Shia LaBeouf Has a Poop-Eating Puppy


  1. ernest evans

    ernest evans6 hours ago

    I accidentally fell into Shia labeoufs camera during #ALLMYMOVIES performance. Video is in my page. He had me kicked out..


    DXSTER15 hours ago

    Good to see him back. One of my favorite actors

  3. Paul S

    Paul SDay ago

    He will not divide us moron

  4. Nfs Online

    Nfs OnlineDay ago

    I'm really miss him😭

  5. A

    A2 days ago

    Just do it

  6. Gary Chandler

    Gary Chandler3 days ago


  7. anfal .5

    anfal .53 days ago

    His suit is really nice

  8. dave tay

    dave tay3 days ago

    I guess its because hes a jew that he is welcomed back to Hollywood with open arms after calling black cops niggers......

  9. 3rd Sherman

    3rd Sherman3 days ago

    Good to see him.

  10. ScaF

    ScaF3 days ago

    He's back on the grid.

  11. M. Birinc

    M. Birinc3 days ago


  12. TheWhisperingPenis

    TheWhisperingPenis3 days ago

    Shia LaBeuff touched me on my genitals when I was a little boy

  13. I3umblebee X

    I3umblebee X3 days ago


  14. Knucklehead Ned

    Knucklehead Ned4 days ago

    Fitting since Jimmy Kimmel has a poop eating audience.

  15. Carly Walker

    Carly Walker4 days ago

    teaspoon thus paper jet welcome senior pretend roll patient.

  16. arzyy

    arzyy4 days ago

    *she needs to make a new album*

  17. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson4 days ago

    This cat is one of my favorite actor

  18. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson4 days ago

    This is the start of his comeback.

  19. Senpopai

    Senpopai4 days ago

    First of all... anyone who is a dog owner and dog lover knows it doesn't matter how old your dog is. He/She is always your puppy. Edit: No second of all.

  20. Jesse Rivera

    Jesse Rivera4 days ago

    He seems like a silent ticking time bomb. Something about him isn’t right but he’s ok so far

  21. Eddie Lopez

    Eddie Lopez4 days ago

    He’s still amazing

  22. LucidDream

    LucidDream2 days ago

    Sure, if you have no taste and are an idiot.

  23. Jenna O

    Jenna O4 days ago

    Finland mentioned! To the square!! Suomi mainittu! Torille!!

  24. Eliot Brun

    Eliot Brun5 days ago

    despite drink movement frequency tactic cooperate wonderful line march okay dad

  25. suburbannegro411

    suburbannegro4115 days ago

    Don't let your dreams be dreams

  26. Jason Lagud

    Jason Lagud5 days ago

    He looks like he needs a drink or six, and someone to fight with.

  27. Maddy Blackmore

    Maddy Blackmore5 days ago

    Stanley anyone’s a movie finatic..

  28. Mike Lowry

    Mike Lowry5 days ago


  29. NAT

    NAT5 days ago

    i love him

  30. Saira Trejo

    Saira Trejo5 days ago

    So he DID get married! :(

  31. Ievolovel

    Ievolovel5 days ago

    Shia is a trashcan.

  32. Dusty O'Meara

    Dusty O'Meara5 days ago

    This dude is still relevant?

  33. Retired

    Retired5 days ago

    LaBarf is a whiny little pussy. What a waste of airtime.

  34. 1ON

    1ON5 days ago

    Loved this dude in Even Stevens. That's it.

  35. Zombie Rocker

    Zombie Rocker5 days ago

    Anti-psychotics are a hell of a drug.

  36. Hazel x

    Hazel x5 days ago

    This dude is in a film naked...😳 I am forever scarred from watching that movie directors cut

  37. T Timeler

    T Timeler5 days ago

    No no no you got it all wrong. He has a puppy, and Shia eats his puppies' 💩

  38. Austin Sims

    Austin Sims5 days ago

    Fuckn let the guy talk jimmy and answer your questions


    MICHAEL CRASH5 days ago

    Jimmy is a wash up he will be off this show soon that fake laugh ruined him

  40. Merope Angel

    Merope Angel5 days ago

    Nike’s fave advertiser

  41. 26DeislerFCB

    26DeislerFCB5 days ago

    i love him great actor and character

  42. Zay Springer

    Zay Springer5 days ago

    It's so nice to see him back and looking so healthy and grounded. So many people underestimate what a talented actor this guy is

  43. Frankie Stay Golden

    Frankie Stay Golden6 days ago

    Glad to see his face again 🐐

  44. The Movie Wolf

    The Movie Wolf6 days ago

    This guy went insane after The Even Stevens show

  45. William Brown

    William Brown6 days ago

    What a life..

  46. roberto gutierrez

    roberto gutierrez6 days ago

    He has always been my favorite actor

  47. josip mak

    josip mak6 days ago


  48. Luis Villanueva

    Luis Villanueva6 days ago

    Missed seeing Shia

  49. Megan Cooper

    Megan Cooper6 days ago

    If there's weed in the cookie I'll hit subscribe.... and if you show us the effects bahahaha...... hope ya don't have to be anywhere for two days!

  50. Jimena Rodríguez

    Jimena Rodríguez6 days ago

    I Love Shia 💕,there is something about him that make me love him so much!!🌟

  51. Shannon L.

    Shannon L.6 days ago

    It's interesting to see the signs that show that he can never go back to the way he was before his difficulties. Anyone know what I mean?

  52. heisenberg's particle

    heisenberg's particle6 days ago

    Who's he?

  53. Mason Stanley

    Mason Stanley6 days ago

    there's somethin about

  54. Ryan Hanson

    Ryan Hanson6 days ago

    Bumble bee needs you!

