Shootout with Ronaldinho at Nicky Jam World Cup Video Shoot


  1. Stephen Pentagon

    Stephen PentagonHour ago

    I Love You Will Man Warriors My Favorite Movies 😂

  2. Hadi Saleh

    Hadi Saleh3 hours ago

    2 legends best at what they do

  3. Loti Lupinus

    Loti Lupinus5 hours ago


  4. XxAronxX Gamer712

    XxAronxX Gamer71222 hours ago

    Me gusta el pene no :v ok

  5. Jason Guardado

    Jason GuardadoDay ago

    Great great videos. Thanks for these.

  6. Saulo Aleixo

    Saulo AleixoDay ago

    o encontro do bruxo com a lenda, foda demais hahaha

  7. Adam Wallace

    Adam WallaceDay ago

    This soccer thing will never catch on.

  8. kill yourself †

    kill yourself †2 days ago

    Um maluco no pedaço

  9. Iara Raquel

    Iara Raquel2 days ago

    Brasil né mores

  10. Somali Media

    Somali Media2 days ago

    #SOMALIA 💙💙💙

  11. Andromediens

    Andromediens2 days ago

    The best fucking footballer ever, he's still my fav !

  12. Emma Karamehic

    Emma Karamehic2 days ago

    Imagine being the kid that like one day casually painted those things on the walls in some abandoned warehouse and all of a sudden Ronaldihno and Will Smith are playing football there.

  13. Horváth Attila

    Horváth Attila2 days ago

    Valahonnan ismerős a hely mintha már jártam volna arra😂😂

  14. Brandonn Catabay

    Brandonn Catabay2 days ago

    That Geo Metro tho

  15. Henry Hall

    Henry Hall2 days ago

    Your editor is on some other shit

  16. No mundo da Lua

    No mundo da Lua3 days ago

    Ronaldinho dono dos rôles mais aleatórios Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  17. Phil Coulson

    Phil Coulson3 days ago

    As a Brazilian, I fucking love Ronaldinho. And Will Smith? The man makes me kill my self laughing when I watch Fresh Prince and another works from him, I think he's the best actor ever! Two idols in one video'... OMG!

  18. Angelique Umutesi

    Angelique Umutesi3 days ago

    First off, it's football

  19. T0BBi94

    T0BBi944 days ago

    1:58 it is not actually m/s/s. That would be just 'm'. Its m/s^2 or m/s*1/s.

  20. Kevin Spratt

    Kevin Spratt4 days ago

    i'll never look at soccer the same again

  21. Annette Jaramillo

    Annette Jaramillo4 days ago

    Love you WILL, lord you are funny and a fine man😍😍😍💜💜💜😉😉💋💋😘😘

  22. Jay Shara

    Jay Shara5 days ago

    I love you!!!

  23. TheRyan Therover

    TheRyan Therover5 days ago

    you look so young :D

  24. Kent Basconcillo

    Kent Basconcillo5 days ago

    Awkward handshake alert 3:19

  25. Abishek Franco

    Abishek Franco5 days ago

    Ronaldinho and will smith same kind of people. Good vibes!😍

  26. DAVID THE HAIR !!!

    DAVID THE HAIR !!!6 days ago

    Any football in this ffs, just will Smith pretending to be hood 😉

  27. Teresa Melendrez

    Teresa Melendrez7 days ago

    :20 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Reatile Moncho

    Reatile Moncho4 days ago

    way way too funny

  29. Dennis Ugarte

    Dennis Ugarte8 days ago

    Hp no envejece:v

  30. david mccue

    david mccue8 days ago

    Ronaldihno #god

  31. Gabriela Mar

    Gabriela Mar8 days ago


  32. Mathew Mungra

    Mathew Mungra9 days ago

    9.81 m/s^2 🅱️

  33. wandill 900

    wandill 9009 days ago

    Hi someone know what's jacket will Smith have ???

