stick to earth tyvm

  70. Niall Deakin

    Niall Deakin26 days ago

    Okay, is there NOT a story based on floating cities "on" Venus? I wonder if I can take the concept and turn it into a game...

  71. Van Boylan

    Van Boylan26 days ago

    Even though titan isn't a planet we should colonize it

  72. Adewa Garuba

    Adewa Garuba26 days ago just kidding. I have know Idea but Venus sounds cool as long as we don't burn or run out of oxygen.

  73. Brady Jensen

    Brady Jensen26 days ago

    I think the next planet (or star) that we explore should be the sun!!

  74. phoenixdragonslayer

    phoenixdragonslayer26 days ago


  75. game player

    game player28 days ago

    We should explore earth we have explored very little of its oceans

  76. Nini Playz Roblox xD

    Nini Playz Roblox xD28 days ago

    SpaceX is planning to send a men To mars in 8 years.

  77. Eddie Le Persown

    Eddie Le Persown28 days ago


  78. Jerry Matthew

    Jerry Matthew29 days ago

    Let's live on the sun cuz why not

  79. Pratima Anavekar

    Pratima AnavekarMonth ago

    Dude, Venus is bound to get engulfed by the sun first! 😒

  80. Lilac Lizard

    Lilac Lizard26 days ago

    Dude the continents on earth will move so far they will form a super continent like Pangaea & then separate out again into a form similar but completely different to how they look today FIVE times before Venus is engulfed by the sun! So Venus is a much more long term option than building a waterfront home!

  81. Marcus Wilson

    Marcus WilsonMonth ago

    Could you do more videos like this please?

  82. Mihai Rade

    Mihai RadeMonth ago


  83. Aadithya

    AadithyaMonth ago

    Is Jupiter having land mass or is it just gas

  84. pancakehiatt

    pancakehiattMonth ago

    let's explore earth there are loads of undiscovered animals

  85. Andrew Zhu

    Andrew ZhuMonth ago


  86. suspended_banana Yatyq

    suspended_banana YatyqMonth ago

    let's live on jupiter

  87. Gabriel Rocha

    Gabriel RochaMonth ago

    Jupiter or saturn

  88. Clash With Zan

    Clash With ZanMonth ago

    "You're correct! You're so smart!" -Sarcastic Noggin-

  89. Reiane Joshua

    Reiane JoshuaMonth ago

    more like what planet should wel destroy next?

  90. Mitsuki Senpai

    Mitsuki SenpaiMonth ago

    Mars is easier to terraforming so i guess mars first?

  91. Lilac Lizard

    Lilac Lizard26 days ago

    Mars doesn't even have an atmosphere & it's soil is toxic! Venus has all the ingredients for hydroponic growing readily available & will naturally terraform just by growing crops & retaining the solid matter produced as carbon products (including soil & all building materials)

  92. Ink Bendy

    Ink BendyMonth ago

    How about Saturn's moon Titan? It might be possible to (theoretically) terra-form the moon and pump oxygen into the air and pump CO2 into the atmosphere. The terra forming was just my theory about making Titan habitable before the Sun grows and utterly annihilate Earth. I will miss our lovely planet.

  93. Lilac Lizard

    Lilac Lizard26 days ago

    5 billion years until that happens. To put that into time perspective, multi-celled life only developed on earth 1/2 a billion years ago & our continents have formed super continents like Pangaea & separated again 5 times in the last 5 billion years, not to mention atrmosheric changes! Earth & our species will be unrecognisable WAY before the sun grows!

  94. Kent Macalalad

    Kent MacalaladMonth ago

    I want to explore Uranus

  95. Harith Hadi

    Harith HadiMonth ago


  96. Dipper Pines

    Dipper PinesMonth ago


  97. Harith Hadi

    Harith HadiMonth ago

    Venus will crush your body sound like arghhh you cannot move

  98. ANR Rivera

    ANR RiveraMonth ago

    I wanna go to Pluto

  99. Pedro Thompson

    Pedro ThompsonMonth ago

    awesome you interest me to know more about the possibility of doing more things

  100. Ryan Divino

    Ryan DivinoMonth ago


  101. Red Jackie

    Red JackieMonth ago

    If we live on mars, why don't we just put on more weight? Doesn't gravity's effects involve weight?

  102. Lincoln Shaw

    Lincoln ShawMonth ago

    terform venus

  103. Jerry Li

    Jerry LiMonth ago

    we haven't even explored everything on earth yet so i would stay here