Shia LaBeouf Has a Poop-Eating Puppy


  1. Jack Pulse

    Jack PulseDay ago

    This dude killed it in Lawless

  2. Tobias Young

    Tobias Young2 days ago

    That bulge doe

  3. Snuzuk

    Snuzuk2 days ago

    I'm really glad to see Shia is looking better.

  4. A Muffler

    A Muffler3 days ago

    I don’t care what he’s doing or what he’s saying, he’s always super LIT.

  5. TROJAN 94

    TROJAN 944 days ago

    Shia is that you? You comeback from cybertron?

  6. deeRANDOMized

    deeRANDOMized6 days ago

    He said he was isolated but that there were people !?

  7. natalia taylor

    natalia taylor6 days ago

    He’s such a beautiful soulllll

  8. Atiq R

    Atiq R9 days ago

    a likeable persona. wow.

  9. Jakobe

    Jakobe9 days ago

    Man us 2000s kids grew up with this guy


    MYCUPPS11 days ago

    I love this man

  11. King Doof

    King Doof11 days ago

    He's a human waist.

  12. winterlover89

    winterlover8912 days ago

    it's quite disturbing listening to Louis Stevens talk about his junk!

  13. Carolina Q

    Carolina Q15 days ago

    So much ignorance! Buying instead of adopting... very sad! A puppy shouldn't be separated from his mom before 8 weeks this is the reason why he eats poop

  14. Coco Garrett-Kellett

    Coco Garrett-Kellett19 days ago

    I love Shia bring him back please

  15. Håvard Moe

    Håvard Moe20 days ago

    He will not devide us!

  16. djrowlee

    djrowlee21 day ago

    He’s a top man

  17. Phillip

    Phillip21 day ago


  18. Meryl Iska

    Meryl Iska23 days ago

    Always cute.

  19. Jeshua Tullis

    Jeshua Tullis24 days ago

    Your an as whole Jimmy

  20. Seige Drakonera

    Seige Drakonera28 days ago

    A dog eating its own feces usually is a symptom of a stress/abuse behaviour problem. I'm not saying Shia nor his wife is actively abusing the dog in but it's certainly something to take up with a vet or dog rehabilitation trainer.

  21. The Dark Lord

    The Dark Lord29 days ago

    Such a passionate man. Love his acting.

  22. Ste.B.

    Ste.B.Month ago

    He's so sexy I would make sex with him like hard sex, for hours

  23. Sans The Skeletom

    Sans The SkeletomMonth ago

    I am glad that is normal again, I hope he learn something

  24. Emma Wu

    Emma WuMonth ago


  25. Sir Octopus

    Sir OctopusMonth ago

    If he doesn't buy a chihuahua named mojo I will die

  26. I Love Math

    I Love MathMonth ago

    His face never changes wtf XD

  27. -Btw-my-name -is-carl-

    -Btw-my-name -is-carl-Month ago

    I feel he's going to break down every moment

  28. Jenniferann Jolie

    Jenniferann JolieMonth ago

    Good interview..watched it again..

  29. Jenniferann Jolie

    Jenniferann JolieMonth ago

    Happy birthday, jenniferann.

  30. Pepper Steak

    Pepper SteakMonth ago

    Dude really?!! Is it just impossible to destroy your career nowadays...

  31. Ariana grande

    Ariana grandeMonth ago

    He is my First Celebrity Crush I was 8 and saw Transformers for the First Time I still Love him

  32. Peter Andrews

    Peter AndrewsMonth ago


  33. Lorelai B.

    Lorelai B.Month ago

    Love Shia. He is quirky but non-pretentious.

  34. Vamos Gaming

    Vamos GamingMonth ago

    It has always been so fun and energy-efficient

  35. Vamos Gaming

    Vamos GamingMonth ago

    My favourite movie is disturbia

  36. советский гопник иван

    советский гопник иванMonth ago

    doo doo it JUST DOO DOO IT!

  37. Joe Wyck

    Joe WyckMonth ago

    GOD DAMN IT!! i heard he offed himself.. well, im disappointed.

  38. LadyScorpio39

    LadyScorpio39Month ago

    he's so raw and real....a total refreshing change from all the other hollywood fakes!

  39. rockybalboa1465

    rockybalboa1465Month ago

    Respect to Shia for taking a stand against the fuckedup govt. He spoke for the people, his #HeWillNotDivideUs campaign was revolutionary. Thank you man...🤘

  40. Reggie Marshall

    Reggie MarshallMonth ago

    I cannot look at Shia now without thinking of Even Stevens. He was so good on that show. I also loved him in the Transformers Trilogy and Eagle Eye. He was really good with Brad Pitt in Fury.

  41. sen say

    sen sayMonth ago

    he went through MK ULTRA.

  42. Jenniferann Jolie

    Jenniferann JolieMonth ago

    I'm single...and waiting...

  43. Jaden Yuki

    Jaden YukiMonth ago

    Omg we missed you Shia! Welcome back after all these years

  44. Ebony Jackson

    Ebony JacksonMonth ago

    I love Shia 💜

  45. Talon Diwisch

    Talon DiwischMonth ago

    This was absolutely hilarious. Haha! Love this dude! Just wish he was more sane.

  46. Jaden Yuki

    Jaden YukiMonth ago

    Talon Diwisch honestly he was a lot more better that way than how he is right now

  47. Talon Diwisch

    Talon DiwischMonth ago

    It’s too bad he won’t be in the next Indiana Jones..

