Should We Live On Venus BEFORE Mars?


  1. Chim Chim

    Chim ChimDay ago

    Won't the floating city's die after a few months from the acid rain

  2. TRH Videos

    TRH VideosDay ago

    For the first time I’ve

  3. Baharuddin Ruddin

    Baharuddin Ruddin4 days ago

    Planets jupiter

  4. Dark Hunter

    Dark Hunter4 days ago

    Explore Promixa Centirai

  5. Gacha 125

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  6. yogi pawar

    yogi pawar5 days ago

    The star KICA462852

  7. Venus

    Venus9 days ago

    Ladies ladies, I know I am hot, no need to panic.

  8. Lukeland

    Lukeland9 days ago

    *Life Noggin: Floating Cities* *Me: So.. (Metro City) Astro Boy?*

  9. TheAggressiveDictator

    TheAggressiveDictator12 days ago

    How cool would that be Well not very cool this is venis

  10. human being

    human being16 days ago

    0:08 I saw the rover and I think I just died a little inside

  11. Nora Dela Cruz

    Nora Dela Cruz17 days ago

    So hard to live there evrrtone will be hot lile sun Also lets not think about that enjoy your life!!! Before ou dieeee

  12. Heyyoo Broo

    Heyyoo Broo18 days ago


  13. Living Plush Films

    Living Plush Films18 days ago

    I’m selling space stuff

  14. liz casil

    liz casil19 days ago

    colonizing calisto jupiter's moon

  15. Teagan Mae Taylor

    Teagan Mae Taylor23 days ago

    I watches this at 1 am lol

  16. EPICGAMER 001

    EPICGAMER 00123 days ago

    Pluto rip

  17. Nightfuryplays

    Nightfuryplays25 days ago

    Wow blocko why dos triangle bob gets squished is your real name pat?

  18. Mehdi Rashidi

    Mehdi Rashidi27 days ago

    What if we wanted to colonize mercury? Then we need to drop 10000000000000000000 tons of water

  19. RetroGamingFuture

    RetroGamingFuture27 days ago

    After I watched this video, on my right, I saw a video called: Why NASA wouldn't send Humans to Venus

  20. Vapid OFFICIAL

    Vapid OFFICIAL27 days ago

    I found an solve of the toxic rain problem graphene souts

  21. noejacklou

    noejacklou28 days ago

    maybe we could divert an ice asteroid or comet to hit Venus thus altering the atmosphere and provide water to the surface just like in the anime film :Venus wars.

  22. The Oofer

    The Oofer29 days ago

    So they would need like a hazmat suit with an oxygen tank

  23. FK TehCat

    FK TehCat29 days ago

    Make a video of how we could colonize mercury

  24. Dyab Ahmed

    Dyab AhmedMonth ago

    Explore mercury

  25. Retrocar49120

    Retrocar49120Month ago

    Mice on venus

  26. mulyasari htay

    mulyasari htayMonth ago

    No Venus is after Mars

  27. Mr. Sonic penguin The 1st

    Mr. Sonic penguin The 1stMonth ago

    I think a reason people are trying to live on mars is because when the sun reaches the red giant zone it will gobble up mercury and Venus then, Earth will become too hot to live. But, if we had Mars that would be a life saver..... literally.

  28. Mehdi Rashidi

    Mehdi RashidiMonth ago

    Who should we Colonize first? Mercury:no im too close too the sun Venus:no im too hot mars:you can colonize me

  29. Máté Csóka

    Máté CsókaMonth ago

    1:26 Cloud city

  30. Viktor Sundström

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  31. Owen Anonymous

    Owen AnonymousMonth ago

    0:59 serious protection ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  32. Elscio Vp

    Elscio VpMonth ago

    Lets visit uranus

  33. Crazycuber 21

    Crazycuber 21Month ago

    Tres 12b is the planet we should explore next

  34. RedRobloxBloxian

    RedRobloxBloxianMonth ago

    Let's live in heaven, it's WAYYYY better then planets.