  34. sirisoj

    sirisoj9 days ago

    A menina no final do video com a camisa amarela e com a bandeira da Argentina.

  35. Luciano Juarez

    Luciano Juarez10 days ago


  36. Juega Matteo

    Juega Matteo10 days ago

    ronaldinho melhor jogado do mundoxdd

  37. Elliott woods

    Elliott woods10 days ago

    Knuckles: do u know de way Will smith: I know de weight of gravity😋

  38. Daniel Roads

    Daniel Roads11 days ago

    2:54 da pra nota que Will Smith e perna de pau kkk

  39. KUSHąca Wiadomość

    KUSHąca Wiadomość11 days ago


  40. Manny Manuel

    Manny Manuel12 days ago

    Hey Will, what kind of camera and lens are you using for your youtube videos? just wondering if you are using professional level that most of us will never have a chance to use or just some kind of sony or canon, lol

  41. Double Dragon - CS:GO - Школа боевых кибер искусств

    Double Dragon - CS:GO - Школа боевых кибер искусств12 days ago

    Hello Will, from Russia

  42. Aman net

    Aman net13 days ago

    Somalia 🇸🇴 will win 2022 World Cup


    AUDI LOVER13 days ago

    3:55 typical film scene: D

  44. Алексей Еремеев

    Алексей Еремеев14 days ago


  45. Freakytoast F

    Freakytoast F14 days ago

    You look like an european!! Is'T so CLASSE !!!

  46. TheEpikK4M

    TheEpikK4M14 days ago

    3:20 ffs Ronnie still got it

  47. ART MOS

    ART MOS14 days ago

    It’s not soccer it is a football

  48. gordis hernandez

    gordis hernandez14 days ago

    I want to try to get into the international for USA but I dream that USA will win the World Cup if you haters gonna say " he trippin USA can't win" well you haven't seen the full power of USA we will come for that cup

  49. ian legend fortnite

    ian legend fortnite14 days ago


  50. Tiago soares

    Tiago soares15 days ago

    BR❤️ e outro nível ne vdd👏👏👏

  51. Mahmoud 91

    Mahmoud 9115 days ago

    U gotta be Will Smith to not be completely f*king starstuck by Ronaldinho

  52. TheΞXNoFΛZΞ

    TheΞXNoFΛZΞ16 days ago

    Not Brazilian tho, I live here in lower L.A

  53. Israel Fonseca

    Israel Fonseca16 days ago

    0:34 music?

  54. natureboyinyourface

    natureboyinyourface16 days ago

    Different kinda 51 yr old

  55. Lau Najwk

    Lau Najwk16 days ago

    Dirty nigger

  56. Emmanuel luna

    Emmanuel luna17 days ago

    Hola :)

  57. Nin Mino

    Nin Mino18 days ago

    americans have nothing to do with football stick to ur baseball dont get it why fifa takes will smith which has nothing to do with our sport

  58. adck games

    adck games16 days ago

    Bro as a football fan we have to respect everyone

  59. Tomas Jakubauskas

    Tomas Jakubauskas18 days ago

    What is the song 1:24-1:38????

  60. Mr. WhoTheFQ?

    Mr. WhoTheFQ?18 days ago

    I bet if skrillex did produce X Diplo song would be sick²

  61. PoorVlogger

    PoorVlogger18 days ago

    Русские ставят лайк, под этот коммент

  62. Pedro J. Mezú L.

    Pedro J. Mezú L.18 days ago

    Cómo no te vas a jugar in picado con Ronaldinho gaucho en persona Will? Te hubiera hecho cientos de galletas pero hubieras sido famoso.

  63. Joe Yates

    Joe Yates18 days ago

    I wish I had a professional cameraman, editor, and photographer for my vlogs

  64. Transfarmero

    Transfarmero18 days ago

    brazil loves you!

