Shia LaBeouf Has a Poop-Eating Puppy


  1. se7en

    se7en4 days ago

    Love him

  2. Sarcasm

    Sarcasm6 days ago

    I wouldn't say us Finns are "cold", but reserved. Slow to open up... but give a Finn just a few beers and you'll actually meet the person lol.

  3. Surf Board

    Surf Board8 days ago

    People won't appreciate this man until he's gone

  4. JUXE

    JUXE14 days ago

    Waitbhis dog shits in the house? Wtf

  5. AbdulKareem Muhammad

    AbdulKareem Muhammad19 days ago

    The man hates you masons ... He is really not comfortable

  6. G M

    G M24 days ago

    Shia is a hottie

  7. Me Cee

    Me Cee29 days ago


  8. VZ Matthews

    VZ MatthewsMonth ago

    pivot 😂

  9. Smash Hit Network Kapamilya

    Smash Hit Network KapamilyaMonth ago

    Xbox One S With Shia LaBeouf!

  10. It's ma'am

    It's ma'amMonth ago

    I would eat my own poop if I had to be around Shia. He would drive anyone crazy or anything crazy.

  11. Steppin On My Toes

    Steppin On My ToesMonth ago

    I left my ps4 games at yo house cuh can I go pick them up

  12. joliecide

    joliecideMonth ago

    This fool decked Tom Hardy AND Brad Pitt.

  13. Joe Han

    Joe HanMonth ago

    Really admire this man!

  14. Aaron Salmon

    Aaron Salmon2 months ago

    This guy is straight up and down one of the best actors EVER!

  15. ClassicScorpion

    ClassicScorpion2 months ago


  16. Matthew Kutz

    Matthew Kutz3 months ago

    Wait! He isn’t dead Shia surprise

  17. EisenbergFlavour

    EisenbergFlavour3 months ago


  18. Barbie

    Barbie3 months ago

    He’s funny but true with his words 😂

  19. Travis Warren

    Travis Warren3 months ago

    All the sudden I'm in the mood to watch Disturbia this evening

  20. Superbraulio Nintendo

    Superbraulio Nintendo3 months ago

    I remember holes who else?

  21. Elite Yeets andrew Mireles

    Elite Yeets andrew Mireles3 months ago

    Nico ..... Is that Nico Belic

  22. Ser hat

    Ser hat3 months ago

    Great Actor


    CALL ME_ KIWI3 months ago

    He will not Talk about his art work and his game

  24. stev6963

    stev69634 months ago

    I think I may be in love with this man.

  25. kitteekittee

    kitteekittee4 months ago

    I had no idea he was married

  26. MissMiia

    MissMiia4 months ago


  27. Bogan Vogue

    Bogan Vogue4 months ago

    Did he ever get those fries?

  28. Moesha Dunn

    Moesha Dunn4 months ago :/ sighhhhhhhhh

  29. Riley Garraway

    Riley Garraway4 months ago

    I remember shia from even Stevens he's my idle when I'm an actor someday I'd like to meet him

  30. Nadeem Khan

    Nadeem Khan4 months ago

    "Insecure about my own junk". How cool is that?

  31. {Salam Ala'a 995 }

    {Salam Ala'a 995 }4 months ago


  32. Evergreen _

    Evergreen _4 months ago

    Kanye stole his style

  33. Stayfit4health

    Stayfit4health5 months ago

    Shi’a will not divide us!!!

  34. Funny 0494

    Funny 04945 months ago


  35. 박다원

    박다원5 months ago

    who's still missing him

  36. Gabrial scornelli

    Gabrial scornelli5 months ago

    Is that why Jimmy lost so much weight bc no one subscribes lmao

  37. Matias H :]

    Matias H :]5 months ago


  38. Vivienne's YouTube

    Vivienne's YouTube5 months ago

    I love him 💀💀

  39. TradPolitics Show

    TradPolitics Show5 months ago

    Who’s the dog and who’s the owner?

  40. I don't know what my name should be

    I don't know what my name should be5 months ago

    Legend says Jimmy still hasn't eaten the cookie up to this day.

  41. creme shaver

    creme shaver5 months ago

    That actually really is convincing for me to click subscribe. Thats one damn good cookie.

  42. eatSLEEPshitHONDA

    eatSLEEPshitHONDA5 months ago

    I pray that he get back to acting I miss his movies.. but only if hes ready.. I don't want him to sacrifice his health for it..

  43. El Pixi

    El Pixi5 months ago

    Si me lo como todo

  44. Kingbopit

    Kingbopit5 months ago

    JUST DO IT!!!!!! -Shia LaBeouf 2018

  45. nathanial gibson

    nathanial gibson5 months ago

    JUST DO IT !!!:shia laboyf

  46. Basicalloy 611

    Basicalloy 6115 months ago

    *no no no*

  47. Aydxn Schreave

    Aydxn Schreave5 months ago

    Love this guy.

  48. Afterfall 81

    Afterfall 816 months ago

    Love Shia but after i found out his a freak, weird and Eccentric I LOvE HIM A LOt MoRE i LOVE it LOVE IT love it

  49. UptownDowntownNY

    UptownDowntownNY6 months ago

    we love shia sm

  50. F.s d.k

    F.s d.k6 months ago

    One of the Best Actor I ever known .. But It pityful To See how they All treated shia as Crazy Person .. Infact .. When U see it In and Feel it .. . It was One hell of Legend new comer ...