  35. itsmena ali

    itsmena aliMonth ago

    Can we live in titan

  36. Bionic Katana87

    Bionic Katana87Month ago

    Dude eventually the sun will absorb venus when it becomes red

  37. Jason Guo

    Jason GuoMonth ago

    Do a collab with kurzesegagt

  38. J Hammy

    J HammyMonth ago

    If we were to create oceans in Venus, wouldn't the water evaporate?

  39. The Hybrid Channel

    The Hybrid ChannelMonth ago

    Blocko even if we did move to Venus the planet would have been gulped by the sun red giant phase so mars is better

  40. Commraid_акула

    Commraid_акулаMonth ago

    Venus is a hot planet if land on there you will go tru the cloud and assis cloud but I’m a kid

  41. H T Awesome

    H T AwesomeMonth ago

    No I want Uranus first!

  42. Tomas games

    Tomas gamesMonth ago

    moon Venus mars Phobos deimos asteroid belt Jupiters moons Saturns moons the other planets etc Pluto Plutos moons end 5010

  43. Graciana Bossy

    Graciana BossyMonth ago

    I wont foget to think blocko

  44. 5upremists

    5upremistsMonth ago

    W.R.E.C.K. H.A.V.O.C.@

  45. LittleBird Pink

    LittleBird PinkMonth ago

    Why can’t we just set some things up on the moon first? It’s a lot closer! ( well it’s not close but it’s closer than Mars or Venus!)

  46. Xxxdoge YTxxX

    Xxxdoge YTxxXMonth ago

    2:13 TRIGGERED

  47. Gerard Cardona

    Gerard CardonaMonth ago


  48. RandomArtBee 0rrgnl

    RandomArtBee 0rrgnlMonth ago

    I don't care about Venus, I wanna go to Mars.

  49. Amaya R

    Amaya RMonth ago

    Jon Matteson "Venus Please"

  50. Nightmare_0

    Nightmare_0Month ago

    Blocko if we go to venus then when the sun grows venus wont pe habitable

  51. Awesome Tech Gaming

    Awesome Tech GamingMonth ago

    It sounds cool but it will be boring. No parks,beaches,soil.

  52. Anu Rajesh

    Anu RajeshMonth ago

    how about titan Saturn's biggest moon . it has like frozen water which has oxygen we can suck out and land is pretty good

  53. Apsara Sangroula

    Apsara SangroulaMonth ago


  54. Dimitar Uzunov

    Dimitar UzunovMonth ago


  55. Hey its totally Jaiden

    Hey its totally JaidenMonth ago

    *I'd rather live in uranus.* *WAIT-*

  56. Tsz Ho WONG

    Tsz Ho WONGMonth ago

    199 ppl got distracted by this vid and failed their astronomy exam

  57. Amazing Nazar

    Amazing NazarMonth ago

    #DearBlocko Whar if our earth is with all land

  58. Tomas Sanabria Fernandez

    Tomas Sanabria FernandezMonth ago

    we should explore you're milkshake

  59. Arnold Tabor

    Arnold TaborMonth ago

    I believe venus is a better thing

  60. ERROR_Anything

    ERROR_AnythingMonth ago

    "Hopefully warming the planet" wait wut

  61. The Goat Person

    The Goat Person2 months ago

    Guys, if you wanna live on another planet, you better not start another global warming!

  62. drafer100

    drafer100Month ago

    Venus already had issues with global warming, like the one that turned it into hell

  63. Almightyx Pollo

    Almightyx Pollo2 months ago

    Lol I live on Uranus

  64. Nisha Yadav

    Nisha Yadav2 months ago

    I can live at venus

  65. Finn Lionheart

    Finn Lionheart2 months ago

    I loveeeeeeeeee venus

  66. the l33t hamm3rbro

    the l33t hamm3rbro2 months ago

    What about the amazing mining opportunities and energy budget that Mercury could give us?