  48. Talon Diwisch

    Talon DiwischMonth ago

    Just saw Shia Labeouf and Zooey Deschanel on this channel and it makes me sad they didn’t make a proper Surf’s Up 2.

  49. Talon Diwisch

    Talon DiwischMonth ago

    I’m still worried about this dude but I’m glad he’s interacting with his family more.

  50. Lil Knucks

    Lil Knucks2 months ago

    Shia suprise

  51. d3tach3d

    d3tach3d2 months ago

    looks like he lost a lot of muscle mass. idk, could be the suit or something

  52. Alejandro Flores Tejada

    Alejandro Flores Tejada2 months ago

    Sam... :'(

  53. raygann & rainey

    raygann & rainey2 months ago

    i love him actually so much

  54. Steven Hair

    Steven Hair2 months ago

    Poopy puppy...

  55. Ayyıldız 42

    Ayyıldız 422 months ago

    Transformens miss you

  56. Hey It's Vayl!

    Hey It's Vayl!2 months ago


  57. Kjell. K. Backe

    Kjell. K. Backe2 months ago

    Did you see this outtake?

  58. Bob Burger

    Bob Burger2 months ago

    Stanley Yelnats

  59. BGz GamersVoid

    BGz GamersVoid2 months ago

    JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!

  60. Valerie Rog

    Valerie Rog2 months ago

    Stanley from holes

  61. Emma David

    Emma David2 months ago

    You put that poop in your pups mouth. Animal abuse.

  62. Brandon Cazares

    Brandon Cazares2 months ago

    Shia is awesome

  63. Olivia Crandall

    Olivia Crandall2 months ago

  64. Brad Sargent

    Brad Sargent2 months ago

    There’s something about

  65. Mr kalsongfuktarN

    Mr kalsongfuktarN2 months ago

    Lappland is in Sweden not in Finland?:D

  66. ‎ ‎

    ‎ ‎2 months ago

    I like him, did he give up his actor carrer?

  67. Billy Murray

    Billy Murray2 months ago

    There has never been a man more obsessed with himself then this fool

  68. J.T. Dennis

    J.T. Dennis2 months ago

    Oddly enough I have found respect for Mr. Labeouf again.

  69. Orion Andersen

    Orion Andersen2 months ago

    Anyone else remember the video of him telling the cop he was going to hell because he was black?

  70. follow me into the comment section

    follow me into the comment section2 months ago

    Gift of God of Beef

  71. erkan yunis

    erkan yunis2 months ago

    How many times did he say -there's something about-for fucksake

  72. Malinda Malu

    Malinda Malu2 months ago

    His wife ???? Wtf since when ?

  73. Biohazard Inc.

    Biohazard Inc.2 months ago

    JUST DO IT !!!!

  74. HKPOP

    HKPOP2 months ago

    wait isn't Lappland in Sweden?

  75. #7 WALKER

    #7 WALKER2 months ago

    One of the best Actor in the World but........

  76. Robert Spey

    Robert Spey2 months ago


  77. jellyface

    jellyface2 months ago


  78. 203cyrus

    203cyrus2 months ago

    And he is still I love you for that Shia!

  79. RMJerich0

    RMJerich02 months ago

    Like Puppy, Like Son.

  80. Chris G

    Chris G2 months ago

    Oh shia labeauf

  81. James Johnson

    James Johnson2 months ago

    Man you used to be cool. Stanley yelnats Now your sad and lonely 4 chan got you hiding. They as bad as those yellow spotted lizards.

  82. Andy Tham

    Andy Tham2 months ago

    It’s nice to see him all good and well.

  83. ernest evans

    ernest evans2 months ago

    I accidentally fell into Shia labeoufs camera during #ALLMYMOVIES performance. Video is in my page. He had me kicked out..

  84. DXSTER

    DXSTER2 months ago

    Good to see him back. One of my favorite actors

  85. Paul S

    Paul S2 months ago

    He will not divide us moron

  86. Nfs Online

    Nfs Online2 months ago

    I'm really miss him😭

  87. A

    A2 months ago

    Just do it

  88. Gary Chandler

    Gary Chandler3 months ago


  89. anfal .5

    anfal .53 months ago

    His suit is really nice

  90. 3rd Sherman

    3rd Sherman3 months ago

    Good to see him.

  91. ScaF

    ScaF3 months ago

    He's back on the grid.


    TURKISHKEBAP _3 months ago


  93. TheWhisperingPenis

    TheWhisperingPenis3 months ago

    Shia LaBeuff touched me on my genitals when I was a little boy

  94. I3umblebee X

    I3umblebee X3 months ago


  95. Knucklehead Ned

    Knucklehead Ned3 months ago

    Fitting since Jimmy Kimmel has a poop eating audience.

  96. Carly Walker

    Carly Walker3 months ago

    teaspoon thus paper jet welcome senior pretend roll patient.

  97. arzyy

    arzyy3 months ago

    *she needs to make a new album*

  98. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson3 months ago

    This cat is one of my favorite actor

  99. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson3 months ago

    This is the start of his comeback.

  100. Senpopai

    Senpopai3 months ago

    First of all... anyone who is a dog owner and dog lover knows it doesn't matter how old your dog is. He/She is always your puppy. Edit: No second of all.

  101. Jesse Rivera

    Jesse Rivera3 months ago

    He seems like a silent ticking time bomb. Something about him isn’t right but he’s ok so far