  51. tranlanga mingo

    tranlanga mingo6 months ago

    Fake laughter

  52. Capitan Crazy

    Capitan Crazy6 months ago

    I love Shia

  53. Abigail DelBosque

    Abigail DelBosque6 months ago

    He’s a great actor and person!❤️🤗😇👍🏼

  54. ZoloftWarrior

    ZoloftWarrior6 months ago

    Seems like a good guy, but depression and anger takes you to a dark place.

  55. Caleb Ledbetter

    Caleb Ledbetter6 months ago

    The Happy Shia is awesome

  56. Goe N. Phuc Yer-saylf

    Goe N. Phuc Yer-saylf6 months ago

    Live how he talked about his junk so honestly

  57. Luis Lemuz

    Luis Lemuz6 months ago

    Hes gonna make a comeback !!!

  58. Isaiah Rodgers

    Isaiah Rodgers6 months ago

    My dog eats poop too

  59. Isaiah Rodgers

    Isaiah Rodgers6 months ago

    I luv shia

  60. J J

    J J6 months ago

    Hot sauce ctffuuuuuu

  61. Kamil Lee

    Kamil Lee6 months ago

    Whenever he talks, I get reminded of Sam. Transformers best actor

  62. b Joe

    b Joe6 months ago

    Still my idol 💯

  63. Orhan Ölcer

    Orhan Ölcer6 months ago

    I love him❤️

  64. Scott Lowman.

    Scott Lowman.6 months ago

    Had a dog that at her crap. And then puke it! Worst thing ever!

  65. Master Shi Fu

    Master Shi Fu6 months ago

    rip shia

  66. Lincoln Parham

    Lincoln Parham6 months ago

    Love this guy! He has an incredible story

  67. Max 1039

    Max 10396 months ago

    Sam Witwicky

  68. Lotta Charity

    Lotta Charity6 months ago

    He looks like the type to let his dog kiss him on the mouth after it eats it's doo doo lol and then start a fight arguing that dog saliva is cleaner then humans.

  69. EscapeTheMatrix

    EscapeTheMatrix6 months ago

    3:32 someone should songify this

  70. GhostR!der SSX

    GhostR!der SSX7 months ago

    He's awesome, smarter than most actors!!

  71. robert larson

    robert larson7 months ago

    Let's warm up L.A. ☺

  72. pinkpanther542

    pinkpanther5427 months ago

    Thats the reason I don't let dogs lick me they are fuckin nasty!

  73. kat passion

    kat passion7 months ago

    Seeing the comments coming for him saying he’s crazy just because y’all can’t understand him pisses me off y’all are so quick to call someone crazy try understanding why he bursts out like that there’s things he goes through emotions that all comes at once to cause a breakdown

  74. Aboy Chap

    Aboy Chap7 months ago

    He will not divied us!!!!!

  75. MasterPlaysDE -old-

    MasterPlaysDE -old-7 months ago

    He told him to just do it and then dig holes.

  76. Perko GG

    Perko GG7 months ago

    Is this interview really 2018?

  77. diezel lopez

    diezel lopez7 months ago

    I wish he was still apart of transformers and crap cuz he was a decent actor

  78. Abdocar Ebonheart

    Abdocar Ebonheart7 months ago

    Good to see that Shia is doing well.

  79. Ender41948 H

    Ender41948 H7 months ago

    Looks like he left this part out.... 😉

  80. TryH Glenn

    TryH Glenn7 months ago

    Puhh I'm ok chilled now he is ok or he looks so... I've heard nothing of him the last years

  81. Olivier Kothor

    Olivier Kothor7 months ago

    He’s not crazy he’s just real

  82. Pumpweightsmakemoney Getfunny

    Pumpweightsmakemoney Getfunny7 months ago

    Great actor !

  83. EUROPA Music - Official Channel

    EUROPA Music - Official Channel7 months ago

    I love this guy

  84. Chan Mcfattyton

    Chan Mcfattyton7 months ago


  85. Chan Mcfattyton

    Chan Mcfattyton7 months ago

    BUMBLE (kinda does not) NEED YOU

  86. Nakatomi Uk

    Nakatomi Uk7 months ago

    Nice to see him well because he looked like he was struggling a lot in the past years

  87. Morph FearZ

    Morph FearZ7 months ago

    Miss him in transformers

  88. elmarbeau

    elmarbeau7 months ago

    he is aged.....

  89. barshalen99

    barshalen997 months ago

    Sitting naked really humbled his crazy ass out

  90. Rara

    Rara8 months ago

    im so glad he’s back i wish him the best

  91. Jomari Mercader

    Jomari Mercader8 months ago

    Please make another movies we miss you brother

  92. LordDragul Smitty

    LordDragul Smitty8 months ago

    Shia alone in a cabin for a month... Shia surprise!

  93. MasterBrownlee

    MasterBrownlee8 months ago

    he saw the cabin and he "just did it"

  94. Jack Pulse

    Jack Pulse8 months ago

    This dude killed it in Lawless

  95. Tobias Young

    Tobias Young8 months ago

    That bulge doe

  96. Snuzuk

    Snuzuk8 months ago

    I'm really glad to see Shia is looking better.

  97. A Muffler

    A Muffler8 months ago

    I don’t care what he’s doing or what he’s saying, he’s always super LIT.

  98. Irfan Rommel

    Irfan Rommel8 months ago

    Shia is that you? You comeback from cybertron?

  99. deeRANDOMized

    deeRANDOMized8 months ago

    He said he was isolated but that there were people !?

  100. Yasmine Khalil

    Yasmine Khalil8 months ago

    He’s such a beautiful soulllll

  101. Atiq R

    Atiq R8 months ago

    a likeable persona. wow.