  67. Taha Khurram

    Taha Khurram2 months ago


  68. Hakeem Bader

    Hakeem Bader2 months ago

    Do mercury

  69. Nando.G

    Nando.G2 months ago

    Cool idea, but I don’t know if I’d be able to trust a floating city, what if the mofo stops floating, then we fucked

  70. Ezekiel Nual

    Ezekiel Nual2 months ago

    i prefer Earth much better Im right?

  71. Christopher Bebe

    Christopher Bebe2 months ago

    go to Jupiter

  72. DiamondHeroMC

    DiamondHeroMC2 months ago


  73. Tiger - Roblox & More

    Tiger - Roblox & More2 months ago

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  74. Tiger - Roblox & More

    Tiger - Roblox & More2 months ago

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  75. AMF Videos

    AMF Videos2 months ago

    We should fix the dozens of problems on our planet before we even think about other Planetoids. And when we CAN start, we should start with the moon.


    CUS_I_CANSTUF F2 months ago

    Space x and nasa: LETS GO TO MARS OR VENUS!!!!! The actual smart people: WE HAVENT EVEN MADE A MOON BASE!?!?!?!?!?!

  77. Gievan Zyrel Diadid

    Gievan Zyrel Diadid2 months ago

    The Havoc on Apex legends

  78. Patrik Kvarnlöf

    Patrik Kvarnlöf2 months ago

    How do you talk without face?

  79. Lynne Mcjennett

    Lynne Mcjennett2 months ago


  80. Bloom Winx2 :3

    Bloom Winx2 :32 months ago

    Someone get Jesus up in here, tell him to make another habitable planet

  81. Nasib K.C

    Nasib K.C2 months ago

    How about we learn how to live on earth first :/

  82. kieran walker

    kieran walker2 months ago

    Nope living on Venus is too close to sun so we have to go to far enough Because red giant sun

  83. Jason Fellows

    Jason Fellows2 months ago

    lets all be dumb asses and try to like on mercury

  84. Avia Tech

    Avia Tech2 months ago


  85. Ember PetShops

    Ember PetShops2 months ago

    I know I know!!! *How about we actually try to take care of Earth?*

  86. Duke Plays

    Duke Plays2 months ago

    What a bout mercery in a floating city

  87. Alan Moreno

    Alan Moreno2 months ago

    The sun

  88. fat meme

    fat meme2 months ago


  89. Echo H TIZ

    Echo H TIZ2 months ago

    Even though titan isn’t a planet, I think it’s the best place for humans to colonize

  90. Tom Canty

    Tom Canty2 months ago

    HUH! I never thougt about that😅

  91. mashyahya

    mashyahya2 months ago

    Wait what about countrys that dont have space ships

  92. THE ONE

    THE ONE3 months ago


  93. Mohamad Nor Norzalina

    Mohamad Nor Norzalina3 months ago

    How about URANUS

  94. Gaming with Coolpizzajayden

    Gaming with Coolpizzajayden3 months ago


  95. Emre Batir

    Emre Batir3 months ago

    Why would you warm a planet that is already the hottest in our solar system.

  96. bagasapra

    bagasapra3 months ago

    What if you fall from the floating city

  97. Terence Eltzsch

    Terence Eltzsch3 months ago

    What if you fall off a skyscraper? You die.

  98. James Ward

    James Ward3 months ago

    We should colonize Venus because it's closer to Earth and it has a similar gravity to Earth. Plus we could use it to power the floating cities you came up with.

  99. the finisher

    the finisher3 months ago

    If this happens I’m staying in the blimp city

  100. Wydrox XV

    Wydrox XV3 months ago

    I prefer Jupiter kind of mysterious planet for me

  101. Amir Chavez

    Amir Chavez3 months ago

    Heck yeah we should definitely go live on Venus

  102. Striiidh

    Striiidh3 months ago

    Mars also has some good ideas, in my opinion, they would even be easier to complete. We could high the temperature by global warming. This may take a long time (decades). The atmosphere is another problem. But it is still not impossible. And the oxygen problem is maybe the easiest one. We could start with some small "glass houses" (cages) and grow plants and other things that generate oxygen.