  65. Nicole  Swanson

    Nicole Swanson18 days ago

    Lmaoooo when your head expanded I lost it 😂😂😂

  66. Erika rubalcaba

    Erika rubalcaba19 days ago

    Whats the song from minute 1:27?

  67. Jaws

    Jaws19 days ago

    Where’s the shootout

  68. GadMas

    GadMas19 days ago

    When the Making of needs a making of, this is awesome.

  69. The GoldenGamer123

    The GoldenGamer12319 days ago

    france won ole ole ole ole

  70. Kwame Thomas

    Kwame Thomas19 days ago


  71. Jeronimo Aguiar

    Jeronimo Aguiar20 days ago

    O Bruxo❤️

  72. Brigister

    Brigister20 days ago

    the guy in the beginning said "Ronaldino"......

  73. videoradeon

    videoradeon20 days ago

    neymar sux -.- he is not a player football...its a fraud!

  74. Ane Vidal

    Ane Vidal21 day ago

    Vim por Ronaldinho, Saudades da seleção.

  75. Ron Arc

    Ron Arc21 day ago

    1:25 Music please link Is great acid jazz 🔥

  76. Eestebann

    Eestebann21 day ago

    eres un genio Will

  77. М. О.

    М. О.22 days ago

    Володя ржавый зовёт тебя!

  78. Анти -Допплер

    Анти -Допплер22 days ago

  79. Анти -Допплер

    Анти -Допплер22 days ago


  80. A Junior

    A Junior22 days ago

    R10 legends

  81. YP1975 and sports Gaming

    YP1975 and sports Gaming22 days ago

    I wish I was at the world but france won

  82. Nenox

    Nenox23 days ago

    Luka Modric the Best

  83. Hiam041

    Hiam04123 days ago


  84. Rima Elm

    Rima Elm23 days ago

    You're the best man i really love you

  85. Rafael Marques

    Rafael Marques23 days ago

    Ronaldinho the best

  86. Carmen Tunche

    Carmen Tunche23 days ago


  87. Samuel Silva

    Samuel Silva24 days ago

    Jogou no meu Galo, cara foda

  88. Jaylen Campbell

    Jaylen Campbell25 days ago

    Is like suicide

  89. Devid Jones Calizaya93

    Devid Jones Calizaya9325 days ago

    Este negro

  90. Goordx

    Goordx25 days ago

    we win !

  91. Alike R.A 2

    Alike R.A 225 days ago


  92. Texoto Games

    Texoto Games25 days ago

    *Q U E R N A M O R A R C O M I G O?????*

  93. Jack Dark

    Jack Dark25 days ago


  94. Random Person156

    Random Person15625 days ago

    Saw you at the World Cuo Final singing this Will. Well done.

  95. Samuel Paez

    Samuel Paez25 days ago

    hola will smit como estas es sierto as un video en español y tu hijo tu espisa y tu como estan todos

  96. JamilOrlandoVEVO

    JamilOrlandoVEVO26 days ago

    Has un vídeo en español neto. #Will

  97. Samuel Paez

    Samuel Paez25 days ago

    es sierto que aga un video en español will smit sierto

  98. P45K3V!CH Флештутуту

    P45K3V!CH Флештутуту26 days ago

    Ronaldinho Will Smith Nicky Jam best:) Era Istrefi Very best

  99. Vendela Pihlström

    Vendela Pihlström26 days ago

    I fcking love you

  100. Daivid Juniorr

    Daivid Juniorr26 days ago

    gol de Will 😁😊⚽

  101. carla rodrigues

    carla rodrigues26 days ago

    Ronaldinho melhor jogador de braziliam e do word

  102. Muhammed Hadi Mr.Joker

    Muhammed Hadi Mr.Joker26 days ago

    OMG that's so funny 😂😂

  103. Guido Alfredo Paucar Paguay

    Guido Alfredo Paucar Paguay26 days ago

    Ganó Francia el mundial

  104. Guido Alfredo Paucar Paguay

    Guido Alfredo Paucar Paguay26 days ago