  55. Rolman Gonzalez

    Rolman Gonzalez6 days ago

    Shia is the coolest person ever

  56. Jeremy J

    Jeremy J6 days ago

    Illuminati got him. He will be in movies again soon. Watch and awake 🤘🤘👁

  57. FlashGordon3007

    FlashGordon30076 days ago

    I'm French and I'm not aggressive.

  58. MrBrenman21

    MrBrenman216 days ago

    Shia is a moron. Interesting how Kimmel doesn't call him out on that considering his new "exposing" style. Oh that's right, the left protects their own no matter how moronic or perverted.

  59. philonetic

    philonetic6 days ago

    When is the next game of Capture the Flag?

  60. Marc D

    Marc D6 days ago

    Puppies eat poop because what they are being fed (usually its because of too many dog treats and the puppies can smell the treats in their poo, so they eat it)... I had this issue with my German Shepherd when he was a puppy. Also, breeders are not allowed to give away puppies until they are 8 weeks old. On a side note: Jimmys a huge hypocrite if you put into consideration his past on the "Mans show". Apparently his past and objectifying women was ok.

  61. Arkeeny

    Arkeeny6 days ago

    I like Shia, but damn dude please shave that neck beard! o_O

  62. rei king gaming and lego productions

    rei king gaming and lego productions6 days ago

    My husky used to do it as a puppy but only in his cage

  63. I Sky

    I Sky6 days ago

    Freaks and Geeks

  64. Brian L

    Brian L6 days ago

    “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” “JUST DO IT!”

  65. Omar Karim

    Omar Karim6 days ago

    Mine did that, it goes away as they get older

  66. Miss Raquel

    Miss Raquel6 days ago

    His wife? I didn't know he got married.

  67. Jonas The Movie

    Jonas The Movie6 days ago

    Something else he got, a registered sex offender of a dad. Kind of beats a turd eating pup.

  68. Michael B

    Michael B6 days ago

    He will not divide us.

  69. The Mexican Pepe

    The Mexican Pepe6 days ago

    Is the puppie that eats poop named Shia per chance.

  70. Barro the Broadcaster

    Barro the Broadcaster6 days ago

    Shadilay Shia

  71. Nico Demus

    Nico Demus6 days ago

    WHat a dumbass

  72. Lord Flacko

    Lord Flacko6 days ago

    Should've kept him on Transformers

  73. Non Mirage Truth Vision

    Non Mirage Truth Vision6 days ago

    Always acting this one.

  74. Lisa Farouse

    Lisa Farouse6 days ago

    Shia is my favourite

  75. Trolexo Gaming

    Trolexo Gaming6 days ago

    I miss Shia and Megan in transformers

  76. Ayy Lmao

    Ayy Lmao6 days ago

    My fav actor

  77. ShameToSmokeIt It's LikeKillingAUnicornWithABomb

    ShameToSmokeIt It's LikeKillingAUnicornWithABomb6 days ago

    WHO you listen too!!! None of my heroes! who you listen too? Linkin Park? hahaha bang, bang..

  78. Infixr

    Infixr6 days ago

    wow captions are amazing

  79. PoseidonProductions

    PoseidonProductions6 days ago


  80. aceshighest

    aceshighest6 days ago

    Shia labeouf IS a poop eating dog**

  81. Gianluigi Mariano

    Gianluigi Mariano6 days ago

    He’s normal... too normal. MK Ultra in full effect

  82. Felipe Motta A

    Felipe Motta A7 days ago

    Were’s the flag Shia?

  83. Cameron Smyllie -1000 subs with no good content

    Cameron Smyllie -1000 subs with no good content7 days ago

    Get off my comment section Normies REEEEEEEE

  84. yugobepu

    yugobepu7 days ago


  85. Gaspar Lemark

    Gaspar Lemark7 days ago

    wow Shia 😍 Happy to see u) I think he lost weight 🤔

  86. BritishYankee

    BritishYankee7 days ago

    This guy had racist melt down on par with Mel Gibsons less than a year ago

  87. Bmwy 2018

    Bmwy 20187 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel, and Ellen are the worst actors by far fkin annoying fake laughs.

  88. Nick R

    Nick R7 days ago

    This one's for Jimmy an his wacko guest 🖕😁

  89. Coolbeans McFadden

    Coolbeans McFadden7 days ago

    Then he lets his dog lick him all in the mouth

  90. Troy Mcdivitt

    Troy Mcdivitt7 days ago

    Wrong mr Shia you need to adopt a dog not buy one

  91. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk Diggler7 days ago

    This jackass is still around

  92. RequiemJr

    RequiemJr7 days ago

    He's married?!

  93. genetik left0verz

    genetik left0verz7 days ago

    oh look, its that meme

  94. Sara m

    Sara m7 days ago

    He is cray cray

  95. Ricardo Rodriguez

    Ricardo Rodriguez7 days ago

    I feel like he got stuck in Charlie. He toke lsd during most of the film.

  96. Ricardo Vasquez

    Ricardo Vasquez7 days ago

    I have a photo with him in Sedona!! ARIZONA : ) It was nice meeting you, your amazing

  97. Jobs mine

    Jobs mine7 days ago

    Man a lot of people might not like him. But he is one the most talented actor ever. Like his character in Fury from 2015 movie.

  98. Lukecantsnoot

    Lukecantsnoot7 days ago

    I enjoyed that last interview he was in. The one in that Georgia jail.

  99. Leilani

    Leilani7 days ago

    Art projects sound he self aware?

  100. Addie Brice

    Addie Brice7 days ago

    I sincerely like him as a person even before this he is energy, honest, and so sincere. I love that about him. 🤗😊

  101. hheebbaa1993

    hheebbaa19937 days ago

    Hahah he's so entertaining to listen to. He always has a cool story to tell😆